Mindquest Group and the Blurton Family Development Centre

Mindquest Group and the Blurton Family Development Centre
in conjunction with Happy Minds Australia
is pleased to bring you this positive parenting workshop.
Raising Resilient Children
Child Psychologist, Dr Sacha Rombouts of Happy Minds Australia (www.happyminds.com.au)
will be in Hong Kong to present this practical parenting workshop on building resiliency in children.
When asked what they want most for their children, nearly every parent wants first and foremost for their child to be
happy. The foundation for establishing a happy life is to learn resiliency skills.
Sacha’s vision is to teach these skills to you (and your children).
This talk will address the following topics:
* What challenges do children face and how do these impact on them and their parents?
* What are the skills that we know work to build resilience?
* Practical parenting strategies to use at home (and at school).
Wednesday, 11 June - 7pm to 8:30pm OR Thursday, 12 June - 9am to 10:30am
Blurton Family Development Centre
(Kennedy Town)
$100 per person
available via Eventbrite
Call 3552 3012 for more information
[email protected]
Dr. Sacha Rombouts
Clinical Psychologist PhD
As the Founder of Happy Minds
Australia, Sacha believes in
adopting a personal approach
and has a lifelong dedication
to the ongoing development
of the skills he teaches to clients. He has
extensive clinical experience working with
couples, families, youth, and adults across a
variety of settings. He is on the APS Autism
Identified Practitioner List and is experienced
in conducting assessments for Asperger’s
Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism and
supporting positive changes in all layers of a
child’s life. Sacha also loves facilitating group
programs to help children and families build
psychological flexibility using Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy (ACT).