Boyd County Fair Children’s Pageant

Boyd County Fair Children’s Pageant
This year’s Boyd County Fair Children’s Pageant is moving! The pageant will be a featured
event of our pre-fair Celebration on Saturday, July 19th. The pageant will start at 7:30 pm in
the Building of Dreams on the fairgrounds.
Registration will begin at 6:00 pm. Those pre-registered must check in with pageant staff 45
minutes prior to the start of the pageant. Additional instructions for pageant night will be
provided at a later date.
This year’s required dress is casual Western Wear….additional details are below.
Categories are as follows:
Baby Miss/Mister
0-12 months
Tiny Tot Miss/Mister 13-23 months
Petite Miss/Mister
2-3 years
Little Miss
4 -5 years
Young Miss
6 -7 years
Junior Miss
8 -10 years
Entry Fee: $30
General Entry Information
1. Contestants must be a resident of Boyd, Carter, or Greenup County.
2. Winners are not eligible to enter the same division of competition the following year.
3. Fair Committee has the right to combine or divide age groups based on size of group.
4. Judges decisions are final.
5. Proof of residency and age is required upon request.
6. The fair will provide a contestants waiting area beside the stage. Only ONE (1) chaperone will
be allowed in the waiting area on pageant night due to lack of space. This will be STRICTLY
ENFORCED! There will not be an area to do hair or makeup. Please be dressed and ready to
go when entering the waiting area
7. A parent, family member or friend may walk with the contestant during competition. Escorts
will not be judged and will in no way effect the contestant’s score.
8. All contestants will be judged on personal style, poise, confidence, personality, and overall
9. The contestant and one (1) additional family will be given free admission to the fairgrounds all
other family members must pay the $5 admission fee. The admission fee also covers the horse
who and mud bog events that will be that evening also.
Dress: This year’s required dress is casual western/farm girl, farm boy . Attire should be
cute, stylish and show contestant’s personality…age appropriate, fit properly. No flip-flop style
shoes, sandals with straps are fine. This contest is for CASUAL western wear,…jeans, boots,
checked shirts, plaid dresses….etc..….excessive sequins, glitter, frills….will result in points
being taken away. The expense of the attire is not considered when judging. This rule is in
place to make the contest more accessible to all children.
Hair/Makeup: No makeup on contestants ages birth to 3 years. Lip gloss and light blush only
allowed (not required) ages 4 to 10 years. We are looking for natural beauty and age appropriate
makeup and attire. No artificial hair, wigs, falls, etc.
Judges are individuals from the community selected by the pageant directors. Judges have
experience in stage presentation, fashion, make-up and/or hair design, pageants and/or
performance. Other judges may be selected from the Fair Board of Directors or the professional
businesses of Boyd County. Contestants are not informed of the selection of judges. A judge
may be substituted or replaced if a judge or the director finds a conflict in relationship or the
judge is unable to remain unbiased and fair. Information regarding the judges is held confidential
by the pageant directors until the day of the pageant.
The Baby Miss/Master, Tiny Tot Miss/Master, Petite Miss/Master will have a king and queen
and one or two runners-up depending on how many contestants in each category. The remaining
divisions will all have a queen and runners-up depending on how may contestants in each
category. Kings and queens will be awarded trophies and crowns. All runners-up will receive
Scores sheets will remain confidential and are not distributed at the end of the pageant.
Photogenic Contest Entry Fee $5.00
We will also have a photogenic category. You do not have to participate in this category but
only our pageant contestants are eligible to compete for the title of Miss/Mister Photogenic. You
will need to submit a 5x7 photo of your child with name, address, and age on the back of the
photo along with your pageant registration.
Photos will be judged in TWO categories:
Ages: 0 to 4 years
5 to 10 years
2014 Boyd County Fair Pageant Entry Form
(Please print)
Contestant’s Name ___________________________________________________________
Complete mailing address (street, city, zip)
Phone number __________________________ Other number _______________________
Email address_________________________________________________________________
Parent(s) name(s) _____________________________________________________________
Age Divisions (please check the box of the appropriate group in which you are participating)
[ ] Baby Miss (girls 0 to 12 months)
[ ] Baby Mister (boys 0 to 12 months)
[ ] Tiny Tot Miss (girls 13 to 23 months)
[ ] Tiny Tot Mister (boys 13 to 23 months)
[ ] Petite Miss (girls 2-3 years)
[ ] Petite Tot Mister (boys 2-3 years)
[ ] Little Miss (girls 4 to 5 years)
[ ] Young Miss (girls 6 to 7 years)
[ ] Junior Miss (girls 8 to 10 years)
Please complete the following contestant information for onstage introductions.
Leave the Contestant # Blank
Age (as of July 19, 2014) ____________________________ Date of Birth________________
Contestant #___________ is____________________(_________________).
First name
last name
He/She is ____________________years old and attends
__________________has _______________hair and ______________eyes.
first name
hair color
eye color
She/he enjoys:
Her/his favorite thing about the Boyd County Fair is:
Thank you contestant # __________________
Please read and sign.
This is a county fair pageant. I agree to participate with good sportsmanship and respect for all
contestants, judges and the Boyd County Fair. I understand that the decision of the pageant
directors and judges are final. Score sheets are the property of the Boyd County Fair and will not
be given to contestants/parents.
I understand that the Boyd County Fair and/or Fairboard members will not be held responsible
for any damages, theft, or accidents during the pageant.
I grant permission to the Boyd County Fair to use my photographs for publicity/promotional
purposes in any or all media. Failure of the contestant and/or parents of the contestant to adhere
to these guidelines will result in disqualification of the contestant from the pageant.
Contestant’s name
____________________________________________ ________________
Parent’s signature
 Pageant Entry fee is $30
 Most Photogenic Entry fee is $5.00
Please make check or money order payable to Boyd County Fair.
The entry fee is non-refundable.
The deadline for early registration is Monday, July 14 6:00 pm.
If you have further needs or questions please contact the Pageant Director at
[email protected] or call 606-585-0514
All participants MUST be registered by 7:00 pm on July 19 th.
Mail completed entry form & entry fee and to:
Boyd County Fair Pageant
c/o Jill McGlone
4808 Richardson Road
Ashland, KY 41101