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All Saints Catholic Newsletter
May 22, 2014
“See, the former things have taken place, and I'm announcing the new things— before
they spring into being I'm telling you about them." Isaiah 42:9 ISV
It is an honour to be the first principal of All Saints Catholic School. It is with great excitement and enthusiasm
that I work to prepare All Saints Catholic for students and staff. Time is passing quickly and before we know it,
it will be time to grace the halls of our new school with the anticipation and eagerness of learning that ushers in
every school year. With the end of this school year fast approaching I am taking this opportunity to share with
you the progress of the construction, the preparations under way for a successful transition and important dates
to mark on your calendar over the next month.
The facility itself is without a doubt a 21st Century School encompassing creativity and ingenuity to create a
positive learning environment for students. It represents the natural light, open spaces, bright colours and soft
lines found in nature that students asked for. It is unique and functional with areas designed to meet the needs of
students, areas to share learning with others while sparking imagination and areas that celebrate our faith.
Throughout the school you will feel the presence of Christ as our faith is woven throughout the tapestry of the
learning streets, the classrooms and the piazza. If you have not yet visited the online pictorial diary of the
construction as it has progressed over the past three years, please take time to check it out at
Click on ‘All Saints Catholic and Ecole Centennial Schools Project’. Scroll down to All Saints Catholic and
Ecole Centennial School Pictorial Update listed by date and have a peek at our new school from its inception to
its current state. It is not just the destination it is the journey and the journey is well documented here. Take a
look, you will be glad you did!!
Our new school is currently a construction site and will be until early July which limits our access. Although we
will not be able to tour the school before the first day of school in the fall there are many other things we can do
in preparation for our move into the new school. The afternoons of June 2 and June 13 will be opportunities for
the students to gather with their teacher for next year and fellow students also in that classroom. The afternoon
will be a time to get to know one another a little, create name tags to be hung in the new school to greet them
when they get there in the fall, a chance to see pictures of All Saints Catholic including their new classroom and
to build community through games, fun and laughter.
It is a great beginning and I look forward to serving you and your children as principal of All Saints Catholic
School. God Bless!
Lenzena Zanidean
Principal of All Saints Catholic
A Message from the Vice Principals
I am pleased to be continuing in an administrative role as one of the vice-principals at All Saints Catholic
School. We are so very fortunate to be able to move into a new facility in the fall and continue to grow our
relationships with students, staff and families in our community. We are also pleased to be able to connect with
Christ the Redeemer Parish. Working together with our church will help us to continue to provide strong
Catholic Education to our students. What excites me most as we move into All Saints Catholic, are the new
learning opportunities that will emerge from a research-based classroom that will contain the most updated
technology and a flexible learning environment (i.e. chairs, desks, open garage door learning concept, etc.).
The possibilities for student and staff creativity will be endless. I look forward to working with parents and
families to assist our children in becoming the best they can be.
Troy Froehlich
Vice Principal of All Saints Catholic
Imagine a 21st century school unlike any other school that you have ever experienced; a school structured to
encourage curiosity and imagination. Envision a futuristic school; a hub of learning with amazing multi-use
spaces, an outdoor classroom, and ultra-modern learning streets and classrooms constructed to enhance
interactive learning. Visualize engaged learners enthusiastically embarking on intellectual quests, using
manipulatives, connecting with information on digital devices, in books and learning centers guided by teachers
who co-create the learning. That dream for the future is now a reality. We, at All Saints Catholic School, are
the new face of education; guardians of our faith and guardians of the students in their pursuit of values, skills
and knowledge to prepare for the future. The physical environment of our new school has been created to
support a culture of inclusion, inquiry, collaboration and creative expression all underpinned by a foundation of
core Christian values. All aspects of this building have been designed to facilitate best practice as identified in
current research and developments in education. We are poised on the brink of an incredibly exciting
fundamental shift in how structural design can enhance educational opportunities, and I am thrilled to be a part
of it. It is our coming of age in education; a time for optimal growth for students and teachers alike. I look
forward to working with and serving you within our community of learners as we strive to achieve great things
together in the pursuit of our goals and the advancement of learning and achievement within a faith-filled
Janice Meyer
Vice Principal of All Saints Catholic
All Saints Catholic Parent Information Night
Wednesday, June 4
7:00 pm St. Patrick School Gym
Come join All Saints Catholic Admin team for an evening of sharing and discussion. We will share information
on: bussing, teaching staff, playgrounds, what the first day of school will look like, schedules, security, parking,
registration, tours and transition plans as well as taking you on a picture walk through the facility using the most
recent photos. It will be an informative, exciting night of sharing and discussion.
Teaching assignments have been determined and are as follows:
Principal- Lenzena Zanidean
Vice-Principals- Troy Froehlich and Janice Meyer
Homeroom Teachers:
PreKindergarten- Kaitlin Basler
Kindergarten- Jacqueline Siemens
Grade 1- Brooklyn Krause, Sandra Ziegler
Grade 2- Seema Parmar, Carissa Yeomans
Grade 3- Kelsey Dickie, Nicole Jacobson
Grade 4- Collette Andree, Heather Elder
Grade 5- Ron Cronan, Gaylene Little
Grade 6- Maureen Hapke, Jason Sommerfeld
Grade 7- Jana Coward, Devin Gehl
Grade 8- Dave Markewich, Casey Yeomans
Support Teachers:
French- Sarah Demeis, Michelle Kouri
SST- Suzie Berg, Lois Fiddler
LLI- Annette Klevgaard
EAL/ICE- Michele Vallee
General- Troy Froehlich, Barb McCrie, Janice Meyer, Jelienne Unger
We would like to welcome Kaitlin Basler, Jason Sommerfeld and Jelienne Unger to All Saints Catholic. We
look forward to working with them. Students and parents will be delighted to have these teachers working with
Welcome back to Kelsey Dickie and Heather Elder who are returning from maternity leave. We are pleased to
have you back on staff and look forward to this exciting year.
Upcoming Dates:
May 29- Kindergarten Parent Orientation at St. Pat’s
June 2 – ASC Student Gathering by grade with All Saints Catholic Teacher
June 9 – No School for Students
June 12- Closing Mass at Christ the Redeemer
June 13- ASC Student Gathering in the afternoon at Southside Park
June 19- St. Joe’s Farewll Celebration
June 23- St. Pat’s Farewell Celebration
June 24- Last Day of Classes for Students
September 3- First Day of School at All Saints Catholic!!!
All Saints Catholic Q&A for Parents
1. How will bussing work? Will kids from both schools ride the same bus?
Busses will begin to pick up students at 8:00. All students will be at school by 8:25 am. Ecole
Centnennial students and All Saints Catholic students will be riding the bus together. This is in place to
lessen the Carbon footprint of the new facility. A bus loop separate from other traffic will allow for safe
boarding and unboarding of students.
2. Will the playgrounds be done before the start of the school year?
Playgrounds will be in place for the beginning of the school year. They are being installed in May.
Landscaping will be done once the structures are in place.
3. Will both schools be on the same schedule for recess? Will they have their own designated play areas?
All Saints Catholic and Ecole Centennial schools will not have recess at the same time nor will they have
noon hour recess at the same time. Each school has their own designated play areas.
4. How will my children know where to go the first day of school? Will there be helpers there to take
them to their homeroom? Will the kids get tours on the first day of school?
There will be ample supervisors/helpers to greet the children when the busses arrive and escort them
into the school to get them where they need to be. The students will be a given a tour of the school.
5. Will there be some sort of system in place that identifies kids and teachers from each school?
A system has been put in place to identify students from each school. Teachers and school staff will
also be easily identified.
6. Will there be times set up for parents to tour the school as well?
Opportunities for parents to tour the school will be put in place but will most likely be in September
after school has started.
7. Registration procedure
Students currently registered at St. Patrick School and St. Joseph School are automatically registered at
All Saints Catholic. Those children not currently attending either of those schools can pick up a
registration at either school. Mrs. Zanidean, the principal of All Saints Catholic, will determine if the
registration is accepted or not.
8. Need for a meeting at parents' level
A parent meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 4 at 7:00 pm at St. Patrick School in the