This Weeks Bulletin - St. Paul's Catholic Church Rome NY

November 23, 2014
“A Christian Community in the Roman Catholic Tradition”
1807 Bedford Street
Rome, NY 13440
Rectory 315.336.3082
Fax 315.336.3083
email: [email protected] web:
5748 Stokes-Lee Center Rd. Lee Center NY 13363
Rectory/Parish Center 315. 336.2661 Fax: 315.336-8418
email: [email protected]
Daily M-F at 9:00 am
Saturday Vigil 4:00 pm
Daily Wed., Thu. at 8:00 am
Saturday Vigil 6:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am
w/Children’s Liturgy of the Word (Sep.-May)
11:00 am
Rectory/Office Hours
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Pastor Rev. Robert L. Kelly
Deacon Ed Doyle (H) 336-6647
Kathy Sledziona, DRE
w/Children’s Liturgy of the Word (Sep.-May)
Pastor Rev. Robert L. Kelly
or by appointment
Rectory/Office Hours
7:30 am - 12:30 pm
or by appointment
email: [email protected]
Music Director: Mark Radlowski
Organists: Jean Burgdorf, Rita Ossont
Secretary/Bulletin: Sherri Coia
Grounds & Maintenance: David Wheat
Webmaster: Karl Hahn
Business Admin.: Patricia Pagano
Parish Council President: Craig Brown
Trustees: Mary Marlar, Thomas Wick
Ken Puchalski
email: [email protected]
Music Director: Scott Rutledge
Organist: Jennifer Evans
Secretary: JoAnn Gardner
Bulletin: Sherri Coia 336-3082
email: [email protected]
Children’s Liturgy of the Word (C.L.O.W.): Mary Jane Gruver
Grounds & Maintenance: Volunteers
Parish Council President: Patrick Hetherington
Trustees: Charles Engelbrecht, Patricia Box
WELCOME! If you are new in the parish, please introduce yourself after Mass or at the rectory. We want to know and serve you!
St. Paul’s:
Sat. 3:30-3:45pm
St. Joseph’s: Sat. 5:30-5:45pm
or by appointment
PARISH MEMBERSHIP: Parish registration (census) forms are
available at the exits of church; you may indicate that you would
like a registration form on the visitors envelopes found in the
pews and they may be placed in the collection basket.
planning to be married at St. Paul’s or
St. Joseph’s should notify Father Kelly as far
in advance as possible ~ at least 6 months.
Please notify the rectory if you know anyone who is unable to
get to church but wishes to receive the Sacraments.
At Mass or on Sunday
~ by appointment only ~
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a process of inquiry,
learning and faith development for people interested in
becoming a Catholic. Call the rectory for information.
Weekly Bulletin (in color) can be found on-line at
This Weekend - November 23, 2014
“ALL SOULS” Intentions offered at all Masses this month.
Daily Mass In The Chapel
This weekend: 11/23
Ezekiel 34:11-12
1Corinthians 15:20-26
Matthew 25:31-46
Monday, November 24th: St. Andrew Dung-Lac
9:00 Sophie Pelose ~ Louis Viviani
Tuesday, November 25th:
9:00 Joseph G. Clark - 1st Anniv. ~ Mary Ellen
Wednesday, November 26th:
9:00 Donna Hartigan Grover ~ Mother & Family
*** Barbara Ruane ~ Nettie Hartigan
10:00 (Bethany) Communion
Thursday, November 27th: THANKSGIVING
Liturgical Cycle A
Next weekend : 11/30
Isaiah 63:16b-17
1Corinthians 1:3-9
Mark 13:33-37
Wednesday, November 26th:
8:00 Les Murphy ~ Les & Donella Murphy
Thursday, November 27th: Thanksgiving
9:00 Joan M. Szalkucki-Wedding Anniv. ~ Husband Ben
*** Anna Damon ~ Family
Next weekend: November 29/30:
Friday, November 28th:
9:00 John A. McNiece -Birthday ~ Pagano Family
*** Nena Zakala - Birthday ~ Audrey & Dan
6 pm Bob Purpura ~ Lee Unity Senior Citizens
9 am Ida Patrick ~ Jean & Ken Puchalski
*** J. Paul Center ~ Les & Judy Radford
St. Paul’s Devotional Candles:
Ed & Joan Herr - 75th Birthdays ~ Maureen
Next weekend: November 29/30: 1st Sunday of Advent
4 pm
11 am
Sue & Lyle Pelton ~ Kay
Nettie Riley ~ Mark & Celeste Snyderman
Frank, Elizabeth & Marie Melie - daughter/sister Jean
Mr. & Mrs. John Finley ~ Family
St. Joseph’s Memorials:
Sanctuary Light ~ Wayne Woodward~
Paul & Marian Thompson
Bread & Wine ~ Anthony Vidzar ~ Family
We ask you to pray for the sick of our parishes listed below and for all those not listed and in need of our prayers.
Call the office to add a name to our list or remove a name when the crisis has passed. New names added will appear in italics for 1 month.
Kari Barber
Bob Clark
Joe Crossman
Jean Hawkins
Marie Howard
Suzanne Hoyt
Laura Dahle
Fred Jackson
RuthAnne Duckworth
David J. Fiore
Sally Gay
Joseph Genovese
Joseph Gomes
Eileen Gurecki
Cheryl Kegley
Tom Kraeger
Peter Mastracco
Marge McDonald
Margaret OˊConnor
Pam OˊConnor
Randall Bowman
Andrea Pouliot
Sharon Reilly
Kellyne Brown
Herb Brown
Jerry Cooper
Jaxon Cope
Flora Rubino
Jackie Rolewicz
Bernice Salce
Y.D. Sharma
David Stephan
Chris Trophia
Kathy Wajda
Ayden Davis
Bill Gavin
Kathy Gavin NiCastro
Susan Haggert
Christian Wilcox
Chester Kirk
Ron Lamandia
Doris Ludwig
Marge McDonald
Loretta Marsh
Dianne & Joe
Irving Moyer
Betty Riggleman
Debbie Roe
Chris Rushton
Peggy Rutledge
Sharon Schultz
Dr. Paul Temple
Karen Tomasi
Walt Von Matt
Special Intention
Liturgical Ministers for next weekend: November 29/30 — First Sunday of Advent
4pm Duane Wallace
Deb Flack
Judy Mullin
Mary Ellen Powers
Eucharistic Ministers
Thurifer (SP)
B. Fiore, B. LoVaglio,
J. Nash, M. Nash
B. Barrett, B. Gavin,,
J. Ortolano, D. Piersall
L. Coluccio, J. Mullin, J. Pangborne
Eucharistic Ministers for Rome Hospital
Nov. 30th - Team 2 – St. Mary/St. Peterˊs
H. Bowers, B. Falk,
M. Finster, H. Hesler
A. Clark/
E. Drozd
Hospital Visitor (SP)
N. Dite
Week of 11/30:
A. Burgdorf, N. Burgdorf,
C. Ott
C. Ott
B. Diehl, D. Flack, M. Gluck
P. Hagerty, B. Kelly, D. Kelly,
K. Morrison, M. Post
Ushers (SJ)
C.L.O.W. (Childrens
B. Salce, Q. Salce
K. Rabe, K. Smith
C. Podkowka, J. Podkowka,
N. Jeselson
SP 4pm
11/29 No CLOW
Sundays at 9am
Money Counters (SJ):
Team 4- Dillman/Baldygo
Fr. Bob’s
"Come, you who are blessed by my Father . .
. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I
was thirsty and you gave me drink, a
stranger and you welcomed me, naked and
your clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in
prison and you visited me . . .
"Whatever you did for one of the least
brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.
Matthew 25: 31-46
“In the kingdom of God, there are not front-door people
and back-door people. In the reign of Christ, all are
welcomed through the front door, all have a place at the
banquet table of heaven, all stand before God humbly
and gratefully as children of the Father. In the parable of
the sheep and goats, Jesus the Shepherd-King calls us to
see him in the faces of the poor, the hungry, the needy,
the lost. Our care for the poor, our work to alleviate
poverty and injustice in our communities, our holding
ourselves accountable for creating more opportunities for
the under-educated and under-employed is our first and
most meaningful response to our baptismal call to
proclaim the coming of God's Kingdom in his Christ. On
this last Sunday of the church year, may we embrace
God's vision of his creation and our place in it; may
God's spirit instill in us the compassion and wisdom to
recognize every human being as the manifestation of
God's life and love in our midst.
This weekend Nov. 22/23: CHRIST THE KING
Sacrament of the Sick/Healing Mass
Following the 9 am (SJ) & 11 am (SP) Mass
If you have received this Sacrament before you may receive
it again. There is no limit to the amount of times you may
receive it.
Please sit in the designated pews in the front of the Church.
If you are not able to attend this Mass and wish to receive it at
home, Please call Fr. Bob at the office 336-3082.
Thursday: November 27th: THANKSGIVING
If you join us this morning for Mass,
please bring a food item to help
re-stock the local food pantries.
The Parish Offices are closed Thursday and Friday.
From our homes to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!
Fr. Bob and the Staff at St. Paul’s & St. Joseph’s
Next Weekend: Nov. 29/30: 1st Sunday of Advent
SJ Bible Discussion “Joy to the World”
SP No Children’s Liturgy of the Word today!
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving! C.L.O.W. will resume next weekend.
SJ Children’s Liturgy of the Word during 9am Mass
St. Peter’s Church
200 N. James St.
Inaugural “SUNDAYS at 3” Concert Series
Nov. 23rd 3pm in the Parish Hall
The first concert will feature pianist Fr. James Tormey & guest
vocalists including Scott Rutledge. We hope you can join us!
All proceeds from the concerts benefit the Food Pantry at
St. Mary’s-St. Peter’s. Admission is free. Suggested donation $5
Zion Episcopal Church
140 W. Liberty St.
Community Thanksgiving Prayer Service
Sunday, November 23rd 7:00 pm
All are welcome to join in this ecumenical Thanksgiving
prayer service at the Zion Episcopal Church.
Congratulations to our young people receiving the
Charles Sykes Award for their service to their parishes.
SJ Faith Formation Grades 1-8
10:15-11:15am Transfiguration Church
111 Ridge St.
SJ Faith Formation Grades 9 & 10
9am Mass -11:15 am
Perpetual Adoration Thanksgiving Prayer Service
November 23rd 3:00 pm
SJ Bible Discussion “Joy to the World” 10:15-11:15am
In thanksgiving for the blessing of Perpetual Adoration in our
community, we will be holding a prayer service at Transfiguration Church. All adorers and those interested are welcome!
Monday: November 24th:
St. John the Baptist
Birthday Blessings and Best Wishes
to our beloved Pastor
Happy Birthday Fr. Bob!
SP Faith Formation “Journey” & Grades 5-10
6:30 pm
Praise & Worship led by the Praise Band
First Saturdays of the month
6-7:30 pm
Come join us in singing praises to Christ and Adoring Him!
Come be rejuvenated! Next gathering December 6th.
800 Cypress Street
December 6th 10am – 3pm & December 7th 10am - 2pm
Tuesday: November 25th:
SJ Quiet Time With Jesus
210 E. Dominick St.
7-7:30 pm in Church
you missed Mass during the week, our weekly
bulletin is published on the website (in color)!
Please visit us at
Join us for a weekend filled with laughter, fun, and
holiday spirit. With over 100 local vendors, there is
surely something for everyone on your Christmas list.
High School students are needed to help set-up/tear down
the craft fair. If you are able to help, contact:
St. Paul’s Parish News
The Eastern Region of the Syracuse Diocese
Faith Formation News
Kathy Sledziona, Director
(315) 334-9570
e-mail: [email protected]
Meets at St. Paul’s Church, Rome, NY
The group is open to and welcomes all veterans. We
provide a welcoming community for all veterans, recent
returnees from deployment in particular, providing an environment
where all veterans can feel free to share their experiences.
For more information: Please contact Gene at 225-1520
or e-mail: [email protected]
Next meeting: Sunday, December 14th 1pm
Topic: Remembrance of Pearl Harbor
All Veterans from the Rome area are welcome to join this ministry.
November/December Schedule
Mondays: Nov. 24, Dec. 1, 8*, 15
6:30 pm
“JOURNEY” & Faith Formation Grades 5-10
Wednesdays: Grades K-4 Dec. 3, 10, 17 8:00 am
Sun., Dec. 7th: 10th grade Confirmation Parent/Candidate
Workshop & Enrollment Mass 10am - Noon
* Dec. 8 - Immaculate Conception Mass in Church 6:30 pm
Actual Income
Budgeted Expense
Nov. 16
$ 151,701.00*
$ 150,637.00 *
Total (over) budget: + $ 1,064.00 Thank-You!
Please join us in wishing our Staff members
Pat Pagano and
Mary Ellen Powers
a very Happy& Blessed Birthday this week.
Please pray for:
Edward Pascucci and Theresa Noto
who died recently, and their families.
St. Paul’s Faith Formation invites you to the 1st Annual
Feast of the Immaculate Conception Celebration
Celebrant: Bishop Thomas Costello
All are welcome to join us for at Mass 6:30 pm
“Baby Shower” for Mary (bring a package of diapers)
Art Exhibit (entries due: Dec. 1) and Reception
“Art Exhibit & Reception”:
EVERYONE is invited to participate in our Art Exhibit;
children, teens, adult & family projects are welcome.
Entries must be original works of art featuring Mary, Jesus,
or the Nativity All art media permissible; painting, drawing,
collage, sculpture, etc. as long as it is an original work.
Entries should be ready for display and no larger than
20” x 30” and must be received by December 1, 2014.
“Baby Shower for Mary”: Our offering of diapers (huggies,
luvs & pampers sizes 3-6) will be donated to Rome Hospital
Neonatal unit & Catholic Charities.
Cookies and punch will follow Mass in the Parish Center
and will feature “Mary’s Favorite Cookies”. If your name
is Mary (or Marie), we invite you to bring in a plate of your
favorite cookies to share! If you have a favorite cookie recipe
from a Mary or Marie, that will work too!
Social Ministry News ~
Our “DOOR TO DOOR” canned good
collection for Thanksgiving continues.
Place donations in wire baskets at exits.
We welcome through the saving waters of
Baptism those who were recently baptized:
Leigha Nicole Mendoza
Congratulations! And prayerful best wishes
John Edmondson
Who will receive the “Immaculata Award” from the
Most Rev. Robert Cunningham today. The award will be
presented at the Cathedral in Syracuse on
Sunday, December 7th at 2:30 pm.
The Immaculata Award recipients are selected for their
many years of outstanding service to their parishes.
All from the parish are welcome to attend!
St. Joseph & St. Patrick
702 Columbia St., Utica
First Friday Holy Hour for Vocations
With Bishop Cunningham
Friday, December 5th
Mass at 6pm
Holy Hour to follow at 7pm
ADVENT at St. Paulˊs … Please save the enclosed flyer
with our event dates and information for Advent. I will
not be able to include a flyer in the bulletin every week as
in prior years.
St. Paulˊs
Christmas Eve 3:30 Christmas Music w/Choir
4 pm Christmas Mass
7:30 pm Family Mass w/Tableau
Christmas Day one Mass at 11:00 am
w/congregational singing & organ accompaniment
St. Joseph’s Parish News
Contact: Ken Puchalski
[email protected]
St. Joseph’s Faith Formation November Schedule:
11/15 ~ $100
Carl Parker
Nov. 23:
Grades 1-8
10:15-11:15 am
Nov 23
Grades 9 & 10
9am Mass - 11:15 am
No Class November 30th—Happy Thanksgiving !
Children’s Liturgy of the Word for children in K-6th grade
during the 9:00 am Mass
11/16 Regular
Capital Improvement
Loose Cash
All Saints
All Souls
Human Development
The Sacrament
of Reconciliation will be celebrated
Saturday, December 6th at 10 am in Church
St. Joseph’s Choir
Christmas Concert
Friday, December 19th
7:00 pm
All are welcomed to attend the concert,
now in its 27th year at St. Joseph’s.
St. Joseph’s Women’s Club Meeting
Tues., December 9th
under the direction of Scott Rutledge presents
1-3 pm
All women of St. Joseph’s and St. Paul’s are welcome to
Christmas time is coming, and our parish is
again packing Christmas baskets for those who need
a little extra help to brighten their holidays. With continued
economic problems, the need is greater than ever!
Starting this weekend, tags will be available in the back of the
church listing items that are needed in the baskets. White,
Lucy’s House Collection
present-shaped tags are for gifts, and red and green tags are
At this time we will be collecting items for Lucy’s House. Items
for food items. Please take one or more tags, purchase the
that are need for the house: Towels & Wash Cloths
For the children: Craft Items (i.e. coloring books, crayons, colored item(s) on the tags and bring the items to the back of the
church by Sunday, December 14. Please attach tags to all
pencils, markers, puzzles, sticker books, scissors, puzzle books,
gifts as each gift is for a particular person. (It is not necessary
etc.) When the children are able to go home, they send these
to attach tags to food items.)
supplies home with them. If you can not make the meeting and
would like to donate to Lucy’s House, you may drop off the items For children's gifts, we suggest a price range around ten to
at the Parish Office. Please label for “St. Joseph’s Women’s
fifteen dollars. For adults, we are looking for a token gift Club”. If you have any questions, please call Pat Lamandia at
something useful or fun to unwrap on Christmas. If you are
337-2243 or the parish office.
not able to wrap your gift, we have volunteers to do this. Just
bring in your unwrapped gift with its tag. If anyone would
St. Josephˊs
like to help with wrapping, sorting, or last minute shopping,
Christmas Eve
or if you have any questions, please call Mary Jane Gruver,
4 pm Childrenˊs Mass with Pageant
942-3099 ([email protected]).
10 pm Christmas Mass
We will be packing the baskets on Sunday, December 21
Christmas Day one Mass at 9:00 am
after the 10:00 Mass. If anyone is able to help with packing or
distribution, we could certainly use the help. Thank you very
much for your continuous generosity! This parish has truly
join us in the parish center for our annual afternoon meeting of
Christmas card writing for the shut-ins of the parish, the cookie
exchange (bring 2 dozen cookies if you want to participate),
fellowship and goodies to eat.
brightened Christmas for so many families!
Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Monday, December 8, 2014
Mass 6:30 pm Art Exhibit and reception to follow
Bishop Thomas J. Costello, Celebrant
Theme: “A Baby Shower for Mary”
Offering: Huggies, Luvs or Pampers
Art Exhibit entries due: Dec. 1
All are WELCOME!
St. Paul’s Parish
1807 Bedford St., Rome, NY 13440
Advent at St. Paul’s
St. Paul’s Children’s Choir
Children in grades 3-8 welcome
The Children’s Choir will sing for the 7:30 pm
Liturgy on December 24th.
Practices begin Wednesday, December 3rd
at 4:00 pm. Mrs. Burgdorf will meet you in church.
It is important to attend every practice:
Dec. 3, 10 & 17 and a dress rehearsal on Sunday,
Dec. 21 at 1:00 pm
Solo parts are decided at the first rehearsal.
Sign-up sheet in the vestibule or parish center!
Contact: Jean Burgdorf 336-2376
St. Paul’s Christmas Covered Dish and Sing-A-Long
Saturday, December 13th
following the 4:00 Mass
Please bring a dish to pass for 5
(veggies, salad, dessert). Refreshments and
chicken dish will be available.
Free will offering. Sign up sheets available.
Social Ministry Events
Please use the GOLDEN ENVELOPE in your
packet to support the important year-round “corporal
works of mercy” of our Social Ministry Committee.
annual Giving Tree program will
begin BEFORE Thanksgiving this year.
The Christmas trees will be set-up this weekend in the link &
vestibule. Please choose a tag (or 2) when you’re at church
during the week or on the weekend.
Collections will be the weekends of Nov. 29 & Dec. 6th.
Or drop off during week (Deadline Dec. 8th)
The trees will have many star-shaped ornaments with a
requested gift (and size) for a local family in need.
Please consider choosing one (or more) of the ornaments,
and purchasing a gift (in the $10-$15 range).
Please place the unwrapped gift, along with the star ornament in a plain bag in front of the Blessed Mother’s altar.
Catholic Charities
St. Paul’s Parish Bell Ringers
We will again help the Salvation Army in their
yearly holiday fundraising. The date and time we
have been given is:
Saturday, December 20th 9 am -3 pm
This is a wonderful way to share the meaning of the season
with family and friends. Please consider signing up for a 1 hr.
shift (inside) at Price Chopper. The sign-up sheet is in the
church vestibule.
St. Paul’s Family Mass
Christmas Eve
7:30 pm
Featuring the Christmas Tableau
For those who are young and “young at heart” who wish to
participate in the Christmas Eve Tableau during the 7:30 pm
Family Mass. There will be a joint practice with the choir on:
Sunday, December 22nd at 1:00 pm
Please sign up on the sheet in front of Church or in the
Parish Center if you are interested.
Please use your green envelopes or submit an
envelope with the names of your loved ones
and who it is from. Suggested donation: $10
~ Deadline: Mon., December 22nd ~
Nov. 29/30
Mittens/Knit Goods
Dec. 6/7
Toys (unwrapped)
Dec. 13/14
Personal Items
Dec. 20/22
Festive Foods
St. Paul’s traditional Giving Project takes place on each
of the Sundays of Advent. Please place your gifts in front of
St. Joseph’s altar.
We are called upon as Catholics to give to those in need.
these hard economic times, many families will only have the gifts &
necessities collected by our local churches. Every item helps.
Feast of the Immaculate Conception Celebration
with Bishop Costello
Art Exhibit and Reception with “Mary’s Cookies”
Monday, December 8th 6:30 pm in Church
Faith Formation classes (5-10) will attend during class time.
All are welcome!
“The Light Is On For You”
at St. Paul’s & St. Joseph’s
Monday, December 15th
4-7 pm
City-wide Penance Service
St. John the Baptist
Wed., Dec. 10th 7pm
PLEASE save this flyer with parish dates for Advent season !
Serving your health care needs for 50 years