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The Salvation Army
Christmas Programs
Chelsea Locklear
Salvation Army History
Holiday Programs
Angel Tree Program History
Red Kettle Drive History
Community Engagement
Wake County Salvation Army History
• Established in 1887
• Serves over 90,000 people each year
• Programs Include
Soup Line
Food Pantry
Women and Children’s Shelter
Holiday Programs
Thrift Stores
Summer Camps
Holiday Programs Offered by S. Army
Thanksgiving Meal Baskets
WRAL-TV5 Coats for the Children
Christmas Cheer Assistance (Stocking&Toys)
Angel Tree Program
Capital City Clauses’ Jingle Ball
Triangle Spokes Group (New Bikes and
• Gift Packs (Elderly & Inmates)
• US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for the Tots
The Angel Tree Program
The Angel Tree Clothing Program
• What’s the Program About?
– This year 7200 tags with a kid’s name, age, gender,
and clothing size go up on a tree in local malls.
– Participants pick a kid off the tree and then they
buy new clothes (no toys) for that child.
– Individuals/Groups may sponsor one child or they
can sponsor a family of children
History of the Angel Tree Program
• Created in 1979 in Lynchburg, Virginia by
Charles and Shirley White
• Both volunteered at their local mall collecting
toys for the holiday season
• The White’s first started by writing local
children's wishes and gift needs on Hallmark
greeting cards. The cards featured pictures of
angels and they placed them on the Christmas
Tree at the mall.
History of the Angel Tree Program
• During their first year, they were able to
provide gives for over 700 local children
• 3 years later the White’s moved to Nashville,
• In 1982, a second Angel Tree was launched
and WSM radio (airs the Grand Ol’ Opry)
became the first Angel Tree co-sponsor in the
Angel Tree Program History
• WSM Radio helped spread publicity to CNN
and the Larry King Show.
• With so much publicity the Angel Tree
Program spread rapidly across the United
• By the 1990s it was a staple in Wake County
Wake County Angel Tree Locations
Crabtree Valley Mall
Triangle Town Center
Cary Towne Mall
Various companies/groups have their own
smaller Angel Tree
Other Ways to Donate in Wake
In 2009, JC Penney partnered with The
Salvation Army to create an online Angel Tree.
By entering your address online you can
choose a child in your area or any other area
in the country
You then simply ship your gift to The Salvation
Army address provided
Wake County Angel Tree Statistics
• 5600= number of participants in the program
in 2009
• 7200= number of participants currently in the
program for the 2010 season
That’s a 20% increase over last year!
Requirements for Angel Tree Program
• Not allowed to be signed up for Christmas
Assistance with another Program
• When parents sign up their kids they must
– Picture ID
– Social Security Cards for self, kids, plus anyone else in
– Proof of Child’s Birthday (Children must be under the
age of 12)
– Proof of Address (must be a Wake County resident)
Registration for the Angel Tree
• All Parents are registered for three programs:
– The Angel Tree clothing program
– Christmas Cheer Assistance (Stockings)
– The Toy Shop
• Why register for all three?
– This is to ensure that all parents receive some gift
for their kids from one of the programs
(explanation on next slide)
Registration Continued…
• For holiday assistance, parents are registered for 3
– Angel Tree: this is the most important program because it
provides new clothes to kids with sizes being provided to
the donor on a tag on the angel tree. If by the end of the
program a child has not been chosen then that parent will
have the opportunity to receive a:
– Christmas Cheer Stocking: These are large traditional
looking stockings that companies, church groups,
individual donors, etc., fill with toys and other various gifts.
Stockings are sorted by gender and age.
– Toy Shop: A drive were needy parents an shop for free toys
if they didn’t receive anything from the Angel Tree or
Christmas Cheer Stockings
2010 Registration Details
• Where?
– 2407 Wake Forest Rd., Raleigh, NC 27608
• When?
– Mon-Fri, Oct 25-29
– Sat, Oct 30
• Problem?
– This is the only location to sign up in Wake County so
parents may not have access to go sign up
– The limited hours (excluding sat.) may make it hard for
parents to find time outside of work to sign up
Proof of Religion?
• Although Christmas is a Christian holiday no
proof of religion is required to register
• Salvation Army encourages all those of
different faiths who are in need to apply for
the program
– Ex. Jewish parents needing gifts for Hanukkah
Red Kettle Drive
History of the Red Kettle
• Began in 1891 in San Francisco, CA
• A Salvation Army Captain, Joseph McGee,
wanted to give a Christmas Dinner to the poor
History of Red Kettle Continued
• McGee remembered from being a sailor in
Liverpool, England the “Simpson's Pot” on the
Stage Landing
– Large pot was used for passersby throw change in
for the charity
History Continued…
• Captain received permission from the city to
set up a pot on the Oakland Ferry Landing
near the market street
• The ideal location attracted many people who
a tradition was started that would continue
across the country and eventually parts of the
History Continued…
• In Just 4 years the kettle spread to 30 Salvation Army
Corps on the west coast
• In 1897, William McIntyre and N.J. Lewis went to the
east coast (Boston) with the idea.
• Other army officers didn’t want to partake because
they thought they would be making spectacles of
• McIntyre (plus his wife and sister) set up 3 kettles on
Washington St. in Boston
• That year The Salvation Army raised enough to serve
over 150,000 meals to the needy on Christmas
History Continued…
In 1898, New York World called the Kettle Drive:
– “the newest and most novel device for collecting
Red Kettle Drive Today
• Sometimes referred to as the Bell Ringing
• Kettles are used throughout the United States,
Korea, Japan, Chile, and Europe
• Funds aid several million people in the U.S. so
that they can enjoy the holiday season
Red Kettle Drive Today Continued…
• Some kettles today include self bell ringing
features and booths to broadcast Christmas
• 2010 marks the first year for the Online Red
Kettle Drive. Individuals can make donations
at the main website and the money
goes towards the closest Salvation Army Office
to where you live
Kettle Drive in Wake County
"Christmas is our bread and butter. People don't
realize that what we raise at Christmas is what
helps us continue our services year round,”
Salvation Army of Wake County spokeswoman,
Paige Bagwell
Kettle Drive in Wake County
Demand for Holiday services went up 25% from
2008 to 2009 because of the economy but
Kettle Drive donation were down by 20%
Kettle Drive in Wake County
In 2009, to meet the growing need in the
community The Salvation Army added an
additional 39 kettle locations in the county.
This was three times more than the previous
Kettle Drive in Wake County
• 2009, also marked the first year that
individuals or groups must work The Kettle
Drive in 5 hour shifts
• 2009 was also the first year that The Salvation
Army incorporated paid ringers. These are
usually people who live in their shelter and it
ensures that no kettles are left without Bell
Why is the Kettle Drive so
• Funds from the Kettle Drive support local
Salvation Army programs all year
• If there aren’t enough donations from the
Angel Tree Program, the Coat Drive, The Toy
Drive, or The Stocking campaign then funds
from the previous years kettle earnings will go
towards presents for those kids who didn’t
receive gifts
2009 Holiday Statistics
• $313,900.32=Red Kettle Finds raised during
• 46,144= number of toys & gifts distributed for
• 5,600= Angel Tree gifts received
• 7001= coats, hats, gloves, and scarves donated
through WRAL-TV5 Coats for the Children Drive
• 3529= volunteer hours worked
• 200= new bicycles delivered (Triangle Spokes Group)
How Holiday Stats Stack Up to Rest of
• 2009 Revenue
– Public Support
– Other Revenues
– Government Grants
– Federal Fundraising Orgs. $41,079
– Gifts-In-Kind
– Family Store
How Holiday Stats Stack Up to Rest of
• 2009 Expenses
– Management & General
– Program Services
– Fundraising
• 2009 Net Assets
– Decrease of $465,006
The Wake County Community and
the Salvation Army
Why is this important to our
• Every parent who registers and qualifies is
ensured that they will have something to give
their child during the holidays
• Those who would otherwise be hungry and
without a meal during the holidays will be
provided one
• Since the Salvation Army is so well established
in the Wake County community they do not
have to advertise for volunteers or donations
during the holidays.
• Plugs for the Kettle Drive and Angel Tree
Program are made on WRAL News by Jim
Goodmon, CEO/President of Carolina
Broadcasting Company. Goodman sits on the
board of the Salvation Army.
Community Engagement
• Small Angel Trees are often set up at to help
make people aware and get them more easily
• Locations Include:
– Apartment Complexes
– Non-Profits
– Companies/Corporations
– WRAL Studio
– Carolina Country Club
Community Engagement
• Many stores and companies also have their
own small kettles to help with the Bell Ringing
– BJs Warehouse: long standing national supporter
who gives monetary donations and makes sure
that a Red Kettle is placed by its front door every
holiday season
– WRAL-TV5 has an in studio kettle for employees to
contribute to throughout the season
Capital City Clauses
• Founded in 1994 as a non-profit to collect toys
for The Salvation Army’s Christmas Cheer
• Raised 2400 toys in 2009
• Expected to raise 3000 toys this year through
donations and the Jingle Ball
• Jingle Ball is their signature event
How Can You Get Involved?
• To volunteer:
• To donate:
– Visit Triangle Town, Crabtree Valley, or Cary
Towne Mall to participate in the Angel Tree
Program or donate money to the Kettle Drive.
– Visit places such as BJs, Target, K-Mart, Harris
Teeter, etc. to drop a couple bucks into the red
How Can I Get Involved?
• Attend the Jingle Ball
– Must be at least 21 years old
– Dec. 9th 2010 6:30pm
– Location: Marbles Kids Museum
– No registration required. Just bring a gift
valued at $20+
My Opinions
• When I decided to look at the Angel Tree
Program and the Kettle Drive, I wanted to not
only research the history but any flaws in the
• As far as Wake County goes, there are none
than I can see besides the registration process.
The Holiday Programs run like a well oiled
Source: In Person Interview
• Lizzy Adams was my contact person for The
Salvation Army of Wake County
• She works as the Volunteer Coordinator for all
programs the agency supports
• Lizzy also received a minor in Non-Profit
Studies from NC State
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