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Dec 5 – Tualatin’s Christmas Tree Lighting Float
Dec 11 – Club Meeting
Jan 8 – Club Meeting
November 2014
Portland, Oregon, USA
A picture from the 2014 Portland Model Boat Regatta in August,
(when temperatures were warmer).
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From the Commodore
November 2014
The November Meeting on Thursday the 13th was cancelled due to weather conditions and rescheduled
for Saturday the 15th at 10:00 am.
Membership Dues -- The first topic discussed was the collection of club membership dues for 2015
year. It would be ideal for all member dues to be received during the months of November, December,
and January. This way we can provide the updated club roster by the February meeting. Local-metro
member dues are $30/year, non-resident members and members under 18 years old are $15/ year.
Dues may be mailed to:
Bob Muller
11044 SW Greenburg Rd. #324,
Tigard, Oregon 97223.
New Scribe -- I have written “From the Commodore” column for the PMPBA Newsletter for the last year
(2014). Tom Winslow has offered to continue preparing it for the 2015 Newsletter. I know he will do a
great job! Anyone that would like to contribute to the Newsletter can contact Tom or Paul Williams.
Pictures are always welcome. Thanks Tom!
2015 Club Changes
Election for new Club Officers is always a challenge. After discussing how we would like the club to
move forward for this next year, we were able set new plans in motion. A vote confirmed the changes.
The changes are:
1) Two new committees have been organized to be responsible for certain club activities.
 The first committee will be responsible for organizing the lunches provide at the Memorial
Weekend Float and at the Portland Model Boat Regatta. Committee members are Tom
Winslow, Lyn Burris, Ken Valk and Dave Jaensch. Helpers are welcome.
 The second committee is responsible for organizing the raffle and raffle prizes at the
Memorial Weekend Float. Committee members are Dave Jaensch, Paul Williams, Don
Nothwang, and Bob Muller. Helpers and contributions are welcome.
2) Rotating Meeting Leaders -- A schedule will be set up for each month having a different club
member to conduct the club meeting. The meeting context will be guided with the help of the
Commodore. This change will allow more members to have firsthand experience with some of the
steps in planning and conducting club meetings. Who knows? Maybe this will lead to a group of
future “commodores-in-waiting.”
3) 2015 Election of Club Officers
With 15 members in attendance and 5 proxy votes a quorum was available for election of new next
year club officers. Results were:
Secretary/Treasurer…… Lyn Burris
Vice Commodore………. Bill Agranoff
Commodore ……………..Barrie Swain
Congratulations to the new officers and thank you to all the new committee members.
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T- Shirt Committee
Cindy Hinrich made the presentation for the New T- shirt Committee. The shirt color choices will be
either in red, white or blue. The front club logo will be on the left side or over the left pocket. The back
side will have a large club name in shape of a arch or like rainbow shape. Under the rainbow, members
will have the choice of boat outlines: Military ship, Tug boat or Pleasure cruiser. Sweatshirts will also be
available. Prices will be made available at the December meeting.
Bob Muller provided modeling boat tip hand outs: Trimming Parts and Basic Soldering.
Noel Bickham provided information on scale model winches on sale from Harbor Models and passed
around a new Dumas catalog.
Bill Agranoff brought in an old RC tug boat and barge that we
might be able to use in the activities at the Memorial Weekend
Float. The battery for the tug was located in the barge and had
battery wires connecting the two. The tug was about three feet
long and barge was about 4 feet long. Because of people
knowing that Bill has a hobby of RC model boats, they
sometimes bring him items they no longer want, like this tug
and barge. That is another reason to share your hobbies with
other people.
Les Cade reminded everyone that he still has an open shop for anyone that would like to use it. If you
need help, give Les a call and” he’ll keep the light on”.
Remember our last float of the year on December 5th of the Tualatin’s Starry Nights and Holiday
Lights (Christmas Tree Lighting Float) in the evening. Club members check for future email stating
the meeting time. The tree lighting is scheduled for 6:00 PM. Dress for the cold and windy weather.
Have a safe, Happy Thanksgiving,
Barrie Swain
Nov 8 – “Unofficial Club Float” By Paul Williams
Dave Jaensch’s open invitation to join him at Tualatin Commons for an informal float Saturday was
answered by Tom Winslow and Paul Williams. It was a beautiful sunshiny day with a small breeze,
and high 50’s temperatures. David’s ship experienced some intermittent speed control problems, but he
was able to power it back to the dock for inspection. He tracked down the problem to a loose wire
connection. With his trusty screw driver the problem was soon fixed and the ship performed without
problems thereafter. Tom’s “Springer Sprayer” red fire boat added color to the flotilla and the spraying
water made a few boys giggle. Paul was using the club’s springer and was even willing to share the
controls with one of the on looking boys. Cindy Hinrich stopped by to observe the activities and provide
words of encouragement. We tried to get her to spill the beans about the club’s new T-shirts progress,
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but she said we would have to wait until the design committee presented at the club meeting. She must
believe that “loose lips sink ships”.
2014 Calendar
Club Meetings – All club meetings are open to visitors and are held the second Thursday each
month starting at 7:00 PM in the Meeting Room at the Tigard Church of God, 15670 SW 98th
Ave., Tigard, Oregon, USA. Next meeting is December 11th
Float schedule
December 5th -- Christmas Tree Lighting – Tualatin Commons, Friday
Picture of last year’s Christmas Tree Lighting Float.
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Mission Statement
Portland Model Power Boat Association, PMPBA, is dedicated to advancing the Hobby of radio
controlled model boat building, while encouraging the design, construction, and on the water operation
of model boats. The club is founded on the sharing of ideas and experiences with club members in an
environment of creating positive public relations within the community.
2014 Club Officers
Barrie Swain
Web master -- Neal Paddison
Vice Commodore
Tom Winslow
Portland Model Power Boat Association
Secretary / Treasurer
Bob Muller
Editor -- Paul Williams
Facebook master -- Bill Agranoff
PMPBA’s Web Site:
Neal has added a new slide show to the home page --model boats at the Washington DC Naval
Visit the “showcase” part of the web site to see pictures of other model boats
Recent club Newsletter issue can be found on the club web site at
Members can list items; wanted, for sale, or trade.
Our thanks go to Web Master Neal Paddison. Check it out!
More Club Events, News, and Pictures are on Facebook
Be sure to visit the PMPBA’s Facebook site. Members are adding comments and pictures about our club
meetings, floats, boat building, and special events. Please contact Bill Agranoff for more information.
Thanks to the Members:
Special thanks to members for sending me or posting to Facebook the many pictures and messages
about our club floats and events. These help me to prepare the newsletter. Without these, the newsletter
would not be complete. -- Paul Williams, Newsletter Editor
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