George Clooney

The Life Path Report for
George Clooney
May 6, 1961
12:00 PM
Lexington, Kentucky
copyright 2012, Royal Mint Publishing LLC
Most people are familiar with their Sun sign based on the month and day of birth.
The Sun sign answers the question, "What's your sign?" It is the reference point that is
employed when we read newspaper and magazine horoscopes. But what about the
nine other heavenly bodies that make their influence felt in our lives? These planets
were also in a particular sign of the zodiac when you were born. Here is where
Astrology really begins to come alive for each individual. This report will take you on a
revealing journey as you travel through each interpretation based on your unique
month, day, and year of birth. If your birth time was included, then the Rising sign
will add yet another dimension to your personal horoscope interpretation. If it is not
included because you don't have an accurate time of birth, there is still much useful
and insightful personal information that can be gleaned from your report.
This report takes into account the various spiritual and psychological implications,
as well as the material plane potentials which are part of your individual life plan. In
this case the word potential is used because you have been given a certain amount of
free will and the life choices that you make will determine to a large extent the level at
which these cosmic energies actually play themselves out. Use this report to find
confirmation for what you already feel intuitively and to unlock the door for new life
possibilities that you may not have yet considered. This is where the strength and real
value of your personal Astrological report is found.
Chapter 1: The Ascendant
The precise time on the day of your birth determines your particular Ascendant,
also known as your Rising Sign. This was the zodiac sign that was rising over the
horizon when you were born. In addition to your Sun and Moon Sign, the Rising Sign
reveals very important traits that make up a major part of your personality and your
individual approach to life. This is usually the impression you like to make before you
really get to know someone; it is your outer personality and image.
Leo Rising:
There is a distinct part of your outer personality that expresses itself very much like
a Leo. You are warm, playful, self-expressive and you know how to add a touch of
drama to life.
Since this was the sign of the zodiac that was rising over the horizon at your time of
birth, the principle of Leo--personal recognition--will be integrated into almost every
area of life in some way.
The Sun is your chart ruler. To discover even more about what's a priority for you,
and also, the first impression you make on others, read everything in the chapter on
the Sun.
Sun Conjunct or in hard aspect to Asc.:
You can develop a winning personality and the ability to attract lots of attention.
You have a strong personality that radiates confidence. You have terrific leadership
Venus in soft aspect to Asc.:
Venus here blesses one with a charming personality and a demeanor that others
find very appealing. You can use the powers of subtle persuasion and diplomacy to
win other people over. Your physical image is important to you and you have a knack
for putting together an attractive package to present to the public.
Uranus Conjunct or in hard aspect to Asc.:
You're anything but a stick-in-the-mud. You march to the beat of a different
drummer and you're something of a rebel. You crave excitement and when life gets too
predictable (i.e., boring) you know how to stir things up again.
You'll often speak your mind regardless of the effect pro or con, that it has on other
people. As a result, you attract other strong personalities who can handle your
sometimes volatile personality and not be offended.
Chapter 2: The Sun
The placement of the Sun in your chart will show you how (the sign) and in which
area of life (the house) tremendous potential exists for you. Here is where you want to
be successful. The Sun cannot be ignored. We must meet and deal with the area of life
that the Sun shines on in our chart in order find ultimate fulfillment. Everything
revolves around the Sun. When you master whatever issues the Sun points to, then
other areas of life will proceed in a more balanced and satisfactory manner. The Sun
also represents: your own will, major goals, the father, men in your life, children,
creativity, and the real inner you.
Sun in Taurus:
Determined, practical and dependable, you take a resourceful and steadfast
approach to most matters in life. You like a certain level of consistency in your
environment and you often have a natural resistance to change. Other people may
view this trait as stubbornness. But Taureans aren't trying to be difficult, they just
prefer to stick with the tried and true.
You can be generous or tight-fisted. You are willing to put in the extra effort to
accumulate whatever possessions you may have, and you sometimes find it difficult to
part with them. You appreciate material comforts and you don't mind indulging
yourself, as this Venus-ruled sign has a natural affinity for the good things in life.
You may find that your sometimes too laid back nature invites those who would try
to take advantage of you. But others should beware: you may be slow to anger, but
when aroused, watch out!
You may also find it hard to break habits and routines because this is a fixed sign
that can be quite attached to its comfort zone.
Sun in 10th house:
Your personal fulfillment is reinforced by accepting responsibility for others. This
principle is usually filtered through the attainment of career objectives. Other people
may rely on your "success" and you might find yourself in the role of the breadwinner.
You may also find yourself in the public eye through your profession. Your career
can present a major life challenge, but the potential to experience solid achievement
through dedication to goals is also supported.
There is a side to you that can be serious, dedicated and hard-working. You're
ambitious and you have the discipline to focus single-mindedly on goals. Sometimes
pessimism gets the upper hand. Lighten up.
Mercury Conjunct or in hard aspect to Sun:
Sometimes you feel as though the only way to make others hear you is to add a
touch of flamboyance and color to your communications. You don't especially like to
change your opinions once they are formed.
Chapter 3: The Moon
The Moon in your chart represents the past and points to an area of life (the house)
where we function out of instinctive awareness. Often we have a deep emotional need
to do the things that the Moon's house placement represents. Whenever insecurities
arise and our feelings become involved, we tend to bring the traits (the sign) of our
Moon into play. The Moon is like our security blanket. It also represents: the home,
females in your life, the mother, nurturing others or being nurtured ourselves, as well
as things related to the domestic scene in general.
Moon in Aquarius:
You have an emotional need for freedom and your independence is very important
to you. You have a definite humanitarian bent and you also possess an ability to
understand unusual concepts and ideas. You very often march to the beat of a
different drummer and you are ahead of the times in many respects.
You make a loyal friend and an interesting companion for those who favor
intellectual stimulation. This is a placement that can either make you oriented
toward group socializing or, if you are heavily inclined toward independence,
something of a loner.
You enjoy unconventional experiences and you place a high value on individual
The changing Moon cycles in the sign of sudden and unexpected change combine to
make you somewhat unpredictable and difficult to pin down at times. You need a
cause to stand for or a pet project to keep your mind busy, which is highly
recommended when you are feeling emotionally stressed. Otherwise, you may become
tense and restless.
Moon in 6th house:
You can expect many changes with respect to the work you do. This refers to jobs
that you must take in order to survive vs. having a main career. Women may play key
roles where your work is concerned.
You may have an emotional need for a certain amount of order in your
environment. Too much clutter can make you feel edgy and irritated.
Emotional stability is enhanced by feeling useful, helping others and staying busy.
Idleness and boredom promote exaggerated worries and concerns.
Mars Conjunct or in hard aspect to Moon:
When you feel emotionally shaky, you tend to imagine the worst and this manifests
outwardly as being oversensitive. Usually, you don't lose your temper without a good
reason. Other people can be surprised by the intensity of some of your emotional
outbursts. However they usually pass as quickly as they began. Deep down you hate
having to surrender to anyone or anything.
Jupiter Conjunct or in hard aspect to Moon:
When you become emotionally involved in a situation, you tend to blow things out
of proportion. Once an emotion takes hold, it's hard for you to show restraint and then
you wonder why others find it difficult to get as worked up as you are, or take you as
seriously as you'd like.
When you're upset you can get careless and you cope by indulging your whims of
the moment.
Saturn Conjunct or in hard aspect to Moon:
Try not to be so hard on yourself. You're a whole lot better than you think you are.
When you recognize your worth, you can accomplish your goals whatever they may be.
Vague feelings of melancholy and pessimism can be defeated by staying actively
involved in life and taking some constructive action toward a future goal. You are
someone who benefits by making sure that you have planned something each day to
look forward to, no matter how small.
Chapter 4: Mercury
Mercury is the planet of communication. It tells us about how we think and talk.
You can gain insight into your mode of gathering, processing and transmitting
information from Mercury's placement in your chart. Mercury also represents:
transportation, the five senses, youth, reading, and writing.
Mercury in Taurus:
You learn by experience and steady application. You prefer dealing with hard facts
and whatever you learn you do not easily forget.
You express yourself verbally in a manner that is often slow and measured, and you
may have a voice that is attractive to others.
Voluntary change doesn't come naturally to you, and sometimes rigid thought
patterns and opinions can be difficult to shift.
Mercury in 10th house:
This can indicate a career where the ability to communicate is employed. Or,
somehow the field of communications can be related to your career. You speak with
authority. Other people pick this up even if you aren't making a conscious effort to do
You might end up in more than one profession before settling into one. Your main
career can require some travel.
Chances are that your ideas can come into public view. Use the power of words to
influence authority figures.
Uranus Conjunct or in hard aspect to Mercury:
Do you ever enjoy seeing the shocked looks you get from others when you blurt out
something totally off the wall? You just may, with the planet of rebelliousness meeting
your communication planet. Or, it's quite possible that this manifests simply as a
lack of tact, which is not necessarily intended on your part.
You can excel at anything where verbal skills and intelligence are necessary,
although you may have to develop them.
Chapter 5: Venus
Venus is the planet of relating to others, and thus is associated with love, attraction
and socializing. In a male's chart, Venus can provide clues about traits he finds
attractive in females. In a female's chart, it reveals something about how she relates to
males. Venus is also the planet of material goodies and sensual delights in all of their
various forms. Venus also represents: money, harmonious conditions, pleasurable
activities, beauty, and the arts.
Venus in Aries:
Passionate, aggressive, and demonstrative, you want to be accepted and you are not
usually shy about pursuing the object of your affection. In love relationships, you
especially enjoy the first stages of courtship and the challenge of the chase. Ideally,
you will find a partner who keeps you guessing, or at least knows how to keep the
newness in the relationship. However, it had better be all in fun in the end, as you can
be jealous if the game goes too far! When you do open your heart, you can be very
loyal and committed.
Venus in 9th house:
You enjoy traveling and you receive pleasure from anything that expands your
horizons both physically and mentally. You love the world of nature and getting away
from city life now and then promotes inner peace and contentment. Foreign people,
places and things tend to be beneficial for you in the long run and you might even
marry someone from overseas.
You are expansive in matters of love and you enjoy being generous when you have a
little something extra to spread around.
Chapter 6: Mars
Mars is our planet of action, energy output, motivation, and instinctive biological
drives. It shows how and in which area of life you are willing to put forth a lot of effort.
Mars' energy is quick, impulsive, and survival oriented. In a male's chart, Mars reveals
something about how he relates to females. In a female's chart, Mars can provide clues
about the traits she finds attractive in males. Mars also represents: competitive
situations, conflicts, accidents, and sexual energies.
Mars in Leo:
You are passionate, have a naturally magnetic sex appeal and you possess a strong
self will. You are courageous, fearless and brave, especially during times of crisis. You
don't like to lose, and this trait makes you an extremely stubborn opponent when
challenged. Action and vitality combine to create the ability to finish what you start, or
negatively, to make you likely to be someone who doesn't know when it's time to quit.
You can be quite the authoritarian. This is due to your ardent desire to complete
projects once they are started, and you have little patience with those who can't match
your enthusiasm and drive.
This position supports the actor / teacher / group leader / authority figure.
Mars in 12th house:
There is more than one way that this placement can manifest. You may actively
seek seclusion for yourself or you may actually be drawn to work in large public
institutions such as hospitals, prisons and the like. If so inclined, you can be a
powerful force for improving the lot of those less fortunate than you.
You might have a difficult time recognizing your own anger and these repressed
emotions can manifest as feelings of inertia and depression. Then when you do finally
get outwardly angry, you can be explosive! Learn to give healthy recognition to your
emotions and desires so that the universe doesn't have to shake you up in order to
release these drives.
Past life regression can bring insights that are helpful. Avoid mind-altering
substances. Instead, get high on cosmic, spiritual, metaphysical stuff.
Saturn Conjunct or in hard aspect to Mars:
You can be fairly hard on yourself and you may find that you must work harder and
with more dedication in order to accomplish your many of your goals.
Impulses are controlled, which can be a blessing in a way because you will consider
the consequences before acting. However, take care not to lose all sense of natural
spontaneity and enthusiasm.
Chapter 7: Jupiter
Jupiter is the planet of expansion and taking things beyond normal limits. It shows
us where the universe allows us to indulge ourselves, and often we find that wherever
it is in the chart is where things work out in our favor eventually. Some call this luck.
Jupiter also represents: faith, ideas about God, abstract thinking, high ideals, and
Jupiter in Aquarius:
You are self-sufficient, unconventional and cause oriented. You are tolerant of the
many variations in humankind in general; however, once you form your own opinion
about a particular subject you are hard pressed to change it. You will benefit by
working cooperatively with groups of people devoted to a common cause.
Success in life is enhanced by having the courage to be different and by accepting
your own unique qualities. There is a touch of rebelliousness in you and this can be
positively channeled into humanitarian efforts.
You probably prefer to have numerous associations versus a few close relationships.
Your life may also be marked by many circumstances that appear to be subject to
sudden and unexpected changes. Generally though, these changes prove to be
beneficial in the end. Flashes of sudden insight that seem to appear out of nowhere
are really your own intuitive processes coming forth. Learn to follow the lead of these
intuitive impulses and you will be able to maneuver through life changes with greater
Jupiter in 6th house:
You probably enjoy the work you do and you may even be willing to cheerfully put
in overtime. Whatever the case may be, you will always be able to find employment.
You'll benefit by helping others through charitable service in your spare time.
This placement is beneficial for matters pertaining to health, however,
overindulgence in anything will eventually catch up with you. Moderation is the key.
You may have to watch a tendency to be overly concerned with minute details.
Saturn Conjunct or in hard aspect to Jupiter:
Often you feel challenged to find a balance between letting your hair down and
otherwise indulging yourself, versus doing what is considered proper and acceptable
by traditional standards. Saturn, the planet of restraint, is urging you to create an
equilibrium between these urges. Remember that you are being encouraged to find a
balance, which doesn't mean you must eliminate joy, optimism and hope.
Trust your intuition and nurture faith and positive thinking. If you find that
obstacles to the realization of goals always seem to pop up, then it's important for you
to take an honest inner inventory of what you really believe you deserve. Immerse
yourself in all activities that encourage self-esteem and positive thinking.
Neptune Conjunct or in hard aspect to Jupiter:
Sentimental and idealistic, you often find the reality of day to day struggles difficult
to bear. The best way to use this aspect is to stay tuned into universal forces that
promote faith and acknowledgment of a higher power in your life. You have the ability
to move beyond simple faith into the realm of true enlightenment. This a lifetime in
which the stars lend encouragement where spiritual pursuits are concerned. Take
some classes in meditation and learn some techniques for grounding yourself on a
daily basis.
Practice dealing with mundane responsibilities while they're still molehills instead of
putting them off until they turn into mountains.
Allow the imperfections of the world to stimulate practical actions for improvement.
You can be a powerful force for goodness. Gurus may come and go, but remember to
make your own intuition the bottom line; it will not fail you.
Chapter 8: Saturn
Saturn is our planet of restriction and discipline. It shows us where we may feel
inadequate in some way, and thus we take this area of life very seriously because we
want to perfect ourselves. Saturn also represents: life lessons to be learned, trials and
tests, a strong sense of duty, and bringing ideas into material form.
Saturn in Capricorn:
You can be an extremely hard worker, and you'll overcome obstacles that other less
dedicated souls would have given up on a long time ago. This is an excellent
placement for successful achievement of goals. However, you will have to draw on
your own ability to discipline yourself and persevere through difficult times.
Life lessons include learning to deal with authority figures and being responsible
without necessarily being asked, especially for others.
You might also be willing to make tremendous personal sacrifices for the sake of
your ambitions.
Reminder: try not to lose sight of important relationships, and remember to take
some time out once in a while to lighten up, otherwise you could end up lonely and
dissatisfied. Bones, joints and especially the knees may be vulnerable to injury or
arthritic type conditions. If these problems develop try avoiding caffeine and white
Saturn in 6th house:
This a lifetime to delve into the area of work and all work related issues. You may
have to watch a tendency to become a workaholic from never feeling as though enough
is enough. Working hard is O.K., but other areas of life risk being neglected.
You would make an excellent craftsperson. Any work where attention to details is
important will be enhanced by this placement.
Care of the body, especially via proper nutrition is essential. You will benefit greatly
by learning some healthful relaxation techniques. Don't worry; be happy.
Chapter 9: Uranus
Uranus is a planet of unexpected change and unpredictable events. It tells us
something about where we have unusual ideas and how we want to express our own
unique individuality. Uranus also represents: rebelliousness, sudden awakenings,
invention, progress, genius, anything "New Age," and humanitarian efforts.
Uranus in Leo:
Uranus was in the sign of Leo for approximately seven years. This means that you
are part of a large group of people who will share many of the same fundamental
characteristics such as the ability to be highly creative and even flamboyant. Unusual
approaches to child rearing and a rebellious attitude toward rules and regulations are
keynotes here.
When you read your individual house placement for Uranus, you will be able to see
where these traits will express themselves on a more personal basis.
Uranus in 1st house:
You can be a genius when it comes to projecting your personality. There is
something unusual about your demeanor that makes other people want to pay
attention to you. You make it difficult for other people to fit you neatly into a
particular category and you like it that way. Keep 'em guessing. You're a free spirit
who gets a kick out of doing the unexpected.
Chapter 10: Neptune
Neptune is a planet that dissolves hard and fast boundaries. It is where we don't
always see things as they really are, mostly because we would rather view the world
through rose-colored glasses.
With Neptune, anything becomes a possibility, especially that which we can
imagine. Neptune also represents: tuning into other planes of reality, the spiritual
dimensions, cosmic consciousness, movies, music, and inspired creativity.
Neptune in Scorpio:
Because Neptune stays in the same sign about fourteen years, there are many other
people who will experience the same things that this placement brings to varying
degrees. Some of these include: a breakdown in sexual boundaries, positive spiritual
transformation or extreme confusion along those lines, and a high level of deeply
perceptive insights about yourself or others.
Your house position will show where Neptune affects your life on an individual
Neptune in 4th house:
Something about your upbringing lacked solidity and you could have an idealistic
view of one or both parents. If your childhood home life was less than ideal, you have
the ability to imagine it as you would have preferred it be. As a result, your own home
reflects your imaginative ideal. Often with this placement the home environment is
more creatively inspired than one that is traditionally picture perfect.
Neptune is Retrograde
Ever heard the term "suffer in silence?" Does it apply to you? Ask yourself why you
find it so difficult to share your real pain with others. Someone made you feel guilty a
long time ago and now a part of you lives as though you're trying to make up for
whatever the original so-called transgression was. You want to heal the whole world.
Start with forgiving yourself in no uncertain terms. Unload other people's shabby
misconceptions which have been foisted upon you and find the tranquility you
Chapter 11: Pluto
Pluto is a planet that brings with it transformation. Something about the area of life
that it points to will undergo a complete change. Significant lifestyle changes can
happen whenever Pluto is involved. Deep, complex issues will be brought to light
eventually. It is where conditions can swing from one extreme to the other. It's all or
Pluto also represents: psychological probing, keeping secrets or bringing them to
light, power and control issues, obsessions, healing and purification.
Pluto in Virgo:
Pluto is the slowest moving planet, and thus is recognized as exerting a
generational influence as it moves through each zodiac sign.
With Pluto in Virgo you're part of the generation that can experience radical
changes in scientific discovery, the medical profession, diet and nutrition and the work
On a personal level, those with Pluto in Virgo tend to be aware of health related
issues and are analytically minded, perfectionist and discerning.
Read the house placement for Pluto in your chart. It shows you an area of life where
this planet has a more personal influence.
Pluto in 1st house:
This is a lifetime in which you can totally restructure your self image. You have
charisma and magnetic appeal although you may not be at all aware of it.
Everything in life seems to be filtered through your ability to persevere against the
odds. You are someone who can hit rock bottom and rise up again renewed. Whatever
force is necessary to achieve desired aims is supported with Pluto here.
Pluto is Retrograde
Some people go through massive changes that are clearly shown in outer
circumstances. You go through tremendous inner upheavals followed by rejuvenation
on the inside. You are one strong individual. You have depth of character and a lot of
class. You've earned it. You're like tempered glass. You might crack, but you won't
Chapter 12: Elements, the North Node, and the Midheaven
In this section of the report we interpret the following astrological influences: the
Moon's North Node, the MC (the 10th house cusp or Midheaven) and also a
preponderance of an astrological element. A "preponderance" occurs when 4 or more
planets or the Ascendant is in that element: fire, earth, air, or water. Many people do
not have a heavy emphasis of a particular element so not everyone will have an
interpretation of an element emphasis.
If the individual chart has aspects to the MC, these will reveal certain career options
and potentials for your consideration.
The North Node is an important pointer along the pathway of life. You'll have to be
willing to stretch yourself and move away from familiar patterns in order to meet the
challenge of the North Node. Great rewards will be reaped in the form of personal
growth and reaching your potential goals. The North Node sign will suggest an
approach to the area of life represented by its house position.
North Node in Virgo:
Incorporating the following traits into your life will make it easier in the long run to
attain goals.
The best way to describe this principle is to imagine a bird having to leave its nest
for the first time. It is extremely challenging, but it's the only way to really learn to fly.
Learn that it's O.K. to say no. This is a lifetime to learn all about separating what is
useful from what is not. You can be an expert at logical analysis. Tie up loose ends
and get yourself organized.
Worry and anxiety can be held at bay by making yourself useful. Active
participation in life, especially helping other people, will keep your mind at ease and
your energy high. Pay attention to health messages from your body.
Discover that dealing with mundane responsibilities and disagreeable chores,
instead of putting them off, can actually create its own kind of freedom.
North Node in 1st house:
The universe is encouraging you to play up the aforementioned traits in these areas
of life.
Consider the following: projecting your personality; going after what you want and
taking care of your own best interest; polishing up your self image and feeling
confident with that image; putting yourself "out there" in no uncertain terms.
MC Conjunct or in hard aspect to Moon:
Professionally speaking, you'll have to learn to go with the flow, as your main career
may lack stability during the first half of your life. You may be a late bloomer where
career is concerned, coming into full potential later in life. You can expect a strong
female influence around the question of career.
Ideally your career should be one that allows you a certain amount of emotional
satisfaction. Real estate, and all options that relate to the domestic scene in general,
represent career potentials. Supportive, care taking roles are favored; likewise, those
in which there is considerable contact with the public.
MC Conjunct or in hard aspect to Jupiter:
Lofty ambitions and the desire for recognition spur you onward in the career
Career choices may include teaching-especially at higher levels, law, spiritual
counseling, publishing, or working in the travel industry, as a librarian, or in sports
related fields.
MC Conjunct or in hard aspect to Neptune:
Without a firm sense of who you are and where you're headed, you may be subject
to more than your share of downtime career-wise. You may find yourself a target for
deceptive career schemes and false promises. Some of this can be avoided by getting
into some serious career counseling and making whatever effort necessary to become
knowledgeable in your chosen field. Your biggest challenge may be to avoid getting
sidetracked by doubts about your choices.
You don't have to compromise your search for your ideal life's work. You'll just have
to make some focused efforts in order to achieve it.
Consider some of the following career potentials: acting, any of the helping
professions, working as a healer, undercover agent, psychologist, or in the arts (music,
singing, dancing, painting), psychic channeling, anything connected to the sea, writing
novels, or working in the field of chemistry and pharmaceuticals.
MC in soft aspect to Pluto:
Expect some major shifts in the area of career. You can rise to a position of great
influence and then completely change direction at some point.
Pluto is conducive to uncovering that which has been hidden. Its action is
rejuvenating. Anything which has been laid to rest can be recycled to begin anew.
Consider some of the following career potentials: archaeology, espionage,
psychiatry, mortuary science, the secret service, banking, or the medical profession-especially surgery.
Four or more Fire Signs
Energetic and aggressive, in this lifetime you will learn all about inspiration, faith,
and living in the moment. Your intuition is highly developed and it's not unusual for
"fiery" people to see visions.
Sports and athletic events are an excellent way for you to fill your need for a
challenge while satisfying your inner competitive drive.
Four or more Earth Signs
Stable and grounded, you will learn all about how to bring what you dream about
into practical reality. Manifestation is the key here. Develop a habit of finishing
whatever you start. Enjoy and appreciate the bounty that the earth offers.
You like feeling useful and you can develop a real talent for solid accomplishment in
life. People admire your willingness to take responsibility for getting things done.
Chapter 13: House Rulerships
This chapter deals with an Astrological technique known as House Rulers. The
"houses" of the horoscope deal primarily with your earth plane experiences. As such,
the tone of these interpretations may appear to be more "predictive" in nature. Not all
statements will apply absolutely to your experience. Here we are exploring some of the
various options that may exist in your chart based on the links between these twelve
major areas of life, the Houses of the Horoscope.
Ruler of 1st house in 10th:
Whatever career you end up in, it's one that you feel a strong sense of identity with.
You may also have a strong identity with your father, or perhaps just authority
figures in general.
You have an enhanced sense of duty and responsibility, which accounts for your
sometimes very serious outlook on life. People know this and they don't mind handing
over the controls to you when the time comes.
Ruler of 2nd house in 10th:
You have strong feelings about your career or your reputation. In other words, you
really care about your public image. You may also have special inherited talents and
abilities, which when properly utilized can win you some kind of public recognition
Being in a position of responsibility or authority is something you place a high value
on. Additionally, some of your earnings may be put back into your career in order to
optimize your potential in this area.
Ruler of 3rd house in 9th:
Here there exists the opportunity to publish your ideas especially if you have an
interest in writing. You have the ability to understand and talk about philosophical
ideas and abstract theories and you may enjoy thinking and talking about your
personal beliefs or religious ideas.
A sibling or near relative may move a long distance from you or perhaps a relative
could have come from a foreign country.
Learning a foreign language could be easy for you. A long distance move or some
kind of cultural change may have been a part of your childhood experience.
Ruler of 4th house in 1st:
Your mother or your upbringing influenced your outlook on life or perhaps you
learned at an early age that much of your emotional security foundation is built on
Your home and private life are a strong part of your identity.
Ruler of 5th house in 6th:
You are creative and goal oriented in your work. You are in love with your work or
the work ethic and perhaps children have a bearing on the work you do.
You either are, or you would like to be, the one who really stands out as exceptional
at the work you do.
Much of your social life may take place in and around the work environment.
Ruler of 6th house in 6th:
Your work may involve helping people or performing some kind of service that they'd
rather not do themselves. The work you do may also be related to the health and/or
nutrition field.
You worry about your co-workers or your employees if you have them. Part-time
work may appeal to you.
Ruler of 7th house in 1st:
Partnerships, such as marriage or best friends, have an important impact on your
outlook on life. Your partner is a reflection of you and you can gain insight into some
of your own motivations by observing the behavior of those closest to you. You'll have
to be willing to take an honest inventory of yourself in order to learn from these
Other people in general are strongly influenced by your personality and you can
project more power than you think you can.
Ruler of 8th house in 4th:
Other people's money may come your way towards the second half of your life or you
can inherit some real estate.
A partner's resources could have an impact on your home or the place where you
Your attitude towards expressing deep intimacy with another person was strongly
influenced by your upbringing.
Ruler of 9th house in 12th:
You may prefer to keep your philosophies on life or your religious beliefs to yourself.
Your higher mind can connect with the higher planes, which will manifest as a
heightened intuition.
Certain spiritual or religious philosophies might cause you some mental confusion.
This is because orthodox religious beliefs could be challenged by your ability to
perceive a kind of all embracing cosmic consciousness.
Ruler of 10th house in 9th:
Your career could require long distance travel or even travel overseas. You can teach
what you have already been successful at. In other words you could teach others your
You may have a strong sense of duty towards religious principles or a spiritual path
of some kind.
Perhaps you want to be responsible for your own higher education and/or
developing your own belief system.
Ruler of 11th house in 10th:
Friends, groups of people, or organizations with a common cause could be directly
related to your career somehow.
You can create large scale social changes through participating in governmental
affairs. You may have friends and acquaintances who are in positions of authority.
Sudden and unexpected circumstances can affect your career or your public
reputation, or this astrological influence could mean that you have a very unusual
approach to your career.
Ruler of 12th house in 6th:
Past lives have a strong influence on your family karma. You could experience
confusion and doubt about the work you do or your family karma. You will have to
work on forgiveness regarding this in order to elevate yourself.
You can tap the powers of your subconscious mind to influence your health and
well-being. Visualizing a healthy body as you drop off to sleep will work wonders on
your immune system as well as your body's ability to heal itself.
Excessive worry and concern over small details can work against you. Inner peace
comes by doing your best and letting go of ideas of absolute perfection.