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L u t h e r a n C h i l d & Fa m i ly S e rv i c e s 2 0 0 6 a n n ua l R e p o rt
Our Faith
Our Foundation
Our Future
2 0 0 6 A n n ua l r e p o rt
Lewis L. Lundberg, President
Ron Thieme, Vice-President
Doug Koeneman, Secretary
Tania Deng, Treasurer
J. Darrell Bakken
Lewis Beckwith
David Colip
Dr. Gary Carlson
Tammy Haney
Kara Hensley
Rev. John Herfurth
Janet Johnson
Beverly Salyers
Martha Schmidt
J. Wesley Simms
Kolecki Wright
Randy Wright
Al Zimmermann, President
Robert P. Kassing, Vice-President/Treasurer
Sven Schumacher, CEO
Philip J. Burck
Tania Deng
Jean Drey
Michael E. Hanson
Ron Hanson
Lewis L. Lundberg
Rev. Frank Machina
Richard A. Otto
Wayne S. Schmidt
Evelyn Seeley
Cheryl Troyer
ommotion on Lutherwood’s campus suddenly erupts as a youngster bursts out
of his dormitory and sprints toward Ritter Avenue. A youth specialist is in hot
pursuit, concern and worry etched into her face. The youngster scoops up a
fallen branch and turns to face his pursuer, striking out at her and cursing. The look on
his face is one of anger, frustration and despair. Despite the threat of physical injury and
the verbal insults, the youth counselor approaches the runaway carefully but lovingly.
She “talks him down” and finally convinces him to drop the stick and return to the
dorm. As she escorts him to his room, she drapes an arm across his shoulders and hugs
him – and he returns her hug. Such encounters are typical for the front line staff caring
for children who act out in a variety of ways. Even as children are healing, they often
lash out at their caregivers with verbal and sometimes physical abuse.
At LCFS, we are blessed to have dedicated staff who, despite the challenges, love
and care for our children no matter what they do or say. Even as we continue to meet
the needs of current Lutherwood residents and their families, this past year has been
filled with changes to our ministries for everyone. Lutheran Child & Family Services and
The Foundation for Lutheran Child & Family Services focused on three specific areas
during 2006:
• The campus construction project and related financing
• Reorganization of the resource development department
• The continued support of the children and families under our care in a
changing environment
The construction project is the most tangible aspect of our efforts. The open-air
feeling and abundance of natural lighting in the new dormitories represent a
much-needed improvement of our facilities. Hopefully these will convey a very positive
physical environment to aid in the healing process for our children. In addition, the
improved design and physical layout will provide more flexibility to meet the
fluctuating needs of our residents.
Phase II of the campus renovation calls for demolition of the Mikolon Family
Center to make way for construction of a new family strengthening center in 2008.
We took this opportunity to move The Sharing Place East from Mikolon to a new
commercial building near Shadeland Avenue and East 10th Street. We also moved the
Community-Based program staff into new offices in the same building.
2006 was also the first year of operating Lutherwood under a new, more
restrictive State contract that required some changes in our operations and accounting
The ramifications include the appointment of Executive Director Sven
Schumacher as Chief Executive Officer of The Foundation for Lutheran Child & Family
Agency and Foundation
leadership included
(l-r) Lewis L. Lundberg,
President of the Board
of Directors of LCFS,
Glenn R. Johnson,
Interim Executive
Director of LCFS, Sven
Schumacher, Chief
Executive Officer of
The Foundation for LCFS,
and Al Zimmermann,
President of The
for LCFS.
Services. The search for a new Executive Director concluded in December with the
appointment of Mr. Michael Johnson, who will assume his responsibilities in March,
When we look to the future, we anticipate increased restrictions on revenue
combined with the growing needs of our clients. For many years, government sources
(primarily per diem payments for residential care) have provided support for agency
programs and services. Supplemental funding sources include United Way annual
allocations, grants and individual and congregational gifts. To obtain the additional
funding that will be necessary to carry out the mission of the agency and sustain
programs for the future, we must find new sources of revenue. This prompted the
Foundation Board to initiate a very aggressive resource development plan in mid-2006
to create a unified and coherent approach to fundraising. This includes raising money
to support not only the construction project, but also to significantly expand our
endowment for program support. This effort is off to a good start with the hiring of
additional development staff and a goal oriented planning process.
This report reflects the highlights of the activities of the agency as well as
the efforts of the dedicated staff and volunteers who are so important to Lutheran Child
& Family Services’ success in the community. You are our partner in the important
work of providing programs of compassionate care and counsel to enhance the dignity
and quality of life. We thank you for providing the resources we need to serve others in
the name of Christ. Together, we answer God’s call to “care for the least of these.”
Each one should be
careful how he builds.
For no one can lay
any foundation other
than the one already
laid, which is Jesus
—1 CORINTHIANS 3:10-11
Lewis L. Lundberg, President, Board of Directors of LCFS
Glenn R. Johnson, Interim Executive Director, Lutheran Child & Family Services
Al Zimmermann, President, The Foundation for LCFS
Sven Schumacher, Chief Executive Officer, The Foundation for LCFS
1. LCFS Administration
2. Huxhold Hall
3. Johnson Multi-Purpose Center
4. East dormitory (replaces Hertling and
Carter halls)
5. North dormitory
6. Chapel
7. Family Strengthening Center
8. Carter Hall (will be replaced)
9. Mikolon Family Center & Hertling
Hall (will be replaced)
L u t h e rw o o d R e s i d e n t i a l Tr e at m e n t C e n t e r & S c h o o l
Under the watchful eye of Lutherwood
staff member Sandy Beach, Lutherwood
resident Miranda hangs a paper crane
from a tree near the campus entrance.
Miranda was among a group of
students whose class project recognized
the work of Dr. George Archibald,
co-founder of the International Crane
Foundation and the inaugural winner
of the Indianapolis Prize for animal
conservation in 2006.
“Even youths grow
weary — but those
who hope in the Lord
will renew their
— ISAIAH 40:30-31
xcitement began to grow among
children and staff as they watched
the new residential facilities rise
above the mounds of dirt and protective
chain link fence surrounding the campus.
Like construction crews putting the
finishing touches on the new buildings,
youth specialists, counselors and teachers
at Lutherwood add the “finishing touches”
to the lives of the youth and families they
serve. They combine love, consistency and
support with lots of hugs and smiles to
create a strong, secure foundation for life.
• We completed campus-wide
implementation of the “Circle of
Courage” curriculum. This
behavior modification program
emphasizes four foundations
of self worth: mastery,
independence, belonging and
generosity. In this supportive
and nurturing atmosphere,
residents and staff met once a
week to celebrate progress
toward behavior goals, moving
to less restrictive units or
other individual and group
• As a result of the increasing need
for specialized intervention
among sexually maladaptive
youth, several members of the
clinical staff began training
toward certification by
IN-AJSOP, a professional
organization promoting a best
practice model of intervention.
We plan to provide an intensely
monitored program for these
youth in two residential units
designed for their specialized
treatment and care.
• Youth participated in groups
that focused on social skills,
mental health issues and the
“skill-streaming” process, which
uses modeling, role playing,
performance feedback and
homework to help youth develop
competence in dealing with
interpersonal conflicts.
• An average of 90% of
Lutherwood youth improved
their reading scores significantly
through use of the Read 180
program. The computer-based
literacy program takes a four
pronged approach to expanding
reading skills: word recognition,
spelling, comprehension, and
reading fluency. Using the Lexile®
measures (which reflect the
difficulty of a text), Lutherwood
youth met or exceeded their goal
of improving reading scores by
75-100 points per year.
Youth served in residential care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .158
Referring agencies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 (up 35% from 2005)
Youth discharged from residential care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 122
~52% returned home or to the care of a relative
~9% went into therapeutic foster care or a pre-adoptive home
~7% went to a group home or scattered site apartment
~32% went to a facility offering the same or a higher level of care
Average Length of Stay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .247 days
Indianapolis Public Schools day students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
Average number of students in attendance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67
Residents that attended public school . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Percentage of students requiring
special education services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Approximately 70%
C o m m u n i t y - Ba s e d P r o g r a m s
ommunity-Based programs are
designed to provide intervention,
prevention, or material assistance
to clients directly in their homes or within
the community. They include:
• Foster Care/Adoption
• Parenting Education
• Youth Mentoring
• The Sharing Place (East and West)
Lutheran Child & Family Services
contracted with the State of Indiana to
prepare families for licensure as foster
parents in Marion, Montgomery, Putnam,
Boone, Hendricks, Morgan, Henry, Rush
Wayne, Fayette, Union and Franklin
Licensing preparation includes
educating and supporting families in their
efforts to care for children who have
been neglected and abused, need help
adjusting to life changes or have a variety
of emotional or behavior challenges.
Step-by-step, LCFS caseworkers help
families through the application process,
conduct such screenings as criminal/child
protective background checks and personal
references and provide home studies. We
also supply information about the children
and make sure the prospective foster
parents understand the responsibilities of
foster parenting. Many of these families are
relatives who generously step forward to
take care of nieces, nephews or
grandchildren. Children are less
traumatized if they are able to stay with
relatives they know and with whom they
feel comfortable.
Served: 107 families
Lutheran Child and Family Services
provides home study and post-placement
supervision services to individuals and
families in Indiana who are seeking to
adopt children both domestically and
internationally. Clients are self-referred and
private-pay. They choose LCFS primarily as
a result of:
• Recommendation of an
international adoption agency
• Word of mouth
• Previous experience with LCFS, i.e.
seeking assistance with a second or
third home study
Although most domestic adoption
services lead to infant adoption, the
majority of international adoptions
requiring home studies or post-placement
services involve abandoned children from
Home studies evaluate prospective
adoptive families to assure the safety
and appropriate placement of vulnerable
children. LCFS follows all state laws and
regulations in the provision of services
and is a Licensed Child Placing Agency in
the State of Indiana. All home studies
conducted by the agency are regulated by
the United States Bureau of Citizenship
and Immigration Services (BCIS).
The adoption program faced a
number of challenges.
• Financially, the program continually
evaluated service fees and potential
income to cover the operational
costs of the limited services that are
provided compared to the expense
of highly experienced staff.
• The number of international
adoptions is dropping nation-wide.
This is a result of more stringent
eligibility requirements in some
countries and occasionally, complete
exclusion of outside adoptions.
• Locally, competition is high to
provide home study services for
domestic infant adoption.
Although LCFS has worked to
increase contracts to provide home
studies for private agencies, many of these
organizations have hired their own social
workers to perform this service as a
cost-saving measure.
The average number of cases
(families) served per month was 4.5 for a
total of 50 to 54 per year. Due to the
length of services (anywhere from two
months to two years, depending on the
number of post placement visits required
as well as timing of placement of a child),
many families have ongoing cases.
Lutherwood student artwork
C o m m u n i t y - Ba s e d P r o g r a m s
Mentor Novell Graves helps his young
8-year-old friend with after-school
This 8-week program promotes
personal growth and fosters independence
among parents and caregivers who attend
classes that focus upon:
• Child development
• Stress management
• Bonding and attachment
• Communication
• Family strengths
• Identification of supportive
community resources
Participants’ ability to solve
parenting crises improves as a result of
learning more effective ways to respond to
their children’s behavior.
A $25,000 grant from Citizens Gas
& Coke Utility underwrote the parenting
classes, which are always open to anyone
who is providing care for a child. This
includes not only individuals who attend
voluntarily, but also those referred to the
program by such organizations as the
Marion County Office of Family
and Children, St. Elizabeth’s Coleman
Maternity Home, Chrysalis Academy and
the Indiana Women’s Prison. Participants
are often in the midst of family crises
involving varying degrees of child abuse or
neglect compounded by homelessness,
chemical dependency or mental illness.
The mentoring program is
designed to help Lutherwood children
and teens prepare to live in the
community again. It pairs youth with
adult volunteers who:
• Encourage community
• Share fun and safe activities
• Teach social skills
• Help the child experience the
community as a safe environment
• Work with the child to solve daily
Mentors are encouraged to take the
children into the community where they
can experience such normal everyday
activities as going to the mall, shopping
for groceries, going out to eat or
attending church. By sharing one-on-one
time, mentors give the children the
opportunity to form trusting, positive
relationships, which in turn, boosts
their self-esteem.
Individuals served: 201
Yvonne Perkins (l),
Vice President of Community
Affairs with Citizens Gas &
Coke Utility, looks over the
materials that will be included
in the parenting education
classes that Family Education
Coordinator Megan Yturriaga
(r) will teach. A generous
grant of $25,000 from
Citizens Gas & Coke
supported the parenting
OUTCOMES: 17 residents
matched with 16 volunteer
Mentoring is provided to children at
Lutherwood as a supplemental, supportive
residential service. Community-Based
program staff administer mentoring services
but staff and program costs associated with
this supportive service are integrated into
Lutherwood's operating budget.
Since it was founded more than
30 years ago, The Sharing Place material
assistance program has become a
well-known and highly respected ministry.
It serves the most vulnerable people in our
community, helping them attain stability
and providing crisis intervention in the
face of personal crises. Its connection to a
faith-based organization makes it unique
among such programs. It also attracts
volunteers who enjoy serving in a caring,
Christian environment, which makes a
direct and positive impact upon the quality
of care given to Sharing Place clients.
Each year, The Sharing Place
expands its partnerships in the community
while serving the steadily increasing
numbers of persons in need. Collaboration
with IARCCA (An Association of Children
and Family Services) and United Way of
Central Indiana helps meet existing state
and local prevention goals. The Sharing
Place works in partnership with Gleaners
Food Bank to provide food supplies to as
many people as possible and donates
surplus material goods and clothing to
other social service and religious
organizations for distribution to their
To make way for the new
construction underway at Lutherwood,
The Sharing Place East moved off campus
in October to a nearby commercial
building. Benefits of the move included
increased public visibility and access as
well as additional space for the clothing
bank, food pantry, donation receiving area
and offices for Community-Based program
staff. It also allowed The Sharing Place to
re-open its thrift store, where proceeds
help support the operational expenses of
the give-away programs.
The Sharing Place program provides
two unique services: “Ready, Set, Learn!”
and triage. “Ready, Set, Learn!” is a back to
school project that provides new school
supplies to youth in kindergarten through
twelfth grade. Triage is a referral service
provided to clients who repeatedly visit
The Sharing Place or who are in
immediate need of resources other than
food and clothing. It includes the
completion of an informal needs
assessment and identification of other
community and government resources
that may be available. Examples of
referrals made for clients include:
housing, employment, stabilization of
domestic violence, medical needs, mental
health services, and day care.
The Sharing Place is located on the
east and west sides of Indianapolis.
The Sharing Place East
7049 E. 10th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46219
The Sharing Place West
3976 Georgetown Road
Indianapolis, IN 46254
Total served: 22,853
Drs. Tom Nottingham (l) and Jim Rasp of Circle City
Chiropractic were among the first to bring food
donations to The Sharing Place new eastside facility.
The special in-gathering resulted in two pick-up
truckloads of food and more than $1,000 in cash
donations for The Sharing Place.
Dr. Nottingham organized the first Circle City
Chiropractic food drive for The Sharing Place in
2001. “I feel called to share my blessings with
others. I also believe in leading by example. I’d love
to show other professionals in the community –
who have the ability to reach other people – that
they can make a difference.”
Fa m i ly P r e s e rvat i o n S e rv i c e s
Lutherwood student artwork
ur Family Preservation Program
has provided community-based
services to children and families
for more than ten years. In collaboration
with Gallahue Mental Health
(Community Health Network), the
program provides intensive, family
centered, strength based and culturally
relevant care to children and families
referred by the Marion County
Department of Children’s Services and
Marion County Juvenile Probation.
Services are provided in homes, schools
and communities. These services are
proactive, flexible and accommodate the
needs and schedules of the families.
Interventions are wide-ranging and
• Individual and family therapy
• Case management
• Assistance with basic needs
• Advocacy with multiple child
serving systems
• Service referral and linkage
• Crisis management services (24
hours per day, 7 days per week)
Marion County awarded a contract
to Family Preservation to provide
specialized home-based counseling
services to victims of sexual abuse and
their families and adolescent sexual
offenders and their families. Family
Preservation also accepted referrals from
Gallahue Mental Health Programs and is
currently engaged in contract discussions
with Choices, Inc. to provide community
based services for the Dawn Project.
Family Preservation services also
• Intensive family reunification
• Home-based counseling
• Home-based case management
• Community integration services
for sexual offenders
• Services to youth returning to the
community from the Indiana
Department of Correction
The Indiana Family Risk Assessment of
Abuse/Neglect is completed for all referrals.
Some of the factors rated include the number
of children in the home, prior reports of abuse
or neglect, substance abuse issues, financial
stability, domestic violence, discipline
techniques or parenting skills.
• Received 295 referrals
• Served 415 families
• Served 1397 individuals
• 69% of all families referred successfully completed the
• 75% of families completing the program had decreased
risk factors for abuse and/or neglect
• 96% of families had no new incidents of child abuse or
neglect reported
• 98% of all respondents (children, families and referral
sources) who completed satisfaction surveys rated
services as very good to excellent.
Tr i n i t y H o u s e | Vo l u n t e e r R e s o u r c e s
rinity House is a group home
where young men age 14-21 learn
the skills they will need to live as
productive, independent adults. Most of
them expect to be entirely self-sufficient
when they are discharged.
The family-style, highly-structured
environment of Trinity House is designed
to support and guide residents while
providing them with emotional and social
growth opportunities. These include:
• Readily available counseling
services with the group home
manager, who also serves as the
on-site therapist
• Increased community
• Use of “life-skills” coaches who
reward appropriate behavior
he numbers of individuals and
groups who donated their time
and talent to the ministries of
Lutheran Child & Family Services
demonstrated the increased community
awareness of volunteer opportunities with
the agency.
Volunteer opportunities included:
• The Sharing Place (East and West)
and utilize natural/logical
consequences for inappropriate
• Use of the Ansell Casey Life Skills
Assessment Program (ACLSA)
to measure progress toward
• Full-time school attendance
or employment
A discharge is considered successful
if the boy returns home, moves into his
own apartment or is placed in a lower
level of care, i.e. a foster home. Those who
do not succeed usually move to a higher
level of care than Trinity House can
Number of male
youth served: . . . . . . . . . .16
Successful discharges: . . . .6
• Adopt-A-Dorm
• Special events
• Mentoring
• Tutoring
• Service clubs
• Give Hope a Home capital and
endowment campaign
• Christmas activities
• Advisory boards and committees
• Community service and office
Total number of volunteers:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 607
Total volunteer hours: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28,718
Total value equivalent* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $518,072
*In 2005, the Independent Sector announced that the estimated value of a volunteer hour was $18.04. (This time is
based on the average hourly earnings of all production and non-supervisory workers on private non-farm payrolls
(as determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Independent Sector takes this figure and increases it by 12 percent to
estimate for fringe benefits.)
Volunteer chef Keith Fenley (l) cooks
burgers and brats during a cookout at
Lutherwood. He is among a faithful
group of volunteers from Kroger’s
Crossroad Farms Dairy who organize
regular activities for the children
throughout the year.
S p i r i t ua l G r o w t h | C o n t i n u o u s Q ua l i t y I m p r ov e m e n t
Chaplain Bob Hall hangs a banner made
by youth at Trinity Lutheran Church &
School in Indianapolis.
od has motivated many to
assist in our ministry and
has provided His strength
to our children,” noted campus chaplain,
Rev. Bob Hall. In addition to offering
weekly Bible studies to children and staff,
Pr. Hall coordinated volunteers from area
congregations to provide music for chapel
services and serve as mentors.
“Therefore everyone
who hears these
words of mine and
puts them into
practice is like a wise
man who built his
house upon the rock.
The rain came down,
the streams rose, and
the winds blew and
beat against that
house; yet it did not
fall, because it had
its foundation on the
he Continuous Quality
Improvement (CQI) program of
Lutheran Child and Family
Services (LCFS) provides the primary
means for internal review and evaluation
of agency programs and services. It sets
the standard for high-quality treatment of
clients and prepares strategies to meet
their ever-changing needs.
As a team, members from each
department gather data from LCFS
specifically identified indicators that
monitor trends of high-risk, high-volume,
or problem-prone areas. They use this
information to create practical action
plans for the constant improvement of
care, which helps maintain accreditation
—MATTHEW 7:24-25
Lutherwood student artwork
Under the guidance of Pr. Hall, the
children practiced community service by
hosting a bake sale to benefit Bethlehem
Children’s Center in New Orleans.
Hurricane Katrina had damaged the
center and forced evacuation of the
residents to neighboring communities.
Lutherwood youth raised more than $300
by baking and selling cookies to the staff
and visitors at neighboring Community
Hospital East.
status by the Council on Accreditation.
Nationwide concern about the
dangers of restrictive intervention
demands that this area, as well as the rest
of Lutherwood’s residential treatment
program, be a primary focus of
CQI. Frequent review of policies and
procedures is also extremely important in
order to maintain a consistent foundation
and framework for the treatment and care
of our children.
The CQI team meets the challenge
by standing ready to analyze, support,
and reform policies as necessary. They
gather, assess and maintain data to
evaluate outcomes and measure client
satisfaction. This provides continual
assessment of our care and services and
ensures our ability to carry out our
ovember marked the end of
funding from a Corporation for
National and Community
Service grant to support the AmeriCorps
program at LCFS. Known on campus as
the “Preparing Opportunities for
Development Corps (POD),” members
served in The Sharing Place and in the
areas of education and volunteer
resources. Their responsibilities included:
• Tutoring students
• Organizing recreational activities
• Designing and managing
community service activities
• Organizing service-learning
opportunities for youth
• Assisting with intake and food and
clothing distribution at The
Sharing Place
• Facilitating trainings for LCFS staff
• Raising awareness of community
service and AmeriCorps
• Serving as ambassadors for LCFS
events (which included meeting
and greeting corporate sponsors)
• Re-opening the Lutherwood library
• Creating an outdoor classroom
Efforts of the POD Corps members’
resulted in successful programming that
will endure beyond their three-year
tenure on campus. At Lutherwood, the
tremendous impact of POD Corps can be
found in the outdoor classroom and in an
integrated assessment system for
measuring reading level achievements for
the residents/students. Their legacy to The
Sharing Place is the triage program
operated by volunteers, which offers on-site
guidance and service referrals to clients
who visit The Sharing Place repeatedly for
emergency assistance. POD Corps
members laid a foundation for
programming, activities, and systems that
will lead to future success at LCFS.
Triage component:
~ 90% client satisfaction rate
~ 50% of clients will review community resources
~ 65% of clients will develop a plan
Educational component at Lutherwood:
~ 76% of Lutherwood residents reached their
age-appropriate reading grade level prior to their
successful discharge during the first year of POD
~ During the 2005-2006 school year, 25% of students
taking the ISTEP passed the exam compared to a
17.6% passing rate for 2004-2005 and a 12.1%
passing rate in 2003-2004, the first year of
AmeriCorps at LCFS.
~ AmeriCorps members were instrumental to the
enhancement of the educational readiness, reading
comprehension and character development of the
special education children served at LCFS.
Lutherwood students work in garden
boxes that AmeriCorps members built
for the outdoor classroom project.
opportunities for
development by
individuals to identify
their strengths and
overcome barriers to
success while guiding
them to personal
independence through
civic engagement,
enrichment and
community service.”
D o n o r H o n o r Ro l l
e are blessed with generous donors who support our
goals of expressing God’s love by offering programs
of compassionate care and counsel to those in need.
The following lists reflect total annual cash contributions to the
annual fund as well as pledges and contributions to the Give Hope
a Home capital and endowment campaign between January 1 and
December 31, 2006.
We have made every effort to be complete and accurate
when compiling these lists. In the event of error or omission,
please accept our apologies and notify the development
department by calling 317-359-5467, ex. 320.
He who oppresses the
poor shows contempt
for their Maker,
But whoever is kind
to the needy honors God.
* Denotes contributors to the Give Hope a Home capital and endowment campaign
($10,000 or more)
Christ the Savior Lutheran Church–Fishers
Citizens Gas & Coke Utility
Emil E. Keck Charitable Trust
Hamilton County Chapter, Thrivent
Financial for Lutherans*
Holy Cross Lutheran Church–Indianapolis
The Indianapolis Foundation*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Kassing
Kenra, LLC*
National Bank of Indianapolis*
National City Bank*
Denny & Donna Oklak*
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Orr
Peterson Family Foundation*
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Schmadeke, Sr.*
Thomas & Evelyn Seeley*
Mr. & Mrs. Jack V. Skillman
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Troyer
United Way of Central Indiana
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Van Frank*
($5,000 - $9,999)
Mr. & Mrs. Dick L. Boschen
Brightpoint, Inc.
Christel DeHaan Family Foundation*
Ms. Tania T. Deng
Mrs. Eleanor A. Greuling
The Health Foundation of Greater
Indianapolis, Inc.
Clif & Janet Johnson*
Mr. & Mrs. Gerhard Klemm
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Koeneman
Lilly Endowment
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Otto*
Pilgrim Lutheran Church-Indianapolis*
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Schmidt
Mr. John A. Seest
The Stanley Works
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans “Giving
Dr. & Mrs. Normand T. Townley*
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Young*
($4,999 – $2,500)
Association of Indiana State Troopers
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Baker
The Beck Foundation
Carmel Lutheran Church
Mr. & Mrs. William Flohr
Mr. Ralph L. Frauhiger
Mr. & Mrs. D. Stanley Geiser*
Grueninger Tours*
Indiana State Employees Community
Mr. & Mrs. Keith D. Johns*
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kendall*
King of Glory Social Ministry Team*
MDRT Foundation
Miller Summer Mission for Children Fund
(a Central Indiana Community
Foundation fund)
Ms. Caryl Schratz-Goeller*
($1,000 - $2,499)
ADESA Corporation
Avnet Inc.
Ayres Foundation, Inc.*
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence C. Beck*
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Beckwith
Bethlehem Lutheran Church-Indianapolis*
Blackwell Williams Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Bosma
Mr. & Mrs. James Capron, Jr.*
Central Indiana Community Foundation*
Community Hospitals of Indiana, Inc.*
Creative Street Media Group*
Cross & Crown Lutheran ChurchIndianapolis
Mr. & Mrs. Hank Dragoo*
Duke Construction*
Emmanuel Lutheran Church-Tell City
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Esarey*
First Indiana Bank*
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Fuhrman*
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gard
Mr. Roger Gregory
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Griffith, III
Grube Family Foundation*
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Holton
Hook Drug Foundation
Hoover Family Foundation
Indianapolis Colts
Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Kilgas*
Kroger Company Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Kroger
Lawrence Sertoma Club*
Lockhart Cadillac*
Mrs. Grace Looney*
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis L. Lundberg*
M&B Restaurants, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. McCormick
Mr. Daniel P. McGinley*
Ms. Ann M. Merkel
Mr. & Mrs. Chester A. Nielsen*
North Marion County Chapter, Thrivent
Financial for Lutherans*
NPR Consulting, Inc.*
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Parris
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rafferty*
Resurrection Lutheran Church-Indianapolis
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Roberts*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Salyers
SBC Employee Giving/United Way
Campaign-Princeton, NJ
Mr. David L. Schaefer
Mr. Curtis E. Shirley*
Ms. Martha J. Siemers*
Simon Property Group
Mr. & Mrs. Micheal J. Smith*
Speedway Christian Church
St. Vincent Hospital & Health Services
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Employee
Gift Match*
United Way of Bartholomew County
United Way of Tri-State/Merck
UPS Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Denise Witt*
Mr. Steven Witte
Mr. & Mrs. Dietrich Wodarz*
Youth Service America
Zion Evangelical United Church of ChristIndianapolis*
Zion Lutheran Church-New Palestine
($500 - $999)
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Ahearn
American Senior Communities*
AMS Mechanical Services, Inc.*
Ms. Marion F. Behr
Bose McKinney & Evans, LLP *
Dr. Philip J. Burck*
Calvary Willing Workers*
Carmel Lutheran LWML
Christ Lutheran Church-Noblesville
Claus’ German Sausage & Meats, Inc.*
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Crouse
Mrs. Joyce Donaldson*
Rev. & Mrs. Norman B. Elling
Elliott Foundation*
Emanuel Lutheran Church-Arcadia
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Eppert*
Mrs. & Mrs. Theodore Esping
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Estridge*
Eye Surgeons of Indiana PC
Gethsemane Lutheran Church-Indianapolis
Hancock County Chapter, Thrivent
Financial for Lutherans*
Haus Architecture, LLC*
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Herzberg
Mr. Jerry Hindel
Mrs. Lucille Huxhold
The Indiana Youth Institute
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn R. Johnson
The Kinsley Group
Kiwanis of Indy East
Mrs. Patricia Koeneman
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kovacs
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Kraabel
Mrs. Barbara Kroemer
Lutheran Church of Our RedeemerEvansville
Mr. & Mrs. David D. Marquardt
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Meister*
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Melcher*
Meyer Financial Strategies*
Mickey’s Camp*
Noblesville Sunrisers Kiwanis Club
Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Nolting
North Indianapolis Sertoma Club*
Mr. William J. Petriko
Pleasant View Lutheran Church-Indianapolis
RadioShack Corporation
Ms. Jamie B. Ratner
Republic Services of Indiana*
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Richards*
Ms. Shawna L. Rink*
Ms. Lois M. Rust
Salem Lutheran Church-Indianapolis
Mrs. Diane Schaaf
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Schein*
Servants of Christ Lutheran ChurchIndianapolis
Rev. & Mrs. George D. Silavs
Mr. & Mrs. Gary St. Clair
St. John’s Lutheran Church-Otwell
St. Paul Lutheran Church-New Haven
Stanley H. Byram Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Strong
Mr. & Mrs. Harold K. Ulreich
Variety Club of Indiana
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Weigel
Mr. & Mrs. R.D. Welch*
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Westphal*
Mrs. Dorothy Whitehurst
Mr. George Wiese, III
Mr. Tom Wilfong
Williams Hewitt Barrett & Wilkowski, LLP
($250 - $499)
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Aase*
Advent Lutheran Church LWML-Zionsville
Mr. & Mrs. Gayle Anderson
Mr. Richard and Dr. Sally Beck
Mr. David Bertolet*
Mr. & Mrs. James Bramlett
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Brandt
Ms. Sandra Byrne
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Canada
Mr. & Mrs. William Chambers
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Coval*
Mrs. Naomi Dart
Mr. & Mrs. Jack M. Dieck
Ms. Linda J. Dillon*
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Duckworth
Mr. & Mrs. H. Burton Fisher*
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fivel
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fleck
Ms. Anne French*
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church-Kokomo
Mrs. Susan Hall*
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Hawes
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley D. Hawk*
Mr. & Mrs. Wes Hildebrandt*
Mrs. Giannina L. Hofmeister-Connolly
Mr. Chip Jefferson*
JEWEL Christian Academy*
Ms. Patricia M. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Jung
Mrs. Mary Ann Kehlenbrink
Mr. Steve Kehlenbrink
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Kiel*
King of Glory Lutheran Church-Carmel
Mr. Edward Kistler*
Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis-East
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Koepper
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Kreckman
LCFS Seymour Auxiliary
Dr. & Mrs. J. David Leander
Dr. Hans-Juergen Loyda & Dr. Marion Loyda
Lutheran Service Club of Indianapolis*
Mr. & Mrs. L. William Martin
Mrs. Heidi Martinez
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Mertens
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore E. Mesh*
Mr. & Mrs. Ross Morkal
Mr. Lee R. Morrow, Jr.*
Ms. Mabel M. Moss
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Niessink
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Nobis*
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory L. Nowling*
Rev. & Mrs. John R. Pavelka*
Mrs. Rosalee Reikofski
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Schild*
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Schumm
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Sherwood
Vicar & Mrs. Jerrell Simmerman
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Singer*
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Smith*
Mr. Michael D. Smith
Ms. Marie Sorensen
South Marion County Chapter, Thrivent
Financial for Lutherans*
Speedway United Methodist Church
Ms. Laura K. Springman
St. John Lutheran Church LWMLEvanston*
St. John’s Synodical-Columbus
St. Paul Lutheran Church-Bremen
Mr. Kent Steele
Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Tellman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Thomas*
Tyco Employee Matching Gift Program
Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Westby
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wichman
WINCO Construction Co., Inc.*
Women of Messiah Lutheran ChurchBrownsburg
Mr. Ernest Zeller
Mrs. Ruth Zimmerer
($100 - $249)
12th Street Cruisers*
4000 Georgetown Realty*
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. Aarstad
Abundant Grace Lutheran ChurchGreenwood
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Albrecht*
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Alder
American Business Club*
Ms. Esther August
Mr. Thomas Baer
Mr. William H. Ball, Jr.*
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Barch
Ms. Lauren S. Barker-Prange
Ms. June Bartels
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Basile*
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Beatty
Mr. & Mrs. John Beltz*
Mr. & Mrs. James BeMiller*
Ms. Marcia Berner
Bethel Lutheran Church-Austin
Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. Billingsley
Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Blickensderfer*
Mr. Randy Bobb
Mr. & Mrs. LaVerne Boeck
Ms. Rosanne Bonjouklian*
Mr. Ralph Boots
Dr. & Mrs. Philip Borst*
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Boso
Mr. Scott Bova
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Brandt*
Mrs. Helen M. Brauer*
Ms. Doris J. Brinkman
Mrs. Gladys Brown*
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bryden*
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Budach
Ms. Lois Bullerman
Mr. & Mrs. John Bunch, Jr.
Mr. Rod Burkett
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation
Judith Campbell, M.D.
Campfire USA East Side Club
The Carpetbaggers, Inc.*
Mrs. Nancy J. Chapman
Ms. Lorraine V. Chauvette
Mr. & Mrs. William Cheever
Christ Lutheran LWML-Noblesville
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Clark*
Mr. David Colip*
Mr. & Mrs. John Commorato
Congregation Beth-El Zedeck-Indianapolis
Ms. Marilyn D. Conner*
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Connors*
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Conrad*
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Corley*
Ms. Carolyn Darnell
Mr. & Mrs. Harry A. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Delaney
Ms. Judith F. Ditzler
Diversified Business Systems*
Mr. Darrel R. Donahue
Mrs. Hazel Doup
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Doversberger
Mr. & Mrs. James Dunaway
Rev. & Mrs. James Dye
Ms. Mary Alice Eckert*
Mr. Donald E. Eckhoff
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Effenberger
Ms. Frances Eickhoff*
Emanuel Lutheran Church-Tipton
Emmaus Lutheran School-Indianapolis
Mr. & Mrs. George Emrich, Jr.*
Mr. & Mrs. Trevor J. Ewing
First Quality Printing
Ms. Melinda Ford-Raub
Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Fosler
Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Fox, III
Ms. Crystal Francis & Mr. Dennis Frick
Mrs. Eleanor L. Francis *
Ms. Norma Sue Fremder
Mr. & Mrs. Darroll French*
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Gaerte
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Galbreath
Mr. & Mrs. Keith T. Gambrel
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gard
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Gipson*
Ms. Laurel Goodman
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Gresham
Claudia E. Grossmann, Ph.D. *
Mr. Robert Groth
Ms. Mary Louise Hackman
Ms. Kristine Hahn
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Carroll C. Hamner
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Hamstra*
Mrs. Ruth A. Hanenkratt*
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Hansford, Jr.
Mr. Nelson Harder
Mr. & Mrs. William Harter
Mr. D. Jeff Hartling*
Mr. & Mrs. Grover T. Harvey
Ms. Betty D. Hazel*
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hazelrigg*
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Heidt*
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hein
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Henley
Dr. & Mrs. Eric Henricks
Ms. Kara Hensley
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Hidding
Ms. Esther L. Hill*
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hiteshew*
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Hochstetler
Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Hoevener
Mr. & Mrs. Mike A. Holl*
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Holland*
Mr. Carl P. Hollinger
Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Holmes*
Holy Cross Lutheran Church-Shelbyville, KY
Ms. Mary Louise Hopkins
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Hostetter
Mr. & Mrs. Bud Howard
Mr. Lloyd R. Howe
Ms. Carol A. Hoyermann
HP Products*
Dr. Frank N. Hrisomalos*
Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur D. Huffman*
IKON Office Solutions
Immanuel Ladies Aid 3-Seymour
Immanuel Lutheran Church-Hamlet
Immanuel Lutheran Church-Evansville
Indianapolis Custom Carpentry, Inc.*
Indianapolis Downtown Lions Club
Indy Metro Church
J.C. Hart Company, Inc.*
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Janke
Mr. & Mrs. David Jensen
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Jersild, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Johnson
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Jones
Mr. Walter G. Justus*
Mrs. Annabeth Kamman
Dr. & Mrs. Henry C. Karlson*
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Keck
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Kehr
Mr. & Mrs. Jack W. Kelley*
Bishop & Mrs. Ralph A. Kempski
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kettler
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Kiel
King of Glory “Gad-Abouts” *
King of Glory Pre-School
Mrs. Henrietta Kirkham
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Klotz*
Mr. & Mrs. John F. W. Koch
Mrs. Alberta F. Krampe
Ms. Sharon Kreigh
Ms. Genevieve Kurz
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Lahn
Rev. Betty E. Landis
Mr. John E. Langdon*
Mrs. Marian Larson
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lawrence
Drs. Eric & Rosalind Leaming
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lechner
The Legend Classic Irvington Café*
Mr. & Mrs. Kenn Lehman
Mr. & Mrs. James Leive
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Lesher
Ms. Sue Leuschke*
Mrs. Evelyn D. Leversen
Mrs. Dorothy Levihn
Ms. Nancy Litterer
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Logan
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lohss
Mr. Hersey Mangels
Dr. Jeffrey C. Marshall*
Mrs. Jan Matthews
Ms. Toni Mattioda
Mrs. Charles McCord*
Mrs. Judy McCormick
Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCoy
Mrs. Debra L. McDaniel
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse L. McDaniel
Messiah Lutheran Church-Evansville
Mr. David Metzger
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Middendorf
Mrs. Beverly Mikolon
Mrs. Ruth L. Miller
Mrs. Violet N. Mockler
Ms. Tara J. Moenning
Mr. & Mrs. William Moorman*
Mr. Edward Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Murdock*
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Myers*
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Newby
Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Niederer
Mr. & Mrs. Lothar H. Nitz
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Norkin
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Opel
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Osborne*
Ms. Paula Patrick & Mr. Jerry B. Wilkey
Mr. Steven W. Perbix
Mr. John Perine*
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Peterson
Rev. & Mrs. Stan Peterson
Ms. Irene Pollert
Ms. Alice Post
Presbyterian Women in John Knox Church
Mr. Ray F. Priebe
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Puterbaugh*
Ms. Julie A. Raasch
Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Ramanis
Mrs. Roberta Sabin Recker
Mr. & Mrs. James Reiman
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Renner
Mr. & Mrs. Ferril Ressinger
Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Rhodes
Ms. Patti Haney Richey*
Rev. & Mrs. Alan J. Rider*
Mr. & Mrs. N. Clay Robbins*
Robert’s Glass & Service, Inc.*
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Roller
Mr. & Mrs. L. Jack Rothe*
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Rothenberger*
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rothenbush*
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Ruble, J.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Rupel
Mrs. Sylvia Rust*
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rusyniak*
Salem Lutheran Church Martha CircleIndianapolis
Mr. & Mrs. William N. Salin, Jr.*
Mr. & Mrs. Myron Sanders
Mr. Alvin D. Schaaf, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Mike G. Schaefer*
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Schaefer*
Ms. Edith Scheutzow
Mrs. Diane V. Schmadeke*
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Schmidt
Ms. Carol P. Schoner
John & Georgiana Schroeder*
Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Schroeder*
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Schultz
Rev. & Mrs. Paul J. Schumacher, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Schuster*
Mr. & Mrs. John Schutte*
Mrs. Delores Schwier
Mrs. Anita Schaefer
Ms. Patricia Shannon
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Sheppard*
Shirley Brothers Co., Inc.
Mrs. Linda Singer*
Mrs. Patricia Snyder
Mrs. Helen A. Soltau
Mrs. Stella Sommer
Mr. & Mrs. Mark H. Soonpaa
St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church-Indianapolis
St. James Lutheran Church-Holland
St. James WELCA-Holland
St. John Lutheran Church (Sauers)Seymour
St. Paul Lutheran Church-Munster
St. Paul’s Ladies Aid-Dewberry
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church-Brownstown
Mrs. Lucy Anne Steuber
Stewart & Irwin*
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Stiller*
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Stout*
Mr. & Mrs. Herman D. Strakis*
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tad Stucky
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sundstrom
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Swayze
Mr. Billy R. Thomas*
Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Truwe*
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn W. Tuffnell*
Ms. Carrie Turns
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Uhl
United Way of Allegheny CountyPittsburgh
Mr. Jeremy K. Van Deman*
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Van Deman
Mr. & Mrs. David Vanderveen*
Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. Vandrey
Mr. & Mrs. Larry VanTries
Mr. & Mrs. F. Ross Vogelgesang
Mr. Paul E. Vogelgesang & Dr. Brooke
Dr. & Mrs. Victor J. Vollrath
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Watson*
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Webb, Jr.
Ms. Jane Weeks
Mr. & Mrs. Phil Wehmeyer
Ms. Frances I. Wells
Mr. & Mrs. Joachim E. Wernicke
Mrs. Joseph Weyhaupt
Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Wherry
Mr. Marc A. White
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Whitten
Ms. Kimberly Wiita
Mr. & Mrs. Jim G. Wiley*
Wilkie Electric Co.
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Williams*
Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Williford
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Willms
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck E. Wilson*
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wilson
Women’s Guild of Shepherd of Paradise
Lutheran Church-Newburgh
Mrs. Fonda Wray
Mr. & Mrs. Stephan M. Zentner*
Zeta Iota Chapter, IrvingtonIndianapolis East
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ziegele*
Mr. & Mrs. William Ziegele*
Zion Lutheran Church-Wabash
Zion Lutheran Ladies Aid-New Palestine
Zionsville Lighting Center
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Zwart*
(Up to $99)
Mr. Joseph B. Abair
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Ackermann
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Adams
Rev. & Mrs. Steve Albertin
Ms. Hayley M. Alder
Mr. Samuel K. Alder
Mr. & Mrs. William Amberger
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Anderson
Mr. James Anderson*
Ms. Kristin Anderson, J.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Robin P. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Anderson
Mr. & Mrs . Tom Angrick*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Antonsen
Ms. Heather Archer
Mrs. Mary Evelyn Armstrong
Mr. & Mrs. Gayle J. Arvidson
Association of International Women, Inc.*
Mr. & Mrs. Fred H. Baade
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bachmann
BAI Supply*
Mr. & Mrs. William Baldwin
Ms. Jeanne C. Ball*
Mr. Ralph W. Bandt
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Barber*
Mr. Terry Bareither*
Mr. & Mrs. Adrian I. Barksdale
Basic American Foods
Mr. Kevin Bath
Mr. Preston J. Batta *
Ms. Mildred E. Baxter
Mr. & Mrs. L. H. Bayley*
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Behlmer
Ms. Karen Behm
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Benda
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bercot*
Mr. & Mrs. David Beringer
Mr. & Mrs. Gary K. Bernardi
Mrs. Esther E. Best
Mr. & Mrs. Wilhelm Bilgram
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Blazek
Mr. Kenneth H. Bode
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Bogie
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Boldt*
Mr. & Mrs. William Bonitz*
Rev. & Mrs. Ed Boone
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bottoms
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Botzum
Mr. J. B. Bowen
Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Boxman
Mr. Guy F. Boyd, Jr.*
Mr. & Mrs. Dan R. Boyd*
Mr. Keith Boyd*
Mr. & Mrs. Henry L. Bradakis
Mr. Erwin Brand*
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Brandt
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Brant*
Mr. & Mrs. Orville J. Bremer
Rev. & Mrs. O.A. Brillinger
Mrs. Evelyn Britten
Mr. Brian Brown*
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Brown
Ms. Katherine Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bruns
Fr. & Mrs. David W. Brunton
The Budreau Family*
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Budreau
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin E. Buente, Jr.
The Builders Association of Greater
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bulger, Jr.*
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall W. Burbrink
Ms. Janita M. Burke
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Burkhardt*
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony R. Buzzetti
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Cain
Calvary Lutheran Church Adult Group
Ms. Adeline Campbell
Campbell Rinker
Mr. & Mrs. William Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Capron
Ms. Paula F. Cardoza
Mr. & Mrs. John Carlson
Carmel Lutheran MOPS Ministry
Mrs. Ruth Carson
Mr. Howard Catt and Mrs. Janet Maas Catt
Mrs. Beverly A. Chambers*
Mr. & Mrs. Don Chasteen
Mr. Robert Chauvette
Child & Adolescent Services Research Center
Christ Church-The Lutheran Church of
Christ Presbyterian Church-McCordsville
Mr. & Mrs. A. James Christiansen
Mr. & Mrs. Clark R. Christiansen
Ms. Janice Christl
Mr. Harry Claffey, Jr.
Mrs. Marytha Clear
Mr. Geoffrey J. Clore
Ms. Tina D. Coffman
Complete Solutions*
Mr. Jack Connor
Ms. Pat Cooney
Ms. Holly Cotton*
Mr. Louis Coy
Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Cozmanoff
Mr. & Mrs. Carl L. Crabiel
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cranfill*
Mrs. Evelyn M. Cubine
Ms. Jane Cunneen*
Mrs. Ramona Cunningham*
Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Dalzell
Dan Elliott, Inc. *
Mrs. Dorothy Darlage
Ms. Kay Darnell
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Davenport
Mrs. Betsy Davis*
Mr. Bruce Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Day
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Decker*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. DeCoursey*
Ms. Jennifer S. Deem & Mr. Michael P.
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip D. Deem
Ms. Helen Deen
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Deeter
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Delk
Mr. Donald K. Densborn*
Mr. Jared Dettmer
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Diamond*
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Diamond
Ms. Ann Diefenthaler*
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Dietrick
Mr. &Mrs. Andrew J. Diez*
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Dispaldo
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dittmer
Mr. Mark Doctor
Dorcas Society-Our Redeemer Lutheran
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Dougherty
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Douglas*
Mr. James Doversberger*
Mr. & Mrs. Keith J. Downey*
Mr. & Mrs. Otto Drittler
Mr. & Mrs. Richard O. Dudley
Duke Realty Corporation
Ms. Patricia J. Duncan*
Mr. & Mrs. Fredric W. Dunkman
Ms. Marilyn Dunning
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Durst
EEA Chapter # 1354, Johnson County
Mr. Richard Eagleson
Mr. Garry M. Eckhard
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Edelman*
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. John Eling
Ms. Barbara Elkins
Mr. & Mrs. David Ellerbrook
Ms. Elizabeth A. Elliott
Mr. & Mrs. Byron E. Ellis
Ms. Lora C. Elrod*
Emanuel Lutheran Church-Dudleytown
Emmanuel Lutheran Women’s GuildTell City
Mr. & Mrs. Murvin S. Enders*
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Epperson
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ernst*
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Esarey
Exclusive Marketing, Inc.*
Faith Lutheran Church-Indianapolis
Ms. Karen O. Fanning*
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Fehd
Mr. Robert A. Fellwock
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Finchum
Mr. Donald Finley
Mr. & Mrs. Don Flamino*
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Fleer*
Ms. Jo Ellen Flynn*
Ms. Nicole Freeman
Ms. Clara Friel
Mrs. Ruth Fuhrmann
Funtastics Club
Ms. Barbara Furlow*
Miss Ruth Gallmeier
Rev. & Mrs. Donald R. Garvue
GE Supply, National Sales Center
Gen II Marketing, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Bart L. Gish
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Glesing
Mr. David Godby
Mrs. Hulda Goecker
Ms. Dorothy H. Gordon
Ms. Brenda K. Grable
Mr. & Mrs. Wolfgang Greven
Ms. Maryann J. Griffiths*
Mr. Robert I. Grubbs
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Gruender
Mrs. Regine Guenin
Ms. Billie J. Guffey
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hall*
Rev. & Mrs. Robert K. Hall*
Hamlan & Company
Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Hampton*
Mr. Frank Hanak
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Haneline*
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Hannemann*
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Hanson
Mr. & Mrs. Joe E. Harbison
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Hardesty
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Harlow
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Harrington
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald K. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Craig F. Hart*
Ms. Jo Ann Hartley
Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Hartman*
Mrs. Jeanne Hartman
Mr. & Mrs. James Haycox
Ms. Ruth M. Heffelmire
Mrs. Laura F. Heidenreich
Mr. Frederick Heinkel
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Heintzelman*
Rev. & Mrs. Alfred J. Hellert
Ms. Bethel P. Hendrix
Dan & Beth Henkel
Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Henning*
Mr. & Mrs. David Hennon
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Henschen
Ms. Louise S. Herder
Dr. & Mrs. Guenther K. Herzog
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hetherington
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Heyne
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Higgins
Mr. Joseph A. Higgins*
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Hilgendorf
Mr. & Mrs. Jon W. Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Hillenburg*
Ms. Ramona C. Hittle
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley P. Hitzeman
Mrs. Helen Hoehn
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Hoffmann, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Hogan*
Dr. & Mrs. Carl W. Holl, Jr.
Mr. Doug Holland*
Mr. & Mrs. Steven T. Holland*
Mr. & Mrs. Dave M. Holmes
Mr. Lawrence Holmes
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Holmgren
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Homann*
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Hoock*
Rev. & Mrs. George Hoog
Mr. Henry G. Horstmann
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Houchins
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk A. House
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Hoyt
Mrs. Jackie Hubbard
Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Hudson
Mr. & Mrs. Milton D. Hughes
Ms. Viola Hughes
Ms. Deana Hunter
Mrs. Esther Hunter
Mr. & Mrs. Terry M. Hutchens*
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Harry Huxhold
Mr. Paul F. Huxhold & Mrs. Susanne G.
Immanuel Lutheran Church-Seymour
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry C. Imming
Institutional Products
IBEW Local # 481
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Irwin
Ms. Carolyn Isch*
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Jacobsen
Ms. Linda Jacobsen & Mr. Kai Ewald
Ms. Judith Jakelsky*
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas James*
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Janson
Paul & Michelle Jasheway
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Jennings
Ms. Kristy Johnson
Mrs. Margaret Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Jolitz
Mr. I.C. Jones
Mrs. Virginia Juergensen
Mr. James R. Julian*
K & J Janitorial Service Co.
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Kahl
Gregory Kamp, D.D.S.
Ms. Nancy M. Karner
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Keeth
Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Kelsey, Jr.
Mr. Joseph H. Kempf
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Kempler*
Ms. Sharon A. Kensell
Ms. Shirley Kershaw
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kiel*
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Kiemeyer*
Mrs. Adele Kienzler*
Ms. Suzanne B. Killen
Mrs. Irene Kinnane
Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Kirkwood*
Ms. Marge Klapman
Mr. & Mrs. Herschel F. Kleffman*
Mr. &Mrs. Byron L. Klemesrud
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Kline*
Ms. Diane K. Klocke
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Klotz
Rev. & Mrs. Harold W. Knappe*
Mr. & Mrs. Herman Kohlman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Koschmann
Mrs. Dawn E. Kouns
Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Krapf
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Krueckeberg
Mrs. Edna Krug
Mrs. Mona E. Krupicka
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Kruse
Ms. Carol A. Kussman
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. LaCluyse
Ms. Arlene Laesch
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Lafferty
Mr. Robert Laird
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Latour
Mr. & Mrs. David Laux
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Layman*
Mr. & Mrs. Francis LeDonne*
Mr. & Mrs. Keith M. Leininger
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Lembke
Mr. Andre Lenger
Rev. Karl H. Lepper
Ms. Debra Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Linder
Ms. Patricia A. Littell
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Little
Mr. & Mrs. Walter W. Long*
Mr. Gary J. Love
Senator & Mrs. Richard G. Lugar
Mr. & Mrs. N. Lugo
Mr. Wayne A. Lundy
Mr. & Mrs. W.H.W. Lunn*
Luther Anns of St. Johns Lutheran ChurchRochester
Lutherans & Friends Fellowship
Mr. & Mrs. Derek S. Lynas*
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Lynas*
Ms. Nikki L. Lynch
Mr. & Mrs. John MacBain*
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mackin
Mr. & Mrs. Dean T. Maglinte
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Maki
Ms. Jennifer A. Many
Ms. Shirley Mark
Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Marsh*
Mary Martha Society
Mr. & Mrs. Stephan C. Masoncup*
Mrs. Editha Masters
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mathias
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Mattingly*
Rev. & Mrs. Daniel P. May*
Mrs. Sandie Maynard*
Maytag Corporation Foundation*
Ms. Betty M. McCain*
Mr. & Mrs. Garth McClain*
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. McDonald
Ms. Katie McKinney
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas W. McNeely*
Ms. Donna J. Mechuta
Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Meeks
Mr. John Megenhardt*
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Meier
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Meili
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Meister
Mrs. Mary E. Mellencamp
Mrs. Evelyn Messick
Mr. Elmer G. Meyer
Mrs. Marjorie Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph R. Meyer*
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Michael
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Miley*
Ms. Charlotte D. Millard
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Miller*
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Joe M. Miller*
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Miller*
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Miller
Ms. Jan Millholland
Mr. Thomas Milton
Mr. & Mrs. John Miner
Mrs. Lois Vivian Moeller
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Mong*
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Moore
Ms. Stephanie J. Mosher*
Mrs. Edith Mossner
Ms. Lois C. Moyer
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Mueller*
Mr. Jim Mueller
Mr. Thomas Mueller
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Mullin, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Myer
Mr. & Mrs. Glenis Napier
Ms. Wanda Nasser*
Mr. & Mrs. Sherman H. Neal*
Ms. Barbara S. Near
Mr. & Mrs. George Nelson
Ms. Margaret L. Nelson
Ms. Karen Newquist & Mr. Louis Jacobucci
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Nicholas*
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Nichols*
Ms. Kay Nickey*
Mr. & Mrs. Gerhard C. Niemann
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Nine
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Noel*
Mrs. Marilyn Noller
Dr. Thomas K. Nottingham
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd D. Obermeyer*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Oelker
Ms. Kay F. Oest
Olde Dominion Assoc., Inc. *
Ms. Marie Olson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Olt
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Ordel
Ms. Audrey Ortel
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Ortel
Mr. & Mrs. Brad S. Osborne*
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Osing
Mrs. Dorothy Otte*
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Otto
Our Shepherd Ladies Circle-Indianapolis
Mrs. Eva Overstreet
Mr. George W. Overton, Sr.
Ms. Lela Owens
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Pachciarz
Mr. & Mrs. James Palecek
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Passwater*
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Paulsrud*
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Perko
Ms. Opal Perry
Rev. & Mrs. Edmund A. Peters
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Peters
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Phillips*
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Phipps
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Phipps
Ms. Janeann Pitz
Ms. Julie Plake
Ms. Jean Plummer
Mr. & Mrs. Bob M. Poehler*
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Poindexter
Ms. Patricia Pokorny
Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Pollert
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert G. Potter
Mr. & Mrs. Will H. Potter*
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Powell
Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Poynter
Mrs. Ruth Pratt
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Priebe
Mr. James Prien*
Ms. Clarabelle Prifogle
Mr. Andy Proctor & Ms. Andrea
Ms. Anthanett Pumphrey
Mr. Larry Pumphrey
Ms. Norma J. Putoff
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Quinn
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rasmussen*
Mrs. Harriet B. Redman
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Reek
Mrs. Doris Reinbolt*
Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Reinhardt, Jr.
Mr. Delore Reklau & Ms. Helen
Mr. & Mrs. James Reno
Mr. Henry R. Resner*
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Retzlaff*
Mr. & Mrs. Barton Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Joe L. Richart*
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Richart*
Ms. Becky S. Ricks
Mr. & Mrs. John Rieckers
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Riley
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Riley
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Rinehart
Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Roberson
Ms. Kathleen S. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Roberts
Mrs. Linda J. Roberts-McCombs
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Robertson
Ms. Dawn Robinson
Ms. Jane M. Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. DJ Robison*
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Roeder*
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Roesener
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Roman
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold M. Rose
Mr. & Mrs. Irwin R. Rose*
Mr. & Mrs. Garry Ross
Mrs. Joan Roth
Ms. Ruth L. Ruechel
Mr. & Mrs. John Runciman
Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Rupprecht, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Sabol
Safeco Insurance Co.
Dr. Donna Sandage Drake & Dr. John Drake
Mr. & Mrs. John Sander
Sara Lee Foods
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Sarber
Ms. Karen U. Satori
Ms. Marilyn Saum
Mr. & Mrs. Colin C. Scheidt
Mr. & Mrs. William Schilke
The Schippnick Family*
Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Schlegel
Mr. Michael J. Schmatz & Ms. Chrystal
Ms. Carol A. Schmitz
Mr. & Mrs. Orville Schnitker
Mrs. Dorothy Schramm
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Schreiner
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schubert
Mr. & Mrs. Neal J. Schueler
Mrs. Sharon Schulenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Schultz
Sven & Shannon Schumacher
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Schurz
Ms. Alison K. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Rob Sculthrop
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Seeman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Selge
Mr. Wayne Senter
Mr. & Mrs. Ward E. Sexson*
Sharing Place West Volunteers
Mr. Dale Shepherd
Sherrill’s Upholstery*
Mr. & Mrs. John Sickman
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Silverberg
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Simons
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Siroky*
Mr. & Mrs. Emmett K. Smelser
Ms. Carol Smith
Rev. & Mrs. David J. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Mickey E. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Smith, Jr. *
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Smith F. Snively*
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Snyder
Mrs. Zoe W. Snyder*
Social Security AdministrationIndianapolis
Ms. Nancy V. Soller*
Mr. & Mrs. John B. South
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sowatsky
Ms. Audrey Spear
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Spiller
Mr. Kurt J. Springer
Mr. & Mrs. Ross E. Springer
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Springman
St. John Lutheran Ladies’ Aid-Wanatah
St. John’s Lutheran Church-Evanston
St. Paul’s Ladies Aid-Indianapolis
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church-Decatur
St. Paul’s Lutheran Sunday School-Bremen
St. Peter Lutheran Ladies Aid-North
St. Peter’s Lutheran Ladies Aid-Brownstown
Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Stein
Mr. & Mrs. Keith J. Steiner
Mrs. Ruth A. Stinnett
Ms. Dolores G. Stoltenberg*
Ms. Marie E. Storms
Mr. & Mrs. Elner Strand*
Dr. & Mrs. Ted Stransky*
Ms. June Suhrheinrich*
Mr. Mark Sundstrom
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery W. Sweeney*
Ms. Diane Switzer
Mr. & Mrs. Jon M. Teusch*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thiel
Mrs. Dalles R. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thoner, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Tiebert
Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Timmerman
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Toman
Mr. & Mrs. Stew D. Tompkins*
Ms. Janice Topp
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Trapp*
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Trefz
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt R. Trewartha
Trinity Circle, Trinity Lutheran ChurchIndianapolis
Trinity Ladies Aid-Crown Point
Trinity Ladies Aid & LWML-Dillsboro
Trinity Lutheran Church-Hammond
Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid-Lowell
Ms. Mary Beth Trotter
Ms. Myrtle Trubey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert True
Mr. & Mrs. John Turmail
Mr. Stephen W. Uebelhor
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Uffelman
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
United Way of the National Capitol Area
Dr. James F. Usitalo*
Mr. Trevor Vadas
Valenti Real Estate Services, Inc. *
aking charitable gifts to remember and honor loved ones or
special occasions is a wonderful way to celebrate God’s gift
of people and events that are important to us.
The names of those who were remembered or honored between
January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006 appear in bold.
Mr. Morris A. Adams
Ms. Melinda Ford-Raub
Bob & Alice Allen
Mrs. Eleanor A. Greuling
Mr. Glen Allgood
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Peterson
Mr. Ray Anderson
Mrs. Peg Looney
Ms. Joan Arnett
Mr. Kevin Bath
Ms. Deana Hunter
Mr. & Mrs. Keith M. Leininger
Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Meeks
Ms. Julie Plake
Ms. Jean Plummer
Ms. Clarabelle Prifogle
Rev. & Mrs. Garland Baer
Mr. Thomas Baer
Mr. Jack Baker
Mr. Rick Berglund
Mrs. Nancy J. Chapman
Ms. Pam Graves
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Van Dyke*
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Van Sant
Mr. & Mrs. John Z. Vanags
Mr. David K. Vanarsdall*
Ms. Jane M. Vaughn
Mr. & Mrs. Maynard E. Vollmer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Von Bergen
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Waggoner
Ms. Barbara K. Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. John Wallace*
Mrs. Patricia Wallace
Ms. Luverne Walsh
Mr. Randall Walter
Ms. Monica Warren*
Ms. Bertilla Washington
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Waterman
Mr. & Mrs. John Watkins*
Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Weber*
Ms. Gloria Webster
Mr. & Mrs. M.D. Welsh
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Wendorf*
Ms. Darla Werner
Mrs. Wilma N. Wessel
Ms. Rosemary Wesselman
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Wheeler
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Wheeler
Ms. Susan Whitten
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Wiebusch
Mr. Wayne H. Wiese*
Ms. Sharon A. Wilcox
Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Wilkie
Mrs. Kathryn E. Wilkins
Mrs. Donna Z. Wilkinson
Ms. Barbara A. Williams*
Ms. Brenda Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. James Winkelmann
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Winters
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Wissler
Mr. & Mrs. Erwin F. Witte*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Wittman*
Ms. Elise H. Wolf
Ms. Brenda Wolters
Women of the Moose
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Woodworth*
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Wright*
Mr. & Mrs. Bob A. Wruble*
Mr. & Mrs. Gale A. Wuollet
Xscapeez, LTD
Ms. Elizabeth York
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Young
Ms. Gertrude Zaiser
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Zimmermann*
Zion Lutheran Church-Friedheim
Dr. & Mrs. Leslie Zoss*
Franz & Hedwig Blessie
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Lafferty
Mrs. Helen Delang
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Johns
Mr. & Mrs. L. William Martin
Ms. Earlene Bogie
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Bogie
Ms. Dorothy Bosma
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Bosma
Mr. Amin Kahn
Ms. Edna Kelly
Pat Mahoney
Mr. Michael Miller
Mr. Richard Raths
Mr. Andy Russell
Ms. Candee Scherer
Mr. Kurt Van Scoik
Ms. Terri Vicenzi
Ms. Fionnuala Walsh
Henry & Edna Brandt
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Brandt
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Bandt
Mr. Ralph W. Bandt
Mrs. Heloise Burck
Dr. Philip J. Burck
Mrs. Leona Bartels
Mrs. Joseph Weyhaupt
Earl & Helen Christea
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thiel
Mr. Ora M. Baxter
Ms. Mildred E. Baxter
Ms. Irene Christopher
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Myers
Mrs. Martha L. Beineke
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Roesener
John & Georgiana Schroeder
Mr. Earl Cristwell
Mrs. Mona E. Krupicka
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Berner
Ms. Marcia Berner
Mrs. Roberta Blank
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Epperson
Mr. Arnold Brauer
Mrs. Helen M. Brauer
Mr. Robert E. Briedenbach
Funtastics Club
Mr. Curtiss L. Brummer
Mr. Eleanor L. Francis
P.L & A.E. Crouse
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Crouse
Mr. Arthur Darlage
Mrs. Dorothy Darlage
Arnold & Mildred Dost
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Robertson
Mr. John R. Drake
Ms. Mildred E. Baxter
Mr. Robert G. Dunham
Drs. Eric & Rosalind Leaming
Mr. Casey Engel
Mr. & Mrs. Garry Ross
Mrs. Ingelore zum Eschenhoff
Association of International Women, Inc.
Ms. Rosanne Bonjouklian
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Burkhardt
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Coval
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. DeCoursey
Ms. Ann Diefenthaler
Ms. Jo Ellen Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Dick L. Hillenburg
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Hoock
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Kline
Mr. & Mrs. W. H. W. Lunn
Mr. & Mrs. Stephan C. Masoncup
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Mattingly
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas W. McNeely
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Nicholas
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Noel
Olde Dominion Assoc., Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Paulsrud
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rusyniak
John & Georgiana Schroeder
Dr. & Mrs. Ted Stransky
Ms. June Suhrheinrich
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Trapp
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Tuffnell
Mr. Ralph Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Myers
Mrs. Dorothy Firnhaber
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Trefz
S. Shannon Fisher II
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kovacs
Ms. Shirley Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Garry Ross
Ms. Mary Fogel
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Delk
Mr. Don Folkening
Mrs. Linda J. Roberts-McCombs
Ms. Marjane Frauhiger
Mr. Ralph L. Frauhiger
Ms. Ella Gandel
Mrs. Eleanor A. Greuling
Mrs. Peg Looney
Ms. Lois Gatz, my mother
Ms. Carol Smith
Mr. George Gillespie
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Myers
Mr. Earl Goecker
Mrs. Hulda Goecker
Ms. Lois. L. Goecker
Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Boxman
Mrs. Margaret Goolik
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fleck
Mr. Charles Gordon
Ms. Dorothy H. Gordon
Mr. John A. Greuling
Mrs. Eleanor A. Greuling
Mr. & Mrs. George Nelson
Ms. Ann Elizabeth Grube, my
Mrs. Alberta Krampe
Mr. Elmer Grussing
Mrs. Patricia Snyder
Mrs. Flora Hagenow
Mrs. Judy Hanak, my wife
Mr. Frank Hanak
Mrs. Alice Hartley
Ms. Lois Bullerman
Mr. & Mrs. A. James Christiansen
Mr. & Mrs. Clark R. Christiansen
Mrs. Marytha Clear
Ms. Pat Cooney
Mrs. Myrna Esarey
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Holmgren
Mrs. Jackie Hubbard
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Irwin
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Jolitz
Mrs. Shirley Kershaw
Ms. Marge Klapman
Mr. Andre Lenger
Ms. Charlotte D. Millard
Ms. Lois C. Moyer
Ms. Lela Owens
Ms. Ruth L. Ruechel
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Schreiner
Mr. & Mrs. John Schroeder
Mr. Wayne Senter
Ms. Bertilla Washington
Mr. & Mrs. M. D. Welsh
Mrs. Sue Wodarz
Ms. Helen Haynes Webster
Ms. Sharon A. Wilcox
Ms. Michelle Hein
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hein
Mr. Francis E. Henderson
Ms. Lorraine V. Chauvette
Mr. Marvin Hoehn
Ms. Opal Perry
Mr. J. Kennett Hoge
Mr. Paul E. Vogelgesang & Dr. Brooke
Ms. Ruth M. Hollinger
Mr. Carl P. Hollinger
Mr. Fred M. Hopkins
Ms. Mary Louise Hopkins
Rev. Dr. Harry Huxhold
Rev. & Mrs. Steve Albertin
Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Antonsen
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Beatty
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Behlmer
Ms. Doris J. Brinkman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bruns
Dr. Philip J. Burck & Ms. Rebecca Burck
Ms. Janita M. Burke
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Buzzetti
Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. John Carlson
Ms. Annette Delaney
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Diamond
Ms. Ann Diefenthaler
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dietrick
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Drittler
Rev. & Mrs. James Dye
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Eppert
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Esarey
Mr. and Mrs. William Flohr
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Gaerte
Mr. & Mrs. D. Stanley Geiser
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Glesing
Mr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Greven
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hanson
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Harris
Mrs. Laura F. Heidenreich
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hetherington
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Heyne
Mrs. Helen Hoehn
Rev. and Mrs. George Hoog
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Hostetter
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Howard
Ms. Carol A. Hoyermann
Mrs. Lucille Huxhold
Mr. Paul F. Huxhold and Mrs. Susanne G. Gorey
Institutional Products
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Jacobsen
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Johns
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Johnson
Ms. Virginia Juergensen
Bishop & Mrs. Ralph Kempski
King of Glory "Gad-Abouts"
King of Glory Preschool
Ms. Genevieve Kurz
Mrs. Marian Larson
Mrs. Evelyn D. Leversen
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Linder
Mrs. Peg Looney
Mrs. Judy McCormick
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Meili
Mrs. Evelyn Messick
Mr. David Metzger
Ms. Tara J. Moenning
Mr. & Mrs. George Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Newby
Ms. Kay Nickey
Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Nielsen
Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard C. Niemann
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Otto
Ms. Irene Pollert
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ruble
Mr. and Mrs. John Runciman
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Schmidt
Ms. Carol P. Schoner
Ms. Caryl Schratz-Goeller
John and Georgiana Schroeder
Rev. & Mrs. Paul J. Schumacher
Thomas & Evelyn Seeley
Mrs. Anita Shaefer
Rev. George Silavs
Mrs. Lucy Anne Steuber
Mr. and Mrs. John Sundstrom
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Troyer
Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. Ulreich
Mr. and Mrs. Larry VanTries
Dr. and Mrs. Victor J. Vollrath
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Waggoner
Ms. Barbara K. Walker
Mr. Randall Walter
Ms. Gloria Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Weigel
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Wendorf
Mrs. Dorothy Whitehurst
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Williams
Mr. and Mrs. James Winkelmann
Mr. Steven Witte
Mr. and Mrs. William Ziegele
Mr. Kenneth G. Johnson, my son
Ms. Patricia M. Johnson
Mr. Tom Kehlenbrink
Mrs. Mary Ann Kehlenbrink
Mr. Richard Kemp
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Finchum
Mr. Howard Kessler
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Schultz
Mr. Robert Kirkham
Mrs. Henrietta Kirkham
Ms. Mildred Kleiman
Mrs. Delores Schwier
Ms. Jodie Klocke
Ms. Diane K. Klocke
Ms. Anita Koehnke
Ms. Irene Pollert
Mr. Donald L. Koeneman
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Koeneman
Mrs. Patricia Koeneman
Mr. Guenther Kretzschmar
Dr. Hans-Juergen Loyda & Dr. Marion
The Rev. Werner P. Krug
Mrs. Edna Krug
August & Eva Krull
Ms. Mary Louis Hopkins
Ms. Mary Jane Laird
Mr. Robert Laird
Ms. Maye Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Gayle Anderson
Mrs. Sandie Maynard
Edward & Freda Lohss
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lohss
Loved Ones
Mrs. Ruth Carson
Loved Ones in Our Group Who Passed
Away This Year
Ms. Mildred E. Baxter
Ms. Katherine Brown
Ms. Nancy Maddox
Mrs. Eleanor A. Greuling
Ms. Madelyn McFadden
Mrs. Ruth Pratt
Robert & Martha McKinney
Ms. Nancy M. Karner
Mr. Harold Joergens
Ms. Julie A. Raasch
Ms. Mary R. McKnight
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Benda
Ms. Helen Deen
Mr. & Mrs. Frederic W. Dunkman
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Phipps
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Phipps
Mr. Arthur Johnson
Mrs. Margaret Johnson
Mrs. Marilyn McLaughlin
Mr. & Mrs. David Laux
Ms. Helen W. Meares
Ms. Kimberly Wiita
Mrs. Ruth Y. Schaaf
Mr. Alvin D. Schaaf, Jr.
Mr. Mark Meili
Mrs. Peg Looney
Ms. Donna Schaefer
Mr. David L. Schaefer
Henry & Frieda Meyer
Ms. Karen Behm
Mr. William Schmadeke, Sr.
12th Street Cruisers
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Albrecht
American Business Club
Mr. James Anderson
BAI Supply
Ms. Jeanne C. Ball
Mr. William H. Ball, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Barber
Mr. Preston J. Batta
Mr. & Mrs. L. H. Bayley
Mr. Guy F. Boyd, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Dan R. Boyd
Mr. Jack Boyd
The Budreau Family
The Builders Association of Greater
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bulger, Jr.
The Carpetbaggers, Inc.
Mrs. Beverly A. Chambers
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Clark
Complete Solutions
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Connors
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cranfill
Ms. Jane Cuneen
Dan Elliott, Inc.
Mr. Donald K. Densborn
Diversified Business Systems
Ms. Lora C. Elrod
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ernst
Ms. Karen O. Fanning
Mr. & Mrs. Don Flamino
Ms. Anne French
Mr. & Mrs. Darroll French
Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Hampton
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Haneline
Mr. & Mrs. Craig F. Hart
Mr. D. Jeff Hartling
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Heidt
Mr. Joseph A. Higgins
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Holland
Mr. & Mrs. Steven T. Holland
Dr. Frank N. Hrisomalos
Mr. & Mrs. Terry M. Hutchens
Indianapolis Custom Carpentry, Inc.
J. C. Hart Co., Inc.
Ms. Judith Jakelsky
Mr. James R. Julian
Mr. Walter G. Justus
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Kempler
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Kiemeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Kirkwood
Mr. John F. Langdon
Mr. & Mrs. Francis LeDonne
Ms. Sue Leuschke
Lockhart Cadillac
Ms. Dolores Lowery
Mr. & Mrs. Derek S. Lynas
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Lynas
Mr. Henry L. Meyer
Dr. Philip J. Burck
Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Hudson
Mr. Robert C. Meyer
Mrs. Marjorie Meyer
Rev. Frederick Mildenburger
Bethel Lutheran Church-Austin
Ms. Eda Miller
Fr. & Mrs. David W. Brunton
Mr. Edward L. Mockler, Jr.
Mrs. Violet Mockler
Gertrude L. & Edgar Mueller
Mr. Jim Mueller
Ms. Emily A. Neyer
Ms. Esther August
Jacob & Margaret Nickey, my parents
Ms. Kay Nickey
Ms. Patricia O’Brien
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Barch
Mr. J. B. Bowen
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Davis
Ms. Nicole Freeman
Mrs. Donna Z. Wilkinson
Edgar G. & Elsie A. Opel
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Opel
Ed & Bessie Ortel
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Ortel
Our Parents
Mr. & Mrs. Bart Gish
Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Krapf
Dr. Hans-Juergen Loyda & Dr. Marion Loyda
Mrs. Sedalia Overton
Mr. George W. Overton, Sr.
Mr. Frank Payton
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Keeth
William & Alice Peters, my parents
Mrs. Mona Krupicka
Mr. William Radjeck
Mr. & Mrs. Harold K. Ulreich
Mr. Roy Redman
Mrs. Harriet B. Redman
Mr. Frederick Reikofski, my husband
Mrs. Rosalee Reikofski
Mr. Jerry Ross
Dr. Judith Campbell
Mr. Ken Roth
Mrs. Joan Roth
Mr. & Mrs. Garth McClain
Mrs. Charles McCord
Mr. John Megenhardt
Chris Mellon
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph R. Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Joe M. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Mong
Mr. & Mrs. William Moorman
Ms. Stephanie J. Mosher
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Murdock
Mr. Win Nash
Ms. Wanda Nasser
National City Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Sherman H. Neal
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Nichols
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory L. Nowling
Mr. & Mrs. Brad S. Osborne
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Osborne
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Passwater
Mr. John Perine
Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Bob M. Poehler
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Puterbaugh
Mr. & Mrs. Joe L. Richart
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Richart
Ms. Patti Haney Richey
Robert’s Glass & Service, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. DJ Robison
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Roeder
Mr. & Mrs. Irwin R. Rose
Mr. & Mrs. William N. Salin, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Mike G. Schaefer
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Schaefer
The Schippnick Family
Mrs. Diane V. Schmadeke
Mr. & Mrs. Ward E. Sexson
Sherrill’s Upholstery
Mr. Curtis E. Shirley
Mr. Jeff Silcox
Ms. Kimberly Silcox
Stewart & Irwin
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Sweeney
Mr. & Mrs. Jon M. Teusch
Mr. & Mrs. Stew D. Tompkins
Dr. & Mrs. Normand T. Townley
Valenti Real Estate Services
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Van Dyke
Mr. David K. Vanarsdall
Mr. & Mrs. John Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. R. D. Welch
Mr. &Mrs. Jim G. Wiley
Ms. Barbara A. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck E. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Bob A. Wruble
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Young
Mr. Dave Yount
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ziegele
Mr. & Mrs. William Ziegele
Mr. David Schuette
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lawrence
Mr. John Schulenberg, my husband
Mrs. Sharon Schulenberg
Ms. Mary F. Schurz
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Schurz
Mr. Stephen W. Uebelhor
Mr. Byron Schwier
Mrs. Delores Schwier
Ms. Ruth Schwier
Mrs. Delores Schwier
Mr. William H. Sherwood
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Sherwood
Mrs. Ruth Silavs
Ms. Louise S. Herder
Mr. Dale Shepard
Ms. Rachel Aurelia Springman
Ms. Laura K. Springman
Mr. Paul T. Starkey
Mrs. Jan Matthews
Ms. Arlene Strasen
Ms. Karen Newquist & Mrs. Louis
Ms. Allysa M. Strege
Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Rhodes
Ms. Mary Piel Sudbrock
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Melcher
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Swigart
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Boso
Dr. Lisa Thompson
Dr. & Mrs. Normand T. Townley
Mr. Robert I. Thompson
Mrs. Dalles R. Thompson
Ms. Amy Sue Townley
Dr. & Mrs. Normand T. Townley
Mrs. E. Ruth Tillis
Sharing Place West Volunteers
Ms. Isabel M. Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Johnson
Mr. Le Roy Turner, my father
Mrs. Eleanor L. Francis
Ms. Eva Uffman
Mrs. Dorothy Levihn
Mr. Fred W. Ulreich, Sr.
Ms. Laurel Goodman
Rev. & Mrs. Paul J Schumacher, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Harold K. Ulreich
Mr. Jim Waltz
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mackin
Baby Ward
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Meier
Chester & Pauline Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Webb, Jr.
Ms. Alice R. White
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lechner
Mr. Marshal Whitehurst
Mr. & Mrs. John Commorato
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Effenberger
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Harry Huxhold
Mrs. Mary Ann Kehlenbrink
Mr. & Mrs. F. Ross Vogelgesang
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Westphal
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. William Ziegele
Mrs. Vicki Whitten
Ms. Lauren S. Barker-Prange
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Davenport
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Dispaldo
Mr. & Mrs. Keith T. Gambrel
Ms. Kristine Hahn
Mr. & Mrs. Joe E. Harbison
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Harlow
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk A. House
Mr. Lloyd R. Howe
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Kahl
Ms. Sharon Kreigh
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Logan
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lupo
Ms. Nikki L. Lynch
Ms. Jan Millholland
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Mullin, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Niederer
Ms. Kay F. Oest
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Osing
Mr. Steven W. Perbix
Ms. Alice Post
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Post
Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Ramanis
Mr. & Mrs. John Z. Vanags
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Whitten
Ms. Susan Whitten
Ms. Brenda Wolters
Clarence & Nel Arbeiter
Mrs. Joyce Donaldson
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Ashcraft
Mr. & Mrs. Gayle Anderson
The Brett Bontrager Family
Mr. & Mrs. John Eling
Rev. & Mrs. Paul Borg
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert G. Potter
Chip & Reginae’s September Wedding
Dr. & Mrs. Eric Henricks
Ms. Jillian Chrisman
Ms. Mary Alice Eckert
Ms. Ellen Coval
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Coval
Ms. Martha Davis
Mr. Bruce Davis
Mr. Kenneth Doversberger
Mr. James Doversberger
Mrs. Jean Drey
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Higgins
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Holmes
Bishop & Mrs. Ralph A. Kempski
Miss Julia Slavens
Ronald D. Hanson, 2006 Quality of
Life Award recipient
Million Dollar Roundtable Foundation
Art Hennig’s 60th birthday
Ms. Katie McKinney
Dr. & Mrs. Carl W. Holl, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Mike A. Holl
Ms. Sylvia Hugenin
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Little
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Wicker
Vicar & Mrs. Jerrell Simmerman
Cliff & Janet Johnson
Ms. Edith Scheutzow
George & Mary Wiese, Sr.
Mr. George Wiese, III
Bob & Troy Kassing
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Watson
Leo & Thea Wodarz
Mr. & Mrs. Dietrich Wodarz
Mary Ann Kehlenbrink
Mr. Steve Kehlenbrink
Miss Julia Slavens
Mr. Bill Young
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Bosma
Douglas Allgood
Gayle & Phyllis Anderson
The King of Glory “Gad-Abouts”
The Kinsley Group
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sundstrom
Gayle & Phyllis Anderson’s 50th wedding anniversary
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Diamond
Mrs. Eleanor A. Greuling
Mrs. Virginia Juergensen
Mrs. Peg Looney
Mrs. Patricia Snyder
Lutherwood student artwork
Scott Mangels
Mr. Hersey Mangels
Marion’s Mother & My Parents
Dr. Hans Juergen-Loyda & Dr. Marion Loyda
Paul & Mary Meyers
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Hensley
Mr. Joe Murdock
The Kinsley Group
My Family
Mrs. Jean Drey
My LCFS Adopted Children
Mr. & Mrs. George Emrich, Jr.
Rev. William Novak, Bethlehem
Lutheran Church
Rev. Betty E. Landis
Dick Otto, nominee for Thrivent’s
Volunteer Excellence Award
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Mr. Sven Schumacher
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Riley
Mr. Mike Seime
Mr. & Mrs. Herschel F. Kleffman
Mr. Sam Simons
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Simons
Mr. & Mrs. Carroll C. Hamner
Mr. Ron Thieme
The Kinsley Group
Those Who Have No Family Except
Mr. & Mrs. Grover T. Harvey
Ms. Teddi Tokoph, my mother
Ms. Carol A. Kussmann
Our Children, Hayley & Samuel
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Alder
Ms. Ingrid Toshlog
Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Cozmanoff
Ms. Elizabeth “Lizzy” Pace
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Embler
Mr. Bob Truitt
The Kinsley Group
Teddy Pezzullo and his grandparents,
Phyllis & Joe Pezzullo
Mr. & Mrs. Emmett K. Smelser
Mr. Jeremy Van Deman, our son
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Van Deman
Ms. Suzanne Killen
Mrs. Giannina L. Hofmeister-Connolly
Bev & Skip Potters’ 50th Wedding
Mr. & Mrs. Will H. Potter
Mr. Todd Kleffman
Mr. & Mr. Herschel F. Kleffman
Mrs. Ramona Prough
Mr. & Mrs. Kenn Lehman
Mrs. Gertrude L. Klingler
Ms. Gertrude Zaiser
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Reek, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Reek
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Kregenbeck
Zionsville Lighting Center
Mrs. Carol Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Heintzelman
Rev. Betty Landis
Mr. & Mrs. Alan P. Billingsley
Rev. David P. Schreiber
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Pachciarz
LCFS Staff & Volunteers
Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Richards
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Schroeder
Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Rupprecht, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Schroeder
Love of Family
Mr. & Mrs. Harold K. Ulreich
42 Years of Marriage to John
Mrs. Sharon Schulenberg
Mrs. Clara Vance
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Kreckman
Mrs. Donna Vandergrift
Miss Julia Slavens
Ms. Kim Walton
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Griffith, III
Mr. Kent Whitten
Ms. Susan Whitten
Mr. & Mrs. George Wiese, Jr.
Mr. George Wiese, III
Ms. Kathy Williams’ Birthday
Ms. Suzanne Killen
Aggie Williamson
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kovacs
L u t h e rw o o d S o c i e t y | L e g ac y S o c i e t y | I n - K i n d D o n o r s
embers of the Lutherwood Society have pledged to
support the long-term stability of the agency with a
5-year pledge of $1,000 or more each year.
($2,500/ year for 5 years)
Mr. & Mrs. J. Darrell Bakken
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Beckwith
Mr. & Mrs. Dick L. Boschen*
Dr. Philip J. Burck
Mr. & Mrs. James Capron, Jr.
Mr. Robert E. Cortellessa*
Ms. Tania T. Deng
M.E. & J.I. Hanson Family Foundation *
Ron & Sally Hanson *
Bob & Troy Kassing*
Mr. & Mrs. Jack V. Skillman
Ms. Julie Slavens*
Glenn & Cheryl Troyer*
($1,000/year for 5 years)
The Donahue-Wold Family*
Mrs. Jean Drey*
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Embler
Ms. Pamela Glenn*
Mrs. Eleanor A. Greuling*
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Harry Huxhold*
Clif & Janet Johnson
Mrs. Mary Ann Kehlenbrink
Doug & Onna Koeneman*
Richard & Donna Otto*
Tom & Pam Ruble*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Salyers
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Schmidt
Thomas & Evelyn Seeley*
Mr. John A. Seest
Dr. & Mrs. Normand T. Townley*
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Walters
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Whitaker
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Winters
Mr. & Mrs. Dietrich Wodarz
* denotes Charter member
he Legacy Society was established to recognize our
We remember and honor the following individuals:
friends and partners who have made a financial
Ms. Mabel Dierdorf
Ms. Eleanor A. Poillion
provision for Lutheran Child & Family Services in their
Ms. Vera P. Goebel
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Schneider
Mr. Marshal Whitehurst
estate plans, wills, life insurance or life income agreements.
If you are considering making a gift that will help children
and families far into the future, please contact Sven Schumacher,
CEO of The Foundation for Lutheran Child & Family Services, or
Suzanne Killen, Director of Development at 317-359-5467.
n-kind donations are vital to our stewardship efforts because
they allow us to use designated cash gifts for program
support. Although the following organizations and
individuals assigned a cash value to their donations, all in-kind
contributions are of value to those we serve.
*Denotes contributors to the Give Hope a Home capital and endowment
$10,000 OR MORE
Broady-Campbell, Inc.*
King of Glory Lutheran Church-Indianapolis
$5,000 - $9,999
C.R. Electric Company*
Cross & Crown Lutheran Church-Indianapolis
Lenex Steel Co.*
Top Quality Glass & Mirror*
WINCO Construction Co., Inc.*
$2,500 - $4,999
Accu-Temp, LLC*
Cantol, Inc.
Circle City Chiropractic
Divine Savior Lutheran Church-Indianapolis
Glenmark Construction Co., Inc.*
Kinghorn Mechanical, Inc.*
Lawrence Sertoma Club
Pilgrim Lutheran Church-Indianapolis
Ms. Alice Richardson
SimplexGrinnell, LP*
$1,000 - $2,499
Mr. Guy Carman
Christ Church-The Lutheran Church of
A.N. Ellwanger
Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc.*
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Federspill
Fresh Design*
Mrs. Lucille Huxhold
Indiana Ice*
Indianapolis Fruit Co., Inc.
Nu-Tec Roofing Contractors, LLC*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Salyers
Mr. Mark A. Strege
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ulerick
Mrs. Sue Wodarz
Zionsville Lighting Center
$500 - $999
Ms. Paula Bachert
Camp Lakeview-Seymour
Community Church of Greenwood
Ms. Jennifer Curry
Ms. Opal R. Curry
Duke Realty Corporation
Flying Fezz Club
Fox & Hound Pub and Grill*
Hancock County Chapter, Thrivent Financial
for Lutherans
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hartman
Mrs. Jackie Hubbard
Indy Ya Yas
Ms. Nancy Jeschke
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. David Lindskoog
Marion County Children’s Guardian Home
Moeller Printing, Inc. *
National City Bank
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Orr
Ms. Amanda Palmer
Mr. & Mrs. George Rieke
Risen Lord Lutheran Church-Bargersville
Salem Lutheran Church-Indianapolis
Ms. Mary Sanders
Shank Public Relations Counselors*
Ms. Kim Smith
Ms. Linda West
Zion Lutheran School-New Palestine
Th e Fo u n dat i o n f o r L C F S
More than forty travelers visited
Germany in September to follow the
steps of Martin Luther with I-K Synod
Bishop James Stuck and Sven
Schumacher, CEO of the Foundation
for LCFS.
The mission of the
Department is to
create a broader
understanding of the
special mission and
the values of
LCFS and to
secure goodwill,
participation and
private support.
he Foundation for Lutheran Child & Family Services was established as a
distinct entity in 1989 to build an endowment and create a financially secure
future for the agency of Lutheran Child & Family Services. It also holds
Lutherwood Residential Treatment Center & School. In 2006, the Foundation assumed
responsibility for management of all LCFS investments and philanthropic fund raising.
This allows the agency to focus their attention on the important work of caring for
children and families. Sven Schumacher, formerly the Executive Director, was
appointed the Chief Executive Officer for The Foundation and Suzanne Killen, CFRE,
joined the department as the Director of Development.
Our mission was met through a variety of initiatives, programs, and opportunities
that included:
• Receiving a grant of $100,000 from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans to
support “Demystifying Planned Giving: A Special Invitation to Women”, a
comprehensive planned giving program.
• Raising more than $500,000 in additional cash gifts and pledges for the Give
Hope a Home capital and endowment campaign. This included a grant of
$100,000 from the Indianapolis Foundation.
• Receiving a grant of $25,000 from the Community Investment Team of Citizens
Gas & Coke Utility to sponsor our parenting program.
• Launching a special event for women in early November where more than 140
women gathered for a special luncheon at the Indiana Historical Society to
celebrate publication of Common Threads, Uncommon Deeds. The book traces
the personal stories of twenty women who create change through their gifts of
service to Lutheran Child & Family Services.
• Organizing a trip to Germany with Foundation CEO Sven Schumacher and I-K
Synod Bishop James Stuck, who guided more than 40 guests on a journey
following the steps of Martin Luther.
• Completing 80% of phase one of the construction project, comprising more than
32,000 square feet. LCFS was successfully able to utilize all of the $3.6 million
dollars of the United Way/Lilly Endowment Building Grant.
Many friends generously supported our ministries and programs as well as the
Give Hope a Home capital and endowment campaign. As Martin Luther said, “The art
of the giver makes the gift dear and precious.” So it is that each gift of support is not
only dear and precious but vital to accomplishing the crucial work of Lutheran Child
and Family Services.
Members of the Development Team included: (seated, l-r) Jenny
Deem, Resource Development Analyst, Suzanne Killen, Director
of Development, Sven Schumacher, Chief Executive Office of
The Foundation for LCFS, Tania Deng, Treasurer, LCFS Board of
Directors, Chair, Development Committee of the LCFS Board of
Directors, member, Board of Directors for The Foundation for
LCFS, and Kathy Williams, Administrative Assistant. Members
(standing, l-r): Anne Majewski, Corporate & Foundation
Relations Coordinator and Mary Beth Trotter, Communications
& Stewardship Coordinator. Not pictured: Barbara Walters, Chief
Financial Officer.
Income & Expenses
4% United Way
3% Contributions/Grants
2% Rental/Investment/Other
1% Retail Sales
$ 269,287
$ 747,614
United Way
$ 305,081
$ 291,835
$ 7,012,582
$ 6,752,288
$ 54,888
$ 44,326
$ 180,823
$ 167,602
$ 5,348,957
$ 5,033,450
Family Preservation
$ 539,285
$ 482,754
Foster/Group Living
$ 505,333
$ 464,710
Sharing Places
$ 321,566
$ 219,080
$ 46,188
$ 53,601
$ 385,011
$ 449,133
$ 1,038,447
$ 1,408,364
Program Service
90% Program Service Revenue
Retail Sales
5% Other Program Services
4% Sharing Places
1% Parenting
6% Foster/Group Living
7% Family Preservation
13% Support Services
61% Residential
Other Program Services
Support Services
Net Operating Results
$ (362,126)
$ (107,427)
$ (254,699)
Change in Interest in Foundation
Change in Net Assets
The results depicted represent the operational results of the agency only. Consolidated audited financials for the agency and for
The Foundation for Lutheran Child & Family Services are available upon request.
Layout & Design by Fresh Design
Compiled & Edited by
Mary Beth Trotter
Lutheran Child & Family Services of
Indiana/Kentucky (LCFS) is a
multi-service 501(c)(3) member
agency of United Way of Central
Indiana. It is affiliated with the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in
America, a recognized service provider
of the Lutheran Church-Missouri
Synod, member of Lutheran Services in
America and accredited by the
Council on Accreditation.
Community Partner
Lutheran Child & Family Services of Indiana/Kentucky annual
report is now available online at
Glenn R. Johnson, MSW, Interim Executive Director
Shannon Bess, MSW, LCSW, Director,
Community-Based Programs
Leigh Riley Evans, MBA, Director of Staff Services
George B. Hurd, MBA, Director of Finance
Suzanne Killen, CFRE, Director of Development
Daniel McGinley, ACSW, Director of Lutherwood
Sven Schumacher, MSW, MBA, CEO of The
Foundation for LCFS
Barbara Walters, MBA, Chief Financial Officer
Executive Team
MISSION: In response to God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ, Lutheran
Child & Family Services of Indiana/Kentucky serves human needs with the
support of the church and the community by providing programs of compassionate care and counsel to enhance the dignity and quality of life.
1525 N. Ritter Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Indianapolis, IN
Permit No. 721
U.S. Postage