CROSSROADS SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN 11 Huron Drive TEL #: (508) 651-7500

11 Huron Drive
TEL #:
(508) 651-7500
Natick, MA 01760
(508) 651-7510
Contact(s): Jill McGrale Maher, Executive Dir EMAIL: [email protected]
Kevin Hardy, Education Director
[email protected]
Populations Served
Autism, Developmentally Disabled, Pervasive Development
Disorder (PDD), Asperger's Syndrome, Behavior Disorder
School Profile
Age Range Served:
Age at Admission:
Staff/Pupil Ratio:
# of Months Open:
# of Days Open:
Current Enrollment:
3 - 22
3 - 21
Admissions Procedure
Crossroads School has an open admissions policy and
welcomes referrals throughout the year. Please contact Ben
Bruneau, M.Ed, BCBA, at 508-651-7500 ext. 338 or
[email protected] for more information.
Crossroads School is licensed by the Department of
Elementary and Secondary Education as a Private Special
Education School.
Crossroads School is a proud member of MAAPS, ABAI
(Association for Behavior Analysis International), APBA
(Association of Professional Behavior Analysts), BABAT
(Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy),
SPAN (Special Needs Advocacy Network), AIM
(Associated Industries of Massachusetts). Formal affiliations
with E.K. Shriver Center of UMASS Medical Center and
graduate studies with Endicott College.
Programs and Services
Crossroads School serves children with a variety of learning
profiles, behavioral challenges, and academic needs.
Programs are individualized to meet each student’s needs
and are based on Masachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.
The school's methodology is based on Applied Behavior
Analysis (ABA) which ensures measurable student success.
Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff provide
comprehensive services for each student. Our related service
department, including, SLP’s, OT’s and PT’s, provide direct
service and consult.
Educational and Clinical Programming
Social Skills Curriculum
Vocational Center
Open Door Policy for Families
Community based learning opportunities
Individualized academic programs
Increased independence across all skill levels
and living enviornments.
Students may participate in Special Olympics, a yearly
Variety Show, Field Day among other activities. To support
our families, Crossroads offers monthly parent/staff
meetings, Summer Sibling Program, Parent Support Group,
along with informative seminars and other activities and
Location and Facilities
We are located in Natick, between Route 9 and Route 30
and is easily accessible from major highways.
Crossroads School features bright classrooms, a vocational
training center, simulated apartment, student recreational
room, media center, OT/PT room, cafeteria, student
computer center, playground, outside eating area and gym.
History and Philosophy
Crossroads School’s mission is to provide each student with
a comprehensive educational program founded in the
principles of ABA. We are dedicated to teaching children
the academic, social, vocational, and skills of daily living
necessary to achieve their highest level of independence
possible, as well as to make available support and education
to their families.
Crossroads believes that individuals have a fundamental
right to an education that promotes the greatest degree of
personal independence. This is achieved though and
educational partnership between the school, community, and
family. Crossroads has an obligation to objectively
document results and is responsible to ensure student
At Crossroads, we understand that every student is different.
Programs are individualized to meet each student’s needs.
Crossroads offers all the teaching elements of a program
needed to support a child on the spectrum. All of our
programs are based upon rich, in-depth data that drive true,
validating results. Every specific objective is taught and
reinforced in a consistent systematic manner.