Event Program

Charlotte TECday Attendee Program
August 19, 2014
Welcome to
TECday 2014!
Welcome to World Wide Technology’s TECday (Technology Education
Collaboration) – Charlotte. Whether you’re a customer or partner, or if you simply
came to learn, we sincerely thank you for being a part of TECday. WWT carefully
selects the best-of-breed products and solutions to showcase at TECday, and
we’re excited to share them with you. Enjoy a day filled with live technology
demos from leading manufacturers, and discover how advanced data center,
security, collaboration and networking technologies are driving IT innovation and
business growth. Please make sure to stop by our Advanced Technology Center
(ATC) booth. It’s through the ATC that we design, build, educate, demonstrate
and deploy innovative technology products and solutions for our customers,
partners and employees. TECday embodies our unique culture of innovation and
allows us to share it with those who have yet to experience it in person. Thank
you again for making TECday a success!
Jim Kavanaugh
Table of Contents
About WWT
Keynote Speakers
Demo Descriptions
ATC Overview
ATC Available Demos and Environments
Microbrew Tasting: Beer Profiles
11:00am - 12:00pm
Registration and Lunch
12:00pm - 12:30pm
WWT Welcome
12:30pm - 1:30pm
WWT Keynote Presentation (Security and Big Data)
1:30pm - 4:15pm
4:15pm - 4:30pm
Closing Remarks
4:30pm - 6:30pm
Microbrewery Tasting
Free Raffle Drawings:
Please complete the event survey to be entered into a drawing for a free Nest.
Get your bingo card stamped by all the vendors to be entered into a drawing for a free Apple TV.
There will be a general attendance drawing for a free iPad.
About WWT
World Wide Technology (WWT) is an award-winning systems integrator and supply chain
solutions provider that brings an innovative and proven approach to how organizations
explore, evaluate, architect and implement technology.
WWT understands the challenges organizations face trying to ensure that different
manufacturers’ products work together to create the perfect solution for each
technology need. WWT is experienced in architecting fully integrated solutions for our
clients. Additionally, we seek to empower our customers and partners, which is why we
created TECday — to promote knowledge and encourage collaboration that ultimately
leads to innovation and execution.
Our customers have hands-on access to cutting-edge data center, networking, security
and collaboration products in our Advanced Technology Center; technical expertise from
our expansive team of engineering resources; and accelerated global product delivery,
powered by a sophisticated supply chain management infrastructure.
By working with a financially strong, privately held systems integrator with more than
$6B in annual revenue that ranks among the top tier of partners with Cisco, HP, EMC,
NetApp, VMware and Citrix, our customers realize the benefits of saving time and money
while significantly minimizing risk.
Call us at 800.432.7008 to join the growing number of global business leaders benefiting
from WWT’s technical expertise, industry-leading partnerships and holistic approach to
systems integration.
Security Keynote
Michael J. McGlynn
Mike joined World Wide Technology in September 2010 after 25
years of government service at the National Security Agency. As
Vice President of Emerging Technologies, Mike is responsible
for defining and delivering new reference architectures in cyber
security, big data, and software-defined networking (SDN). He
works across both the sales and engineering organizations to align
these integrated architectures with customer-driven requirements.
Prior to this role, Mike led WWT Advanced Solutions and was responsible for sales and
services offerings across the Federal Intelligence Community.
As a member of the Senior Executive Service at the NSA, Mike led the design and
development of next-generation cyber systems; including real-time systems, situational
awareness tools, and command and control capabilities. He has held various technical
and leadership positions in the areas of systems development, mathematics and
cryptography. He is a graduate of the NSA’s Director Leadership Program and Senior
Technical Development Programs, and has received several honorary awards including the
Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive Service, two Meritorious Civilian Service
Awards, and the Deckert-Foster Excellence in SIGINT Engineering Award. He holds an
M.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and a B.S. in Mathematics from
the State University of New York at Albany.
As organizations rely more on technology to drive business, they are confronted with new
security risks and challenges: guarding against sophisticated cyber attacks; complying
with increasingly aggressive cybersecurity regulations; and instituting security policies
for mobility, cloud and social media initiatives. Additionally, they must navigate this new
landscape with a shortage of skilled security experts as the rise of emerging technologies
like the Internet of Things broaden their exposure.
World Wide Technology mitigates and manages security risks for large public and
private organizations by developing defensive strategies specific to each customer’s
vulnerabilities. These strategies are modeled on enterprise solutions that focus on:
Big Data Security Analytics
Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Defense
Breach Readiness
Enterprise Secure Mobility
Secure Cloud and Data Center
Secure Networking
Big Data Keynotes
Chris Infanti
Chris Infanti is an Engagement Manager at World Wide Technology
in the Big Data practice, responsible for new business development,
project management, and consulting services.
Over his career, Chris has worked with clients in financial services,
corporate security, and marketing to define and deliver data
analytics projects. In addition, he has extensive experience working
with state and local government organizations in transportation, education, and public
Prior to joining WWT, Chris was a consultant at Opera Solutions and IBM Global
Business Services. Chris attended Georgetown University and graduated with degrees in
Mathematics and English Literature.
Yoni Malchi
Yoni Malchi is an Engagement Manager on WWT’s Big Data team.
He will be talking about our Big Data practice.
Yoni is responsible for new business development, project
management and consulting services. Previous to joining WWT,
Yoni was with Opera Solutions, a Big Data science and predictive
analytics consulting firm. Yoni worked as an Engagement Manager
for predictive analytics and consulting engagements. Yoni works to bridge the gap
between business and data scientists in a variety of industries. He has a PhD in Mechanical
He worked for NASA in that capacity analyzing rocket engines for their satellite launches.
The appeal of Big Data is rising as an unprecedented amount of information moves
through organizational systems. Although it can be tempting to jump into a Big Data
implementation, investments in analytics should be approached cautiously. Risks include
an inability to extract value from data due to a lack of focus on business outcomes,
and a failure to optimize Big Data technology, resulting in slow and expensive data task
Demo Descriptions
WWT - Big Data
Recommended Audience: Managers, Marketing
A common Big Data use case is leveraging social media data to better understand
customer sentiment and directly engage with individual influencers. In the ATC, we have
a demo of an application we call Social Media Predictor that uses past trends, type of
sentiments, and their drivers to predict the path of each sentiment, based on data feeds
from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. This allows an organization to tap into how consumers
think and behave, and know which customers to engage first.
WWT - Comet
Recommended Audience: Managers, Network Engineers
Does the fear of dealing with Cisco Smartnet keep you awake at night? WWT has
developed a unique application for managing customer Smartnet contracts that takes the
fear away and offers a more intuitive means of ensuring your contracts are aligned to your
needs. See the WWT COMET Smartnet tool in action and learn what it can to for your
Recommended Audience: Managers, Network Engineers
Whether you are in retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare, education, or government,
visitors to your venue are always on, always connected. Cisco Connected Mobile
Experiences (CMX) lets you tap into this connected lifestyle and provide relevant mobile
content while gaining meaningful analytics. Learn how CMX can benefit your organization
and how a deployment would look.
WWT - CP Migrator
Recommended Audience: Desktop System Administrators, End User Device Managers
With CPMigrator we will be showing a software tool that was created by World Wide
Technology to migrate your data, settings, profile data and applications from one PC to
another. This one touch process can streamline your XP-Windows 7 migration as well as
your PC Refresh.
WWT - Next Generation Data Center
Recommended Audience: All Attendees
World Wide Technology’s (WWT) Next Generation Data Center demonstration is
designed to show you how Active/Active architectures can dramatically decrease or
eliminate downtime by leveraging all data center resources during outages and upgrade.
This also enables your organization to have Disaster Avoidance for known incoming
threats such as weather systems, construction, etc. All of the idle IT equipment and
software at your current Disaster Recovery site can now be fully utilized to help sustain
continuous operations. Users located nearest to either Active Data Center can also be
routed closer to their applications and data to increase performance.”
Demo Descriptions
WWT - Security - Advanced Persistent Threats
Recommend Audience: Managers, Security Engineers
WWT’s Security Management and Analysis discipline is dedicated to the delivery
of advanced security management techniques and analytics. Our competencies in
Security Management and Analysis help organizations redefine their risk-management
strategies and prioritize security management programs, while our advisory services help
organizations comply with governance and regulatory requirements. Learn about WWT’s
holistic security practice and see some of the latest solutions to address the advanced
persistent threats that are actively attacking your network.
Recommended Audience: Managers, Network Engineers, Facilities Engineers
The APC Design Tool allows users to design and model data center solutions. Some of the
features of the tool include UPS load calculations, power path/PDU distribution design,
CFD air flow, rack elevations and power capacity as well as a full suite of management
and security/environmental needs. APC Struxureware for Data Centers provides a holistic
management and monitoring tool to help you control the capacity, efficiency, operation
and cost of your Data Center Infrastruxure.
Recommended Audience: All Attendees
WWT is an authorized Apple reseller focused on helping large enterprises deploy Apple
products as a solution to address business initiatives. With the ability to leverage a variety
of application development partners, and a world-class supply chain system, WWT can
help you find the right solution, and get it deployed effectively and efficiently.
Demo Descriptions
Cisco - “Cisco Management Suite” - UCS Director and Prime Infrastructure
Recommended Audience: All Attendees – Managers, Cloud Architects, Network
Engineers, Storage Engineers, SysAdmin
Formerly known as Cloupia, the upgraded Cisco UCS Director enables organizations to
build their own internal private clouds as well as manage public clouds. UCS Director is a
vendor-neutral, multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud provisioning and management solution
that provides physical and virtual infrastructure control, management and monitoring
via a single pane of glass. UCS Director addresses the complex challenges of building,
deploying and managing a wide variety of IT services in private cloud, public cloud and
hybrid cloud environments. The demo will show how organizations achieve faster service
delivery and greater IT agility.
Accelerate the rollout of new services, secure access of mobile devices, and assure enduser experience with the newest release of Cisco Prime Infrastructure. This integrated
management solution couples end-user awareness and application performance visibility
with comprehensive lifecycle management of wired and wireless networks for a powerful
unified solution. Cisco Prime offers templates that allow end-users to deploy advanced
capabilities with ease, taking advantage of the 80% of Cisco features that often go undeployed.
Cisco - UC
Recommended Audience: Managers, Voice Engineers, Wireless Engineers
With the proliferation of mobile devices invading the enterprise, learn how Cisco’s
communications service platform, Jabber, provides a common feature set across any
device, anywhere, anytime. Cisco Jabber offers a consistent look and feel across all
devices in order to drive a high user adoption rate and increase employee productivity.
Jabber provides all Communication Modes (IM, Audio, Video, Presence, etc) across PC’s,
MACs, Apple, and Android devices. The goal being to give an employee, regardless
of physical location, the ability to productively communicate no matter what device
they are on. Learn about many of the new features in Cisco’s latest release of Unified
Communications Manager and how your organization can benefit from deploying these
Citrix - Netscaler RISE
Recommended Audience: System Admins, Network Engineers
Citrix Netscaler platform is an all-in-one web application delivery controller that makes
applications run five times better, reduces web application ownership costs, optimizes
the user experience, and makes sure that applications are always available. As a result of
the partnership with Cisco, the Netscaler platform now includes Cisco RISE technology.
NetScaler seamlessly integrates with the Cisco Nexus 7000 series switch for simplified
deployment, automated control and lower cost of operations while delivering the
standalone performance, availability and reliability of a best-in-class Application Delivery
Demo Descriptions
EMC - Avamar/Data Domain
Recommended Audience: Managers, Storage Engineers, Virtualization Architects,
How solid is your backup infrastructure? Are you looking for a better solution than
tape? EMC Avamar offers fast, scalable, deduplicated backup software and systems
optimized for virtual environments, NAS servers, enterprise applications, remote offices,
and desktops/laptops. Data Protection Advisor provides powerful data protection
management with automated analysis and alerting across backup, replication, and virtual
EMC - ExtremeIO and Isilon
Recommended Audience: Storage Admins, Virtualization Admins
Extreme I/O is an all-flash scale-out enterprise storage array that provides substantial
improvements to I/O performance. Purpose-built to leverage flash media, XtremIO
delivers new levels of real-world performance, administrative ease, and advanced data
services for applications. What could you do if you designed an enterprise storage system
that was built from the ground up to leverage flash in every aspect of its design? Meet
EMC Isilon scale-out storage solutions are designed for enterprises that want to manage
their data, not their storage. Our storage systems are powerful yet simple to install,
manage, and scale to virtually any size. And, unlike traditional enterprise storage,
Isilon solutions stay simple no matter how much storage capacity is added, how much
performance is required, or how business needs change in the future. We’re challenging
enterprises to think differently about their storage, because when they do, they’ll
recognize there’s a better, simpler way – with Isilon.
Recommended Audience: Network Engineers Systems Admins
F5 Networks makes the connected world run better. We help organizations meet the
demands of the relentless internet traffic growth and widespread use of smart devices by
an expanding mobile workforce. Enterprises, service providers and government entities
worldwide rely on F5 to protect and deliver applications while keeping people
connected. This demo will help your understanding of how to leverage F5 Cloud
Federation technology to eliminate the need to manage independent user accounts
across multiple Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, while increasing the level of
available security, making cloud-based deployments simpler and more secure.
Demo Descriptions
Hewlett Packard - HP Converged Infrastructure
Recommended Audience: Managers, Systems Admins
HP Converged Infrastructure simplifies your data center, making it more energy- and
space-efficient while being less expensive to operate. Find out how we help transform
your legacy infrastructure to achieve tomorrow’s goals with solutions from HP.
Recommended Audience: Managers, Wireless Engineers, Network Engineers, Security
Learn how Meraki brings the benefits of the cloud to edge and branch networks,
delivering easy-to-manage wireless, switching, and security solutions that enable
customers to seize new business opportunities and reduce operational cost. Meraki was
built from the ground up for cloud networking. Meraki offers a complete cloud managed
product family including wireless LAN, Ethernet switches, security appliances, and mobile
device management, all built to simplify the challenges of modern, device and applicationcentric networks. We will demonstrate how easy it is to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot
the Meraki products as well as showing the visibility that the cloud provides.
NetApp - Clustered ONTAP
Recommended Audience: Managers, Storage Engineers, Virtualiztion Architects,
Discover how to handle massive data growth with NetApp Data ONTAP 8 Clustered Mode.
Clustered mode offers a unified scale-out storage solution for an adaptable infrastructure
to accommodate today’s virtualized environments.
Pernix - PernixData FVP
Recommended Audience: Managers, Storage Engineers, Cloud Architects
PernixData FVP software virtualizes flash and RAM across servers to create a clustered
pool of high-speed resources that accelerate reads and writes to shared storage.
FVP enables IT administrators to quickly, easily and cost-effectively scale-out storage
performance completely independent of storage capacity. The result is unprecedented
read and write performance for all virtual machines (VMs), without the need to change
existing server and storage infrastructure. By putting storage intelligence into your
servers, FVP lets you decouple storage performance from storage capacity.
Demo Descriptions
Riverbed - SteelFusion
Recommend Audience: Network Engineers
SteelFusion is a branch office converged infrastructure solution that eliminates the
headache of branch office IT, consolidating servers and storage into the datacenter
without sacrificing any of the benefits of having servers at the edge close to users.
SteelFusion enables “stateless” branch services. Your users will access applications
which run locally in your branch while the primary data is centralized in your datacenter.
SteelFusion expedites branch office provisioning, backup, and recovery and ensures
continuous operations when disasters occur such as inclement weather, fire, and humaninduced outages. With SteelFusion, businesses can restore operations in a matter of
minutes vs. days, centrally protect and secure data, and significantly lower the TCO of
branch and remote offices.
Recommended Audience: Managers, Security Engineers
RSA provides a Big-Data based solution for Enterprise-wide collection of network traffic
and log event data that is then fused with automated threat intelligence and leveraged
with high-powered analytics to enable fast threat discovery and investigation. Prepare
your organization to detect and defend against the growing market of Advanced
Persistent Threats that seek to steal your intellectual property.
VMware - vCloud Suite
Recommended Audience: Managers, Cloud Architects
Learn how VMware vCloud® Suite lets you build and run a vSphere-based private cloud
that delivers cloud service provider economics at scale, application provisioning in
minutes, and automated operations management. vCloud Suite includes vSphere, SRM,
Networking & Security, Automation Center, Operations Management and vCloud Director.
Recommended Audience: Managers, Cloud Architects, Storage Engineers
Zerto continues to set the bar with major product enhancements to their award winning
technology. Zerto provides enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery
(BCDR) solutions for virtualized infrastructure and cloud. See how their technology
provides an innovative new approach to disaster recovery and business continuity,
reducing complexity while significantly lowering recovery point and time objectives.
ATC Available Demos
and Environments
Big Data
AbsolutData Social Media Predictor
Big Data BD2 - Flexpod Select
Cloudera Manager
BMC Cloud Lifecycle Manager (CLM) 2.1
Cisco Intelligent Automation (CIAC) 3.1
Cisco UCS Director
HP CloudSystem for Bursting
HP CloudSystem Matrix
OpenStack Physical Environment/Pod
OpenStack Rapid Web Scaling Demo v1 (Joe Antkowiak)
VMware vCloud Director (vCD) 1.5
VMware vCloud Director (vCD) 5.1 v1.0
Cisco Collaboration dCloud Video Kit
Cisco Collaboration dCloud Voice Kit
Cisco Collaboration Demo Kit #1
Cisco Jabber
Cisco Prime Collab Deployment 10.5 Sandbox
Cisco Social Miner
Cisco UC 10 Sandbox
Cisco UC 9.1 Sandbox Baseline
Cisco UC on UCS
Cisco UCCE
Cisco UCCX
Cisco Video Sandbox
Cisco WebEx Meeting Server (CWMS)
Collaboration Regional Kit – Asia/Pac
Collaboration Regional Kit – CONUS
General UC Demo
Intra-domain Integration between Lync and Jabber
Jabber IM, Presence and Voice Overview
Lync IM, Presence and Enterprise Voice Overview
Lync Remote Call Control (RCC) Integration
Compute and Virtualization
Atlantis ILIO Persistent and Diskless Demo
Cisco UCS B-Series
Cisco UCS C-Series
Cisco UCS Central
Cisco UCS Diagnostics Program
Cisco UCS Manager
Cisco UCS Simulator
Cisco VXI (w/ Citrix XenDesktop)
Cisco VXI (w/ Vmware View)
Citrix XenDesktop “User Experience”
Citrix XenDesktop 6.5 FR1 Architecture and Admin
F5 Big-IP Global Traffic Manager (GTM)
F5 Big-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)
FireScope Unify
GPU Accelerated VDI Demo
HP Blade Hardware w/ Virtual Connect
HP Blade Servers
Microsoft Hyper-V on NextGen Datacenter (RAD)
NextGen Data Center (RAD)
Trend Micro Deep Security 9.0
Virtual Oracle RAC Databases Running on NextGen Data Center
Virtualization of Oracle Databases on RAC
Virtualization of Oracle on VMware
VMware Horizon Suite View 5.2/Workspace 1.5 Demo v1.00
VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.5 (SRM) (Mike Tellinghuisen)
VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.6.0 (CBM)
VMware vCenter Hyperic 5.8
VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator 5.8 (VIN)
VMware vCenter Log Insight 1.0.4 (vC Log)
VMware vCenter Operations Manager 5.8 (vC Ops)
VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.0 (vCAC)
VMware vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS)
VMware vCloud Network and Security 5.5 (vCNS)
VMware View 5.1 “User Experience”
VMware vSphere 4.1
VMware vSphere 5
VMware vSphere 5.1
VMware vSphere 5.5
Zerto Virtual Replication 3.1 (ZVR)
Veeam Backup & Replication 7 (VBR)
Veeam ONE
VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN)
Enterprise Networking
Cisco ASR 9k Sandbox
Cisco ASR Nexus Design 1
Cisco Catalyst 4500x Sandbox
Cisco Catalyst 6500x Sandbox
Cisco Catalyst 6800 Environment
Cisco Data Center Network Manager (LAN)
Cisco DFA Demo
Cisco Next Gen WAN as a Service
Cisco Next Generation Networking
Cisco Nexus 1000v
Cisco Nexus 1000v Sandbox
Cisco Nexus 5K (vPC, FCoE, FEX)
Cisco Nexus 7700 Design 1
ATC Available Demos
and Environments
Cisco Nexus 7K (VDCs, VPCs, OTV, LISP)
Cisco Nexus Design 1
Cisco Nexus Design 2
Cisco Nexus Design 3
Cisco Nexus Design 4
Cisco Nexus Design 6
Cisco onePK Demo
Cisco Prime Infrastructure v2.0
Cisco RISE
Cisco Security-Defined Routing SDN | CARA Demonstration
Cisco Transport Planner (CTP)
Cisco Unified Access Sandbox
Citrix Netscaler Global Load Balancer
Embrane Sandbox
Nexus Custom Design
Nexus Training Class
WWT CPMigrator
Cisco CCIE Data Center Challenge Lab
APC Power, Cooling & Racks
Mobile Datacenter Remote Demo
Mobile Datacenter Tour
HDS HCP (Hitachi Content Platform) and HCP
HDS UCP Select (Cisco Validated Design) for VMware
NetApp ClusterMode
NetApp E-Series Interface
NetApp Filer Hardware
NetApp FlexPod (UCS, Nexus, VMware, NetApp FAS)
NetApp MetroCluster on NextGen Data Center (RAD)
Riverbed Granite Demo
Zerto - Disaster Recovery Demo
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
Airwatch MDM
Cisco ASA Clustering in NextGen Data Center (RAD)
Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
Cisco ISE Sandbox
Citrix XenMobile (MDM)
RSA Advanced Incident Management for Security (AIMS)
RSA Silvertail (Web Fraud Detection)
Cisco Data Center Network Manager (SAN)
Cisco Fiber Channel/FCoE
Cisco MDS (9500 FCoE)
EMC Atmos
EMC Avamar
EMC DataDomain
EMC Isilon
EMC Tools (UIM, Unisphere, VSI)
EMC Vblock (UCS, Nexus, VMware, VNX)
EMC VNX (Auto Tiering, Fast Cache, Lun Migration, etc)
EMC VNX2 5400
EMC VPLEX (Mobility, Migrations)
EMC XtremCache (xtremSW)
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Don’t Miss Our Microbrewery
Tasting Networking Session!
San Fran Disco - 5.6% ABV 51 IBU
An American Pale Ale brewed with
2-row, wheat, flaked oats, and crystal
malts. Kettle hops include, Columbus,
Chinook, Amarillo and Cascade leading
to a nice mix of citrus and piney flavors.
Dry hopped with Cascade and Chinook
to give off a nice crisp grapefruit and spicy aroma.
Succession - 4.4% ABV 33 IBU
A session farm house ale hopped moderately with a mix of
noble and American hop varieties. A lighter body packed
with traditional Saison yeast flavor including lemongrass,
spice, and fresh baked bread. A showcase to the yeast
strain. Finishes dry with a prickly carbonation.
Imperial Red Saison - 8.1% ABV 36 IBU
An amber colored high gravity Belgian ale fermented with
our Saison yeast. Plum and blackberry notes shine through
a slightly sweet, medium body. Late additions of Pacific
Jade hops give notes of blueberry and cracked black
Muscles - 5.9% ABV 31 IBU
A Belgian pale ale. Notes of biscuit and clove lend itself to
fruit tones and slight tartness. A fair amount of noble hop
varieties throughout the boil result in a very smooth hop
bitterness that shows its presence more as the beer warms.
Hyzer Hefeweizen - 5.5% ABV 45 IBU
Traditional German wheat beer with a banana
and clove flavor from the hefeweizen ale
Ramble on Red - 5.5% ABV 45 IBU
A red ale with character, Ramble On Red
uses the unique combination of rye malt and
Belgian Special B with Challenger hops. While
it has more body than most reds and a maltforward profile, it is still a session beer of the
finest variety.
Lazy Bird Brown - 5.5% ABV 45 IBU
Our darkest year-‘round selection, Lazy Bird
Brown is the quintessential American Brown
Ale. Rich mahogany in color with a noticeable
roasty aroma, this beer is both slightly hoppy
and malty all at the same time. It’s smooth,
refreshing, and a great introduction for those
wanting to try darker beers
The Mirage - 8.8% ABV 36 IBU
This classic Belgian Tripel showcases
the fine pilsner malt and belgian yeast
we use. The two play together to
bring you a soft malt character, with
complex ester notes, and slight alcohol
aroma. High carbonation helps this
beer remain light despite its high
alcohol content.