Holiday Guitar Sale 25%

Holiday Guitar Sale
25% off
All New Martin, Ibanez, Breedlove, Yamaha, Seagull, A&L
Guitars, Fender Electric Guitars Basses & Amplifiers and
Many Others of the Most Popular Brands You’d Love to Have
Looking for the ultimate gift?
We have 1 of only 100 Martin 1902 Re-issue Guitars.
It sounds wonderful, is extremely ornate with beautiful Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and a gorgeous Adirondak Spruce top.
And to make it even more true to the original, it comes with a period “coffin” case.
Martin’s list price is $25,000 but you can have it at McCabe’s for only $18,750
McCabe’s Kids’ Concerts
Call 310-828-4497 for advance tickets (Recommended) • Produced by Myrna Palma
$6 Adults, $3 Kids (Kids under two free). All shows start at 11 a.m. Door opens approx. 10:50
SUNDAY, December 14 (on sale Nov. 24)
SUNDAY, February 8 (on sale Jan. 19)
An icon in the L.A. Kids music & education scene, Jacki is a
wonderfully talented performer. She’ll have your whole family
singing along to holiday fare as well as other old favorites. Great
fun for everyone.
Buck is the host of “Buck Howdy’s Cow Pie Radio”, which
airs weekly on XM Satellite Radio.According to Buck,
“Cowboy mucic touches everybody wherever they live.
Folks are hungry for songs that remind them of the good ol’
days, & want to share that with their kids.” Come share great
music with this MCA Nashville recording artist!
SUNDAY, January 11 (on sale Dec. 22)
This multi-talented artist has captured the hearts of children
& adults alike through her recordings & the “Song-Along /
Dance-Along” concerts she performs internationally. Don’t
miss her!
SUNDAY, January 25 (on sale Jan. 5)
They’re back! J. P. Nightingale returns to McCabe’s. This
delightful duo performs stories, songs, rhymes & mimes to
capture the imaginations of all ages. Be sure to bring your
spoons so you can play along in the “Spoon Finale.”
SUNDAY, March 28 (on sale Mar. 8)
SUNDAY, February 22 (on sale Feb. 2)
We’re proud to have Katherine join us once again for a funfilled, warm show with lots of audience participation &
her wonderfully beautiful voice for children & adults to
enjoy. Can’t tell I like her, canyou? Don’t miss her!
SUNDAY, March 14 (on sale Feb. 23)
Songster & Children’s book author Barney Saltzberg returns
to McCabe’s bringing his special brand of humor & fun. His
catchy tunes and clever lyrics will have you & your litrtle
ones dancing in the aisles. A wonderful show!
Please join us for a wonderful, talented performer & songwriter. His music for children is intelligent & evocative of how we
all really do think & feel when we are little people. On top of that, his voice is wonderful, too! This one is a sell-out so make
sure to get your tickets early!
Make your own McCabe’s Christmas Tree Ornament
Cut out the squares below in one long strip. Fold it on the vertical
lines and paste it together. Punch out the small circles. Tie a string
through the holes. Hang it on the tree. Admire it and congratulate
yourself! Happy Holidays! (Not at all attractive to cats.)
fold and paste
“McCabe’s” and “McCabe’s Guitar Shop” are registered trade marks of McCabe and Camp (a California Corporation). This issue of McCabe’s Flier was written and produced by Dave Zeitlin with the
talented assistance of Zach Love. Special thanks to Robert Riskin. StrJan04.pmd
Guitar Shop
3101 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Address Service Requested
New Concerts
New Classes
• Guitar Sale
Start the Week of January 5th
Check the date on your label! If it is
MAY 03, this is your LAST McCABE'S
FLIER unless you mail the label back
or bring it to McCabe's!
McCabe’s® is Open:
We will be open extended hours during the Holiday Season
Friday 12/12 & 12/19 & Saturday 12/13 & 12/20 (10 am - 9 pm) · Sunday 12/21 (12 - 6 pm)
On Christmas and New Years Eve we will close at 8 pm
• Monday thru Thursday ...........................................................................10 am - 10 pm
• Friday & Saturday ................................................................................... 10 am - 6 pm
• Sunday....................................................................................................... 1 pm - 5 pm
• Info & Charge Tickets call (310) 828-4497 • Concert Hotline (310) 828-4403
• • [email protected]
Directions: from Westbound 10 freeway Centinela exit, turn right & right on Pico,we
are 3 blocks West on the right. From Eastbound 10 Centinela exit, right on Pico,
2 1/2 blocks on right.
If parking feels pinched, you can
always park for free from 6 pm until
midnight in the parking lot behind the
US Bank at 33rd Street and Pico.
Now you can save 25% on these
Complete Guitar Packages for Painless Shopping
Ibanez Electric Guitar Jam Pack...
This Package has everything the steel string acoustic guitar pack
has with an amplifier, too. List price $360. Now only $270
Ibanez Electric Bass Jam Pack...
It’s just like the electric guitar Jam Pack but includes everything
you need to play bass. List price $407. Now only $305
You can customize your own package! And on a budget, too. We promise to work
within your own comfort zone to put together a package that won’t break any promises or your checkbook. Just tell us what you want to spend, and leave the rest to
us.You can choose from acoustic steel string guitar packages, acoustic-electric guitars, electric guitars or electric bass (complete with amp). These include quality instruments and everything else sure to delight even the most “picky” beginning guitar
pickers. What makes this easier, is that most of our major brands of guitars are on
sale at discounts ranging from 10% all the way to 40% msrp. Please shop early for
your best selection.
Want your playing to be heard?
Save 50% on Dean Markley Acoustic guitar pickups (for steel strings). Now only $59.97.
We also have a great selection of acoustic amplifiers. These range from about $200 to
$1200, but we’ll take 25% off the list price when you find the one you want.
To go with these, we’re offering 40% off list price on Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedals. That
makes them $57.50 (which beats at least one major on-line dealer’s price), plus there’s no
shipping fee and you get to come to McCabe’s.
Small Things Can Make Big Gifts
All Straps 20% off • All Windchimes 20% off • All Didgeridoos
20% off • Shure PG Microphones 40% off • Spanish-made Castanets ( your choice of Ebony or Granadillo) 50% off • plus our
usual, wonderful assortment of Strings, Picks, Drums, Musical Frogs,
Capos, Ukes, Shakers, Kazoos, Videos, CDs, Pennywhistles, Tuners, Recorders, etc., all at miniscule prices. We have a giant selection of small
musical instruments for your wee ones – far too many to list here.
Come in and see!
Baby, it’s cold outside! Warm up with some great holiday reading!
Now through January 4th, every book, video and the DVD in the store is 10% off. Now there’s a
great gift idea! We have all the print music neccessities to keep you warm and happy through
the coming days. Every artist from ABBA to ZZ Top • Holiday books with every Christmas,
Chanukah song you ever wanted • Sale books as low as $1 • New books arriving daily • So
take a break from shoveling! C’mon down and read yourself blind with musical
ecstacy* in McCabe’s huge music book department! *Actual euphoria may
vary on a customer-to-customer basis.
Check with your physician.
We very much want to thank Sunburst Recording Studios of Culver City for co-sponsoring our Open
Mic Concerts here at McCabe’s, and giving away two free hours of studio time at each show.