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Chairman’s Desk
continues to
grow and
build on its
reputation as
one of the
quality home
providers in
Bob Fleisher, Chairman/CEO
the country.
In the last
few weeks, two events validated our continuing
commitment to excellence. First, Macy’s Logistics and
Operations (MLO) support division renewed contracts
for two of our East Coast operations. This continues
our support for nearly 100 contract carrier home
delivery teams to build the Macy’s brand name for
another three years. Second, in late September, MLO
awarded HDL the contract for home deliveries in most
of the state of Florida. This contract alone will add
approximately 50 contract carrier teams and a crossdock facility in central Florida. Miami is the core of the
delivery area there, but we also service as far north as
greater Jacksonville with deliveries in the metropolitan
areas of Orlando and Tampa as well. These operations
started without a hitch, just 30 days after the contract
was finalized. My thanks to all that were involved in
that “well-oiled machine” start-up.
On a higher level, our industry, and our company
specifically, continue to be challenged by current
liberal governments at federal and state levels. The
attempt is to re-classify our contract delivery providers
as employees rather than recognizing them as
entrepreneurs – building their own individual businesses as we do. These actions threaten the very platform on which this country was built: personal drive
and risk taking, to build a better future for industrious,
self-reliant individuals. I am encouraged by our recent
elections and hope that our governments at all levels
will become more business-supportive and
entrepreneurship-friendly in the years ahead.
The HomeDelivery Link Mission
To enhance our client’s image by making a well-planned, on time, professional delivery each and every time. We set the service
quality standard in our industry by providing the most efficient and transparent link between our retail client and our delivery
customers. Our success is measured solely by the success of our clients, and the satisfaction of our mutual delivery customers.
Fall 2014
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President’s Update
Our clients
have trusted
us with one
of the most
of their
Mike Stark, President and
Chief Operating Officer
their brands
in the homes of their customers. In this role, we have
the distinct opportunity to leave a lasting impression
on the customer, so that they are not only pleased with
our delivery services, but also have a favorable
perception of our client and their products. With this
customer-centric approach, we reduce the cost of
delivery by reducing returns and exchanges and
potentially increasing our clients’ revenue by
stimulating return business and referrals. As a core
strategy for HDL success, it is important that this
differentiating value be shared and highlighted
throughout our organization. When we place reducing
and preventing unnecessary expense and increasing
revenue as our targets, we improve our effectiveness
and reputation as an indispensable business partner.
By the time you read this, we will be right in the
middle of our clients’ busiest time of the year. We
have been planning for this busy period and always
need to prepare for the pressures and stresses of the
holiday sales season. It’s always intense, but keeping
our teams motivated and focused on complete
customer satisfaction assures success for all HDL
associates, our clients and their customers. Analysis
validates that most of our new business is due to our
reputation in the marketplace. Being an indispensable
business partner for our clients definitely increases our
reputation and allows all of us to continue to grow
and prosper.
On behalf of the HDL Executive Team, Happy
Thanksgiving to all of our associates and their families.
And a special thank-you to our clients for allowing us
to serve you and your customers in 2014.
The Home Delivery Link Values
• Make every delivery “outstanding”.
• Make our team better than it is today -- everyday.
• Respect all merchandise as if it were your own.
• Always act with integrity and honesty.
• Respect every home to which we deliver as if it were our own.
• Find some fun at work each day.
• Take personal ownership of HDL’s and our clients’ success.
Fall 2014
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Spotlight Client
The new RH, West Hollywood Showroom "The Gallery"
Restoration Hardware, a well-known powerhouse in
the world of exceptionally well-merchandised furniture,
lighting, textile, patio, and more, has been a valued
client of HomeDeliveryLink since the spring of 2011.
Named #13 in Furniture Today’s 2013 Top 100 U.S.
furniture stores, Restoration Hardware operates with a
focus on surrounding themselves with what they love.
Their business philosophy also encourages laughter as
well as thought. The company’s success validates the
“experiential” approach and you can appreciate how it
all comes to life when visiting one of their lavish
showrooms. Currently HDL provides white-glove home
delivery services in the greater areas of Southern
California, Northern California, and Southeast
(Houston), Texas for the high-end retailer.
For more than 30 years Restoration Hardware has been
a leader in premium home furnishing. Their new
showroom, “The Gallery”, in West Hollywood is
inspired with European villa architecture. It spans
40,000-square-feet and features a 10,000-foot rooftop
garden as a crowning touch. Unlike many furniture
retailer layouts, Restoration Hardware displays are not
installed in separate categories. Here, bedrooms fuse
into adjoining bathrooms, similar to the flow of a
home. The concepts helps homeowners imagine how
the pieces will work in their own living spaces. “Our
vision is to create an environment that blurs the lines
between residential and retail, interiors and exteriors,
offline and online, and celebrates the creative spirit of
West Hollywood and the Los Angeles Design District,”
Restoration Hardware Chairman and Chief Executive
Gary Friedman said.
Creating a palace-like environment for customers is a
great achievement. No smaller is the job of designing
and preparing the plans and logistics for delivering and
setting-up of merchandise for the grand-opening
event. That’s when the expertise of veteran HDL logistic
professionals and dedicated delivery teams was called
in. With a short window of 96 hours, three trips and
over 80 truckloads of merchandise completed the task.
Restoration Hardware Mira Loma Account Executive
David Benbow explains, “We were there from 6 in the
morning to 10 at night. Everyone pulled together to
make sure the opening was a success.”
Unyielding commitment to quality, detailed handling
of each and every customer interaction, and a truly
“white-glove” (and bootie) delivery experience has
earned HDL the opportunity to represent this
exceptional luxury furniture retailer. With top tier
merchandise and continued positive customer home
delivery satisfaction survey results, it’s no coincidence
that our “team” shares a very special place in our
minds - and
even in their
hearts! For
HDL, the
“last mile”
means going
The Gallery "Roof-Top Showroom"
the “extra
mile!” Attention to the smallest detail, like a feather
duster in the back pocket of every delivery expert
going into every RH customer home, and a passion for
success is what drives us to continually exceed
customer expectations for this great client. RH brings
customers the most innovative, unique, and rare
merchandise finds from around the world into their
galleries; we bring these amazing things into their
customers’ homes, with a delivery experience that
both builds the RH brand, and ultimately brings these
unique home furnishings customers back into the
Galleries and showrooms of RH.
The HomeDeliveryLink Vision
To build a world class team of associates and independent contractors who take individual ownership of our responsibilities and
results. By treating each client and customer as if we have only one, and each piece of merchandise as if it were our own, we
will grow our reputation as “The Outstanding Delivery Team”. We will match “can do” people with cutting edge technology to
continually lead our industry in service and performance metrics.
Fall 2014
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Meet the Team
They won the Macy’s “Facility of the Year” award for Customer Service in 2011 and 2012. Then this Macy’s team
in Raritan (Edison), New Jersey most recently landed the top 5 awards for their region in Customer Service & First
Time Rate in the 2nd quarter of 2014. Led by seasoned Regional Director of Operations, Brian Higgins, the team
oversees a delivery area in the New York/New Jersey Tri-Cities of about a 100 mile radius of the warehouse facility
(approximately 21 square miles). Miles traveled by the operation’s Contract Carriers averages 2.78 million miles in
a year. Current expansion of the office and building complex for the Raritan team will yield a facility of one million
square feet once completed. Please say hello to the award-winning team that makes this somewhat massive 75+
truck per day operation work so well. Meet the HDL Raritan Team. (Alpha by first name)
Bill has been in the home delivery
business for 20 years, the last five
with HDL. His interests include
music, hiking and cooking as well as
fishing, motorcycling, and gardening.
Bill’s favorite sports team is the
New Jersey Devils (NHL). Bill has a
13 year old daughter, three large
dogs, and a cat.
Brandon is enjoying his first month
in the home delivery business and
with HomeDeliveryLink. Brandon’s
favorite sports team is the Green
Bay Packers (NFL). His interests
include video gaming and
recreational football.
Brandon Santos –
Bill Aumack –
Assistant Account
The last five of Chris’ six years in the
home delivery business have been
with HDL. His favorite sports team is
the Giants (NFL). Working on cars
and watching Anime are two of his
enjoyable pastimes. He is married
and has a four-year-old son.
Brian has been in the home delivery
business for 25 years and he has
been with HomeDeliveryLink for six
years. He likes to garden and hike
and cheer on his favorite sports
team, the Giants (NFL).
Chris Vasquez –
Brian Higgins –
Regional Director
Desiree joined the home delivery
business and HDL six months ago.
She is a San Francisco 49ers fan and
her varied interests include gardening, hiking, art, music, movies, reading and painting. Most of all, she
cherishes her loving family.
Desiree Rivera –
Ed has been in the home delivery
business for 50 years, the last eight
with HDL. His interests include
reading, baseball, coin collecting
and following his favorite sports
team, the New York Jets. Ed is married, has a son, a daughter and
three grandchildren.
Ed O’Neill –
Assistant Account
Fall 2014
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Meet the Team
Ivette has been in the home delivery
business for 15 years and she has
been with HDL for six. Her interests
are the beach, reading and staying
fit at the gym. She enjoys her son
and grandson.
Six years with HDL gives Jorge 25
years in the home delivery business.
His favorite sports team is the New
York Jets and he also enjoys soccer.
He is married with two daughters
and a nine-month-old son.
Jorge Rodriguez –
Assistant Account
Ivette Illa –
Kenny has been in the home
delivery business for nine years
and he has been with Home
DeliveryLink for five. Kenny enjoys
learning new things and working,
very proud of his participation in
the Macy’s HDL start-up of the
new account in Miami. He is
married with two sons and
a daughter.
It’s been 17 years in the home
delivery business, six with HDL,
for Lizbeth. She enjoys
watching skating and loves
to read. She also appreciates
her very interesting and
funny family.
Lizbeth Velez –
Kenny Escolero –
Assistant Account
Lorraine has been in the home
delivery business and with HDL for
more than a year. Her customer
service role involves tracking
deliveries and monitoring orders.
Her favorite sports team is the
Giants (NFL).
Lorraine Jimenez –
Maria Brioso –
Maria’s eight years in the home
delivery business have been
with HDL. Maria likes to apply
her creativity to interests in
crafts, do-it-yourself projects
and decor. When not following
her favorite sport of baseball,
she enjoys her large family with
whom she shares lots of
Fall 2014
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Meet the Team
Six of Millie’s 15 years in the home
delivery business have been with
HDL. In 2011 she helped organize
HDL’s participation in the “Making
Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk”,
helping raise funds and awareness.
She enjoys the beach and baking in
her free time.
Millie Laverde –
It’s been one year for Peter’s
employment in the home delivery
business with HDL. His duties
include the dispatch crew and
customer service. He is proud of his
experience in resolving issues to
please HDL’s Macy customers.
Peter Tomasevic –
Assistant Account
It’s been two months since
Windamary joined HDL and the
home delivery business. She enjoys
the “thank-yous" from Macy's and
their customers when she can
accommodate a special request.
She also likes learning different
languages and spending time with
her family.
Two months ago Krhisna joined
HDL and the home delivery business.
Krhisna’s responsibilities include
fielding client questions and
tracking delivery schedules.
Windamary Matos
– Dispatcher
Khrisna Soriano –
Thanks to HDL team members for their loyal service!
We’re recognizing all of our associates who celebrated a yearly anniversary in the preceding quarter (Q3 2014 in
this issue). This is just another way to say “thanks” to our team members for their loyal service. Each associate
celebrating an anniversary receives his or her choice of some very cool HDL branded gear. Thank you all sincerely
for your commitment and years of service. YOU are HomeDeliveryLink!
(Listed by years of service, then alphabetized by last name within each year)
• Douglas Catton (10 years) • Robert Fleisher, Jr. (8 years) • Nelida I. Illa ( 8 years) • Edward O’neill (8 years)
• Matthew Tharp (8 years) • Thomas Brown (7 years) • Caleb D. Gibson (7 years) • Jeremy Tillery (7 years)
• Lizbeth Velez (7 years) • Mildred Laverde (6 years) • Maria Brioso (5 years) • Yolanda Covarrubias (4 years)
• Denise LaMothe (4 years) • Johnny Stagnolia (4 years) • Susan Wernet (4 years) • Antonio Carrillo (3 years)
• Jose Cervantes (3 years) • Rocio Romero (3 years) • Keith Stone (3 years) • Sam Stone (3 years) • Danette Strader
(3 years) • Michael Algarin (2 years)• Alexandria Dasis (2 years) • James Lochner (2 years) • Star Lomeli (2 years)
• Catherine Sanders (2 years) • Angela Barrett (1 year) • Gabrielle Castillo (1 year) • Federico Chavez (1 year)
• Alexandria Boada Cruz (1 year) • Lorraine Jimenez (1 year) • Edward Lawson (1 year) • Pablo Martinez (1 year)
• Angela Persons (1 year) • Sarah Ronchetti (1 year) • Zureyma Montoya (1 year)
Fall 2014
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In the News
Earning accounts 101: Exceed client expectations and build customer loyalty with outstanding service.
ensuring an outstanding delivery experience for each
and every delivery customer.
The HDL Macy's Team
Being the incumbent in an existing account means two
things: one, we know the business intimately, and two,
we have what it takes to be successful. Understanding
this concept has paid off as over 50% of our current
client base has chosen to retain our best-in-class
services and renew their contracts with HDL in the past
year. Retaining business can often be just as difficult as
selling a new account. Outside competitors always have
the ability to over-promise, making offers to save the
client money and/or provide higher levels of service.
More times than not, this leads to service failures and
attempts to renegotiate terms when the new carrier
finds they are losing money on the operation. HDL, on
the other hand, understands that delivering on
promises has to be “real” at both the local level and the
corporate level for all clients. By meeting or exceeding
clients’ expectations day-in and day-out, and bidding
for business with honesty and integrity, HDL has
demonstrably raised the “service bar” in our industry.
This way of doing business is directly correlated to our
historical and success-to-date in 2014.
One of our largest and most valued clients, Macy’s, has
chosen to renew and extend our long-standing partnership at both their flagship Raritan (Edison), New Jersey
and Joppa (Baltimore), Maryland operations. The experience and expertise of Regional Director of Operations,
Brian Higgins, will continue to oversee and manage
these locations, as he looks to grow the business at
both locations by increasing customer loyalty through
Mike Stark, HDL President and Chief Operating Officer,
said, “Serving and representing Macy’s has been a
pleasure and honor for HDL for many years now. We
look forward to partnering many more years with this
highly respected retailer, as well as continuing to build
customer loyalty and recognition of the Macy’s brand
into the future.” That statement came just before the
announcement of new HDL contracts with Macy’s at
their Lakeland and Miami, Florida operations.
In late September, Macy’s and HDL agreed on terms to
partner on home delivery and other logistic services
throughout north and south Florida. This is familiar
territory for HDL; we know well both the Macy’s way
of doing business, and how to operate in the local
geography, through our highly successful operations
for Ashley Furniture Homestores in Jacksonville.
It’s been a true team effort throughout the HDL
organization to start up these new Macy’s operations,
with associate assistance coming from all over the
country. This includes the help of two-time HDL
Quarterly MostValuablePlayer, Pablo Martinez, based in
Chicago but “camping” in Florida for weeks on end, to
help ensure all went well. “We’ve got a great bench to
draw from,” said VP of Operations for the East, Rick
Sierra, “And we’re lucky to have people like Pablo who
are more than willing to drop everything, so to speak,
to come help at a very short lead-time start up like
Florida.” HDL is always looking to improve the
efficiencies of deliveries and customer service while also
creating repeat customers by delivering a sterling last
impression. We thank all of our clients for their
patronage, and promise to relentlessly strive to earn
their business. Thanks to Macy’s for the opportunity to
grow our partnership with this new Florida business,
and thanks to all our associates from all over the
country, for making a less-than-thirty-day start-up,
go literally “smooth as silk.”
Fall 2014
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In the News
Sears and Home Delivery Link:
Delivering Breast Cancer Awareness
The Sears Phoenix, AZ Team
“How can we help?” is what Teddy Luna, HDL Regional
Director of Operations in the Southwest, asked himself
and his team when client Sears contemplated a campaign for breast cancer awareness throughout October,
Breast Cancer Awareness month. That got the wheels
spinning in more ways than one. Teddy and Derek
“Doc” Daniels (Sears Arizona Market Manager)
collaborated to make Friday, October 24, a very s
pecial delivery day.
The two company partners ordered all sorts of items in
the awareness month’s well known color: pink. Each
independent carrier home delivery team member was
outfitted with the familiar pink ribbon shirt pins and
pink microfiber towels used to wipe down customers’
product when each delivery was complete. Every HDL
associate and Sears employee wore pink in support of
the united, enthusiastic effort. Pink writing pens and
thank you cards became customer leave-behinds on
each and every delivery. The supportive message and
its impact were significant and very touching.
One woman member (Sears’ name for “customer”) had
struggled with breast cancer for more than 20 years,
and was very grateful for the attention and recognition
of the need for vigilance and action. Another member
(customer) had recently lost a husband to cancer, and
suggested that whatever effort is made to combat any
kind of cancer “is the right thing”.
As we all know, sometimes it’s a little thoughtfulness
that can make a big difference. We hope that our pink
writing pens and ribbons encouraged all that “early
detection” doctor appointments are important. We’re
sure, from the member comments received, that more
than one home delivery that day sparked not only
awareness, but action. Congratulations to Sears and
the whole HDL/Sears Arizona team for taking the time
and effort to “deliver” such an important message.
HDL Janesville and Sears Partner in
Important Time Study Exercise
When Sears Holdings needed collaboration on an
important assembly time study for new exercise
equipment, they turned to the HDL/Sears Janesville
MDO experts. The team effort focused on not only
delivery service times, but also schedules for set-up of
store models nationwide. It was an honor for this unit,
the #1 Performing Unit in the entire Sears network two
years running now, to be selected as the pilot unit for
this important logistics planning exercise.
Top Performing HDL Janesville Account
Executive/LCM, Michael Carbajal
Fall 2014
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In the News
HDL Renews Four Client Contracts
After providing years of outstanding customer service
to valued clients La-Z-Boy in Southern California, The
Dump in Tempe, AZ, Macy’s in Raritan and Joppa, and
our entire network of Sears operations, we're proud to
announce these industry-leading retailers have chosen
to extend their partnerships with HDL for varying terms.
2014 has been another year of outstanding growth
with both new and existing clients and 2015 is already
shaping up to be yet another banner year. More and
more Americans will be receiving their new furniture
and appliances as well as receiving the industry’s best
customer delivery service. We extend a special thanks
to all our retail partners who continue to trust HDL to
provide their customers with a consistently outstanding
home delivery experience. Again and again, we not
only deliver furniture and appliances, but we also build
the brand loyalty and repeat business that fuels our
clients’ growth.
We are pleased to recognize our Q3 Performance
AllStars, the top performers who were recognized
by their peers and HDL Senior Management for
going “above and beyond” throughout the past
Quarter to improve our clients’ businesses.
(Alphabetical by first name)
Annette Hernandez
Bon Dabney
Candice Laccetti
Deborah Gillespie
Jenny Moreno
Kenny Escolero
Lydia Lopez
Michelle Zazueta
Miriam Martinez
Sean Williams
Pablo has consistently shown tremendous dedication to his
account and the company. He has quickly become one of
our “Go-To” associates for existing account quality control
and new business start-ups. He has shown time and time
again he can be counted on to get the
job done. Pablo’s home operation at The
Dump, Chicago continues to operate at a
high level; even in his absence when
traveling to assist in different locations.
It’s no coincidence this will be Pablo’s
2nd MVP win in the last three Quarters!
Pablo has repeatedly demonstrated his
value to HDL by continuing to build our
clients’ brands by generating repeat
customers through excellent satisfaction
survey scores. Thank you Pablo, for
Pablo Martinez
continuing to go “above and beyond”.
Fall 2014
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In the News
Senior Management Focuses on
Compliance & Team Building
Cohesion, compliance and common goals were primary
topics of discussion at a recent senior management
meeting at the HDL corporate headquarters in San Juan
Capistrano. This was the first such meeting convened
by newly appointed HDL President and Chief Operating
Officer, Mike Stark. As an expert in change
management, Mike was quite at home discussing
successes and initiatives with our seven Regional
Directors of Operations, five Vice Presidents, and
Chairman and CEO Bob Fleisher.
Subjects included financial performance review, The
Elements of a Healthy, “High Performance” Company,
a new company and potential industry model for
Contract Carriers, and many more. One emphasis was
on maintaining compliance with government agencies
in a constantly changing landscape; to effectively
ensure that the same truly high standard of outstanding
home delivery and other logistics services will continue
to be consistently implemented throughout the entire
organization. “Compliance not only guarantees our
company and industry longevity, but we take our
responsibility to our clients, to make certain we are
continuously operating in all areas of the business
within every exacting aspect of both federal and local
laws,” said HDL Manager of Compliance, Chris Catton.
Team building exercises with senior management and
the corporate staff filled much of day two. The rules for
the event were simple: be the first to successfully guide
your team across a designated path - without any
verbal communication! Then with the exercise repeated
and team members able to minimally communicate
with one another, a winner, not surprisingly, reached
the goal in half the time. In all, a fun way to
demonstrate the importance of effective team
communication to be successful – the first time!
Working hard, laughing, and lots of bonding between
Home Office and Field Operations leaders made for a
very productive and successful meeting.
The HDL Home Office Staff & Senior Management Team
Visit us on the web at
Retailer inquiries regarding HDL logistics solutions:
Bill Stone, VP Sales
[email protected]
623.236.5789 p