P R O F E S S I O N... A N N U A L R E...

A N N U A L R E P O RT O N G I V I N G 2 012 - 2 013
James Dawson
Charlotte M. Ford
Ernest H. Frank
Peter P. Nitze
Eileen Dieck
Harold S. Spitzer
Chair Emeritus
Donald B. Brant, Jr.
Vice Chair
Jack Murrin
Marilyn Yanowitch
Gregory Abbott
Rachel Antonoff*
L. David Clark
James Dawson
Charles E. Fagan
Kimberley Fiterman-Duepner
Stephanie J. Hull
Denise Jackson Sutherland*
Diane Kenney
John B. Murray
Ann W. Sethness
Sarah Shepard Schmieder*
Leslie Uggams*
Sarah Brooks
P RO F E S S I O N A L C H I L D R E N ’ S S C H O O L
supporting the Arts
celebrating the Mind
James Dawson
. . . supporting
the passion
PCS not only
produces powerful
artists, athletes,
and technology
mavericks, but
also ensures that
we graduate well
educated citizens
of the world.
This past year, the last of our first one hundred years, was, true to form,
filled with ongoing evidence of the kind of sustained, enthusiastic, unwavering
support that has ensured PCS’s ability to support the arts and celebrate the
mind over this first century. Our Annual Fund, our Concert Celebration, our
Centennial Fund to eliminate our IDA Bond debt, our specially designated
funding efforts, such as the one supporting Tuition Assistance in honor of the
long and noteworthy service of Carol Kleban or the Senior/Eighth Grade Gift in
support of our technology initiative, are all a part of the larger fabric of strong
belief in what we do, in the students we serve, in the noble and proper notion
that supporting the passion encountered throughout PCS not only produces
powerful artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and technology mavericks, but also
ensures that we graduate well educated citizens of the world. Each of the ways
in which the many donors noted herein directed their giving helped each of our
directed students to find their voice in the cacophony of noise endemic to the
modern world. Each of the foci that received the generous underwriting, the gift
in kind, the designated gift, the general support, and the extraordinary gesture of
giving made us a stronger school, created a stronger community, and ensured a
stronger future. It is only as the result of the past energy and generosity of this
remarkable community of supporters that we can be assured of the future ability
to succeed at touching the lives of the remarkable young people who continue to
be entrusted to us.
PCS takes this trust to the heart; we are proud of the work that we do, touched
by the lives that intersect with ours, dedicated to an ongoing search for the
proper tools to educate through our commitment to excellence in teaching
and concomitantly, excellence in support of our curricular goals, be it through
technology, professional development, mentoring, or evolving pedagogy. The
success of PCS is the result of a partnership among our parents, our students,
our faculty and support staff, and only comes to fruition as a result of the caring,
committed individuals who make our work possible through their generous
support of our program and our needs.
The past recedes behind us at the close of every day and the future pulls us
forward with every dawn. No organization, no special institution, no place of
learning and affirmation, no place of unyielding hope and endless possibility can
survive if it is not sustained by believers in the mission, purpose, scope and work
of that body. It is the silent but powerful work of all of our supporters – each of
you noted herein – which has made this first century a realized dream and which
allows us to move forward into the second century with certainty and assurance.
Thank you for making it possible to sustain this very special place called
Professional Children’s School. It is a place filled with exceptional young people,
affirmed by each of us as we endeavor to believe in them and in their own
individual, unique and extraordinary journey that boldly takes them forward into
the next one hundred years, filled with boundless hope and endless possibility.
Anthony Roth Costanzo ’00
performing as Tolomeo in
Tolomeo at Glimmerglass Opera
Clair McAdams;
Leslie Uggams and Smaggu Productions, Inc.
Leslie Uggams ’60
Eileen “Lee” Dieck
As I enter my first year as Board Chair for
Professional Children’s School, I am profoundly
grateful to be part of an organization which
holds a unique and important place in the lives
of the students it serves. As the mother of
an alumnus, I know firsthand the “lifetime of
possibilities” that PCS ensures for its students;
with its emphasis on rigorous education,
flexibility of schedule and guided study, PCS
enables its students to acquire an excellent college preparatory education while
pursuing their passions in the arts, athletics and entrepreneurship. There simply is
no other school like PCS, and we are all fortunate to be a part of this institution.
I am grateful to our faculty and staff for the work they do so well on behalf of
our students.
I know firsthand
the “lifetime of
possibilities” that
PCS ensures for
its students; with
its emphasis on
rigorous education,
flexibility of schedule
and guided study,
PCS enables its
students to acquire
an excellent
college preparatory
education while
pursuing their
passions in the
arts, athletics and
As we begin our centennial year, the Board of Trustees has focused on
celebrating the legacy of our first 100 years while simultaneously looking
toward ensuring the future of PCS. The Centennial Fund has been established
to recognize this incredible milestone, and the money raised through this effort
will be used to pay down the IDA bond which enabled our school’s expansion
in 2004. In addition, numerous celebratory events will be held throughout the
coming year. We hope you will join us at these events as we celebrate both our
rich history and our promising future.
James Dawson, our gifted Head of School, and John Tucker, our tireless Director
of Public Relations and Assistant to the Board, have spent hours interviewing
many of our alumni about the role PCS has played in their lives. The resulting
video, A Century of Dreams, offers inspiring testimony about the importance of
PCS to our alumni and reminds us of the important work we do to support not
only our students, but also the rich cultural climate of New York City and, indeed,
the United States and the world.
This year we welcomed three new trustees to our board, John Murray (father
to Jesse, class of 2015), Sarah Shepard (alumna, class of 1987) and Leslie Uggams
(alumna, class of 1960). A celebrated architect and author, John brings his skills
to the Finance and Building committees. Sarah, whose expertise is in the area of
social media and communications, is working with the Committee on Trustees
as well as the Institutional Advancement Committee. Leslie’s legendary career in
music, theater and television, along with her long-standing commitment to PCS
as an alum and parent (Justice Pratt, class of 1994) will enhance our efforts in
Institutional Advancement as well.
As we welcomed new members to our board, we simultaneously expressed our
gratitude to trustees who retired from the board at the end of June. Andres
Rios rotated off the board after completing his term as parent trustee. Mark
Rosenberg retired from the board after providing tremendous support as
Treasurer and Chair of the Finance committee, and Carol Canter retired from
the board after 15 years of service including her time as Chair of the Committee
on Trustees and Secretary. At the end of this report you will find a tribute
to our beloved trustee colleague and friend, Judith Mandrakos, who passed
away suddenly this fall. A fund in Judith’s name has been established for tuition
assistance, a focus that was near and
dear to Judith’s heart.
This year we have also welcomed
three new administrators to the PCS
Family. Alex Shaurette joined us this
summer as the Upper School Head,
Shari Honig, well known to many of us
in her prior faculty role, has assumed
the position of Director of Admissions,
and Christopher Haley joined PCS
in September as our Director of
Institutional Advancement. Their
energy and enthusiasm is infectious
and I am excited about what they
will accomplish in their respective
roles. As always, the Board and I are
deeply grateful for the constancy of
leadership offered by James Dawson.
We are indeed fortunate to have him
at the helm!
As we commence the celebration
of the first 100 years of Professional
Children’s School, I look with
anticipation to the future of this
school that has played such an
important role in the lives of talented
children. I am grateful for your ongoing
support and am hopeful that you will
continue to be generous as we work
to ensure the future of PCS for the
students yet to come.
Chris Haley
What an exciting time to be a part of the PCS community as we enter our
100th year. PCS, like our students, has a lifetime of possibilities ahead.
We have so much to be thankful for in 2012-2013. We are particularly grateful
to our more than 350 parents, alumni, trustees, and friends who contributed
$1,254,138 during the 2012-2013 academic year.
Our Class of 2013 families raised nearly $36,000 to advance PCS’s
technological capabilities through the purchase of iPads and accessories. The
iPads are being used to facilitate multimedia interaction with a multitude of
subjects. Thanks to our Class of 2013 families, we now have 60 iPads for use
throughout the school by middle-school and upper-school students alike.
Students in art, history, science, and math classes are now using tablets on a
regular basis to enhance the classroom experience.
What an exciting
time to be a
part of the PCS
community as we
enter our 100th
year. PCS, like
our students,
has a lifetime
of possibilities
PCS Concert Celebration, held at the historic Colony Club, delighted
attendees with performances by 14 incredibly-talented PCS students and a
special alumni guest. The performers played before a sold-out audience, and
the event raised almost $85,000 (gross) toward tuition assistance.
As most of you know, Carol Kleban, our beloved administrator, teacher and
friend, retired after 33 years of dedicated service to PCS. In her honor, PCS
created the Carol Kleban Tuition Assistance Fund, to raise funds to provide
financial aid support to deserving students. In 2012-2013, more than $14,000
was raised in Carol’s honor toward this most worthy cause.
Also, PCS is proud to have a new Centennial logo which graces our website,
school letterhead, and this publication, thanks to a generous gift from PCS
trustee, Charles Fagan, and his creative team at Polo Ralph Lauren.
During 2014, we will invite our extended community to join us for a number
of special events to celebrate our 100th year. We hope you will be able to join
I look forward to becoming acquainted with our wonderful community of
generous supporters in the coming years, and I am exceedingly proud to be a
part of this vibrant institution.
Kimberley Fiterman-Duepner,
James Dawson
Ann W. Sethness
Lee Dieck
Denise Jackson Sutherland
Gregory Abbott
Charles E. Fagan
Leslie Uggams
Rachel Antonoff
Chris Haley
Marilyn Yanowitch
Candice Brown
Sarah Shepard Schmieder
Philanthropic Support:
July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013
Giving to the Annual Fund
by Constituencies*
Annual Fund Unrestricted
Annual Fund Restricted
Centennial Fund Gifts
Parents of Alumni
In-Kind Gifts
Special Events
Total Giving to PCS
Faculty and Staff (past and present)
$ 428,862
Grandparents and Friends
Foundations, Corporations, and Grants
reporting purposes, individuals in multiple categories have been counted
* For
more than once.
Named and Restricted Funds
at Professional Children’s School
The Bob Avian Scholarship
(established 1997)
Sir Cameron Macintosh established this endowed
scholarship fund to honor his friend and colleague,
producer/choreographer Bob Avian. The scholarship is
awarded to a PCS student with an interest in the field
of dance and is based on academic and artistic merit.
Faculty Salary Endowment
(established with an Edward E. Ford Foundation grant
in 1981)
This endowed fund supplements faculty salaries, helping
to keep them competitive with other independent
schools. It allows the school to keep tuition at a
reasonable rate while continuing to maintain an
excellent professional staff.
Centennial Fund for the Future
(established in 2012)
The Centennial Fund for the Future was created by the
PCS Board of Trustees to raise funds toward paying off
the School’s IDA Bond.
The Dani Brenner Dare to Dream Fund
(established in 2010)
The Dani Brenner Award, supported principally through
the generosity of the Brenner family, is given annually in
memory of PCS student Dani Brenner (1978-1995) to
a member of the junior class for excellence in creative
and expository writing.
The Edward E. Ford Foundation
Young Dreamers Fund
(established in 2008)
The Edward E. Ford Foundation
Endowed Scholarship Fund
(established 1973, additional grant in 1990)
These endowed funds provide tuition assistance for
outstanding students in good standing with financial need.
Faculty Enrichment Fund
(established with an Edward E. Ford Foundation grant
in 1987)
This fund provides grants for faculty members to
attend special workshops, seminars, and embark on
special projects of their own design in order to further
professional and personal growth.
Faculty-Staff Travel Grant Fund
(established in 2001)
Two grants annually are awarded to members of the
full-time faculty and/or staff who have been continuously
employed at PCS for a minimum of four years. Grants
can be used for any purpose involving travel within
the United States and/or international destinations.
The grant program is designed to support travel to
fulfill a personal or professional goal, and recipients are
selected at the discretion of the Head of School.
The Gladys Brooks Foundation
Endowment Grant for the Library
(established in 1997)
This endowed fund supports the technological
components of the PCS Library, allowing students
access to the wide range of modern research resources.
Fund for the
The Jackson Family Fund for Student Support
(established in 2006)
This fund was created by PCS alumna and Trustee Denise Jackson
Sutherland, in memory of her parents Audrey Keppel Jackson (PCS
’39) and John Henry Jackson (PCS ‘35). The fund supports student
needs not covered by tuition assistance. Income from the fund
provides for the purchase of books, transportation to and from
school, eyeglasses, class trips, and other expenses beyond the reach
of students with financial need.
The Lavinia Reese Fund (established in 2009)
An endowed fund providing need-based tuition assistance for
PCS’s African-American students was established with a bequest in
December 2009 from Lavinia Reese. Ms. Reese was an employee of
the School for more than 34 years until her retirement as business
manager in November 2005.
The Readers Digest-Dewitt Wallace Endowed
Scholarships (established in 1992)
This fund provides tuition assistance for students with financial need.
The Robert J. Mariano Memorial Fund
(established in 2003)
Robert Mariano (PCS ’61) was the director of the first “All of
Us” musical in 1960, with fellow students Marvin Hamlisch, Leslie
Uggams, Christopher and Glen Walken and Lorin Hollander. The
show evolved over the years into the annual Spring Benefit. In 2003,
his many classmates and friends established this memorial fund
to help support the building and operation of the Peter Glenville
Theatre at PCS.
We are grateful to the many alumni, friends, parents, faculty and
staff who have made gifts to support our community over the years.
Additional gifts to any of these funds are especially welcomed as we
work to advance the mission of PCS.
The following individuals have
generously contributed toward paying
off the School’s IDA Bond. Once the
bond is retired, approximately $300,000
will be available annually to directly
support the School’s operating needs.
PCS will then enjoy the benefits of
additional dollars for faculty and staff
salaries and benefits, for ongoing
building improvements, for additional
support for our tuition assistance fund,
and for growing the endowment.
Gregory and Marcia Abbott
Alexandra Ansanelli ‘99
Rachel Antonoff ‘99
Donald and Susan Brant
Carol and Stephen Canter
Mr. and Mrs. L. David Clark
Daniel and Ellen Crown
James Dawson and Shaun Mattivi
William and Eileen Dieck
Greg Duepner and
Kimberley Fiterman-Duepner
Charles Fagan
Dolly J. Fiterman
Charlotte M. Ford
Ernest and Kay Frank
Stephanie J. Hull
David H. Koch
Denise Jackson Sutherland ‘69
Diane William J. Kenney
Susann Malin and Joel Solomon
Judith D. Mandrakos
John Murrin and Wendy Murdock
Peter and Susan Nitze
Andres Rios
Mark and Rochelle Rosenberg
Ann Sethness and John Russell Smith
Harold Steven Spitzer
Michael and Marilyn Yanowitch
PCS Graduating Class of 2013
Ian H. Abbott
Shay Abeson
Daniela Arnedo Aldrich
Zachary Allen
Lily Arnell
Aimée Anne-Caroline
Qiuyi Hazel Chen
Alexa Davis
Ariane de Selliers
Chiara Dello Joio
Gabrielle Estep
Rachel Filsoof
William Fisher
Brianna Gentilella
Paulina Gerzon
Jarrett Grempel
Greg Grossman
Lauren Holappa
Timothy Holmes
Jonathan Kiembock
Margot Maimon Krisberg
Leo “Yuan” Liao
Huahua Liu
Lulu Liu
Mel Maetzener
Jesse Baxendale Manning
Sun Young Min
Rebecca Minsley
Kako Miura
Jack Morgan
Leland Murrin
Arisa Onoda
Lily XiaoXia Overmyer
Jasmine Perry
Luke Marcus Rosen
Jonathan Russell
Emily Safron
Jacob Savransky
Skyla Schreter
Eun Kyung “Tori” Shim
Nina Skoko
Congratulations to our seniors!!!!!
Middle School
Closing Exercises
Class of 2013
College Acceptances
Allison Snyder
Hee So Son
Sarah Steele
Julia Goldani Telles
Emma Katherine Turner
Samantha Perri Tutelman
Nicoline von Finck
Betty Jane Walsh
Mengqi “Miko” Wang
Yijia Wang
Nathaniel Wolff
Noelle Yatauro
Yuqing Zeng
Shiqi Zhong
PCS Eighth Grade Class of 2013
Amanda Asciutto
Sophia Berman
Darius Black
Conor Carroll
Sabrina Cmelak
Finlay Doyle
Max Greenberg
Ethan Haberfield
Theodore Karakitsos
Samantha Kasowitz
Chabeen Lee
Charles Plummer
Gianna Reisen
Emily Robinson
Rosina Standora
Muyun Tang
Mirei Toyama
Academy of Arts
University of
San Francisco
American Academy of
Dramatic Arts
University of the Arts,
University of Arizona
Arizona State University
Art Institute of
Bard College (2)
Bates College
Baylor University
Beloit College
Bennington College
Berklee College of Music
Boston College
Brandeis University
University of British
Butler University
University of Chicago
Cleveland Institute
of Music
University of Colorado (2)
Columbia University
Concordia University
Connecticut College
CUNY - Hunter
CUNY - Lehman
CUNY- Queens
Curtis Institute of
Music (2)
Dartmouth University
University of Delaware
University of Denver
DePaul University
Dominican University
Drew University
Drexel University
Eastman School of Music
University of Edinburgh
Eugene Lang College (4)
Fairleigh Dickinson
Fordham University (5)
George Washington
Harvard University
Indiana University
Ithaca College
Johnson & Wales
The Juilliard School (3)
Lafayette College
Lawrence University
Loyola University New
Loyola Marymount
Manhattan School
of Music (6)
Mannes School of
Music (3)
Marymount Manhattan
McGill University
New England
Conservatory (5)
New York University (8)
Oberlin College
Oberlin Conservatory
Pace University (4)
Peabody Institute
Pennsylvania State
Point Park University
Rider University/
Westminster Choir
University of Rochester
Royal Welsh
Saint John’s University
University of San
Sarah Lawrence
College (3)
Savannah College of
Art & Design
University of Scranton
Skidmore College
University of South
SUNY - Albany
SUNY-Purchase (2)
Trinity College
Trinity University (Ireland)
University of Vermont
Wheaton College (Mass.)
Whittier College (2)
Special Events
PCS Concert
February 6, 2013
PCS trustees, parents, faculty,
staff and friends gathered
at the Colony Club for a
wonderful evening of music
and camaraderie in support
of the Tuition Assistance
Fund. Our incredibly talented
performers included Hiu Sing Fan
(Class of 2014), Jarrett Grempel
(Class of 2013), Ye Huang (Class
of 2016), Olivia Kapell (Class of
2014), Tian-Yi Li (Class of 2016),
Teng “Claire” Long (Class of 2014)
Qingxi Meng (Class of 2015), Jesse
Burnside Murray (Class of 2015),
Jiadi Pei (Class of 2016), Jonathan
Russell (Class of 2013), Jacob
Savransky (Class of 2013), Hee So
Son (Class of 2013), Mengqi “Miko”
Wang (Class of 2013), Sihan Yue
(Class of 2015), Shiqi Zhong (Class
of 2013), and very special guest
Anthony Roth Costanzo (Class of
A Retirement Celebration
May 9, 2013 at PCS
Three beloved members of the PCS community retired at the end of
the 2012-2013 academic year. Carol Kleban, who joined PCS in 1979,
retired from her position as Associate Head of School; Sherrie Hinkle, who served as our Director of Admissions, retired
after 15 years of service; and Judith Kaplan, our Learning Specialist, retired from PCS after being with us for six years. The
three extraordinary women were honored at a brief program at the school on May 9, 2013. We are grateful to each of
them for their service and dedication to PCS and for the countless PCS students they’ve impacted over the years.
Invest in the Future of PCS
For many alumni, families, and friends, PCS has played a significant role in their growth and development.
If you would like to ensure that future students and families have the same opportunities, please consider
investing in the future of PCS with a gift from your estate.
Encore Society
In 1994, Betty Ivey Martin inspired the creation of the Encore Society, an honorary
group formed to recognize those who have included a provision for PCS in their
estate plans. Bequest intentions qualify for membership in this esteemed society.
If you would like to become a member of the Encore Society by making a gift to
secure PCS’s future, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at
212-582-3116 x115.
Encore Society Members
James He and
Wendy Zang
Aimee Hepting
Ellen W. Johnston
Murray and Teri Kessler
Betty Ivey Martin
Hildegarde H. Preston
Dolores Quinton
Lavinia Reese
Frank Streeter
Henryette Hunt White
PCS Faculty and Staff
Will Acevedo
Building Manager
Rocio Izurieta
Alexandra Ochoa
Spanish Teacher
Debra Alago
Cafeteria Manager
Lizbeth Johnson
Academic Technology
Thomas Orefice
English Teacher
Ben Baskerville
Head Custodian
In Loving Memory of
January 10, 1938 – October 15, 2013
In 2013, Professional Children’s
School lost a long-time beloved
Board member, donor, supporter,
and friend. Judith Mandrakos was
an extraordinary supporter of PCS
who cared deeply for the remarkable young people entrusted to our
care. Her silent, often unbeknownst,
generosity frequently made the difference between attending and leaving the school for families in crisis
or financial difficulties. Judith cared
for our school at every moment and
in myriad ways. If service, generosity, and selflessness are the mark
of grace and elegance, then there
is no one who showed more grace,
more elegance, and more care than
Judith did. All of us at PCS, students,
faculty, staff, and trustees, benefitted from her graciousness. We are
profoundly grateful to Judith for the
countless ways she supported PCS.
Her loving presence and participation will continue to be missed for
many years to come.
Amanda Bastian
Associate Director
of Development
Bernardo Belloso
Candice Brown
Administrative Assistant
Ernestine Byer-Tyre
Biology and Chemistry
Kevin Casey
Physical Education
Paul Chalmers
Math Teacher and
James Dawson
Head of School
Dalila Hannouche
French Teacher
Sherrie Hinkle
Director of Admissions
Judith Kaplan
Learning Specialist
Carol Kleban
Associate Head
of School
Ayana Pena-Espina
Assistant to the Middle
School Head and
Attendance Officer
Erika Petersen
History Teacher
Roberta Kosse
Music Teacher
Guthrie Porter
Math Teacher
Jeffrey Laguzza
English and Social
Studies Teacher
James Reilly
English Teacher
Valerie Leger
French Teacher
Victoria Mancuso
Business Manager
Marcy Mann
Academic Dean
Raquel Martinez
Joseph Mayes
Cafeteria Staff
Peggy M. Meertins
Administrative Assistant
to the Associate
Head of School
Briane Miccio
Middle School Math
and Science Teacher
Kevin Rodd
Science Teacher
Kerry Roeder
Antonio Rodriguez
Cafeteria Staff
Vincent Sagona
Drama Teacher
Robert Mark Savage
History Teacher
Jean J. Scales
Business Office and
Admissions Assistant
Shellie Sclan
English Teacher
Elizabeth Snyder
Math Teacher
Jennifer Morganstern
Spanish Teacher
John Tucker
Director of Public
Caroline Holder
Art Teacher
Vincent Napolitano
History Teacher
Alissa Wall
Math Teacher
Shari Honig
ESL Teacher
Dania Nauholnyk
Head of Middle School
Patricia Wallendjack
Director of Development
William Hirt
History Teacher and
College Advisor
132 West 60th Street
New York, NY 10023
A D M I N I S T R AT I V E T E A M 2 0 1 3 - 2 0 14
James Dawson
Head of School
Marcy Mann
Associate Head for Academic Affairs
Alex Shaurette
Head of Upper School
Dania Nauholnyk
Head of Middle School
Chris Haley
Director of Institutional Advancement
Victoria Mancuso
Business Manager
Shari Honig
Director of Admissions
John Tucker
Director of Public Relations
Chris Haley
Director of Institutional Advancement
Candice Brown
Assistant to the Director of Institutional Advancement
This Annual Report lists all gifts received
between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.
In compiling our lists of contributors,
we have tried to be as accurate as possible.
If your name has been omitted or listed
incorrectly, please let us know and accept
our very sincere apologies.
Action Graphics
Sarah Brooks
Caroline Holder
Clair McAdams
Kerry Roeder
Alex Shaurette
John Tucker
Leslie Uggams and Smaggu Productions Inc.
Professional Children’s School is committed
to using the world’s resources wisely – now
and into the future. We are making use of
electronic communications for invitations,
newsletters, and reports, and would
like to make this our primary means of
communication with our alumni and friends.
If you would prefer to receive information
from PCS via the Internet rather than the
US Postal Service, please send your email
address to advancement @ pcs-nyc.org or
call 212-582-3116, ext. 118. Thank you for
your support.
132 West 60th Street
New York, New York 10023