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Wagner Back On GH? — UNCENSORED Quotes Of The Week!
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Say What?
“It's hard to believe that a year has passed since ONE LIFE ended. We finished
filming the show on November 18th, 2011 and the final airdate was January
13, 2012. I hope that
you have all been well and are adjusting to the new ABC schedule. Personally,
I am very
grateful that GH is still on the air, our lone remaining representative of what
was once a great ABC daytime line-up.”
—Erika Slezak in her must-read newsletter
Translation: Viki needs to slap Connie in the face!
“I truly believe that ABC has realized what a terrible mistake they made in
canceling both AMC, and ONE LIFE. But unfortunately, it's now too late to go
back, although there are rumors that ABC wants the rights to both shows
back; in which case they would be free to do whatever they want with the
—Slezak continues
Translation: Viki Lord will continue to live despite those in the soap media who
thought ONE LIFE was dead!
“I thought that when I was no longer working, I would have so much time to be
a ‘Lady of Leisure’ — turned out not to be so! I have never been busier with
the day-to-day chores that I used to take care of when I wasn't at the studio,
and so the time has really flown by. I have not been working this year, but I
think I am ready now to tackle something new, so hopefully in 2013, there will
be opportunities for me. Obviously, should something come along, I will let
you all know.”
Translation: I had to learn how to brush my own teeth!
“These show are never coming back…. ever!”
—SOAPS IN DEPTH’s Richard Simms a few months ago on his podcast
Translation: I have no sources!
Award Show Central
The 44th Annual NAACP Image Awards air Feb. 1 at 8 pm EST on NBC.
Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series
Aaron D. Spears, B&B
Erik Valdez, GH
James Reynolds, DAYS
Kristoff St. John, Y&R
Rodney Saulsberry, B&B
Who Should Win: Reynolds proved why he was anEmmy-nominated actor on
GENERATIONS when Abe lost his wife, Lexie on DAYS. He’s one of the most
underrated actors in our business. Use him, DAYS. I would love Y&R to hire
Reynolds as St. John’s dad on Y&R.
Who Will Win: St. John hasn’t taken one of these in a while… and he deserves
an award for dealing with one bad story and love interest after another.
Omitted: If Saulsberry, who was on B&B for two minutes, can be nominated
then so should have Darnell Williams as Sarge on Y&R. Say what you what about
the ill-conceived character, Williams still remains one of the best actors of our
generation. If he read the Yellow Pages, he should be nominated!
Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series
Angell Conwell, Y&R
Julia Pace Mitchell, Y&R
Kristolyn Lloyd, B&B
Shenell Edmonds, ONE LIFE
Tatyana Ali, Y&R
Who Should Win: It’s about time Edmonds was finally recognized for her
infectious and brilliant turn as Destiny on ONE LIFE.
Who Will Win: Conwell will be hard to beat given her mature and sophisticated
take on sexy legal eagle Leslie. And the African American community will
embrace that kind of portrayal.
Omitted: Debbi Morgan deserved another shout out even if YoHarmony was one
of the worst characters in recent Y&R history.
Cover Story
“To fashion stories about richly diverse people as their lives intertwined, as
they interacted with one another… To explain the hopes and hardships, the
goals, fights, and failures that are ultimately shared by all mankind no matter
how disparate their lifestyles.”
—Agnes Nixon on the germination of ONE LIFE in Gary Warner’s ONE LIFE
anniversary book, THIRTY YEARS OF MEMORIES
“[My daughter, Megan [Gordon] actually passed away nearly 20 years ago, but
I… I still to this day get stopped on the street by FRATERNITY ROW fans who
remember the characters that she played. And some ask how she’s doing or
will she ever return, but I must tell you that there are times I get so caught
up in the show that I find myself wondering the same thing. The fans are so
loyal, so passionate, so invested in their stories. I always ask how they started
watching FRATERNITY ROW. Some of them were stay-at-home mothers taking
a break before their children came home from school. Others were college
students free time between classes. Many of them inherited a love of the
show from their parents or their grandparents, who were longtime fans
themselves. I remember the first time I tuned in to FRATERNITY ROW. I was
hooked instantly. I needed to know what would happen next to these
fascinating people.
Would the hero and the heroine find their way back to true love? Would the
villains get their comeuppance? Or would their crimes go unpunished? Would
loving families overcome their struggles? Or would their troubles prove too
difficult to surmount. Ultimately, that’s what soap opera is about: Families.
Close families. Rival families. Even families that are unexpected. Or the ones
we chose for ourselves. And when a show is lucky to be on the air as long as
FRATERNITY ROW has been on, these families become extensions of our own.
The audience might be upset when a favourite actor leaves, but they are
always willing to welcome a new one — even when that new cast member is
quite different than the one being replaced. After all, this is a place where
people come back from the dead, go off to grade school in the morning and
come home from high school in the afternoon, because for every new face,
every new couple, every new family, there are long familiar faces. Some who
have grown right before our eyes — and some we hope to see grow up. We
know them so well they become our friends. We yearn for their happiness,
especially when it’s hard won. We laugh as they laugh; we cry as they cry; and
we can’t imagine doing without them. And when things are the worst on the
show that seems to be when we enjoy them the most. There’s only one thing
we have to do to keep them in our lives. Tune in tomorrow.”
—ONE LIFE’s Victoria Lord on what soaps mean during the show’s penultimate
There are many questions surrounding Prospect Park’s latest attempt to bring
fallen soaps, ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, to the Internet after ABC
canceled the two venerable sudsers in 2011, as previously reported.
UNCENSORED investigated, and thanks to a combination of inside sources and
leaked documents from moles inside Prospect Park, this is what I can tell you:
1. A source close Jeffrey Kwatinetz, CEO of Prospect Park, confirms the shady
company has raised the money to re-launch AMC and ONE LIFE through private
placement. In fact, Prospect Park has elicited “more interest than needed,”
relays a mole. But what does that mean? Did they close on the transaction? Is
the money in the bank free and clear? Are the funds in escrow waiting on
closing conditions? Are there any closing conditions? If so what are the
conditions? If they have not officially closed, when will they close?
2. Reports delivered to UNCENSORED state that PP has hired or is close to
hiring an Executive Producer for AMC, who has been with Pine Valley for 22
years. PP is also currently interviewing potential candidates for the role of EP
at ONE LIFE. Writers? I’ll have more on that later… and you’ll laugh at a few of
the candidates!
3. Location, location, location: PP is planning to produce the shows in
Stamford, CT. Studio space and sets are currently being designed.
4. In a deal between PP and Disney, the licensing fee for AMC was valued at a
half-million more than ONE LIFE! Here are the deets:
–AMC licensing fees: $4.5M per year through 2014 / $5M 2015-17 / additional
$0.5M per year 2018-21
–OLTL licensing fees: $4M per year through 2014 / $4.5M 2015-17 / additional
$0.5M per year 2018-21
Once again, Llanview gets the short end of the stick despite the fact that ONE
LIFE was the highest-rated ABC soap opera before it was axed; various
characters continue to live on in Port Charles (and some credit the migration to
GH’s recent ratings surge); and that ONE LIFE aired much later than AMC, so
it’s fresher in viewers’ minds. Then again, others argue, that ONE LIFE may
have been lowballed because its franchise is currently on GH and AMC isn’t.
5. No word yet on writers, but deals have been struck with DGA and
SAG/AFTRA. Though, word is, that PP intends to hire Fi-Core writers, though
UNCENSORED can not confirm that intel.
6. Plans are for the shows to be 30 minutes each, four days a week with a
recap-type show on Fridays.
7. UNCENSORED has confirmed that a few of the AMC cast has been contacted
either directly or through their agent. A friend close to Susan Lucci confirmed
this intel to SHOWBIZ 411’s Roger Freidman recently. Lindsay Hartley is another
star rumoured to have been contacted, but I have still yet to confirm that.
8. PP has struck a deal with at least one major existing platform for streaming
video, and their private placement offering contemplated having the shows air
on a cable channel as well.
9. Hulu has done research into the feasibility of having serialized daily original
content on their platform.
10. PP has retained someone with ties to both Disney and Hulu to help them
transition the shows to digital media.
11. DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL is reporting that ABC has “in fact granted Prospect
Park an extension on their license agreement. Whereas PP originally had to get
production of AMC and ONE LIFE off the ground by the end of January 2013,
they reportedly now have until the end of February.”
Jamey Giddens, who broke the story this weekend, asked: The question is, if
PP is successful in relaunching specifically ONE LIFE, what would that mean for
the characters of Todd and Starr Manning, and John McBain all currently part of
the GH cast of characters?
"Prospect Park has the option to give GH notice to cease using those
characters," explained a source to the popular soap opera website.
Worried GH sources tell UNCENSORED not to be too surprised if they don’t see
any of their favourite ONE LIFE characters in Port Charles in the near future.
Will these characters be written out of GH’s scripts as late January? No
12. UNCENSORED has been leaked major financial documents about PP’s
planned reboot of AMC and ONE LIFE, which I will not release at this time.
In addition, UNCENSORED was given several Prospect Park documents, which
was produced in late summer. Below are the most interesting tidbits from PP’s
Executive Summary and Investment Pitches. Some of the information has been
redacted to protect my sources.
Executive Summary
Prospect Park is preparing to launch new episodes of soap operas All My
Children (AMC) and One Life to Live (OLTL) online in early 2013
–Pursuant to 15-year exclusive renewable license to create new AMC and OLTL
–Led by highly successful media and entertainment executives Jeffrey
Kwatinetz, Rich Frank and Mike Lang
AMC and OLTL are iconic, evergreen shows with significant recent TV
–3M+ Nielsen viewers per episode and 15-19M unique viewers per month for
each show
–Strong ratings on ABC for >40 years through 2011/12
Highly attractive market exists for digital re-boot with new episodes based
on recent market research
–Episodes to air in free, ad-supported 1st window online with strong
sponsorship partners.
–Subscription and digital VOD/iTunes offer additional digital business models
–Other traditional distribution includes linear TV/cable syndication and foreign
If successful, long-term potential to leverage expertise and soaps cash flow
into new digital content offerings with Prospect Park
–Soaps can also be scaled (e.g., half-hour to full hour, more episodes), other
soap franchises, spin-offs, new digital content, etc.
AMC & OLTL Digital Re-Boot Strategy
In 2011, Prospect Park acquired rights to produce new episodes of AMC &
–15 year term (from launch date) with ROFR / matching rights for renewals
Plan to offer free, ad-supported 1st window (7-8 days), launching in early
–In discussions with major sponsors regarding lead sponsorship and product
integration relationship (highly attractive given historical relationship between
soaps and sponsors)
–1/2-hour format with each show airing 4 days per week plus a re-cap show for
42 weeks
Combined 420 episodes per year
Additional revenue sources include:
–Subscription: Provide back episodes and a 3-screen experience (PC,
Mobile/Tablet, TV)
–Digital VOD/iTunes: Individual episode downloads and weekly/monthly
–2nd window linear TV/cable syndication: Traditional distribution (including TV
Everywhere rights) with 1-2 week delay
–Foreign sales: Licensing rights in international markets
Opportunity to significantly improve AMC and OLTL content and viewer
–Access to better stars, writers, directors, music, etc. (Editor’s Note: How
classy, Prospect Park! We had better, thank you very much.)
–“Sexier” shows with better music
–Less (but more targeted) advertising
–Social/community features
Below are the bios of everyone involved in this venture:
Jeffrey Kwatinetz, CEO of Prospect Park
Jeffrey Kwatinetz is one of the most innovative and successful media
executives operating in entertainment today. Throughout his over 20-year
career, Kwatinetz has anticipated and tapped into market trends to propel
talent and entertainment content to cultural and economic success. Across the
music industry, Kwatinetz has cultivated over 35 music acts to stardom and
steered the careers of some of world’s most prominent actors and directors.
Today Kwatinetz serves as CEO of Prospect Park, a media and production
company with a portfolio of high-profile entertainment clients and film and
television production under its banner.
Past and present clients of Jeff Kwatinetz and Prospect Park include:
–Music talent: Backstreet Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, Jane’s Addiction, Ice Cube,
Korn, Flyleaf, Guns N’ Roses, and Kelly Clarkson
–Feature talent: Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Benicio Del Toro,
Rachel Weisz, Vin Diesel, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson
–Literary talent: Martin Scorscese, Bill Condon, Larry McMurtry, Diana Ossana,
Goldie Hawn, Pete Berg and Ron Bass
He has managed the careers of numerous prominent talent, steering many to
superstardom status around the globe. As an evangelist for artists, Kwatinetz
innovated the business model for musicians in many ways, including redefining
the management function by bringing promotion, marketing and A&R in-house.
At Prospect Park, Kwatinetz launched a 360 management/record business
hybrid whereby artist and Prospect Park share equally in proceeds of record
sales, touring, publishing and merchandising. By doing so, artist and Prospect’s
interests are aligned, maximizing the benefit for both while eliminating the
need for the traditional record company and artist management functions.
With Prospect Park, Kwatinetz is addressing the need for high quality content
delivered across multiple platforms. He serves as executive producer of the F/X
hit comedy Wilfred, and USA Network’s #1 show, Royal Pains. The company
additionally has several films and television programs in development and
manages the careers of artists and talent across film, music and television.
Kwatinetz founded Prospect Park in 2009 after several successful years
operating as the CEO of The Firm where he was the steward and architect of
the industry’s most powerful entertainment management and production
Also while at The Firm, Kwatinetz partnered with his team to create a $325
million brand fund and generated over $100 million in lucrative sponsorship
deals for both clients and marketers.
Kwatinetz served as an adjunct professor at Northwestern University. He
graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a Juris Doctor in 1991, and
holds both a Masters Degree and B.S. Degree in Communications from
Northwestern University.
Rich Frank, Partner, Prospect Park
Rich Frank is one of entertainment industry's most accomplished and creative
leaders and has a stellar record as a visionary in adapting to change and
creating new entertainment business models. In his role as Partner, Prospect
Park, he oversees the vision and execution of programming and content across
multiple platforms for the company’s media and production businesses.
Frank served as President of Walt Disney Studios from 1985 to 1994, and during
that time helped transform a family oriented company into a global force in
entertainment. He led Disney from last to first in film box office market share
and successfully launched the company into interactive media. In addition to
film, Frank was responsible for the worldwide production, marketing and
distribution of all Disney television entertainment including network, cable,
syndication, home video, TV animation, interactive entertainment and The
Disney Channel. Frank oversaw more than 4,000 employees and under his
leadership studio revenues grew to greater than $4 billion annually. In 1994 he
was named Chairman of Walt Disney Television and Telecommunications.
Frank led Disney in their domination of television, producing shows such as
"Home Improvement," "Golden Girls," "Ellen" and twenty other television series,
and drove Buena Vista, Disney's syndication arm, to unprecedented growth with
successes such as "Regis & Kathy Lee" and "Siskel & Ebert." When Frank elected
to leave Disney, the studio had 10 prime time series on the air each week in
addition to three hours a day of animation. During his tenure the following
blockbuster films were released: "Pretty Woman," "An Officer and a
Gentleman," "Dead Poet's Society," "Father of the Bride,“ "Good Morning
Vietnam," "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" .
Prior to Disney, Frank created the Paramount Television Service, the
predecessor to the Fox Television Network. He was elevated to President of
Television for Paramount Studios where he oversaw development and
production of "Happy Days," "Laverne and Shirley," "Mork and Mindy," "Cheers,"
"Taxi“ and "Family Ties," among many other series, miniseries and movies. His
worldwide responsibilities included all television production and global
distribution including cable and home video. While at Paramount, Frank led the
formation of the USA Network.
Frank also served as Chairman and CEO of Comcast Content and
Communications (C3), which he founded with industry giant Comcast. While
there he engineered Comcast’s control of E! Entertainment Television from
Time Warner in a deal that brought in Disney as a partner and netted Comcast
a gain.
Frank is currently Vice Chairman of the American Film Institute (AFI ) and held
the position of President of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
(Emmys) for 6 years longer than any person in history.
MIKE LANG Producer & Strategic Advisor to Prospect Park
Mike Lang is an accomplished executive with experience at both large media
companies and entrepreneurial organizations.
Since 2010, Mike oversaw one of the most successful studio turnarounds of
recent time as Miramax’s Chief Executive Officer. With a 700 film library
including “Chicago”, “Good Will Hunting”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Shakespeare in
Love” and “The English Patient”, he was named CEO in late 2010 when
Miramax was acquired from Disney.
Mike took the company from zero employees and low expectations, to a worldclass operating team generating over $175M in annual profit and $400M+ in new
multi-year license deals with such players as Netflix, Lionsgate, Hulu, Sky,
Studiocanal, Lovefilm/Amazon and Facebook.
While there, Mike focused on the global and digital sectors of Miramax, as the
International department will soon be 50% of the Company’s total revenue and
digital sales increased by 250 times.
Mike also led the re-establishment of the Miramax brand in new film and TV
content, mining hundreds of scripts and development projects in partnership
with Hollywood heavyweights Scott Rudin, Peter Chernin, Dennis Lehane,
Legendary, Robert Rodriguez, Screen Gems and Lionsgate TV (“Mad Men”), as
well as inking a deal with Harvey and Bob Weinstein to produce sequels to
some of the better-known Miramax properties including SIN CITY 2.
Within the first year of Mike’s tenure, the Miramax investors received an
unheard of $120M dividend via a debt recap that he led, laying the groundwork
for ultimately an attractive return on their investment. All of this done by
building a great team, with a highly focused and entrepreneurial culture
centered on innovation, a requirement in today’s ever-changing media
Prior to Miramax, Mike ran Business Development and Strategy for Fox
Entertainment, working across News Corp’s entertainment assets in film, TV,
sports, news, cable and digital. Among his significant accomplishments at Fox
was the creation of Hulu, the acquisition of MySpace, and launching several
new cable channels.
Before Fox, Mike ran his own consulting firm, and in the late 90’s he was a
founding executive of Internet start-up
Mike began his media career at the Walt Disney Company working in Strategic
Planning and in several operating roles.
Mike earned his MBA at the Harvard Business School, graduating with high
distinction as a Baker Scholar. He is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College,
where he serves on the Board of Trustees. Mike also serves on the Boards of the
Greater LA Affiliate for Habitat for Humanity, the Harlem Globetrotters, and
video game developer Foundation 9.
Suds Obits
As previously reported, my friend and TV hero, Paul Rauch, who helmed my
favourite soap opera of all time, ONE LIFE, along with ANOTHER WORLD,
ago. More sympathies have come pouring into UNCENSORED; and here they are:
"Paul knew how much I adored him and appreciated him as a person, a
professional and an artist because I’d put it all in a letter to him during his
recent time as producer of Y&R. Everyone loved him and loved working with
him, he was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed by so many. "
— Sharon Case, Y&R
“I am so saddened by the news of my friend Paul's passing. Paul was my
favorite boss of all time and there were many! He insisted on perfection with
an iron fist and I respected that in him. To make Paul laugh was always a
thrilling accomplishment in my day! When I heard of his passing I had such a
hard time believing it, because Paul was one of those people you thought
would live forever! I will miss you my friend....”
—Kim Zimmer, GL
Ditto that business.
Prospect Park
…. The production company should be called Prosturing Park Studios? Not
News & Views
This Week’s Hottest News, Gossip, and Reviews!
• Is this a sign that DAYS is being cancelled? Let’s hope not! Crewmembers for
NBC's DAYS will have to pack their bags on December 31. According to THE
BURBANK LEADER, over 175 entertainment industry employees in Burbank are
set to be laid off— including DAYS production staffers!
NBCUniversal reportedly issued 50 layoff notices, which are set to go into
effect on the last day of the year. The National Association of Broadcast
Employees and Technicians, Communications Workers of America, Local 53 has
filed grievances against NBCUniversal as a result of the layoffs.
GENERAL HOSPITAL, CITYTV /ABC — Dancing With The Frisco!
• Is Jack Wagner finally coming back to GH? Count on it, sources close to the
actor tell UNCENSORED. In fact, expect Frisco’s return to happen sooner rather
than later. Yep, that means more Kristina Wagner and Kristen Storms! And they
say the world ended yesterday!
• There is God. I have to convert to Christianity. Steven Lars is no more. At
least in the form of Scott Reeves, one of the most seemingly homophobic
actors on daytime. Reeves tweeted that he has been let go from GH.
I wish no ill will towards Reeves. In fact, I concur with DAYTIME
CONFIDENTIAL’s Jamey Giddens, that Reeves play Taylor’s brother, Zack
Hamilton, on B&B! Make it happen! That means we can get a reboot of Heather
Tom and Reeves together onscreen! And we know how much Bradley Bell loves
absorbing fired Y&R actors. Now if we can only get rid of that annoying brat
Missy Reeves on DAYS, I’d be happy.
This week’s hottest blind items!
• Which soap superstar HATES her on-screen sibling?
The Idiot Ratings
NIELSEN MILK: Dec. 10-14
Winners: Y&R, B&B, GH, and DAYS Soar!
Loser: Brian Frons!
Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,372,000 (+193,000/-93,000)
2. B&B 3,258,000 (+196,000/+238,000)
3. GH 2,657,000 (+119,000/+262,000)
4. DAYS 2,369,000 (+90,000/+136,000)
1. Y&R 3.3/11 (+.1/same)
2. B&B 2.4/8 (+.1/+.1)
3. GH 2.0/6 (+.1/+.2)
4. DAYS 1.8/6 (+.1/+.1)
Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 804,000 (+92,000/+7,000)
2. B&B 667,000 (+121,000/+105,000)
3. GH 610,000 (+1,000/-36,000)
4. DAYS 549,000 (+45,000/+21,000)
Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.3/8 (+.2/+.1)
2. B&B 1.0/6 (+.1/+.1)
2. GH 1.0/6 (same/same)
4. DAYS 0.9/5 (+.1/+.1)
Women 18-34 Viewers
1. GH 245,000 (+32,000/+91,000)
2. Y&R 201,000 (+39,000/+8,000)
3. B&B 166,000 (+50,000/+41,000)
4. DAYS 157,000 (same/+2,000)
Women 18-34 Rating
1. GH 0.7 (+.1/+.2)
2. Y&R 0.6 (+.1/same)
3. DAYS 0.5 (same/same)
3. B&B 0.5 (+.2/+.1)
Coming Up Soon: Larry Flick, Kirsten Storms, Entertainers of the Year, The
Worthy and the Worthless — 2012, and more!