19 November 2014 - Prince of Peace Lutheran College

19 November 2014
Prince Of Peace Communications Observations Reminders and News
From the Heads of Campus
Volunteers, we salute you!
On Monday at Junior School Chapel we gave thanks to God for the amazing
volunteers we have in our school community. Prince of Peace is built on a very
rich history of volunteers, from our support groups led by our tireless
volunteers such as our P&F and Auxiliary, to our parent volunteers in the classrooms, on excursions and attending camps… we
thank you! We thank God for the richness of time,
experience and service you provide to our
community and for the genuine impact you have on
the lives of the students in our care. Over the page
is a beautiful poem, composed by the students of
6B about or wonderful volunteers.
Musical Mastery – Not a Creature was stirring…
Last Wednesday night saw the successful return of the Junior Campus Musical
under the direction of Mrs Sherree Cudney. The delightful tale of Mr Tom Cat
and Mrs Matilda Mouse and their families was a hilarious and sweet story of two
musical families living in community in a local Church. Their new friend Freddy
the Field mouse, was keen to hear the true story of Christmas as told by the
Cat and Mouse families.
The musical was presented to a packed house with standing room only by
‘curtain up’ time. The Prince of Peace Recorder Band opened the evening.
Bringing back many memories to the minds of parents and friends alike, they
treated the audience to several Christmas songs. They played with precision
and gusto and are a true credit to themselves and each other.
This musical evening was a wonderful opportunity for
our community to come together and celebrate the
talents of our young people. From the dedicated
students on the stage, to the parents and friends filling
the church and the small children sitting in the ‘dignified
mosh pit’, the Musical reminded us of how talented our
students are and how supported the students and staff
are by our parents and friends.
Of course events such as these do not come together without significant effort
and support. I would like to acknowledge the tireless efforts of Mrs Sherree
Cudney as Musical Director and thank Mrs Justine Mowatt, Mrs Jo Crawford and
Mrs Heidi Fry for giving of their time and talents to assist Mrs Cudney in
bringing this event together. From the back stage crew, builders, painter’s,
sound and advertising staff we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The overall experience was so powerful that there will be two encore
performances of the musical during the last week of this term, one for our Prep
– Year 2 students and one for our Year 3-6 students to watch. I know I for one
will be waiting with baited breath for that amazing camel to come to both of
these performances too! So Mrs Cudney… where to from here… perhaps Frozen
the Musical?!
Michelle Nisbet and Katrina Valencia.
nurturing God-given potential
Junior Campus
Senior Campus
Uniform Shop
Devotion / Church
Diary Dates
Thank Yo
u Poem
Thank You
To show a hint of gratitude
6B presents a poem
To honor those who we conclude
Give POP a strong backbone
To all the specialist teachers at POP
Who teach us how to shine
Thank you for helping us get to the top
So we can have a gnarly time
Mrs McMinn and Mrs Proctor
Who support us every day
In case we want to be a doctor
They guide us the proper way
We appreciate your well-planned lessons
As you work together as a team
Your patience with us during sessions
As we aren’t always super keen
On behalf of Prince of Peace we thank you
Mrs Yarnold and Mrs Hoar the writers
You bring us all the news that’s true
To keep us always enlightened
The Fete coordinators were amazing
Especially Mrs Yarnold and Cath Watson too
With all the money that they’re raising
To make our school better for you
All the great stalls and talented artwork
And the rides involved were swell
Thank you for doing all the hard work
You did it extremely well
The wheels on our buses go round and round
To bring us safely home
Thanks to Rod and Wayne who play rocking
And Mark who never fails to mow
Colin, Warren and Mr McCallem who tolerate
our sounds of the zoo
They say, “Be quiet and talk very low”
We try to talk low but that’s something we
can’t do
Thanks to bus drivers who go with the flow
We thank the office and library staff for
keeping the school in order
And for keeping our students safe
They make the school run like free flowing
So we give them all of our faith
To all those ladies who treat our bleeding
Who care for our aches, bumps and cuts
When we cry like a bunch of crazy buffoons
You’d think they’d be hating our guts
And to you special technicians
We thank you a bunch
You fix our technology like magicians
With time that cuts into your lunch
You fix our computers, Get rid of cyber bugs
Those virus polluters, And techno-geek thugs
Thank you Mrs Cook
For being the nicest person ever
You keep things in a tidy nook
Organized to the letter
A shout out to all the parents
Thank you for completing your quest
Your work is not transparent
Maybe now you can stop for a rest
Our wonderful Mr Mills so caring and helpful
Thank you for helping us work through our
Our great Mrs Wiseman so loving and
Thank you for working late into the nights
Our Principal Mr Hunt, most commanding of
As he leads our school through this murky
Mrs Valencia in all her glory makes people who
need, full
She takes what’s an oyster, turns it into a pearl
So you see our dear friends
There are many here to honour
So please join with us
These people are surely worth the bother
rep - Y6
Congratulations School Captains 2015
Over the last few weeks students were invited to nominate themselves for the positions of leadership
as School and Vice-School Captains. It was extremely encouraging to have almost half of the Year 5
cohort put their hand up to participate in this vital role for our campus. After many well thought out
and presented speeches, voting by staff and students, shortlisting and interviews of very able
candidates, it is with great pleasure we can announce the School Captains and Vice-Captains for 2015
School Captains:
Elkira Steele and Trent Millard
School Vice Captains:
Holly Tanner and Matthew Bunn
Please join us in congratulating these students and their families and we thank you for your
encouragement of all of our students who nominated in this process. We are very excited at the
calibre of students coming through to be our Year 6 Leaders next year and look forward to what we
will be able to achieve together as a family of leaders.
Chris Mills Leader of Pastoral Care and Well Being P-6
2015 Booklists
Just a reminder that booklists have been sent home with all students, copies are also
available via the website under General Information. The final date for ordering and
receiving good before the commencement of school in 2015 is 29 November.
Junior Campus Zebra Disco – Friday 21 November
The doors will open for our Junior Campus Zebra Disco on Friday evening 21 November at 6.00pm for
those who have advised they will be attending. Parents are asked to deliver their children to the
chapel and sign them in at the appropriate table. Sign in tables will be set up
alphabetically in groups as follows:
A to G -in front of the Chapel Kitchen windows
H to O – in front of the Chapel to the left of the main entrance
P to Z -alongside the church office to the left of the front of the Chapel
All attending children will receive a wrist band at the time of sign in.
Parents are reminded that unfortunately due to limited space you will not be able to stay
with your child/ren. We also ask that you be mindful of students and families moving about the
campus from various parking areas when you are driving through the College grounds.
Staff will be supervising sign in/out, students on the dance floor, at all entry and exit areas and to
and from the toilets. A First Aid area will be set up on the verandah of the church office.
The Disco will conclude at 8:00pm. Sign out will be at the same location as sign in. All students must
be collected and signed out by a parent. Students will not be allowed to leave the Chapel on their
Library News
BIRTHDAY BOOKS – An urgent appeal!
As we approach the end of this year, our students who celebrate November and December birthdays
are nervous that there’ll be no books left for them! We still have a wide selection for our younger
students to choose from but we are desperately in need of books suitable for Years 4-6…especially
our Year 6 students.
So, if you have any pre-loved books that are no longer being read, we will very gratefully receive all
book donations. Please drop them into the library at any time that suits you. Also, if you happen to
be ‘Op Shopping’ please keep your eyes open for any bargain books that you may be able to snap up
to help bolster our selection.
Many thanks…Happy Reading!
Janette Meulen Library Teacher P-3
rep - Y6
Celebrate the Learning
What a fabulous time to be in and out of classrooms, around stages and our library with the buzzing
of students sharing their learning and their projects.
I've enjoyed the Year 4 presentations to the Director of Eureka Landscapes and been overwhelmed
with the level of technical knowledge and design detail as students have presented their models of
playgrounds for an African or South American country.
The musical last week had us in awe of the artistic talent both staff and students. I'm not too proud to
hide my moments of goosebumps as children sang together and in harmony about the true meaning
of Christmas.
I'm looking forward to spending some time with other year levels as they present toys and stories,
and other projects which for them mark success.
It's easy to celebrate the product or the performance on the night. It is important to stop and
acknowledge what is easily seen and heard. A parent came to visit me this week and shared with me
her child's resilience. A project had failed for her son, due to no fault of his own and the heartbreak of
seeing his work destroyed would have been devastating. This mum spoke of her son's crushed spirit
and his admittance that this learning event was over for him.
By coincidence I observed him present 'Mark 2' of his project just yesterday. He had drawn up the
courage to start again, to think through another option and I wonder if this second attempt was even
I soaked in this presentation as he nervously stumbled over some of the words but with preciseness
he articulated the elements that made his design thoughtful and purposeful and a great contribution
to the lives of students who might enjoy his design.
It reminds me that the product will come and go. Our
students will remember some of the detail we cover
each week in lessons but they will also forget the words
th e
specific facts of science, geography and history. What is
th at
continues, throughout each of our trials and attempts.
It's good to remember the feeling when we get up and
dust ourselves off.
I want to congratulate our students for the learning we
see, but even more so the learning we can't. Our children's resilience, determination and courage will
guide them throughout their schooling and lives.
Vicki Wiseman Leader of Pedagogy and Innovation
Perseverance results in success – 1B cup tower creations
Students who participated in the Youth Ministry with their Year 10
buddies as part of the Meals 4 You program were awarded
certificates this morning
This morning in Assembly Year 6 presented their rap version of Titanium, please click HERE to view
the video.
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PUS Y7-1
Farewell Year 12
We are very deliberate in providing a transition from the intensity of study and exams to the
celebrations to mark the end of their learning journey. The opportunity for students to gradually slow
down, and release the pressure is important. This week has been described to me as a hot air
balloon being brought to the ground for a smooth landing rather than just having the gas turned off
at cruising altitude. This week provides the chance for the students to enjoy each other’s company,
receive their final results, and for the College to try and impart some final opportunities for learning.
On Monday, Year 12 presented chapel and demonstrated the importance
of strength in unity.
Mrs Valencia, Mrs Farmer, Mrs McKenzie and I
hosted morning tea for the nine students who have been students of
Prince of Peace since preschool. What a delight to hear these young men
and women share their experience of their time at Prince of Peace. As
they chatted together, it was obvious that we are fulfilling our College
mission to develop graduates who are:
 Lifelong learners engaging in their communities with humility and grace
and contributing confidently to society
The week will culminate with the Valedictory ceremony
for Year 12 students and their parents on Thursday
night. Friday morning provides the opportunity for the College community to farewell the Year 12s.
God’s richest blessings.
Stop Press: QCAA has just released to schools this morning the Year 12 students’ QCS results. We
are pleased to announce that 15.8% of students achieved an A, and 21.1% gained a B.
Congratulations to all the students on these pleasing results.
Year 9 Ubuntu
Monday also saw the students undertake the challenge, as part of their UBUNTU journey to complete
a power break. The students were encouraged to write their hopes and dreams, what they have
learnt about themselves in 2014, and then use their hand to break the board. Congratulations to all
Year 9 students who are approaching the end of their journey. The support the students showed each
during the process is to be commended.
Thanksgiving Celebration
All students and parents are invited to attend the Thanksgiving Celebration at Hills Church on
Thursday 27 November at 7pm. This is our opportunity to celebrate the blessing of 2014. Student
art work will be on display in the atrium for you to view prior to the commencement of the service.
Michelle Nisbet Head of Campus 7-12
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Monday also provided the opportunity for the Year 12s
to catch up with their Year 7 buddies. A game of dodge
ball and a sausage sizzle was enjoyed by all. The important message of “watch out for your mates” was delivered by Mr Zachary Von Hoff, Miss Jodine Hardwicke
and Mrs McKenzie.
Choir Musical Brilliant! Awesome! Amazing! and Goosebumps were just some of the words to
describe the Choir Musical last Wednesday night. Congratulations to the Junior Campus Choirs on
their hard work and sharing their beautiful talent with the PoP community. There will be a repeat
performance for the Junior Campus students on Monday 1 Dec. Times to be confirmed. A huge
thank you to all including Mrs Crawford, Mrs Fry, Mrs Mowatt, Mrs Hoar and parents who worked so
hard to help the musical be a success. Highlight - Mr Russell appears to have found his calling!
Well done to the students who performed in the final Music Room Concert for the year on Monday
night. There were so many performers it had to be moved to the outdoor area. We made it through
all performances just as the sun went down. Thank you to the tutors who’ve worked hard this year in
the instrumental program.
Learning an instrument in 2015
Year 3 & 4 will be shown a demonstration of various woodwind instruments next week. A note will be
sent home encouraging new students to learn. However, instrument lessons are available for ALL
year levels. Should you wish your child to commence lessons, please contact Mrs Cudney who will
answer any questions and send an enrolment form.
Sherree Cudney Junior Campus Music
Please note there have been changes to the line up for performances at the Thanksgiving Service.
Choir and Strings will now no longer perform. In their place will be Wind Quintet and Senior
Contemporary Ensemble.
Performances– Term 4
21 November
12 Graduation
Choir (during school day)
27 November
Wind Quintet and Senior Contemporary Ensemble
Thanksgiving Service
Finishing Dates For Ensembles
21 November
25 November
Quintet, Strings, Contemporary (Junior and Senior)
Cassandra Croucher Senior Campus Music
UPDATE: Ethan Takac has had further success on the tennis court after trials on the
weekend. Ethan has been selected for a 3rd time as one of sixteen South East Qld boys
to participate in the Tennis Australia Super 10's event. Ethan will now travel with the
Australian Tennis League for 3 weekends, starting on Sunday 23 November playing his
fellow peers also selected. Ethan has also been nominated to play the 11/u Qld Team
Carnival in mid December. Hard work is definitely playing off.
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Parents and Friends Association AGM - TONIGHT
The 2014 Annual General Meeting for the Prince of Peace Parents and Friends Association will be held
on Wednesday 19 November at 7pm in the Junior Campus Library.
The meeting is open to all parents and friends of the college and we welcome your attendance. There
are a number of ways to become involved with the P&FA and their various subgroups and supporter
groups. These include Auxiliary, Meals 4 You ministry, Music Supporters group, Sports Supporters
group, Friends of the Library and Fete team.
As is required as part of the constitution, the Executive Committee roles are open for nominations. If
you are interested in nominating for the role of President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer
please send your nomination to Sam Yarnold ([email protected]). Additional
voluntary roles which will be open for nominations will be the existing position of Grant Manager and
the new position of Social Media and Communication manager.
We look forward to seeing you tonight at 7pm.
Brad Scott President – Parents and Friends Association
Friends of the Library will be having their last meeting of 2014 next Wednesday, 26 November at
8.45am in the Library. Everyone is welcome to attend to find out how you can support the Library
next year.
Sam Yarnold Community Development Manager
Iceblocks will be available for purchase on the Junior Campus on Thursday for $1 each for
either milk chocolate or tropical fruit juice. Each child is only allowed to purchase one
iceblock for themselves.
The Uniform Shop: open Tuesdays and Thursdays 8am–10am, 2pm-4pm, Wednesdays 8am–10am.
Prep 2015: Please add: Hats will be ready for collection at Prep on the first day.
Swim Caps: Swim Carnival is on soon! Lycra Swim caps are available in House Colours (R/Y/G/B) for
only $4.50.
Back to School Fitting Appointments: Uniform fittings are required for all students changing into
a new style of uniform eg. Prep, Junior, Year 7 Middle School uniform, Year 10 Senior uniform.
Appointments can now be booked for November and January using the link to the online booking
system on the school website. Dates for appointments and shop hours are also listed on the school
website. Once logged in and your student name is listed, please use the up arrow to change their
year level to “Uniform Shop” (listed above Year 12), then choose “Book Appointment” (to the
right). Once an appointment is selected you can choose to receive a confirmation email by scrolling
to the top of the page. Fittings are 20 mins for 1 to 2 students, and provide personal service in a
quiet shop. To allow for possible growth over the school break, we are happy to exchange any items
purchased in November that are still in shop condition with the shop receipt, should
the item not be suitable in January.
Please call during shop hours if you need
assistance navigating the booking system.
POP Umbrellas: Don’t get caught out in the wet weather – buy a golf-sized POP
umbrella to keep in your car. These are good quality for only $25.
Fridge-to-Go lunch bags keep your child’s lunches cool for 8 hours! They include
a full size chiller panel, come in 2 sizes, and 6 different colours. These lunch bags are great quality
and last on average 3 to 4 years. Spare chiller panels are also available for convenience, so you can
always have a cold one on hand.
Selling your Uniforms? Just a reminder that we have a private sales blog for both Junior and
Senior School: www.popbuy.blogspot.com – there is a link to this on the school website under
General Information, Uniform Shop.
Wendy McMahon Uniform Shop Convenor
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Where the grass is greener
We’ve all heard the “grass is greener on the other side of the fence” cliche. I don’t know whether you
know many people on the ‘other side of the fence’, but I wonder how many of them look at you and
think that your grass is greener than theirs.
I came across a quote the other day that broadened my perspective. “The grass is never greener on
the other side of the fence. It is green where you water it.” I like that. It moves me away from a life
of comparison, and helps me to see that in the end, I am responsible for the world in which I live. If
I desire a greener world, a more fulfilling life, better relationships, a more compassionate
community, I need to water it, and fertilize it, and do whatever is necessary to make my side of the
fence look good.
“Let everyone be sure to do his very best, for then he will have the personal satisfaction of
work done well and won’t need to compare himself with someone else.” (Galatians 6:4 LB)
Envy is never healthy. It breeds disappointment and dissatisfaction. It creates victims, as I, my children included, get caught up in the belief that I have no influence on my life. What the apostle Paul
is saying is that when you compare your life, your home, your husband, your kids to others, you will
never be satisfied. But when you strive on being the person that God intended you to be, you will
find meaning, purpose and satisfaction in all that you do. And yes, suddenly, you will see how green
your own world is!
Pastor David
Christmas in the Park
Saturday, 29 November, 5-9pm, Pine Rivers Park, Strathpine
Bands in the Square
Friday 5 December, 7.30-8.30pm—free, King George Square
Enjoy a festival concert featuring the classic brass of
Brisbane City Temple Salvation Army and sing-a-long
Christmas carols at the Brisbane Twilight Market.
Lord Mayors’ Christmas Carols
Saturday 13 December, 5-9pm — free — Riverstage
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Christmas Eve 7pm
Christmas Day 7am & 9am
9am, 6pm Remix Message: “Keep on growing!” Growing never stops! For relationships to stay
healthy, the people in them need to keep on growing. If we think we have arrived, the relationship
will already be in decline. Our Focus for 2014 has been “Growing Deeper”. We will look at how this
has unfolded, and celebrate how this growth has made a difference in people’s lives. (Phil 1:9-11)
 Our AGM will be held on Sunday 23 November at 10:45am, following morning tea. All welcome.
is back in operation, but [email protected] will also reach the office.
 LADIES FELLOWSHIP CHRISTMAS STALL will be held on Sunday 30 November. Christmas
craft and baking will be available for sale before and after the service.
 ZION HOME CAROL SINGING We hope to bring some Christmas cheer through carol singing
to the residents of Zion Home, our Lutheran Aged Care Home at Union Street, Nundah. We
would love to have you join us this year on Tuesday, 9 December at the Home, meeting in the
reception area at 4.45p.m. to sing from 5-6pm. If you can join us, please contact Esme Mew by
7 December - ph 3359 0117, mob 0407 140 809 or email [email protected]
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“Joy can be real only if people look upon their life as a service and devote
themselves to something outside themselves and their personal happiness.”
(Leo Tolstoy)
p at Princ
of Peace
Further information on any of the activities listed below can be found on the College
website Calendar of Events.
17-24 Nov
19 November
Y11 Exam block
P&F Association AGM
7pm Junior Campus library
19-21 Nov
Y10 exam block
20 November
Y12 Valedictory Dinner
21 November
Y12 Graduation Chapel and final day
21 November
Jnr/Snr Y5-7 Interschool Sport
21 November
P-Y6 Disco
6-8pm Chapel
24 November
Thank You Service and Morning Tea
24 November
Y10 BM Incursion/Assessment
24 November
Prep White Nativity evening
7pm Chapel
25/26 Nov
Y5-6 Debating Semis /Finals
9am Chapel
26 November
Friends of the Library meeting
8.45am Junior Campus library
26 November
Prep Blue Nativity evening
7pm Chapel
27 November
Y10 Biology Stemcell excursion
27 November
Y7-11 Thanksgiving Celebration
28 November
Y10-11 final Day
28 November
Jnr/Snr Y5-7 Interschool Sport
28 November
Y1 ‘Look how I’ve grown’ Showcase 2.30pm
28 November
Y4 Dance Night
1 December
Y9 Ubuntu Bush Walk
1 December
Y6 Closing of Parliament
2 December
Prep Fame Theatre Excursion
2 December
Jnr/Snr 2015 Y7 Orientation Day
2 December
Y9 Ubuntu Return Ceremony
3 December
Y3-6 Swimming Carnival
3 December
Y8 Gr8 race
4 December
Junior Campus Celebration Service
7pm Hills Wesleyan Church
5 December
P-Y6 Closing Chapel
2pm Chapel
5 December
Jnr/Snr P-Y9 Final day 2014
6pm Library Amphitheatre
7pm Chapel
Gardens Point
Senior Campus
Albany Creek Pool
Prince of Peace Lutheran College
[email protected]
Student absences:
[email protected]
Junior Campus: 07 3872 5700
Senior Campus: 07 3872 5656
Junior School (P-6)
P: 07 3872 5700
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
P: 07 3872 5757 (Tues-Fri)
[email protected]
Middle & Senior School
P: 07 3872 5600