The Standing Bonfire 2012 January

The Standing Bonfire
Class Officers
President, Brant Rose
Vice President, Elissa McMillen Aten
Secretary, Mike Mahoney
Treasurer, Jason Grinnell
Co-Head Agents, Anne Blakely
Hammer/Libby Peruchini Graham/
Brett Scoll Perryman
Mini-Reunion, Brant Rose
Alumni Council, Jill Goldberg Arnold
Webmasters, Tom Paganucci
Newsletter Editors, Heej Ko/Cally Bybee
Class Project Chairs, Bob Delise/Lynne
Schiffman Delise
20th Reunion Chair, Julie Cillo
Class Steward, Jessie Levine
Executive Committee
Peter Aaron
Kate Aiken
Jennifer Bobalik
Kim Fahey Brown
Cally Shea Bybee
Mark A.B. Carlson
Bettina Decker
Todd Donovan
Patricia Gagnon
Jonathan Harrington
Caroline Harris
Dave Harrison
Howard Jeffries
Kristin Knies
Allegra Kochman
Paul Larson
Nina Weber Neulight
Jonathan Rettman
T. Woody Richman
Gary Rovner
Cindy Hansel Sherlock
Christopher Stahl
Matt Wilson
Joni Wiredu
Wendy Gruenberg Wray
The Great Class of 1992,
I’ll update you on 4 events this quarter in depth,
including my notes on Hanover trip for Class Officers Weekend with updates from current students.
Continue to look for my short monthly President’s
Emails about our upcoming events and progress
towards our goals for year ending June 30, 2012.
...president’s letter continued on pages 2-5...
Brant Rose
Class President
Reunion Notes
Did you watch the ball drop on New Years Eve? Did you join in the count
down? Well, make sure that you are joining in the countdown to our 20th
reunion. The reunion clock is ticking (literally if you check our website).
‘92 Class Reunion
June 15-June 17
Some updates include:
Friday night tunes with Noise Complaint (yup, those guys from the 92s,
93s, 91s are getting back together just for us!)
Saturday afternoon wine tasting with Andy Peay (this will be a limited
event - details to come)
Also, be sure to contribute to our class slide show with pics from days go
by to the present. Kate Aiken is collecting digital pics starting now... you
can send them to her at [email protected]
Starting in January, we’ll be sending more logistic details about registration, housing, child care so you can be ready to hit the Green and starting
reconnecting with classmates.
Until then, happy holidays and Happy New Year! 1
The Standing Bonfire
January 2012
Mini Reunions
NOV 28, 2011
OCT 29, 2011
Just days prior to my NYC trip, I
googled “NBC’s The Sing-Off viewing party”; piggybacked us onto the
A Capella Society of NYC’s all-night
happy hour at Slattery’s MidTown
Pub as a D92 Minireunion for an
estimated 6 people; we opened it
to the Dartmouth Club of NYC and
DAEMA (Alums in Media & Entertainment); and.....we filled half that
bar (50?) outnumbering the A Capella Society. Dave Miller & Deborah Bernstein (‘93), Peter Aaron,
Nancy De Sa, Allegra Kochman,
James Brodbelt Harris, Carina
Wong and Heej Ko were among the
This was going to be a big deal
for the College and classes for
minreunions (
climate change continues to thwart
atch P
aires W
Dave Aznavorian who was our City
Captain on the ground that day, intrepidly manning his post so that no
‘92 would be left behind:
OCT 26-27, 2011
Dave Harrison was our City Captain for Hanover for our joint minireunion with the 89s and 90s. Cider,
hot chocolate, good weather and
skydivers delivering the ball - Consider coming up next year!
son @ H
Mini Reunions
Look for upcoming news and events
from your local mini-reunion chair.
Interested in becoming a mini-reunion chair in your area? Contact
Brant Rose at:
[email protected]
“So, the day was truly a disastrous
one here -- 38 degrees, 30 mph
wind gusts, an early-season snowstorm that settled in and dropped
4” of snow around Boston. I wish I
mini reunions by city:
were making this all up.”
San Francisco, Kate Aiken
Next year....
Washington, D.C, Patricia Gagnon
Boston, Kristin Knies/Matt Wilson
NYC, Allegra Kochman/Peter Aaron
Atlanta, Mark A.B. Carlson
Seattle, Howard Jeffries
Houston, Jonathan Harrington
Chicago, Gary Rovner
Los Angeles, Brant Rose
SEPT 23-24, 2011
The headlines of course were 1) the
now Great Class of 1992 winning a
Special Recognition Award for our
‘relentless pursuit of excellence’
and our 92nd Day (Virtual) MiniReunion program, and 2) Mike Mahoney winning Best Class Secretary.
officio) all joined
us for dinner Friday
night with President
Jim Kim where the
Class was presented with our Award.
Jessie Levine, our
new Class Steward
and the new Assistant Town Manager
of Hanover was our
guest-of-honor for dinner Saturday
night at the Canoe Club. Coming
back from the soccer game I ran
into our ‘92 Heavyweight rowers
in town for Friends of Dartmouth
Rowing - Mike Stanitski with his
While there were 9 Class Officers wife and 2 kids, Todd Millay & Amy
in town (Brant Rose, Elissa Aten, Nauss and kids, Ed Smith and HenAnne Hammer, Libby Graham, Ju- ry Spindler.
lie Cillo, Heej Ko, Tom Paganucci,
Kristy Wiwczar), I counted no less We had an excellent 2 days of trainthan 20 ‘92s in Hanover that week- ings, sharing our experiences and
end. Jason Cillo (of course!), Cyn- listening to the lessons of other
thia Hansel Sherlock (exec com- classes, President Kim and the
mittee), Christine Vanden Beukel, Blunt Leadership team as well as
Anita Reithoffer (president ex- student leaders as we gear up for
our 20th Reunion this June 15-17,
2012. I had great fun presenting to
the Class Presidents Association on
“Innovations In Class Leadership”
and moderating a Breakout session
of 90s Decade Classes. I’ve adopted the Class of ‘79 (one of the top
alumni classes) as our mentors and
they were gracious to host us Saturday night for drinks and fellowship
at one of their homes near Occom
We’ve made a tradition of taking a
couple students to breakfast Sunday morning while we’re there to
connect us to the present day campus and trends of new graduates.
This year we met two more impressive students sophomores Anoush
Arakelian ‘14 and Josh Hall ‘14. I
asked each of them to give us some
updates throughout the year and
pics for our newsletter:
Anoush Arakelian ‘14:
Coming back sophomore fall was
such an incredible feeling. I felt like
I finally had a place at Dartmouth
and knew who I was going to hang
out with and where I wanted to go.
However, I learned that Dartmouth
continues to change ALL the time.
Dartmouth, for me, is all about the
community and each year there is
a new class of new people, and I
got to experience this for the first
time. I lead a Harder Hiking trip for
DOC trips and got to experience the
passion that all the upperclassmen
share for Dartmouth. My trip hiked
three of the Presidentials - Madison, Adams, and Jefferson, and Mt.
Moosilauke in four days!
The Standing Bonfire
I also got to experience auditions
for a cappella from the other side,
which was so strange and oddly
more stressful than when I auditioned! I am continuing to sing/
beatbox with the Rockapellas and
am currently the Tour Manager for
our upcoming New England tour.
The nice addition to my regular
commitments, was joining the
rugby team which has been such
a great athletic outlet for me. The
team is an amazing new circle of
friends and some of the most reliable teammates I could ask for.
Even more important is that I am
declaring my major! I am a Neuroscience major and Education minor.
I can confidently make this choice
after experience classes from TONS
of departments and working at a
summer school this summer. I realized that my passions lie in education reform and the brain (I taught
I am now gearing up for an abroad
term in France, on the Lyon LSA. I
an ‘14
January 2012
cannot wait to travel
to Europe for the first
time, but I am also
sad to be leaving Dartmouth so soon!
l ‘14
Josh Hall ‘14:
I’ve been much busier
than I anticipated.
Just over a week ago,
was rush weekend.
So now, I’m an official
pledge for SAE which
was my first choice and one that
I’m really excited about. That is
really the only exciting thing that
happened to me, but if you want to
hear more about rush I can tell you.
Otherwise, there hasn’t been
much aside from the typical Meal
Plan complaining. Unfortunately,
due to my schedule I had to miss
the Republican Debate, but it was
extremely exciting when bloomberg
news set up on the Green and cast
lights onto Baker, Rauner, and other
parts of the green.
This week is homecoming week so
that will be a lot of fun. Hill Winds
is holding our annual Homecoming
event on Friday. But with
homecoming also comes midterms
and students are beginning to
stress out, but nothing out of the
continued Class Officer’s Weekend...
In Closing, as always I’ll share with
you some of my favorite personal
moments from the weekend that I
hope spark your return to Reunions
this June:
•Breakfast with Professor Donald
Pease at Lou’s;
•Discovering the Life Sciences
building walls are painted with
WhiteBoard paint (a Dartmouth
alumni invention)- you can draw
anywhere on them;
science to athletics- including
management- which is helping us
recruit athletes;
•Walking the stacks & floors of
Baker-Berry and Carson Libraries
to see the architectural way they
preserved the old and melded
it with the new. You can study
”outside” Baker while peering in
through the old windows;
•Hearing of students’ John Sloane
attacking problems around the
globe whether it was Japan or the
Upper Valley floods;
•Seeing IModules beta version- a
powerful new software platform
that will simplify many of the
Classes organization & coordination
with the College;
•Leo Caproni and the Class of ‘42,
our 50-year partners who greeted
us at graduation, will publish a book
at their 70th Reunion with 90 essays
about their service in World War 2.
We gave them a standing ovation!;
•Hearing President Kim speak on
Harold “Rip” Ripley ’29 who at the
age of 104 was the oldest living
Dartmouth alumnus until he passed
away in September. President
Kim asked to visit Mr. Ripley in his
home, but Rip declined saying that
he had visited the offices of every
Dartmouth president since Ernest
Martin Hopkins and wasn’t about
to change. Rip visited President Kim
and told him that he had “shaken
the hand of a man who had shaken
the hand of a man who had shaken
the hand of a member of the Class
of 1769”. Shake Jim Kim’s hand in
June and you’ll keep the chain and
our history alive;
•Recording 2 minutes of crickets
& bullfrogs at Occom Pond at
midnight, texting it back to the Club
of LA Board members, and receiving
texts back minutes later about the
‘memories it sparked...recording
onto kids sleep machines...very
cool.... ‘.
http://www. For this alone
you must come back in June.
•Here’s the Green on our final day;
check out our private Facebook.
Group for more pics.
See you June 15th!
Brant Rose
Treasurer’s Report
Greetings from your Class Treasurer!
In connection with our return to
the Hanover Plain for our 20th Reunion June 15 through 17, we have
set an audacious, yet reachable,
goal of having 40% of our class participate in paying Class Dues. Right
now, we are at 22%. Our fiscal year
ends June 30, so let’s reach our goal
before Reunion!
.org /classes/92
If you have not yet paid, help us
reach our goal and strengthen our
Class by paying your Class Dues.
Please go to the Class of 1992 website (
classes/92/) for payment options
(mail a check to me or pay via credit card or electronically by following
the link there).
For those of you who have already
paid your Class Dues, thank you!
Not sure if you have paid? Check
out our Dues
Paid link on the
Class website:
h t t p : / / w w w.
See you in
Jason Grinnell,
Class Treasurer
The Standing Bonfire
January 2012
1992 Class Project
College Fund
Haven Homework Club
opportunities for bonding between an Olympic sport, the Haven would
Kim, the kids, and the volunteers definitely be sending some kids to
Our class continues to give back through group games and planned the competition.
to the Upper Valley by support- activities, like yoga.
From traditional homework coling Dartmouth students’ efforts to
teach and build bonds with kids at Finally, due to several large fami- laboration to playing group games
the Haven, the principal homeless lies leaving the area, nearly all the to helping two of the girls build fashelter in the area. The Haven’s kids who came to Homework Club erie houses, this term’s homework
guests are mainly families with this term were new. We had an un- club allowed the volunteers to build
children and the Haven Homework usually large number of elemen- strong relationships with Kim and
Club -run by students through the tary age girls, and on Fridays, that the kids. We’re excited to start back
Tucker Foundation - is making a dif- meant lots of imagination games up again next term.
ference. Katherine Kendig ‘12 re- and tons of time spent with the
monkey bars. If monkey bars were Katherine Kendig
cently shared her experiences:
November 2011
This fall there were a lot of new
additions to the Haven Homework
Club. First and foremost, Daphne
and Eva, the Haven staff who previously ran the homework club, are
no longer with the program; Kim
Foster, new to the Haven, is now in
charge. Daphne and Eva were wonderful mentors and friends to both
the kids at the Haven and the Dartmouth volunteers, and their presences are missed. However, Kim is
doing a fantastic job handling the
program on her own and we’re excited to continue working with her
in the future.
Another addition is Friday shifts.
Dartmouth volunteers used to
come Monday-Thursday but now
we send people to the Haven five
days a week. I volunteered Fridays
this term and was happy to see that
the shift ran smoothly: fewer kids
had homework, but that created
For every classmate who makes
a gift or pledge
payment of $92
or more to the
Dartmouth College Fund between January 1
and February 29,
2012, he or she
will receive the
Class of 1992’s
“How the Grinch
Stole Carnival”
Dartmouth College
Fund Update
Give a Gift, Get a Grinch!
In honor of our 20th Reunion (and
these cold, blustery days), we’d like
to give you an opportunity to relive
Winter Carnival once again by offering a special reprint of our Poster. Please join our Winter Carnival
For every classmate who
makes a gift or pledge payment of $92 or more to the
Dartmouth College Fund between January 1 and February
29, 2012, he or she will receive
the Class of 1992’s “How the
Grinch Stole Carnival” poster.
This is a limited time offer so
please give today! You’ll also
get us that much closer to setting a new 20th Reunion participation record of 57%.
Participation matters. All gifts make
a difference in creating the Dartmouth Experience. In FY2011, participation gifts totaled $5.86 million
or the equivalent of 195 student
Dartmouth maintains a need-blind
admissions policy. That means the
College does not consider a family’s ability to pay when it admits
a student. In addition, the College
guarantees to meet 100 percent of
a student’s demonstrated need for
all four years. No qualified students
are turned away from Dartmouth
because they cannot afford to attend. Gifts to the Fund are the second-largest source of undergraduate financial support after payment
from the endowment. Without
those gifts, need-blind admissions
at Dartmouth would be impossible.
Make your gift today by visiting:
The Top Ten Reasons You Should Give to our
Reunion Giving Campaign:
1. The annual cost of a Dartmouth education for one student is about double what that student will actually pay to the College in tuition and fees.
2. Instead of raising tuition and fees to meet increasing costs, the difference
is made up each year through annual financial support from generous alumni, parents, friends, and the earnings on endowment built from prior gifts.
3. Not only is Dartmouth need blind in its admissions, but it also guarantees
to meet 100% of demonstrated need for all four years. In other words, Dartmouth guarantees that a student will not be denied or have to leave because
they can’t afford it.
4. The Dartmouth College Fund (DCF) makes financial aid possible, allowing
students to choose Dartmouth regardless of their economic backgrounds.
After endowment income, the DCF is the largest source of undergraduate
financial support. Eleven of every 100 dollars the College spends goes to financial aid.
5. Approximately 10 percent of Dartmouth’s operating budget is provided
by unrestricted gift revenue to the College. Giving to support the annual operations of the College remains a top priority.
6. Reunion classes provide nearly 50 percent of the total DCF annually.
7. Whereas endowment gifts are usually restricted to one area, giving to the
Dartmouth College Fund supports all aspects of the Dartmouth experience.
8. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Dartmouth in the top ten
national research universities and #1 in undergraduate teaching in the same
9. Dartmouth assembles an extremely high quality faculty: we are able to
hire our number one choice 85% of the time.
10. We want to beat 1991 and 1993!
Give online today! Click on:
The Standing Bonfire
(featured ‘92)
Aisha Tyler
many with her photographer husband; it was great to see her on a
brief trip to Boston last fall. Spent
some time this Spring with Reverend Molly Phinney Baskette, celebrating the end of her successful
round of chemotherapy and remission — she is as radiant and beautiful and as much of a firebrand as
ever. Recently visited Brian Ellner in
NYC, toasting his recent success in
helping to enact marriage equality
in New York State — he is now strategizing a national marriage equality
push and I’m confident he’ll be just
as successful. Kimberly Lawrence
Kol and Josh Kol ‘93 are Upper Valley residents, Kimberly a doctor of
psychology and Josh the head of
the artist-in-residence program at
The Hop. They have a brilliant boy,
Isaiah, and recently made a trip
south to Brooklyn to see me perform with the other cast members
of Archer in the Eugene Mirman
comedy fest, followed by cocktails
and lots of yelling. Brought back
vivid memories of the Tabard basement — good times . Looking forward to the 20th reunion!
I have been incredibly lucky to have
a busy 2012 — I recently joined the
CBS daytime show The Talk as permanent co-host; the show’s a blast
to make and I am having a fantastic time. My animated show, Archer, starts its third season in January 2012. My new podcast, Girl on
Guy with Aisha Tyler, launched this
August, recently reached 1 million
downloads; I feel honored to be
the only female podcaster to land
in the comedy top 10 on iTunes.
My short film, Committed, won its
category at the Short Toronto International Film Fest, which was a
real thrill. I reached a personal goal
this past Winter, shooting an action series, entitled XIII, in France,
and doing all my press interviews
for it in French (thank god for my
Dartmouth French classes!). I also
recently joined the boards of two
important national organizations:
Planned Parenthood Federation of
America, and Scholarmatch, a Dave
Eggers’ founded group that helps
assemble micro college loans for
underprivileged youth. So I suppose Listen to my podcast. it will kick
I am officially an adult now. Sigh.
those other podcasts’ ass!
top 10 comedy podcast on iTunes
Jeff Tietjens ‘91 and I are approach-
ing our 18th anniversary, which is
both wonderful and surreal! No
kids yet; we feel lucky to enjoy the
little bit of free time we have traveling — we celebrated our 17th
anniversary in Paris and Sweden,
communing with dog teams and Chris and Sara Ehrlich welcome
watching northern lights inside the Harrison James Ehrlich, born Auarctic circle at The Ice Hotel. Tara gust 18, 2011, 6 lb 8 oz.
Smith is married and living in Ger-
January 2012
Sung Choi--Still living in San Francisco. Lei and I are doing well. Kids
are growing up too fast -- Peter is 6,
Nora is 5, and William is 2. Hope to
make it to Hanover for reunion!
Eddie Hopkins--Well after 4 years
in defense electronics I was hit
by budget cuts, and have hooked
up with a venture backed medical
device startup here in San Diego
called Acutus Medical focued on
heart arythmia diagnosis. Basically
we are creating a catheter based
3-d visualization system that is used
during live heart surgeries. Otherwise living in Ocean Beach and gettin good at surfing. Cheers.
Jennifer Bergeron married Joseph
Nemec in September 2011.
Allegra Kochman-I am very pleased
that a photo of a town house I
renovated is in the exhibit NEW
YORK NEW WORK organized by the
NYC AIA. This exhibit was on view
through October 31.
The image is on the west wall
of both the Uptown and Downtown ramps at the ****West 4th
Street**** subway station.
’s Town
Other ’92 News
Alumni Council
Dear Fellow 92s,
I’m just back from the Hanover
Plain and it remains as amazing
now as it was 20 years ago when
we were Dartmouth students. As
we approach our 20 year reunion,
I want to share some of what I experienced at the Alumni Council
meeting. The official summary of
the meeting will be headed my way
soon and I will try to summarize
that further and pass it on but for
now, here are some highlights from
the 203rd Alumni Council Meeting.
brings alumni together and makes
people want to return to campus. I
have to say that for me, going back
to Dartmouth and being on campus
always feels like coming home.
An important role of the Alumni
Council is to find and approve candidates for the Board of Trustees.
The Nominating Committee is led
by Pete Frederick ‘66 (yes, that is
our own Jen Fred’s father!). The
Nom Com has the important job of
presenting a slate of candidates for
the open positions on the Board of
Trustees. The Nom Com considered
300 nominees and interviewed 9
candidates. The Alumni Council is
responsible for approving the slate
of candidates.
I also got to hear from the Student
Assembly. Based on their report,
the new dining plan has been their
biggest issue recently. There is considerable satisfaction with the new
facilities but significant frustration
with the new dining plan which no
longer uses the declining balance
plan. Students are working with
administration to find innovative The Nom Com presented three
ways to resolve the dissatisfaction. inspiring candidates (Nathaniel
Fick ‘99, Richard Kimball ‘78, and
The college, under the leadership
I was amazed by a presentation Ben Wilson ‘73). Their bios can be
of Carol Folt, the Provost, is enfrom Dartmouth Humanitarian En- found by following this link: http://
gaged in an overarching strategic
gineering. This is a predominantly /trustees/
planning process. The process is
undergrad group on campus which news_12022011.htm
considering what has changed in
takes on projects in developing
the past 20 years (remember comcoutries using sustainable, locally The Council unanimously approved
puters without hard drives and pay
relevant solutions and partnerships this slate of candidates. Now that
phones in the hall?) and what is
with local agencies, institutions and the candidates have been angoing to be particularly important
entrepreneurs to address problems nounced, there will be a two month
over the next 20 years and what
such as pollution, low efficiency period for petition candidates to
Dartmouth needs to do in order to
wood cooking stoves and lack of ac- announce their candidacy. Petition
maintain what is currently excellent
cess to electricity in remote areas. candidates must gather 500 alumni
and grow in other areas.
signatures. The election will occur
One topic on our agenda was diver- between late March and mid-April.
I am part of the Student Affairs Comsity at Dartmouth. Our discussion
mittee and had the opportunity to
about diversity was led by the Di- I used to go back to Dartmouth
meet the new Dean of the College,
rector of Diversity Training and Edu- and seek to relive my experiences.
Charlotte Johnson (comes to Dartcational Programs, Gabrielle Lucke, Now, with a middle schooler, I think
mouth via Colgate and the Univerthe Assistant Dean of Pluralsim and about how amazing Dartmouth is
sity of Michigan where she worked
Leadership and two udergrads and and how wonderful it would be to
in higher education administration
focused some on the importance of send my kids there. Please let me
after a career as a litigator). She
recruiting and retaining outstand- know if you have any questions or
raised a great question as someone
ing minority faculty as well as the concerns I can get addressed.
new to the Dartmouth Community
relevance of affinity housing. Stu“What makes alumni connections
dents on the panel asked for great- Jill Goldberg Arnold
so unbelievably strong?” We talker connections with alumni and Class of ‘92, Alumni Council Rep
ed with her about the strength of
more alumni advising.
the Dartmouth experience and the
degree to which that experience
The Standing Bonfire
The Standing Bonfire welcomes news AND
photos via email to:
[email protected]
Please attach your photo to your email. Title
your e-mail “Standing Bonfire.”
We accept jpeg, tiff and pict files.
* * Photos are selected based on printability
and availability of space. * *
With Facebook’s updates and changes, the
Class of 1992 has not just one, but two pages
for you to follow:
For the private Facebook Group: search for
Dartmouth 1992 and ask to join the group
with the Baker Tower logo. This is where we
will post important updates, news, personal
notes, class notes, mini-reunions, and other
For the public Facebook Group: search Dartmouth 1992 and look for the bonfire icon. On
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