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August 2010
Mahoning County Children Services
Selected for State Pilot Program using
Alternative Response
We are proud to announce that Mahoning County Children Services has been
selected as one of ten counties in Ohio to participate in the innovative Ohio
Alternative Response Project. As a result of a grant application submitted in May,
our agency was selected along with nine other counties to be a part of a two-year
pilot program. As part of the pilot project the agency will receive grant funding of
$20,000 each year. The other counties participating in this project are : Ashtabula,
Athens, Coshocton, Erie, Hamilton, Hocking, Huron, Medina, and Washington
Alternative Response is a form of assessment that allows more than one method of
response to accepted reports of child abuse and/or neglect. This approach bases
the response to the report on an assessment of the needs of the family--in a nonthreatening , non-adversarial manner--and then by offering services to meet those
needs. Traditional child protective services focus on investigations of possible
maltreatment to determine if children have been or are at risk of being harmed.
Alternative Response allows child welfare agencies to intervene with families in
supportive ways, focusing on assessing families' strengths and providing services.
In addition, the pilot program will include continuous quality improvement activities
aimed at measuring system performance both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Evaluation will provide feedback on efforts to improve youth and family outcomes in
the areas of safety , permanency, and well-being. The pilot project will be housed in
the Family Services Department.
Following staff training and a community orientation presentation in collaboration
with the American Humane Association, we look forward to beginning the Pilot
Project in October 2010.
Denise Stewart - Executive Director
2010 Community Cup – Going the Distance
by Marisa Litch
It's been five years since Children Services last competed in the Community Cup. We came
alive in we're back again in 2010. For those of you who don't know, the Community
Cup is basically the Olympics for agencies within the community to get together and compete for
" the Cup".
Participation in Community Cup events helps to promote fitness as well as a sense of
togetherness for the community. Teams of people within the Children Services Agency have
been practicing the sports of bowling, volleyball, swimming, biking, etc. I truly believe that we, as
an a a family, will 'Go the Distance' to defeat other agencies in the
community and bring the cup back to where it belongs.
The banner competition was held on August 6th at the YMCA. The voting for the best banner
will continue throughout the weekend of August 27 and every vote counts! Please join us to vote
for the CSB banner!
2010 Community Cup Banner
Shaunté Rogers – Banner Designer
The opening ceremony takes place on Friday, August 27 at the YMCA downtown with the basketball and swimming competitions
following. The morning of Saturday, August 28th holds the golf scramble and the afternoon has the bowling competition.
On Sunday, August 29th our volleyball team will be bumpin', settin' and spikin' it up. Then on Saturday, September 11th the
walking, biking, and running teams will start off the days events followed by the obstacle course and the tug of war. Our courtesy
tent will be available from the morning and throughout the day with refreshments and fun!
Please join us whenever you can to cheer on the team and celebrate!
2010 MCCSB Community Cup Logo – Drawn by Shaunté Rogers
August 2010
Page 2
Board Member Spotlight – Calvin Jones
How long have you been on the Mahoning County Children Services Board?
I have served on the CSB board since 2004.
What committees or special projects have you served on?
I am a member of the Finance Committee, current chair of the Nominating Committee and
was previously chair of the Personnel Committee.
What do you find most rewarding about serving on the Board?
The chance to give back to a community that I care about. It is rewarding to see the positive
outcomes of the board's decisions in the lives of the CSB staff and the families served by
What would you like the community to know about Mahoning County Children Services?
The agency employs people from the community that are caring. They not only care about the families but about the people that
live in Mahoning County and continue to support the agency.
A special thank you to Calvin Jones for his dedication and
years of service on the Mahoning County Children Services Board!
Mahoning County Children Services Celebrates the Career
of Gail Waters
by Theresa Pancoe
A celebration for Gail was held on July 23, 2010 in honor of her retirement. Family,
friends and co-workers gathered on this special occasion to wish her well.
Gail Water is an exceptional person and has spent her career helping others. She
began her career in 1974 as a Probation Officer for girls at the Mahoning County
Juvenile Justice Center. She began working for Mahoning County Children
Services on July 26, 1976. She worked in the agency’s Intake Department for a
year before moving to the Single Parent Unit. For eight years, Gail worked with
pregnant teens and minor mothers with babies to monitor the safety of their
children and teach them how to care for and parent their children. She stated that
the primary goal of the Single Parent Unit was to provide support, education and
mentoring so that these mothers could keep their children with them.
Joining Gail at her retirement celebration are
her niece Alanna, and her nephew, Ryan.
Gail found her passion in the Child Welfare System when she went to the
Resource Department in 1985. She worked licensing foster parents for a short
period of time and then began working with adoption where she continued her work until July 30, 2010. Gail has demonstrated
caring, compassionate work for the children and families that she was assigned and stated that it is very fulfilling that some still
contact her today to let her know how they are doing or to thank her for being part of creating their family through adoption!
Gail said her favorite memories are the relationships that she has made with the children, foster/adoptive parents and her coworkers. She said what she will miss the most is the supportive, caring relationships that she has made with her CSB family. Gail
said she plans to enjoy her freedom by getting her house in order, relaxing and traveling to visit family…”now that she will have
time”. However, true to Gail’s character, her next statement was how she would like to volunteer for the Youngstown Public
School System and spend more time with her Church family!
Mahoning County Children Services would like to congratulate Gail Waters on her years of dedicated services to the children and
families in Mahoning County and to let her know that we will miss her! Enjoy your FREEDOM, Gail!
August 2010
Page 3
Department News This month we are featuring the Family Service Department Parenting Classes
By Dorothy Staaf, trainer and Ruth Parker, assistant
Parenting Classes for families involved with the agency are held at
Mahoning County Children Services every Wednesday morning.
There is a series of eight classes that consist of: (1) Self-Esteem; (2)
Child Health and Development; (3) Home Management I – Budgeting;
(4) Home Management II – food and nutrition, meal planning and
housekeeping; (5) Discipline I – 10 Discipline techniques; (6) Discipline
II – 1,2,3 Magic; (7) Enjoying Your Children and; (8) Fire and Poison
Each week parents in attendance receive a good meal and a small gift
which pertains to the topic of the week. At the conclusion of
successfully completing the series, participants receive a certificate
and a detailed evaluation. Our program’s goal is to help parents
enhance their parenting skills by providing a positive, supportive
environment in which to learn, by introducing parenting information and
techniques which re-establish the parents as head of the family and
ensure the safety and well-being of children. Our parents may be
found cooking in the agency kitchen, taking part in family sculpturing
activities, sharing ideas to help others in the class, helping each other
with their children or just putting their time into the class. Whatever the
attitude that they bring to the class, we are determined to identify and
build on their strengths.
Dorothy Staaf, trainer and Ruther Parker, assistant
We have between 8 and 18 in attendance every week. We had 7 graduates in our last group and 5 of them never missed a class!
How awesome!
The Parent Project is a program administered through Mahoning
County Juvenile Court which is designed for parents of youth between
the ages of 11 to 17. These children are strong-willed, out of control or
delinquent. Parents and youth that participate in the program can be
court ordered, referred by a counselor or caseworker or self referred.
The Program is an eleven week course. There are separate groups for
parents and youth that meet one time per week on either Saturday
morning at Hope House Visitation Center or Thursday evenings at
Forum Health.
Referrals may be made by contacting Janet Tarpley, Parent Project
Director at 330-740-2244 ext. 6494 or Dorothy Staaf at 330-941-8888
ext. 2824. The Parent Project will begin a new series of classes in
September so this is a perfect time to refer parents who are struggling
to parent challenging teens.
Parent Project® is in partnership with Mahoning County Children Services Board, Forum Health and Hope House Visitation
PARENT POWER presents: A FREE workshop every month at the Mahoning County Educational Service Center located at 100
DeBartolo Place in Boardman, Ohio. This two hour training features a different topic each month. It is hosted by the Mahoning
County Family and Children First Council with generous support form Humility of Mary Health Partners Resource Mothers Teen
Program. Contact Rachilla at 330-965-7828 for information about upcoming trainings.
August 2010
Page 4
Once upon a time, the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” was taken more
literally than it is today. However, I believe that this adage still holds true. None of us
are able to parent well without some help from those in our families and in our
surrounding communities.
I focus a lot on the needs of parents, but what is in our community to help parents who may need some extra support or services?
Well, let me share just some of these services that exist in “our villages”:
Mahoning County Help Hotline 330 747-2696
Parent Counseling Services:
Help Me grow
Weathering the Storms
Parenting skills:
D&E Counseling Center
Early Head Start330-747-7921
Family Birth Place877-700-4647
Help me Grow330-965-7912
Parent Education program
Parent Focus- (Parent Support) 330-743-5149
Valley Counseling Services
Autism Services:
Potential Development
Autism Society of Ohio
Easter Seals
Rich center for Autism
Speech Pathology Associates
330-717 3659
Special Needs Children Services:
Children’s Rehabilitation Center 330-856-2107
Mahoning County Board of DD –
Children’s program
330 797-2847
PD’S Place
Preschool Disability Program
Trumbull County Board of DD 330-652-5811
Speech and Hearing/OT Services:
Youngstown Hearing & Speech 330-726-8855
Hillside Rehab Hospital
Gold’s Therapy
Schools- Special Needs:
Fairhaven School
Leonard Kirtz
Robert Bycroft
Mahoning County Foster Parent Association
By Peggy Messer
Christmas in July was the idea behind the annual Foster Parent Association’s Garage Sale which was held on Saturday, July 10,
2010 at the Mahoning County Children’s Services Garage. All proceeds from this sale go toward the annual Christmas Party for
Mahoning County foster families and their children.
Jeanette Humbert, president of the Foster Parent Association would like to thank everyone who donated and participated in the
sale. A big thank you goes to Girl Scout Troop (GSNEO) 80507, who handled the bake sale. The troop donated their time and all
the items for the bake sale. The girls working the tables were working on their merit badges. Cassidy Ross was working towards
her Silver badge and Taijah Fosnaught for her Bronze badge. We wish them the best of luck. A big thank you goes to the Poland
Police Dept. who donated bikes for the sale.
All year long the Foster Parent Association works very hard to earn money for the Christmas party. The party gives foster families
a chance to mingle, catch up on what’s new and break bread with their fellow foster families. It also gives the children an
opportunity to see that they are not alone, it may also give them a chance to celebrate Christmas with siblings. But most
importantly it gives them joy after so much heartache and tears.
The foster parent Association is having a Mary Kay Satin Hands fundraiser, for more information please contact LeighAnn at (330)
788-1490. Also contact LeighAnn if you are interested in purchasing space in the Christmas program. The F.P.A. will also be
having their annual pie sale beginning in Oct. 2010.
We would like to thank Melainie Carfolo from the State Support Team Region 5 for the Training for Surrogate Parents, presented
at the last two F.P.A. meetings. This will help foster parents become strong advocates for their foster children in the educational
arena. We are always looking for trainers to come to our meetings. If you are interested in providing training about your
organization, please contact Margaret (Peggy) Messer at 330-941-8888.
August 2010
Page 5
Did You Know?
Because published written works, films, and music exist in perpetuity, they
should always be generically referred to in the present tense (unless the
expression includes additional, time-specific context). For example, to say
“Tom Hanks starred in Forrest Gump” is incorrect. Rather, “Tom Hanks
stars in Forrest Gump.” Saying “Grease was a film in which Travolta and
Newton-John sang duets” is wrong. Rather, one should say “Grease is a
film in which Travolta and Newton-John sing duets.”
When an expression speaking of such works includes additional, timespecific context, use of the past tense is allowable. For example, it is all
right to say or write “Roots was a best-selling novel by Alex Haley in the
late 70’s” because reference to specific years and the book’s best-seller
status lend contextual specificity to the expression that only use of the past
tense can satisfy. Still, remember that Kunta Kinte is the protagonist in
Roots even though the book was released over thirty years ago.
By the way… it’s “prerogative” NOT “perogative”! The word prerogative
describes the exclusive right to choose or pass judgment. There is no such
word as perogative.
Correct usage example: Though the decision disappoints many, leaving
the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat is LeBron James’ prerogative.
Correct spelling: Beeghly NOT Beeghley or Beegley
Correct name: St. Elizabeth Health Center NOT St. Elizabeth’s Health
E-mail me your English questions at [email protected] and I’ll give you
my words.
That… is a valuable
source of information about Mahoning County
Children Services and provides information on
Upcoming Events and Mahoning County Services
That… in the 1500s, Those with money had plates
made of pewter. Food with high acid content caused
some of the lead to leach into the food, causing lead
poisoning death. This happened most often with
tomatoes, so for the next 400 years or so, tomatoes
were considered poisonous.
Floree Stubbs
That… It has been calculated that in the last 3,500
years, there have been only 230 years of peace
throughout the civilized world. The Book of Useless
That… In 2009, Mahoning County Children
Services finalized 30 adoptions of waiting children.
That… The most difficult tongue-twister is “The
sixth sick Sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick”.
The Book of Useless Information
That…The American opossum, a marsupial, bears
its young just twelve to thirteen days after
Theresa Pancoe
Community Resources
 Mahoning County Children Services
Offers FREE Informational Child Abuse and Neglect Awareness Presentations throughout the community and to children
in Mahoning County School Systems. For more information contact Theresa Pancoe at 330-941-8888.
 Akron Children’s Hospital - Child Advocacy Center
Offers FREE Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training. To learn more please contact Andrea Mistovich at
 Help Hotline
Providing Information and Referral Services. Get connected. Get answers.
 CASA – A child’s voice in court.
Mahoning County Court Appointed Special Advocate Program “Speak up for a child.” CASA is a volunteer
organization – for more information contact: Renee Battafarano, Executive Director at 330-740-2239.
August 2010
Page 6
With the summer months we tend to be more active which sometimes means sore feet
and muscles. Two inexpensive “ home spa” treatments are:
For tired, sore feet fill a basin with warm water and Epsom salts or sea salt. Add a few
drops of essential oil such as lavender, rosemary or peppermint. Empty a bag of marbles
into the basin and enjoy. Rolling your feet on the marbles not only feels good but applies
a home-style reflexology treatment according to Valerie Gennari Cooksley, RN.
For sore muscles, Chami Jotisalikorn, author of Thai Spa Book recommends: In a small
bowl mix 4 TB of uncooked rice with 4 TB powdered ginger. Add enough water to make it
into a paste like consistency. Rub in circular motions onto clean, wet skin. Rinse with
warm water and cover with a rich body lotion.
"In matters of truth and justice, there is
no difference between large and small
problems, for issues concerning the
treatment of people are all the same."
Albert Einstein
Changing your favorite recipes a little can make them healthier without giving them up.
The following recipe adds vegetable protein and fiber but still taste like brownies!
“I’ve learned that people will forget
what you said, people will forget what
you did, but people will never forget
how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelou
Black Bean Brownies
1 box Betty Crocker low-fat brownie mix (dry)
1 can black beans (15 oz) drained/rinsed
1 cup water
“Never be afraid to try,
remember…Amateurs built the ark,
Professionals built the Titanic.”
Puree beans and water; add to dry brownie mix. Pour in sprayed cake pan (13 x 9 inch).
Bake at 350° for 22-27 minutes until toothpick 2 inches from side comes out clean. Cool,
cut into 20 pieces and serve. Weight Watchers – 2 points per brownie!
Upcoming Community Events
Boardman Township Park
Canfield Fair
September 1 – September 6, 2010
Saturday, August 14, 2010
8:45pm – 10:45pm
Movie in the Park – West Side Story at the Maag Outdoor
Theatre. Remember to bring you lawn chairs and/or blankets for
a night of fun with the family! FREE!
Austintown Township Park
FREE Concerts
2010 marks the 164
year for the Canfield Fair. It also
marks the 60th consecutive combined medical-health exhibit.
Mahoning County Children Services believes every child
deserves a family! This year you can give a child in our
community "something to crow about"!
Tuesdays at 7:00pm Lawn seating.
Learn more about becoming a Foster/Adoptive Parent! Staff
will be available to answer all your questions.
August 10, 2010 – Frank Gallo Band (Italian Conte Music)
Please come and visit us at the FAIR!
August 17, 2010 – Sound Bite (Classic Rock Band)
Located in the Medical Building - 10:00 AM - 8:30 PM
We are looking for agency staff to be an active part in the Newsletter. Would YOU consider contributing to the
Newsletter? If the answer is Yes, please contact a member of the Newsletter Committee.
Theresa Pancoe, Editor
Floree Stubbs, Supervisor
Philip Murphy, Abuse Supervisor
Melinda Lackner, Receptionist
August 2010
Glenna Ress, Supervisor
Shawn King, Technical Support
Peggy Messer, Casework Specialist/Resource Department
Megan Tarantino, Casework Specialist/Resource Department
Page 7