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Dominic Casey | Private Investigator
10:08 PM EST | April 16, 2012
The Sleazy Sexualization of Children
Who opened this door?
“Child abuse has been ignored because children have no political muscle, no effective way of articulating
their needs to those of us who write the law.” — Hubert Humphrey
The taboo of sexualizing children has been in society for decades and originates in various ways.
Society, culture, friends and peers, advertisement, retail products and entertainment contribute.
However, this disconcerting practice is becoming more commercialized.
The lines of appropriateness and acceptability have blurred so much that using the comedy genre HBO
has permitted a skit containing a sensitive portrayal of oral sex humor in Angry Boys played by Chris
Lilley using a child. This is not comedy and it is not funny! Another door of permissiveness has been
According to the American Psychological Association Report sexualization is defined when a person’s
value is only equal to her sex appeal. The sexually objectified person is diminished emotionally and
mentally. The three major problems resulting from imposed sexualization are low-self esteem, eating
disorders and depression. *This report dealt with girls.
Adolescence is all about experimenting with one’s individual identity and is hailed within our western
culture. The mixed messages that are given in society when portraying young children as miniature adults
is dangerous and can result in the desensitization of accepting underage girls as sexual partners.
Padded bras, high heels and cosmetics for children are now available in the retail market. However,
according to Alison Pollet and Page Hurwitz (Pollet and Hurwitz, 2004) thongs for children were
available in 2004. Thongs are now marketed in the pre-adolescent ‘tween’ retail market. Such products
do impact and ‘normalize’ these purchases, however, the sexual objectification of children is
unhealthy for children and society.
Advertisers, the entertainment industry and retailers are actively involved in the adultification of children
and the youthification of adults. The term ‘pedophilic fashion’ (Menkes, 1994) refers to female adults
wearing versions of children’s clothing that could include, school uniforms, baby doll dresses knee socks
and Mary Jane shoes.
Fashion often results from movies and in 1956 the role of a 19 year old nymphet played by Carroll Baker
in a movie called Baby Doll resulted in the baby doll dress and lingerie.
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D&A Investigations, Inc.
The Observer
Monthly Publication
Volume 5 | Publication 47
Female punk entertainers adopted grunge fashion in the mid-90s. The baby doll lingerie became known
as ‘kinderwhore’.
Infant clothing such as Onesies and baby bibs with despicable slogans such as Ms. Floozy, Mr. Pimp, Mr.
Well-hung and ‘I only look innocent’ are also appealing to a twisted market niche.
The 2012 National Plan to Prevent the Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children states that the National
Coalition intends to ensure that the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation of children gets needed
attention not only in legal venues, but also in the medical, faith, business, media, and civic sectors.”
Never underestimate the effects of public awareness and don’t be afraid to challenge media messages
that sexualized children.
Notifying people who have an impact on making changes to improve society is suggested, also. Contact
the National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of children and identify toys, music,
clothing and entertainment that hyper-sexualizes children both male and female.
By dealing with the issues and criminal activity involved we can make a difference and, hopefully, provide
a safe environment and future for them.
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