Affordable Health Care Providing exceptional and affordable

30th Street
Emerson Avenue
Rawles Avenue
Jane Pauley Community Health Center Locations
All of our sites are Enrollment Centers for Medicaid and the Healthy Indiana Plan.
We offer Prescription Assistance for those that can’t afford their medications.
About us…
The Jane Pauley Community Health
Center is named after a graduate of
Warren Central High School who later
became a famous news anchor. The
Health Center was established in 2009
to provide health care services for all
people located in the community. It is
supported by the Metropolitan School
District of Warren Township, Community
Health Network and the Community
Health Network Foundation.
Primary Care Offices:
1. Post Road
Located at the Renaissance
8931 E. 30th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46219
PH: 317.355.9320
School Wellness Centers Open
to the Community:
4. Brook Park Elementary School
(Early Learning Center)
5259 David Street
Indianapolis, IN 46226
PH: 317.423.8425
2. Shadeland Avenue
Community Health Pavilion
2040 N. Shadeland Avenue
Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46219
PH: 317.355.3232
Hawthorne Elementary School
8301 E. Rawles Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46219
PH: 317.532.3999
Howe High School
4900 Julian Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46201
PH: 317.808.0672
Shelbyville Middle School
1200 W. McKay Road
Shelbyville, IN 46176
PH: 317.421.3931
Dental Clinic:
3. Dental Clinic at Warren
Central High School
Located inside the Walker
Career Center
9651 E. 21st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46229
PH: 317.532.6150
Affordable Health Care
Providing exceptional and affordable
health care for the entire family.
Several convenient eastside locations
including Shelbyville.
The Jane Pauley Community
Health Center offers a full range
of health care services.
At the Jane Pauley Community Health Center,
patients receive quality care from our staff of
well-qualified professionals; including family
physicians, nurse practitioners and other
appropriate health care providers. The Center
offers a wide range of health care and dental
services for the entire family. Following is a partial
list of available services.
Vaccinations – See us for childhood immunizations,
flu, pneumonia, hepatitis B and tetanus vaccinations.
Checkups and wellness screenings – To catch
problems early on, or prevent them from happening,
we offer well-child exams, annual physical exams and
screenings for cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure
as well as laboratory tests.
Mental health and substance abuse screenings
and treatment – We can diagnose and treat anxiety,
depression, substance use and related issues. If
necessary, we can refer you to a specialist.
Treatment for common illnesses and
conditions – If left untreated, minor health
conditions can make your life miserable and
result in missed work or school days. We can
provide relief from:
Colds and viruses
The flu
Ear infections
Sore/strep throat
Skin rashes
Seasonal allergies
Management of chronic diseases – We can help
you get these diseases under control:
• Diabetes
• Heart disease
• Asthma
• High blood pressure
• Emphysema
There’s a payment plan for you – whether or not
you have insurance.
The goal of the Jane Pauley Community Health
Center is to provide quality health care and dental
services at an affordable price for all members of the
community. We accept all major insurance plans,
Medicaid and Medicare. If you don’t have insurance,
we will see if you qualify for our sliding fee scale.
• Enrollment Center for Indiana Medicaid, Healthy
Indiana Plan, Sliding Fee Scale Discount Available
• Prescription Assistance Available
Bladder infections
Upper respiratory
Sinus infections
Insect bites
Acne and more.
Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatric Services
Available at our Shadeland Office.
Getting in to see us is fast and easy.
Whenever you need to see a healthcare provider,
get your child immunized, or receive another type of
medical service, call us to make an appointment. We
offer convenient appointment scheduling to meeting
your needs and will schedule your appointment as
quickly as possible.
Dental Clinic
Dental services will be offered at our 9651 E. 21
Street location. Services included:
• Cleanings
• Restorative (Fillings and Sealants)
• Routine extractions
Appointments are available year-round for
adults and children, with daytime and evening
appointments to accommodate your needs and
schedule. Call 317.532.6150 for appointments.