Ken Osbourne

Ken Osbourne
Breakthrough Co-op Ltd.
3845 Joseph Howe Drive, Suite 401
Halifax, N.S. B3L 4H9
Phone (902) 455-9939 ext. 106
Fax (902) 454-4986
[email protected]
M. S. W.
Maritime School Of Social Work 1979
Specialization: Individuals Families, and Small Groups
Saint Mary's University - Faculty of Arts and Science, 1977
Specialization: Psychology and Sociology (double major)
Logosynthesis:Master Class
Memories Fantasies and Emotions:
Reducing Complexity In Logosynthesis
Halifax, N.S. October 15th-17th, 2011
Presenter; Dr. Willem Lammers
Logosynthesis:Master Class
Discover Your Destiny: Practice the Path
Halifax, N.S. October 14th-16th 2010
Presenter: Willem Lammers
Logosynthesis:Master Class
Halifax, N.S. October 12th-14th, 2009
Presenter: Willem Lammers
Logosynthesis: Live
Halifax, N.S. September 26th-27th 2009
Presenters: Trish North and Mary Goodman
Logosynthesis: Supervision
Halifax, N.S. January 24th 2009
Presenters: Trish North and Mary Goodman
Logosynthesis: Level Two and Supervision Day
Halifax N.S. October 18th to 20th 2008
Presenter: Willem Lammers
Treatment of Attachment Disordered Children
Dalhousie, Halifax N.S. April 24th-25th 2008
Presenter: Dan Hughes
Logosynthesis Level One
Halifax N.S. March 7-8th 2008
Presenters: Dr Curtis Steele and Trish North
Curriculum Vitae
Ken Osbourne, MSW, RSW
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Quantum Touch for Healing
Dartmouth N.S. October 27-28th 2007
Presenter's: Alan and Jo-Ann Chinn
Trauma and Treatment Modalities
Dalhousie, Halifax N.S. May 31st and June 1st 2007
Presenter: Dr. John Briere
Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers
Stress and Coping in Changing Times
Amherst N.S. May 4th 2007
Presenter and Participant
Synthetic Cannaboid use in P. T. S.D. Treatment
Halifax N.S. February 26th 2007
Presenter: Dr. George Fraser
Treatment of Attachment Disordered Children
Halifax N.S. May 2-3th 2005
Presenter: Nancy Thomas
Use Of Crystal Bowls and Color in Therapy
Vancouver, B.C. April 22-24th 2005
Presenter: Renee Brodie
Kalachakra for World Peace
Toronto, Ontario April 25-May 5, 2004
Presenter: His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Trauma and Outpost Nursing
Nursing Support Program, Health Canada
Winnipeg, Manitoba February 27, 2004
Presenter: Dr. G. Passey
Third Atlantic Canadian Traumatic Stress Network Conference
Moncton, N.B. June 23 & 24, 2003
Participant and Presenter
Presentation title, "Olfaction and Trauma Therapy: It makes Scents!”
Canadian Association for Spirituality and Social Work
Halifax, N.S. June 4 & 5, 2003
Participant and Presenter
Presented on "The Peace Seeds" an experiential workshop featuring messages of Peace
from the 12 world's major religions, along with Tibetan Singing Bowls.
Hawaiian Toning and Chanting for Health
Halifax, N.S., April 26, 2003
Trainer: Ms. Alison Tapuana
N.S. Association of Social Work
Provincial Conference
Halifax, N.S. October 4, 2002
Topic: "The Future: As if the Family Mattered"
Curriculum Vitae
Ken Osbourne, MSW, RSW
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Trauma and Outpost Nursing
Winnipeg, Manitoba, February 22, 2002 Presenter: Dr. G. Passey
"Cost Benefit of Care"
Aromatherapy and the Chinese Five Elements
Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists
Toronto, ON, October 19-21, 2001
Trainer: Gabriel Mojay
"The Joy of Caring "
Halifax, N.S. September, 2001
Trainer: Patch Adams
Second Atlantic Traumatic Stress Network Conference
Halifax, N.S. August, 2001
Participant and Presenter:
Presenting Title: "Trauma, and its Impact on the Grieving Process"
Using Energy Psychology to Heal
Halifax, N.S., Dalhousie University, April 2001
Trainer: Sue Fraser
Theraplay © Introductory Level
November 15-18, 2000 Halifax, N.S.
Trainer: Dr. Evangeline Munns
Trauma Assessment and Treatment March 1999, Halifax, N.S.
Trainer: Dr. Matthew Friedman
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for Mental Health Professionals
November 1999, Halifax, N.S.
Trainer: Dr. C. Figley
Canadian International Congress of Aromatherapy
Toronto, Ontario
October 29 - November 2, 1999
Trainer: International experts in their fields.
Inaugural Atlantic Canadian Traumatic Stress Network Conference
Summerside, P.E.I. August, 1999
Participant & Presenter
Presentation Title: Stress Management and Connection to P.T.S.D.
Reiki Level I
June 1999, Halifax, N.S.
Trainer: Corrine Steele
International Child Therapy Seminar Series
March 15-16, 1999, Moncton, N.B.
Trainer: Sylvia Simonyi-Elmer, Dr. Mark Barnes,
Dr. Tom Turner,
Curriculum Vitae
Ken Osbourne, MSW, RSW
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Trauma and Outpost Nursing
March 11 & 12, 1999, Winnipeg, M.A.
Trainer: Health Canada
Professional Aromatherapy Certification
Halifax, NS September 97 - June 98
Trainer: Susan Alward
Second International Music Therapy Conference
Conference on the use of Music in Therapy & Healing.
Epping, New Hampshire. October 16-19/1997
Complicated Mourning: Loss Grief and Death
June 1995, Halifax, N.S.
Trainer: Dr.Theresa Rando
Play Therapy- Therapy
March 1995, Halifax, NS
Trainer: Mr. Mark Barnes
Grief and Loss of Only Child
July 1993, Halifax, N.S.
Trainer: Dr.Theresa Rando
Certification in Child Welfare Mediation
January - April 1993, Halifax, N.S.
Trainer: Justice Institute of British Columbia
Too Good for Her Own Good - Workshop
March 1993, Halifax, N.S.
Trainers: Claudia Bepko and Jo-Ann Krestan
Basic and Advanced Certification in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
December 3-6, 1992, Halifax, N.S.
Trainer: Jeff Mitchell
Family Therapy Externship
September 1992 - April 1993, Halifax, N.S.
Trainers: Dr. C. Humphreys and M. MacKenzie-Cann
Male Adolescent Sex Offenders and Male Victims
October 1992, Halifax, N.S.
Trainer: Fred Matthews
Complicated Grief: Intervention Techniques
Boston, Massachusetts March 19-20/92
Trainer: Dr. Gail Walker
Play Therapy with Maltreated Children: Strategies and Interventions
November 18 & 19, 1991, Halifax, N.S.
Trainer: Dr. John Pearce
Curriculum Vitae
Ken Osbourne, MSW, RSW
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Brief Solution Focused Therapy Training Program
Introduction- May 1991, Halifax, N.S.
Advanced- October 1991, Halifax, N.S.
Trainer: Ms. Insoo Kim Berg
Grief Therapy
September 20 &21, 1990, Halifax, N.S.
Trainer: Dr. Theresa Rando
Certification in Clinical Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
Level I - November 1-8th 1989 Level 2 - November 20th-28th 1990, Halifax, NS
Trainer: Mr. Ron Kline
Psychology and Education of Exceptional Children
September 1988- April 1989, Halifax, N.S.
Dalhousie University
Myths and Special Education
September 1998 - April 1989 Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S.
Grief Counseling Skills April 1987, Truro, N.S.
Trainer: Len Fabiano
Family Therapy and Introduction to Group Therapy
July 1981, Five Day Intensive
Trainer: Smith College, Massachusetts
1992 - Present
Psychotherapist, Breakthrough Co-0p Ltd.
Halifax, N.S.
A private agency offering therapy, training and supervision, consulting and teaching.
Individual, family couple and group therapy. Particular focus on working with trauma, loss and
grief issues, play therapy, and the integration of traditional and alternative approache.
Pediatric Social Worker - Izaak Walton Killam Hospital for Children
Halifax, N.S.
Provided crisis assessment and counselling in the intensive care and neurosurgery/neurology
units, palliative care and bereavement counselling. Facilitated nursing support groups. Provided
community education related to grief and loss. Conducted workshops on stress management to
hospital staff.
Medical Social Worker - Halifax Infirmary & Camp Hill Medical Complex
Halifax, N.S.
Provided social work services to a general medicine teaching unit, orthopedics and intensive care.
A particular focus was palliative care and providing support to families during crisis and post
Curriculum Vitae
Ken Osbourne, MSW, RSW
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Administrator Therapist - Adolescent Treatment Home
Prince George, B.C.
Designed, initiated and administered an adolescent treatment home for emotionally and
behaviourally disturbed children, adolescents and their families. Implemented, with marital
partner, a treatment milieu, which included individual, family and group therapies, as well as
education and recreation components.
Psychiatric Social Worker - Abbie Lane/Camp Hill Medical Complex
Halifax, N.S.
Provided social work services to two psychiatric in-patients and one unit for severally mentally
challenged adults. Participated in the teaching component of the psychiatric assessment clinic to
medical students and co-facilitated a personal effectiveness training group. During the last ten
months, provided general counselling services within the psychiatric outpatient department.
Child Welfare Worker - Family & Childrens Services, Cumberland Co.
Amherst, N.S.
Provided child protection services to one third of Cumberland County. Carried a family service
caseload and served twenty-five wards of the court. Utilized play therapy as a treatment
modality. Organized and chaperoned a trip to the Quebec Winter Carnival for twenty-seven
wards. Completed a research paper entitled “How Foster Children Fare in the System.”
For over 30 years, Ken has given lectures and extensive training in the following topics:
• Trauma assessment and treatment of P.T.S.D. symptoms.
• Grief assessment and counseling with children, adults.
• Extensive work with people with developmental disabilities.
• Stress management to lay and professional groups, focusing on individual
and contextual issues.
• Use of music, sound and colour in the healing process.
• The use of aroma in a therapeutic process.
• The use of trauma debriefing in an organizational setting.
• Palliative care training for volunteers.
Membership: N.S. Association of Social Workers