The Pajama Program At Work For Tennessee Kids

The Pajama Program At Work For Tennessee Kids
For many underprivileged children, nighttime often means a hard end to an equally
harder day. Many go to bed wearing their street clothes day after day. These youngsters may not know the comforts of a mother or father to tuck them into a cozy bed and
read to them a bedtime story. Too many have been abandoned or deprived of any love
at all.
Our mission is to provide a loving environment for children who have lived through a
great deal of hurt in their young lives, to give them hope for a better tomorrow.
The Pajama Program identifies agencies in Tennessee who are helping children in need,
many who are waiting to be adopted. We have given away over 1500 pair of new
pajamas and over 300 new books since 2007.
We currently serve:
Mercy Children’s Clinic, Franklin
proud member of the
Williamson County Advocacy Center, (serving five counties)
Youth Encouragement Services, Nashville
Grace Pregnancy Resource Center, Nashville
Better Business Bureau
Against The Grain, Franklin
Program meets
Family Affair, Nashville
Bureau's 20
Agape Child & Family Services Inc, Memphis
charity standards the highest
Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home, Nashville
ranking for non-profits!
Davidson County Foster Care, Nashville
The need is great an ongoing! The list of agencies is growing and will continue to as
needs are made known. Together we can make a difference in the bedtime experience
of one child at a time, and in turn make a difference for a lifetime.
In February Pajama Program of Tennessee
collaborated with Angel Food Ministries to provide
new pajamas, food and other needed items for those
who were affected by the recent tornados.
The Pajama Program, a 501©3 not-for-profit organization was founded in New York in 2001 to serve
abandoned, neglected, and forgotten children. The mission is now carried out in 58 Chapter in the
U.S. States, as well as Australia, Canada, and most recently Africa. Learn more now at
Nancy John
President, Pajama Program
Tennessee Chapter
I am honored to be the Tennessee
Chapter President for Pajama
Program. The desire to do so came
from the wonderful memories that I
have had as a child snuggled down in
bed with my favorite pajamas and
story book. As I thought of my own
happy childhood, I was led in my heart
to children who do not have that same
experience, and it broke my heart. But
with my sorrow rose excitement that if
I could give pajamas and a good story
book to just one child then I would
change the memory for that one
precious life forever.
I look forward with anticipation and joy
in reaching Tennessee children and
teens with the opportunity in sharing
with them the gift of compassion and
love so they too can sleep in peace
and comfort in a beautiful new pair of
pajamas, And most importantly, they
would know what a treasure they are
to God.”
Your Support is essential in providing
sweet dreams for children
The Pajama Program depends on the
generous support of volunteers,
supporters, event hosts, pajama drive
sponsors, and of course donating
cozy new pajamas, and new books.
If you are interested in supporting
Pajama Program, or donating new
pajamas and or new books, please
contact Nancy John, Tennessee
Chapter, 615-440-8064 or email
[email protected]
PrayerJammiesTM is a Christian-based apparel company
based out of Nashville, TN that has been working with
Pajama Program since January 2008. They sell prayedthemed sleepwear that has insiprational prayers printed on the
pajamas. They have worked with Pajama Program donating sets of
their pajamas as well as offering their pajamas at wholesale costs to
people or companies who want to buy them to donate to Pajama
Program. Pajama Program and PrayerJammiesTM make a great team
as they both want to make an impact on children that are less fortunate and at the same time offer
inspiration of prayer which is useful in a time of need.
For information on ordering these adorable pajamas for donation please contact Nancy John at
615-440-8064 or email: [email protected]
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. PCAT puts together an informational packet that is
distributed to various agencies and individuals throughout Tennessee. The packet contains
excellent information about what can be done about child abuse.
Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee website:
New Pajama and New Books Drop Off Site:
(Businesses to bring your donations of new books and pajamas)
Signs By Tomorrow
Signs & Graphics Nationwide
99 Seaboard Lane | Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone: 615-661-0556 |
Mon-Fri 8:30-5:30pm
The Sad Facts for Tennessee
• Approximately 25,000 children were abused last year
• Over 10,000 children are currently in Foster Care
• 80 percent of abuse and neglect is from someone in the child’s immediate family.
• Davidson County Ranks as the second highest county for child abuse in the state
Source: Kids Count
Where do I wear these? She asked. I answered, “To bed at night.” She looked at me puzzled.
“What do you usually wear to bed?” I asked her. “My pants,” she said quietly.
I looked at the suddenly far too small selection of pajamas that I had brought and my heart sank.
This will never do. We need more...much much more.”
From Genevieve Piturro, Pajama Program founder
This was a conversation she had with a child who was in a center for children
with no fathers and whose mothers were in jail.
Making A Difference
What a joy it has been to bless our children with the gift of pajamas during their visits!
Young children’s faces light up when they are offered a pair of new pajamas generously
donated by the Pajama Program. It’s just another way that Mercy Children’s Clinic has
been a channel of the mercy of Jesus in this community.”
From all of us at here at Mercy,
Thanks, Nancy!
Q. What ages of children
does Pajama Program give
new pajamas to?
A. We give new pajamas
to children in need from
newborns to teens.
Q. Who gets the new
pajamas and books?
A. The Pajama Program
identifies agencies in
Tennessee are who are
helping children in need.
We have given away over
1500 pair of new pajamas
and over 300 new books
since 2007.
Q. What is Pajama Program
greatest need?
A. Our greatest need is to
always have an ample
supply of new cozy
pajamas to give. We need
all sizes for both boys and
Q. Do you need new books?
A. We always need good
new children’s books; we
are currently low on our
inventory of new books.