New Channel Descriptions
33 -- National Geographic - Brings adventure,
exploration, culture and natural science to
life, with passionate storytelling, spectacular
imagery and expert eyewitness accounts.
45 -- MSNBC - Breaking news coverage and a
full schedule of news, talk and information.
58 -- Hallmark Movie - Movies and mini-series
from one of the most trusted and respected
providers of wholesome family entertainment.
62 -- Travel Channel - Travel ideas and in-depth
programming about the people, places and
cultures of our world.
64 -- EWTN - Eternal Word Television Network
offers programming with messages of
inspiration, comfort, hope and faith.
66 -- RFD - Proudly serves the needs and
interests of rural America with traditional,
family-oriented television programming. Now
the home of Don Imus and Crook & Chase.
70 -- Bravo - Offers innovative arts and
entertainment programming with a unique point
of view featuring original series, feature films,
theater, dance, music and documentaries.
72 -- CSPAN-2 - Programming includes live
coverage of the US Senate and BOOK TV – 48
hours of book programming each weekend
including children’s books, history, biography,
business of books and encore Booknotes.
HD Premium tier
180 -- HD Net - Features live professional and
college sports, sitcoms, dramas, action series,
documentaries, travel programs, concerts,
special events, and news. Features original
high-definition movies. All programming is in
1080i high-definition, delivering crystal-clear
resolution in a widescreen, 16:9 theater-like
181 -- HD Net Movies - Offers a wide selection
of popular theatrical releases ranging from
classic movies to releases from HDNet
Films. The films featured on HDNet Movies
are either originally produced in highdefinition, or transferred from 35mm film to
high-definition. All of the programming is
broadcast in 1080i high-definition, delivering
crystal-clear resolution in a widescreen, 16:9
theater-like format.
182 -- Discovery HD Theater - Nonfiction programming in all categories of
entertainment offered by Discovery Networks,
including nature, history, world cultures,
geographic exploration, science, education,
travel & vacation planning, family & classic
movies, world news & events, children’s
education & entertainment, health &
medicine, and how-to, hobbies & cooking.
183 -- Universal HD - Features the best of
NBC Universal in 100% 1080i true HD
and Dolby Digital surround sound. Offers
exclusive, award-winning blockbuster films,
premier sporting events include the US
Open, Masters® and critically-acclaimed
performance arts and entertainment.
184 -- MHD - Music programming from MTV,
VH-1, and CMT in sparkling High Definition.
MHD features concert series, events and
original productions.
Digital tier
220 -- Discovery Kids - Provides entertaining,
engaging, and high-quality programming that
kids enjoy and parents trust.
221 -- The N - A network for teens, with original
and syndicated programs.
222 -- Nick Toons - Is a 24-hour channel with
the best TOONS for kids.
223 -- Noggin - Dedicated to helping 2-5 year
olds learn and grow.
224 -- Versus - Provides in-depth coverage of
exclusive live events and original programming
including the NHL, America’s Cup, Field Sports,
Professional Bull Riders, The Tour de France,
and Mountain West Conference college football.
225 / 226 / 227 -- FOX Sports Pacific, Central
and Atlantic – three regionally aligned
channels dedicated to the college sports fan.
228 -- ESPN U - In-depth college sports and
coverage from the worldwide leader in sports.
234 -- Biography - People-lovers can lose
themselves and get inspired by the world’s
most watched, most wanted and most
interesting people.
235 -- History International - Taking you to
countries around the globe to experience
history and culture through their eyes.
237 -- Military Channel - Go behind the lines
with the Military Channel for an up-close look
at all things military.
238 -- MTV Hits - Puts viewers in control,
allowing them to program the channel while
sharing and discovering new music through
other members of the MTV HITS community.
239 -- MTV 2 - From Rock to Hip-Hop to
Electronica, fresh but still keeping in touch
with the past. The original spirit of MTV.
240 -- VH1 Classic Rock - The music of the
60’s, 70’s and 80’s from the artists who left a
permanent mark on viewers’ memory.
241 -- CMT Pure Country - Connects the core
country audience with the music it craves most.
242 -- VH1 Soul - The sweet sounds of R&B
music. VH1 Soul satisfies the desires of
viewers who want more NeoSoul and R&B.
245 -- Bloomberg - A 24-hour business and
financial news channel delivering the power
tools for power players and serious investors.
246 -- Fox Business - Provides the business
news behind the story and how it affects you
247 -- BBC America - The best and the latest of
British television in the United States.
250 -- Chiller - Focuses on classic horror movies,
scary movies, thrillers, shockers, suspense,
slashers, monster movies and terror.
251 -- Sleuth - The first cable channel dedicated
to the intensely popular and enduring mystery
and crime genres. Classic detective, crime and
mystery shows.
253 -- Investigation Discovery - Delivering
remarkable insight into investigation, forensic
analysis and true stories that piece together
puzzles of human nature.
256 -- Oxygen - A 24-hour cable television
network on a mission to bring women (and
the men who love them) the edgiest, most
innovative entertainment on television.
257 -- Soapnet - Catch up and keep up on your
favorite Soap Operas and characters.
259 -- Lifetime Real Women - A fresh female
take on true-to-life stories that is entertaining
and inspirational.
266 -- FitTV - Is the ultimate viewing destination
for exercise and fitness programming.
Channel Lineups
2.... Program Guide
3.... KMTV-Omaha
4.... C-SPAN
5.... WOI-Des Moines
6.... WOWT-Omaha
7.... KETV-Omaha
8.... KCCI-Des Moines
9.... KXVO-Omaha
10.. KPTM-Omaha
12.. Local
13.. WHO-Des Moines
Expanded Basic
2.... Program Guide
3.... KMTV-Omaha
4.... C-SPAN
5.... WOI-Des Moines
6.... WOWT-Omaha
7.... KETV-Omaha
8.... KCCI-Des Moines
9.... KXVO-Omaha
10.. KPTM-Omaha
12.. Local
13.. WHO-Des Moines
14.. TBS
15.. WGN
16.. Lifetime
17.. ABC Family
18.. Disney
19.. Toon Disney
20.. Cartoon Network
21.. Nickelodeon
22.. TV Land
23.. Community Channel
24...Local Gov’t Channel
25.. Outdoor Channel
26.. Big Ten Network
27.. Fox Sports Midwest
28.. ESPN
29.. ESPN2
30.. ESPNews
31.. ESPN Classic
32.. Speed
33.. Nat’l Geographic
34.. Discovery
35.. History Channel
36.. TLC
37.. A&E
38.. TNT
39.. MTV
40.. VH1
41.. CMT
42.. SPIKE
43.. CNN
44.. Headline News
45.. MSNBC
46.. Fox News
47.. Weather Channel
48.. Food Network
49.. Home & Garden
50.. USA
51.. Animal Planet
52.. FX
53.. Sci-Fi
54.. Comedy Central
55.. G4
56.. GSN
57.. Hallmark Channel
58.. Hallmark Movie
59.. Lifetime Movie
60.. TCM
61.. AMC
62.. Travel Channel
64.. EWTN
66.. RFD
67.. CNBC
68.. QVC
70.. Bravo
71.. E!
72.. CSPAN-2
73.. MYTV
HD Basic Tier
103...KMTV HD
106...WOWT HD
107...KETV HD
109...KXVO HD
110....KPTM HD
111....KHIN HD
114....TBS HD
126.... Big Ten Network HD
127...Fox Sports
Midwest HD
128...ESPN HD
129...ESPN-2 HD
132...Speed HD
133.... Nat’l Geographic HD
134...Discovery HD
135....History Channel HD
136...TLC HD
137...A&E HD
138...TNT HD
143...CNN HD
146...Fox News HD
150...USA HD
151...Animal Planet HD
152...FX HD
153...Sci-Fi HD
159...Lifetime Movie HD
267 -- Discovery Health - The preeminent source
for information on health, medicine and
268 -- Planet Green - A new television network
for a global initiative. See what’s new and
269 -- Science Channel - The only network
devoted entirely to the wonders of science.
Pay per view
404 - 409 - ESPN PPV
420 -- Playboy PPV - Delivers the vast array of
high-quality, innovative programming you’d
expect from the world’s best-known brand
delivering entertainment for adults. Original
movies, ground-breaking series and shortform prime-time pleasures.
421 -- Club Jenna PPV - The ultimate adult
destination, featuring Jenna Jameson and the
top names in adult fare. Club Jenna sizzles
with high-end features from studios like Vivid
and Wicked.
422 -- Spice Fresh PPV - Built around the bestselling adult amateur category, fresh! serves
up the most new faces, premieres, and plenty
of reality driven content.
423 -- Spice XCESS PPV - Endless adult
variety, including ethnic diversity and themed
NEW Basic & Expanded Basic
NEW HD, Digital Basic, Premium Digital, PPV & Music
HD Premium tier
180...HD Net
181...HD Net Movies
182...Discovery HD
183...Universal HD
Digital BASIC tier
206...620 (WOWT-DT)
207...KETV Weather Now
210...MYTV (KPTM-DT)
211....KHIN-DT (IA public)
220...Discovery Kids
221...The N
222...Nick Toons
225....FOX Sports Pacific
226....FOX Sports Central
227....FOX Sports Atlantic
228...ESPN U
235...History Int’l
237...Military Channel
238...MTV Hits
239...MTV 2
240...VH1 Classic Rock
241...CMT Pure
242...VH1 Soul
246...Fox Business
247...BBC America
Real Women
267...Discovery Health
268...Planet Green
269...Science Channel
280...Shop NBC
Premium digital
300...HBO 1
301...HBO 2
302...HBO Signature
303...HBO Family
304...HBO Comedy
305...HBO Zone
309...HBO HD
311....More Max
312...Action Max
313...Thriller MAX
314...5 Star Max
315...Western Max
316...Outer Max
317...At Max
319...Cinemax HD
321...Starz Edge
322...Starz in Black
323...Starz Comedy
324...Starz Cinema
325...Starz Kids &
329...Starz HD
331...Encore Action
332...Encore Love
333...Encore Western
334...Encore Mystery
335...Encore Drama
336...Encore Wam
341...Showtime 2
342.... Showtime Showcase
343...Showtime Beyond
344...Showtime Extreme
345...Showtime Next
346...Showtime Women
347...Showtime Family
349...Showtime HD
Pay per view
420..Playboy PPV
421..Club Jenna PPV
422.. Spice Fresh PPV
423...Spice XCESS PPV
902.Lite Classical
903.New Age
905.Smooth Jazz
909.Modern Country
910.Traditional Country
911.. Hit Country
912.Road House
913.Golden Oldies
914.70’s Hits
915.80’s Hits
916..Flashback New Wave
917.90’s Hits
918. Adult Contemporary
919.Soft Hits
920.Coffeehouse Rock
921.Adult Alternative
922.Hottest Hits
923.Classic Rock
925.Album Rock
928.Urban Beat
929.Edites Rap
930.Hot Jamz
931.Urban Adult
932.Classic R&B
936.Holiday Happenings
939.Rock en Espanol
940.Latin Contemporary