Burnley Borough Council aims to provide safe and

Burnley Borough Council aims to provide safe and
hygienic swimming pools, for the benefit of all
swimmers. To help us achieve this, it is important
that swimmers adhere to this code.
The only exception is for very young children who
will be out of their depth even in the shallowest
part of the pool. Such children must be supervised
on a one-to-one basis. Non-swimmers must use
swimming aids such as armbands. Swim rings,
seats and swim vests must only be used under adult
Note: Armbands cannot be hired or borrowed
from the pool, but are available for purchase.
football shorts and clothing that is indecent, dirty or
dangerous is not acceptable.
Please note that shorts lower than knee level are
not permitted.
You must not go swimming if you are under the
influence of alcohol and/or drugs. An individual
thought to be under the influence of alcohol and/or
drugs will be refused entry.
Burnley Borough Council will not tolerate the
following behaviour on its premises:(6) JEWELLERY / EQUIPMENT
Children under 8 years must be accompanied by an
• Foul and abusive language
Please remove all jewellery including watches, as
adult in the water. An adult is a responsible person
• All forms of harassment E.g.: racial or sexual
these can cause injury or be lost. Glasses may be
over 16 years. The only exception to this is in the
• Threatened or actual violence
worn but must be securely fitted whilst swimming.
case of organised lessons or classes.
Masks, flippers and snorkels are only allowed during If you behave in such a way you will be asked to
Children are the responsibility of the accompanying Please use the toilets before swimming. This
supervised sessions. Customers’ own small items of leave the premises and may have services withdrawn
from you. The police will be called
adult and they must always be in close contact and is especially important for young children. All
play equipment (e.g. soft balls) are only allowed at
if necessary
swimmers must shower before using the pool – pre- the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.
never left alone.
swim showering removes significant amounts of dirt
and bacteria that otherwise end up in the pool. This
Children under 4 years must be supervised one to
includes sweat, make-up, deodorants, hair products (7) MEDICAL PROBLEMS
one by an adult*
Diving is only allowed in water over 1.5m deep.
For your own safety, please discreetly inform the
Only two children aged 4 to 7 years may accompany etc. that if removed by showering, before entering
Suitable parts of the pools are clearly identified for
the pool, would make the pool water more pleasant lifeguard on duty if there is any illness or disability,
one adult.*
shallow dives only.
to swim in and help prevent your eyes stinging. We which may affect your swimming ability, such as
Any child under 8 years must not be left alone on
Diving in St Peter’s training pool is not permitted
would also recommend the wearing of swim caps.
asthma or epilepsy. Waterproof plasters must cover when the no diving signs are illuminated.
the poolside or on the spectator galleries. This also
includes babies and young children in
cuts or open sores. You should not go swimming if
prams etc.
you have:(4)BABIES
• A stomach upset
In the interest of hygiene all babies and young
All our pools are equipped with drowning alarms.
children still in nappies, must wear purpose made
• A throat infection
If the drowning alarm is activated, you will be
If a designated non-swimmer area is in place, one
swim nappies. We recommend that babies come
• An ear infection
instructed to leave the water immediately. Please
adult may supervise up to three children aged 4 to 7, swimming after they have completed the first set
• A cold
follow the instructions of the lifeguard so that any
or two children under the age of 4
of vaccinations, usually about 4 months old. Baby
• An infectious skin condition
incident can be dealt with quickly and safely.
change tables and nappy bins are provided in all
• Anyone with a verruca may still continue to use
(* St Peter’s training pool maximum depth of 0.9m – male / female and village pool changing rooms.
the pools. Current medical guidance is that there is
up to three children aged 4 to 7 years, or two children
no need to wear special verruca socks. A waterproof (11)HEALTH SUITE
under the age of 4)
Swimming attire (as above) must be worn at all time
plaster is sufficient.
in the Health Suite at St Peter’s Centre.
Please use suitable clean swimwear. We would
If you are unsure of whether a health condition is
The Spa pool must be vacated when the water is
prefer customers to use purpose made costumes.
suitable for swimming please consult your Doctor.
inactive (no bubbles).
A non-swimmer or poor swimmer may be defined
Garments such as leggings and leotards are
as someone who is not able to swim one length (25 acceptable as long as they are lightweight, close
The Duty Manager is the on-site officer responsible
metres) of the pool unaided and tread water for 30
fitting, and are used solely for swimming. The
All our lifeguards are qualified and professional.
for the health and safety of customers and staff. The
seconds to the satisfaction of the lifeguard on duty. Council cannot accept any responsibility for any
Please listen to them to ensure that your swim is safe Duty Manager is authorised to refuse entry to the
Such swimmers must not go out of
colour loss or fabric deterioration to any clothing
their depth.
and enjoyable.
used as swimwear. Cut down jeans, underwear,