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Children’s at Egleston
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Atlanta, GA 30322-1062
Patient and Family
Guide to Services
Not for profit. For a growing city.
All around Atlanta, playgrounds and pools are filled with
Children’s at Egleston
kids, and sidewalks are crowded with strollers. The signs
Children’s at Hughes Spalding
are obvious: we’re in the midst of a baby boom. And
Children’s at Scottish Rite
while it’s great to see, it does mean we have our work
cut out for us. We’re proud to announce that we recently
broke ground on a new hospital for Children’s Healthcare
of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding. So we can care for even
more of Georgia’s kids. But as a not-for-profit organization,
the fact is, we can’t continue to grow without your
donations. To help, please visit or
call 404-785-GIVE.
Children need Children’s and Children’s needs You
©2008 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding is owned by Grady Health System ® and
managed by HSOC Inc., an affiliate of Children’s.
Thank you for choosing Children’s
Welcome to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We are honored that you have trusted us to care
for your child’s healthcare needs. We know this is a stressful time for you. We will do everything
we can to help both you and your child feel comfortable, safe and secure during your stay.
Please feel free to ask our staff questions. Let us know what we can do for you and your child.
At Children’s, we strive to enhance the lives of children through excellence in patient care,
research and education. Whether treating an injured toddler in an emergency or supporting
a teen through a series of chemotherapy treatments, we take our commitment to care for each
and every child who comes through our doors very seriously. It’s through teamwork at every
level of our organization and with you, the family, that we are able to achieve a high level of
excellence in pediatric care.
We’re here to help you in any way we can. This guide has information to help you during your
child’s hospital stay, including:
– Information about your child’s healthcare team
– Information about the hospital
– A guide to local services and restaurants
– Your child’s rights and responsibilities
– Tips to prepare your child and you for the return home
– Information to help understand your hospital bills
From all of us, thank you again for choosing Children’s.
Donna W. Hyland
President and CEO
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Table of Contents
3 About Children’s
Around-the-Hospital Pocket Guide
5 Telephone Guide
– Floor-by-Floor Guide
7 Television Channel List
– Activities for Patients and Families
8 Visitor Guidelines
9 Parking
11 Community Information
– Activity Centers
– Bathrooms and Showers
– Chapel
– Local Services
– Computers/Internet Access
– Hotels
– Conciergé Assistance—Call 28
– Places of Worship
– Create a Personalized Web page with
– Restaurants
– Shopping and Movie Theaters
– Transportation
19 Your Child’s Care
– Family Library
– Garden
– Gift Shop
– Lactation Rooms
– Children’s Commitment to Quality
– Laundry
– For Your Safety
– Legal Aid From Health Law Partnership (HeLP)
– Your Child’s Healthcare Team
– Mail/Stamps
– Other Hospital Team Members
– Newspapers/Magazines
27 Rights and Responsibilities
– Your Rights
– Playing Your Part
– Adult Patient Rights
– Partners in Care
– Difficult Treatment Decisions
– Child Rights
– Our Commitment to Privacy
– H
ealth Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act (HIPAA)
31 Going Home
– Patient Discharge
– Car Seat Safety
– Going Back to School
– Home Healthcare Agencies
– Caring for Your Child at Home
– Giving Medicine at Home
– Billing­
34 Directions
37 Notes
2 Children need Children’s®
– Parent Business Center
– Protecting Valuables
– Room/Food Services
– School Program for Patients
– Security
– Smoking
– Soda and Snack Machines
About Children’s
A Tradition of Outstanding Pediatric Healthcare in Atlanta
Accessible, excellent pediatric healthcare. Wellness and prevention programs. Leading-edge
research and teaching. Family-centered care. Children’s is committed to providing these things
for every child. We address the unique needs of sick and injured children with specially trained
doctors and staff, as well as equipment designed for young, growing bodies, all in a child- and
family-friendly environment.
Children’s is a not-for-profit organization. We benefit from the generous philanthropic and
volunteer support of our community. With more than half a million patient visits each year,
Children’s is one of the leading pediatric healthcare systems in the country. We are recognized
for excellence in more than 30 pediatric specialties, including cancer, cardiac, emergency,
neonatal, orthopaedic, pulmonary and transplant services, as well as many others.
– Child magazine ranks Children’s as one of the top children’s hospitals nationwide
– Children’s is among U.S.News & World Report’s top pediatric hospitals
– Children’s is one of Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”
At Children’s, we put our mission, vision and values into action every day. From performing
organ transplants to helping patients keep up with their schoolwork, our employees embody
the spirit of our organization.
– More than 7,000 employees
– Access to more than 1,400 pediatric physicians
– 20,000 volunteers
You’re Part of the Team at Children’s
Something unexpected happened to your child, and you’re at Children’s. So, now what? You
may be feeling many different emotions. We want you to know we are here to support you and
your child. We treat each child as if he were our own. We care about what’s happening to you
and your family.
Children’s is built on a foundation of family-centered care. Parents are important members of
our healthcare team. After all, who knows your child better than you? So long as it is medically
safe, you are urged to take part in your child’s treatment. We will work with you to meet the
unique needs of your child and family. We welcome your questions.
There are many ways you can help care for your child while you are here. Some involve your
child’s everyday care, such as changing his clothes, feeding him and bathing him. But your
most important responsibilities will be making decisions about the procedures and treatments
your child will receive while you are here and learning how to care for your child after you
leave Children’s. Our staff will help you understand and cope with your child’s condition,
make choices about his care and become confident in your ability to help give that care.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
About Children’s
Our Commitment to Guest Services
We strive to offer you a service experience that is seamless, consistent and special. That means it
is easy for you to move through our hospital, you feel cared about throughout your entire stay and
you get the information you need.
If at any time during your visit we are not providing this type of service, please let any member
of our staff know. Also, after you and your child leave our hospital, you may receive a survey
by mail that will ask about your experience at Children’s. Please take the time to complete
it. Let us know your thoughts. Your feedback is important to us. It’s a great way for us to
enhance our service.
Our Mission
To enhance the lives of children through excellence in patient care, research and
Our Vision
To transform pediatric healthcare and be the leading voice for the health of
Georgia’s children.
Our Values
– Integrity: Being honest, ethical and committed to all we do
– Respect: Appreciating all people, work and ideas
– Nurturing: Fostering the care, growth and development of the individual
– Excellence: Delivering the highest level of care and service
– Teamwork: Working together to achieve our goals
Children’s Commitment to Quality
At Children’s, we strive to be the industry leader in providing quality healthcare. We are setting new
standards in patient care. Our key to quality is making sure your child receives the right care and
treatment he needs, when he needs it, and doing the same for each and every child we treat. You
will notice a number of things at Children’s that are helping to make your experience here the best it
can be. Please go to Page 19 for more information on our Commitment to Quality, including six of
our top quality priorities.
4 Children need Children’s®
Telephone Guide
We’re Here to Help!
For help any time, press the red call button in your room.
Medical questions
Ask your child’s nurse
Nonmedical questions
ext. 28
Room/Food Services
ext. 56262
Cafeteria menu hotline ext. 50500
How to Use the Telephone in Your Room
– Pick up the phone and press the
on/off button.
– To call an extension within the hospital, dial 5
and the last four digits of the phone number.
– To make an outside call, dial 9 and the
area code and phone number.
– To reach the hospital operator, dial 0.
– To call long distance:
• Dial 9-1-800-COLLECT.
• Dial 9-1-800-CALL-ATT (to reach an
AT&T operator).
• Use a private calling card. Dial 9 and
the number on the card.
– For telephone books, please ask your
child’s nurse or access online resources
( or
in the Parent Business Center.
– Calls ring in rooms between 8 a.m. and
10 p.m. Calls to patient rooms after 10 p.m.
are answered by the hospital operator.
Hospital Phone Numbers
Admissions.................................... ext. 56117
Gift Shop..................................... ext. 56178
Billing............................................ ext. 55589
Operator.............................................dial 0
Car seat technician........................404-225-2072
Patient representative.................... ext. 56594
Chaplain/pastoral care.................... dial 0 and
ask to have a chaplain paged
Patient rooms..........ext. 56411; if calling from
outside the hospital, dial 404-785-6000
Security....................................... ext. 56142
Family Library................................. ext. 51611
Social work.................................. ext. 56250
Financial advisor..................ext. 56133/50511
Volunteer services......................... ext. 56180
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Not for profit. For the next generation.
As Georgia’s pediatric population continues to grow,
Children’s at Egleston
Children’s is being counted on even more than ever. In
Children’s at Hughes Spalding
response to this demand, we welcomed Hughes Spalding
Children’s at Scottish Rite
Children’s Hospital to our family. So now, we are helping
even more of Georgia’s kids grow up healthy and
happy. But as a not-for-profit organization, the fact is, we
can’t do it without your donations. To help, please visit or call 404-785-GIVE.
Children need Children’s and Children’s needs You
©2008 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding is owned by Grady Health System ® and
managed by HSOC Inc., an affiliate of Children’s.
Television Channel List
Animal Planet
Children’s Entertainment Channel*
Disney Channel
Chapel Services
Car Seat Safety Channel
CNN Headline News
13Instant Health Line Information Channel
15 On-Demand Education Channel**
The Weather Channel
16 On-Demand Education Channel**
17 On-Demand Education Channel**
18 On-Demand Education Channel**
The History Channel
19 On-Demand Education Channel**
Discovery Health
20 On-Demand Education Channel**
Staff Channel
Game Show Network
Health Network
Cartoon Network
Discovery Channel
ESPN Classic
Fox Family
Sport South
*Live shows produced and broadcast at Children’s for patients and families
**Use the video-on-demand patient education system to watch free videos (English/Spanish)
on topics such as:
– Infant/child care and safety
– How to give CPR
– Parenting
– C
aring for your child at
home for conditions such as
asthma, diabetes and cast
care, as well as after surgery
– Nutrition
– T opics of interest to
children and teens
– B
reast-feeding and
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Visitor Guidelines
Visiting Hours
Every day from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Visitors younger than age 18 will be asked to take a simple health test to make sure
they are not sick.
Parents and guardians
– Can visit their child at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unless directed by a
doctor or nurse
– W
ill be given a parent/guardian ID badge within 24 hours of arrival—please wear it and make
sure it can be seen at all times in the hospital
– Should plan to stay with their child each night the child stays overnight:
• Sleeping space for one adult is offered in each patient room.
• Staff members will be in and out of patients’ rooms at all hours—please wear proper clothing
at all times.
• Other family members should plan to stay in a hotel (see Page 13 for local hotels).
• For parents with children in the ICU, please ask the nurse for special ICU visitation guidelines.
Brothers and sisters
– Can visit during normal visiting hours (8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.)
– Can use the activity centers and go with patients to any activities
– Must be with a parent at all times when in the hospital
Other visitors
– May visit during normal visiting hours (8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.)
– Are limited to a number of visitors that does not disturb patient care and well-being
– V
isitors who wish to stay after normal visiting hours must have consent from the child’s
parent/guardian and a nurse, and they must follow these procedures:
• Go to the information desk and sign in when the end of visiting hours
is announced.
• Show a picture ID to get a visitor’s sticker.
• Wear the sticker, and make sure it can be seen at all times in the hospital.
8 Children need Children’s®
Children’s charges a small fee for parking. The fees are used to pay expenses associated
with parking deck maintenance. Please do not park in spaces designated for doctors or
hospital vehicles. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to a security
officer or call ext. 56142.
Parking Rates
0 to 30 minutes 31 minutes to 1 hour
61 minutes to 90 minutes
91 minutes to 2 hours
121 minutes to 24 hours
A parking discount coupon book can be purchased from the parking booth attendant.
The book is $5 and includes five coupons; the cost to park is reduced to $1 a day. If
you plan on leaving and returning more than once a day, ask the attendant for an
in/out pass. Otherwise, you will have to use a coupon each time you leave. These
coupons can only be used in the Children’s parking deck, and they do not expire.
Please enter through the gate of the parking deck.
Handicap Parking
Handicap parking is available in the parking deck on all levels (P1 to P4).
Oversized Vehicle Parking
Oversized vehicle parking (for vehicles exceeding 6 feet 8 inches) is located on Level P4 in the
parking deck. SUVs will fit in the parking deck. Overhead signs at the deck entrance indicate
whether a vehicle will fit.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Grateful patients.
Just another perk for one of America’s best children’s hospitals.
Child magazine ranks us in the top 3 nationally for
pediatric hospitals, which is great for us and even better
for all of the kids and families we help. And many of our
specialty centers, including Cancer, Cardiac, Emergency,
NICU, Orthopaedics and Pulmonology, received top 10
national rankings. This exceptional care is showcased
at our 3 hospitals — Children’s at Egleston, Children’s
at Hughes Spalding and Children’s at Scottish Rite — as
well as 15 neighborhood locations. But as a not-for-profit
organization, none of this would be possible without help
from people like you. To make a donation, please visit us
at or call 404-785-GIVE.
Children need Children’s and Children’s needs You
Children’s at Egleston
Children’s at Hughes Spalding
Children’s at Scottish Rite
©2008 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding is owned by Grady Health System ® and
managed by HSOC Inc., an affiliate of Children’s. Some physicians and affiliated healthcare professionals who perform services at Children’s Healthcare of
Atlanta are independent providers and are not our employees.
Community Information
Parents and guardians, please let your child’s nurse know
whenever you leave the hospital.
Local Services
– Bank of America—Emory Village
1615 North Decatur Road, 404-329-4833
– SunTrust, 1685 North Decatur Road NE, 404-728-1200
– Wachovia (ATM only), Children’s at Egleston, first floor near cafeteria
– Wachovia, 250 East Ponce de Leon Ave., 404-929-7860 or 800-922-4684 or 800-922-6842
– Wachovia at Emory, 725 Houston Mill Road NE, 404-329-1830
– Chapter 11, 2091 North Decatur Road (Emory Commons Shopping Center), 404-325-1505
– Eagle Eye Book Shop, 2076 North Decatur Road, 404-486-0307
– Tall Tales, 2105 Lavista Road, Suite 108 (Toco Hill Shopping Center), 404-636-2498
– Laundry Room, Children’s at Egleston, dial ext. 28 for details
– Kim One-Hour Cleaners, 1535 Clairmont Road, 404-321-4738
– CVS/pharmacy (Emory Village), 1554 North Decatur Road, 404-373-5619 (open 24 hours)
– Palliative Pharmacy Solutions, 2338 Main St., Tucker, 770-934-2976
– Carr’s Pharmacy, 2340 Main St., Tucker, 770-938-3144
– Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, 3193 Howell Mill Road, Suite 122A, 404-350-5780
Gas Stations
– Emory Chevron, 1574 North Decatur Road, 404-373-7400
– QuikTrip, 1836 Briarcliff Road, 404-325-1931 (open 24 hours)
– Williamsburg Chevron, 1923 Clairmont Road, 404-321-3930
Flowers and Gifts
– Cookie Creations, 3145 Peachtree Road NE, 404-266-2255
– Emory Village Flowers & Gifts, 1573 North Decatur Road, 404-378-3900 or 800-554-1119
– Gift Shop, Children’s at Egleston, first floor, ext. 56178
– Maud Baker Flower Shoppe, 708 Church St., 404-373-5791
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Community Information
Local Services cont.
– Kroger, 1799 Briarcliff Road NE, 404-607-1189
– Kroger, 2205 Lavista Road, 404-633-8694
– Publix, Emory Commons (pharmacy, in-store bank: SunTrust),
2155 North Decatur Road, 404-638-6015
– Publix, 2969 North Druid Hills Road, 404-638-6022
Health Clubs
– LA Fitness, 2880 North Druid Hills Road, 404-248-2998
– YMCA, 1100 Clairmont Ave., 404-377-9622
– Family Library, Children’s at Egleston, ext. 51611
– Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University, 404-727-6868
Toy Stores
– Toys “R” Us, 4033 Lavista Road, 770-938-4321
When calling, be sure to ask if there are special prices for families who have patients at Children’s.
Long-term Stays (for families with special needs):
– Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House, 1815 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE
Dormitory-style sleeping, with shared living room and kitchen area. Some meals available
at no cost. Cost: $10/night/person, no children under the age of 12. Washer/dryer
available. A referral from Children’s is needed; call the Social Work department at ext. 56250
for information.
– M
ason Guest House, 1555 Shoup Court, 404-712-5110
Low-cost housing for organ transplant candidates, recipients and families only. Private bedrooms/
bathrooms, breakfast, washer/dryer and phones. Georgia Transplant Foundation funding
available through the Children’s Social Work department for those who qualify. Speak to the
Mason Guest House manager about shuttle bus service. No referral from Children’s is needed.
– R
onald McDonald House, 795 Gatewood Road NE
Private bedroom with bath, living and kitchen facilities. Family friendly. Cost: $20/night per
room. A referral from Children’s is needed; call the Social Work department at ext. 56250
for more information.
12 C h i l d r e n n e e d C h i l d r e n ’ s ®
Local Hotels/Motels:
– Cheshire Motor Inn, 1865 Cheshire Bridge Road, 404-872-9628
– Courtyard by Marriott, 1236 Executive Park Drive, 404-728-0708
– Doubletree, 2061 North Druid Hills Road, 404-321-4174 or 800-222-TREE
– E
mory Inn, 1641 Clifton Road, 404-712-6700 or 800-933-6679
There is a free shuttle bus service to Children’s at Egleston.
– Hampton Inn, North Druid Hills, 1975 North Druid Hills Road, 404-320-6600 or 800-426-7866
– Holiday Inn Select, Atlanta/Decatur, 130 Clairemont Ave., 404-371-0204 or 800-HOLIDAY
– Holiday Inn Express at Emory, 2183 North Decatur Road, 404-320-0888 or 800-HOLIDAY
– Homestead Studio Suites, Atlanta/North Druid Hills, 1339 Executive Park Drive, 404-325-1223
– Homewood Suites by Hilton, Atlanta/Buckhead, 3566 Piedmont Road, 404-365-0001
– LaQuinta Inn, 2535 Chantilly Drive NE, 404-321-0999 or 800-531-5900
– Magnolia Manor, Atlanta/Northlake, 4156 Lavista Road, 770-938-1026
– Marriott Town Place Suites, 820 Sydney Marcus Blvd., 404-949-4820
– Metro Extended Stay Hotel of Decatur, 1638 Church St., 404-267-3701
– Quality Inn, Atlanta/Northlake, 2155 Ranchwood Drive, 770-491-7444
– Red Roof Inn, 1960 North Druid Hills Road, 404-321-1653 or 800-843-7663
– Residence Inn Marriott, Atlanta/Buckhead, 2960 Piedmont Road NE, 404-239-0677
– Residence Inn Marriott, 2220 Lake Blvd., Lenox Park, 404-467-1660
– Sleep Inn, Buckhead, 800 Sydney Marcus Blvd., 404-949-4000
– Super 8 Motel, 917 Church St., 404-378-3765
– Towne Place Suites by Marriott, 3300 Northlake Parkway, 770-938-0408
– University Inn, 1767 North Decatur Road, 404-634-7327 or 800-654-8591
Places of Worship
Please call the location directly for directions and more information about worship or services.
– First Baptist Church of Decatur, 308 Clairemont Ave., 404-373-1653
– Oakhurst Baptist Church, 222 East Lake Drive, 404-378-3677
– Thankful Missionary Baptist Church, 830 West College Ave., 404-373-5157
– St. Thomas More, 636 West Ponce de Leon Ave., 404-378-4588
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Community Information
Places of Worship cont.
Christian (Disciples of Christ)
– First Christian Church of Decatur, 601 West Ponce de Leon Ave., 404-378-3621
Christian Science
– First Church of Christ Scientist, 150 15th St. NE, 404-892-7838
Church of God
– Life Church International, 3434 Pleasantdale Road, 770-491-7071
– St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, 1790 Lavista Road, 404-634-3336
Greek Orthodox
– Cathedral of the Annunciation, 2500 Clairmont Road, 404-633-7358
– St. John’s Lutheran Church, 1410 Ponce de Leon Ave., 404-378-4243
– Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church, 1660 North Decatur Road, 404-634-3936
– Al-Farooq Masjid of Atlanta, 442 14th St. NW, 404-874-7521
– Children’s Chaplaincy Services, ext. 56187
– Emory Presbyterian, 1886 North Decatur Road, 404-325-4551
– Congregation Beth Jacob, 1855 Lavista Road, 404-633-0551
– Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, 1911 Cliff Valley Way NE, 404-634-5134
14 C h i l d r e n n e e d C h i l d r e n ’ s ®
These restaurants are within five miles of Children’s at Egleston.
The Children’s and Emory University Campus
– The Children’s cafeteria, Children’s at Egleston, first floor (dial ext. 50500 to hear the
daily cafeteria menu)
– The Children’s Coffee Shop, Children’s at Egleston, first floor
– Cox Hall Food Court, Emory University Campus: Allegro Pasta, Burger King, Café Features,
Chick-fil-A, Deli Corner, Freshëns Yogurt/Smoothies/Pretzels, Itza Pizza, Veggie/Soup Garden
– Mocha Delites, Emory Winship Cancer Institute, 1365-C Clifton Road, 404-778-4897
– The Depot Restaurant, 662 Asbury Circle
Emory Hospital
– Bishop’s Pantry, ground floor, G-wing
– Emory University Hospital Cafeteria, Emory Hospital ground floor, G-wing
– Dusty’s Barbecue, 1815 Briarcliff Road NE, 404-320-6264
– Waffle House, 2886 Clairmont Road NE, 404-634-7812 (open 24 hours)
– Chopsticks, 2088 Briarcliff Road, 404-320-7373, delivery Monday to Friday,
Saturday and Sunday after 5 p.m.*
– Fortune Cookie, 2480 Briarcliff Road, 404-636-8899*
– Hunan Dragon, Emory Promenade Center, 1248 Clairmont Road, 404-248-0082*
– Red Pepper, 2899-B North Druid Hills Road, 404-325-0331 or 404-329-9542*
– Pyng Ho, 1357 Clairmont Road, 404-634-4477*
– Top Spice, 3007 North Druid Hills Road, 404-728-0588*
– Caribou Coffee, 2870 North Druid Hills Road, 404-636-0961
– Dunkin’ Donuts, 2827 North Druid Hills Road, 404-634-9785
– Krispy Kreme Donuts, 295 Ponce de Leon Road, 404-876-7307 (open 24 hours)
– Starbucks Coffee, Emory Village, 1569 North Decatur Road, 404-371-0606
* Delivery available. When placing an order, be sure to give your room number. Food is delivered to the main
information desk. You will be called when your order arrives.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Community Information
Restaurants cont.
Fast Food
– Burger King, 2304 North Druid Hills Road, 404-315-9656
– Chick-fil-A, 2340 North Druid Hills Road, 404-634-4953
– McDonald’s, 2777 North Decatur Road, 404-638-6838
– Taco Bell, 2420 North Druid Hills Road, 404-634-9698
– Wendy’s, 2957 North Druid Hills Road, 404-329-9385
– Boston Market, 2535 Briarcliff Road NE, 404-329-0700
– Chili’s, 2133 Lavista Road, 404-325-8680
– Maggie’s Neighborhood Grill, 2937 North Druid Hills Road, 404-636-5300
– Piccadilly Cafeteria, 2226 North Druid Hills Road, 404-636-2289
– Le Giverny, 1641 Clifton Road, 404-325-7252
– Petit Auberge, 2935 North Druid Hills Road, 404-634-6268
Health Foods
– Rainbow Grocery & Restaurant, 2118 North Decatur Road, 404-636-5553
– Smoothie King, Emory Village Shopping Center, 1537 North Decatur Road, 404-373-4175
– Whole Foods Market, 2111 Briarcliff Road, 404-634-7800
Ice Cream/Yogurt
– One Hot Cookie, Emory Village Shopping Center, 1579 North Decatur Road, 404-687-9711
– Los Loros, 1248 Clairmont Road, 404-633-3103
– Moe’s Southwest Grill, Loehman’s Plaza, 2484 Briarcliff Road, 404-248-9399
– Sava, Emory Village Shopping Center, 1451 Oxford Road, 404-377-7786
– Willy’s Mexicana Grill, 2074 North Decatur Road, 404-321-6060
– Kyoto Joe’s, 2050 North Decatur Road, 404-929-9921*
* Delivery available. When placing an order, be sure to give your room number. Food is delivered to the main
information desk. You will be called when your order arrives.
16 C h i l d r e n n e e d C h i l d r e n ’ s ®
– Athens Pizza House, 1341 Clairmont Road, 404-636-1100
– Athens Pizza Express, 1788 Clairmont Road, 404-634-8646*
– Benedetti’s, 2064 North Decatur Road, 404-633-0408
– Chris’ Pizza House, 2911 North Druid Hills Road, 404-636-7544
– Domino’s Pizza, 1439 Oxford Road NE, 404-373-2200*
– Everybody’s Pizza, 1593 North Decatur Road, 404-377-7766*
– Mellow Mushroom, 1679 Lavista Road, 404-325-0330
– Papa John’s Pizza, 3077 North Druid Hills Road, 404-315-8282*
– Pizza Hut, 1524 Church St., Suite C, 404-373-4379*
– Pizza K, 2111 North Decatur Road, 404-636-7111*
– Bagel Palace & Deli, 2869 North Druid Hills Road, 404-315-9016
– Burger Joe’s, 1369 Clairmont Road, 678-534-8080*
– Dave’s Cosmic Subs, 1540 North Decatur Road, 404-373-6250*
– Jason’s Deli, 4073 Lavista Road, 770-493-4020*
– Philly Connection, 2140 North Decatur Road, 404-636-1004*
– Roly Poly, Loehman’s Plaza, 2484 Briarcliff Road, 404-728-1145*
– Subway, 2113 North Decatur Road, 404-248-9764
– Lettuce Souprise You, Loehman’s Plaza, 2470 Briarcliff Road, 404-636-8549
– Collard Green Café, 2566 Shallowford Road NE, Suite 112, 404-634-3440
– Evan’s Fine Food, 2125 North Decatur Road, 404-634-6294
– LongHorn Steakhouse, 2892 North Druid Hills Road, 404-636-3817
– Outback Steakhouse, 2154 Lavista Road, 404-636-5110
Shopping and Movie Theaters
– Northlake Mall, 4800 Briarcliff Road, 770-938-3564
– North DeKalb Mall, 2050 Lawrenceville Highway, 404-320-7960
Other Stores
– Target Superstore (Pharmacy), 2400 North Druid Hills Road, 404-267-0060
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Community Information
Shopping and Movie Theaters cont.
Movie Theaters
– Regal Tara Cinemas 4, 2345 Cheshire Bridge Road, 404-634-6288
– AMC Theatres North DeKalb 16, 2042 Lawrenceville Highway, 404-816-4262
– Regal Cinemas Hollywood 24, 3265 Northeast Expressway, 770-936-5737
– AirTran Airways, 800-AIR-TRAN (800-247-8726)
– American Airlines, 800-433-7300
– Delta Air Lines, 800-221-1212
– Northwest Airlines, 800-225-2525
– United Airlines, 800-864-8331
– US Airways, 800-428-4322
Rental Car Companies
– Avis, 3405 Lenox Road, 404-261-5998
– Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 1615 Clifton Road, 404-727-8267
Staff members at the information desk on the first floor can call a taxi.
– Checker Cab Co., 404-351-1111
– Decatur Best Taxi Service, 404-371-0883
Public Buses and Rail System
Staff members at the information desk on the first floor can provide schedules
for MARTA, Atlanta’s local bus and rapid rail system. Information is also available at and 404-848-4711.
– 6 Emory
– 36 North Decatur
– 145 Express
All buses stop in front of Emory University Hospital on Clifton Road, across from the Children’s
Emergency parking entrance. These buses go to MARTA rapid rail stations and local shopping
centers. Call MARTA at 404-848-5389 for the E-Bus (elderly service) or the L-Bus (lift vehicle service).
18 C h i l d r e n n e e d C h i l d r e n ’ s ®
Your Child’s Care
Children’s Commitment to Quality
At Children’s, we focus on ensuring that quality care is
timely, safe, effective, equitable and efficient for patients
and their families. For patients and families at Children’s,
quality means patient safety and more involvement in
planning and providing care for children.
1. ID Bands
Each patient is given a white ID band to wear during his stay at Children’s. This band has
important information printed on it, so please let your nurse know if the band comes off. Some
patients get more than one ID band:
– Children with allergies wear a separate red band.
– Children with allergies to latex wear a separate green band.
You’ll notice that even as they get to know your child, our staff will always check his ID band
before giving medicines, collecting specimens and lab work, or conducting procedures. While
a staff member may know who your child is, safety checks like this are part of our commitment
to quality at Children’s. If a staff member forgets to check the ID band, please help us to ensure
your child’s safety by reminding the staff member to check.
2. Giving Medicine
Children’s uses an electronic system to keep track of your child’s medicine, the amount of
medicine your child needs and at what times the medicine should be given. You can help
our staff by letting them know:
– A
ny medicines your child has been taking, including prescriptions, over-the-counter
medicines (such as Tylenol®), and herbs or supplements
– Any allergies or drug reactions your child has
Please ask a staff person before giving any medicine to your child or if you have a question
about the medicine being given to your child. If the medicine looks different from what your child
received before, such as a different color or method (liquid vs. pill), or if a medicine is being given
at an unexpected time, ask the nurse to double-check the medicine.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Your Child’s Care
Commitment to Quality cont.
3. Foam Up: Clean Your Hands
Children’s is making hand hygiene a top priority.
Each year, more than 2 million people get sick because of infections. Everyone can help prevent
infection by keeping their hands clean and remembering to FOAM UP while in the hospital.
Protect your child by practicing good hand hygiene (cleaning your hands).
There are about 3,000 bottles of antibacterial foam throughout our hospitals,
as well as sinks and soaps. Be sure to clean your hands:
– Before you enter and when you leave your child’s room
– Before and after eating, touching food or feeding your child
– After using the bathroom or changing a diaper
– After sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose and after wiping your child’s nose.
Children’s has a strict hand hygiene policy for staff and doctors. The FOAM UP: Clean Your Hands
Campaign encourages everyone, staff and visitors alike, to practice good hand hygiene. We want
to make sure our patients are protected and given the best care possible at all times.
Keeping your own hands clean is one of the most important things you can do while your child is
in the hospital. And it is OK to ask people who are visiting or who are taking care of your child
if they have cleaned their hands as well. When they enter your child’s room just casually suggest,
“Here, FOAM UP.” It is simple as that.
To prevent the spread of infection, remember the following guidelines:
– Wash your hands for at least 15 seconds using soap and warm water. Rub briskly for 15 seconds.
– Use the alcohol-based hand sanitizer found in the dispensers inside and outside each patient room.
4. Alarms on Medical Equipment
Most medical equipment has an alarm, which helps us keep your child safe.
– When the alarm sounds, it lets the nurse know something needs to be checked.
– If someone does not come right away, please leave the alarm on and push the red nurse call
button or get a nurse—please do not turn off the alarm.
5. Monitoring Your Child’s Health
Someone on staff may come by to check your child’s:
– V
ital signs: Blood pressure, heart rate and temperature are checked based on your child’s
needs. Vital signs may be checked around the clock, even during sleeping time.
– Weight: Your child may be weighed each day, early in the morning or at night.
– P
ain: Your child may have his pain checked throughout the day and night to be sure that he is
comfortable, based on his needs and level of pain. Please be aware that preventing/controlling
20 C h i l d r e n n e e d C h i l d r e n ’ s ®
pain is important. We prevent and reduce pain and distress whenever possible. Information
about choices to control pain is available to you, and you are urged to discuss your concerns
and choices with your child’s healthcare team.
– Blood tests: Blood work is usually done very early in the morning to give us time to process
the results before your child’s doctor visits.
– Eating and drinking: Your child’s eating and drinking habits may be measured every few
hours to be sure he is getting enough food and fluids.
– Intake and output: Your child may need his output (urine and stools) measured, as well as
what he eats and drinks. If your child is in diapers, he may have his diaper weighed to
check urine output.
6. Medical Tests
Your child may need medical tests (such as an MRI, X-ray or CT scan), which may require that he
not eat or drink for two to eight hours before the test. Please help us monitor your child’s eating
and drinking before the test so that the test results are correct.
You can help us assist your family by:
– P
roviding copies of any test results and paperwork that might be
important to your child’s care
– L etting us know who will be our primary contact during your
child’s stay and making sure we know how to reach this person
For Your Safety
To make sure the hospital is a safe place for you and your child, Children’s has the following
safety guidelines:
– F
or medical emergencies, there is a red emergency pull switch in the bathrooms of all
patient rooms.
– Parents and children who can walk should wear shoes or slippers to avoid injury.
– F
ire drills and other emergency-preparedness drills occur from time to time. A nurse will
tell you what to do during a drill.
– If you find a spill of any kind on the floor, tell the nearest hospital staff member. Please do
not clean up spills yourself. Hospital staff members will notify the appropriate personnel.
– T o protect your child and prevent the spread of infection, our staff follows special precautions
while caring for your child, including handwashing and wearing gloves, a mask, a gown or
goggles when necessary.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Your Child’s Care
For Your Safety cont.
The following items are prohibited in the hospital:
– Illegal drugs
– Weapons
– Alcoholic drinks
– Shooting toys
– Open flames
– Food-heating appliances (e.g., toasters, hot plates)
– Latex balloons (some children are allergic to latex; mylar balloons are OK)
In addition:
– C
hildren younger than age 4 should not be given small, round foods—such as popcorn, hard
candies or hotdogs—because they could choke on them.
– P lease check with the nurse before using cell phones and other radio frequency devices in the
Intensive Care Units (ICU), because they disturb medical equipment.
Your Child’s Healthcare Team
Our healthcare team is here for you and your family. They work together to give quality care for
your child. All of our staff members wear name badges. If you don’t see a name badge, feel free
to ask who they are and to see their badge. These are some of the people you might meet during
your stay with us.
Doctors check your child daily and decide what tests, medicines and treatments your child should
have. They give the hospital staff directions for taking care of your child.
– Your child’s doctor sees many patients each day, and each one has special needs—this
sometimes makes it hard to set a specific time that your doctor can meet with you.
– T alk with your child’s doctor to see if there is a time of day that you can plan on talking with him
about your child (such as early morning, midday or afternoon).
– S ometimes the doctors work with medical students, residents, interns (doctors in training),
physician assistants or nurse practitioners—they all work under the supervision of your child’s
doctor and may visit you as well.
– It may be helpful to write down any questions you have for your doctor as you think of them
during the day—you can then look at the list when your doctor comes to see your child.
Equipment techs check the medical equipment used to take care of your child on a daily basis.
Medical technologists carry out laboratory tests.
Nurses care for your child’s medical needs around the clock. One nurse is assigned to your child
during each nursing shift. Your child’s nurse also takes care of other patients in your child’s unit.
22 C h i l d r e n n e e d C h i l d r e n ’ s ®
Patient care techs help nurses take care of your child. They take temperatures, change
bed sheets, help with baths and more. One tech may be assigned to your child during each
nursing shift.
Phlebotomists (pronounced: fla-botem-ist) collect blood. Giving blood can be difficult for
a child. We try to make it as easy as possible. Our phlebotomists are specially trained to work
with children of all ages.
Other Hospital Team Members
Anesthesia and sedation team members give patients special medicine to put all or part
of the body to sleep to prevent pain during surgery or certain procedures. They also monitor the
patient to make sure the medicine is working properly.
Bioethics Committee members are on-call to help with difficult decisions related to
patient care. For more information, contact the hospital operator by dialing 0.
The Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit is dedicated to bringing laughter to children in
the hospital and their families. They make “clown rounds” every week. For more information,
call ext. 50496 or call Child Life at ext. 56337.
Case managers review patient cases and are assigned, as needed, to families who need
help getting services or equipment at home. They also work with families and their insurance
companies to help make sure payment procedures are followed. For more information,
call ext. 56528.
Chaplains are available 24 hours a day to offer spiritual and emotional support to patients
and families. Sacred rituals and reading materials are also available. To request a chaplain,
dial 0 and ask the operator to page the chaplain on-duty.
Child life specialists help children, teens and siblings understand and cope with illness,
treatment and being in a hospital. Child life services include: normal play activities, patient
education, getting ready for surgery, medical play, pain management help, patient support
groups and sibling support. For more information, call ext. 56337.
Clinical nutrition services design medical nutrition therapy for use in the hospital and at
home. Children who have special nutrition needs—such as special formulas or diets, tube feeding
or parenteral nutrition (by vein)—are helped by this service. The staff will review each patient’s
nutritional status upon admission to screen for potential nutritional problems related to the
patient’s condition. If you have any questions, ask your child’s nurse.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Your Child’s Care
Other Hospital Team Members cont.
Conciergé team members greet families and visitors at the hospital’s information desks. They
help all visitors with information. Ask them questions about the hospital, for things you need during
your stay or any other nonmedical questions. Dial ext. 28 to reach a Conciergé.
Guest service liaisons visit all newly admitted families. They give information about different
nonmedical services throughout the hospital and distribute parent/guardian ID badges.
Interpreter services are available over the phone at all times. In addition, Spanish interpreters
are onsite, and sign language and other language interpreters are available. To request
interpreter services, ask your child’s nurse.
Patient representatives respond to concerns about the quality of care and services
given to patients. They are responsible for processing care concerns, and they help with
concerns/questions related to service/billing issues, general complaints and issues that
contribute to a positive experience for patients and families while at Children’s. The Patient
Representative program office is open Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Parents may leave
a message for a patient representative 24 hours a day by calling ext. 56594.
Pharmacists work with doctors and nurses to make sure patients get the right medicine. A
pharmacist is available to offer information and instructions about the medicines that patients
will be taking when they go home.
Radiology staff take special pictures to help doctors identify and treat illness or injury. Pictures
may include X-rays, computerized tomography (CT) scans, ultrasound or magnetic resonance
imaging (MRI) scans.
Rehabilitation services include occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and
language therapy.
– An occupational therapist evaluates and treats deficits in fine motor and visual motor skills,
sensory processing and activities of daily living.
– A physical therapist evaluates and treats deficits in gross motor skills and restoration of
independent mobility, such as standing and walking, as well as provides wound/burn care.
– A speech and language pathologist evaluates and treats deficits in communication,
cognition/memory, feeding and swallowing skills.
Respiratory therapists give therapy to help children when they have trouble breathing. They
work closely with doctors and nurses to treat and educate children and parents about breathing
problems. The respiratory therapist may also conduct tests to help doctors diagnose and treat
a child’s breathing problems.
24 C h i l d r e n n e e d C h i l d r e n ’ s ®
Children’s Kohl’s School Nurse Liaison/Consultant program is a free service that helps
children and their families with healthcare issues when they return to school after a hospital stay or
outpatient care. The program helps children in kindergarten through high school who have chronic
illnesses and injuries. School nurse liaisons cover 28 school districts in the Atlanta area and have
contacts in every school district in Georgia. They can work with a school nurse to plan for health
needs during the school day. A signed referral is needed to begin the process. For more information
or a referral form, visit or leave a message at ext. 56996.
Social workers give guidance and counseling for personal or family problems related to
a child’s illness or injury, including follow-up care at home. They can help refer families to
community agencies, family support groups, the Health Law Partnership (HeLP), and child and
adult protective services. If financial concerns make it hard to stay overnight or visit a patient,
the Social Work department may be able to help find resources in the community. For more
information, call ext. 56250.
Our teachers are Georgia-certified educators trained in a variety of areas, including elementary,
middle, high school and special education. In addition to providing instruction, teachers can assist
with referrals for home instruction, contact your child’s school about his hospital stay and request
that assignments be sent to the hospital. They can also help parents learn about support and
resources available through Student Support Teams (SST), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
Volunteers at Children’s wear khaki aprons and are called Friends. They help all around
the hospital, playing games with patients, leading activities, and providing guest services and
administrative support. If you need volunteer assistance or would like to become a volunteer,
call ext. 56180.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
For parents watching their kids on the field,
we’re that little voice of reassurance.
With a nationally ranked staff of pediatric experts, the Children’s Sports Medicine program
has helped countless young athletes recover from an injury. And with football season here,
we’d like to remind parents about the importance of seeking treatment for a concussion.
Proper care, even after a mild head injury, is crucial to a child’s health and development.
If you suspect that your child has received a concussion, please act quickly to get a
diagnosis. For more information, visit the Children’s Sports Medicine program online at or call 404-785-5998.
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©2008 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Some physicians and affiliated healthcare professionals who perform services at Children’s Healthcare of
Atlanta are independent providers and are not our employees. *A service of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston.**A service of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
at Scottish Rite.
Rights and Responsibilities
to providing quality care as promptly and courteously
as possible. It is important to us that you and your family
members feel welcome at Children’s. You should know your
child’s rights as a patient, and your rights and responsibilities
as a parent. If you have any questions about these rights and
responsibilities, please contact a patient representative at:
Children’s at Egleston: 404-785-6163
Children’s at Hughes Spalding: 404-345-4815
Children’s at Scottish Rite: 404-785-5194
Please visit for more information.
Your Rights
You have the right to to respect, emotional support, and confidentiality and security of information
that supports you as a family. You have the right to have fair and respectful access to the resources
of the hospital(s) and facilities necessary for your child’s care without regard to race, color, creed,
national origin, sex, handicap or, in the case of emergency treatment, source of payment.
You have the right and are encouraged to talk openly with your child’s doctor, in a language you
understand and with consideration for any speech and/or hearing impairment, regarding:
– Your child’s diagnosis and prescribed treatment
– Why treatments and tests are done and who does them
– Your child’s illness
– Your wish for a consultation or second opinion from another doctor
– The need to transfer your child to another facility and be told the alternatives to a transfer
– Your wish to change doctors and/or hospitals
– Instructions for ongoing medical needs and requirements following your child’s discharge
– Ethical issues about your child’s care
– Financial impact of care choices
You also have the right to:
– R
eceive an explanation of all papers you are asked to sign
– C
hange your mind about any procedure for which you have given consent
– R
efuse to sign a consent form you do not fully understand
– R
efuse treatment and be informed of the medical results of this action
– R
efuse to participate in research projects
– Receive information and instructions in ways that are understandable to you
– R
eceive information about how to access security and child protective services
– Take
steps to resolve grievances (complaints) by contacting the patient representatives,
who review grievances and respond in writing when needed
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Rights and Responsibilities
Your Rights cont.
– H
ave your child be free from restraints and seclusion in any form when used as a means of
coercion, discipline, convenience for the staff, or retaliation
– B
e free from all forms of abuse and/or harassment
– H
ave your child’s pain assessed and reduced as much as possible with pain
management efforts
– R
eview your child’s medical record with his or her attending doctor or designee in
attendance while your child is hospitalized
– Request additions to your child’s medical record
– C
ontact The Joint Commission by phone at 800-994-6610 or by e-mail at
[email protected], or send a letter to The Joint Commission Office of Quality and
Monitoring, One Renaissance Blvd., Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 at any time regarding your
child’s care
– C
ontact the Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR) at 404-657-5550, or send a
letter to the DHR Office of Regulatory Services, Two Peachtree St. NW, Suite 33-250, Atlanta,
GA 30303 at any time regarding your child’s care
Playing Your Part
You and your child have the responsibility to:
– P rovide accurate, complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations,
medicines and other matters related to your child’s health
– P roduce, upon request, documentation of authority to consent for your child’s admission
and treatment
– A
sk for an explanation if you do not understand papers you are asked to sign or anything related to
your child’s care
– F
ollow the care prescribed or recommended for your child by the doctors, nurses and other allied
healthcare personnel, and remember you are responsible for actions if you refuse treatment or do
not follow instructions
– Report unexpected changes in your child’s condition to the responsible caregiver
– Know and follow the rules of the hospital, the patient care unit(s) and clinics
– Keep appointments and call to cancel or change an appointment as soon as possible
– Respect the rights and privacy of others
– Meet the financial responsibilities associated with your child’s care
– Call Children’s at 404-785-5589 if you have any questions about your bill
Adult Patient Rights
Adult patients (18 years of age or older) have the right to consent to, alter or refuse treatment and
create an advanced directive (a document that expresses the patient’s wishes about care in the event
that he becomes unable to communicate). You will receive information about advanced directives
upon admission, and you may request it at any time during your hospital visit.
28 C h i l d r e n n e e d C h i l d r e n ’ s ®
Partners in Care
You and/or your child should expect:
– Personal privacy to be respected to the fullest extent consistent with the care prescribed
– Privacy with regard to protected health information
– To receive personal hygiene and grooming support
– Personal values and belief systems to be respected
– Reasonable safety insofar as the hospital practice and conditions are concerned
– Access to people from outside the hospital
– Records pertaining to care, including the source of payment, to be kept confidential
– A
ccess to records to be granted within a reasonable time frame and only to you or to those persons
to whom you grant written permission or who are permitted by law
– To receive an itemized copy of the hospital bill upon request
– The course of treatment to be adapted to your specific needs and limitations
Difficult Treatment Decisions
If you need help with difficult decisions about the care of a patient, you may contact the Children’s
Bioethics Committee, which is made up of doctors, nurses, chaplains, social workers and hospital
administrators. Just ask your child’s nurse.
Child Rights
As a patient at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, I have a right:
1. To be told the truth about what is happening to me
2. To have the doctors, nurses and other healthcare people recognize that I cope and react
differently than grown-ups
3. To cry or object to anything that hurts or upsets me
4. To be treated with courtesy and respect for me and my feelings
5. To have my basic needs met and to be clean, dry, comfortable, and free of physical restrictions
and restraining movement, whenever possible; if it is necessary to restrain movement, it will not be
used as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience for the staff or retaliation
6. To be reassured that I did not do anything wrong to be sick
7. To have all questions answered in words I can understand
8. To make choices whenever possible, so long as they don’t interfere with my medical care
9. To have my bed be a safe place, if at all possible, from hurtful things
10. To have the doctors, nurses and other healthcare people tell me ahead of time what they
will do to me before they do it, unless I know what is happening, and to have people talk
to me rather than whispering about me over my bed or out in the halls
11. To have the staff listen to me because I have important things to say
12. To have initial and regular assessment and management of my pain
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Rights and Responsibilities
Child Rights cont.
13. To know the names of doctors, nurses and other healthcare people who take care of me
and know they respect my privacy
14. To have my daily routine stay as normal as possible and to sleep without interruptions whenever
possible, to have quiet times during the day, to have school time provided, to
play when I am able and to talk to my friends when they call or visit
15. To have my family members with me whenever they can stay, so long as it does not get in
the way of my care or the care of other patients
16. To have a careful evaluation, followed by polite and prompt treatment, while being given
the choice to watch certain procedures, if possible
17. To know my illness affects only me, my family and the people caring for me and that it is the
business of no one else, unless I say to tell them
18. To leave the hospital as soon as possible after those taking care of me teach me how I can
be healthy at home
Our Commitment to Privacy
Your privacy is very important to us. To help protect your privacy, we provide a notice explaining our
information practices and the choices you can make about how your information is collected and
used by Children’s. To make this notice easy to find, we make it available on our Web site home
page, on postings in the hallways throughout the hospital, by calling 404-250-KIDS, and at every
point where we request your personal information.
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Our Pledge Regarding Medical Information
We understand that medical information about your child and your child’s health is personal. We are
committed to protecting medical information about your child. We create a record of the care and
services your child receives at Children’s. We need this record to give your child quality care and to
comply with certain legal requirements. Your child’s personal doctor and other doctors involved in
your child’s care may have different policies or notices about the doctor’s use and disclosure of your
child’s medical information created in the doctor’s office.
We are required by law to:
– Make sure that medical information that identifies your child is kept private;
– Give you notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to medical information about
your child; and
– Follow the terms of the notice that is currently in effect
You may visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at for more
information on HIPAA.
30 C h i l d r e n n e e d C h i l d r e n ’ s ®
Going Home
Patient Discharge
When your child’s treatment is complete, he will be
discharged from the hospital. We know you are eager to
get home. We will try to speed along the discharge process.
We want to make sure that all paperwork is taken care of
and that going home is an easy adjustment for you and
your child. Be sure to confirm your child’s discharge day with your child’s doctor before telling
your child he is going home. Otherwise, if discharge is delayed for any reason, your child
could be disappointed.
Before your child is discharged, his doctor will tell you how to care for him and when he wants to
see your child again. The nurse will also give you home care instructions. Some things you may
want to discuss with the doctor include:
– What is my child’s current medicine list?
– Do I need any information for newly prescribed medicines?
– Are there any foods my child should not eat while taking the medicine?
– Can the medicine be chewed, mixed, crushed, etc.?
– How should medicine be prepared and stored?
– When can my child return to school or childcare?
– Can my child take part in sports or physical activities?
Be sure to arrange transportation home for you and your child. Also remember to bring clothes
for your child to wear home, as well as a suitcase or shopping bag for other items. Each unit
manages discharge differently. Please ask your child’s nurse how to check out of the hospital.
Car Seat Safety
Make sure that your child’s car or booster seat is at the hospital when it is time to go home.
Georgia law requires all children younger than 6 years of age to be correctly buckled into a
car seat or booster seat in the backseat of a car, van or truck. Georgia’s law is only a minimum
standard. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children older than age 6 are
safest using a booster seat until the seat belt fits correctly, usually around the time they are 4 feet
9 inches, around 80 pounds and between ages 8 and 12. It is safest for children younger than age
13 to ride in the back seat of the car. All children younger than age 18 are required to buckle up.
The goal of the Children’s Child Passenger Safety Education program is that as every child who
leaves our facilities is properly fitted in an age-appropriate car seat. Please page a safety technician
at 404-225-2072 to find out more about car seat safety. Technicians are available 9 a.m. to 5
p.m., Monday to Friday. Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at
or for more information about car seat safety.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Going Home
Going Back to School
The Children’s Kohl’s School Nurse Liaison/Consultant program helps school-age children
(5 to 18 years) and their families with school re-entry needs. See Page 25 for more information.
Home Healthcare Agencies
Your child may require continued care at home. Federal law HR 2543 requires that hospitals
inform patients and families of home health agencies that may be available to offer home health
services for your child. A case manager will help you in planning your child’s care at home and
finding out which home health agencies are included in your medical coverage. More information
about case managers is available on Page 23.
Caring for Your Child at Home
After being in the hospital, children may act differently than they normally do. You may see
changes in eating, sleeping or playing. To help:
– Get your child back to his normal routine quickly, and give him tasks he can manage.
– Do not make your child the center of attention because of his illness.
– B
e kind, firm and consistent with your child, even with discipline—this lets your child know he
is back in his normal situation.
– Be honest with your child so he will keep his trust in you.
– Let your child talk about his feelings, his illness and his hospital stay.
– Let your child act out his feelings through play.
– D
o not leave a young child alone for long periods of time or overnight until he has adjusted
to being home.
– Call the Children’s Child Life department at 404-785-6337 if you have any questions.
Giving Medicine at Home
Your child’s doctor may give you a prescription for medicine that will need to be filled at a
drugstore. A list of local drugstores is on Page 11. Some things to remember when giving
medicine or treatments at home:
– Re-read the label on the medicine bottle when preparing each dose.
– Get your medicine at the same drugstore, so the pharmacist knows your child’s history.
– Give the medicine to your child exactly as prescribed.
– If your child is not getting better, call your child’s doctor.
32 C h i l d r e n n e e d C h i l d r e n ’ s ®
Ask your pharmacist to double-check refills if they do not look the same as the medicine you got
the last time. Also ask the pharmacists to tell you:
– About your child’s medicine label
– The best way to measure liquids and powders
– The medicine’s side effects
Understanding Your Hospital Bills
Your child’s hospital charges from Children’s include a daily room rate plus the cost for additional
services. The daily room rate includes charges for the room, patient meals and nursing services.
Additional services may include X-rays, labs, treatments, medicines, supplies, etc. We accept
MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and personal checks.
Everyone who receives care from Children’s will get a bill from the hospital. They may also get
bills from doctors who take part in their treatment. In addition to a bill from your child’s attending
doctor, you may also receive bills for other services, such as pathology, radiology, anesthesiology,
etc. You may also receive separate bills from the Emory Clinic or other organizations. These
doctors bill separately for their services and may not take part in all managed care plans.
Please note: Even if the hospital is in-network for your insurance plan, the doctor(s) treating
your child may not be. Please review your own plan carefully to decide specific requirements for
precertification or referral procedures. If you do not follow your plan’s rules or guidelines, you may
be responsible for some or all of the charges not paid by your insurance.
If your child’s hospital charges are covered by insurance or Medicaid/PeachCare
– P atient Registration needs your current insurance or Medicaid information. If you have not given
this to them, please go to Patient Registration on the first floor immediately.
– Our Patient Accounts department will submit a claim on your behalf to your insurance company.
Denied, rejected or unpaid private insurance claims are your responsibility.
– You will receive a monthly statement in the mail from Children’s explaining the status of your
account and listing any unpaid balance.
– For questions about your hospital bill, please call the Children’s Patient Accounts department
at 404-785-5589.
If your child’s hospital charges are not covered by insurance or Medicaid
A financial advisor is available Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. The advisor can help with
completing a Medicaid/PeachCare application. The advisor is also available to aid in finding other
resources that a family may qualify for when financial help is needed. To speak with a Children’s
financial advisor, please call 404-785-6133.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Directions to Children’s at Egleston
1405 Clifton Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30322-1062
Visit for door-to-door maps and directions.
The Children’s at Egleston Visitor Parking is also available for the Emory-Children’s Center.
Traveling on I-85 North
– Take Exit 89 (North Druid Hills Road)
– Turn right onto North Druid Hills Road (0.4 miles)
– Turn right onto Briarcliff Road (1.7 miles)
– Turn left onto Clifton Road NE (1.6 miles)
Traveling on I-85 South
– Take Exit 89 (North Druid Hills Road)
– Turn left onto North Druid Hills Road (0.6 miles)
– Turn right onto Briarcliff Road (1.7 miles)
– Turn left onto Clifton Road NE (1.6 miles)
– After you pass Haygood Drive, the Emergency Parking Deck entrance is on your left
– For nonemergency parking, continue past Children’s at Egleston and turn left onto
Uppergate Drive
– The Visitor Parking Deck is on your left
Traveling on I-75 South
– Take I-75 South to I-85 North to Exit 89 (North Druid Hills Road)
– Turn right onto North Druid Hills Road NE (0.3 miles)
– Turn right onto Briarcliff Road (1.7 miles)
– Turn left onto Clifton Road (1.5 miles)
– After you pass Haygood Drive, the Emergency Parking Deck entrance is on your left
– For nonemergency parking, continue past Children’s at Egleston and turn left onto
Uppergate Drive
– The Visitor Parking Deck is on your left
34 C h i l d r e n n e e d C h i l d r e n ’ s ®
Traveling on I-75 North
– Take I-75 North
– Take I-20 East to Exit 60B (Moreland Avenue) (0.3 miles)
– Moreland Avenue will change into Briarcliff Road at Ponce De Leon Avenue (4.8 miles)
– Turn right onto Clifton Road (1.5 miles)
– For nonemergency parking, continue past Children’s at Egleston and turn left onto
Uppergate Drive
– The Visitor Parking Deck is on your left
Traveling on I-20 East
– Take I-20 East to Exit 60B (Moreland Avenue)
– Moreland Avenue North will change into Briarcliff at the Ponce de Leon intersection (3.8 miles)
– Turn right onto Clifton Road (1.5 miles)
– After you pass Haygood Drive, the Emergency Parking Deck entrance is on your left
– For non-emergency parking, continue past Children’s at Egleston and turn left onto
Uppergate Drive
– The Visitor Parking Deck is on your left
Traveling on I-20 West
– Take I-20 West to Exit 60 (Moreland Avenue)
– Moreland Avenue will change into Briarcliff Road at the Ponce de Leon intersection (3.8 miles)
– Turn right onto Clifton Road (1.5 miles)
– After you pass Haygood Drive, the Emergency Parking Deck entrance is on your left
– For nonemergency parking, continue past Children’s at Egleston and turn left onto
Uppergate Drive
– The Visitor Parking Deck is on your left
MARTA Rail* and CCTMA Bus**
From the East-West rail line, exit the train at the E6 (Decatur) station
– Go down the stairs and follow the signs to Swanton Way
– Take the CCTMA bus to Children’s at Egleston
Bus 6 (Emory) and Bus 245 (Express) stop in front of Emory University Hospital on Clifton Road
NE, across from Children’s at Egleston
*Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority,
** Clifton Corridor Transportation Management Association,
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
What’s right for adults
isn’t right for kids.
Children are physically different. So they need pediatric specialists.
When you bring your child to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, you can be certain that they
will receive care that is 100% kid-focused. Our staff consists of dedicated specialists, such
as critical care physicians who have two or more years of additional pediatric training.
And everything here is geared to meet the unique needs of kids of all ages, from prenatal
diagnosis to repairing ACL tears in 17-year-olds. So the next time your doctor recommends
a specialist, ask to see a pediatric specialist. For more information, visit us online at or call 404-250-KIDS.
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