HeartRise Children’s Yoga Teacher Training 100-Hour Advanced-Level Certification Program

HeartRise® Children’s Yoga Teacher Training
100-Hour Advanced-Level Certification Program
Applicable to NYI 500-hr Professional-Level Yoga Alliance Registry
HeartRise® Training is a 100-hour training that offers certified yoga teachers from all styles of
yoga an advanced training in yoga for children. This training meets the standards of the
National Yoga Alliance and provides graduates with a recognized credential for teaching yoga to
children. The inherent flexibility in this training allows you to create an approach for many
settings and to open more doorways as a professional yoga educator.
Honoring the ancient traditions of yoga, HeartRise® Children’s Yoga Teacher Training draws
from the foundations of what is common to many yoga styles being practiced today, but is not
limited to the past for bringing yoga into the world of our children today. The skills and insight
you gain in this training prepare you to reach children from your own unique understanding and
embodiment of life experiences, interests and creativity, while adding to your professional
teaching skillfulness.
Learning is greatly enhanced by sharing this journey with other dedicated teachers, all exploring
the power of yoga for shaping a new future for our children. Each day is filled with direct
experiential learning, blending powerful movement inquiries with playful flow sequences that
deepen your personal yoga practice and develop understanding of the learning process. In an
environment that fosters a rich immersion into deeper layers of your own childhood wisdom you
are sure to discover new levels of wonder, joy and freedom. All teaching components of the
training draw from your own practice and style of yoga as a source for integrating new methods
and tools.
While much of the training focuses on school-age children, the curriculum also addresses
adaptations of core principles for pre-school and adolescent populations. Program directors
Tamika Schilbe and Carolyn Burke have a combined 25 years experience as child and family
clinicians and offer creative solutions to working with behavior challenges and children with
unique needs. Discover simple yet powerful ways to create inclusive learning environments that
respect the individuality and dignity of each child.
Tamika Schilbe, M.S.W., R.S.W., E-RYT
Tamika is an award-winning counselor, consultant, author and motivational speaker. She is
certified as an advanced level Yoga Instructor and Registered as a professional counselor. Her
work with individuals includes coaching and mentoring, Pranassage®, Reiki and Shamanic
techniques. Tamika has studied and taught the art of personal renewal throughout North
America and also in Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, Australia and Indonesia. An experienced
retreat facilitator, Tamika leads regular trips to Costa Rica where she is on Faculty at the
Nosara Yoga Institute. Her work offers a creative blend of approaches from different parts of
the world, and has been described as joyful, fun, and inspirational.
Carolyn Burke, M.S.W., R.S.W, R.Y.T.
Founder of CBA Yoga Toronto, Carolyn is an experienced yoga instructor, retreat facilitator,
family counselor, parent and trainer. Carolyn has designed and facilitated numerous wellness
programs and therapeutic groups. Combining her clinical training with a holistic approach,
Carolyn has created and successfully launched yoga programs for moms and babies, toddlers,
school-age children and children with unique needs. It is a rare teacher that can fill a room with
compassion and joy the way Carolyn can.
HeartRise® Children’s Yoga Teacher Training
Techniques 20 Hours
- Interdisciplinary focus on age-appropriate asanas and posture flows
- Choosing and using music to create energetic shifts
- Choreography of movement sequences to age-appropriate music
- Partner poses, games, chanting, meditation & pranayama
- Relaxation strategies, visualizations, stories and affirmations
- Lesson planning, themes, organization and structure of a class
- Choosing and using props, books, cards and visual aids
- Classroom management including strategies for learning differences and behavior challenges
- Teaching in varied settings, co-teaching, business & marketing
- Comprehensive manual included in tuition
Teaching Methodology 10 Hours
-Methodology for creating experiential learning environments
-Age-appropriate timing, languaging, sequencing, and delivery
-Designing specialty classes (e.g. family yoga, caregiver & toddlers, yoga for athletes)
-Creating a safe, non-authoritarian environment
-Communicating and relationship-building with children and caregivers
-Balancing the need for structure and freedom in the classroom
-Harnessing the energy of the room and being in the moment
-Engaging the six senses and using multiple intelligence techniques
-Placing yourself in the role of learner as you teach
Anatomy & Physiology 12 Hours
-Engaging students in the exploration of anatomy & physiology
-Games, books, stories and songs as teaching tools for learning anatomy
-Eastern and Western approaches to physiology
-Benefits & Contraindications for all techniques
-Avoiding common injuries in yogic practices
-Age-specific adaptations for asana and pranayama
Child Development 13 Hours
-Experiential exploration of developmental considerations for toddlers through to adolescence
-Typical development and individual development
-Teaching multiple age groupings
-Considerations for female and male learners at different life-stages
-Cautions and contraindications for developmental stages
-Supporting age-specific milestones
Overview of Yoga Philosophy 10 Hours
-Incorporating yoga philosophy in age-appropriate ways
-Learning philosophy through the use of games, visualizations, affirmations and play
-Fostering a non-competitive, inclusive class atmosphere
-Yoga as a contemporary approach to health and wellness
-The Chakra system or “Rainbow Body”
Practice Teaching and Observations 16 Hours
-Observing, assisting, co-teaching, and teaching
-Design and teach mini classes in your style
-Teaching mock classes and classes with children
-Practice teaching in small groups
-Co-mentoring & self-evaluation
-Giving and receiving feedback
-Designing a lesson plan to use at home
Practicum Student Teaching 12 Hours
-Upon completion of the program, graduates are required to complete 12 hours of teaching,
documenting their experiences in a reflective journal
Professional Practices: 2 Hours
-Healthy boundaries in the student-teacher relationship
-Caution and care in hands-on assists
-Creating a safe and protective environment
-Collegial relationships with parents and associates
-Local, regional legal parameters, policies and procedures
-When to refer to other professionals