Montessori For Children, Stanley EST. 1986) MARCH NEWSLETTER 2014

Montessori For Children, Stanley EST. 1986)
Easter Party Parent Volunteer Meeting
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 1:00 PM at school.
Please come and join us with some ideas of crafts and
games to organize our Easter Party.
St. Patrick’s Day March 17, 2014
Volunteers needed
Would you consider dressing in green, play an
Irish tune or relate the story to the children, bake
“shamrock” cookies” or make any other green
snack for the day?
Children are invited to add to the festivities by
wearing green too!
The Easter Party
Date: Wednesday the 9th of April 2014
Place: Café Morocco Redhill Peninsula
Time: 9 am to 11:00 am
As there will be no regular sessions on this day,
everyone should meet at the venue. The party will
begin with the children singing their Easter songs
followed by a special entertainment prepared by
our extended day students. The Easter Bunny will
surely make his way to the party and present each
child with an Easter egg. As always, we need your
help to make our Easter celebrations a success
through contribution of F&B.
The more you read, the more things you
will know. The more that you learn, the
more places you'll go." ~Dr. Seuss
Placements for 2014/2015
As always, we encourage the completion of the three year Montessori
program. Children who have done so have proved beyond a doubt that
this commitment pays rich dividend as they continue their education.
A third year Montessori child is usually capable of writing a sentence
with full knowledge of the parts of a sentence, read most ageappropriate, material and practice the four operations in
A “RETURN FORM” will be sent soon. Please observe the
date by which we must be informed about your child returning
to us in September 2014. Please call or write to Chiara if you
need to consult her on this matter.
‘Personal Health’- Hearing and Eye Screening is done
once a year at school by two organizations. Forms will be
sent to the weekly folders.
1) Alpha Hearing Screening by Audiologist Anna Chang
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Fee per child for the testing is HKD 160.
2) Eye Test by Optometrist Suzan Salnikow
Friday, May 16, 2014
Fee per child for the testing is HKD 200.00
Stretch N Grow March 5 and 19, 2014 (Wednesday).
We would like to wish all our English Moms.
And with that, a big “HELLO to Spring” and
warmer days ahead, we are
Chiara and Claudia
In the classes
Weather and Water Cycle
Heat from the sun causes water on
Earth turn from liquid into gas and
rise into the sky.
Water vapor collects in the sky in the
form of clouds and cools down.
Water falls from the sky in the form
of rain, snow, hail, or sleet.
Types of Clouds
Science Corner
Cirrus Clouds
Thin and wispy clouds
Cumulus clouds
Fluffy white clouds
Stratus Clouds
Grey layers of clouds
Nimbus Clouds
Rain clouds
Experiment: Precipitation
Concept: Water Cycle
Subtopic: States of Matter
Weather Instruments
Wind Vane
Rain Gauge
Extended Day
Parts of an insect;
How to identify them;
Insects and how they live.
What are fungi?
Where can we find them?
Helpful and harmful fungi
Food Chain
The children will learn about
the ecosystem according to
how the food chain works.
We had lovely days after the cold spell last month. Hence, the
Extended Day children started planting lettuce and carrots in
our garden. We are thrilled to give these plants our love and
care throughout this season.
Spring is Here!
- What will this season bring us?
- What will the weather be like?
(Not being able to make up its mind
between hot or cold.)
- The spring animals, such as frog,
butterfly, bee and silk worm and what
they will be up to!
The Weather
Introduce the three
different types of weather
* Sunny day
* Cloudy day
* Rainy day
What’s the weather today?
1. Chun Tian Dao Le
2. Xiao Qing Wa
3. Yu San
Da Tou Ge
Vocabulary: 雨 - 下雨 - 下雨了
晴天 / 陰天 /雨天
Best regards,
Karen, Kalyani, Shayne & Bi
Extended Day
Parts of an insect
Name lesson:
Bee / butterfly / fly / dragonfly/
ladybird / praying mantis
The Opposites
We will build up the children’s
conversation skills by using these words
in a sentence;
big – small
up – down
many – few
front – back
in – out
open – close
cry – smile
1. Xiao Mi Feng
2. Shu Ya Zi
3. Lan Duo Chong
Shang Xue Ge
The Opposites
Dial the Telephone
Little Dragonfly