Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago April 2012

Ann & Robert H. Lurie
Children’s Hospital of Chicago
April 2012
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Stacking Diagram and Elevator Layout
Children’s Memorial Hospital
Largest pediatric provider in the region*
Annual patient visits: 549,733
Inpatient admissions: 12,884
Ambulatory and ED visits: 543,558
Surgical procedures: 20,341
148,433 children served
Ranked #1 in nearly every specialty
 Asthma
 Cardiology
 Cardiovascular-thoracic surgery
 ENT (otolaryngology)
 Gastroenterology
 General medicine
 General surgery
 Genetics
Heart transplantation
Infectious diseases
Kidney diseases (nephrology)
Kidney transplantation
Liver transplantation
Neonatology tertiary care (0-60 days)
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Pulmonary medicine
*Internal numbers from fiscal year 2011: includes volumes from Central
DuPage Hospital pediatric program and Northwest Community Hospital
pediatric emergency department
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
Opening June 9, 2012
North Façade from the West
Bridges Connecting to Prentice Women’s Hospital
Planning for the Future
Opening on June 9, 2012, Lurie Children’s will be a modern and adaptable facility
 288 beds, with capacity to expand to 313.
 All private patient rooms help control infection and reduce noise - both proven
to speed healing
 Increase patient capacity initially by 25-30%, accommodating up to 3,000
additional inpatient admissions annually
 Offer greater opportunities for clinical, academic and research collaborations
with colleagues at adjacent medical and academic institutions
 Contribute to care and healing through patient and family-centered design
 Attract top physicians and scientists by increasing faculty by as much as 25%
 Expand space for staff and family educational activities, including training
facilities, conference areas and a family resource center
Pritzker Foundation Lobby – 1st floor
Looking towards elevators to second floor Reyes Family Lobby
Reyes Family Lobby – 2nd floor
Griffin Emergency Care Center
CT Scan
Kenneth and Anne Griffin
Emergency Care Center – 2nd floor
Surgical Waiting Area – 6th floor
Operating Room – 7th floor
Examination Room – 7th floor
Child and Family-Centered Design
The hospital’s design incorporated input from the Kids Advisory Board, a panel of
patients who weigh in on a variety of issues that have a direct impact on patient care
and services .
The board brought unique insight and suggestions on everything from layout and
color scheme to new menu and recreation options to create the best experience for
patients of all ages.
Two innovative concepts incorporated as a result of the board’s input include:
 The Crown Sky Garden, a spacious multi-functional gathering place unlike any
other in the hospital. It will be a place of respite where patients, families, staff and
visitors can escape from the confines of the hospital units.
 A salon in the family life center offering massages and hair cuts for patients and
their families. Offering these services will help boost morale and self-esteem,
especially for patients hospitalized for long periods of time.
Crown Sky Garden – 11th floor
11th floor – sky café, gift shop
Education and Conference Center – 12th floor
Fire Truck and Firehouse – 12th floor
Interfaith Chapel – 12th floor
Family Life Center – 12th floor
Patient Care Room
Care Team Station
Family Great Room
Innovations in Care
 At 60 beds, Lurie Children’s will offer one of the largest pediatric
intensive care units in the nation. The Regenstein Cardiac Care Unit will
provide intensive care for heart patients of all ages.
 A large clinical research unit with pharmacy, dedicated staff and data
analysis systems will give children the opportunity to receive the most
current therapies.
 Adjacency to Prentice Women’s Hospital will allow faster and safer
transport for newborns who require surgery or specialized care.
 Neurocritical care offers comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment for
children with neurological problems.
 Lurie Children’s includes a green roof, stormwater management system
and the use of low-emission paints and carpets to reduce overall water and
energy usage.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Patient Care Room
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Care Team Station
Lefkofsky Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Patient Care Room
Hematology/Oncology Outpatient Services
18th floor
19th Floor Family Kitchen
Paths of Discovery
Shadowboxes in Care Team Stations
Creative Arts Community Partnerships
We engaged Chicago’s cultural and civic
institutions to assist in the design of public
spaces. This will bring arts and culture
into a world where they can impact the
health and healing of children and
Designed points of interest create an
atmosphere that is welcoming, engaging
and calming, communicating hope and
promoting healing.
Spaces will stimulate learning, encourage
interaction and inspire confidence.
Creative Arts Community Partnerships
Shedd Aquarium
Creative Arts Community Partnerships
After School Matters
Creative Arts Community Partnerships
Redmoon Theater
Creative Arts Community Partnerships
Yollocalli/National Museum of Mexican Art
Sky Cows
Rooftop Heliport