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L’école catholique Monseigneur Uyen
PRINCIPAL: Mme Culverwell
(519) 627-6762
Director: Mr. Parr
Superintendent: Mrs. Crawford
(519) 351-2987
Trustee: Mrs. Labadie
November 2014
October was such an eventful and productive month! We have more exciting
events coming up in November so be sure to put your calendar in a visible place!
I look forward to seeing you at our Parent/Student/Teacher three-way
conferences (interviews) on Thursday, November 20th. Coming to a conference
with your child is a super way to show your child how important education is in
his/her life and it’s a great opportunity to check in with the teacher. Please come
and celebrate your child’s successes and help him or her set goals for more
I am so blessed by the people in and around Monsignor Uyen School! Thank you
to all the families who came out to our Math Night! Special thanks to our
Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, and School Advisory Council members.
Our Kiss and Ride Loop is
going well. We have
several committed parents
who are using it well. For
those new to the loop,
please don’t park or back
up in the loop at the end of
the day. Your child will
come to you and will be
supervised while walking
to your car. Thanks for
your patience and support.
We are having a
problem with the
people who walk
their dogs in our
school yard and leave their
dog waste. If you know
people who use our
playground as a dog park,
please tell them to stop.
Our students should not
have to worry about where
they play.
More thanks to many of our teachers and families who test drove a Ford to
support our Grade 7 Muskoka Ford Test Drive Event. As well as those who
barbecued and who purchased and/or contributed food and drinks from our
Still more THANKS for your amazing support with our Halloween Dance-AThon! We had such a fun time dancing in the gym! Your generosity is greatly
appreciated and your donations will benefit all students at our school for
technology. Details regarding the total funds raised will be published in next
month’s newsletter.
Thanks to the teachers who decorated. Our DJs: Dante, Calum, Alex, Austin,
Khuen-Dte, Brock, Nolan, Jayden did a marvelous job! A GREAT BIG thanks to
Mrs. Buchanan for her amazing efforts collecting the money and preparing all of
the ballots for our prize draws. It was a successful event because of so many
people’s efforts and your child’s enthusiasm! Congratulations to the following
winners of our big prizes: Lindsay S., Carson K., Eric W., Emma R. Our small
prize winners were: Teryn R., Noah C., Isabelle L., Ava D.
Great things are happening at Monsignor Uyen Catholic School everyday! We
are blessed with so many wonderful people and opportunities.
Mme Renée Culverwell
Telephone: 519-352-1880
Fax: 519-352-1933
Thanks to Mme Sekerak’s Grade 3/4 students who led our Thanksgiving Mass with Father Daniel.
What a wonderful celebration! Special thanks to Mme Pumfrey for the beautiful music. Thanks also
to our Altar Servers: Ethan G., Evan H. and Elijah G.
Please keep our Grade 2 students in your prayers as they prepare for their First Sacrament of Reconciliation.
Also, our Grade 8 students have begun to prepare for Confirmation which will take place in the spring.
Father Daniel will return to our school to celebrate Mass Friday, November 14th at 9:45 am. All parents and
grandparents are always welcome to join us.
Our Social Justice Team will be working on their Kingdom Assignment project - stay tuned for more information
to come. They will be spearheading different activities to raise money for United Way. Thanks to Mme Wallace
and Mme Giroux for leading this team.
Mark your calendars and plan to attend this important celebration of your child’s successes. Parents
and students in Grade 1 to Grade 8 will have a ten minute conference time with the student’s
classroom teacher (only one family in the classroom at a time). We ask that you please adhere to the
ten minute time limit since we only have one evening for interviews. If further time is required,
please schedule another appointment to meet with the teacher. Our JK and SK students will bring
their parents to different stations in their classrooms - the Educators will be at one of those stations.
Details regarding scheduling of these interviews will be sent home this week.
Thursday, November 20th from 4:00 to 8:00 pm
Students will receive their Progress Report on Monday, November 17th. Student reports are part of Growing
Success, the government’s updated policy on the assessment, evaluation and reporting of student achievement.
The purpose of assessment, evaluation and reporting is to improve student learning. In November the students
bring home a progress report. In the winter and at the end of the school year a provincial report card will be
sent home. The fall progress report card:
Encourages early and ongoing communication between you and your child’s teacher
Tells you how well your child is developing the learning skills and work habits, which we know are critical
for success. These essential learning skills and work habits are emphasized from JK to Grade 12
Reports on academic subject areas, with the main focus on language and mathematics. Instead of a grade
or mark, it will tell you how well your child is progressing, i.e. “very well”, “well” or “with difficulty”
Includes comments that describe key learning or strengths, specific examples, and next steps for student
learning. This information will be helpful to you as a partner in your child’s learning.
For more information, and to view Growing Success in its entirety, visit the Ministry of Education’s website at
Yes, we have read the November Newsletter and are submitting this form for a chance to win a free pizza
from Little Caesars. Congratulations to White family for winning October’s draw.
Parent / Guardian Signature
Student’s Name
We will be collecting hard candy after
Halloween for the first two weeks of
November on behalf of Canadian Food for
Children. This candy is in great demand to
help the doctors and nurses in Africa and
Central America entice children to take
medicine and vaccines. If your children
would like to donate wrapped candy, they
can bring it into school during the first two
weeks of November (no chocolate or chips
please) and we will contact our Canadian
Food for Children representative to pick it
up. Thank you for considering this
opportunity to help others.
Just a reminder that School Spirit Wear
order forms are going home this week and
are due back Monday, November 10th.
Please consider placing an order and
building our school spirit. This is optional
and is not a fundraiser. Late orders will not
be accepted.
We have several students
with severe nut allergies.
Please help us to provide
a safe environment for
these children by not
sending any lunch and/or
snack items that may
contain nuts to school.
Please do not send any
peanut butter substitutes
since we cannot tell the
difference. Thank you for
helping us keep all our
students safe.
“La Nativité”
If any parents would like to lend a hand please contact the office
and we will direct you based on how you would like to assist.
More information will be sent in the next issue of the Tigercat
Times. Make sure to mark your calendars for our performance
date: Tuesday, December 16th . If you will require accessibility
accommodations (e.g. assistive devices, wheelchair lift, sign
interpreter), please call the office at 519 352-1880.
Bullying Awareness Week takes place this month from November 16th until November 22rd. Help your child
stand up to bullying and effectively deal with the problem by discussing issues they may experience or see.
Be assertive, not aggressive.
Firmly tell the bully to stop.
Quickly get away from the situation.
Immediately tell a trusted adult.
Don’t laugh or join in.
Speak up for the other student.
Tell a teacher what’s happening.
Stand by your friends.
Technician, Miss Rayment,
starting this month, Monsignor
Uyen students in grades 3 to 8
will be participating in the
Ontario Library Association’s
Forest of Reading, Canada’s largest recreational
reading program! The Forest of Reading is
divided into two categories; Red Maple (Gr. 7 &
8) and Silver Birch (Gr. 3 - 6). Students will
have the opportunity to choose from BRAND
NEW Canadian fiction and non-fiction books
selected by librarians throughout Ontario. This
program runs from November to April. Students
will have the opportunity to participate in the
province-wide vote in April to determine the
winning books for the 2015 Forest of Reading
awards. Happy reading!
Congratulations to our October awards
winners! Check out the bulletin board outside
the school office to see our Tigercats of the
What a super Wellness Team we
have! So far our students have
being doing a great job delivering
and picking up bins for our
Nutrition Program. Pretty soon
they will be planning some great events for our
Thanks to Mme Culverwell and Mme CadotteTrudell for their time and efforts! Thanks also to
Mrs. Lemak and Mrs. Coutts for helping to
prepare the vegetables and fruits for distribution.
Congratulations to our dedicated students:
Khuen-Dte J.
Chloe D.
Emily B.
Calum O.
Joshua D.
Baylea W.
Sante P.
Cora V.
Danielle G.
José G. R.
Sofia P.
Jaclyne C.
Savannah B.
Elijah G.
Kaleb K.
Josselynn Q.
Charlotte S. Allyson S.
Mallory M.
Claudia J.
Jillian V.
Hannah B.
Abby B.
Megan M.
Madelyn P.
Keep up the magnificent efforts!
Those who
have shown
Acceptance towards others:
Josie H.
Heaven P.
Annika B.
Darby P.
Chelsea W.
Jack B.
Savannah B.
Cameron C.
Arthur B.
Lucas T.
Amber H.
Those who have demonstrated
great efforts in Mathematics:
Colin M.
Jerome L-C.
Bridget H.
Elizabeth H.
Carson L.
Mateo S.
Liam D.
Abighail P.
Ariel C.
Cora V.
Jaxson K.
Cruz V.
Tristan M.
Eric W.
Elliott V.
Andrew S.
Those who have made a great effort to speak
Carson B.
Camden L.
Karma W.
Luke Q.
Emma R.
Aidin W.
Norah L.
Linzi M.
Teryn R.
Rudy V.
Mallory M.
Aleks S.
Megan M.
Our next Good News Assembly will be
November 25th at 11:15 am in the gym.
Parents are always welcome to attend. We
will be awarding the value of Justice, the
academic area of The Arts (Dance, Drama,
Art), as well as those who are making a great
effort to speak French.
Just a reminder that our school collects Campbell’s labels. We receive
points for each label that we can redeem for sports equipment and art
supplies. Please write the name of your child on the back of each label
and deposit them in the box in our entrance for a chance to win draw
prizes. A list of eligible products from Campbell's is included below.
10 tips to help you when talking to the teacher
The parent/teacher meeting is an important time to share ideas and information with your child's teacher.
You can also discuss ways to help your child develop strengths and overcome challenges. These 10 tips
will help you get the most out of your time with the teacher. Remember: at many parent/teacher meetings,
your time will be limited.
1. Be prepared. Before meeting the teacher, think about what you want to know and understand about
your child's school experience. Review the report card and write down key questions you want to ask.
2. Ask yourself questions. Focus on what you want to get out of your parent/teacher meeting by asking
yourself questions. For example, "What methods are being used to teach my child?" or "What can I do
to get involved in my child's learning?"
3. Talk to your child before. Ask your children what they think they are good at and what needs
improving. Let them tell you how they feel about school, the teacher and getting along with others.
4. Arrive ready. Be sure you come to the parent/teacher meeting in a positive frame of mind and with all
the materials you need. Bring the questions you prepared in advance along with your child's report
5. Relax and feel confident. You know your child best and want what's best. Remember, the teacher
also wants your child to be successful.
6. Be clear about what's being said. If you need clarification or have concerns about an answer the
teacher gives, ask the teacher to explain it further. Don't be satisfied until you fully understand.
7. Think about what was discussed. Take some time to think about what you and the teacher talked
about. If you are still unclear about something or want to ask more questions, don't be afraid to call the
teacher to talk further.
8. Follow-up at home. Talk with your child after you have met with the teacher. Discuss what was talked
about in the meeting, focusing on the positive and how to achieve the goals that you set.
9. Keep a log or journal. Write down the actions you take and any observations about your child. This is
important information that can be shared with the teacher at the next meeting.
Arrange the next meeting. Set a date when you will call the teacher for an update on your child's
progress or to arrange another meeting.
Source: Ontario Ministry of Education
Did you know that our School Board is working towards having our schools “Cashless” and
implemented School Cash Online for parents to use to make payments for school activities, special
food days, and other purchases and events that are held throughout the school year. This
convenient, safe, efficient way of paying has proved to be the best method of payment for not only
parents but teachers and office staff as well. Online payment by e-check, e-wallet and the “new option” of
credit card are payment options that are available. As you know, we have asked parents to adhere to this new
payment method by making payments for your children online or by cheques. We ask that you refrain from
sending cash to school. When making a payment by cheque it is necessary to have all payments separate
when submitting cheques. Please do not combine field trip payments, with Food Day payments or Milk
Program payments each should be on a separate cheque. We thank you for your support as we move towards
this initiative. For more information, please visit If you
have any questions, please call our secretary, Mrs. Buchanan. Remember all those who place their Pizza Day
order online will be entered in a monthly draw for a Chapters Gift Card.
As a parent, you have a profound effect on how your child thinks of themselves as a
learner. Here are a few ideas for you to think about as you work with your child to reach
their full potential.
Praise your child for their hard work and effort. Children are often faced with
learning new skills that require them to persevere and work through challenges. Working hard to learn new things makes you smarter as it makes your brain grow new connections.
Consider writing short notes with messages of encouragement to your child. Include a
little message in their lunch pail which focusses on times that they work hard and stick
with learning and challenging tasks. Celebrate effort!
Be positive about learning. For instance, if you dislike math do not share this with
your child. Research has shown that as soon as parents say that they were not good at
math, their child’s achievement and attitude about math suffers. There is nothing more
powerful than letting your child see you work through learning something new and challenging. When children are surrounded by this attitude, they often will want to live up to
the standard you set about learning.
Use the word “yet”. Every child progresses at their own rate. Your child may say they
cannot figure out a math task. Tell them that they may not be able to do it yet, but with
hard work and persistence, they will continue to develop skills. Help them to understand
that sticking with new learning will pay off. Persevering through challenges is important
for lifelong successful learning.
Christmas in Muskoka is scheduled to take part once again this year. This event
continues to support our 400 students who will attend the Muskoka Woods Leadership Experience in May 2015. Take note of the scheduled activities for this year:
Senior’s Tea – Tues. Dec. 2, 1:30 to 3:00 pm - Tickets are $5 at the door
Preview Party – Wed. Dec. 3, 7:00 to 9:00 pm - Tickets are $15
Evening of the Arts – Thurs. Dec. 4, 6:00 to 8:30 pm - Tickets are $5 at the door
Christmas Dance – Fri. Dec. 5, 8:00 to 1:00 pm - Tickets are $25
McDonalds Family Breakfast Sat. Dec. 6, 9:00 to 11:30 am - Tickets are $10
Further program and event details are available at
We have an amazing Council this year! Thanks to all of the parents who helped
with Hot Dog Day. Special Thanks to Tina Brown for coordinating the volunteers
and ordering the food, well done! Our students loved the treat!
Our Council has purchased a Christmas Tree for Christmas in Muskoka again this
year. Thanks to Megan Lemak who will be decorating and setting up our tree. The
theme of our tree this year is “A Game Tree”. Mme Wallace has sewn a wonderful
“Game Quilt” to go with our tree. We have some board games purchased to go
under the tree but we are hoping for Game donations from our families who are in
a financial position to do so. If you’d like to donate a game (board or electronic)
please send it to school to later than Thursday, November 27th marked “Game
Tree”. Please note that if we receive doubles, we will use the duplicates in our
classrooms for ‘rainy day activities’ or we will donate the duplicates to charity.
Thank you for considering donating a game for our Christmas in Muskoka “Game
Thanks to all of the parents who supported our Fresh From the Farm
Fundraiser! We have a delivery date of November 18th. Please plan to pick up
the produce you’ve ordered between 3:00 and 6:00 pm Tuesday, November 18th.
Special thanks to Rachel Raspburg and Michelle Coutts for their efforts with this
We have several Bingo Volunteers this year who are part of our Bingo Volunteer
Team! Thanks to the following people for giving up their time to work Bingos for
us: Amy Vickery, Denise McKay, Denise Williams, Diane Gillis, Elita TavaresConstancio, Jeannine Bolohan, Jen Chickowski, Jennifer Van De Veire, Jill
Graham, Kelly Piatkowski, Linda Gerbera, Mike and Theresa VanDamme, Rachel
Raspburg, Richard Haddock, Stepanie Zondervan, Tina Brown, Michelle Heslop,
Nicole Lucier, Shane Van Moorsel, Sean Dantas, Elita Zajdel, Renée Culverwell.
Special thanks to Amy Dumoulin-Jeromel for coordinating our volunteers and
completing the paper work for our Bingos. If you would like to join this amazing
team of parents, please contact the office.
We are asking parents in our school community to please help us! Our
playground is being used by dog owners as a dog park! We are having
irresponsible dog owners use our playground to let their dogs loose which has
resulted in problems with dog waste being left throughout our school yard. Please
remind people that you know that there are no dogs allowed in our playground.
We are happy to have a Kiss and Ride Loop up and running! We thank all those
who have adhered to the rules of use and would like to continue to remind parents
to please refrain from leaving their car parked in the loop at the end of the day.
Your child will come to you. Thanks for your support!