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July 2013 • Volume 116
Welcome to the July edition of our newsletter, our tool for keeping you informed about the latest happenings in the celebrity service industry.
By Pauline Guy
ngelina Jolie is most known for her stunning
system of Ms. Jolie. Most of these people are part of the
longtime love, and her ever-growing family.
“THE HELP”. Many people would be surprised to learn the
beauty, her acting, her philanthropic work, her
“Angelina Jolie is nothing short of heroic” boasts her fiancé,
Brad Pitt. While that may all stand to be true, Angelina is
still human.
Recently behind closed doors to the public, Ms. Jolie
learned of some concerning news. It is news that no woman
Jolie-Pitt household staff or what some might refer to it as
large number of roles that the household staff plays when one
of the parents is “down.” When dealing with an estate that
is as large as the Jolie-Pitts’, there usually is an innumerable
amount of staff.
There are numerous nannies, housekeepers, chefs, drivers,
wants to hear: “there is ‘something’ on your breast scan”,
personal assistants, etc. All of these people must make
very high risk of getting cancer in the future.” In either
the situation.
or “you are a carrier of the BCRA gene and you are at a
situation, the decision to undergo a mastectomy requires
much consideration, especially among those with children.
Angelina Jolie bravely made the decision to undergo a
double mastectomy. As the media has reported, Angelina is
very fortunate to have her good friend and doctor Dr. Kirsti
Fung, her fiancé and her family to give her all the emotional
support that she needed.
What has not been as widely discussed however is the fact
that there were many others who contributed to the support
sure that the estate continues to be well-run regardless of
Often, staff members are close with their
employers and may be emotionally distraught over the given
situation, but it is imperative that the employees disregard
their feelings and remain as professional as possible,
especially when there are children involved.
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Angelina Jolie Recovered
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July 2013 • Volume 116
Nannies are faced with
a lot out of them. They
must find ways to keep the
children busy at all times.
Emotional wellness is key
not only for the kids but
for the recovering adults.
Happy and stress free kids
equals happy and patient
Reassuring the
children that their mommy
or daddy will be just fine is
only one the nanny’s major tasks. A task, that can be quite a
challenge considering the circumstance, but for professional
nannies, this task is usually a piece of cake.
To help pass time with the children, the nannies should
incorporate more creative, outdoor, and off site activities into
their schedules. Trips to the science center, arts and crafts
projects, trips to the zoo, theme park visits, and of course
baking projects are great distractions. There is nothing like
baking cookies to help mom or dad feel better; these activities
are also fun for the kids!
It is also important for the nannies, with the permission
of the parents of course, to encourage open dialogue with
the kids about mom’s or dad’s progress. It can be very
traumatizing for children to see their once healthy parents
now hooked up to lots of tubes. It can also be disturbing to
have doctors and nurses in their homes.
For other members of the staff, such as the housekeepers,
extra work is required to keep up with the extra projects. A
huge baking project to make mom feel better can be quite
messy to clean up!
The entire staff participates in helping for one common
good: making sure that mom, wife, boss, and sometimes
friend gets healthy and back on her feet again! Though
this whole process can be daunting, with the right team of
household “HELP,” we believe that Ms. Jolie will be well on
her way to a full recovery. We wish her all the best!
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July 2013 • Volume 116
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July 2013 • Volume 116
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July 2013 • Volume 116
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butLer memoirs
Heroics Under Pressure
Narrowly averted tragedies make for strange
first impressions
by Michael holly
once had a memorable job interview with a family in east Hampton that had a reputation for being, well, temperamental. i was
nervous about this interview because the previous butler had lasted
only six months.
There was heavy snow on the ground, but i arrived on time. After
knocking on the front door without getting an answer, i went around
back to summon someone.
suddenly, i heard howling and the sound of water splashing. A woman’s voice was screaming, “Chaser! Chaser!” The family dog, a golden
retriever, had sneaked around the fence and fallen into the pool. Because the snow-drifts created such a whiteout, it was hard to discern
anything, so Chaser was surprised by the dangerous water beneath.
realizing the gravity of the situation, i lowered myself into the freezing water, managed to pull the animal to the edge, and carried him into
the house. The lady of the house (who was supposed to interview me)
hurried with me to the bathtub and revived the dog with warm water
and dry towels. shivering with cold, i next took a hot bath and was
given a terry bathrobe to wear.
With the dog stabilized, it was interview time.Without asking a question, the mrs. offered me the job. As it turns out, she was an animallover, and reasoned that since i’d acted so compassionately, she could
relate to me as a human as well as a butler.
once on the job, i discovered the family’s less-than-desirable reputation to be undeserved. The family members were considerate and respectful. As for the four-legged member of the clan, i didn’t have much
contact with him after that, because he had a separate caretaker. This
arrangement was fine with me, as Chaser didn’t seem to be impressed
by my lifesaving actions, anyway! i found an element of his behavior
to be strange: the retriever was always pausing to admire himself in
front of the mirror. it seemed this animal was as unorthodox as our first
meeting had been.
i give myself kudos for ignoring rumors and taking time to discover
a family’s true nature. C
Michael Holly’s “Memoirs of a Celebrity Butler” is a regular series written
How to Ace an
IntervIew for
a Butler
1. Don‘t act starstruck.
2. Make sure your nails are trimmed.
3. Wear no jewelry, except a plain
4. Absolutely no cologne.
5. When interviewer enters the room,
stand and allow him or her to sit
down first.
6. Never cross your legs.
IdeAl Butler
SkIll Set
1. Good conversationalist but not a
2. Computer skills—not a techie,
but familiar with common computer programs.
3. Imagines the big picture.
4. Knows about wine and food.
5. Knows about tailoring, fabrics, and
their maintenance.
6. Versatile.
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July 2013 • Volume 116
Delicate Situation
Working through family challenges
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s an agency owner, I frequently place
candidates with clients who are dealing
with what I call the “3 D’s”: divorce, drugs, and
death. To an adult, these issues are tragic. To a
child, these issues are devastating, all consuming,
and life-altering. The employee must be acutely
attuned to both the child and parent and know
when and how to seek additional support.
Nanny positions tend to compensate very well, and for
good reason. The right employee must possess solid life
experience and a great background in assisting people (social
worker, nurse, foster parent, etc.). The employee needs to
be mature enough not to cross a professional boundary and
also know how to tactfully handle very personal situations.
It’s not uncommon for an employer in these situations to
attempt to “buy their employee off ” after a rough day or
week to keep the employee from quitting. It’s also not
uncommon for an employer to see their employee as a close
friend or confidante.
Families dealing with divorce may view the employee as a
“go-between” when the parents do not wish to communicate.
The employee may be pushed to take a side or even called to
testify on behalf of a parent in a custody hearing. Since the
employee is generally a major part of the children’s lives, it
is of utmost importance that the employee remain neutral—
not an easy task. A couple of sources for employees in this
type of situation are www.divorceandchildren.com and
Families with substance-abuse issues are extremely
challenging. Employees should possess a compassionate
yet take-charge personality and need to be acutely aware
of signs that outside help is needed—all while maintaining
confidentiality. More often than not, the employer may
share incredibly inappropriate information, require very
inappropriate tasks, or the employee may have to explain
why Daddy is “too sick to play.” One nanny told me that
the most difficult part of being employed with this type of
family was that she felt as though she was holding the family
together—doing the major tasks to keep the house running
and nannying the parent—and that this enabled the parent
to fall apart even more. The employee needs to know when
he or she has stepped over the line and is taking care of the
adult more than the child, and also when to say “enough.”
Two resources suggested for this situation are www.nacoa.
net and www.helpguide.org.
Candidates working for employers who have lost a
member of their family should educate themselves on
the five stages of grief. That knowledge will greatly
assist them while helping the family through the denial,
anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. He or she
needs to understand that there is a strong chance that the
surviving family members may perceive him or her as the
“replacement” to the lost parent or sibling, and this comes
with both a positive and negative connotation. There are,
thankfully, many excellent resources available for families
going through trauma related to parental death, such as
www.beyondindigo. com and www.rainbows.org. The
information found on these sites will be helpful for the
employee, also. To succeed in a position such as this, the
candidate’s qualities will include strength, dedication, and
consistency. Such qualities will be beneficial not only to the
child/children, but also to the parent(s).
If one is a candidate for a job that includes any one of
the “3 D’s,” be aware that it will be incredibly demanding,
yet very personally rewarding. The specifics of the situation
should be carefully examined; a candidate should weigh the
pros and cons of the position prior to accepting the job. A
family in either of these crises needs a high level of stability,
and one should take note of the additional responsibilities
that will come with the job.
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July 2013 • Volume 116
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July 2013 • Volume 116
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July 2013 • Volume 116
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July 2013 • Volume 116
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Celebrities Staffing
Keeping Your Private
Life Private
July 2013 • Volume 116
Ad verti sem ent s
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The wage and hour claims are
another story. These laws are technical
and specific. The Lowes could face
liability for not paying their employees
properly. The damages could be over
$100,000, and there might be incometax consequences, as well.
For all these reasons, the Lowe case
is a wake-up call for all employers
of household staff. Employers must
consult an attorney before employees
are hired, and they must learn what can
be done during staff ’s employment
to minimize the risk of being sued or
maligned by a disgruntled employee.
For example, there are strict guidelines
about whether you may classify a staff
member as an independent contractor
or employee. Also, properly- conducted
annual reviews and exit interviews
can keep claims like this from getting
past summary judgment. The key is to
have the employee commit to a story
repeatedly when he or she is motivated
to tell the truth—in other words, while
the employee still needs and wants the
job—not once he or she has “lawyered
Given the state of the law, every
staff member is a potential threat and
every employer is a target. Embracing
that reality means engaging a legal
bodyguard before hiring staff. This
foresight can be just as important as the
precautions you take to safeguard your
family’s physical security.
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