Newsletter 23 November - Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church

Called to Serve:
Date: 29/30 November
23November 2014
1st Sunday of Advent
Grace Uy
Ernest Perera
Gerard Koopmanschap
Miriam Uy
Jo Spittal
Margaret Smith
Carol Ryan
Kathrin McClean
Nandita Srinivasa
Merlyn Bonaparte Bob Shaw
Joel Sison
Philippa Wilson
Gillian Laurenson
Kevin Rodrigues
& Family
Tereska Kozera
Kitty McKinley
Jessica Sebastian John Hutchings
Penny North
Michael Oh
Carole Hutchings
Justin Shaw
Marie Eastwood
Adrienne Shaw
Robyn Watson
Sandra Parish
Christine frost
Tisa Sison
Kaitlyn DeSouza
Mariano McClean
J L Ibarra
Joseph Sison
Kate Cranney
Louis Villanueva
Jim & Betty
Ted & Pauline
David Doibson
Phil Henty
Kapitiran Choir
Paulus Sia
Columban Calendars on sale now $10
Christ The King Yr A
Parish Priest
Parish Secretary
37 Dr Taylor Terrace, Johnsonville Tel 478 7137
Fr Peter Fitzgibbon
9am to 3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Mass Times
Saturday Vigil 6.30pm at Johnsonville
Sunday 9am at Johnsonville
and 10.30am at Newlands
Wednesdays - A Mass at 1pm at the
Johnsonville Uniting Church
[email protected]
Coming events
Sunday 23 Nov
Sunday 23 Nov
Wednesday 26 Nov
Wednesday 26 Nov
Sunday 30 Nov
Thursday 4 Dec
Sunday 14 Dec
Sunday 21 Dec
DVD Te Rongopai
11.30am Uniting Church
DVD Te Rongopai
7pm St. Michael’s Church Newlands
Anointing Mass
1pm at Uniting Church
DVD Te Rongopai
7.30pm at Uniting Church
Outdoor Ecumenical Service 11.30am St Brigid’s School
(200 Years of Christianity in NZ)
Marsden Lecture
7.30pm St Paul’s Cathedral
(Loaves and Fishes room)
Newlands Reconciliation
5pm at St Andrew’s Newlands
Johnsonville Reconciliation 7pm in the Church
Mass at
Saint Andrew’s in Newlands is
7:00 pm
10:30 am
9:00 am
Mass at
St Ben’s in Khandallah is
Tuesday to Friday
First Reading
34:11-12, 15-17
As for you my flock, I shall judge between one sheep and another.
Second Reading
1 Corinthians 15:20-26,28
Christ hands over the kingdom to God the Father, so that God may be all in
The son of man will sit on the throne of his glory, and he will separate people
one from another.
We ask for your prayers - Masses have been offered for
Josefina Dino RIP
Severo Capistrano Cruz RIP (Anniv)
Jack Barrow RIP (Anniv)
Anointing Mass
The Anointing Mass will be held next Wednesday 26th November at 1.00 pm in
the Uniting Church. This will be followed with afternoon tea. If you require
transport please ring Ted on 970 6380
Social Justice Thoughts
November 22-23, 2014
Eustie Kamath, Khandallah
It was late evening. I was cold and hungry. I was without a job. I was walking
through the underground passage from the Wellington Railway Station to the bus
terminal. I came across a man sitting on the ground pleading for a few coins. I
ignored him. I avoided making eye contact. A part of me was angry that a well bodied
man like him was begging rather than working.
What are the thoughts that go through your mind as you come across this common
enough scenario?
A few weeks ago a dear friend related an incident when she went into the city. After
she finished her appointment she wanted to give herself a visual treat by walking into
one of the up-market shops in the city centre. Even though she could not afford those
clothes, she enjoyed her time in the shop. When she came out she came across a
young girl in her mid twenties begging. Rather than give her money she bought her
some food. While the girl ate, she sat next to her and started a conversation. For
reasons unknown the girl was without a job and slept under a bridge at night. To buy
food, she begged for money. When asked why she did not approach WINZ, she was
told that for security reasons she could not get an appointment without an address
and a phone.
The next time I see a person begging in New Zealand, I will always be left wondering
what I should be doing. How should the principles of Catholic Social Teaching mould
my reaction. How would you react?
Challenge 2000 - Society of Mary Leadership formation and Social Justice
Pilgrimage. 9th – 16th December 2014
A chance to reflect on what it means to be a prophetic Catholic in Aotearoa today
and to live out the Gospel. It is an opportunity to visit sacred sites, grasp social
justice teachings, enhance awareness, leadership and community ministry skills. It is
an inside outside journey where you meet yourself, others and God.
For more information see the flyer on the Challenge 2000 notice board or contact us
on 4776827.
Next Sunday Challenge 2000 will be performing a drama for the Marsden
Bicentenary Ecumenical Service in our area. This is to celebrate 200 years of the
Gospel being proclaimed in Aotearoa New Zealand. This will be held at 11:30am at
St Brigid’s School Johnsonville. If you are interested in being a part of this please
get in touch with Heath.
There is no Junior Youth Group today! Next week please come and join us at the
Marsden Bicentenary Ecumenical Service, and then we will be off to do something
fun to end the year off. Please contact Courtney on 4770045 or
[email protected] if you have any questions.
Challenge 2000 have now begun our end of year school programmes! Over the
next months we will continue to go into various primary and secondary schools
around the Wellington Region. Our programme focuses on many different themes
including forgiveness, servant leadership, transitioning to college, and social justice
and responsibility. We are all really looking forward to these days and seeing the
young people in action in their school communities.
Please keep our 7 Gap Year Students in your prayers as they go into their 2 final
weeks of the programme. It has been a great journey for them and we look forward
to hearing about it with the stories to be shared.
There will be no Young Church Mass on 30 November 2014.
Young Church Masses will return in 2015! We wish you all a
fantastic summer break. Young Church Ministries Team,
Archdiocese of Wellington
Come and hear ABBY JOHNSON
Sunday 7th December 3:00 - 5.00pm
Kingsgate Hotel, 24 Hawkestone Street, Thorndon, Wellington
Having worked at Planned Parenthood for 8 years, Abby left after assisting in
an ultrasound-guided abortion of a 13-week-old pre-born child. Abby will share
the powerful and inspiring story of her conversion from being immersed in the
abortion industry to influential life advocate.
A rare opportunity not to be missed! A collection will be taken to help defray
costs. 0800 367 5433
Serious illness? Major family problems? How would a positive culture of life
help you when confronted by such issues? Parishioners are welcome to
join John Kleinsman, Director of the Nathaniel Centre, when he speaks and
leads a discussion on the topic of Building a Positive Culture of Life.
Venue is Connolly Hall, Hill St, Wellington on Thursday 27 November at 8pm.
For more details
Christmas Carols to your Door
The Kapatiran Choir will be singing Christmas Carols outside this year. We can
visit your home anytime from 7:00pm-9:00pm on the following dates: 15 Dec
(Monday), 17 Dec (Wednesday), 18 Dec (Thursday), 19 Dec (Friday), 21 Dec
(Sunday) and 23 Dec (Tuesday).
The carolling would take 10-15 minutes per visit and all donations will go to the
church building strengthening. If anyone would like to arrange a booking, please
contact Henrietta Catalan at 021 805 566
Te Rongopai- Celebrating 200 years of the Gospel in New Zealand.
Te Rongopai DVD presentations-the development of Christianity in NZ
Sunday 23rd November 2014 11.30am
Sunday 23rd November 2014 7.00pm
Wednesday 26th November 2014 7.30pm
Johnsonville Uniting Church.
St. Michael and All Angels
Anglican Church, Newlands
Johnsonville Uniting Church.
Outdoor Ecumenical Service commemorating Samuel Marsden’s ServiceChristmas Day 1814
Sunday 30th November 2014 11.30am St. Brigid’s School ground.
The service will commence with a pohiri and will be a celebration of our faith in Jesus,
the preciousness of our spiritual and cultural inheritance, and the unity we have in
Jesus across churches and ethnicities.
Marsden Lecture-understanding our NZ Christian Inheritance.
Thursday 4th December 2014 7.30pm
Loaves and Fishes Hall, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Thorndon.
Speakers-Dr Geoff Troughton, Dr Merv Duffy sm and Joanne Rosandich.
We welcome your support of our celebrations.
Next Week’s Readings
1 Corinthians
Parish Reconciliation
Rite 1 (Individual Reconciliation)
Wednesday 3 December 7.30pm
Wednesday 10 December 7.30pm
Wednesday 17 December 7.30pm
Rite II (Group Reconciliation)
21 December 7pm
.St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hampers
Christmas treats, such as chocolates, sweets, cakes, biscuits, mince
pies, as well as non perishable food items, are required for this year's
hampers. With your help, we will be providing hampers for
45 families this year. Please put contributions, which are required by the
weekend 6th/7th December, in the the Food Basket which is at all
weekend Masses. We appreciate your generous support with
this annual project.
St Vincent de Paul Christmas Cards
Nearly sold out. A few left at $2.50 for a pack of five.
Advent Reflection
The Johnsonville Marian Mothers groups invite parishioners and their families to
an Advent reflection on Sunday 30th November, at St Andrews Newlands.
Starting 2 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there. Afternoon tea to follow the
reflection. Enquiries phone Pauline 970 6380.
Mojo Supports Sts Peter & Paul
We are delighted to announce that Mojo Coffee has agreed to support
our fund-raising activities by supplying 250grm bags of coffee beans and
also ground plunger coffee. Mojo Coffee is well known as a top quality
brand and we are grateful for their generous support. Within the next few
weeks the $10 bags of coffee will be available for sale in the church
hallway. The opening sale date will be announced shortly.
The Northern Chorale presents
Brother Heinrich’s Christmas by John Rutter
Wassailing and Christmas songs
At St Barnabas Church, Box Hill, Khandallah
2.30pm Sunday 30 November
Admission by Koha