Derby Circuit of the Methodist Church E-LETTER NO. 11 September 2013

Derby Circuit
of the Methodist Church
September 2013
Moving house is a little like childbirth. You forget how awful it is, until the
next one starts, and then you remember. You find yourself in your new
home, so completely surrounded by boxes that you can barely move, and
wonder why you let yourself in for this again. Every tiny thing you try to do
(like cutting a slice of bread) means finding things (the bread board and
bread knife) which are in any one of several boxes, which are standing on top
of one another. These therefore have to be opened. By the time you have
unearthed the required items, you have your arms full of ornaments,
ramekins, and a fondue set, and nowhere to put them.
Along the way you learn a few things about yourself. Arranging the books in
the study, I mentally allocated one shelf to ‘significant theological books that
I am glad I own’. These books, I felt, would proclaim me to be an up-to-theminute learning, growing Christian, and a theological resource for my
people. By the time I had put half a dozen books on that shelf, it had dawned
on me that what they all had in common was that I had bought them and not
yet read them. I have now mentally renamed the shelf ‘books I really need
to read’.
It is said that whether you move or not, it is helpful every few years to pack
all you own into a removal van, drive it around the block, and unpack it. It
makes you have a good clear-out, and you find things you had forgotten. The
same is true of the spiritual life. Every so often it is good to take a long hard
look at it. Have you got stuck in a rut? What have you neglected? Could
your prayer life do with refreshment? Would reading a new book provide
inspiration? How about joining a Bible study group? Or volunteering for a
new avenue of service? Once all that has been unpacked and the dust has
settled, there’s the possibility of a real fresh start.
Rev Jenny Dyer - Superintendent Minister
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Friday 30th – Welcome service for new circuit ministers @
Littleover – 7.30pm
Monday 2nd - Mission Task Group @ St John’s - 7.30 p.m
Wednesday 4th - Finance & Property Committee @ Chellaston –
7.30 p.m
Saturday 7th - Synod at the Riverside Centre, Pride Park, Derby
Thursday 12th - Circuit Leadership Team @ St. Johns - 7.30 p.m
Saturday 14th - Coffee morning for Action for Children @
Ashbourne Road Church – 10am - noon.
Tuesday 17th - Circuit Meeting @ Littleover - 7.30 p.m
Thursday 19th - Local Preachers Meeting @ Findern - 7.30 p.m
Sunday 22nd - Rosehill Sports Club Service @ Rosehill Sports
Ground - 3 p.m.
Monday 23rd - Discipleship & Pastoral Task Group @ Alvaston 7.30 p.m
Wednesday 9th - Social Responsibility Task Group @Chester
Green Church - 7.30 p.m
Thursday 7th - Rosehill Steering Committee @ Mickleover - 7.30
Wednesday 20th - Circuit Leadership Team @ Ashbourne Road 7.30 p.m
The Catholic Diocese of
Cliff College
Tuesday 3rd - Finance & Property Committee -Venue to be
arranged - 7.30 p.m
Wednesday 4th - Local Preachers Meeting @ Alvaston - 7.30 p.m
Christian Aid
Methodist Homes
COMMUNITY? You can often find out by using
the Internet. To help you to do this, we have
included some useful links in the column to the
left. It is amazing what you can find. Happy
Action for Children
Methodist Recorder
Friends of Kenya’s
Over the last few months we have had to say our goodbyes to four
ministers, Rev’ds Paula Hunt, Ian Worrall, Lindsay Kemp and Ian
Kemp. We wish them all God’s Blessing in their new appointments
We are delighted to welcome three new ministers to the Derby
Circuit at the beginning of this new Church Year. They all
introduced themselves to you in the last newsletter, and you will
have an opportunity to meet them all at the Circuit Welcome
Service which will be held at Littleover Methodist Church at 7.30pm
on Friday 30th August. Do come along and meet them and welcome
them personally.
Our new Superintendant Minister is Rev’d Jenny Dyer who will have
pastoral charge of Chellaston and St Thomas Rd.
Rev’d Janet Jackson will have pastoral charge of Mickleover,
Ashbourne Road and Dean Street.
Rev’d Gareth Higgs will have pastoral charge of Littleover and
Rev’d Jenny Dyer and
Rev’d Janet Jackson and Colin
Rev’d Gareth Higgs and
Derby’s churches are setting up a new nightshelter to be ready this
winter to meet the urgent need for safe overnight accommodation
for Derby’s street homeless. This project is needed because in April
2013, Derby City Council began a cut of 85% to homeless beds
funding over 2 years. Several hostels have already closed. “Unless
some provision for emergency cold weather provision is made,
there is a risk that people will die on Derby’s streets this winter.”
Working ecumenically, 7 church venues in or near the city centre,
will each open one night per week in rotation through Dec 2013 –
March 2014. Volunteers will give a warm welcome and a
substantial meal to 35 guests. At 10pm, paid overnight staff will
take over as the guests go to sleep in sleeping bags on mattresses
on the church floor. Next morning there’ll be a breakfast before
leaving at 8am.
If you haven’t heard about us yet, please look at our video on
We need your help. There is a way for everyone to help with this
Will you pray? Prayer is needed for every aspect of this project.
Please ‘like’ Derby City Mission on Facebook, or send us your
email/address for regular prayer requests. Our ultimate prayer is
for each and every homeless person in Derby to find safe and stable
Could you volunteer? The real heart of this project is the welcome
given to our guests between 8pm and 10pm. We need about 100
volunteers, with different roles including setting up, cooking,
welcoming and talking to guests. Are you 18 or over and think this
might be something you’d like to explore? You’ll be given full
training and assigned to one of the venues on a night that suits you.
Choose one of the training dates:
10.30 - 12 Sat 12th Oct at Ozzy Road Baptist Church, Charnwood
Street, DE1 2GU
7.30 - 9pm Tues 22nd Oct at Riverside Church, Riverside Ct, Pride
Park, DE24 8HY
7.30-9pm Mon 4th Nov at Derby City Church, Curzon Street, DE1
Other dates will be set up if needed.
Can you raise some money?
We need £50,000 for our first
winter of operation. £1 for a hot meal, £12 for one person for a
night, including 2 meals, £30 for a sleeping bag and mattress, £70
for all the meals for a night, £430 for all the costs of one night’s
operation, £7,500 for a month’s staff costs
How can we help you? Do ring us on 01332 460346 or email
[email protected] if you need more
 Can we send a speaker to your service or meeting?
 Can we send you some leaflets or a PowerPoint
 Would you like some reflective material for worship at
Please can you be thinking about how you get involved – we’d love
to hear from you in September.
Alasdair Kay and Graham Watkins – Derby City Mission
This was the title of the prayer workshop led by Rev Stephen and
Heather Radford at Alvaston Methodist Church on Saturday 29
Prayer should be the Christian’s vital breath, a natural outcome of
our relationship with Him. As most of us breathe without thinking
so should our prayer be. Prayer is as important as our breathing.
We are dependent on oxygen to live, so prayer is dependent on our
relationship with God. But there are distractions and barriers, we
live pressurized and demanding lives, the pace of life is ever quicker
and Satan plays on this. We require value time to enter more
deeply into the presence of God with a chance to focus on Him
away from these pressures and distractions, to wait upon Him and
to be refreshed and renewed.
God seeks a two-way relationship with us, a relationship requiring
skills of openness, listening and focused time. These skills have to
be practiced and are found in prayer where time is focused on God
alone, finding the power to be still and to be with the One who is
central to our lives.
Marilyn Bagworth
Our Church congregation has now received questionnaires
regarding their views on the Worship Area and these are
currently being reviewed to clarify the way forward with the
Building Development work.
The Sparklers Service on 14 July 2013 was really different
with the whole congregation thinking about sharing the
Good News with the community. Participation in making
dove prayers, decorating small cakes, to give to neighbours,
and writing ‘note’ thoughts about Church and community
involvement. The highlight was a great drama through the
Old Testament! Well done to the youngsters who insisted
that they wanted to do the Bible readings and prayers, as
well as the drama. Thanks to Hannah for leading and
organising it with the help of Gwen and also to Chloe for
sorting out the images on screen.
Well done to Maureen Dawson & Janet Cotton who held a
very successful Coffee Day on 17 July in aid of the Church
Redevelopment Fund and the McMillan Caring Unit
Margaret Barker again led the biennial Temple Studies
summer school here on August 12th-16th and had a busy and
successful week. Over 60 people attended, of whom 55
were able to come for the whole week to study the writings
of St John. Many of the church family were involved:
baking to provide food [and drink] during the days; bed and
breakfast for those who had come a great distance - we had
two from the USA, two from Ireland and one from Germany,
as well as from other parts of the UK; cooking evening meals
for our long distance guests; and organising evening
activities such as walks. The week was a success in other
ways too. Over £3,5000 was raised for the church.
These are some of the recent events at SInfin Moor Church (SMC)
A Joint Celebration Praise evening was held with St
Stephens Church on June 30th followed by a shared tea.
On Saturday 6th July some members took part in a
sponsored walk and joined the rest of the church at their
yearly Picnic in the Park. See picture below.
Footlights Stage School celebrated 20 years of Footlights
with a barbeque and presentation at SMC.
The following events are planned for the for the future
 Please join us at our Monthly Coffee Mornings, held on the
last Saturday of the month, lots of books, bric-brac, cakes,
toys and crafts. Next sessions, August 31 and September
28. For more information please ring Colin on 763412.
 In August SMC held their Church weekend at Willersley
 SMC will be celebrating their Church Anniversary on Sunday
15 September at their family worship 10am service, Sunday
School children are given gifts and also take part in the
 On 29 September we will be taking part in Back to Church
Sunday, inviting friends, neighbours and families that have
attended on special occasions.
Greetings from St. Thomas' Road.
Our coffee mornings, on the first Saturday of the month,
continue as usual from 10.00am until 11.30am. A warm
welcome awaits all visitors.
Our CAMEO (Come and Meet Each Other) meeting on the
third Wednesday of each month at 2.00pm is going well and
attracts on average 20 people - we have room for many
more. Some of our recent talks have been "These are a few
of our favourite things, the history of the music hall and
learning to play hand bells" We also had a Victorian
Afternoon followed by a Victorian tea party.
On September 28th we have our Harvest Lunch at 11.00am.
This will include a quiz hour before the lunch. Please notify
Christine Corbett if you wish to attend - Derby 788591.
Osmaston Wind Band will again be giving us a concert on
Saturday 19th October at 2.00pm. A toe tapping and fun
We look forward to seeing some of you at our events and we
welcome our new minister, Rev'd Jenny Dyer.
During the Summer we have held a number of Out-reach events
which we would like to share with all of you around the Circuit.
Our Out-reach this year began in May when we held an
event especially for our Local Live-at-Home Scheme
members; through the local scheme organisers, we invited
members to come and spend time with us at our Church
premises. The event began with a reception in our lounge
where we served coffee or tea with biscuits; we then moved
into our hall for Lunch which was sandwiches and salad
followed by cakes and tea. We provided about an hour of
entertainment before serving more drinks as required. A
number of the visitors would not leave until they had been
into our church to spend a few moments of quiet. This is
the second time that we have invited the Live-at-Home
members and each time they say they want to come again.
Spondon Day was held on Saturday June 15th: Last year the
Spondon Trader Association applied to the Mary Portas
initiative for a grant to help to rejuvenate our High Street;
Spondon was awarded £10,000 to do a small amount of
improvement. Spondon Day was organised, a day when the
shops would come out on to the pavement, there would be
street entertainment and all the organisation would be
invited to showcase themselves; the day closed with “Hot
House Jazz” playing in the precinct outside the post office.
We had a display giving away lollypops to the children and
flyers promoting ourselves to the adults. See picture
Derbyshire County Show Sunday 16th June: We joined
together with Draycott and Borrowash churches to have a
presence at the show this year and found that we were the
only church there. In our marquee we had a display for each
church, we did craft activities for children and we gave away
coffee or tea to everyone who visited our stand. The rainy
weather worked well in our favour as every time it rained
people flocked into our marquee. We were joined by
Graham Hinds from the Farming Crisis network and even
Radio Derby came to join us. Throughout the day we also
did “Open the Book” Drama depicting the story of Jonah
and the Whale. See pictures
Small Acts of Kindness: On July the 13th the Spondon
village Improvement committee had organised and event at
Dale Road park to officially open a Toposcope and we
helped by loaning our marquee and tables for the event.
The event was a great success as there were many invited
guests and the Toposcope was officially opened by the
Director of Rolls Royce Marine; they all appreciated the
shade afforded by our marquee and everyone heard the
proceeding as we provided the sound system for the event.
Picnic in the Park: On 1st August we joined with Derby City
Council who held an event to celebrate parks. There was
plenty of fun and lots of different things to do. We again
had a stand to promote our church and on this occasion we
aimed to build more bridges by linking up with the Spondon
Parent and Toddler Group, a small group of young single
mums along with “Break-out” the group who support drug
users in Spondon. It was a great day with lots of people
having picnics around us and visiting our stand. See pictures
Messy Church: On 8th August we held a bible based craft
event at our church for children from Toddlers to 10 year
olds; 40 children came with their parents or carers and we
all had a great time making fish to flap and bread to eat.
There were stories and songs drinks and biscuits. no picture
for this as our pictures contained children’s faces
Our next event will be our Harvest Hoe-Down on 28th
September; this will take the form of a BBQ for adults and
fun and games for the children; the whole idea being to get
the whole church family together.
We will then come to the switching on of the Christmas
lights in Spondon on the 22nd November followed by our
Christmas event for the Live at Home members.
It would be understandable if you all thought that Out-reach
was all we did at Spondon church but we are also doing
nurture as well as well as Worship.
We have had two “Step Forward” groups running now for
18 months and these are proving very successful in helping
to give us confidence in sharing our faith.
The Church on Oakwood is having a relatively quiet summer
following a successful turnout for the annual Oakwood Gala in July.
Many of our usual activities are having a break during the summer
while their members enjoy a well-earned time of rest and
Therefore, we are looking forward to resuming again in September
when the regular fellowship/ prayer/ study/ children’s groups will
be reconvening. The following are some particular activities
 The Time to Talk of God course will be repeated with the
sessions being held in the daytime instead of the evenings
to encourage a further group of people to participate.
 The Harvest Festival weekend will be at the beginning of
October and following this will be a series of 6 weeks’
themed preaching.
 We continue to support our local community by our Lunch
Club, Walkers and Talkers group and by contributing to the
Hope Centre food bank.
Wanted: - A willing volunteer who may be able to help us by
playing the organ or piano even if it is only occasionally or once a
quarter, please contact Irene Fearn on 01332 704166 or
[email protected]
Margaret Barker first suggested I consider being a Local Preacher
and I have received a warm welcome from many old friends in the
Circuit. Bless you all, for your support and encouragement which
has kept me going.
I was delighted that seven of the new worship leaders received
certificates on the same day as my Circuit Recognition
Service. What a treat it was to hear Margaret and John give their
testimonies. Thanks to Oakwood praise band, Deacon June
Harrison, Dawn Purnell and my family support. God blessed us all
as a Circuit family.
Thanks for coming along to what turned out to be such an uplifting
service. As I take the next steps in God’s call on my life as ‘one of
Mr Welsley’s Local Preachers’, I pray that I will be able to tour the
Circuit and beyond for many more years to come. It is a delight to
look in depth at the Lectionary Bible Readings when preparing
services, connecting the relevance of Jesus’ teachings with our
current circumstances. Pointing out how the Holy Spirit can sustain
and guide us to encourage and enable more people to know Jesus
as their personal Saviour.
God bless
Jean Clarke
Events for the start of the New Church Year
 Talents and Hobbies Exhibition* by church members on
Friday 20th September 2 pm to 8pm and Saturday 21st
September 10 am to 4pm. Light refreshments served.
 Harvest Weekend - 12th and 13th October
 Barn dance (in St. Peter's Parish Hall) *. Saturday 26th
October from 7pm. Tickets will be available
 140th Church Anniversary on Sunday 17th November at
10.30am. Preacher: Rev. Jenny Dyer
 Christmas fair - Saturday 23rd November 10 am to 2pm
Events with an * are fundraising for the Property Refurbishment
Chellaston Property Refurbishment Project
 Completed work so far: Redecoration of the Church, New
doors to the church and New windows in the schoolroom
 Work to be done: New kitchen, Making good and
redecoration of entire schoolroom building and professional
feasibility study looking to the longer term.
During the week commencing 5th August The Parish church of St
Peters and the Methodist Chapel came together to hold their
annual Holiday Club at the Infants School. We had 75 children
between the ages of 3-10 divided into 2 age groups.
The groups were kept very busy. Our bible stories this year were all
taken from the book of Daniel, challenging for both adults and
children. We also had a space theme and the children made
rockets, space vehicles and aliens and decorated star cakes.
We sang songs, took part in active prayer and learnt a memory
verse each day. The children enjoyed organised games outside and
a drama, very loosely based on Star Trek! The week concluded with
a presentation to parents on Friday evening in the Methodist hall.
A great week enjoyed by both adults and children.
For more than 20 years we have run a Saturday morning coffee and
lunches event at Alvaston. We provide good home-cooked food for
our community of friends from our church and other local churches
and in addition, companionship for a number of older people who
look forward to their weekly get together and a good lunch.
Everyone is welcome, we provide an excellent service on several
levels. Our modern kitchen is spotless, our volunteers are all
experienced and most of them have catering qualifications, and we
obey every rule in the hygiene book –BUT WE DIDN’T KEEP THE
Environmental Health Inspector, who for the first time – previous
inspections have been perfect – insisted she had to give us a one
star rating because we hadn’t done the paperwork. Grrr! OK, our
little fridge, in constant use on a busy morning, was a bit too warm
– we’ve bought a new one – but otherwise, she agreed all was well
– apart from the missing paperwork. One star – how
upsetting. THEN up pops an enthusiastic Telegraph Reporter. Oh
joy, a CHURCH with one star, what a good headline on a day with
no news to report. Yes, he did try to check back with us, but he left
a message with our Minister – on a Sunday – when he was unlikely
to pick it up until the paper had gone to press.
Mischievous – annoying – and sad. So, friends, be sure to have your
paperwork to hand and up to date when the Inspector comes
calling. Don’t fall into the same hole as Alvaston. Mind you, our
lunches will be back on in September, to their usual high standard –
and we shall have perfect paperwork!
Saturday October 19th 2013 at 7pm
Alvaston Methodist Church, Brighton Road. DE24 8TG
Don’t miss this unique event. Castaways Rev. Joseph
Tembo and Bill Varnam will share their favourite music
and life stories, interviewed by Ian (Kirsty) Frearson.
Tickets £5 and £2.50 for children, includes refreshments
of the dessert variety and tea / coffee. Ring 01332
572598 or email [email protected] to reserve
Proceeds for Friends of Kenya’s Children and the church
Here is an occasion not to be missed! Come and hear Joseph
Tembo talk about his fascinating and very different life story, it will
be a brilliant evening. AND as a bonus, you will love listening to Bill
Varnam. Bill is an Entertainer, and his life story will be – well –
entertaining! Please come and support this event, and help us to
eat the many desserts that will be a significant part of the
evening’s programme.
Barbara Smith, over 77 years has raised £750,000 for Action for
Children. She started at Mayfield Road Methodist Church when she
was 4 years of age. Among her other activities have been a sky dive
when she was 80 and her continued and valuable contribution with
the charity shop in Surrey Street.
In early July she travelled to London for the finals of the Fund
raisers of the year from the Institute of Volunteer Fundraiser of the
year which, when announced that she had won was met with a
standing ovation.
Our congratulations to Barbara from the support group. [ and from
the Circuit]
Future events
September 14th 2013 10am until 12noon Coffee morning at
Ashbourne Road Church. Everyone welcome.
If anyone is interested in joining the support group or would like
to know more about what it involves please e-mail Doreen Hinds
on [email protected] or ring 01332 558721.
If you want to know more about what is available to help Voluntary
and Community Groups in Derby, the Community Action Website is
a good place to go. On the site, you can also subscribe and receive
a monthly email update.
Quiet Day
We are planning another quiet day soon in chapel, a chance to
reflect and pray. In the past people attending have found it a very
valuable time, some just popping in, others staying longer or
returning for the epilogue. Look out for details or contact Lynette
Nash 01332 510382 or Peter Nelson’s 01332 767743.
Afternoon Teas
Each Wednesday (except the first in the month) we open the
chapel for tea and cakes and chat between 2 and 3.30pm. There is
no charge but donations are welcome. It’s an ideal opportunity to
combine it with walks around the village .
Mickleover Methodist Church is again joining in the Mickleover
Scarecrow Festival (21st to 29th September). At least eight groups
within the church are producing scarecrows as part of their normal
activities and they will be displayed in the front garden of the
church as a scarecrow family, emphasising the church family,
during the festival week.
The 2012 Mickleover Methodist Scarecrow Family
Spark to a Flame is alternative worship held at Mickleover
Methodist Church on the second Sunday of every month at 10 am
in parallel with the usual morning service. People of all ages explore
faith through Music Drama, Discussion, Games, Dance and Craft
and 40 to 60 people attend. The August session was held at
Highfields Happy Hens at Etwall where we explored how God cares
for us. The next session is on Sunday 8th September at 10 am when
we will explore the Parable of the Sower and, as part of this, we will
build a scarecrow. All are welcome. More information from
[email protected] .
Spark to a Flame at Highfield Happy Hens
There will be a Fairtrade Cafe at Mickleover Methodist Church on
Saturday 28th September and Saturday 26th October and Saturday 30th
November, from 10am-12 noon. Fairtrade drinks and freshly baked
cakes will be available in a relaxed coffee shop atmosphere and a
stall will be selling a wide range of Fairtrade goods. Everyone is
If you would like to know more, contact Vicky Ager at
[email protected] .
Mickleover Methodist Church will again be taking part in the
Christmas festivities organised by “Our Mickleover”. This year a
Christmas Fair is being organised for Sunday 1st December in the
centre of the village, and will include stalls, a funfair, the switchingon of the new, improved Christmas lights and possibly fireworks.
Mickleover Methodist Church will be providing carol singers and
the life-sized illuminated nativity scene.
On Sunday 14th July, we said our farewells to Rev’d Ian Kemp in a
day of celebration for his ministry in Mickleover. The Day started
with a Communion Service at 9am followed by a Family Service at
10.00 which included Scouts and Girls Brigade and most other
sections of the church life. This took a similar form to our Spark to
a Flame services where we started by worshipping together and
introducing the theme of Tents before going into five groups to
explore the theme in different ways, returning together to share
our experiences. This was followed by coffee and a buffet lunch.
We convened again at 5pm for tea together with the other
Mickleover Churches, leading to an ecumenical farewell service at
Although it was sad saying goodbye to Ian, we had a memorable
day of celebration and fellowship together, enjoyed by a large
proportion of the church community.
On Sunday 1st September, with tea at 5pm and a service at
6.30pm, we will be welcoming our new minister Rev’d Janet
Jackson. The other five Mickleover Churches and representatives
of the Mickleover Community will also be involved in the service.
Saturday 5th October at Mickleover will be a day of Harvest
Celebration for all ages. Starting with the usual, monthly
community lunch at 12 noon there will be a fun and games
afternoon with a beetle drive plus various games and activities and
a messy table and refreshments.
At 5.30 pm there will be a harvest supper followed by a barn dance
from 7 to10 pm.
The day will be flexible - people can come for the afternoon
activities only or come for the supper and barn dance or just come
for the usual Saturday lunch.
Tickets for the supper and barn dance will be available soon from
Mickleover Methodist Church Office (35052) or Marilyn Bagworth
(512286). There is no charge for the afternoon session.
The Harvest Services on Sunday 6th will be led in the morning at 10
am by Rev’d Janet Jackson and in the evening by Rev’d Mair
Then come along to the Churches Together in Mickleover
Alternative Christmas Gift Market on Saturday 9 th November from
10 am to 1 pm at St John’s Church, Devonshire Drive,
Mickleover. There will be a wide variety of gifts which can be
purchased for disadvantaged people throughout the world through
various charities and there will also be a Fairtrade stall. If you are
unable to attend, you can purchase gifts by mail. Full details will be
on the Churches Together in Mickleover Website ( ) from the beginning of November.
It is not always easy to find the appropriate trades people on whom
you can rely, and recommendation is always helpful. If you, or you
know anyone, who is looking for a friendly local home cleaning
service, Jean Parton (01332) 769015, has a Christian lady she could
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