From the desk of the President

March 2013
From the desk of the President
Understanding Legal
Tools: A Down to Earth
Guide to Lawsuit
Protection, Prevention
and Tax Reduction
Please join us on
Wednesday March 20 at
the West Chester GCC
for an evening that you
cannot afford to miss.
We will be celebrating
our newest members and
those that have been
members of our Society for
25 and 50 years.
Following networking and dinner, Mr.
Daniel McNeff, the C.E.O. of Legally Mine,
Inc., will present an overview of how, why and
where legal entities (Living Trusts, Family
Limited Partnerships, C and S Corps and
LLC's) should be used for both lawsuit
prevention and income tax reduction. The
course is given in plain English and, when
done, most attendees understand the proper
use of legal tools for the first time in their
It has been over two years since the House
Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, made that
statement. We are now less than ten months
away from implementation of the major
portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also
known as Obamacare, and we still do not know
everything that is in the bill and we, as oral
health care specialists, are at a loss to determine
Joel Funari
how it will affect our patients and businesses.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services (HHS) is tasked with writing the regulations that will determine
how the ACA (a 2500 page document) will be implemented. They readily
admit that all the regulations have not been formalized yet and, despite
requests from states, healthcare organizations, and businesses, they refuse
to comment or provide specific guidance on many of the regulations that
have been promulgated so far. Additionally, most of the state health
insurance exchanges where insurance plans will be bought and sold, which
are mandated to be in place by January 1, 2014, are not close to being set
up. Over 50% of the states declined to set up the exchanges because they
do not know what will be required or what the fiscal implications will be.
By declining, the states open the door for the federal government to create
these exchanges. We can only imagine how this will be accomplished, how
much it will cost and efficiently it will run.
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The Dental Society of Chester County and Delaware County Recognizes
25 Years of Membership
Dr. Donna M. Jankiewicz
Our Newest Members
Dr. Avanti Agrawal
Dr. Tarlan Arshian
Dr. Ryan Becker
Dr. Ly Ho
Dr. Sookie Hwang
Dr. Jee-Eun Kim
Dr. Hyejin Lee
Dr. Ashley Parks
Dr. Milan Patel
Dr. Shrenik Shah
Dr. Laura Shapiro
Dr. Fang Xia
Dr. Jennifer Yue
Executive Board Meeting
The Dental Society of
Chester County and Delaware County
Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Buffet Dinner and Meeting at 6:30 PM
Rose Tree Inn, 1243 N. Providence Rd., Media, 19063
[email protected] by 3/7/13
495 Thomas Jones Way • Suite 102
Exton, PA 19341 • 610-876-5680
OFFICERS 2012–2013
Joel Funari, MS, D.M.D.
[email protected]
Richard J. Clark, D.D.S..
[email protected]
Marie Scott, D.M.D.
[email protected]
Tamara Brady, D.M.D..
Recording Secretary
[email protected]
Dale Scanlon, D.M.D.
Corresponding Secretary
[email protected]
Karin Brian, D.D.S.
Bulletin Editor
[email protected]
Daniel J. Daley, D.D.S.
Past President
[email protected]
Dinner Meeting & Member Recognition Night
Wednesday, March 20
Social & Cash Bar at 6:00, Dinner and Presentation at 6:30 PM
West Chester Golf & CC,
111 W Ashbridge St., West Chester
Deadline to Reserve Space, Thursday, March 14
To register, contact, contact Joel Funari,
AdvancedOraland [email protected] or 610-688-6682.
Cost is $40 per person. Payment can be made in advance or at the door by
cash or check. Kindly give 48 hours notice of cancellation should you
request a refund. Thank you.
Douglas Filidore
Donald Gordon
Linda Himmelberger
Stephanie McGann
Steven Sierakowski
Matthew Swiatek
Jamie Wolitarsky
Allen Yang
Laurene Grabill, Vice President
Tamara Brady, VFDJ Editor
Daniel Daley, Director
G. Joel Funari, Director
Edmund McGurk,, Director
Ronald Heier, Trustee
Looking for dentists, hygienists and assistants to
support clinic in Chester, PA. The opportunity exists
to offer your services in free clinic in the Frederick
Douglas School Clinic. We need your help now as
the demand for services is great! Please contact Dr.
Ken Fetter at 610-688-4578
Dr. Charlie Weber
[email protected]
Deadline for May Issue: April 5, 2013
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All advertising material and requests for information should be
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Chester County and Delaware County.
Free Downloadable Reports
Available at
As part of the ADA’s Health Policy Resources Center (HPRC), the Survey
Center and Health Policy Analysis departments collect and analyze data
and other information on a wide range of dental-related issues. The
HPRC has a wide variety of reports and publications available for
purchase in both printed and downloadable electronic formats, and
also maintains a list of Frequently Asked Questions.
Titles and descriptions of reports available for purchase are listed by
topic area on the ADA website. Listings of reports most recently
published and those coming soon, are also available. As a benefit to
ADA members, select publications are available to download free of
MARCH 2013
From the desk of the President
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The ACA was put forth in an effort to transform the
American healthcare system to provide better care for the
entire U.S. population at a lower cost. It aims to do this
through three main provisions: It requires insurance companies
to accept all applicants, regardless their state of health. It
requires everybody to possess a certain “minimal essential”
level of health insurance, or be penalized thru a tax. And it
provides subsidies in the form of tax rebates or credits for those
under certain income levels. Unfortunately the “minimal
essential coverage” elements have not been defined and, over
the two years since the law has been passed, experts who have
been studying it have found more and more possible
interpretations and, as can be expected, unintended
Back in 2010, most of those involved in providing oral health
care were not satisfied with how the ACA addressed dental
health and provision of care. The ACA maintains a
dichotomy between the mouth and the rest of the body.
Although the ACA requires everybody to have health
insurance it exempts dental benefits from the “individual
mandate”. This creates a perplexing question as to whether
people who have medical coverage through an employer, but
don’t have dental benefits, will be eligible for a subsidy to
purchase dental benefits because they will already have
“affordable healthcare” by the law’s definition. It appeared that
one bright spot was the potential to expand dental benefits to
nearly all the children in the country because the ACA
regulations list pediatric oral health services as one of the 10
“essential benefits” that health plans must provide to small
groups, like business having 50 or fewer employees. [Of note is
that large companies, those with over 100 employees, who might
be the most inclined to include dental coverage in their benefit
packages to attract employees, will not be bound by these
changes to provide pediatric dental care.] Additionally, the
dental insurance industry lobbied to allow dental plans to be
sold separately from medical plans in state health insurance
exchanges, much as is done now. This will allow an “out” for
small companies who cannot afford the cost of dental coverage
for their employees and their children. These employees will be
directed into the state exchange to obtain dental coverage at
their own cost. One advantage is that these policies can be
shopped for cost and dental provider. At face value these
provisions are contradictory and leave one wondering whether
anyone will be required to purchase dental benefits at all. This
is one area that the HHS has refused to offer guidance on.
It has been estimated that approximately 5.3 million
additional children will gain access to dental care through
public programs such as Medicaid or the Children’s Health
Insurance Program (CHIP) as eligibility is increased under the
ACA. Eligibility for Medicaid will expanded for those living
under 100% of the federal poverty line to those under 133%.
But, because the CHIP program picks up where Medicaid leaves
off, extending in most cases up to 200% of the poverty line, it is
not clear if there will any significant increase in the numbers of
MARCH 2013
children covered. As for adults, federal rules do not require
states to provide Medicaid dental benefits. The Supreme Court
also recently ruled that the Medicaid expansion, as laid out in
the ACA, violates Congress’ spending clause power as
unconstitutionally coercive of states because all existing
Medicaid funds are at risk and states have not been given
adequate notice to voluntarily consent. The remedy is to limit
HHS Secretary’s power to withhold existing federal Medicaid
funds for state non-compliance with Medicaid expansion. This
effectively allows states the ability to opt-out of the Medicaid
expansion, which many have indicated they will do for financial
reasons as they believe the program will not be fully funded.
Only twelve states provide “comprehensive” dental benefits (at
least 100 of 600 services recognized by the ADA) and 22 states
provide no dental benefits or only emergency care.
Approximately 23 million children now have dental coverage
as part of their parent’s dental policy in the small group market.
With the arrival of 2014, many of the parents will have duplicate
dental coverage through their medical coverage. To avoid this
duplication and save money, it believed that many parents will
take themselves and their children off the separate dental
coverage. As a result the children may have to change dentists
depending on which dentists are on the medical insurer’s
network panel. Unfortunately, it is also estimated at up to 11
million adults may drop their own insurance coverage, again to
save money, once their children gain separate coverage. It is
well documented through studies done by multiple healthcare
organizations, including our own ADA, that adults without
dental insurance go to the dentist approximately 2.5 times less
frequently than adults who have insurance.
The unintended consequence of all these rules and
regulations is that access to oral health care may not
significantly improve for children and could result in many
fewer adults receiving dental care. The separation of children
from their parent’s dental coverage may result in a change in
choice of providers and net loss of adult coverage leading to a
reduction in a demand for services seen by individual dentists.
This certainly runs counter to the ACA goal of lowering health
care costs by creating incentives for medical / dental providers
to keep their patients healthy instead of having to provide more
expensive treatment when they become ill. Though the ACA
allocates funds for prevention, training, research and public
education about oral health, Congress has not appropriate
funds for implementation. [Note: Another consequence of the
ACA is that orthodontic coverage provided by small employers
will require a demonstration of medical necessity. Research
indicates that only 30% of claims now meet that standard.]
Dental Coverage and the Affordable Care Act. Medscape.
Dec 5, 2012
Dental Insurance for Some Children Mandated in 2 States.
Medscape. Jan 3, 2013
Joel Funari
IS e
EN cour
D ch
Regis at
on - li
proudly presents
DKU Continuing
Dental Education
Springfield Country Club,
Delaware County
DKU is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist
dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not
approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards
of dentistry. DKU designates this activity for 30 continuing education credits. Concerns or complaints about
a CE provider may be directed to the provider or to ADA CERP at
Friday, April 5, 2013
Stephen Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT – New York, NY – “The Latest Advances & Techniques to Maximize Anterior Implant Esthetics” Implant dentistry is continuously evolving into a more predictable form of therapy. New and innovative techniques specifically immediate implant protocols now allow for shorten treatment times with predictable
outcomes. These new techniques and therapies continue to raise questions and concerns regarding the pros and cons of each. The question is when to employ the correct treatment at the appropriate time to achieve the most predictable outcome. Secondly, a significant part of treatment therapy revolves around correction of aesthetic defects due to poor treatment planning, placement, and
abutment fabrication.Surgical, orthodontic , and restorative treatment planning options and techniques to address these aesthet ic deficiencies will be presented. After this presentation, the attendee
should be able to: Know the potential of hard and soft tissue correction around aesthetically challenged anterior implants; Know when a prosthetic restorative solution is the best treatment plan
option; understand the one abutment-one time philosophy; understand the importance of the temporary crown in soft tissue management in immediate implant placement. Dr. Chu is clinical associate Professor in the Dept. of Prosthetic and Director of Esthetic Education at Columbia College of Dental Medicine. He also maintains a private practice with Dennis Tarnow in NYC. He is widely
published and is an internationally know speaker on dental implant esthetics. This course is co-sponsored by an educational grant from Dodd Dental Lab, Bonadent Dental Lab and PDAIS.
Wednesday, May 22, 2013
John McGill, CPA, MBA, JD – Charlotte, NC –“Achieving Financial Independence” Will you join the 5% of dentists who can afford to retire at age 65? Using these
winning financial strategies, you can develop a game plan to reach financial freedom. This hard-hitting program contains “inside information” that you simply can’t find elsewhere - gleaned from
over 30 years of working exclusively with the dental profession. Learn how to: Reduce stress - control your money, rather than letting it control you; Develop winning saving and debt reduction
strategies; Take advantage of huge tax- deductible retirement savings strategies; Dramatically increase business tax deductions; Simple steps to dramatically boost profitability; Slash children’s educational cost by 50% or more; Evaluate professional corporation status; Discover tax-free income secrets. John K. McGill is a tax attorney, CPA and MBA. He serves as CEO of The McGill & Hill
Group, LLC in Charlotte, NC, and is the Editor of the McGill Advisory Newsletter, a monthly publication enjoyed by over 7,400 dentists nationwide. Mr. McGill has also been a contributing editor to
Dental Economics magazine for over 30 years. This course will be of special interest to doctors and their spouses. This course is co-sponsored by an educational grant from Dodd Dental Lab.
Those taking the full DKU Series will receive both Bonus Courses at the Valley Forge Radisson Hotel
Wed.– Fri., March 6-7-8, 2013
BONUS #2: Members choose one course from the Valley Forge Dental Conference
All meetings will be held at the Springfield Country Club on Route 320, Springfield, Delaware County, PA, except for the Bonus Courses held at the Valley Forge Radisson
Hotel. Registration for all courses 8:15 AM. Lecture 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM. Continental breakfast and lunch included for all DKU courses.
Delco and Chesco Society Members - Entire Series plus both bonus Courses - $695, Individual Courses - $195, 3 Courses - $530, 4 Courses - $615
Other ADA Members - Entire Series plus both bonus Courses - $745 Individual Courses - $210, 3 Courses - $570, 4 Courses - $665
Non-ADA Members - Entire Series plus both bonus Courses - $815, Individual Courses - $225, 3 Courses - $605, 4 Courses - $715
Staff members accompanied by a doctor will be $95 per course per person with reservation at least one week in advance, $110 per course per person at door.
Cancellations and Refund Policy - No refunds will be made without notice of at least one week prior to course date. (A $25 administrative fee will be deducted.)
For information please contact: DKU • c/o Barry Cohen, DMD • 4750 Township Line Rd, Suite 2 • Drexel Hill, PA 19026 • 610-449-7002 • [email protected]
Dental Society of Chester County and Delaware County
Board of Governors’ Meeting
On January 9, 2013, the following motion was appropriately presented, seconded, and
unanimously approved:
That the Board of Governors of the Dental Society of Chester County and Delaware
County recognizes the contributions made by Dr. W. Robert Van Zandt to Dentistry.
Further, this Board expresses sincere condolences and sympathy to his wife, Barbara,
and children, Bryn Lee, Christopher and Peter, and directs that this action be spread
upon the minutes of the Society and a copy be presented to Mrs. Van Zandt in
recognition of the dedication of her late husband, Dr. Van Zandt, to his beloved
MARCH 2013
MARCH 2013
MARCH 2013
An Evening With
Oz Pearlman
On Wednesday, May
22, 2013 the Dental
Society will be proud to
host the internationally
renowned Oz Pearlman
who has been dazzling
audiences for over 10
years. Oz has honed
his talents over the
course of thousands of
performances at venues
ranging from the cozy
living room to the packed auditorium. These include
performances at restaurants, birthday parties, Bar/Bat
Mitzvahs, weddings, colleges, holiday parties, corporate
events, and TV commercials/appearances. Most notably, Oz
starred in his own Off-Broadway show in New York City,
WatchMagic. The show enjoyed critical acclaim and 3 sold
out runs. Oz has also appeared on Fox, CBS, ABC, and
NBC...all the major national networks!
The evening’s program will take place at the scenic
Mansion at Villanova Conference Center located at 601
County Line Road, Radnor, and will start promptly at
6:00pm. The early portion of the evening will
have Oz interacting with guests while they enjoy food and
drink. Oz will then transition to a one-hour stage show for
more amazing entertainment. Following the show, dessert
will be served and we will honor those who have
volunteered their time to the society this year and install the
new officers.
The event will be open
to members of the Chester
County and Delaware
County Dental Society and
their immediate family
encouraged to attend.
Seating will be limited to
100 to maintain an intimate
setting and RSVP’s will be
mandatory. Reservations,
due by Friday May 10th,
will be confirmed only on receipt of your prepayment of
$80.00 per person. Please plan to attend and celebrate the
conclusion of our successful year with what will be a
memorable night for all.
Free Dental Clinics in PA
May 31st-June 1st, 2013 • Liacouris Center, Philadelphia, PA
MOM-n-PA is an annual two-day free dental clinic for
underserved Pennsylvanians. All services are provided
free of charge by members of organized dentistry and
assisted by a host of volunteers.
MOM-n-PA provides dental care for the relief of pain
to thousands of the most needy, many of whom are from
working families who do not have access or cannot afford
dental insurance. Many of these patients might otherwise
have no hope of receiving care.
During our mission on May 31 and June 1st, 2013,
more than 800 volunteers, including 120 dentists will
treat around 2,000 patients!!!!!!
Making a Difference
Volunteers are the heart of our MOM-n-PA missions.
We will rely on the generous help of more than 1,000
volunteer dentists, dental hygienists and assistants, lab
technicians and other community volunteers during the
mission. Volunteers will be asked to sign up for one or
more of the 4 hour shifts. Registration will occur on the
MARCH 2013
How to Make a Donation
Though all dentists and support personnel are
volunteers who donate their time, there are still
thousands of dollars of expenses involved in operating
these free dental missions. These include dental
equipment and maintenance, dental supplies, food, water,
and t-shirts for volunteers, as well as food and water for
patients waiting in line, and numerous other
miscellaneous expenses. Though we have several
generous corporate sponsors, we gladly accept (and
need) donations of any amount!
You can easily and conveniently make an online
donation by clicking on our "Donate" link. MOM-n-PA is
a 501(c)3 corporation, but please consult with your tax
advisor if you have questions about your donation. You
can also mail your donation directly to our foundation!
Please visit the website for
more information on ways you can contribute.
MARCH 2013
Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen
Analgesia Equipment
If you are a doctor looking for an associate,
or if you want to join an existing practice or
interested in selling or leasing your practice,
please let us help you by contacting the
New Pennsylvania regulations
require calibration
Chester and Delaware County
Dental Society Committee
for Professional Affairs.
at 215-443-9293
or fax 215-443-9640
(Confidentiality available if desired.)
Harold Romesburg D.D.S.
(610) 353-1404
MARCH 2013
Independent Dealer For…
• Calibration • Testing
• Repairs • Sales
Please contact Ken
Systems Specialties, Inc.
1800-T Mearns Road
Warminster, PA 18974
30 Years Experience
Minutes Highlights
January 9, 2013 – LaLocanda Restaurant, Edgemont
For a full version of the minutes,
please contact [email protected] .
The balance in the accounts is as
follows: Business Silver Checking $41,710.75, Business Basic Checking
(GKAS) - $21,958.48, Money Market $77,439.22. We have received
$10,550.00 in dues money during
December and January to date. The
ADA grant for GKAS came and the
check totaled $8450.00. There are
presently no associate members.
The General Meeting in May featuring
Oz Pearlman will be held at the Villanova
Conference Center.
From 11/2/2012 to 1/7/2013 the
answering service received 23 calls. 4
calls for dental questions, 6 calls for
DKU, 2 calls were looking for a dentist,
1 call was for GKAS, 1 call was for
advertisement, 1 call was sales call. 1 call
was for mediation, 7 calls were hang ups.
The Nominating Committee will meet
on January 29, 2013 at Lamb Tavern in
Springfield. Invitations will be email
with complete details.
The Chester County GKAS event was
held on Friday, November 30, 2012 at
CVIM in West Chester. Over $15,000
worth of dental care was performed on
39 children. The continuation of
treatment for the children with additional
needs will be partially funded from the
ADAF Continuity of Care Grant we
received in the amount of $8450.
Bernie Logan totaled all GKAS
numbers for 10 years of events in
Chester County and the totals are: 14
events, 50 dentists, $180,000 worth of
dental treatment, 505 children treated
at our events!
Bernie and Tami will meet with staff at
CVIM to make plans to track those
patients who will be receiving dental care
in conjunction with the ADAF grant
ACC Report: November 9, 2012
Conference Call – Dr. Devine
Mom-n-PA: May 31st/June 1st of
2013. Individuals are requested to
sign up on the web site for notification
of when the official registration can be
done. Sign-ups have begun to be
notified as to scheduling time slots.
Information is found on the website. Goal is to treat two
thousand patients in Philadelphia at
Liacouras Center. Dr. Gary Davis is
encouraging us all to think about
“whole office” participating as we
need assistants, hygienists, and
doctors to work these two days. At
this point the participants must be
licensed in PA, but they are continuing
to work on this.
• Discussion of how PDA can educate
members about the need to see
children when they are one year of
age. Dr. Bernie Dishler is going to
put together a video describing seeing
children at this age. Descriptive
literature of lap exam/early childhood
exam/support for general dentist to be
informed of good technique since
many of us have not used or were
trained for this.
• Dr. Joe Greenberg updated on Oral
Health Messaging. He discussed the
use of billboards, text messaging, and
a “blast” for education of Philadelphia
parents and families. He is trying to
see if we could promote this on URD
radio stations.
Community Dental in Coatesville is
looking for dentists to cover Sealant
Fridays and Saturdays throughout the
winter months. Please contact Tami
Brady or Bernie Logan if interested.
The March General Meeting will honor
our 25 year, 50 year, and New Member
dentists. Letters will be sent to those
members who will be honored at this
Monday, May 6, 2013 is planned day
for our next GKAS event at Barry
Cohen’s office in Drexel Hill.
DKU July 1, 2012 through January 3,
2013: Income $94,275.00, Other income
$7.27. Expenses $46,378.09, Net income
of $47,904.18. DKU Checking Account
balance is $30,220.22, and Money
Market Account balance is $52,550.81,
for total of $82,771.03. There is an
increase in sponsorship and CE income,
but also an increase in honorarium
expense. ADA CERP and AGD PACE
applications were submitted.
Assignment of Benefits Legislation:
On December 13, PDA met with Senator
Dominic Pileggi, State Senate Majority
Leader, to discuss Assignment of
Benefits legislation and address
legislative priorities for the 2013/14
Session. In attendance were Dr. Bernie
Dishler, PDA President, Peg Callahan,
PDA lobbyist, Dr. Ron Bushick, former
PDA president, and Dr. Tom Nordone,
PDA trustee and a Philadelphia area oral
surgeon (both Dr. Bushick and Dr.
Nordone are constituents of Sen. Pileggi).
This initial meeting went very well and
Peg Callahan had a follow up meeting
with Kelly Phenicie, Sen. Pileggi’s legal
counsel, on December 21 in Harrisburg.
Sen. Pileggi supports Assignment of
Benefits and a prime sponsor of the
legislation will be selected this month.
Donated Dental Services: DDS
funding has a significant chance of
getting back in the budget for 2013/14.
PDA lobbyists will schedule meetings
with key appropriation members this
month to request this line item be placed
back into the budget. In addition, Sen.
Edwin Erickson will be reintroducing the
DDS bill from last session.
Other Legislative Developments:
Representative Bernie O’Neill plans to
re-introduce legislation which would
amend the Dental Law (Act 76 of 1933)
to allow dentists from other states or
countries to obtain a restricted faculty
license which will authorize them to
teach in dental schools in Pennsylvania.
Rep. William Kortz intends to
reintroduce HB 2355 (from the 2011-12
Legislative Session) which would
establish the Loan Forgiveness for the
Dental Program in the Pennsylvania
Higher Education Assistance Agency.
Day on the Hill: The annual Day on
the Hill is on June 4. Registration, along
with pick-up and drop off from the
Capitol, will take place at the Radisson
MARCH 2013
Hotel in Camp Hill. The deadline to
register is May 14. Please note that
registration is online only.
funding to digitally archive JADA so
that all articles will be available to all
members online.
PADPAC financially supports PDA’s
lobbying efforts with the state legislature
and ensures continued access to
lawmakers. You can donate to PADPAC
when paying your 2013 membership dues
or by visiting PDA’s website at Please contact
Charles McElwee at [email protected]
or (800) 223-0016 to make a contribution
or if you have any questions about
The ADA Foundation has reported that
our Disaster Relief Fund is almost totally
depleted and more dollars are necessary
to help our fellow dentists who were
affected by the many recent weather
related disasters, especially Hurricane
Sandy. The BOT voted to transfer
$300,000 dollars to the Relief Fund.
2nd District sent a nomination to the
PDA for Dr. Jerry Axler’s nomination as
2013 PDA Distinguished Service Award.
[Chester Delaware Society Nominated
Dr. Linda Himmelberger]
The ADA Board of Trustees met in
Chicago on December 8-12, 2012. It
started with a full day session to begin
the development of a new strategic plan
for the ADA for 2015-2019. Our SP
drives the budget and all of the
resolutions and recommendations from
the councils, committees and the BOT.
The entire process will be completed by
the second quarter of 2014 to aid the
development of the 2015 budget. The
BOT has approved an environmental scan
so that this process can go forward.
The ADA BOT also approved
carryover spending for the following
activities that were not completed in
2012: 1) Replacement of software with a
new one, Aptify, which will become the
Association Management System. 2)
Development of the Center for Practice
Success: This will be a major practice
and professional management tool for our
members. Our goal is to make this a
major recruitment tool for the ADA. 3)
Video Production Project. This is being
developed to provide video production
services necessary to meet the needs of
our communication efforts throughout the
association. ADA BOT also approved
Dr. Weber hopes you have seen the
new ads developed by the AD Council.
They have been well received and it is a
complement to aid us in our oral literacy
We had a lengthy discussion
concerning the ADA Library. We have
developed a transition plan. The library
will be open in 2013 but reduced staff
and you will need an appointment to visit
the stacks. A workgroup has been formed
to oversee any future transitions.
Dr. Weber is chairing the ADA
Diversity and Inclusion Committee and
the Information Technology Committee.
He is also the liaison to the Committee
on the New Dentist and will be attending
their meeting in Chicago in a few weeks
as well as their annual session in Denver
in July. He expressed thanks for the
opportunity you have given him to serve
you and our profession. In addition, Dr.
Weber thanked the society for the
generous contribution to his ADA
President Elect campaign.
Dr. Leo Conway in Lansdowne
responded to the Homebound dentist
request placed in the Bulletin.
Dr. Glen Goodhart in Philadelphia was
also contacted and he can be informed
when a patient in our area may need
homebound services as well.
A Resolution from the Dental Practice
Committee was presented and passed
unanimously, That, beginning in 2013,
the Dental Society of Chester County and
Delaware County institute a “Give Kids
a Smile Champion(s)” Award to
recognize those members who volunteer
to treat GKAS patients in their own
offices, at their expense, or who
contribute significant volunteer hours
planning and executing successful GKAS
events. The Dental Practice Committee
will submit the names of candidates for
this award to the Nominating Committee
for consideration at their annual meeting.
The awardee(s) will be recognized at the
General Meeting in May. Fiscal
implication: Up to $250, annually from
the GKAS funds.
Motion passed unanimously to donate
$100 to one of the identifiable charities
requested by the family of Ralph
Himmelberger, father of Linda
The following motion was
appropriately presented, seconded, and
unanimously approved:
That the Board of Governors of the
Dental Society of Chester County and
Delaware County recognizes the
contributions made by Dr. Robert
VanZandt to Dentistry and specifically
to this society as President. Further,
this Board expresses sincere
condolences and sympathy to his wife,
Barbara, and children, Bryn Lee,
Christopher and Peter, and directs that
this action be spread upon the minutes
of the society and a copy be presented
to Mrs. VanZandt in recognition of the
dedication of her late husband to his
beloved profession.
2nd District directors will nominate Dr.
Ron Heier to the position of PDA
President Elect for the year 2015-2016, at
the next 2nd District Board meeting.
This nomination, once accepted by 2nd
District Board of Directors, will be
presented to the PDA HOD at its 2013
annual session for a vote in 2014.
Links to Patient Education Websites for Use in your Office!
The following links will connect you to the Ad Council’s Partnership for Healthy Mouths Healthy
Lives, and the ADA’s new education website for patients. Please feature these sites in your office
and share the fun and information with your patients!
MARCH 2013
Dental Society of Chester County & Delaware County
495 Thomas Jones Way, Suite 102
Exton, PA 19341
Upcoming Events
March 6, 7, 8 Valley Forge Radisson Hotel – For more information or to register,
March 13 - Executive Board Meeting, 6:30 PM, - Location: Rose Tree Inn, Media
RSVP by 3/7 to [email protected]
March 20 – Meet & Greet, Dinner Meeting, 6:00 PM - Location: West Chester GCC
Spouses Encouraged to Attend!
Daniel J. McNeff, C.E.O., Legally Mine, Inc. – “Understanding Legal Tools:
A Down to Earth Guide to Lawsuit Protection, Prevention and Tax Reduction”
RSVP by 3/14, [email protected]
DKU – Friday, April 5 - Springfield CC
Dr. Stephen Chu, “The Latest Advances & Techniques to Maximize Anterior Implant Esthetics”
Registration 8:15 AM, Lecture 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
For more information, contact Dr. Barry Cohen, [email protected]
GIVE KIDS A SMILE – Monday May 6 - Office of Dr. Barry Cohen, Drexel Hill
Please Call Dr. Logan, 610-408-0997 to Participate! Volunteers Always Welcome!
SAVE THE DATE! – Wednesday, May 22, 2013
The Dental Society of Chester County and Delaware County presents An Evening With
Oz Pearlman – A breathtaking magic, incredible mindreading and audience-driven comedy