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Our Vision
child health
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center 20
01 A
Accreditations/EEO info
Children’s Hospital Medical Center
is fully accredited by the Joint
Commission on Accreditation of
Healthcare Organizations and CARF,
The Rehabilitation Commission. Our
pediatric residency training program, pediatric subspecialty training
program and pediatric surgical
training program are all approved
by the Accreditation Council for
Graduate Medical Education.
Children’s Hospital Medical Center
affirmatively seeks to attract to its
staff appropriately qualified persons
of diverse backgrounds. The medical
center shall not discriminate against
any employee or applicant based
upon race, color, creed, religion,
sex, ancestry, national origin, age,
handicap, political affiliation, or
status as a disabled veteran or a
veteran of the Vietnam conflict.
Rejoicing in a Pain-Free Future
When Julia Schneider faced surgery two years ago to straighten her
curved spine, she was excited. “I had worn a brace for three and a half
years. Surgery meant a cure and no more brace!” Her parents, however,
were concerned. “Our healthy looking child would undergo nine and a
half hours of surgery with some significant risks,” says Ronna Greff
Schneider. To ease their minds, she and her husband, John, took Julia to
St. Louis for a second opinion. “That doctor agreed that surgery was
needed to correct the severe scoliosis, and confirmed that our surgeon
at Cincinnati Children’s, Alvin Crawford, MD, was the best we could get,”
Mrs. Schneider says. A successful procedure eventually freed Julia from
the pain in her back – and the restrictive brace. Today, the active 15year-old says, “The best things are being cured of the disease, having
a straight back, and knowing that I won’t have severe back pain later
in life.”
Dear Friends,
n a year that challenged the heart
and soul of our nation, Cincinnati
Children’s Hospital Medical Center
was reminded once again how precious
are the children and teenagers in our care
— and how essential is our work of bringing healing and hope.
Now more than ever, we have extraordinary opportunities to make a difference
for so many children. Focused clearly on
specific goals — and supported by the
human and financial resources needed to
achieve them — we have committed ourselves fully to achieving our vision:
Cincinnati Children’s will be the
leader in improving child health.
How do we make this vision a reality?
Our key to success lies in our new strategic
plan, introduced in 2001. It maps our way
to a successful future by focusing on
vision, values and behavior. We will make
a difference in the lives of children in
three ways:
• We will dramatically improve the
delivery of care
• We will greatly increase the impact of
our research
• We will implement new models of
education for pediatric professionals,
patients, families and the public
Our achievements in calendar year 2001
are summarized according to these goals,
to demonstrate how the plan is translating
into action.
Our new strategic plan injects added
momentum and direction into our longheld mission: to serve the health care
needs of infants, children and adolescents,
and to provide research and teaching programs that ensure delivery of the highest
quality pediatric care to our community,
the nation and the world.
Through the years, thousands of supporters
have made financial contributions that
enable us to touch even more children
and their families. Bolstered by their faith
in Cincinnati Children’s, we are inspired
to reach even farther and try even harder
to better the lives of our youngest citizens.
In this annual report, we gratefully
acknowledge those donors whose support
enables us to better serve the children and
families who come to us for care.
Together, we can achieve even greater
things for children. Please join us in our
James M. Anderson
President and CEO
Lee A. Carter
Chairman, Board of Trustees
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
On the Cover:
The world is full of promise for
__-month-old (name). He and his
mother (name) rely on the Pediatric
Primary Care Clinic at Cincinnati
Children’s for care that keeps him
healthy and happy.
Jim Anderson, president
and CEO, and Lee Carter,
chairman, Board of Trustees,
share their toys–and some
smiles–with patients in the
Child Life Department.
Strategic Plan Cornerstone Health Care Delivery
Redefining Care for Complex Conditions
A simple concept is changing care for children with complex
conditions. Begun in 2001, new multidisciplinary efforts at
Cincinnati Children’s offer a convenient, single location where
patients and their families can receive comprehensive and wellintegrated care.
The Hemangioma and Vascular Malformation Center unites
a variety of specialists — pediatric surgeons, otolaryngologists,
dermatologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, pain management specialists and others — to evaluate and manage patients
with simple to life-threatening vascular lesions.
improve delivery
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
World-class clinicians, nurses and therapists are essential to our work.
Yet exceptional care requires more. As we focus on quality, safety and
delivery, we will improve the care we give and deliver it more efficiently.
Radical change will become part of our thinking. We will serve families
better with innovative ways of managing care across traditional medical
disciplines. Strong efforts in prevention and health promotion will lead
to generations of healthier children.
hospital priorities from a family perspective.
Today’s most advanced pediatric health care
professionals recognize that families know
their children best and should be partners in
all aspects of their children’s care.
Small bowel transplants offer hope to children whose small
intestine is severely compromised due to disease or catastrophic conditions. Without a transplant, these infants must
depend on intravenous feedings (IV) for the rest of their lives.
If they don’t adapt to IV feeding, they can develop end-stage
liver disease and die of cirrhosis. The cost of IV feeding over a
lifetime is much greater than that of undergoing a successful
intestinal transplant, and a transplant greatly improves the
quality of life.
The Comprehensive Weight Management Program offers a
Families Advise Medical Center Leadership
Our new Family Advisory Council, composed
of 18 adult family members and 11 staff
members, is a major step in integrating
family centered care into all we do. Started
in 2001, the council will advise our business
and medical leadership on patient needs and
pleted to begin small bowel transplantation here. Cincinnati
Children’s is the only pediatric hospital in Ohio — and one of
a handful nationwide — with this capability. We also perform
transplants of the heart, kidney and liver, integrating care and
support services for patients and families before, during and
after these highly complex procedures.
Staff in the Regional
Center for Newborn
Intensive Care make sure
parents have the skills they
need to care confidently for
their newborns at home.
multidisciplinary team of specialists who help adolescents
manage the increasing problem of morbid obesity. According
to several large national surveys, the prevalence of overweight
youth is currently estimated to be 14 percent. Clinically obese
teens have a high likelihood of becoming obese adults, and
are prone to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other
serious health problems.
Medically supervised weight control programs are the first line
of treatment. Some morbidly obese teens who cannot achieve
sustained weight loss may be candidates for bariatric surgery,
which reduces the size of the stomach. Clinical dietitians,
(continued on page 5)
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
The Gastroenterology Clinic
at Cincinnati Children’s
provides specialized care
for __-month/year old
(name) and her mother,
(name if available).
Small Bowel Transplants: In 2001, preparations were com-
ow can Cincinnati Children’s continuously raise the standard of
care and lead in improving child health? Since health care delivery
is our principal commitment to the patients and families we serve, it
must be excellent.
New Logo Reflects Our Vision
The energy and scope of our new
strategic plan is conveyed in our
new name, logo and visual identity
system. As the reputation of
Cincinnati Children’s has grown
regionally and nationally, the need
for a distinct, recognizable “brand”
identity has increased. The word
“Cincinnati,” included for the first
time as a formal part of our logo,
emphasizes our roots and tradition
and also sets us apart from other
pediatric hospitals.
A third of all children are born with a vascular lesion. About 10
percent of them require medical treatment, and of this group,
one percent have complex conditions that may be severely
disfiguring or potentially life-threatening. Our center is one of
only a few in the United States that offers comprehensive
evaluation and treatment for these children and their families.
Strategic Plan Cornerstone Research
Pediatric patients now can
receive aquatic therapy
at Cincinnati Children’s
Outpatient Services at
Drake Center.
(continued from page 4)
psychologists, exercise physiologists, cardiologists, nurses and surgeons work with teens and their families to promote their physical
and emotional well-being and to provide them with the support
needed to achieve the best results.
Top Honors for On-the-Job Safety
Cincinnati Children’s was honored by
the Ohio Hospital Association this
year for having the best employee
safety record among hospitals with
4,000 or more employees during
calendar year 2000.
The Fanconi Anemia Comprehensive Care Center is the first-of-itskind center in the United States dedicated to compassionate, multidisciplinary care of children with Fanconi anemia and other rare
bone marrow failure syndromes. A team of specialists offers children
and their families optimal medical, surgical and behavioral care in
one location.
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
Cincinnati Children’s Outpatient Services at Drake Center is the
latest effort to make care more convenient for families — and to
extend our expertise to areas where it’s most needed. With generous support from Convalescent Hospital for Children, Greater
Cincinnati’s first full-service rehabilitation center solely for children
offers occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech pathology and
aquatic therapy for infants through adolescents.
Collaborative Programs. Cincinnati Children’s has partnered with
Children’s Medical Center, Dayton, to offer specialty care at
Middletown Regional Hospital. A new collaboration with Akron
Children’s Hospital enables Akron-area youngsters to benefit from
the knowledge and care of our specialists.
Working to Solve a Community Crisis
Despite rising numbers of psychosocial
problems identified in children, many local
psychiatric providers have reduced services or
closed their doors. The result is a community
crisis. With support from Convalescent
Hospital for Children, Cincinnati Children’s
has moved to close the gap by purchasing a
site in College Hill to be used for a 46-bed
center for children and teens, ages 10 to 16.
The center is expected to open late in 2002.
the impact
of our
t Cincinnati Children’s, we’ve spent many productive years creating
and using knowledge to improve the health of children and adults.
Now, we recommit ourselves to sustaining and growing our nationally
and internationally recognized programs so they benefit even more
people worldwide.
We also will pursue new directions and efforts to make a difference in
the care of children. Our new Translational Research Initiative will help
accelerate the process of taking laboratory findings to the bedside. The
initiative stimulates development of pre-clinical and human translational
trials that seek to improve the care of children with serious diseases.
Eventually, faculty in each division at Cincinnati Children’s will
participate in translational research.
Photographer credit needed
for this image.
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
One of the Nation’s Top 10
Pediatric Hospitals
Cincinnati Children’s was named
one of the 10 best pediatric hospitals in the United States in 2001 in
the U.S. News & World Report’s
“America’s Best Hospitals” survey.
We are one of only two pediatric
institutions in the Midwest to be
Fanconi anemia is one of the inherited anemias that lead to bone
marrow failure, or aplastic anemia. It may be evident at birth; it is
usually diagnosed by age 12. Fanconi anemia usually becomes more
severe over time; some patients may develop leukemia or other cancers. Many do not reach adulthood since the condition may affect all
systems of the body. At Cincinnati Children’s, quality, comprehensive
care is available, along with innovative research and evaluation of
new therapies. Patients may participate in clinical trials conducted
by the center.
Research Discoveries Advance Knowledge
In 2001, Cincinnati Children’s researchers made
significant strides in numerous areas of health
care research. The most notable discoveries
• A genital herpes vaccine developed with
GlaxoSmithKline that is safe and effective in
preventing genital herpes in women not previously infected with herpes simplex virus
• Identification of a link between gastric
reflux, and food and environmental allergens,
including pollens and molds
• The finding that millions more children and
adolescents than previously thought endure
the detrimental effects of exposure to lead in
the United States
This Page:
This is a stand-in caption.
Diverse Research shot is
looking forward…
• The finding that obesity in children directly
affects structure and function of the heart
and may increase the risk for heart disease
This is a stand-in caption.
Hearing Clinic is looking
Leading Recipient of NIH Funding
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
cell anemia, immunodeficiency diseases and
blood clotting disorders. Investigators in this
new division are seeking treatments and
gene therapy techniques to reverse the
progress of these genetic diseases.
Immunobiology is the basic science that
children with hearing impairment through
innovative medical, surgical and rehabilitative
management. Using cutting-edge molecular
research, scientists are working to understand
the biological basis for normal hearing and
deafness. They hope to develop new ways to
diagnose the cause of congenital hearing loss
and ear malformations, and to offer new
investigates how the immune system works
in fighting off or resisting disease. Our new
division, established in 2001, will help young
patients with immunological disorders of the
hormonal system, lungs, blood, bones and
joints. It will also affect those children
undergoing organ transplants.
Experimental Hematology uses the tools
of stem cell biology to unlock the mysteries
behind potentially fatal blood diseases:
leukemia, Fanconi anemia, hemophilia, sickle
The Center for Hearing and Deafness
Research, opened in 2001, improves care for
Thanks to steadily increasing funding from agencies, government and industry, our
research programs are growing rapidly. Support from the National Institutes of Health
(NIH) alone has quadrupled in the last nine years. With $44 million in NIH research grant
funding received in fiscal year 2001, Cincinnati Children’s is the third highest recipient of
these highly competitive grants among comprehensive pediatric centers nationwide.
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
The new Rheumatic Diseases Research
Core Center, one of only two established
nationwide in 2001 with support from the
National Institutes of Health, concentrates
on understanding the causes of pediatric
arthritis and other rheumatic diseases, and
finding novel approaches to treating them.
Emerging Programs Hold Promise
Strategic Plan Cornerstone Education
incinnati Children’s has long been committed to
educating physicians and other health care professionals. Now, we will extend our education mission and
approach it with new creativity. We will equip people
with the knowledge and skill to care for children,
advocate for children’s health and renew themselves
through lifelong learning.
Among the Best
in Pediatric Education
U.S. News & World Report has ranked
the Department of Pediatrics at
Cincinnati Children’s and the
University of Cincinnati Medical
Center (UC) number six among
pediatric programs at medical schools
in the United States. The department
consists entirely of Cincinnati
Children’s physicians, researchers and
other individuals who hold academic
appointments at UC.
To enhance family centered care, we will work actively to
educate children and their families — and to train our
care givers to seek out patient and family participation in
care decisions. We will move beyond education to advocate for children.
Novel Program Increases Safety Seat Use
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
In gratitude to Fifth Third Bank/Jacob G.
Schmidlapp Trust for a $1 million gift to
support research in juvenile arthritis, we were
pleased to name the auditorium in Fifth
Third’s honor. Their leadership gift is being
matched by other sources, resulting in more
than $2 million to support our internationally
renowned research program in childhood
Heloise Sabin, wife of the
late Albert B. Sabin, MD, and
her daughter (name if available) join George Schaefer
Jr., Fifth Third Bank president
and CEO, Lee Carter, chairman, Board of Trustees and
others in dedicating the new
Albert B. Sabin, MD,
Education Center.
The Youth Injury Prevention program, conceived at Cincinnati Children’s and funded in
part by the Ohio Department of Public
Safety, includes several components,
including an injury prevention curriculum for
church Sunday school classes, and sermons
by church ministers focused on traffic safety
and being a role model.
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
Education efforts at Cincinnati Children’s got a
major boost with the completion of the Albert
B. Sabin, M.D., Education Center in 2001. The
center consolidates all of our educational
resources into one facility. In addition to the
libraries and meeting rooms, it features the
300-seat Fifth Third Bank Auditorium and its
superior audiovisual equipment. The center
greatly enhances our ability to hold educational events for both health professionals
and the community, foster educational
programming, and strengthen our role as a
leader in pediatric health care education.
A partnership formed in 2001 between
Cincinnati Children’s and 14 AfricanAmerican churches and their ministers has
resulted in a 100 percent increase in the use
of child safety seats among children age 8
and under who are affiliated with the
churches. In addition, the percentage of
children riding totally unrestrained decreased
from 36 percent to 10 percent. Preliminary
results suggest that the program was also
very effective in teaching parents that
children should ride in the back seat of
a vehicle.
New Sabin Center Promotes Education
The square ont the far right
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Safer Play in Avondale
Thanks to generous funding sources, Avondale is getting expert
help and new play facilities to lower the neighborhood’s high
rate of childhood injuries.
The Injury Free Coalition for Kids at Cincinnati Children’s, dedicated to working with communities in need to initiate injury
prevention reforms, received a five-year, $266,100 grant from
the national Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2001. The
funds will support an injury prevention coordinator based at
Cincinnati Children’s to serve the Avondale community.
This year, construction begins on a new youth football facility at
South Avondale Elementary School, supported by a $100,000
grant from Local Initiatives Support Corporation, managers of
the National Football League Community Football Fields
Program, and a $25,000 commitment from the Cincinnati
Bengals. Cincinnati Public Schools and the Cincinnati
Recreation Commission are providing additional support.
health support. To assist mental health
providers who were working with victims’
families and co-workers, a psychiatrist at
Cincinnati Children’s produced a CD that
gathered useful resources from 40 professionals from around the world.
Currently, a capital campaign is under way to
fund construction of a new health center on
the school campus. Just under $14,000 has
been raised by individuals, including $362
from the students themselves. Corporations
and community organizations have given
close to $10,000, and another $150,000 has
been awarded by private foundations.
This strong private support and the collaboration of the center’s founders enabled
Rockdale to leverage additional state dollars.
The state has committed $13.6 million to
renovate the entire Rockdale campus, including construction of the new health center, by
January 2004.
Staff from Cincinnati
Children’s help to ensure
good health for students
at Avondale’s Rockdale
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
Expanded Health Services Coming to Rockdale Academy
The Injury Free Coalition
for Kids at Cincinnati
Children’s teamed with
the Cincinnati Recreation
Commission to build the
William DeHart Hubbard
playground off Blair
Avenue in Avondale.
Employees Help a Nation Heal
After the devastating terrorist attacks of
September 11, Cincinnati Children’s offered
advice to parents and teachers via media
interviews and tip sheets distributed to local
schools. Several employees went to New York
City to help in rescue efforts or provide mental
Training the Next Generation
Cincinnati Children’s has one of the
largest pediatric training programs
within a single institution in the
United States. In 2001, we trained:
• 183 undergraduate medical students
• 92 pediatric residents
• 64 surgical residents
• 9 dental residents
• 13 psychology residents
• 112 clinical fellows
• 35 radiology residents
• 28 anesthesia residents
• 62 research post-doctoral fellows
• 677 student nurses
• 22 nurse anesthetist students
A majority of students at Avondale’s Rockdale
Academy have no health care provider — or
they rely on clinics at Cincinnati Children’s for
care. These grade-schoolers also experience
a disproportionate number of illnesses and
academic underachievement. So Rockdale’s
leaders and Cincinnati Children’s established
an independent, primary care health center at
a temporary location within the school with a
$350,000 start-up grant from the Health
Foundation of Greater Cincinnati.
Telemedicine Bridges Distances
Thanks to the new technological
capabilities housed at the Sabin
Education Center, we made great
progress in 2001 in bridging long
distances with innovative
technologies. Through two-way
videoconferencing, divisions confer
regularly with physicians at remote
children’s hospitals, conduct interviews with potential employees in
other cities and make international
presentations. Web collaboration
allows the Child Abuse Team to
review images through the web with
colleagues at remote locations and
offer expert consultation. Satellite
uplinks connect the medical center’s
weekly educational forums for
students and professionals to 10 outlying Tristate locations. The Picture
Archiving and Communications
System (PACS) enables physicians
throughout the medical center to
view medical images, such as X-rays
and CT scans, simultaneously on
computers — without the
traditional film.
Strategic Plan Cornerstone People + Organization
Remarkable Growth
To be the leader in improving child health,
we need the very best people as our partners
in fulfilling our goals. Cincinnati Children’s is
growing rapidly to enable us to serve all of
the children who need us, here and around
the world. In health care delivery, research
and education, the need continues for more
staff members.
Remarkable growth requires new approaches
to recruitment. Unique among Cincinnati’s
hospitals, an innovative paperless system
speeds the hiring process by allowing us to
search a database of qualified candidates.
Hiring On the Rise
fiscal year 2001
fiscal year 2000
fiscal year 1999
* Full-time equivalents as of
June 30 each year.
to achieve our
A Heartfelt Miracle
“It’s a miracle we ever found out that Austan had a hole in his heart,” says his mother, Kelly
Harris, of Dayton, Ohio. Two years ago, Austan started wheezing while playing with his brother’s
toy bank. A trip to the emergency department dispelled fears that he had swallowed a coin, but a
chest X-ray showed an enlarged heart. Further tests revealed a hole in the one-year-old’s heart
that his doctors would monitor for changes. Although he had no symptoms, an echocardiogram
late in 2001 showed that the hole was growing, so Austan’s pediatric cardiologist referred the
family to pediatric heart surgeon Peter Manning, MD, at Cincinnati Children’s. On January 29,
Austan’s hole was repaired in open heart surgery. “Now we have to make him sit down and rest.
He’s doing great,” says Mrs. Harris.
Collaboration amoung
employees is key in creating
solutions to child health
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
incinnati Children’s has a talented, dedicated, hard-working staff.
Our people are the heart and soul of our organization. Now we
will strengthen our ability to attract and retain the best employees
by becoming the employer of choice. We will be ready to adjust rapidly
to changing opportunities and innovation. We will work together to
achieve the vision of Cincinnati Children’s.
Our new Health Care Training Program offers
adults with significant barriers to employment the opportunity to become health unit
coordinators or state-certified nursing assistants. It is sponsored by Project SEARCH, a
collaboration among Cincinnati Children’s,
Great Oaks Institute of Technology and
Career Development, and the Hamilton
County Board of Mental Retardation and
Developmental Disabilities.
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
Although recruiting nurses is our biggest
recruitment challenge — as it is at every
hospital — we are proud of our low nurse
turnover rate. At 11.8 percent, it’s among the
lowest in the country.
Nurse recruitment is now led by a dedicated
team of experienced registered nurses. They
build relationships with nursing schools,
screen applicants, match them to the best
nurse manager and unit, and guide them
through the hiring process. In a contracting
market, our nurse hiring rate in 2001
increased 30 percent over 2000. We hired
175 nurses in calendar year 2000, and 249 in
calendar year 2001.
Strategic Plan Cornerstone Information + Knowledge
Facing Page:
This is a stand-in caption. A
little boy from the Clinic is
looking forward…
This is a stand-in caption. A
little boy from the Clinic is
looking forward…
who understood Elizabeth’s problem.
Dr. Crone saved her life. I can’t say enough
good things about the people in Cincinnati,”
says mother Shelley Hays.
To ensure that every family who needs
pediatric health information can find it
easily, the web site for Cincinnati Children’s
was redesigned in 2001 and relaunched in
January 2002. It includes more than
6,000 pages and is visited more than
130,000 times each month. Visit us at
Safer Care with New Technology
How can Cincinnati Children’s use technology
to reduce the risk of errors and increase the
accuracy and efficiency of the care we give?
In 2001 we laid the groundwork for the
2002 launch of our new clinical order entry
system. The system will help physicians write
complete, concise, unambiguous orders for
radiology and lab tests, medications, general
nursing, diet, activity and consultations. It
will provide decision support, for example,
checking the patient’s history for known
allergies, confirming that the dosage is
correct for the patient’s age and weight, and
that the order is consistent with hospital
policies and clinical pathways.
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
Without the worldwide web, 4-year-old
Elizabeth Hays of Medford, Oregon, might
not have made it to her fifth birthday.
Elizabeth’s pediatric neurologist advised her
parents to look online for more information
about her degenerative neural condition.
Their search led them to Cincinnati
Children’s and neurosurgeon Kerry Crone,
MD. Within a few days of sending her
records, the family brought Elizabeth to
Cincinnati Children’s for testing and brain
surgery. “It was such a relief to find someone
Heart Expertise Now One Click Away
The Heart Center at Cincinnati
Children’s introduced the Heart
Encyclopedia in 2001, the most comprehensive, in-depth, online source
of heart information for patients,
families and physicians. This unique
medical reference, with contributions
from top experts in the field, is
updated regularly to reflect the latest
progress in pediatric cardiac diagnosis
and treatment options. It’s accessible
Web Site Offers Families Hope
Supercomputer Helps Solve
Mysteries of Disease
The new knowledge generated by
the Human Genome Project opens
untold possibilities for researchers
at Cincinnati Children’s. Our ongoing efforts to understand the
genetic causes of childhood disease
made a quantum leap forward last
year. The Ohio Board of Regents
and Sun Microsystems funded a
$2.7 million supercomputer that’s
aiding the groundbreaking efforts
of our bioinformatics program.
nformation is the bedrock resource required for us to do our work.
Cincinnati Children’s will harness information, transform it into
knowledge, and use it to drive innovation and decision-making.
Strategic Plan Cornerstone Sufficient Financial Resources
Federal Graduate Medical Education Funding to Cincinnati Children’s
Most important, our growth has enabled us to affect the lives of more children. Last year,
Cincinnati Children’s recorded more than 600,000 patient encounters, up by 12 percent over
the prior year’s 532,000.
Cincinnati Children’s at a Glance
growth depends
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
rowth is the defining word at this moment in the
history of Cincinnati Children’s — growth in new
facilities, new staff, new research and new clinical programs. Making this possible is our success in developing
and sustaining the cash flow to support the pursuit of
our vision.
Record Growth in Revenues, Patient Encounters
Fiscal year 2001 (ended June 30, 2001)
represented a significant milestone in our
never-ending quest to generate income.
Cincinnati Children’s reported record
revenues of $540 million, a growth rate
of 16 percent over the previous year.
This growth occurred across all three missions. Revenues from patient care activities
grew an outstanding 14 percent, while
external research funding increased more
than 17 percent. In addition, federal funding
for pediatric graduate medical education has
grown dramatically, due to strong advocacy
efforts here and by children’s hospitals
nationwide, from zero just three years ago to
$9 million in 2001.
Admissions (includes short stays)
Average length of stay
Emergency department visits
Regional Center for Newborn
Intensive Care admissions
Patient encounters
5.3 days
4.1 days
4.1 days
5.2 days
5.1 days
Outpatient visits (includes satellites)
Test referral center
Surgical Procedures
Outpatient (includes satellites)
Blood and marrow
Active medical staff
Total employees
Full-time equivalents
No Program
No Program
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
World-Class Facilities for
World-Class Care
In mid-1998, Cincinnati Children’s
began a $155 million building
program to improve facilities to
support our vision and meet growing
demands for patient care. A new
underground garage and the Sabin
Education Center opened in 2001; a
nine-story, state-of-the-art research
building was completed in 2000. In
2002, a new 460,000 square-foot
patient care building will open.
Statistics reflect fiscal year totals (as of June 30 of each year).
Thank You to Hamilton
County Voters
For 35 years, the generous support
of Hamilton County voters has
allowed Cincinnati Children’s to
deliver the highest quality medical
care regardless of an individual’s
ability to pay. The five-year Health
and Hospitalization Levy, approved
again on November 6, 2001, helps to
cover the costs of inpatient and outpatient services at Cincinnati
Children’s and University Hospital for
Hamilton County residents who
need, but cannot afford, health care.
2000-2001 Financials
Operating Revenues and Expenses as of June 30, 2001 and 2000
Net Patient Services Revenue
Government Research Grants
Other Operating Revenue
Total Operating Revenues
Operating Expenses:
Salaries and Benefits
Services, Supplies, Other
Total Operating Expenses
Net Operating Revenue
Fighting For Her Life
Two years ago, Lacy Harrington’s world changed. At age 9, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor
after unexplained vomiting and a seizure. Six days after diagnosis, she underwent surgery at
Cincinnati Children’s. Only half of the tumor was removable, and Lacy was paralyzed on her left side.
“We almost lost her,” says her mother, Beverly. Today, the tumor continues to grow despite aggressive
radiation and drug treatments. Lacy welcomed participation in an experimental drug trial at
Cincinnati Children’s that could shrink the tumor. Her “awesome positive attitude” remains strong
and she tries to live life to the fullest, says her mother. “At this point, a lot of patients would give
up, but not Lacy. We’re very thankful to Children’s, because without them, we might not have her.”
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
Plant and Equipment,
Net of Accumulated Depreciation
Funds Held in Trust
Long-term Investments
Interest in Net Assets of
Supporting Organizations
Total Assets
Liabilities and Fund Balance:
Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses
Current Portion of Long-term Debt
Current Liabilities
Long-term Debt
Other Long-term Liabilities
Unrestricted Net Assets
Temporarily Restricted Net Assets
Permanently Restricted Net Assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
2000-2001 Children’s Hospital Medical Center Board of Trustees listing as of January 1, 2002
Board of Trustees
Mr. Lee A. Carter, Chair
Mr. James M. Anderson,
President and Chief
Executive Officer
The Rt. Rev. Herbert
Thompson Jr., Chair, Ex Officio
Mr. Scott J. Hamlin, Treasurer
Mrs. Diane White, Secretary
Mrs. Harry M. (Sharry)
Mr. Robert D. H. Anning
Mr. John F. Barrett
Thomas F. Boat, MD
Mr. Paul M. F. Booth
Mr. Ralph R. Burchenal
Mr. Michael S. Cambron
Mr. Thomas G. Cody
Mrs. William O. (Katharine)
DeWitt Jr.
Mr. Todd M. Duncan
Nancy Krieger-Eddy, PhD
Mr. Mark Essig
Mr. James M. Ewell
Mrs. Stona J. (Barbara) Fitch
Mrs. Rodney P.
(Vallie Comisar) Geier
Mr. Louis D. George
Ms. Joyce J. Keeshin
Ms. M. Denise Kuprionis
Mr. John T. Lawrence III
Mrs. T. L. (Peggy) Mathile
Mr. Manuel D. Mayerson
Mr. Michael S. McGraw
Mrs. Robert (Mardie) Off
Mr. Charles A. Pettengill
Sidney A. Peerless, MD
Mr. Geoffrey Place
Mr. John Sawyer
Mr. George A. Schaefer Jr.
William K. Schubert, MD
Mrs. Nelson (Sylvia)
Schwab Jr.
Kathleen M. Spellman, MD
Mr. Leo H. Wiest
Frank C. Woodside III, MD, JD
Mr. John P. Zanotti
Trustees Ex Officio
Ms. Carolyn Kite, President,
Junior Co-Operative Society
Mrs. Karen Post, President,
Mrs. Bruce (Deborah)
Graumlich, President,
Co-Operative Society
Mr. Algis Koncius,
President, Ronald McDonald
House Charities of Greater
Trustees Emeriti
Mr. David D. Black
Mrs. Gerald J.
(Katharine) Ficks
Mr. Kroger Pettengill
Mr. Eugene Ruehlmann
Mr. Joseph S. Stern Jr.
Adolescent Health
Center of Greater
Convalescent Hospital
for Children
Mr. C. Francis Barrett, Chair
Mr. Phillip C. Long, President
United Cerebral Palsy,
Inc; Aaron W. Perlman
Center for Children
Mr. Thomas Gougeon,
Gail B. Slap, MD, Director,
Medical Program
Mr. David T. Croall, President
Mr. William J. Minor,
Executive Director
Children’s Hospital
Research Foundation
Mr. James M. Anderson*,
President and Chief
Executive Officer
Richard G. Azizkhan, MD*,
Director, Pediatric Surgery
Thomas F. Boat, MD*,
Professor and Chair,
Department of Pediatrics,
Director, Children’s Hospital
Research Foundation
Mr. Dwight E. Ellingwood*,
Senior Vice President,
Planning and Business
Michael K. Farrell, MD*,
Mr. Joseph J. Gilene,
Vice President, Managed Care
Thomas F. Boat, MD, Director
Children’s Dental Care
Mr. Eugene Johnson,
Alex M. DellaBella, DMD,
Immediate Past President
James F. Steiner, DDS,
Director, Dental Program
Cincinnati Center
for Developmental
Mr. Al P. Hallam, President
Sonya G. Oppenheimer, MD,
Director, Medical Program
Senior Administration
Ms. Phyllis Goodman,
Vice President, Marketing
and Communications
Mr. Scott J. Hamlin*,
Senior Vice President,
Finance and Chief Financial
Mr. Thomas E. Kinman,
Vice President,
Facilities Management
Mr. Arvin D. Kumar,
Vice President, eHealth
Ronald McKinley, PhD*,
Vice President,
Human Resources
Melvin L. Rutherford Esq.,
Vice President, Risk
Management and
Corporate Compliance
Dorine R. Seaquist, R.N.*,
Senior Vice President,
Patient Services
Mr. John F. Sherlock,
Vice President, Development
Ms. Marianne Speight,
Vice President,
Information Services
Elizabeth Stautberg Esq.,
Vice President,
General Counsel
*Member of Senior
Operating Committee
Strategic Plan Cornerstone
Cash and Cash Equivalents
Patient Accounts Receivable, Net of
Allowances for Uncollectible Accounts
Other Current Assets
Marketable Securities
Current Assets
Our Leadership
Condensed Balance Sheets as of June 30, 2001 and 2000
Children’s Circle of Care
Children’s Circle of Care advances the work of pediatric patient care, research and
teaching by encouraging and recognizing annual major gifts to participating children’s hospitals in North America, including Cincinnati Children’s. The program
also seeks to educate the public about child health issues and the unique mission
and service of children’s hospitals.
In 2001, local Children’s Circle of Care members donated almost $9 million to
Cincinnati Children’s. Qualifying members are individuals or family foundations
who gave $10,000 or more in a single gift or cumulative giving in 2001, or whose
cumulative history of giving to Cincinnati Children’s has exceeded $1 million.
These dedicated men and women demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to
our unique mission with their willingness to invest in our future.
to Cincinnati Children’s
Hospital Medical Center
in calendar year
2001 Children's Circle
of Care Members
We have made every effort to be accurate
and complete with this listing. Should you
find an error or omission, please call the
Department of Development at Cincinnati
Sources of Gifts
Children’s, 513-636-4561, so we may
correct our records.
Anonymous (18)
Dr. and Mrs. Ira
Abrahamson, Jr.
Mr. Larry Addington
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Albright
Mr. James M. Anderson and
Rev. Marjorie C. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. H.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bernet
Dr. Thomas and Dr. Barbara
Mr. and Mrs. Elroy Bourgraf
The Howard Bourne, Ethel
Wright, and Frances Luther
The Bremer Foundation
Ms. Patricia H. Briggs
Mrs. Lela C. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Carter
Mrs. Paul Chidlaw
Dr. Robin Cotton and
Ms. Cynthia Fitton
The Crosset Family Fund
Mr. Zoltan Dobsa
Ms. Jane Dummer
Mr. Jerry Dykstra
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Eaton
The Fischer Family
Mr. and Mrs. Stona Fitch
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Frank
Mr. Tom Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gover
The John C. Griswold
Mr. and Mrs. Terence L.
Mrs. Morse Johnson
Mr. Ira Keeshin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard
The Frank J. Kloenne and
Jacqueline D. Kloenne
Dr. Othilda Krug
Mr. Addison Lanier
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E.
Mrs. Barbara Manss
Dr. and Mrs. Lester W.
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Mathile
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel D.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCoy
Mrs. Jane McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Mrs. Robert McGraw
Dr. and Mrs. C. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. John Narburgh
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V.
Mr. and Mrs. Kroger
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Place
Ms. Doreen Quinn
Dr. and Mrs. George
Rieveschl, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Mr. John J. Schiff, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Schiff
Mr. Thomas R. Schiff
Mr. and Mrs. Roger P.
Mr. Robert Schmidt and
Rev. Ann Schmidt
Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Sheldon
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Simich
The Skyler Foundation
The Hannah Jo Smith
Dr. Joseph Stegmaier and
Mrs. Barbara SporckStegmaier
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Stern
Dr. C. Frederic and Dr. Janet
Mrs. Mary Louise
Mr. and Mrs. G. Richard
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey
Mr. Francis Wessel
The Wiebe Charitable
Dr. and Mrs. Frank C.
Woodside, III
Auxiliaries, Benefits and Community Groups
Individual Donors
With motivations for giving as varied and unique as the donors themselves, these individual donors are united by their commitment to the vision of Cincinnati Children’s:
to be the leader in improving child health. Their gifts are special endorsements of the
medical center’s quality and mission.
Corporations and Foundations
Gifts in Kind
The Bremer Foundation
Mrs. Patricia H. Briggs
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E.
The Manuel D. and Rhoda
Mayerson Foundation
Mary R. and John J. Schiff
Mr. David Pomeroy
Mr. and Mrs. G. Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Eaton
Hannah Jo Smith Research
for Leukemia Foundation
Mrs. Morse Johnson
Mrs. Lela C. Brown
Mr. Larry Addington
Mrs. Robert Manss
Special Friends Foundation
The Robert C. and Adele R.
Schiff Foundation
Mr. James M. Anderson and
Rev. Marjorie Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G.
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Black
Drs. Thomas and Barbara
Mr. and Mrs. Elroy E.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Carter
Mrs. Paul Chidlaw
(continued on page 23)
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
Planned Gift Expectancies
(Individual Donors, continued from page 22)
The Crosset Family Fund
Mr. Jerry Dykstra
The Fischer Family
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Frank
Mr. Tom Gill
John C. Griswold Foundation
Mr. Terrance Horan
Mr. Ira Keeshin
Frank J. and Jacqueline
Dawson Kloenne Foundation
Mr. Addison Lanier
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Mathile
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCoy
Mrs. Matthew A. McDonald
Mrs. Robert G. McGraw
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Kroger
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Place
Ms. Doreen Quinn
Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Sheldon
The Skyler Foundation
Dr. Joseph Stegmaier
and Mrs. Barbara R.
Mrs. Mary Louise
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey
Dr. and Mrs. Frank C.
Woodside, III
Circle of Healing
Circle of Healing members and their families are dedicated to supporting pediatric
clinical care, education and research at Cincinnati Children’s through annual gifts of
$1,000 to $9,999.
Mr. Jack J. Agliata
Mrs. Herbert R. Bloch, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Breen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G.
David and Dee Dillon Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Essig
Dr. Christine McHenry
Mrs. Frances Miller
Oliver Charitable Family
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Penn
Mr. Thomas R. Schiff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W.
Mr. and Mrs. David B.
Ms. Thurza R. Sternberg
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore W.
Harry and Rose Toran
Memorial Fund
Mrs. Frances B. Turner
The Williams Foundation
Silver Level
($2,500 - $4,999.99)
Mr. Jeffrey R. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anning
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H.
Anning, II
Drs. John and Diane Babcock
Mr. and Mrs. Fred I.
Brown, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Carle
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F.
Mrs. Robert Ehas
Mrs. Gerald J. Ficks
Mr. and Mrs. Stona J. Fitch
Dr. David N. Glass and
Dr. Laura W. Wexler
Mr. Albert E. Harris
Mr. Jeffrey Heinichen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L.
Dr. Evelyn V. Hess and
Dr. Michael Howett
Marilyn and Charles W.
Krehbiel Foundation
Arthur and Elizabeth Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. John Kuprionis
Dr. Jennifer Loggie
Dr. and Mrs. John J.
McAuliffe, III
Dr. and Mrs. John E. McCall
Charlotte H. and Paul T.
McEnery Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas T.
Mr. Donald J. Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. John W.
Mrs. Francis Raymond
Sherrill and William R.
Remke Family Fund
Barbara G. Robinson Fund
Miss Mary Louise Schroth
Mr. and Mrs. John F.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G.
Mr. Corky Steiner
Drs. Janet and C. Frederic
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A.
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Wessels
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E.
Mr. Morton Woodward
Mrs. Warren R. Woodward
Bronze Level
($1,000 - $2,499.99)
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Adams
Mr. and Mrs. John Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bach
Dr. and Mrs. George P. Balz
Mr. C. Francis Barrett
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Bellet
Berenfield Pediatric
Cardiology Research Fund
Drs. Elaine and David
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Blum
Bonasa Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bransford
Mr. and Mrs. James F.
Dr. Mary P. Brown
Mrs. Diane T. Brueggemann
Mrs. Nolan Carson
Mr. Reed L. Coen
Dr. Robert A. Colbert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E.
Mr. Robert P. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. V. Anderson
Mr. John A. Courter
Mrs. Marguerite S. Craig
Drs. Gail and David Croall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Crouch
Ms. Patricia R. Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. William E.
Drs. Jay L. and Sandra Degen
Robert and Gretchen
Elizabeth Legg Dinsmore and
Wiley Dinsmore Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence M.
Mr. and Mrs. Todd M.
Dr. Nancy Eddy and
Mr. David Eddy
Gene and Neddie Mae Elkus
Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Ephraim
Mr. James M. Ewell
Farmer Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J.
Ficks, Jr.
Ms. Barbara H. Ford
Charlotte and Charles
Fullgraf Fund
Mr. Oliver M. Gale
Mr. and Mrs. Philip O.
Geier, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney P. Geier
Dr. Frank W. George
Mr. Louis D. George and
Ms. Anne Vertuca
Mr. Nicholas George
Dr. and Mrs. Edward H.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L
Mrs. Jocelyn Glass
Mrs. Irene Goodale
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley M.
Mrs. Philip Goyert
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Green
Mr. Damon Griffin
Dr. Joel B. Gunter
Hader Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Johns J.
Hamilton, III
Dr. Jean F. Harrington
Ms. Sandra Hartner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hayes
Kim and Gary Heiman
Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heiman
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Herzig
Dr. and Mrs. James Heubi
Mrs. Harold Hiatt
Hinchman Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Harry M.
Mr. and Mrs. David Hoguet
The Homan Foundation
Mr. James L. Jaeger
Drs. Charlotte and Frederick
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus S.
Mr. and Mrs. David J.
Dr. Allen B. Kirsner
Mrs. William McDougall Kite
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Koenig
Mr. Jack R. Kolhoff
Dr. Ann M. Kosloske
The Weichert Kranbuhl
Family Foundation
Dr. Lesia Langston-Mckenna
Dr. and Mrs. Philip K.
Mr. George B. Lott and
Ms. Barbara N. Wurth
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lovell
Mr. and Mrs. Chris
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F.
Dr. Kevin Markham
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert
Dr. and Mrs. George
Rieveschl, Jr.
Mr. Jed M. Rifkin
Reuben B. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. Ernst G. Rolfes
Marianne R. Rowe and
Wood Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M.
Rowe, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Jack H.
Dr. and Mrs. Donald L.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T.
Dr. and Mrs. Howard M. Saal
Dr. Rosemary Schmidt
Mrs. Arthur W. Schubert
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
Schwab, Jr.
Mrs. Robert Senior
Mr. Michael J. Sepela
Mrs. Frances M. Shore
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic N.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald
Mrs. Elizabeth Martin Slutz
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Smale
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Steiner
Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Stern
Mr. Peter S. Strange
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Suer
Dr. Dawn Marie Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Max W.
Tabar, Jr.
Mr. Carlos Teran
Mr. James W. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Wilby S. Tolson
Toys for Nicholas
A New Direction for Down Syndrome Care
Thanks to a baby born in Cincinnati seven years ago, the
60,000 children nationwide with Down syndrome will benefit
from new knowledge generated at Cincinnati Children’s. When
Emily Hayes entered the world with Down syndrome, her family
learned all they could to help her grow and develop. But
they discovered that so much more could be done to research
the best treatments and coordinate care. So in 1999 her
grandparents first established the Emily Hayes Down Syndrome
Research Fund, then in 2001 created the Jane and Richard
Thomas Center for Down Syndrome at Cincinnati Children’s.
"Now, children with Down syndrome will have a comprehensive
program in a single center devoted just to their needs," says
proud grandfather Richard Thomas.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W.
Uebel, Jr.
Dr. Anna M. Varughese
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W.
Ms. Katherine S. Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. J. Phillip
Mr. and Mrs. George
Dr. Patricia S. Walter
Drs. Barbara and Brad
Mrs. John W. Warrington
Dr. and Mrs. Albert C. Weihl
Dr. Constance E. West
Mr. and Mrs. Harris K.
Mr. and Mrs. John T.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul K.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Willen
Mr. and Mrs. Don Winslow
Dr. and Mrs. Eric P.
T.J. and Hilda Wood Fund
Dr. and Mrs. David I. Bernstein
Dr. and Mrs. I. Leonard Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bibler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Bidwell
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Birckhead
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Blankenship
Dr. and Mrs. Norman H. Blatt
Dr. Christopher F. Bolling
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Boylan
Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Braun
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Breda
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Brehm
John S. and Elizabeth L. Brod Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy E. Brown
Mrs. Harold Brown
Mrs. Rain Buck
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Buerger
Mrs. Carol Burkhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W.
Mrs. Priscilla Byer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Cain
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Campbell
Ms. Diane Carney
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Carothers
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Carruthers
Individual Donors
$250 - $999.99
Mr. John P. Abraham
Dr. and Mrs. William G. Albrecht
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Allen
Mr. James E. Andelman
Mr. Frank Kockritz
Ms. Julie Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Barbash
Mr. Timothy Barhorst
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Becker
Mr. Chris Belletti
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Belt
Mrs. Thomas S. Benjamin
Dr. Keith Bennert and Ms. Elizabeth
Ms. Patricia S. Benton
Mr. Charles M. Berger
(continued on page 25)
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
Gold Level
($5,000 - $9,999.99)
Mr. Graham E. Marx
Ruth A. and W. O. Mashburn,
Jr. Foundation
Mrs. Alice E. McIntosh
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E.
Mr. Stephen R. Meyer
Dr. Linda J. Michaud
Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Miller
Ms. Judith E. Miller
Milton and Sally Feldman
Ann and James Monroe
Alexander and Jacqueline G.
Moore Memorial to Stephen
P. Earls
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E.
Motch, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Svet
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nordloh
Mr. and Mrs. James O'Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C.
Mr. Kurt A. Ostling and Ms.
Judy L. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L.
The Richard and Dorothy
Pandorf Foundation
Ms. Mildred B. Panuska
Mr. Paul A. Pappenheimer, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Murray H. Passo
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln W.
John W. and Marianne Peck
Dr. Aaron W. and Betty F.
Perlman Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Dr. Steven M. Pilipovich
Mr. and Mrs. John J.
Planes, Jr.
Mrs. Edward L. Pratt
The Rauh Foundation Inc.
(Individual Donors, continued from page 24)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Carter
Ms. Charisse Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Cassady
Ms. Diane Castelli
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Catalanotto
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Caudill
Mr. Stanley M. Chesley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Christopher
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Christopulos
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Clayton
Mr. Thomas J. Cleland
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Cloppert
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Philip K. Cone
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Conners
Ms. Alice M. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Coombe
Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Coors
Dr. Phil M. Corder
Ms. Alice Cornell
Dr. David M. Cottrell
Mr. and Mrs. Terry G. Craft
Mrs. Ruth E. Cramerding
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Creed
Dr. Michael D. Crenshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Criner
Mrs. Linda M. Crowell
Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Csiszar
Ms. Sally J. Cullen
Mr. Charles Curran
Teen’s Computers Make Waiting Fun
One 13-year-old discovered he could give
back to his community, make other children
When Scott Olman celebrated his bar
mitzvah, he asked friends and family to
donate to Cincinnati Children’s instead of
giving him gifts. “Everything I really want
or need, I already have,” Scott says. Many
visits over the years to the Division of
Orthopaedics pointed to an obvious need
for better computers and games in the
waiting room. “When the computers
arrived, I set them up, which was fun. But
the best part of all was knowing that I
made other kids feel happy and occupied
while waiting for their doctors.”
Dr. Raphael Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hock
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan W. Holland
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hopple, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Horowitz
Mr. Steven Howe and
Ms. Shelley Rooney
Mr. Kenneth S. Hoying
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Hubbard
Mr. and Mrs. John Huber
Mrs. Paul W. Huenefeld
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Huenefeld
Mr. Kenneth A. Huevelman
Mr. Craig E. Jacob
Mr. Kenneth E. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Tim James
Ms. Heidi B. Jark
Mr. and Mrs. Art Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Rick E. Johnson
Mr. Robert A. Johnston
Steven and Carolyn Jones Fund
Mrs. Wickliffe Jones
Mrs. David J. Joseph, Jr.
Dr. Mark A. Kahn
Mr. Charles Kaiser
Mr. and Mrs. David Alan Kantor
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Kautzman
Mr. Thomas M. Keckeis
Ms. Frances Kelly
Dr. Monica A. Kennard
Mr. and Mrs. A. Craig Kennedy
Ms. Antoinette Kennedy
Ms. Barbara Kenney
Dr. Dean Kereiakes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kinman
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kite, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Knust
Ms. Connie Koeninger
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Koeninger
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Koreman
Mr. William S. Krausen
Ed and Joan Krech Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kroeger
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Kuhlman
Dr. William Lange
Dr. Steven T. Langheim
Mr. Donald D. Larson
Ms. Nichelle Lawrence
Gladys and Ralph Lazarus
General Fund
Mr. Daniel W. Leblond
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lederer
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Leibold
Dr. Michael S. Lenett
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cullen Lewis
Dr. Thomas Lin and
Dr. Carmen Go-Lin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Link
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery B. Lockman
Dr. James Logeman
Dr. William J. Logeman
Ms. Susan Lomax
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Long
Ms. Kathy Long
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lott
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lougheed
Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Lowe
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Lubbe
Mr. Stephen M. Luckenbach
Mr. Tim MacConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Millard H. Mack
Dr. P. Chuck Madden
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Magnus
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Mahon
Dr. and Mrs. Barry C. Malinowski
Ms. Mary Beth Maloney
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Maloney
Dr. Keith Mandel
Mr. Douglas E. Manzler
Mrs. John L. Markstein
Dr. and Mrs. Elmer Martin
Mr. and Mrs. William O.
Mashburn, III
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Massa
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Matteucci
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan May
Mr. Dante F. Mazzei
Ms. Rita H. McCloy
Mr. Thomas E. McCloy
Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard McFarland
Mr. Mark McGatha
Dr. Mary A. McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. Kinnaird S. McQuade
Mr. and Mrs. Christian L. Meininger
Dr. Mary P. Melvin
Mr. George E. Meyer
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell S. Meyers
Ms. Ashley M. Miller
Ms. Carina Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Miller
Dr. Martin J. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Morris
Virginia Moser Memorial Fund
Dr. Regine Moulton
Dr. Jonathan Mumma
Mr. Charles T. Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Neal
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. J. Newberne
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Niklas
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Noonan
Mr. and Mrs. Neil O'Connor
Mr. Rick Oberschmidt
Mr. Michael E. Ollinger
Dr. Sonya G. Oppenheimer and
Mr. Frank Oppenheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell F. Owens, Jr.
Mrs. Betty H. Palmer
Ms. Deborah W. Palmisano
Dr. and Mrs. John Parlin, III
Mr. and Mrs. Morris H. Passer
Dr. and Mrs. Myles L. Pensak
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Pescovitz
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Phillips
Mrs. James H. Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen I. Pleatman
Dr. Charles M. Plotz
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Pomeranz
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Poulos
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Price
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Pugh
Mr. Harry E. Puthoff
Sue and Jerry Ransohoff Fund
Ms. Regine Ransohoff
Mr. and Mrs. William Ransohoff
Re/Max Unlimited Realtors
Mr. Robert J. Reckers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Rich
Ms. Cathy J. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Robinson
Dr. Scott D. Rogers
Constance and Donald Rose Fund
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Rosenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Lee S. Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Rosenthal
James A. and Annette Rosenthal
Mr. Francis B. Rosevear
Ms. Nancy Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Snowden Rowe
Ms. Beth Ruehlman
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rump
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Rutherford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Saalfeld
Mr. and Mrs. David I. Sanders
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Santangelo
Ms. Mary A. Schell
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Schimberg
Ms. Ceil Schlosser
Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Schlueter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Schoeny
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Schrantz
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Schube
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schultz
Dr. David C. Schwartz
Ms. Dorine R. Seaquist
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Sellins
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Seymour
Dr. Nannette Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. John Shore
Dr. Thomas L. Sitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Smith
Mr. Nicholas D. Spadaccini
Ms. Danielle Spitler
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Spohr
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Sprague
Ms. Beth Stautberg
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stecher
Ms. Bobbie Sterne
Ms. Tracy Stigers
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Stoehr
Mr. and Mrs. S. Charles Straus
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Strauss
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Sturdivant
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Sullivan
Miss Marjorie Sutton
Mr. Scott Teepe
Dr. Joseph C. Todd
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas U. Todd
Mr. Scott B. Tollefsen
Dr. and Mrs. David N. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Turner
Ms. Kathy Uehling
Ms. Saundra Walker
Ms. Wendy Walker
Ms. Nancy C. Ward
Marvin L. Warner Fund
Dr. Thomas S. Webb
Mr. David Weiper
Mr. Herbert B. Weiss
Mr. Harvey M. Weitkamp
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Westendorf
Mr. John J. Westerkamp
Robert Westheimer Family
Mrs. Ruth Westheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wharton
Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Whitaker
Ms. Ann White
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Whitney
David Bradley Wick Foundation
Mrs. Beth Widmann
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Wilger
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Wilhelm
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Williamson
Mr. Dale E. Withe
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Witte
Wommack Family Fund
Ms. Barbara Wright
Ms. Lynne Wu
Mrs. Ann M. Wurster
Dr. Robert J. Wyatt
Dr. Edward D. Young
Mr. John Zembrodt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Zwolshen
Unfortunately, it was not possible to list the names of all our donors
due to the space constraints of this publication. Cincinnati Children’s
gratefully acknowledges all gifts from our generous family of donors.
Chairs and Fellowships
The Richard and Geralyn
Azizkhan Chair of Pediatric
The Hubert and Dorothy
Campbell Chair of Pediatric
The Robin T. Cotton
Research Chair of Pediatric
The Robert L. Creedon Chair
of Pediatric Dentistry
The Gunnar Esiason/
Cincinnati Bell Chair of
Life Sciences
The David G. and Priscilla R.
Gamble Chair of
The Emma Margaret and
Irving Goldman Chair of
Pediatric Ophthalmology
The Marjory J. Johnson Chair
of Pediatric Hematology/
The Samuel and Molly
Kaplan Chair of Pediatric
The Dorothy M.M. Kersten
Chair of Pediatric
The Kindervelt Chair of
Pediatric Pulmonary Biology
The Othilda Krug Chair of
Child Psychiatry
The Beatrice C. Lampkin
Chair of Hematology/
The Joseph Levinson Chair of
Pediatric Rheumatology
The Lester W. Martin Chair
of Pediatric Surgery
The C. Nelson Melampy
Chair of Pediatric
The A. Graeme Mitchell
Chair of Human Genetics
The Robert Myers and Mary
Colgate Shoemaker Chair of
Pediatric Endocrinology
The Aaron W. Perlman Chair
of Pediatric Rehabilitative
The B.K. Rachford Chair of
The Pauline and Lawson
Reed Chair of Pediatric
Infectious Diseases
The Louise W. and Joseph L.
Rauh Chair of Adolescent
The Thelma and Jack
Rubinstein Chair of Pediatric
Developmental Disorders
and Mental Retardation
The Albert B. Sabin Chair of
Infectious Diseases
The Roger P. and Nancy L.
Schlemmer Chair in Pediatric
The Jacob G. Schmidlapp
Chair of Pediatric
The William K. Schubert
Chair of Pediatric Research
The Curtis Sheldon and
Jeffrey Wacksman Chair of
Pediatric Urology
The Frederic & Carolyn
Silverman Chair of Pediatric
The Charles H. Sloan, Sr.,
Olive Louise Sloan, and
Charles H. Sloan, Jr. Chair of
General Pediatric Research
The Ralph J. Stolle Chair of
Pediatric Immunology
The Division of Pediatric
Surgery Research Chair
The Carl Weihl Chair of
General and Community
The Clark D. West Chair of
Pediatric Nephrology
The Louise M. Williams Chair
of Pediatric Nephrology
The William George Bauer
Fellowship in Pediatric
The Louise M. Brehmer
Fellowship in Pediatric
The Mary Louise Burton
Fellowship in Pediatric
The Ruth Knittle Dietz
Perinatal Research Institute
The Katherine S. and Gerald
J. Ficks Fellowship in
Perinatal Research
The Andrew Jergens
Foundation Fellowship in
Pediatric Endocrinology
The Jr. Co-Operative Society
Fellowship in Pediatric
The Jr. Co-Operative Society
Fellowship in Pediatric
Infectious Diseases
The Ida C. Kayser Fellowship
in Pediatric Pulmonology
The Edward L. Pratt
Fellowship in Pediatric
Medicine and Nutrition
The Edward F. Scully
Fellowship in Pediatric
The Louise Taft Semple
Foundation Fellowship in
Pediatric Nephrology
The Reginald C. Tsang
Fellowship in Neonatology
and Pulmonary Biology
The Josef Warkany
Fellowship in Human
The Frank C. Woodside and
Dinsmore & Shohl
Fellowship in Epidemiology
and Biostatistics
As of: March 14, 2002
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
happy and help himself feel good inside.
Mr. Daniel J. Curry
Ms. Kathleen C. Daly
Dr. Raymond J. Dasenbrock
Mrs. Katharine M. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. David C. DeForest
Mrs. Hilda Dennison
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Desch
Mrs. Harwood Deupree
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dingledine
Ms. Cristel Dittrich
Dr. Gila C. Dorostkar
Dr. Patricia M. Doyle
Ms. Margaret A. Driskell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Eagen
Mrs. Richard B. Easley
Dr. Joel J. Esselman
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Evans
Mr. Brooks G. Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fabe
Mr. Philip L. Ficks
Mr. and Mrs. Brent R. Finch
Mr. and Mrs. Kurtis B. Finch
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Finn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Finn
Mr. and Mrs. Noah Fleischmann
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fraunces
Mr. and Mrs. Art J. Frazier
Ms. Rhonda G. Frazier
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Frey
Mr. Jacob Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Neil C. Gamstetter
Morris W. Gates Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gelfand
Drs. John and Peggy Gennantonio, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. George
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Gerhardt
Dr. Ann C. Ghory
Dr. Joseph G. Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Gilbert
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goldschneider
Ms. Mia Gonzales and
Mr. Gregory Dean
Mrs. Jean K. Goodman
Ms. Phyllis L. Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Goret
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gosiger, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Gougeon
Mr. James M. Gould
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Gray, III
Dr. and Mrs. David Greenblatt
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Greenhill
Mr. Mark Grosser
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Gruber
Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Guggenheim, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Guttman
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Hackney
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Hahn
Mr. Michael B. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hamlin
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell E. Hance
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hanrahan
Mr. Dennis J. Harding
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Harkleroad
Mr. Francis W. Hatch, III
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Henke
Dr. Roger Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hermann
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Herold
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Heyman
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hickenlooper, Jr.
Ms. Erin Hickey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hill
Bequests, Estates and Trusts
Throughout our history, Cincinnati Children’s has been sustained by generous donors
who have provided for the future needs of the medical center through estate and gift
planning. In 2001, Cincinnati Children’s benefited from these bequest, estate and trust
distributions. We honor the memory of these donors with grateful appreciation.
Bequests, Estates and
Joel U. Adams Charitable
Clarence O. Barnett
Mary Katherine Carlton
Carl Chastain
Charles A. Cox
Anne L. Culbertson
Marjorie Daniel
Elizabeth Finney
Mildred Justis
Mary Harvie
Alborg A. Herud
William Hueneke
Loretta S. Kassel
Kate Gray Kilgour
Edith McQueen
Blanche M. and Herbert A.
Metzger Memoral Fund
Irene Mills
Herbert C. Murrer
Mary Louise Oberwitte
Vera B. Peebles
Emanuel Polster
Marie A. Reichel
George B. Riley
Connie Rockenfield
Martha P. Rowe
Mary Sabin
Dorothy M. Smith
Louise M. Wagner
Francis H. Wessel
Kay and Bernal R.
William Cooper Procter Society
Dr. and Mrs. Ira Abrahamson
Ms. Jean L. Abrahamson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E.
Ms. Libby Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Allen
Mr. James Anderson and
Rev. Marjorie Anderson
Andrew Althauser Charitable
Remainder Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. H.
Anonymous Donors (107)
Mrs. Muriel Armstrong
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Aronow
Ms. Ruth Atlas
Dr. and Mrs. Richard
Dr. Earladeen D. Badger
Mrs. Bess Barishman
Mrs. Connie W. Barker
Mrs. Elaine Baverman
Mrs. Samuel Benedict
Dr. Corning Benton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W.
Dr. Frank M. Biro
Mr. David Black
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Blinn
Mr. Donald R. Blum
Drs. Thomas and Barbara
Dr. Janet A. Borcherding
Mr. and Mrs. Elroy E.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W.
Ms. Louise Brehmer
Mrs. Joseph A. Brokamp
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L.
Brown, Jr.
Ms. Stella M. Buerger
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R.
Ms. Marilyn C. Bushelman
Ms. Helen M. Bust
Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Carter
Mr. John D. Chapman
Mrs. Paul Chidlaw
Mr. Reed L. Coen
Mrs. William C. Cohen
Mrs. Charlene F. Combs
Mrs. Lois A. Cooper
Dr. Robin T. Cotton and
Ms. Cynthia M. Fitton
Ms. Geraldine Crawford
Ms. Ruth S. Crawford
Ms. Virginia Crawford
Ms. Zilpha C. Curtin
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dauner
Mr. John A. Davis
Mrs. Albert DeGarmo
Dr. Charles H. Deitschel, Jr.
Dr. Alexander Della Bella
Department of Pediatric
Department of Pediatric
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G.
Mr. and Mrs. William O.
DeWitt, Jr.
Ms. Audrey J. Dick
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Dick
Mr. Zoltan Dobsa
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Drasnin
Ms. Jane R. Dummer
Ms. Donna Eby
Dr. Frank Edge
Edward T. & Blanche C.
Korten Charitable Fund
Mrs. Robert Ehas
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M.
Ms. Anna M. Elsasser
Ms. Gladys Elsasser
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Essig
Mrs. Hilda F. Evans
Ms. Edna Frances Everlien
Mr. James M. Ewell
Mr. and Mrs. David Falk
Dr. and Mrs. Michael K.
Ms. Terri J. Feie
Mrs. Katharine Ficks
Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Fischer,
Mr. and Mrs. Stona Fitch
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon
Mrs. David Forker
Mr. and Mrs. William A.
Mr. Robert B. Friedman
Dr. and Mrs. William Fye
Ms. Helen Gall
Drs. John and Peggy
Dr. and Mrs. Roger G. Giesel
Mrs. Delores Goldfinger
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gover
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A.
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Green
Mr. John R. Haering
Ms. Verna G. Hageny
Ms. Margaret O. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Al P. Hallam
Mr. John W. Halter
Mr. Edward P. Hammond
Dr. Judith Harmony and
Dr. Richard Jackson
Ms. Marilyn H. Harra
Dr. Rae E. Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hatala
Mr. Joseph Heideman, Jr.
Mr. Edwin Helfferich
Mr. Martin C. Hemsworth
Dr. Richard Heyman
Mrs. Mark Hoekenga
Mr. and Mrs. Terence Horan
Dr. Joe F. Inman
Ms. Anna J. Ivins
Ms. Barbara Jackson
Mr. Hollis V. Jenkins
Mrs. Morse Johnson
Mrs. Mildred Jones
Dr. Mark Kahn
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter
Mr. Aloysius Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.
Ms. Flora Piates
Dr. Steven M. Pilipovich
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Place
Mr. John J. Planes
Mr. Lowell G. Powers
Mrs. Edward L. Pratt
Dr. Joseph L. Rauh
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rauh
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M.
Mr. and Mrs. Dawn Reber
Dr. J. Mark Reed
Dr. David M. Rider
Dr. George Rieveschl, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Orville A. Rink
Ms. Teresa M. Riva
Mr. Luis O. Riva Saleta
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Robbins
The Andrew F. Robbins
Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D.
Mr. and Mrs. David
Mr. James A. Rosenthal
Mr. Morris M. Rosenthal
Dr. Robert R. Ross
Mrs. Snowden Rowe
Mrs. Hazel Rubendunst
Dr. and Mrs. Jack H.
Mr. Richard J. Ruebel
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C.
Mr. Robert Sathe
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C.
Schiff, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger P.
Mrs. Ann Schmidt
Mr. Cliffe Schotzman
Ms. Mary Louise Schroth
Dr. and Mrs. William K.
Mr. Phil Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H.
Sears, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. David B.
Dr. and Mrs. Curtis A.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sherlock
Dr. Sally Shott
Ms. Miriam Siegel
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic N.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Simich
Mrs. Shirley Sizer
Mrs. Witham Smith
Dr. Hugh Smith, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara R. SporckStegmaier
Mrs. Roger L. Stacey
Mr. George Stanton
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Starke
Ms. Michelle B. Starkey
Dr. James F. Steiner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stern, Jr.
Miss Thurza Sternberg
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Stix
Drs. Janet and Frederick
Dr. David M. Sullivan
Ms. Caroline C. Taylor
Mr. G. Richard Thomas
Mr. James L. Thompson
Mr. Paul H. Tobias
Dr. Joseph C. Todd
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas U. Todd
Dr. Randy Travis
Mrs. Angela Vance
Mr. Ronald Vankalker
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey
Mr. Milton Wacksman
Drs. Brad and Barbara
Ms. Virginia G. Warren
Dr. Richard B. Warriner, III
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Washburn
Mr. Dustin J. Waters
Mr. and Mrs. Barry S.
Mr. Harvey M. Weitkamp
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wert
Dr. Clark D. West
Mrs. Marlene E. West
Mrs. Mabel Whitacre
Mrs. John T. Whitaker
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Whitsett
Dr. J. Paul Willging
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W.
Mr. Robert Wilson
Mrs. Sarah R. Wilson
Dr. Gordon W. Womack
Mr. and Mrs. William
Mrs. Joan R. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Dr. and Mrs. Frank C.
Woodside, III
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Zanotti
Celebrating a Life Saved
Forty years ago, Beth Johnson returned from summer camp. Her
mother, Betty, was shocked when she set eyes on her daughter.
Mrs. Johnson recalls, “I said to my husband, ‘Look at Beth. She’s
gray. She’s dying.’” Unfortunately, her diagnosis was accurate. The
family’s pediatrician recognized that Beth’s appendix had burst
five days earlier, spreading a terrible infection throughout her
body. “I really thought we would lose her,” Mrs. Johnson says. But
months of care at Cincinnati Children’s restored her to health, and
today Beth lives in Washington, D.C., with her family. To honor
her daughter and the care she received, Mrs. Johnson supports the
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
This family of donors has remembered Cincinnati Children’s in their estate plans and
has notified the medical center of their intentions to invest in our future through
planned or deferred gift arrangements. The society’s name honors a Cincinnati
humanitarian who understood how best to preserve his values. In 1931, Colonel
Procter initiated an endowment that led to the creation of our Research Foundation,
which today provides assurance that our children will receive the best care possible.
Dr. Thomas R. Kimball
Mr. Allen J. King
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C.
Mrs. Mildred Kirkpatrick
Mrs. Margaret W. Kite
Dr. Jules Klein
Ms. Florence Koetters
Ms. Virginia Kolozik
Dr. Othilda Krug
Mrs. Elmer Kull
Mrs. Gladys M. Kurtz
Dr. Beatrice C. Lampkin
Mr. Buddy LaRosa
Mr. John T. Lawrence, III
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Lessard
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E.
Dr. and Mrs. Philip K.
Dr. John Liu and Ms. Kari A.
Mr. Thomas A. Long
Mr. George B. Lott and
Ms. Barbara N. Wurth
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W.
Mrs. John L. Markstein
Ms. Marie Marley
Mrs. Susan S. Marrs
Dr. Lester W. Martin
Mr. Fred Mauer
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel D.
Dr. and Mrs. Paul McEnery
Mr. and Mrs. Dale McGirr
Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Dr. and Mrs. J. Scott
Dr. C. Nelson Melampy
Dr. Mary Melvin
Mr. John Miller
Mrs. Robert Miller
Drs. Anthony J. and Gisella
Mrs. Dorothy T. Mueller
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Myer, III
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Newberg
Dr. Jeanne E. Nitchals
Mr. Rick Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H.
Mr. Frank L. Oppenheimer
and Dr. Sonya G.
Mr. J. F. Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A.
Beth Johnson Aerodigestive and Sleep Center through a threeyear gift and a planned gift. "Children’s saved my child’s life.
Since her disease was in the aerodigestive area, this tribute is a
perfect celebration of her life."
Partners for Children’s
Established in 1999, “Partners for Children’s” is a society that recognizes professional
advisors who have helped facilitate a deferred gift benefiting Cincinnati Children’s
Hospital Medical Center. We are grateful to them and their clients.
Ms. Susan M. Ahlrichs
Mr. Charles F. Allbery
Ms. Sally Alspaugh
Ms. Pamela K. Amlung
Mr. Robert D.H. Anning
Ms. Mary G. Backsman
Mr. William J. Baechtold
Mr. John G. Banner
Mr. Norman I. Barron
Ms. Kathy A. Beacock
Mr. Philip J. Blomer
Ms. Susan B. Bock
Ms. Julie M. Bodnar
Mr. Daniel J. Brennan
Mr. Brenda Brightkreutz
Mr. Robert S. Brown
Ms. Katherine R.
Mr. James H. Brun
Mr. Leland K. Bulger
Mr. James Cambron
Ms. Bonnie G. Camden
Ms. Margaret Champion
Mr. Ronald C. Christian
Mr. John E. Christopher, Jr.
Mr. Thomas H. Clark
Ms. Michelle L. Clemons
Mr. Alfred M. Cohen
Ms. Joan Coleman
Mr. J. Michael Cooney
Mr. Douglass Corn
Ms. Elizabeth D. Corr
Mr. L. Barry Cors
Ms. Barbara A. Culver
Mr. Thomas A. Curtin
Mr. Steven L. Dauterman
Mr. Michael J. Dusold
Mr. William T. Earls, Jr.
Mr. Thomas M. Elsbrock
Mr. H. Garrett Frey
Mr. Kenneth R. Frey
Ms. Phonthip Garringer
Ms. Melissa R. Getzendanner
Ms. Lisa H. Goetz
Mr. Ken Goldhoff
Ms. Hilary Goodison-Orr
Mr. Stanley Goodman
Mr. David A. Groenke
Mr. Herman J. Guckenberger
Mr. Narley L. Haley
Mr. James W. Halloran
Ms. Kathy Hamm
Mr. Robert E. Handshew
Mr. Stephen L. Hauck
Ms. Mary J. Healy
Mr. Emanuel Hecht
Mr. Robert W. Hilton, Jr.
Mr. Jerry Hindman
Mr. Herman Hoernschemeyer
Mr. Daniel J. Hoffheimer
Mr. Jon Hoffheimer
Mr. Ronald R. Holden
Mr. Terence L. Horan
Mr. Daniel R. Houston
Mr. William D. Howe
Mr. James D. Huizenga
Mr. Kenneth D. Jameson
Mr. John Jenek
Ms. Margaret S. Johnson
Mr. Thomas T. Keating
Mr. William Kelleher
Mr. Larry Keller
Mr. Charles J. Kelly
Mr. John W. Kilcoyne
Mr. Leonard Kirschner
Mr. Jerry E. Klein
Mr. Lawrence A. Klein
Mr. Jerome R. Klett
Ms. V. Ruth Klette
Mr. Harold A. Klink
Mr. Dale W. Klocke
Mr. Thomas J. Kluener
Mr. J. Louis Kurtzer
Mr. Polk Laffoon
Ms. Karen Lane
Mr. J. Michael Laumann
Mr. Chad S. Levin
Ms. Debbe A. Levin
Mr. Robert L. Liebman
Mr. Michael Loth
Mr. Millard H. Mack
Mr. Craig M. Mann
Mr. Robert S. Marriott
Mr. Terry G. Marty
Mr. Stanley A. Mathews
Mr. Joseph E. Matson
Ms. Margery H. Mattox
Mr. Michael S. McGraw
Mr. Ronald J. McHenry
Mr. Daniel H. McKinney
Mr. Mel Medlin
Ms. Patricia S. Meek
Mr. Robert Meese
Mr. Richard C. Mileham
Mr. Michael R. Miller
Mr. William L. Montague
Ms. Rhonda Y. Moore
Mr. S. Patrick Moose
Mr. Charles D. Mullenix
Mr. Roger A. Nadler
Mr. Roy Neal
Ms. Valerie L. Newell
Mr. Timothy P. Nolan
Mr. C. Daniel Payne
Ms. Martha H. Perin
Mr. Steve Perrin
Mr. Michael S. Pfeffer
Mr. Robert Neal Piper
Mr. P. Christopher Plummer
Mr. Robert C. Porter, Jr.
Mr. Robert C. Porter, III
Mr. John Posani
Mr. Matthew Potena
Ms. Alma Puissegur
Mr. John A. Rebel
Mr. Peter M. Rebold
Mr. Thomas D. Richards
Mr. William C. Riffle
Mr. Michael J. Riley
Ms. Stephanie R. Robinson
Mr. Stephen L. Robison
Ms. Bettina H. Ross
Mr. D. Bruce Ross
Mr. William F. Russo
Mr. Thomas J. Ruwe
Mr. J. Brendan Ryan
Mr. James J. Ryan
Ms. Tara Ryan
Mr. Irvin Schmidt
Mr. Allen Schwartz
Mr. William D. Sherman
Mr. Alan L. Sirken
Mr. Paul Sittenfeld
Ms. Janet Sorrell
Mr. Morton L. Spitz
Mr. David H. Spritz
Mr. Al Stamler
Mr. Stanley L. Stanford
Ms. Amy Tabler
Ms. Rose Tomlinson
Ms. Betsy W. Townsend
Mr. Michael P. Trapani
Mr. Karen Ulfers
Mr. James H. Van Matre
Mr. Jeffrey Vaughn
Mr. Todd Washburn
Mr. Maxwell N. Wear
Mr. H. Patrick Weber
Mr. Paul F. Wenker
Mr. Steven M. Wilhelm
Mr. Bill Wingo
Ms. Sheila C. Woods
Mr. Frank C. Woodside, III
Mr. Edward T. Wright
Mr. Michael D. Young
Corporations and Foundations
In myriad ways, corporations and foundations play key roles in supporting the work of
Cincinnati Children’s. Employers’ matching gifts are an essential part of that support
system. We are grateful to these corporations and foundations that made gifts and/or
payments toward pledges during calendar year 2001.
Cris Collinsworth
Foundation, Inc.
The Delta Air Lines
The Ethel Wright Luther,
Howard Bourne Luther and
Francis R. Luther Charitable
The Greater Cincinnati
LISC National
The Procter & Gamble Fund
Robert Wood Johnson
$50,000 - $99,999.99
Federated Department
Stores Foundation
Firstar Foundation
Frank Messer & Sons
Construction Company
Healthy Communities
J.E. and Z.B. Butler
$25,000 - $49,999.99
$10,000 - $24,999.99
Cincinnati Bell Foundation,
Cincinnati Coca-Cola
Costco Wholesale
Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP
Dykstra Consulting Group,
Fifth Third Bank
GBBN Architects
General Electric Evendale
Employee's Community
Service Fund
Helen T. Andrews Foundation
Jack J. Smith Charitable
Josephine Schell Russell
KnowledgeWorks Foundation
The Midland Company
Milacron, Inc.
Nelson Stark Company
Ohio National Financial
The Daniel and Susan Pfau
Presbyterian Church U.S.A.
Robert H. Reakirt
Ronald McDonald Children's
The Spaulding Foundation
Taft, Stettinius & Hollister,
The Union Central Life
Insurance Company
Wiebe Charitable
$5,000 - $9,999.99
ABS Business Products
The William H. Albers
Foundation, Inc.
The Allstate Foundation
American Valet
ESI, Inc.
The Health Foundation of
Greater Cincinnati
Helen G., Henry F. & Louise
Tuechter Dornette
Herman Miller, Inc.
Highfield Foundation
Horan Associates, Inc.
Husman Snack Foods
J. Sawyer Company
John J. & Thomas R. Schiff &
Co., Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Health
Care Systems
Maxwell C. Weaver
Monarch Construction
Nationwide Mutual
Insurance Company
Neediest Kids of All,
Channel 12
OK Interiors Corporation
Peck, Hannaford & Briggs
Preferred Fire Protection,
Provident Bank
Shonk Land Company, LLC
Sibcy Cline, Inc.
The Sutphin Family
THP Limited
United States Playing Card
Western-Southern Life
Insurance Company
$2,500 - $4,999.99
Anthem Blue Cross/Blue
Berman Printing Company
Dow Chemical
Fifth Third Bank of Kentucky
Gold Coast Promotions, Inc.
Great-West Life Assurance
March of Dimes Ohio
Merrill Lynch & Company
Foundation, Inc.
R.E. Forshee Company, Inc.
Rich's Lazarus Goldsmith's
The Sheakley Group, Inc.
Thompson MacConnell
Cadillac, Inc.
Their Gifts Say ‘Thank You’
“Cincinnati Children’s has given a life to our second son, Brian,”
says Elroy Bourgraf. In gratitude, Mr. Bourgraf and his wife,
Elaine, have donated generously to the medical center. Born in
1963 with a rare birth defect, Brian Bourgraf was expected to
live 6 months. Instead, Lester Martin, MD, performed 19
surgeries, including a double kidney transplant. Kidney specialist
Clark West, MD, monitored his drug regimen. Today, Brian, now
married, leads a rewarding life working in the family business
and stays in touch with the physicians who saved his life. To
honor these doctors, Elroy and Elaine supported the creation of
endowed chairs. They also included Cincinnati Children’s in their
estate plans and continue to make substantial annual gifts.
The Westerman Print
$1,000 - $2,499.99
Advantage Sales and
Alex Fries, Inc.
American Services Group, Inc.
American Red Cross
The August A. Rendigs, Jr.
Avenue Fabricating, Inc.
Blue Ash Airport
Bunnell Hill Development
Company, Inc.
Burke & Company
Casco Manufacturing
Solutions, Inc.
cHc Fabricating Corporation
Chemed Foundation
The Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical
Cincinnati Asset
Management, Inc.
Cincinnati Dental Society
Cincinnati Incorporated
Cinergy Foundation, Inc.
Contemporary Cabinetry
East, Inc.
Cornerstone Foundation
Cors & Bassett
Deerfield Construction
Company, Inc.
Deloitte & Touche
Denier Electric Co., Inc.
Drake Center
Eastern Enterprises
Ellison Surface Technologies
Enerfab, Inc.
Ernst & Young, LLP
Eva Maddox & Associates
F.G. Schaefer Company, Inc.
The Federal Home Loan Bank
of Cincinnati
Florence Commercial
FocusMark Group, LLC
Frost Brown Todd, LLC
Gateway Investment
Advisers, LP
Grange Insurance
Graydon, Head & Ritchey
Henry Schein, Inc.
Hiles Funding Group
Images Professional
Intrieve, Inc.
Jay E. Suddreth &
Associates, Inc.
Jeff Wyler Dealer Group, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson Investment Counsel,
Johnstone Supply/Controls
Center, Inc.
Keating, Muething &
Klosterman's Baking
Krombholz Jewelers
La-Z-Boy Recliner Shop, Inc.
Larson Juhl
Learning Voyage
Lee Hecht Harrison, LLC
Leo Burnett Company, Inc.
M. Bohlke Veneer
(continued on page 31)
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
Advisor Name
The Andrew Jergens
Charles H. Dater Foundation
John Hauck Foundation
PNC Bank
Scripps Howard Foundation
Target Stores
Teammates For Kids
(Corporations and Foundations, continued from page 30)
Masur Trucking, Inc.
Medimmune, Inc.
Mitsubishi Electric
Automotive America, Inc.
Oral and Facial Surgery
Oswald Company, Inc.
Pediatric Dentistry of
Western Hills
Pepsi-Cola Bottling
Periodontics, Inc.
Petermann, LLC
Planes Moving & Storage,
Porter & Porter
Power Realty Advisors
The Prudential Foundation
Raymond James Financial
Rieveschl Foundation
Robert W. Baird & Company,
Ross Products Division
Sam's Club Foundation
Shalom Pediatric
Association, Inc.
Spear USA
Surburban Pediatric
Associates, Inc.
The Kreller Group
Waite, Schneider, Bayless &
Chesley Company, LPA
Wal-Mart Foundation
Warren County Foundation
Wendling Printing Company
$250 - $999.99
Don Pablo's Restaurant
Dualite, Inc.
Eagle Chemical, Inc.
Everclear Communications, LLC
Feinblanking, Ltd., Inc.
Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System
Fidelity Investments
Firstar Bank, Private Client Group
Ford Motor Company
Frame Queen, Inc.
The G.A. Avril Company
Gambill Company, Inc.
Geiger Construction Products
General Cable
Global Cloud
Gradison & Company Foundation
Grote Enterprises, LLC
Guardian Life
Guardian Savings Bank, FSB
Guardian Dental
The H. C. Nutting Company
Hall's Hardwood Floor's, Inc.
Hamilton Dental Group, Inc.
Hamilton Distribution, LLC
Harrison Century and Gold, Inc.
Hart Productions, Inc.
Health Care Solutions, Inc.
Hickman, Williams & Company
Huntington National Bank
Hypac, Inc.
Inter-National Foundation
Interactive Business Systems, Inc.
International Paper
J. D. Cloud Company
B. & J. Jacobs Company
Jacobs Engineering
Jacobs, Inc.
Jewish Federation of Cincinnati
Katz, Teller, Brant & Hild
Kitchen Views Design Group, Inc.
Kohnen & Patton, LLP
Kokosing Construction Company, Inc.
Laser Life Corporation
Lear Corporation
Libby Perszyk Kathman, Inc.
Liebel-Flarsheim Company
Magnode Corporation
Mary Andres & Associates
Mayers Electric Company, Inc.
McGraw-Hill, Inc.
MCH Services
Meridian Apparel Systems
Merit Litigation Support Services
Micrographic Sciences, Inc.
Midland Company Foundation
Mike Albert Leasing, Inc.
Mueller Roofing Distributors
The National Underwriter Company
Northern Kentucky Restaurant
NuTone, Inc.
O.K.I. Window Systems, Inc.
Orthopaedic Consultants of
Cincinnati, Inc.
Ovation Theatre Company, Inc.
Parsley Pottery
Patterson Dental Supply, Inc.
Pediatric Associates, PSC
Perry Contracting, Inc.
Personal Preference, Inc.
Peter R. Rentschler Foundation
Pharmco, Inc.
Reliance Medical Products, Inc.
REM Enterprises, Inc.
Richard Goettle, Inc.
River Metals Recycling, LLC
Roofing and Chimney Sweep
Service, Inc.
Saturn of Kings Automall
Scherzinger Drilling
Sentron Medical, Inc.
Soffseal, Inc.
Spangler Reporting Services
Spectrum Interiors
Spy Club, Inc.
Standard Textile Company, Inc.
Standex Electronics Company
Steigerwald, Inc.
Surgical Appliance Industries, Inc.
T. J. Williams Electric Company
Tappan Properties, Inc.
Tepe Nursery, Inc.
Thriftway, Inc.
Time Warner Cable
The TJX Foundation, Inc.
Towne Investment Company, LP
Toyota of Cincinnati, Inc.
Traditions Investments - Pierce
Trans-American Logging Company
Tri-State Maternal Fetal Medicine
Trish Weeks Design Group
Ulmer & Berne, LLP
Ultra Services, Inc.
United Parcel Service, Inc.
University Radiology Associates of
URS Corporation
ValAir Parking
Wal-tron Interior Systems, Inc.
Washington Savings & Loan
Weisbrod Masonry, Inc.
Wyeth Lederle Vaccines and
York International Corporation
The Zero - Breese Company
Unfortunately, it was not possible to list the names of all our donors
due to the space constraints of this publication. Cincinnati Children’s
gratefully acknowledges all gifts from our generous family of donors.
The Cooperative Society
Cincinnati Children’s first auxiliary, the Cooperative Society serves the medical center by making
clothing, blankets and dolls for the children, as well as funding an on-site sewing room. The society
hosts an annual luncheon for all community volunteers who sew for the hospital, whether in the
sewing room or at home. In addition, members decorate the hospital lobbies and public spaces
for holidays.
Projects of new interest include the Family Resource Center, addressing the needs of families of
children with chronic conditions. After more than 100 years of service, the Cooperative Society
retains its long-standing traditions and welcomes new members to its organization.
President: Ms. Deborah Graumlich
Donation: $463,010
There’s something to delight every
child in the gift shop at Cincinnati
Children’s, which expanded in
2001 to offer more space for toys,
games and trinkets. The Junior
Funny Companie Clowns
How much fun can you have in 18 years? The Funny Companie Clowns should know. They’ve
entertained children and raised funds for Cincinnati Children’s through many volunteer performances,
including birthday parties, company picnics, Sunday brunches, community events and public awareness campaigns. “Dr. Funn,” “Hobo Fo” and “Dolly Dimples” are three adult clowns who spread
laughter wherever they go.
President: Mr. Don Bachmann
Donation: $4,640
Cooperative Society, which operates
and staffs the gift shop, donates all
proceeds to improve care at
Cincinnati Children’s.
FunRaisers, the preeminent philanthropic singles organization in Greater Cincinnati, raises funds
for Hematology/Oncology Division research at Cincinnati Children’s. Since 1985, the members have
supported the hospital financially through many activities, including membership dues, scheduled
parties, special events and corporate donations. About 50 parties and events are held per year, with
total combined attendance approaching 10,000 people.
FunRaisers’ contributions have been used for hematology/oncology research and to provide a video
and handbook for newly diagnosed patients and their families. More than $390,000 has already
been donated to help find a cure for pediatric cancer. FunRaisers also sponsors an annual picnic and
a special visit from Santa Claus to hospital patients.
President: Ms. Jan Eide
Donation: $44,052
Good Bears
Founded in 1984, the Good Bears auxiliary provides a specially designed teddy bear for each child admitted to Cincinnati
Children’s. This auxiliary is also raising funds for the renovation of the Interfaith Chapel and Meditation Room in the medical
center’s patient tower.
To fulfill their goals, the Good Bears rely on individual and corporate support from the Greater Cincinnati community. New
members are welcome.
President: Mr. Eric Stevens
Donation: 1333 Bears
Volunteer Fundraisers
Junior Cooperative Society
The dedicated support of our auxiliaries and special groups is essential to the success
of Cincinnati Children’s. For more than a century, volunteers have raised funds and
assisted the medical center in many ways. While the auxiliaries and special groups vary
in their activities, they share a common bond: a pride in Cincinnati Children’s and
what they can help us accomplish.
Association of Volunteers
Founded in 1964, the Association of Volunteers provides "tender loving care" for the patients of Convalescent Hospital for
Children, an affiliate of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The association created and sponsors the annual
Cincinnati Antiques Festival to raise funds for the Convalescent Hospital. The four-day festival has grown into one of the finest
antique shows in the country and one of the most anticipated events of the local and regional calendar.
President: Mrs. Marianne Miller
Donation: $50,050
Established in 1910, the Junior Cooperative Society auxiliary operates and staffs the newly expanded gift shop of Cincinnati
Children’s. The shop is packed with toys, games, novelties and unusual trinkets to cheer the spirits of hospitalized children and
their families.
The Junior Cooperative Society has donated funds toward the purchase of major medical equipment. The auxiliary also provides
funding for the Infectious Diseases Division and for endowed research fellowships in pediatric infectious diseases.
President: Mrs. Carolyn Kite
Donation: $50,000
The largest Cincinnati Children’s auxiliary, Kindervelt is recognized as one of Greater Cincinnati’s outstanding volunteer organizations. It is composed of neighborhood or other common-interest groups joined together by a central, city-wide board of trustees.
Kindervelt welcomes new members and encourages the formation of new groups. Its members reflect a cross-section of people
and geographic areas of the Tristate region. The goal of "having fun while raising funds" is met without requiring specific time
commitments or financial quotas. In 2001, Kindervelt reached a milestone: donations since 1971 now total more than $10 million.
President: Mrs. Karen Post
Donation: $525,000
(continued on page 33)
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
Accelerated Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Treatment Sciences, Inc.
Allstate Insurance Company
Altiora Ltd.
American Bus & Accessories
The Andrew Jergens Company
Archiable Electric Company
ARSite, Ltd.
At Your Delivery Service, Inc.
Bahl & Gaynor, Inc.
Balluff, Inc.
Bankhardt's, Inc.
Bartlett & Co.
Bella, Crosthwaite & Newman
Boesken Electric Company
Bowne of Cleveland, Inc.
Bramkamp Printing Company, Inc.
Brower Insurance Agency
Busken Bakery
Capstone Financial Solutions, LLC
Carlisle Construction Company, Inc.
Castellini Foundation
Ceco Concrete Construction
CECO Environmental
Central Investment Corporation
Champion International Corporation
Charles. H. Bilz Insurance Agency,
Child Tender Development Center
Chiquita Brands International
Cincinnati Art Gallery
Cincinnati Container Company
Cincinnati African-American
Firefighters Association
Citigroup Foundation
Clean-As-A-Whistle Maintenance
Color Brite Fabrics & Display
Computer Systems Management,
Controlled Credit Corporation
Croson-Teepe Mechanical
D.E. Foxx & Associates, Inc.
Dalmatian Fire, Inc.
Dan Druffel, Inc.
Delta Air Lines Fairshare Committee
Deltec, Inc.
Dental Care Plus
DMK Industries
Dole Food Company, Inc.
(Volunteer Fundraisers, continued from page 32)
Clubs and Community Organizations
Emery Society
Friends and neighbors who share common interests extended their enthusiasm and
generosity to raising funds for Cincinnati Children’s in 2001. We are grateful to these
clubs and community organizations for their time and effort on our behalf.
Members of the Emery Society share the vision of Mary, Thomas and Josiah Emery, the founders of Cincinnati Children’s,
through contributions that help us to offer the highest quality pediatric care. Each year, the society focuses on fundraising for a
specific vital program or service. In 2001, members’ annual gifts of $1,000 or more supported the Kelly O’Leary Center for
Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Since 1991, members have enjoyed learning about Cincinnati Children’s and child health
issues through lectures, receptions and medical center tours.
Chair: Mrs. Phyllis Adams
Donation: $49,420
American Legion Auxiliary
Dept. of Ohio, Inc.
Avon-Miami Lodge No. 542,
F. & A.M
Calvary Episcopal Church
Church of the Redeemer
The Church of Our Saviour
Cyclones Fan Club, Inc.
Down Syndrome Association
of Greater Cincinnati
Eastgate Corvette Club
Eastgate Senior Village 121
Emery Educational Society
The Emery Educational Society, founded in 1994 as a division of the Emery Society, supports Cincinnati Children’s and educates
members about progress and groundbreaking developments at the medical center. In 2001, members’ annual gifts of $250 or
more helped to fund the International Adoption Center. Members learn about child health issues during four annual lectures
and opportunities for discussion with Cincinnati Children’s medical staff experts. They also socialize during season-opening and
year-end gatherings.
Chair: Mrs. Lisa Pettengill
Donation: $6,875
$10,000 - $24,999.99
$1,000 - $2,499.99
Tennis Masters Series
WLWT & CMN Telethon
Rheumatology Win A
Wine Cellar
Papp Golf Outing
Division of Developmental
Disabilities Wine Tasting
Blue Ash Air Show
Playhouse in the Park Event
Youth Injury Prevention
Theatre Benefit
Regina Smith Jewelry Sale
Entertainment Publications
Eastside Moms Wine Tasting
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
$50,000 - $99,999.99
Child Life Department Celebrates 70 Years
Silly hats, symphony performers and deco-
Fifth Third Celebrity Golf
Hannah Jo Smith Golf
Magical Train Ride Gala
Starshine Gala/Auction
rated cookies all helped patients to mark
$25,000 - $49,999.99
the 70th year of the Department of Child
Cincinnati Dental Care
Foundation Golf Classic
CLC’s Guess Who’s Coming
to Dinner Event
Ken Griffey Golf Outing
Division of Developmental
Disabilities Walk A Thon
Life at Cincinnati Children’s. Through seven
decades, dedicated child life specialists
have focused on preparing children and
their families for hospitalization, clinic
visits or procedures through the use of
role play, developmentally appropriate
information and therapeutic support.
$5,000 - $9,999.99
Kids Racing for Kids
Sarah’s Run
Gold Coast Promotions
Golfer’s for Garrett
$2,500 - $4,999.99
J. Alexanders Benefit
Miami University’s Delta
Delta Delta Walk
Hauer Open
Spinning Event
Regatta on the River
$250 - $999.99
Ovation Theatre Benefit
Division of Developmental
Disabilities Parisian
Charity Sale
Reds Game Benefit/
Pulmonary Medicine
Unfortunately, it was not possible to list the names of all our donors
due to the space constraints of this publication. Cincinnati Children’s
gratefully acknowledges all gifts from our generous family of donors.
St. Thomas Church
The Society of
United Way of The Greater
Dayton Area
United Way & Community
StarTrek Fanclub
Young Presidents’
Organization of Cincinnati
Because spending time in the hospital can be difficult for children and their families,
special toys and activities help make the hospital experience less stressful. We thank
these contributors for helping to lighten the load with donations of services, toys,
crafts or other items in 2001.
Amelia Nazarene Church
Ammon Wholesale Nursey
Mr. and Mrs. JoJuan Armour
Assistance League of Greater
Ayla's Originals
Babies ‘R Us
Ms. Sandy Bakst
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald
Ms. Aretha Baumgartner
Bear Hugs
Belterra Resort and Casino
Blue Tip Band
Mr. Kevin Boggess
Mr. and Mrs. John Bollmer
Ms. Janet Borcherding
Ms. Robin Brahm
Mrs. Barbara K. Brenner
Broadwing Communication
Services, Inc.
Ms. Diana Brock
Ms. Perie Lee Brock
Burger King
Mrs. Adla-Ann Burke
Mrs. Carol Burkhardt
Mr. Peter Campisi
Children’s Mission Fund
Cincinnati Bell
Cincinnati Bell Foundation
Cincinnati Playhouse in
the Park
Clear Channel Entertainment
Clotilde, Inc.
Mr. Mark Chasteen
Sambhu Choudhury, M.D.
Ms. Jessica Coates
Ms. Libby Cohn
Comic Central
Doug and Julie Cook
Covedale Girl Scouts
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Cowan
Mr. Robert Cowan
Ms. Connie Croswell
Mr. Dave Culbertson
Ms. Donna J. Daniels
Mrs. Chris Daush
Ms. Beth Dener
Discovery Toys
Ms. Laurie Dobrowolski
Mr. Mike Drew
Mr. Kenneth Durham
Mr. Mike Edwards
Ms. Wendy Eilbacher
Explore Magazine
First Baptist Church of
Glen Este
Mr. Michael Fishel
FocusMark Group LLC
Ford Motor Company
Frieman & French, D.D.S., Inc.
Ms. Judith Fricke
Frisch's Restaurants
FTD, Inc.
Furniture Fair
Ed Hartman and Anthony
Fuji Film
Galerie Au Chocolat
General Polymers
Mark and Karen Grosser
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Grycko
Half-Price Books
Hat World
Hat Zone
Heritage Elementary PTA
Ms. Juliann Herron
Holy Trinity St. Nicholas
Greek Orthodox
Hopewell Elementary School
Mr. Michael P. Ilyinsky
Jack Herb Florist
Mr. Tylyn James
Ms. Sandy Jefferson
Ms. Julie Johnson
Mr. Tom Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Kalnow
Kids For Kids
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R.
Ms. Lois Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Knox
Ms. Laura A. Kohls
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kolp
The Kroger Company
Ms. Denise Larson
Lazarus, Kenwood
Logo Athletic
The Lynch Family
Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Maggie Moo’s
Mr. and Mrs. Everett
McDonald's Corporation
Ms. Lisa McLaughlin
Mr. Nestor Melnyk
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Meyer
Baylee and Logan Meyer
Miami University Thrall
Children's Theatre
Microsoft Corporation
Millennium Hotel
Miller's Hallmark & Gift
Ms. Jamie Minniear
Zae and Mae Minturn
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Montique
Mutual of Omaha
Ms. Patricia Myers
Network Video
NICHD Neonatal Research
Norwood Eagles Aerie
#449 FOE
Mr. David O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Ochs
Ohio Medical Instrument
Company, Inc.
Ohio State Troopers
Mr. Roger Orth
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell S.
Ms. Cindy Pilipovich
Pilots For Kids
(continued on page 35)
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
North College Hill Middle
High School
Norwood Eagles Aerie
#449 FOE
Pendleton County High
Police & Fire Retirees of Ohio
Rockdale Temple Religious
Southern Baptist Church
St. Ignatius School
St. Martin School
Gifts in Kind
Events and Benefits
Having fun while raising funds for Cincinnati Children’s was
the goal of a wide variety of events and benefits held in 2001.
We are grateful for all the hard work that went into making
these events possible – and to all those who attended and made
them successful.
Friends of the Special
Treatment Center for
Juvenile Arthritis
Girls' Friendly Society of
South Ohio
Immanuel United Methodist
Kiwanis Club/GreenhillsForest Park
Lincoln Park Athletic Club
Loveland High School
Mt. Lookout Civic Club
(Gifts of Kindness, continued from page 34)
Pioneer Vending
Procter & Gamble
Ms. Rebecca A. Redding
Resident's of Parkside
Ms. Brigid Roarty
Roche Pharmaceuticals
Mr. Adrian Ross
Mr. Ric Royce
Mr. Andrew G. Rust
Sacred Heart School
Mr. and Mrs. Erick Schmidt
Ms. Jane Seta
Mr. Alfred Shokany
Skyline Chili
Mr. Chris Smith
Ms. Lori Spann
St. Ignatius School
Ms. Jean Steichen
David and Pamela Stevens
Ms. Tammy Stewart
Stirrup Lane Carnival
Mr. Terry Stokes
Summit Country Day School
Ms. Wanda Tassinger
Ms. Shirley J. Taylor
Teradata, A Division of NCR
The Plastic Surgery Group
The Walt Disney Company
Toys for Nicholas
Troop 203 Boy Scouts
Tyson Foods, Inc.
U.S. Marine Corps
Value City Department
Stores, Inc.
Ms. Connie Watkins
Mr. Kenneth A. Weed, Jr.
Mr. Raymond Weidner
Ms. Patricia Winn
Ms. Dara Wood
Ms. Debbie Woudson
Ms. Cindy Yeager
In-Kind gifts are listed based on the donor’s stated value for tax
purposes. Only gifts with a recorded value are included in this list.
We make every effort to keep our records accurate. Should you find
an error or an omission, please bring it to our attention and we
would be happy to correct it.
Unfortunately, it was not possible to list the names of all our donors
due to the space constraints of this publication. Cincinnati Children’s
gratefully acknowledges all gifts from our generous family of donors.
Honor Gifts
Peppie Abams
Irene Abbatiello
Ann Ackerman
Mary Ackerman
Jacob Alexander Agliata
Michael C. Ahr
Betty Alexander
Timmy Alexander
Drew Manning Alloway
Robert Altman
Marjorie Amberg
Betty Ambrogi
Lucille G. Ames
Mary E. Anderson
Marilyn Anderson
William Archer
Susie Armentrout
Roz Aronoff
Scott Asbrock
John Austing
Drew Marena Avey
Jessica Lynn Babb
Mary Beth Backherms
Jeanne Baeker
Levi Bryson Bailey
Jean Baker
Nancy J. Baker
William Baker
Jessie Bane
Anna M. Barcol
Robert Barnes
Dr. Charles H. Bartlett
Benjamin R. Basye
Clifton Batchelder
Ryan Bates
Freida Bauer
Robert Bauer, Sr.
Chloe Marie Bayliff
Marjorie Beckert
Walter E. Beckjord
Bert Beerman
James Behr
Paul Beiting
Kay Bellew
Mrs. James Benedict
Sarah Bennert
Jessica Allen Bennett
Floyd Berg
Tom Bergstein
Jerome Berman
Mary Jane Bernet
Elma M. Bertke
Jerome Bertke
Jordan Herbert Bettman
Lincoln C. Betty
Glen Beyring
Joshua E. Billow
Eileen Binder
Bernard A. Birkle
Melissa Black
Mary Blankemeyer
Betty Blatt
Alma M. Bleser
Shirley Blickenstaff
Cathryn Blinn
Cameron Block
Mary Jane Boeckmann
Sandra A. Bohnert
Eric Bole
Ralph Bonsteel
Sister Camille Bortz
Malique Bouldin
Margaret B. Boylan
Paul W. Brabender
Allan Brackenridge
Michael Christopher Brady
Jillian Brandes
Branden Breakfield
Emily Maire Brehm
Rebecca, Diane and Ed Brennen
Mildred Brewer
Dwight Bridges
Betty Brielmaier
Marilyn Broderick
J. Lawrence Brogan
Lena Bronson
Jacob Brookbank
Agnes Brossart-Werner
Catherine M. Browne
Robert Browning
Lena Brownson
Anthony James Broxterman
Estill Bruce
Conner Bryant
Louise Buka
Henry Bullock
Sphar Burklow
Dennis Burns
Donald Burns
Clara Butts
Oscar Butts
Lovey Byrer
Phyllis Caggiano
Florence Cahill
Bertha Cain
Richard L. Campbell
Carol Camson
Carley Lynn Canfield and Family
Jamie Marie Caporale
Zachary Charles Carter
Patricia Cassidy
Evelyn Castle
Mother Casuto
Eugene Caswell
Joshua Catillo
Mathilda E. Catron
Ann Cecil
Samuel A. Cholmondeley
Jennifer K. Clanton
John Clark
Jordan John Clark
William D. Clark, III
Samuel Clayton
Dr. Frank Clement
Deborah L. Clements
J.A. “Tony” Clock
A. J. Cohen
Beth Colchagoff
Libby Colclough
Barbara Collier
McKenzie Collins
Hannah Colwell
Amanda Combs
Dean Connaughton
Jim Conway
Jessica Marie Cook
David Coop
Sarah Copeland
Stephen Corcoran
Brandon Cordes
Sandra Lenora Cordes
Bill Cornelius
A. J. Cornish
Lori Cotterell
Bryce Andrew Musser Cracraft
Jeanne Springmeier Craig
Roberta Craig
Ronda Lynn Crapyou
Charles Crawfiss
Romild T. Crawford
Mr. Glenn Creech
Ronald H. Creek
Lucy Crespo da Silva
David J. Crosby
Dottie Cunningham
Jack Curtis
Christopher D'Angina
Susan Fay Damron
Timothy John Dangel
Marjorie Gibson Daniel
Ron Davenport
Shirley Davies
Jill Davis
Malik Davis
Eunice Davis
Robert Davis
Harry Dawson
Harold Deatherage
Clara DeChristophe
Velma DeHanes
Mary DeLong
Marianne DeNoma
Frederick Deuschle
Dan Di Orio
Stanley W. Diebold
Thelma Dieckman
Fannie Lou Diefenbacker
Gary Dietrich
Frederick N. Dittrich
Liselotte Dittrich
Robert E. Dolle
Bernadine Donnelly
Michael J. Donnelly, Sr.
Violet Hay- Donnelly
Virginia Dooley
Margaret Ann Dorscher
Ryan Drake
Jacob Dressman
Casey Dreyer
Chase Anthony Dudderar
Helen Duncan
Ray Duncan
Madison Dunmire
Elizabeth “Betty” Dupree
Helen R. Dzubak
Donn D. Early
Howard H. Eberts
Frank Edwards
Lucille Eichelberger
Kevin Michael Eichmann
John L. Elfring
Earl Elliott
Esther Elliott
Makenna Noel Ellis
Zachary David Halloran
Braden Scott Hamilton
Frank T. Hamilton
Keir Hamper
Charles William Haney, Jr.
Ann Brady Hanke
Robert A. Happel
Myrl Harbison
Floyd Hardeman
Abbie Harkleroad
John Harmon
Donald Harper
Marcella Harris
Florence C. Hartigan
Donnie Hathorn
Walter Hattenbach
Chelsea Hatter
Shannon Lynn Hay
Joseph P. Hayden, IV
Mary Dyer Hayes
Mildred Hayes
Hugh Head
Daniel M. Heekin
Kevin David Heilmann
Marjorie Louise Hein
Helene Helfen
Margaret E. Helferich
Ruth Heller
Jenna Helton
Suzanne D. Hemmel
Erin Henderson
Clara Hennard
Marie M. Hensgen
Eric Hensley
Helen Herbert
Jeffrey Chase Herold
Donald Hill
Thomas Hill
Maria Hirlinger
Brandon Hodges
Beth Hoeffel
James A. Hoerner
Claire Hoff
Lois Hoffman
Nancy P. Holt
Paul Homan
Howard B. Hopewell
Pamela C. Houston
Kimberly and Glenn Howcroft
Walter H. Hudson
Paul Huenefeld
Irene Hughes
Martha Hughes
Max A. Hungerford
Dr. William F. Hunting
Daniel Vincent Huschart
Zachary Samuel Iberg
Thomas Insko
Phillip Itkoff
Bobbie Izenstark
Alex Jackson
Victoria Jacyszyn
Jean Jenkins
Elizabeth Johansmann
Daniel Johnson
Dwight Andrew Johnson
James A. Johnson
Artie Virginia Jones
Debbie Jones
John M. Jones
Arthur Joseph, Jr.
Sylvan H. Joseph
Clifford Juergens
Thelma Jungkind
Leonard Kallmeyer
Mark Lane Kaufman
Anna Louise Kavalauskas
Nelle Kavanaugh
Anita Keene
Henry Keene
Pat Kellogg
Annie Kendrick
Joseph Kennedy
Velma Kerkhoff
Tom Kern
Robert Kersh
Sol Kessel
Donald Kessler
Dorothy Kessnick
Fran Kevin
Dante Lamont King
Mary Louise King
Eleanor Kipp
Hyman Kirtchik
Albert Klayman
Willis J. Klein
Patty Klein
Betty Kleinholz
Harold Kling
Olivia Ann Kneip
Walter Knolton
Kay Koehnke
Anelda Koetters
Sidney Kohn
Donald Kohorst
Dolores M. Kolks
Glenna Kombrinck
John Kostak
Dr. Robert H. Kotte
Clarence "Bud" Kramer
Shannon Kramer
Anna Louise Kramig
Agnes M. Kranzmayr
Martin Kreis
Rebecca Marie Kremer
Scott David Krick
Virginia Kruse
Monica Ilana Kuchmar
Gregory Kuhlenberg
Dr. Jesse Kuperman
Christine Anne Kupets
Charlotte Lamb
Charles W. Langford
Melissa Lanier
Margaret Lauder
Linda Lawson
Howard Lay
Nelson Lazarra
Arch M. Lecquire
Barbara Gene Leeper
Jerome Leistner
Joseph F. Leitner
Elizabeth Bleska Lewis
Jack Liebert
Edna Lightfoot
Mary Emily Lindeman
Katie Linz
Davis Bedford Lockman
Alyssa Margaret Ann Londrico
Shannon Long
Thomas Long
John Longfield
John Longo
Alec James Losey
(continued on page 37)
Donald C. Loth
Alexandra Faye Lougheed
Kaitlyn Jo Lowry
Maxwell James Luebbe
Mark, Connie and Nicole Luers
Rosetta E. Luginbill
Alec Patrick Lynn
Margorie MacAdams
Barbara Mahana
Ronald Malone
Betty Maloney
John L. Markstein
Elizabeth "Liz" Marksteiner
Laird Marsh
Carolyn Martin
Charles Martin
George E. Martin
Luke Jeffrey Martin
Marcella Mason
Bill Masseth
Dante Mastropaolo
Elizabeth Matthews
Brianna E. May
Kyle Logan Simpson-May
Rebecca "Becky" Maynard
Susan Mays
Caroline Paige Mazza
Kyle McCluskey
Arron McDaniel
Robby Meiners
Roberta M. Meiners
Harold Louis Melvin
Gladys Menshouse
Arthur Meyer
Sidney Meyers
Kenner Michael
Richard Hayes Mier
Allen Martin Miller
Jeremy S. Miller
Norman J. Miller
Robert W. Miller
Rose Miller
Sandra Miller
Walter Minnick
Jonas Minson
Bridget H. Mitchell
Jessica Ellen Mitchell
Anna Caroline Mitsch
Emily Leigh Mitsch
Carl Moeller
Dorothea Ann Monahan
John Montag
Barbara Moody
Alexander Moore
Meridith Moore
Robbie Morgan
Woolsey Motl
Issace Muchmore
Claire Ann Mullarkey
John D. Mullins
George Murray
Dennis Nabb
Marion Naro
Roz Nassan
Books to Brighten a Hospital Stay
How could children practice the Islamic
principle of being kind and wishing well
to others? For youngsters at the Islamic
Center of Greater Cincinnati Sunday
School and the International Academy of
Cincinnati, the answer was simple. They
collected 150 books to donate to
Cincinnati Children’s, each inscribed with
a “get well” wish from the children, says
teacher and parent Sufia Sultan. “We
chose to gather books instead of toys
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
Gifts in honor celebrate the commitment to Cincinnati Children’s of
donor and honoree alike. Gifts were given in honor of the following:
Judy Elston and Eric Hensley
Gregory Ertel
Nathanial David Ertel
Betty Esterline
Elizabeth "Betty" Ann Ewell
Samuel Falcone
Margaret Fancher
Jane Lynn Faulkner
Danese Fausz Smith
Ross Feld
Betty Feldman
Kelly Fenster
Kathleen D. Ferguson
Oliver Finley
Traevis Lamont Fitch
David Flanigan
Zoni Florer
Courtney Foley
Myrtle Foley
Deborah Lynn Folker
Karen Foltz
John Ford
Betty Forman
Gall A. Francis
Naftali Frankel
Mary Ellen Fraser
Pop and Stella Freeman
Zachary Freeman
Ed Friesz
Amanda Frondorf
Anna Pearl Frotscher
Peter Fry
Emily Fryman
Katherine Fuchs
Steve Fudacz
Pete Gallo
Marie Gannon
Thomas Joseph Gannon
Molly Gans
Bob Garcy
Lenore Garner
William Gartner
William A. Gates
Katherine Buche Gennett
Jim Ghering
Herman Gibbemeyer
Frances Gibson
Clifton "Kippy" Gideon
Betty Gilb
Helen Girton
Bobbie Glasspiegel
Helen Glazer
Ruth Eyrich Glazer
Elmer W. Gloss
William Goebel
Brittany Golden
Bette Goldman
Floyd Goldstein
Karen Gourley
Philip Goyert
Jennifer Graham
Patricia B. Graham
Sarah Elizabeth Graman
Merle Graziano
Theodore Gregory
Marla Grote
Maria Gruffner
Bob Gueterman
Alex Guggenbiller
Pamela Gunter
David Gwynne
Taylor Makenze Hadley
because books can take hospitalized
children away from their cares. And
Islam puts a great emphasis on literacy.”
Herbert NeCamp
Karin Neiheisel-Lewis
Richard Nein
Rose Newburgh
Judy Newman
Kate O'Reilley Newsom
Jane Nicklas
Louis J. Niehaus
Edward Niemeyer
Dorothy Mae Nienaber
Nicholas Ryan Nienaber
Mary Nies
Bertha Morton Nikas
Michael A. Nocero, Sr
Steven Nordquist
Ruth Northlich
Tom Nutini
Marcella O'Brien
Kaylee Nicole O'Connor
James O'Donnell
Betty Oberstar
Mary Louise Oberwitte
Julia Oehrle
Donald Ogden
Janice C. Olden
Gladys Olsen
Harriet Olvey
Melvin F. Oney
G.L. Overbey
Helen Owens
Mort Palmer
Teresa Parks
Laura Patton
Justin Pauly
Gene Pearson
Burton R. Pease
Onute Wesley Peckham
Eugene F. Peel
David Peet
Esther Perfect
Mary Pesa
Henry Peters
Joseph Pfaehler
Ronald F. Pfierman
Shelia Lang Phelps
Bruce Pickelman
Betty K. Pierce
Annette Pineault
Jillian Pittman
Robert E. Polle
Lauren Teresa Porter
Mary Porter
Henry Potensky
Lloyd Dallas Potter
Virginia Powell
John Powers
Kyle Powers
Thomas Prager
Carmen Presnell
Leon M. Primack
Francis Proctor
Frank Purdy
Carolyn Quinn
Ada Rake
Katie Rang
Geraldine Raniero
Colonel William Rank
Zachary Rankin
Rose Rasp
Sylvia Rauchman
Don Rechel
Bill Redlinger
Frank Reece
Nellie E. Rees
Charles Reeves
Clarence Reichardt
Marilee Finke Reichert
Elizabeth Reilling
Leah Richter
James Rick
Stephen Ridder
Robert F. Riehle
Robert Rietman
Michael Anthony Rinaldi
George Rivas
Martha Roeding
Karen Roetenberger
Louis Rohling
Angela Roll
Frank Romero
Helen Romine
Eric Rosemire
Arnold P. Rosen
Penny Rosen
Evelyn Ross
John Ross
Jane Rossi
George H. Rost
Dr. Herbert Rothschild
Clara Roush
Mrs. William Rowe
William Rowland
Opuel Royse
Lisa Rump
Mason Rump
Clare Ryan
Robert A. Ryan
Dorothy Saada
Ann Safdi
Edwin Salter
Antonio “Tony” Samoya
Kenneth “Ollie” Sandfoss
Jean Sassano
Calie Scaggs
Daniel Scales
Dwayne Alan Scarberry
Marion Schafer
Robert Raymond Schanzle
Charles Schaul
Jean Scheibenzuber
Roy Schlensker
Mrs. William Schneebeck
Dr. Bernard Schneider
Gertrude F. Schneider
Meyer Schneider
Mickey Schneider
Josh Schockett
Benjamin Schohenstein
Laura Schramm
Karen Schriner
Hilda Schroer
John D. Schulte
Dennis Schultz
Louis Schultz
Clifford Schurig
Lucille Schwartz
Mary Schwartz
Robert L. Schwartz
Charles Schwegman
Dr. Edmund Schweitzer
Nathaniel D. Schweitzer
Maggie May Schworer
Noah Edward Scott
Charles Seipel
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sellmeyer
James Selonick
Jeffery Sepela
Ethel Shafer
Jim Shalvey
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Shapse
W. Mark Sheard
Alex Shlahtechman
Evelyn Sholin
Jay and Jennie Shreffler
Arlene Signer
Donald Silverblatt
Sophia Silverman
Rudolph Simich, Jr.
Jessica Simpson
Nicholas Skove
Joseph C. Small
Dick Smith
Dorothy Smith
Dorothy M. Smith
Elizabeth S. Smith
Helen Smith
Helen Smith
Loretta Smith
Warren Smith
Dr. Louis Sommer
Marvin Sorg
Charlie Soule
James South
Jay Spenlav
Matthew Nicholas Spiegel
Asa Pitts Stallard
Erich W. Steiniger
Melvin B. Stern
Betty Stevens
Tepe S. Stevens
Andrew “Drew” Stigers
Ramona Stottman
Robert Stout
James Stover
Gertrude Straus
James Douglas Streett
Laura Jane Strickland
Rutheva Strider
Ray Strohofer
Frank Sturwold
Freeman Suagee
Frances Suetholz
John R. Sullivan
Terrence F. Sullivan
Paul Sunderhaus
Simon Super
Kay Taylor
Major Kip Taylor
Ray K. Taylor
Sandy L. Taylor
Herman Templin
Daren Theile
Theresa Thoma
John Thompson
Taylor Nicole Tiberghien
Thelma Tice
Mildred E. Tieger
Evelyn Tilley
Jane Ellen Toadvine
Scott Tolle
Sarah Elizabeth Tollefsen
Robert Tracy
Brianna Marie Traylor
Rick A. Trisler
Dale Tucker
Alvin Ungerbuehler
Dr. Arthur C. Utrecht, Jr.
Dr. James Vanderpool
Helen Velte
Lucille Venne
Jennifer Grace Vester
Mary Virgin
Susie Vockell
Colin Waddell
Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Wagner
Richard Wagner
Mary L. Waldrop
Kaitlyn Walker
Albert Walsh
Estelle Walter
Robert Walther
George T. Warner
Julia Hart Warner
William Watts, Jr.
Patty Wech
Aaron Weinstein
William Weintraub
Charles Welborne
Nick Wersel
Cortney Wertz
Kelly Ann Weston
Nancy Weybright
Megan Wheeler
Marie Whittenburg
Natalie Whittle
Scott Michael Wilkens
Gale Williams
Lucille Williams
Nicholas George Williams
Kerry Williamson
Tom Williamson
Fr. Jim Willig
Madeline Wilson
Ryan Wilson
Virginia Wilson
Mary Margaret Wimberg
Elizabeth Wood
Emmett Woods
Nita Yamaguchi
Claudia Elizabeth Yarger
Dorothea Yauch
Alex Logan Young
Vida Young
Ashlei Zembrodt
Loretta Zembrodt
Virginia Ziegenhardt
Dr. Hans Zimmer
Memorial Gifts
Gifts in memory of individuals create a lasting legacy of support for Cincinnati Children’s.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Abraham
Dr. and Mrs. Ira A. Abrahamson
Martha Joanne Miller Ackerson
J. Vargus-Adams and B. Adams
Lab Administration of MercyFranciscon Hospital, Mt. Airy
Tony Aldrich
Lindsey Allen
Carol Amateis
Gary and Donna Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Apking
David and Lori Auer
Collin Aycock
Grace Ayer
Linda and Michael Bain
Crystal Baker
Nicole Renee Housh Baldwin
Julia Bamberger
Annelee Barrett
Linda and Jim Bassett
Cecil Bauer
Jeff Beckett
Sylvia Benjamin
Aaron and Amy Bettner
Jillian Elizabeth Betz
Elmer and Judy Bihl
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Biordi
Adam Boardman
Gail Bongiovanni
Lucille Bongiovanni
David Bortz
The Bradley Family
Megan Brankamp
Sidney Nicole Brennen
Julian Brock
Anthony James Brotherman
Linda and Ronald Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown
Jamie Bruewer
Dr. Lewis P. Brumm
Samuel William Enoch Bryant
Tracy Bryant and Nephew Dustin
Anita Burke
Andre Cole Busald
Ava Madeira Bussey
Kayla and Caroline Byrnside
Pat Caneli
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cannady
Melissa Cannon
Laura Carr
Owen Carter
Amy Caruso
Dr. and Mrs. L. G. Casteel
Nate Chase
Cherryl Christensen
Florence Clark
Michelle Clark
Bill Cobb
Dave Cobb
Dr. Mitchel Cohen
John Collier
Mary Collins
Cris Collinsworth
Pam Collopy
Scott Conklin
Carrie Conlin and Larry Royalty
Alisa Conroy
Sarah Anne Conway
Kristen Coonan
Scott Crable and Kathy Anderson
Robin Critchell
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Crone
Tom Cruse
Margo D' Agostino
Mary Davis
Jordan H. Deblasi
Mackenzie Anne DeMania
Tom Dempsey
Robby Dennis
Edna Deshotel
Marc and Betsy Devorsetz
David Deye
Heather Dingledine
Jerry Dingledine
Laura Doherty
Joshua Taylor Doles
Tanner Allen Doles
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Douglas
Amy Adkins Drayer
Connie Dreyfoos
Elaine Dumes
Jay and Dianne Dunkleman
Susan Earley
Helen Edelen
Susan Eilers
Bert Emke
Gunnar Esiason
Barbara Eudy
Tom Evans Greenlee Garage
Mr. and Mrs. Don Faecher
John Ferdinando
Jim Feuer
Kay Ficks
Brandy Finch
Fremont Fisher
Michael Fisher
Jamie Fishman
Steve and Mary Ann Fleischer
Kathy Flottemesch
Craig Foster
Quinn Foster
Peter Frampton
Florence Frankel
Helen Frankel
Sargeant Frantz
Richard and Adrianne Freiberg
John, Matt and Paula Fritz
Kate Furlong
Gary Gardella
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Gatch
Madeline George
Rodger and Jean Gerhardt
Tevah Cohen Gevelber
Robert Gilson
Jeff Giltner
Izaak and Barbara Glasser
Melissa Rose Goetz
Yaffa Goldkin
Mickey Goorman
Barbara Gould
Jerry and Lynn Grace
Dr. Karl Grady, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Greek
Alexis Green
Andrew Paul Greenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Griffin
Mary Ellen Grimshaw
Daniel Grober
Luke and Grace Groene
Hoot Gross
Jeff and Claire Gross
Walter and Barbara Gross
Kyle and Nathan Grossman
Debbie Grover
Yohan Guepha
Jack Gueterman
Barbara and Jack Guggenheim
Florence and Murray Guttman
Steve and Joan Guttman
Warren Ha
Christian M. Haines
Barbara Hall
Madeline Barry Hamlin
Brendon Hansford
Ed and Mary Harness
Vickie Harpen
Jacob Hartig
Emma Hartkemeier
Jennifer Hauser
Thomas Hayman
Jim and Beth Heath
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford K. Hellming
Mrs. Carl Hilker
Mr. and Mrs. William Hogan
Christy and Terry Horan
Mr. And Mrs. Robert T. Horan
Tom and Sarah Hotek
Megan Housh
Sharon Howison
James and Sunny Hsu
John Hutton and Sandy Gross
Evelyn Ignatow
Mrs. William Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. John Jacobs
Mikayla Jade
Stella Mei Joly
Lois McConnell Jones
Jim and Linda Jurgenson
Lane Michelle Kabbes
Alfred and Susan Kahn
Carol Kamson
Bea Katz
Walter Kaufman
Isabella Keeling
Ira Keeshin
Bob and Sheryl Keighley
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Kendle
Linda Kennedy
Meghan Kennedy
Jim Kern
Martha Kimball
Meghan Kirkpatrick
Dr. Eliott Kirstein
Dr. Jules Klein
Frederick A. Kolish
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Konarski
Bill and Judy Kramer
Michael and Kathy Krug
Adam Kurtz
Tom Kurtz
Tom and Eileen Lakin
Dr. Beatrice Lampkin
Dave and Judy Lance
Mrs. Buddy LaRosa
Bob and Margie Laubach
Andrew Dean Le Compte
Mimi Lerner
Olivia Lester
Dr. Jerrold Levin
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Levinson
Mrs. Sandy Lewin
Pam Lieberman
Gladys Liebermann
Dr. Irwin Light
Dr. Susan Limouze
Dr. and Mrs. Linneman
Lauren Lipson
Stevan Lipson
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Long
Haley Mailender
Jessica Marischen
David Marowitz
Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Mashburn III
Peggy Mathile
Rick Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McAneney
Michael McCarthy
Helen and Bernard McEvoy
John and Cindy McFerron
Shirley McNeise
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Meek
Johnnie F. Menninger
Christine Mersch
Elise and Gene Mesh
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Meyer
Rhoda Meyer
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Meyer
Sheila Meyer
Marianne Meyers
Beulah Minton
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Moellering
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Monches
Arnold and Gloria Morelli
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Morris
Linda Morris, R.N.
Faye Myers
Mrs. Roy Nash
Cindy Noel
Sara Noschang
The Nusekabel Family
John Michael O'Connor
Morton Olman
Scott M. Olman
Peter Oppenheimer
Kurt Ostling
Evan Pamer
Philip and Maria Pamer
Jon Pape
Tara Papp
Miss Bronwyn Park
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Patrella
J. Randy Patton
Jim and Carol Pearce
Evan Wayne Pearson
Mr. Dennis Pellman
Mark and Lisa Pennington
Martha H. Perin
Abby and Jordan Pescovitz
Ed Pfau and Ruthann Blough
Colleen Phillips
Larry and Sandra Pike
Alex Porta
Mazen and Kelly Rabah
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Rauh
Casey Rayburn
Sharon Renner
Billie Rhamy
Erin Robben
Ray and Kathleen Robbins
Robert Robison
Sam Rogers
Sam and Jeanette Rogers
Michael and Angel Rorie
Mrs. Joseph Rosen
Stewart Rothbaum
Jack and Mo Rouse
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ruberg
James Salinger
Maya Sanchez
Gloria Sattler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schaeffer
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Schear
Gilbert Schiff
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schilling
Al Schlemmer
Matthew Schlotman
Ron Schmidt
Emma Julia Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Schneider
Dr. Ronna Schneider
Phil Schott
Dr. Peter Schumacher
Mrs. Jack Segell
Lucas Seibert
Nancy Shaffernocker
James and Anne Shanahan
Marjorie Madeline Sheakley
Annamarie Sheffield
Dr. Curtis Sheldon
Joshua Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Shepherd
Jack Sherlock
Arlyn Shields
Robert Sibcy
Dr. Frederic N. Silverman
Betty Gene Skavlem
Ruth Smith
Gail Snider
William and Gail Snider
Eric Solien
Mira Sophia
Mrs. David Spritz
Linda Stahl
Amy Stallo
Abbey Starr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steele
Dr. James Steiner
Judith Stephen
Cailey J. Stephens
Gwen Stephens
Ronald and Barbara Stern
Greg Stidham
Chastine Stoehr
The Stuart Streit Family
Ralph and Nancy Stricker
Jerry Sturm
Kathryn Suddendorf
Michael and Mary Sudzina
Richard and Caroline Sutphin
Gabrielle Tantillo
Luke Tantillo
Dr. Adel Tawadros
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Teepe
Jim and Marita Thelen
Mrs. Richard Thoman
Jerry Thompson
Lehna Kaur Thompson
Wes and Marie Thorsen
Reverend and Mrs. Kerry Thrush
Joanne Thueneman
Charles and Mary Tobias
Gus and Katherina Toltzis
Connie and Kevin Tracy
Ray Traffis
Bonnie Tresselt
Maria C. Tucci
David and Lynda Tucker
Jean and Jerry Ungar
Joan Urch
Bunny Villalba
Scott and Terri Vizedom
Susie Vockell
Phil and Carol Wagers
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wagner
Jim and Wendy Walsh
Dennis and Marcia Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Ward
Katie Waters
Marissa Watson
Mathew R. Wayne
Betty Weil
Richard Weiland
David Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Weinert
Alan and Marlyn Weinstein
Barry S. Weinstein
Patricia Welch
George Wendt
Leslie & Mike Wessels
Dr. Clark D. West
Dick and Donna Whiting
Charlotte Wiley
Annette Williams
Judy Williams
Rick Williams
The Reverend Anne Warrington
Susan Wirman
Glenn and Christy Wissemeier
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Woeste
Bill and Zara Wood
Chip and Carla Wood
Fran and Ding Woodring
David Alexander Wuebker
Shelbie Wulfekamp
Brenda Yablonsky
Lena Yosafat
Joshua Zitscher
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
C i n c i n n a t i C h i l d r e n ’ s A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 01
(Honor Gifts, continued from page 36)
3333 Burnet Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039