The PULSE is a unique and inspirational non-competitive dance weekend-long intensive for your child. The workshop includes classes all day, Performance Showcase, faculty Q & A, photos, and scholarships. The PULSE brings
you a faulty unlike any other convention including all your favorites from movies and TV shows such as, So You
Think You Can Dance, America’s Best Dance Crew, Glee, Step Up 3D, America’s Got Talent, and X Factor!
Parents, we thank you for choosing The PULSE as the source of your dancer’s training. We know you have many
options available for workshops and events and we are glad you will be joining our family. Your child’s dance
education is our #1 priority.
Brian Friedman Every creative person dreams of their bio reading like a “who’s who of Hollywood. “ When your name is said, you
want it to be listed having been associated with the likes of Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Celine
Dion, Janet Jackson, Prince, Mariah Carey, Usher, P!nK, Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Aguilera and more.
Cris Judd is a wide-ranging talent. He’s a dancer, choreographer, musician, songwriter, and actor. He continues to build momentum
in the entertainment industry, most recently being announced as New Zealand’s Got Talent’s newest judge
Laurieann Gibson is a force to be reckoned with. With her trademarked “boomcack” style, she is one of the leading ladies in the
industry today. Everything she brings is fierce. Working with top names like One Direction, Lady Gaga, and, Korea boy band
sensation, Big Bang, her momentum is touching the lives of thousands.
Dave Scott danced his way “straight outta Compton,” straight to Hollywood and multi-faceted career in dance, choreography and
artist development spanning music, film, television, and commercials. Currently, he is working with the high-energy hip-hop group,
‘Mindless Behavior.”
Gil Duldulao At age 16, Gil landed himself a dance scholarship at the EDGE Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles. Before he knew it
he was soon dancing for some of the biggest stars on earth, including: Janet Jackson, Madonna, Britney spears, Jennifer Lopez,
Prince, Ricky Martin, Tina Tuner to name but a few.
Tyce Diorio is one of the most respected talents in our industry today. He has danced with Janet Jackson on her Velvet Rope Tour as
well as in her “If,” “Together Again,” and “You,” videos, on the American Music Awards, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Saturday Night
Live, and throughout Europe.
Desmond Richardson Hailed by the New York Times as one of the great modern dancers of his time, Desmond Richardson is a
multi-talented artist who has mastered a wide range of dance forms including classical, modern, and contemporary.
Brooke Lipton energy is contagious. She captivates a room with her unique style and inspires with her bold storylines, bringing a
challenging yet nurturing experience to dancers, teacher, parents, and observers. Brooke is head choreographer on the hit television
series, Glee.
Tessandra Chavez is Hollywood’s hottest up-and-coming choreographer. Most recently, Tessandra has appeared on FOX’s hit show,
“So You Think You Can Dance,” as a choreographer as well as associate choreographer for America’s Got Talent and X Factor USA,
and Abbey’s Ultimate Dance Competition.
Ian Eastwood worked as both choreographer and dancer on DanceOn’s Dance Showdown and MTV’s ABDC7 “Return of the
Superstars.” He was also a featured dancer in Justin Bieber's "Beauty and a Beat" music video. Ian has a unique, infectious style that
started at the age of 10.
Have more questions? Please contact us at anytime! We are happy to assist! Our office hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm-1-877-PULSE-01. Email—[email protected]
A DAY AT THE PULSE Weekend Sample Schedule
Friday Evening
PULSE Showcase Preliminary begins at
Early check-in from 6 pm – 8 pm.
8:00am Registration/Check-In
9:30am Welcome and Introductions
10:00am Class
11:15am Class
12:30pm Progressions
2:00pm Class
3:15pm Class
Suggested ages 11 and older are welcome to participate in classes. Please
select the appropriate level when registering ,choose a level that l best fits
your dancer’s age and dance ability.
INTERMEDIATE: This level is designed for dancers ages 11-14. Classes will
be taught for the
intermediate-advanced dancer. We suggest a minimum of 5 years of dance
training prior to the event. Dancers should be knowledgeable of the
"convention" class setting and well-rounded in their dance education.
HIGH INTERMEDIATE: This level is designed for dancers ages 13-15. Classes
will be taught for the intermediate-advanced dancer. We suggest a minimum of 5 years of dance training prior to the event. Dancers should be
knowledgeable of the "convention" class setting and well-rounded in their
education. *This level will only be available in select cities.
ADVANCED: This level is designed for dancers ages 14-17. Classes will be
taught for the advanced dancer. Movement will be given quickly and
choreography is expected to be learned and performed without hesitation.
PRO: This is our most mature level. The direction from the faculty will be
geared for adult language and expression. This level is best for dancers
ages 17+, for teachers, teacher assistants and advanced dancers.
Pulse Progressions class. This is a class designed specifically for the serious
dancer who wishes to perfect their leaps, turns and overall technique.
Pulse Fashion Show Choreographed and Directed by Brian Friedman
Dancers will be chosen on site after classes end on Saturday, for the chance
to learn and dance in The PULSE Fashion Show. This showcase number is sponsored by The PULSE, Urban Empire, Brian Says Be Free and Nappytabs. This is
a great performance opportunity for those selected to represent the sponsored brands on The PULSE Stage! Make sure to wear your scholarship number
in class to be eligible for this selection. Rehearsal begins at 4:30pm on Saturday after classes. PULSE Showcase Performance – Saturday 8:00pm.
Your challenge and chance to impress The PULSE Faculty happens in class! If you are
interested in individual performance opportunities, please see below about our
PULSE Showcase Preliminary and From Start to Stage Performance Number opportunities—only in select cities.
PULSE Showcase Preliminary:
For solos, duos, trios, and groups of four or more. This is an opportunity to have
your piece evaluated for feedback and critique as well as the chance to re-perform
in the Saturday Showcase and receive a scholarship. Each routine will receive written and audio/visual
critiques of their performance on Sunday morning. Select pieces will be chosen as
“Premier Performances”. Top Performers may receive:
A PULSE Convention Scholarship to another regional PULSE event
An opportunity to re-perform their selected piece in The PULSE Performance Showcase on Saturday or the Scholarship Ceremony on Sunday
 Eligibility for PULSE Choreographer’s Picks
Fees: Solo - $125
Duo/Trio/Quartet - $85 per dancer
Groups 5+ - $35 per dancer
From Start to Stage: The Performance Number
Register to perform a piece choreographed by guest faculty at our PULSE Performance Showcase on
Saturday night! This is a great opportunity for individual
dancers to get a chance to
perform on The PULSE stage. From Start to Stage Performers must arrive on Friday
evening by 6:00 pm. Rehearsals will take place Friday at 7:00 pm and Saturday at
8:00 am.
Fees: $65 per dancer
9:00AM Class
10:15AM Class
11:30AM Class
12:45PM Class
2:00PM Class
The PULSE gives away over $30,000 in scholarships at EACH event including PULSE Convention Scholarships, PULSE
Summer Scholarships, Training Scholarships to studios and more! All
registered participants are eligible for scholarships!
*Remember “Group” means you are with a group of at least 10 or more
dancers AT THE SAME TIME (not 10 or more dancers paying as individuals)
Groups at The PULSE will receive:
An opportunity to perform in the Saturday Night PULSE Performance Showcase
Studio Plaque of recognition from The PULSE! Framed and
ready for your teacher to hang on the studio wall.
Goody bag of materials provided by our sponsors and vendors
Group Photo with PULSE faculty.
Enjoy a convenient “Group only” check in.
*Be sure to arrange a meeting time and place for the distribution of wristbands with your dance teacher.
 Parent Chat is a chance to sit down casually with our Director, Pam Chancey. At Parent Chat, you will hear what it takes
to run a dance convention such as The PULSE and learn about
options for your dancer’s future including college, internships,
training choices, and what the industry is looking for today.
Feel free to ask any questions and give any feedback. We
always listen to what our parents have to say and appreciate
your comments.
Parent Class :Your dancers are doing it, now it’s your turn! Parents,
get up and move for a quick 45 minute dance class just for you! No
At The PULSE, we offer the opportunity for you to observe your dancer
in class. Though we would love to allow
everyone and anyone to observe, we do limit the amount of observers
in the classrooms (we must take into account the dancer’s safety by
allotting them proper space). Make sure to purchase an Observer band
so that you can watch each class and feel the same kind of excitement
that your dancers do! We have one-day or weekend bands that allow
you to walk in and out of class as you please.
*The PULSE Performance on Friday and Saturday evening is FREE for all
STUDIO MANAGEMENT BAND: $95 (For non-dancing teachers)
Wristband Policy
Pre-registration is strongly suggested as observer bands may sell
out. If still available, they will be sold at the door starting on Friday at early check-in, cash only. All observer bands are nonrefundable and may not be transferred from one person to another.
The PULSE is not responsible for lost or stolen bands. You must be
accompanying a dancer to observe (children six and under may
observe free of charge). Noise level and activity should be kept to a
minimum out of consideration for the faculty and dancers. No cell
phones, talking, videotaping or note taking permitted. The PULSE
reserves the right to remove anyone who is disrupting the workshop
or not following Security directions. Please note: You do not need
an observer band to enter the PULSE Showcase Preliminary, the
PULSE Performance Showcase, or Scholarship Ceremony.