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Monthly Report to the Community
Happy new year • JANUARY 2013
Students give back
Christmas spread to over
850 children!
By Dottie Achmoody
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Dental donation
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Donor list
Special pantry
Acme cash
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Dottie Achmoody
As we rang in the New Year, we could not help but reflect back on
Christmas. This past Christmas OPEN M ran its annual Christmas
for the Love of Children program. We had over 150 people step
forward to sponsor children for Christmas. Because of these very
generous individuals, groups, and churches, we were able to provide
a Christmas for over 250 families including 100 pounds of food for
each sponsored family! We appreciate all the groups and churches
who donated the food that allowed OPEN M to be able to provide food
boxes to the families. “Special Santa’s,” our donors, blessed over
840 children this year with gifts; each child received at least two gifts
(totaling $50 or more) for Christmas.
It was a wonderful holiday season seeing
everyone come together to reach out to the
community. Thank you to everyone who
volunteered to help make this program
possible. This includes the many groups and
churches that hosted toy and stuffed animal
collections for our Christmas program. A
special thank you to Sam Keller from Keller
Rigging and Construction for his donation,
which allowed OPEN M to purchase several
needed food items for our food boxes and
buy numerous children’s gifts. The smiles on
the children’s faces say it all. Their hope, joy
and spirit add to the meaning of Christmas.
In addition, we are extremely grateful to our
sponsors and those who contributed to the
Pajamas for Kids program. We are so proud
of the difference that we have made for the
families of Akron.
OPEN M (Opportunity for People Everywhere in Need Ministry) is an ecumenical Christian mission.
We are committed to Feed the Hungry, Care for the Sick, Nurture Children, Build Families, and Strengthen the Community.
Board of Trustees
Beverly Bokovitz, MSN, RN
Roxia Boykin, MPA, RN
Darryl Brake
John M. Davis
Jess W. Hurst, CFP
Dr. Eric Johnson
Joy D. Kosiewicz
Shawn Lyden
Jeffrey A. Murphy
John S. Murphy
Scott Myers
Patricia J. Neely
Joe Thibault
Jil Williams
Michael G. Wojno
OPEN M Foundation
Ann Amer Brennan – Chair
Eileen Burg
Philip H. Maynard
Frank Harvey
Scott Myers
Michael G. Wojno
OPEN M Staff
Dottie Achmoody, MPA
CEO, Ext. 407
Kaitlyn Achimasi
Behavior Health Coordinator, Ext. 419
Pat Adolphson
Accounting Assistant, Ext. 405
Desi Becker
Clinic Receptionist, Ext. 413
Bobbie Boyer
Food Service Manager, Ext. 416
Dan Bricker
Building Manager, Ext. 422
Felicia Bronner
Education/Diamond Ladies Coord., Ext. 410
Tiffany Cawley
Director of Development, Ext. 404
Angel Favaro
Education Manager, Ext. 402
Patrice Fox, BSN, RN
Nursing Administrator, Ext. 414
Lamont Graves
Operations Manager, Ext. 409
Colleen McMahon
Executive Assistant, Ext. 428
Eric Nelson
Clinic Coordinator, Ext. 406
Family Development, Ext. 403
Ken Price
JOBS Coordinator, Ext. 433
Sanford Trado
Accounting Manager, Ext. 405
Michelle Unangst,
Grant Writer, Ext. 405
OPEN M is located at,
941 Princeton Street in Akron, Ohio.
(330) 434-0110 FAX: (330) 434-6661
OPEN M Report to the Community
Students give back
The Christmas for the Love of Children program is a large program at OPEN M helping over
840 children this year. Our distribution day took place on Tuesday, December 18, 2012. This
is the day that we take all the sponsored children’s gifts and we distribute them to more than
250 families in Summit County.
This year some of the athletes from the StowMunroe Falls High School Athletic Leadership
Council volunteered to spend the day
at OPEN M helping with getting gifts,
loading cars, checking people out, lifting
food boxes and many more volunteer
tasks. The Athletic Leadership Council
is a group of student athletes from
Stow-Munroe Falls High School that
get together for monthly meetings for
leadership training and community service.
This elite group is selected by coaches and
teachers at the school.
Five students graciously came with hearts wide open, ready and willing to help in any
way possible. Kristen Cannon, Dylan Hartwig, Sydney Trathen, Kayla Thomas, and Jessica
Guider were the students that volunteered their time at OPEN M. They range in grade level
from sophomores to senior students. They represented the sport teams of tennis, wrestling,
volleyball, cross-country, track, and basketball.
Athletic Director Cyle Feldman and volunteer Valerie Bonacci also chipped in and volunteered
right alongside their students. In addition, the Stow-Munroe Falls High School boy’s
basketball team lead by
Dave Close sponsored
Stow families with gifts
and food for the holiday
season. We are so thankful
to the students, coaches
and teachers for taking
time out of their busy
schedules to volunteer
at OPEN M and give
back to the community.
The distribution day ran
very smoothly with their
Athletic Leadership Council of Stow Munroe Falls High School
(from left to right) Sydney Trathen, Dylan Hartwig, Cyle Feldman,
Kayla Thomas, Jessica Guider, Kristen Cannon, Valerie Bonacci
A clinic’s Christmas and patients’ love
by Desi Becker
OPEN M Free Clinic has so many wonderful patients. They
are always very willing to give back to the clinic to show their
It was the first week
of December and
time to decorate the
waiting room. During
a few clinics, the
clients participated in
spreading Christmas
cheer. They put the
Christmas tree stand
together, placed the
lights and garland on
the tree, fluffed the
wreaths and decorated
the waiting room with
The finishing touches came when each patient who desired to
participate decorated the tree by placing the bulbs on the limbs;
Dental Donation
Every year the Akron Dental Assistants Society (ADAS) chooses an
organization where they can donate items to a dental clinic. The
ADAS selected OPEN M as a recipient of this generous gift for the
year of 2012. Carol Vozar, who is a volunteer assistant in our free
clinic since October, hand delivered the items on 12.12.12. Paper
towels, suction tips, toothbrushes, paste, and clean wipes were a
few of the donated items.
In the picture to the right, Clinic Coordinator Eric Nelson, is receiving
the items. Moreover, to our surprise, the ADAS blessed our dental
clinic with a $100 donation! Thank you, Akron Dental Assistants
Society for your generosity.
OPEN M Report to the Community
Clinic has so
many wonderful
however, these were not your
usual bulbs! The clients were
encouraged to write messages
on the bulbs or to decorate them
with a silver Sharpie. Some drew
snowflakes, stars and hearts
while others sent personal
messages. Still others wrote
“Season’s Greetings,” “We’re thankful for OPEN M” and, finally,
one patient wrote “Sretan Bozic,” which translates from Serbian
to “Merry Christmas.”
Kudos Corner
We would like to send a big thank you to…
• North Springfield Presbyterian Church for donating hats and gloves as Christmas gifts for kids in the OPEN M Building Blocks program
• Everyone who helped out with the Christmas for the Love of Children program
Lisa Becker and Mary Rinaldi for helping coordinate and collect pajamas for Pajamas for Kids collection and also for shopping for the Christmas for the Love of Children program
• Chapel Hill Christian School – North for collecting ­­­­­
906 pounds of food
• DeVitis Italian Market for providing OPEN M with discounted food for a program
• Keller Rigging & Construction for the donation of food and Christmas gifts
Fairlawn Area Chamber of Commerce for picking OPEN M as one of the chosen charities to receive money from the annual Holiday Auction and for the wonderful donation of 150 pounds of food and toys for Christmas
• Summa Health System for their donation of over 200 pajamas for the Pajama’s for Kids program and for volunteering during the Christmas season
To all of our amazing receptionists who also have a smile for everyone who comes in the
OPEN M doors: Sharon Wood, Dolores Kolb, Lucy Wyss, Bonny Mills, Patricia Tramble, Aisha Allen,
Jeri Weems, Joan Schoenheit, Mary Yvonne Horton, Margaret Parsons, Audrey Keller and Drewcilla Stovall.
• Blick Clinic for donating and making hats for our Christmas for the Love of Children program
• Robert J Catering for donating premade food including
delicious macaroni and cheese, cheese cubes, fruit and vegetables to our children’s program
• Toshiba Bob for being Santa for the
Christmas program
• Everyone that helped to make Thanksgiving Dinner a success again this year
• Phil Martucci for donating his time and food for a Christmas lunch for the OPEN M staff
• All the churches, groups and individuals that donated food for our Christmas Boxes
• To the volunteers that helped to put food in the boxes for Christmas
• All the food pantry volunteers
• Ken Price for volunteering to be Santa for our Building
Blocks program and sharing the story of Christ with our children
To all the businesses and churches who donated gifts, toys, blankets and food for the Christmas program. Your love was shared with everyone who came through our doors to receive their gifts.
• Jared Galleria of Jewelry for donating boxes of new teddy bears for the Christmas for the Love of Children program
January / February Hot Lunch Schedule
Mon. Jan. 21
Hudson UMC
Mon. Jan. 28
Stow UMC
Mon. Feb 18
Hudson UMC
Mon. Feb 25
Harmony Springs Christian
Tues. Jan. 22
Fairlawn Lutheran
Tues. Jan. 29
St. Barnabas Catholic Church,
Tues. Feb 19
Granger UMC
Tues. Feb 26
Peninsula UMC
Wed. Feb 20
Wed. Feb 27
First Congregational Church
Wed. Jan. 23
Christ Church Episcopal
Thurs. Jan. 24
Twin Falls UMC
Fri. Jan. 25
Sigma Theta Tau
Wed. Jan. 30
First Congregational Church,
Thurs. Jan. 31
Green Valley UMC
Thurs. Feb 21
Twin Falls UMC
Fri. Feb 22
Macedonia UMC
Thurs. Feb 28
First UMC Cuyahoga Falls
Thank you to our donors!
OPEN M Donor List November 21st through December 21st
AARP Coventry Chapter 3820
The Rev. & Mrs. K. Lee Achmoody
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Adams
Ms. Carol Adams
*Akron Baptist Temple
*Akron Bible Church Ministries
Akron Community Foundation
Akron General Health System- Halo Nurse
Allenside Womens Guild
Mr. & Mrs. Mal Ames
Anonymous (6)
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Armbrust
Association of Medical Social Workers
Glenn Atwood
Ault Brothers Inc.
Mr. & Mrs Daniel Auman
Ms. Marilyn Averell
Patty Bachtel
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Bahr
Mr. Wayne Baker
Mr. & Mrs. David Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Balogh
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Barber
Ms. Elizabeth Barber
Mr. G. Philip Barnhart
Dr. William Bauman
Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, Stow
Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Belknap
Ms. Mona Bishop
Mr. Brian Bishop
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Blaser
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bowman
Mr. & Mrs. Libert Bozzelli
Mr. & Mrs. John Bradford
Mr. & Mrs. David Brennan
Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Brimlow
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Burky
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Butler
Ms. Jill Cabe
Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Canfield
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Carpas
Mr. & Mrs. John Caulfield
Dr. & Mrs. Roger Chaffee
*Christ UMC of Akron
Ms. Nickie Ciolli-Hetrick
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Clark
Ms. Judith Clifford
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Collier
Community Fellowship Ministries
Copley Discount Drive-Thru Inc.
*Copley United Methodist Church
Mary S. and David C Corbin
Ms. Carolyn Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Crosier
Cub Scout Pack #3327, Hudson
David E. Bedillion Agency, Inc.
Mrs. Sally Davies
Minister Walda Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Davis
Rev. & Mrs. Doug Denton
Ms. Lucille DeShon
DeVitis Italian Market
Ms. Mary Didonato
Mr & Mrs. Patrick DiMauro
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. John Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Doll
Mr. & Mrs. John Donatelli
Ms. Dorothea Douds
Dr. Frank Douglas
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dughi
Ms. Irma Earley
*East Ohio Conference of The UMC
Eastwood Church of The Brethren
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Eberly
Ms. Brenda Eich
Ms. Mary Engle
*The Episcopal Church Diocese
of Ohio
*Faith Lutheran Church, Fairlawn
*Fairlawn Lutheran Church Lutheran
Womens Missionary League
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Falcone
*Family of Faith United
Methodist Women
*Family of Faith Willing Workers
SS Class
Ms. Beverly Fenning
Mr. & Mrs. Rita Filer
*The First Congregational
Church, Tallmadge
*First United Methodist Church,
Cuyahoga Falls
Mr. & Mrs. William Fisher
Flowercraft Club
Ms. Mary Ellen Foster
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Franklin
Ms. Denae Freshly
Paula Fulmer
Gallery of Framing, Fairlawn
Gavin Scott Salon & Spa, Stow
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Giorgio
Ms. Maureen Glynn
Mr. & Mrs. George Goodrich
Mr. John Goudie
Ms. Judith Grayhem
Dr. & Mrs. Alex Guira
Ms. Hilda Gullion
Ms. Nancy Ann Gupta
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Guster
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Habyan
Ms. Paula Hannum
Ms. Carolyn Hansinger
Mrs. Martha Hart
Mr. Frank Harvey, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Hawk
Mr. & Mrs. William Heilmeier
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Heilmeier
Diane Hengle
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Hergenrother
Ms. Kathryn Hibbard
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Hine
*Holy Trinity Lutheran Church,
LSF Guild
Mr. Roger Hoover
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Hosey
*Hudson United Methodist Church
Lisa Hughes
Mr. Jesse Hurst
Mr. & Mrs. John Ingram
Ms. Kristine Jacobson
James Douglas Evans Architect Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. George Janes
Jared – The Galleria of Jewelry
Craig Johnson
Dr. & Mrs. Brian Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Karm
Keller Rigging & Construction
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kenepp
Kenmore Komics & Games
Ms. Elizabeth Kerr
Mr. & Mrs. Edward King
Kiwanis Club of Stow Munroe Falls
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kline
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Koblenzer
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Koltas
Thomas Kot
Elfrida Krister
Ms. Clara Krum
Mr. & Mrs. John Kugler
Mr. Kyle Kutuchief
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Labbe
Lakeville United Methodist Women
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Leffler
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lepp
Dr. & Mrs. James Lewis
Ms. Patricia Lollini
Ms. Anna Maerean
Mrs. Marjorie Magee
Marhofer Auto Family
Ms. Althea Marquardt
Mr. & Mrs. Corby Mathisen
Mr. & Mrs. John McBride
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley McDermott
Dr. & Mrs. John McFadden
Janet McFarlin
Mrs. Shirlee McMahon
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mechenbier
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mervine
Miller Family Foundation
Mogadore UMW
Wyatt & Candice Monteith
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Monroe
Ms. Theresa E. Morelli
Dr. Mark Munetz
Mr. & Mrs. John Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Nasrallah
Richard Neal
*New Covenant Community
Church, Inc.
OPEN M Report to the Community
Northampton Grange
Ms. MaryAnne Nowak
*Oak Hill Presbyterian Church
OMNOVA Solutions Foundation
Our Lady of the Elms
Ms. Marcella Pace
Mr. & Mrs. William Painter
Ms. Dianne Papes
Mr. Pete Pappas
Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Paredes
Mr. W. Stuver Parry
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Peter
Rev. & Mrs. Marshall Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Pitts
Mr. & Mrs. William Post
Presbyterian Women of
Westminster Church
Rebecca Pruitt
Mr. & Mrs. Bart Rahe
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Rajiah
Mr. & Mrs. William Rank
Mr. & Mrs. Zar Reader
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Reed
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Reichelt
Mr. & Mrs. John Riemenschneider
Ms. Helena Rizzo
Dr. & Mrs. Duane Roe
Shirley Russell
Sharon Salem
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sauer
Dr. Carole Savan
Ms. E. W. Schneir
Mr. & Mrs. John Schoenheit
+SD Myers, Tallmadage
Mr. David Siegfried
Ms. Barbara Simcox
Carol Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smethers
Rev. & Mrs. David Smith
Mr. Richard L. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. C.M. Solis
Mr. Anthony Sonderman
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Soos
The Spiritual Sisters
Mr. Richard Srail
*St. John St. Paul Lutheran Church
*St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
St. Paul Catholic Elementary
School Students, Akron
Ms. Helen Stansfield
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Starcher
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Starkey
Ms. Maureen Stevens
*Stow United Methodist Women
+Stow-Glen Retirement Village
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Stratton
*Streetsboro United
Methodist Church
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Stress
Summit County Land Title Association
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Swank
The Church In Silver Lake
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Tolley
Troop & Family Assistance Center,
Region 1, Northeast Ohio
*United Methodist Church
of Macedonia
United Methodist Women, Akron
Sue Ellen Utley
Mr. & Mrs. Emil Voelz
Shirley Wagner
Mr. Jackson Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Al Wavle
Wayside Furniture Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Jon Weingart
Janice Weinhardt
Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Weisend
Ms. Brenda Wentland
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Whidden
Ms. Gail Wild
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Williams
Dr. Jay Williamson
*Woodland United Methodist Church
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wright
Mr. & Mrs. David Yeager
York United Methodist Church - United
Methodist Women
Mr. & Mrs. Jack W. Young
Yusef Khan Caldron, No 24
* Covenant Church
+ Community Partners
In Honor Of
Ann Brennan
Janet DasVarma
Sandra Dawson
Jean Foust
Froncie Repetti
Alice Bergstrom
Mr. & Mrs. John Yankey
In Memory Of
Carol Brodbeck
Ms. Janna Bruner
In Honor Of
Dr. Roger Chaffee
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Donovan
In Honor Of
Jennifer Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. James Dickson
In Memory Of
William G. Fox
Akron BMW Club
Aldawood Hills Landowner Assoc
Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Anderson
Mr. Charles Daub
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. E. Thomas Dowd
Frank Edwards
Erie Industrial Supply Co
The Ewart-Ohlson Machine Company
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Faulkner
Ms. Mary Goletz
Mr. & Mrs. George Janes
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Klein
Mr. & Mrs. William Knittle
Dr. Ben Laubach
Ms. Tina Lim-fulton
Mr. Ron Martin
Colleen McMahon
PCC Airfoils
Dr. Kristi Pielstick
Mr. & Mrs. James Salem
Ms. Sara Jane Salstrom
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Torgersen
Caroline Wilson
Dr. & Mrs. James Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Zeno
In Memory Of
Ron Glosser
Mr. Philip Bradley
Mr. & Mrs. David Brennan
Ms. Kimberly Gillman
Good Place Publishing
The Patricia and J. Harvey Graves Family
Ms. Leonna Haines
Mr. Frank Harvey, Jr.
Hershey Trust Company
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Leatherman
Mr. & Mrs. W. Riley Lochridge
Mr. Philip Lutz
Ms. Joan McNeely
Mr. Harry Meek
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sturtz
Mr. & Mrs. James Sutphin
The House of LaRose
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wells
In Memory Of
Charles E Hart
Mrs. Martha Hart
In Memory Of
Robbin Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. Tim McMahon
Mr. & Mrs. John Yankey
In Honor Of
Parry Keller
Jo & George Honig
Ruth & Wendell White
Mrs. Patricia Neely
In Memory Of
Glenn C. Kennedy
Ms. Mary Kennedy
In Memory Of
JoAnn Chaffin Martin
*Family of Faith United Methodist
Church - Esther Circle
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mickels
Trubridge, Inc
Ms. Roberta Ulmer
In Honor Of
Shirlee McMahon’s 81st Birthday
Tim, Colleen, Katy & Connor McMahon
In Memory Of
Dave & Peg Neely
Miriam Keller
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Mrs. Patricia Neely
In Honor Of
Hannah Nitz
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Rybka
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Marjorie Van Nostran
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In Honor Of
Parents Norb & Edie Weisend
Ms. Ellen Wolcott
In Memory Of
Husband, Lance Wernowsky
& Daughter Connie
Mrs. Norma Wernowsky
Special pantry volunteer
by Bobbie Boyer
Volunteers are our lifeline – without them we would not be able
to do all that we do. They fill in for one another when needed;
they make the days more enjoyable and are willing to help do
whatever is needed when asked. They are all special in their
own ways. One of these special people is my oldest grandson, Kyle. When
Kyle was younger, we did not see much of him with his father
being in the Air Force. In his earlier years, he lived in New
Mexico, Texas and even Japan. The last few years he lived with
his mother in Texas until they moved to Michigan. This move
provided the opportunity for us to see more of him. wanted to enlist in the Marines. Then about two months ago,
he came to Akron to live with his dad and stepmother before
leaving for basic training in February. In his time here in Akron,
he has come to be my special volunteer. When I need his help
all I have to do is ask. He does whatever is asked of him and if
he sees something that needs to be done, he does not hesitate
to jump in and get it done. All by himself, he brought down all
the food that was upstairs for the Christmas food boxes. Without
his help, Dan and I would have had to find the time to do it
ourselves. Therefore, with the remaining time he has with us I
would like to let him know how truly special he is to all of us in
the pantry.
A few months after graduating from high school, he got a
welding job, but after a few months of working decided he
941 Princeton Street
Akron, OH 44311
Return Service Requested
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 1196
Akron, OH 44309
Monday, January 7, 9:30 a.m.
Clinic open enrollment call in
Friday, January 18, 9-11 a.m.
Mountain of Food
Monday, January 21
Office closed
Tuesday, January 22, 3:30 p.m.
Champions of Wellness
Thursday, January 24, 5 p.m.
Legal Aid
Saturday, February 9, 9 a.m.
Annual Membership Meeting
The Acme Community Cash Back Program
Once again, the OPEN M Free Clinic is registered with the Acme
Community Cash Back Program. The Cash Back program runs
from September 22, 2012 through February 9, 2013. The OPEN
M Free clinic asks everyone to shop at Acme Fresh Market, save
any receipt with the words “Cash Back” on the bottom and turn
it into the OPEN M Free Clinic.
The receipts are all gathered and Acme Fresh Market will issue
a rebate check to OPEN M for up to 5 percent of the amount
printed on the bottom of the receipt. The Cash Back amount
includes all Acme brand merchandise purchases. Thank you for
your support!