DISCOVERY Children’s Museum at the Donald W. Reynolds Discovery Center Opens!

Donald W. Reynolds Discovery Center
Spring 2013
DISCOVERY Children’s Museum
at the Donald W. Reynolds Discovery Center Opens!
Three stories tall in stature, the museum's
58,000-square-foot building is home to nine
themed exhibition halls totaling 26,000 square feet
of all-new interactive exhibits that demonstrate
the museum’s core educational values of science,
arts and culture and early childhood development
programming. The new museum also houses a
5,000 square-foot traveling exhibition gallery, large
enough to accommodate major exhibitions from the
nation’s leading hands-on museums.
Officials from DISCOVERY Children’s Museum opened the doors to the all-new
museum Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 10 am. The first 1,500 guests received
free admission to the museum located at the Donald W. Reynolds Discovery
Center in Symphony Park adjacent to the Smith Center. The museum warmly
welcomed nearly 5,000 guests opening weekend. There was much excitement
as guests waited in the entrance line that wound its way around The Smith
Center. Visitors were entertained by balloon and face painting artists as well as
The Monkey Gym who performed cheering and tumbling routines.
“After nearly 7 years in the making, the children’s museum has taken the next
step in continuing our mission to serve the families of Southern Nevada,” said
Linda Quinn, CEO of DISCOVERY Children’s Museum. “The new Discovery
Children’s Museum is a realization of a years-long relocation plan and sets a
new standard for interactive education in Las Vegas, truly establishing this
organization as a community cornerstone. It helps redefine Las Vegas as a city
that values culture and the arts and, most importantly, its children.”
The Traveling
Exhibition Gallery
opened with
Discover the Real
George Washington:
New Views from
Mount Vernon.
The exhibition will
run through May 19,
2013. See page 6 for
more details.
Spring 2013
Dreams Do Come True!
More than 1,000 guests including officials from
DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, dignitaries
and media celebrated the completion of the
all new DISCOVERY Children’s Museum at the
VIP Donor Dedication Ceremony & Celebration
Friday, March 1, 2013. The evening’s festivities
started with a performance by the CVT Gilbert
Magnet School Choir and Ellie Smith, 2012 Miss
Nevada’s Outstanding Teen. Chairwomen Judy
Cebulko emceed the ceremony introducing
special guest speakers including Governor Brian
Sandoval, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Donald W.
Reynolds Foundation President Steve Anderson
and Chief Executive Officer Linda Quinn. Donald
W. Reynolds Foundation Chairman Fred Smith led
the contingent in the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Thank you to our Capital Campaign donors!
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Spring 2013
Chair | Judy Cebulko
Vice Chair | Joyce Schneider
President | Michael Mathis
Vice President | Tom Amick
Treasurer | Todd Lefkowitz
Secretary | Troy D. Moser
e Members -at -Large e
Ricki Barlow
Frank Beck
Nancy Brune
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Roy Centrella
Barbara Danz
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Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck
General Counsel
Linda Quinn, JD, CPA
Chief Executive Officer
Tifferney White
Deputy Director
Gary Haleamau
Director of Exhibits and
Capital Projects
Denyce Tuller
Director of Marketing and
Public Relations
Larry Slane
Director of Human Resources
Ron Hammet
Director of Information Technology
Jared Henley
Director of Facilities
Tricia Moseley Bak
Director of Programs and Education
Jeff Vance
Director of Accounting
Brenda Bogue
Director of Development
Join us for a variety of demonstrations and presentations featuring the following:
e Fizz, Bubble, Pop – WOW! e
Special for Little Learners (5 years old and younger)!
Fun, fun, fun for our Little Learners. So bring an adult and join us for some more fun chemistry explorations.
e What’s in the Trash? e
Dive in and take a closer look at what’s in the trash and see what
you discover.
e It All Depends on Perspective… e
Learn all about the elements of Art by dissecting one component and exploring it in a fun and engaging way.
e Cody is Lost in the Desert e
Cody the Coyote is lost in the Desert – come and see if and how he finds
his way.
e Action Reaction e
Flames, color changes, awesome actions and really neat reactions.
Explore Chemistry like never before!
e Exploring Nanotechnology – Game Show Format! e
Join us for an exciting science game show exploring the world of very small things! Learn about all of the cool technology used in products and materials we use every day!
e Know Your Neurons e
Learn how to give your brain a “workout” through mental exercise and learning new things!
e Are My Eyes Playing Tricks? e
Experience some cool optical illusions, learn how the brain and eyes work together to allow us to “see.” This experience will definitely make you question whether you saw what you thought you saw.
See the program schedule on monitors throughout the museum for a list of
times. Programs and program schedule are subject to change without notice.
Copyright © 2013
DISCOVERY Children’s Museum
e 3 e
Spring 2013
May 2013 Asian Pacific Heritage Month
Visit Toddler Town (TT) for engaging multicultural and arts activities and
experiences for the Little Learners. TT features experiences developmentally
appropriate for those 5 years and younger.
e May 5 – May 31 Celebrate Asian Pacific Heritage Month! e
DISCOVERY Children’s Museum celebrates and honors the culture,
dance/music and food of this geographical area.
To kick off the celebration, we will hold Thai Festival, A Celebration of
Thailand on Saturday, May 3, and the celebration month will end with
A Hawaiian Festival on Saturday, June 1.
Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn more about and celebrate the
following through artistic expression:
e April 27 – May 3 Celebrate Cinco De Mayo e
Design a colorful Mexican Flag to show your support of the holiday!
e May 4 – 10 Celebrate Mother’s Day e
Design a beautiful Mother’s Day Wall Pocket to show your appreciation of your favorite aunt, grandmother or mother.
e May 11 – 17 Celebrate China e
Make a beautiful traditional dragon puppet to celebrate Chinese culture!
e May 18 – 24 Celebrate Japan e
Make a traditional Japanese lantern to celebrate Japanese culture.
e May 25 – 31 Celebrate Hawaii e
Learn how Hawaii was formed, while creating your very own colorful volcanic island.
June 2013 Celebrate Summer with Artistic Fun, Sand & Water
Our Little Learners (those 5 years old and younger) will enjoy activities involving
silly dough, sand and water. The summer fun will kick off with exploration using silly
dough then we will sail into summer exploring sand and water. So come one, come
all and kickoff your sizzling summer with silly dough, sand and water.
eJune 1 – 7 Exploring Silly Dough e
You can roll it, you can cut it and you can make fun shapes out of it…
what is it? It’s pastel colored silly dough!
eJune 8 – 14 Exploring Water… Will it Sink or Float? e
Test items to see if they will sink or float and use your experience to design your very own boat and set sail!
eJune 15 – 21 Celebrate Father’s Day! e
Hook, line and sinker! Design a fun, fishing bookmark and give it as a gift to your favorite uncle, grandfather or father!
eJune 22 – 28 Exploring Sand e
Does sand and art go together? Today will be your day to find out how as you create a colored sand picture to display at home!
e 4 e
Kid Tested,
Spring 2013
May Celebrates Asian Pacific American
Heritage Month
DISCOVERY Children’s Museum will celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage
month — a celebration of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the United States. In
1977-78, Congress passed legislation recognizing the first 10 days of May as
Asian Pacific Heritage Week. It was expanded in May 1990 when President
George H.W. Bush designated May as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is an opportunity to recognize the
diverse culture of Asian Americans and the accomplishments and contributions
they have made.
The museum’s celebration kicks off on May 4 with Thai Festival: a Celebration
of Thailand. This special colorful event will connect with Coronation Day
holiday in Thailand and will include dance performances, cultural exchanges,
and opportunities for artistic expression, authentic food experiences and Thai
arts. Ms. Supatra Chemprachum and the Thai Cultural Arts Association dancers
will emphasize the significance of the beautiful, intricate hand gestures used
in each presentation and explain the significance of the stories, costumes and
dramas in the dances.
The celebration will conclude June 1 with Hawaiian Festival. In its second
year Hawaiian Festival will include performances, demonstrations and arts and
crafts. Gary Haleamau will prepare a traditional Hawaiian Buffet featuring the
best-known foods from the island’s history and culture. Sheldeen Haleamau will
demonstrate the art of hula, along with students from her classes throughout
the morning, while explaining the techniques and history associated with this
beautiful Hawaiian dance. In the afternoon, there will be two performances for
visitors to attend.
Cultural experiences continue all month celebrating different regions:
May 4 – 10 Thailand
Opportunities for artistic expression
May 11 – 17 Korea
Opportunities for artistic expression
May 18 – 24 China
Chinese Dance performance and opportunities for artistic expression
May 25 – 31 Japan
Opportunities for artistic expression
June 1 – 7 Hawaii
Opportunities for artistic expression
DISCOVERY Children’s Museum thanks the members of the Asian Community
for sharing a glimpse into various facets of their culture, and appreciates their
warmth and kindness.
e 5 e
Spring 2013
Exhibition made possible by the generous support of
The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.
Discover the Real George Washington:
New Views from Mount Vernon
Approximately 60 original objects
associated with George Washington –
including the only surviving complete
set of his famous dentures – are on
display at DISCOVERY Children’s
Museum through May 19, 2013. The
historical exhibition goes beyond the
iconic image on the dollar bill to reveal
the real George Washington as not only
a general and president but as a young
land surveyor, experimental farmer,
and savvy entrepreneur. Washington’s
views on religion and slavery, and
the influence of his wife, Martha, are
also explored in this exhibition which
features life-size figures of Washington
developed through a cutting-edge
forensic investigation, engaging videos,
original artifacts, intricate threedimensional architectural models,
and interactive displays. A dedicated
web site (DiscoverGeorgeWashington.
org) and extensive educational
programming enhance the exhibition
and visitor experience.
“Although over a million people come
to walk in Washington’s footsteps at
Mount Vernon each year, we know that
not everyone will have a chance to visit
his home,” said Jim Rees, executive
director of Mount Vernon. “We wanted
to bring the fascinating story of
Washington’s life to people around the
country by showing a wide variety of
compelling personal belongings and
some intriguing elements from our
new Donald W. Reynolds Museum and
Education Center.”
The exhibition is presented in 11
sections, ranging from Washington’s
youth to his final days. In addition to
Washington’s dentures, paintings,
books, maps, and objects such as
surveying equipment, Revolutionary
War armaments, tools used by slaves,
and presidential table settings are
among the artifacts featured in
the exhibition. Mrs. Washington is
represented by original jewelry, pieces
of her china, silver, and glassware, and
reproductions of her gold wedding
dress and purple satin slippers.
Three life-size models of George
Washington were assembled from
a two-year forensic study where
computer scientists, art historians,
18th-century garment experts, and
a forensic scientist used technology
and research from primary sources
to measure and analyze portraits,
sculpture, and Washington’s dentures
and clothing. The project employed
proprietary age-progression and
regression techniques to create
three depictions of Washington as
a teenaged surveyor, commanderin-chief atop a white horse, and as
the first president taking the oath of
office. These lifelike wax figures, with
real human hair that was implanted
one strand at a time, are embedded
in realistic settings – one even with
animation – that re-create scenes in
the woodsy Ohio Valley territory, wintry
Valley Forge, and on the balcony of
Federal Hall.
The fascinating process of creating
the figures is shown in a video by The
History Channel, which also produced
five other videos in the exhibition
on religion, espionage, slavery,
Washington’s dentures, and his stateof-the-art gristmill.
A full-size, functional replica of
Washington’s pew at Pohick Church
and detailed models of Fort Necessity
and Washington’s Mansion and estate,
gristmill, and innovative 16-sided
treading barn bring large structures
to the exhibition in a scalable manner,
while interactive touch screens
encourage interactivity.
Locally Sponsored by:
It’s A Wet Experience in Water World
Hands down, the Water World exhibit is the favorite among the museum’s
guests (both young and old). Built to reflect the Hoover Dam Water and
its power Water World celebrates water – its movement and power, the
courses it finds, and the ways it interacts with objects it encounters as it
flows and falls. Visitors play and work with water in a variety of hands-on
ways: launching balls into winding tracks and water shooting fountains. To
support hands-on learning with water, hand dryers and waterproof smocks
are available for visitors in Water World.
e 6 e
Spring 2013
So much to see and explore at the new museum!
Bring the kids down and make a day of it. Fun filled
adventures for the whole family.
Become a veterinarian in the EOC CITY
where sustainability meets eco-friendly.
Get wet in WATER WORLD, discover the
movement and power of water.
Access to a
stimulating and fun
filled experience all
year long.
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