Chief Executive Officer National Children’s Center

Position Profile
Chief Executive Officer
National Children’s Center
Washington, DC
The National Children’s Center ( is seeking a strategic, entrepreneurial leader who can
partner with the board, build internal and external relationships, and lead staff to achieve the
Center’s vision.
About the National Children’s Center
Founded in 1958, the mission of the National Children's Center, Inc. (NCC) is to provide a lifetime
of opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. NCC partners with the
people that we serve, their families and others in the community, to work toward a clear vision for
the future. We believe that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities should have
every resource necessary to live, learn, work, grow and thrive in their community - which fully
embraces them as valued and contributing members of society.
National Children's Center, Inc. (NCC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides
comprehensive and innovative services for 450 infants, children and adults with intellectual and
developmental disabilities in the District of Columbia and Maryland. Guiding values are growth,
diversity, relationships, choice, dignity, quality, family, accountability, integrity and wellbeing, and
the theme “just like you and me.”
NCC's community-based services include Early Learning Centers, Schools, Transition Services,
Adult Vocation Services and Residential programs. These personalized services have benefited
thousands of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing educational
development and life skills that have led to empowerment, employment and independent living.
NCC is governed by an 11-member board of directors, consisting of successful business, nonprofit,
health and disability leaders, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Board
is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). NCC also has a highly
qualified staff management team that works with the CEO to supervise more than 400 staff people.
The organization receives $25 million in annual revenue from DC government contracts and federal
and state Medicaid funds. A 30-50% rate increase for the schools was obtained in July 2013 from
the DC government. A $30 million Foundation provides reserve funding for investment in
innovative matching projects, pilot programs, and strategic organizational initiatives and
NCC is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and
all NCC programs are fully licensed and certified.
Position Profile: National Children’s Center - CEO
New initiatives include career and vocational opportunities along with Senior Assisted Living. The
Career Academy, in partnership with the University of the District of Columbia, is expected to
obtain licensing by June 2014.
More information on the National Children’s Center may be found at:
The Position
The National Children’s Center has rapidly evolved into a thriving organization that is building a
sustainable infrastructure to support its growth. NCC’s talented management staff team has
expertise in their field and has worked extensively with the DC and MD governments. Each
member of the team is energized to continually improve their highly successful programs and
develop new initiatives in tandem with prudent financial management.
The CEO has responsibility for ensuring a balanced budget and sustainable growth across NCC’s
programs. Essential to this role will be the development of a strategic growth plan and collaborative
relationships with local, regional and federal agencies, board members, community leaders, donors,
families, and staff.
It is the Board’s strong desire that NCC be regionally recognized as the premier service provider
and as an innovator in the intellectual and developmental disability field.
NCC is currently operating with an Interim CEO who is not a candidate for the position. The
Interim is assessing NCC’s strengths and weaknesses in preparation for a smooth transition. It is the
board’s desire to have the new CEO on the job in April 2014.
Our near-term priorities for the next 12-18 months include:
Gain a deep understanding of NCC’s programs, people and potential.
In partnership with the Board of Directors and management staff team, develop and
implement a 3-5 year business and strategic plan for sustainable growth, diverse revenue
streams, organizational efficiency, and innovation that results in shared goals and vision
throughout the organization.
Build and sustain relationships with local, regional and federal government.
Market NCC’s programs within the community, and successes within the industry.
Build a relationship with NCC’s Union to encourage a beneficial negotiation process and
contract (negotiations start Q2).
Key Responsibilities
Reporting to the board of directors, the CEO will provide leadership to the organization and manage
a fiscally responsible strategy to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To
accomplish this, the CEO will cultivate collaborative relationships, transparency, communication
channels, and teamwork.
Position Profile: National Children’s Center - CEO
Partner with the Board of Directors to support a strategy and vision that balance quality,
revenue streams, ongoing program development, and new initiatives.
In partnership with the management staff team, translate the shared vision into strategies and
concrete actions.
Ensure an integrated approach (health, education, training, job placement, etc.) to addressing
the needs of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Enhance and build person centered service delivery programs with clear impact and
outcome measures to make NCC a leader in the field.
Enhance the Center’s public image, visibility, and brand marketing.
Navigate through a complex political environment to promote and expand local, state and
federal government support.
Increase community involvement in NCC’s mission.
Provide leadership to the management staff team to maintain excellence, promote teamwork,
maintain regulatory compliance, and continually improve quality of care. Provide effective
organizational management and direction to all staff to further develop and build their skills,
experience, qualifications, and performance.
Experience and Attributes
Ideal candidates for this position will share our commitment to NCC’s mission and will bring a
variety of experiences and attributes to NCC, including:
Minimum eight years senior level organizational and financial leadership and management
experience in a similar-sized or larger nonprofit
Master's degree or equivalent
Three-five years of experience working with people with intellectual and developmental
Fluency in financial management of large-scale organizations with greater than $20M
annual budgets and their planning and systems implementation processes. Proven ability to
align budget and strategy and rapidly make hard decisions
Keen political instincts and a record of advocacy and building and managing strategic
relationships with significant resources in the academic, industry and policy community
(e.g.: University, Board of Trade, Chamber of Commerce, Hospitality industry)
Concrete examples of innovative ideas that led to projects/programs/policies that resulted in
substantial (statistically significant) measured change/impact
Proven ability to think strategically and critically, synthesize complex issues and
information, keep up with industry trends, and evaluate new trends for potential
Position Profile: National Children’s Center - CEO
Familiarity with Union and HR issues in a large organization with multiple work sites
Experience with high level of government oversight strongly preferred
Cultural sensitivity to be able to navigate diverse constituencies
Proven track record of partnering successfully with a board of directors and developing
effective governance models
Commitment to and skill with community engagement, relationship building and
An inspiring leadership style with a successful track record of managing, building and
supporting high-functioning interdisciplinary teams that participate in building shared
strategic plans and achieving strategic objectives.
Inspiring and professional written and oral communication skills, proven ability to
communicate and listen at all levels of an organization
Demonstrated knowledge/understanding regarding the disparities in health and healthcare of
the intellectual and developmentally disabled population
Strategic thinker
Proven ability to use and implement cutting edge technology to improve either efficiency,
quality or both (e.g.: emerging smartphone and tablet technologies, organization-wide
technology initiatives)
Experience in the intellectual and developmental disability field is helpful in understanding
the changing attitudes about how services should be designed
Knowledge of the regulatory environment and laws affecting intellectual and developmental
disability programs is a plus
Application Process
NCC provides a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits.
To apply, e-mail cover letter, resume, and salary expectations to [email protected]
For more information, contact Ginna Goodenow at [email protected] Communications will
be confidential. Resume review begins immediately and resumes will be accepted until the position
is filled. NCC is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes and encourages diverse applicants.
Position Profile: National Children’s Center - CEO