Regulatory convergencies and divergencies of a new bank

 Rencontres informelles de l’Institut suisse de droit comparé Regulatory convergencies and divergencies of a new bank resolution paradigm in the EU and Switzerland. Tomas Ambrasas PhD student, University of Basel Tuesday, 16th December 2014, 12am Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (Voyame Room) Bank insolvency cases can produce a much wider spectrum of negative consequences than the failure of non‐
financial companies. The global financial crisis has led to the subject of bank insolvency law being revised nationally and internationally. Following the latest banking crisis and uncoordinated state responses to the collapse of a great number of financial institutions, numerous jurisdictions have initiated major legislative reforms to their banking insolvency rules in order to strengthen and improve their banking resolution regimes so as to enable authorities to reserve failing banks quickly without destabilizing the financial system or using taxpayers’s money for solvency support. This conference will focus on the implementation and effectiveness of new resolution regimes in EU and Swiss jurisdictions. Recently, the banking union project, which was a key priority in the UE, was finalized. Harmonization decisions under the new banking resolution regulations are some of the most politically sensitive, legally and technically complex that a public authority can take. The Swiss Banking Act was revised to include specific requirements regarding to additional bank restructuring provisions, the Banking Ordinance act has also been amended. With reference to different legal traditions, and given the intimate link between insolvency law and other areas of commercial law, bank insolvency rules will be compared and presented. Free Admission Information and Registration : Please contact: [email protected]‐ Dorigny – CH – 1015 Lausanne Tel : +41 (0)21 692 49 11 ‐ Fax : +41 (0)21 692 4949