Have you considered the benefits of Bible

to Attend Bible Study
Have you considered the benefits of Bible
Study attendance for you and your child?
We take our vows to be faithful members of
the church; we vow to be involved in worship, mission, and the life of the Church.
Bible Study helps us to grow in our faith,
learn God’s will, and be part of the mission of
Christ’s church. Here are 10 reasons to make
it a priority in your family.
Proverbs 22 Attending Bible Study helps you develop pleasing faith in God.
Without faith it is impossible to please God (see Heb. 11:6). Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (see
Rom. 10:17). And faith without works is dead (see James. 2:17). Bible Study is a way for you to hear the
Word of God, so you can be encouraged to obey it.
Attending Bible Study, seeing that your children attend, is a faithful response to Christ.
In Matthew 19:14, Jesus commands, “Let the little children come to me, do not stop them; for it is to such
as these that the kingdom of God belongs.” Jesus wants our children to come to Him. He commands us
not to stop them. Bringing your children to Bible Study is part of fulfilling your obligation as a believing
parent… it is a responsibility.”
Attending Bible Study teaches us about our commission, that is, our mission.
When we learn God’s word we learn that we are called to respond to God not only with our obedience
and love but also in acts of compassion and mercy. “As Christ’s own, we are called to care for the orphan
and widow, to fight injustice, to share God’s blessings with others, to be active participants in this world,
to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ making disciples, and to share the hope we have in Christ. Simply
put … we are called to action and everything we do in the name of Jesus Christ is our ministry.”
Attending Bible Study equips us with the faith and courage we need to live in this world.
What better assurance can we have but to know that God is always with us and available to guide us
when we are uncertain of the right course of action. In God’s word we are assured that we are never
alone, need never be anxious about anything, and have eternal life—and all that is available to us right
now. How often does the Bible tell us, “Do not be afraid!”? We can live in a world still affected by sin and
evil without undue fear when we learn God’s word and have a relationship with Him.
Attending Bible Study sets an example for our children and is a parenting help.
Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.” Bible study reinforces the values and discipline our parents raised us to embrace. When our children attend Bible study,
these values are reinforced by Bible study teachers. So parents, grandparents—set a good example for
your children, show them by example what to do—get to Bible study.
Attending Bible Study teaches us about healthy relationships.
Not only do we learn that God is actively involved in our lives and in our world, we learn that God wants a
personal relationship with each one of us. In the Bible we are taught how to have healthy relationships by
reading and learning about the way God interacts with the world and with us. Relationships that are onesided are not healthy and so it is with our relationship with God. God listens to our prayers and petitions
willingly but God also longs to speak to our hearts. Every good relationship involves give-and-take, talking and listening, and requires a commitment of time. In Bible school we learn about appropriate ways to
express our love to God—we learn to give of ourselves in finance, time, and use of our God-given talents.
We learn new and different ways to pray and worship God and we learn that God longs to hear from us
and speak words of love, comfort, and instruction to us.
Attending Bible Study teaches us to live in community.
God created us to live in community. Bible study is a great way for children to learn to live and work
together in a community of faith and also in the world. Scripture, by the Holy Spirit, is alive; it speaks to
the issues in our lives and in our world. Being together in Bible study provides each one of us the opportunity to practice living in community together, to be respectful of differing opinions, and to learn to live
together in a world of great diversity. In Bible study we are free to ask questions about our faith to help
us understand the ways of God and we learn what it means to love God with our whole heart, soul, and
mind and to love our neighbor as ourselves.
Attending Bible Study is a spiritual discipline.
Attending to our spiritual education sets in motion a spiritual habit or discipline that promotes a life-long
commitment to developing our relationship with God and neighbor. Attending Bible study is recognition
that our faith life is a life-long journey—our Christian education does not end when we are born again. As
we mature, so also does our understanding of God and the way He is involved and interested in our life.
In Bible study you will receive education appropriate to your life stage and age.
Attending Bible Study helps us to witness to our faith.
People are watching. What you do as a Christian, whether you are in church or at work or school, is a
reflection on Christianity. When we profess our faith, people are watching to see that we live up to our
words. Attending Bible study, no matter our age, is a testimony to God and to our community. It is a message to God that we desire a deeper relationship with God” to “It is a message to God that we desire a
deeper relationship with Him.
Attending Bible Study helps us keep our confirmation vows.
When we were dedicated to the Lord as children/infants, our parents promised/vowed to be
Disciples of Christ. They also committed to raise us in the faith as well. Our parents acknowledged
that through belief in Jesus Christ and obedience to His Word, we become part of God’s covenant.