Planning Matters 487 - 20 November 2014

487 | 20 NOVEMBER 2014
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 The Planning Permit Activity Report for October 2014 is now available.
 VPELA is holding a seminar on Fire and Planning on Tuesday 25 November 2014.
 Living Affordably – Living Well: Thursday 27 November - A housing affordability forum with sessions to
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Amendments Online
Ballarat C190
Introduces a Neighbourhood Residential Zone and new Schedule 2 to land in the
General Residential Zone in the Buninyong Township to specify a permit
requirement to construct or extend a dwelling on a lot of less than 800 square
metres, site coverage, permeability and set back requirements, and a maximum
of one dwelling on a lot.
Bass Coast C135
Rezones Silverwater Resort, 17 Potters Hill Road, San Remo to the Special Use
Zone Schedule 6, applies Design Development Overlay Schedule 1 and deletes
Significant Landscape Overlay Schedule 1 from the land, amends the San Remo
Framework Plan at Clause 21.10 and allows consideration of a 57 lot subdivision.
Boroondara C240
Extends the expiry dates at Clause 4 of the Design and Development Overlay,
Schedule 31 and Clause 5 of the Environmental Significance Overlay, Schedule 1
for one year to ensure the environmental values and landscape character of the
Yarra River corridor remain protected until permanent planning controls are
Casey C185
Implements the 'Thompsons Road Precinct Structure Plan, October 2014':
incorporates the structure plan; introduces and applies the Urban Growth Zone
Schedule 6; applies Special Use Zone Schedule 4 and Public Acquisition Overlay
Schedule 1; amends the Schedules to Clauses 52.01 and 66.04; and considers
four concurrent permits for a local town centre, retirement village and two
Casey C186
Implements the 'Clyde Creek Precinct Structure Plan, October 2014' by
introducing the Urban Growth Zone Schedule 7 and the 'Casey Fields South
Residential Precinct Structure Plan, October 2014' by introducing the Urban
Growth Zone Schedule 8 and applying the two zones to the respective PSP
areas; makes other associated changes and considers applications for two
residential subdivisions.
Casey C187
Incorporates the 'Clyde Development Contributions Plan, October 2014' and
applies new Schedule 15 to the Development Contributions Plan Overlay to
approximately 1958 hectares covered by the Thompsons Road, Clyde Creek and
Casey Fields South Residential PSPs.
Casey C188
Implements the 'Berwick Waterways Precinct Structure Plan' and the 'Berwick
Waterways Development Contributions Plan'.
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Casey C193 Part 1
Applies the Public Acquisition Overlay over land for acquisition by Melbourne
Water for the construction of the Clyde Creek retarding basin.
Knox C130
Introduces interim Design and Development Overlay Schedule 10, applying a
mandatory maximum building height of 7.5 metres in the activity areas of The
Basin, Upper Ferntree Gully and Alchester Village until 30 April 2016.
Manningham C95
Rezones 3-9 and 11 Mitchell Street, Doncaster East to a Mixed Use Zone,
introduces a site specific control at Clause 52.03 and associated incorporated
document at Clause 81.01 to provide for the use and development of the land for
a multi-storey mixed use development including a shop, restaurant/reception
centre, residential apartments and basement car park.
Maroondah C85
Rezones land to the Commercial 1 Zone, applies the Development Plan Overlay,
amends Schedules to Clause 52.02 and the Design and Development Overlay to
facilitate use and redevelopment of the land for a shopping centre incorporating a
discount department store, supermarkets, shops and other associated uses,
commercial/mixed use and residential use.
Wodonga C114
Deletes the Environmental Audit Overlay from land in the central eastern and
south eastern areas of the White Box Rise Estate, Victoria Cross Parade,
Ararat C34
Proposes to implement the 'Ararat Sustainable Growth Future Strategy, February
2014' and the' MSS Review 2014' by updating Clauses 21.01 to 21.06 of the
Municipal Strategic Statement and introducing Clauses 21.07 and 21.08.
Casey C203
Proposes to rezone 110 Dandenong-Hastings Road, Lynbrook to the Commercial
2 Zone.
Darebin C133
Proposes to amend various planning scheme provisions to correct mapping
anomalies and ordinance errors and delete redundant controls.
Greater Shepparton
Proposes to implement the findings and recommendations of the 'Industrial Lane
Review, City of Greater Shepparton, 2011'.
Hume C190
Proposes to reserve land for the Bulla Bypass and Melbourne Airport Link to
allow VicRoads to acquire land needed for the future roads and to facilitate the
construction process.
Warrnambool C73
Proposes to amend the Schedule to Clause 43.01 to introduce heritage controls
to 53 places, remove heritage controls from two places that have recently been
removed from the Victorian Heritage Register, correct a number of errors and
anomalies in the schedule and reference 'Warrnambool Heritage Gap Study
Statements of Significance 2009' in Clause 21.10.
West Wimmera C32
Proposes to rezone land in Edenhope to the Industrial 1 Zone and the Industrial 3
Zone and introduce Design and Development Overlay Schedules 1 and 2 to
existing and proposed industrial land in Edenhope and Kaniva.
Glen Eira C107
Apply a Neighbourhood Character Overlay and a Design and Development
Overlay to part of Moddie Street and Holywood Grove, Carnegie.
Greater Geelong C266
Part 2
Apply a Special Building Overlay to and rezone 50-68 Canterbury Road, West
Lara to General Residential Zone.
South Gippsland C96
Residential development of 35 and 65 Korumburra-Warragul Road, Korumburra.
The following planning schemes have had datasets realigned to match current cadastral boundaries:
 Bass Coast Planning Scheme
 Hepburn Planning Scheme
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