McConaughey and Phillippe lead strong ensemble cast The Grapevine

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14 – 20 APRIL 2011
McConaughey and Phillippe
lead strong ensemble cast
Saeed Adyani/Lionsgate
Singer Miley Cyrus speaks on stage during
Nickelodeon’s 24th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards.
Bieber, Depp, and
Cyrus among Kids
Choice Award
The pre-teen demographic made their
voices and choices heard early April as the
kid-focused cable network Nickelodeon
held its 23rd Kids Choice Awards.
Voting via Internet or text message in
the genres of television, music and movies,
the big winners of the night included The
Karate Kid for favourite movie, iCarly for
favourite television show, Johnny Depp
and Miley Cyrus for favourite male and
female movie actors, Selena Gomez and
Dylan Sprouse for favourite television
actors, and Justin Bieber and Katy Perry
for favourite male and female singers.
Highlights from the evening also
included a musical performance by Willow
Smith (actor Will Smith’s daughter), and
those famous “dunks” with Nickelodeon’s
notorious bright green slime, which hit
host Jack Black, Josh Duhamel and Jim
LA LAW: Maggie McPherson (Marisa Tomei) and Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey) in ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’.
Movie Review: ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’
Director : Brad Furman
Cast : Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillipe, Josh Lucas,
John Leguizamo, Michael Peña, Bob Gunton
Runtime : 119 mins
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
The Lincoln Lawyer is best-selling
author Michael Connelly’s 16th
novel, and his first courtroom
drama. It is successfully brought to
the big screen with unexpectedly
strong leading performances
McConaughey and foil Ryan
Lawyer to the underbelly
and drug dealers—Mick Haller
(McConaughey) is a slick, charismatic, “greasy angel” whose
specialty is finding loopholes in
the legal system to get his clients
off. He operates from the back
seat of his Lincoln Continental,
cruising from courthouse to
What you see at the surface,
however, isn’t necessarily the
whole picture. As the story
unfolds, the many layers of
Mick are revealed, including
his mostly noble code of ethics
in helping those who would not
otherwise be able to afford fair
legal representation.
While he can easily cater
to wealthier clientele, Mick
adamantly chooses to work with
the downtrodden in LA’s seedier
We also come to realise his
devotion to his daughter, whom
he’s raising with his prosecutor ex-wife (played by Marisa
Tomei), and he has a deep-rooted
fear of putting an innocent man
in jail.
As the plot advances, Mick
lands the case of a lifetime. His
bail bondsman connection (John
Leguizamo) introduces him to
Beverly Hills socialite Louis
Roulet (Ryan Phillippe), who has
been accused of attempted rape
and murder of a prostitute.
As Mick delves deeper into the
case, he realises that nothing is
what it seems.
Mick quickly discovers that
he’s dueling with a mastermind
who may have led him to put a
previous client (Michael Pena)
into jail for a crime he didn’t
commit. How will Mick balance
his own ethics and morals
against the legal system to
correct his mistake?
The Lincoln Lawyer was
highly entertaining, keeping
the audience at the edge of their
seats, almost as if we were all
swerving across LA’s diverse
neighbourhoods in the back
of Mick’s Lincoln. The all-star
ensemble cast also includes
Josh Lucas, as the prosecuting attorney on the case, and
William H. Macy, who plays
Mick’s private investigator best
Matthew McConaughey was
so comfortable and believable as
Mick that you’d think the novel
was originally written specifically with him in mind. This is
his first dramatic role in years,
and hopefully it will not be his
His facility in handling both
comedy and drama make him
a true pleasure to watch on
screen. While he may be pigeonholed into a rom-com leading
man with a distaste for shirts,
it’s important to recall his first
major breakthrough starring
role, playing a young lawyer in
John Grisham’s court thriller A
Time to Kill.
Despite one romantic scene in
which he does take off his shirt,
McConaughey’s performance in
The Lincoln Lawyer is redemptive, illuminating his depth and
prowess as an actor who can be
taken seriously.
Also worthy of calling out,
Ryan Phillippe’s nuanced performance as the anti-hero was
a key element of the film’s
Louis and Mick go head to
head, battling out their moves
as if on a life-sized chessboard.
While certain parts of the
film didn’t come together as
cohesively as they could have,
The Lincoln Lawyer is a highly
entertaining courtroom thriller
with an all-star cast. Matthew
alone is worth buying a ticket!
The movie is now at the
cinema in Hong Kong.
Angelina Jolie launches a jewellery line for charitable cause
Lily Collins at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in
West Hollywood, California.
Lily Collins in
negotiation to
play Snow White
British-American actress Lily Collins, 22,
who is best known for playing opposite
Sandra Bullock as her daughter in The
Blind Side (and is the real-life daughter
of singer Phil Collins), is reportedly in
negotiations with Relativity Media to star
as Snow White in its adaptation of the
fairy tale, according to The Hollywood
The film is aimed for release in June
2012, no doubt trying to beat another
Snow White movie to theatres from competitor Universal, which currently lists
a release date of December 2012 for its
Snow White and the Huntsman.
American actress and humanitarian advocate,
Angelina Jolie together with designer Robert
Procop have just launched a jewellery line,
Style of Jolie, in Hollywood California, said
The collection is displaying at Juliens
Gallery and Auction House in Beverly Hills,
California. Darren Julien, CEO, and Martin
Nolan, Executive Director of the gallery
mentioned that they are very proud of the exhibition and excited to be associated with such
a venture for charity. The items are for sale and
displayed in high-end, museum quality exhibition style for invited guests only. The line is
made of yellow and rose golds with gems as a
centrepiece. The collection has been very well
received from visitors and the designer hopes
to facilitate everyone who is interested to experience the line.
Procop mentioned on his website that in the
range, each piece is unique and of high quality.
The pair have been working together on vast
charity work for children and now launch
this collection in early April with proceeds to
benefit children in need of Education.
“What we’re showing here is a collection
that Angelina and I have been working on
for the last nine months,” said Procop in the
VDO clip on the Gallery’s website. “This is a
collaboration between Angelina Jolie and
myself in designing beautiful jewels as a piece
of an art form,” said the artist Robert, “... our
This is a collaboration
between Angelina Jolie
and myself in designing
beautiful jewels as a
piece of an art form
A Robert Procop necklace, part of the ‘Style of Jolie’ Exhibition is seen in Beverly Hills on April 6, 2011.
The exhibition showcases the artistic jewellery collaboration between Robert Procop and actress Angelina
Jolie with all proceeds from the collection benefiting children living in regions affected by conflict or
the devastation of natural disasters.
main mission is helping children in crisis by
educating children around the world”.
According to Robert Procop’s website,
Robert Procop is a jewellery designer famous
for his exclusive custom jewellery work
among Hollywood A-listers and Royalty
around the world. Procop has shops in Beverly
Hills, Geneva and Hong Kong. He has been an
active supporter of charities for underprivileged children including the ones impacted by
domestic violence and Angelina Jolie’s global
charitable efforts to help children in conflict.
Angelina Jolie first became interested in
worldwide humanitarian issues while filming
Tomb Raider in Cambodia in 2001. She turned
to the United Nations High Commissioner for
Refugees (UNHCR) for more information and
since then, became involved in promoting humanitarian causes. In recognition for her work,
she became a Goodwill Ambassador for the organisation in August 2001. Jolie continues her
efforts and has received wide recognition. In
2003, she was the first recipient of the newly
created Citizen of the World Award by the
United Nations Correspondents Association,
and in 2005, she was awarded the Global
Humanitarian Award by the UNA-USA.
Angelina Jolie is also known as one of the
world’s most attractive women. In her acting
career, she is very successful, proven by an
Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild
Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. Jolie
is married to Brad Pitt with six children.