The Joey Travolta Short Film Camp 5 Year Anniversary

The Joey Travolta Short Film Camp
5th Year Anniversary
Board of Directors:
Anna F. Villa-Bager *+
Sarah E. Melone*+
Vice President
Lynda Baldini, Esq.*
Michael Pedulla, CPA*+
Michelle Roglieri *+
Human Resources, Admin.
Nancy Dhulipala*+
Director of Fundraising
Toni Chianetta, MA*+
Director of Press & Media
Deborah Viola, Phd.
Gregg Paster, Esq.
Christine Soto, Esq.
Dr. Lawrence Rosen
John Roglieri, MBA
Dr. Paul Melone
Nick Mamary, CPA
Johan Bager, PMP, Technology
Phil Chianetta, MBA
Joumana Kidd, Spokesperson
Advisory Board:
Suzi Tortora, Phd, LCAT
Elizabeth Balzano-Riley, MT +
Dr. Mark Lampert, Psy.D
Wendy Padykula, SLP +
Karen Overgaard, RN
Antonio M. Eppolito, Phd
Valerie Gancarz-DeMarco, BCBA
Jodi Uhl, Advocacy
* Denotes voting member
+Denotes Management
Spring 2014
Dear Friends, Neighbors, & Business Owners:
Here, in our New Jersey communities, the number of children with Autism Spectrum
Disorders (ASDs) has risen to 1 in 49, which creates the likelihood that most of you
have knowledge firsthand of the needs of these children and their families. Our
educational systems are taking on the challenge to provide these children with the
necessary support to succeed in their academic settings. MarbleJam Kids was
created to provide children with ASDs an opportunity to flourish in social and
recreational settings.
There is an exciting opportunity available for our students between the ages of 11 23 in Bergen County this summer, July 28th – August 8th at Our Lady of Mount
Carmel, Tenafly. MarbleJam Kids is again sponsoring the Joey Travolta Short Film
Camp, a hands-on filmmaking camp taught by Joey Travolta, special educator and
director, along side his crew of Hollywood film professionals. Joey Travolta was born
and raised in Englewood NJ. For the past 12 years, he has dedicated himself to
providing opportunities to children and young adults with Autism and special needs
with his film camp on college campuses all over the country. This camp is designed to
meet the needs of all students, both with and without disabilities. The participants
receive an educational experience in learning how to make movies, resulting in
actual production of a short film premiered upon completion of the final edit.
In order to provide the camp for families in need, we have started a “Send a Kid to
Camp Campaign.” We are reaching out to you for assistance with this program.
Attached is a sponsorship form where you may review opportunities to help a kid
go to camp.
If you have any questions or concerns, we can be reached directly at 201-497-6512
or via email: [email protected] For more information about us and to make
an online donation, visit our website
We hope you will join us in support of continuing to provide exceptional programs
to meet the needs of all children.
ASPEN, Autism NJ, ASHA, LeMoyne
College, NY Medical College, Pratt,
Saint Peter’s College, NYU, HUMC,
With Sincere Gratitude,
Anna F Villa-Bager & Sarah Melone
Founders MarbleJam Kids/JT Film Camp Producers
MarbleJam Kids Inc.  954 Kinderkamack Road, Suite 1, River Edge, NJ 07661  P/201-497-6512 F/201-942-4450 
Film Camp Sponsorship Marketing Plan
Autism is an important topic and large issue of concern particularly in New Jersey where the incidence is so
high. The number of children affected by autism and global developmental delays is enormous. Autism
affects 1 in 49 children in the state of NJ.
Joey Travolta, actor, filmmaker, special educator, and brother to John Travolta, was born and raised in
Englewood NJ. His professional film making company, Inclusion Films, employs individuals with disabilities.
He is an alumni of Saint Peter’s College and William Paterson University.
The Joey Travolta Short Film Camp is a unique inclusive experience that teaches kids the art of film making
in an inclusive co creative and supportive environment resulting in a 50-minute short film. The film is
premiered at a red carpet event upon final edit. This final event allows each child and their families the
opportunity to shine.
Brand Recognition:
Advertising benefits and opportunities for businesses large and small to participate in the sponsorship
campaign for the Joey Travolta Short Film Camp can be immeasurable.
Company Film Credit
State Wide Distribution to local Film Festivals and Educational institutions
Web distribution though YouTube and other new media outlets
Major Media recognition (Today Show, Rachel Ray etc.)
Local newspapers
Public television distribution
Cable network distribution
Local television news
Special interest stories – suburbanite, Bergen Record, 201 magazine, BC mag etc.
Campsite signage & integrated company presence if requested
Community good will recognition and appreciation
We hope to bring the camp to NJ year after year. This would reinforce your company’s commitment to our
most challenged individuals and their families as well as to the mission of MarbleJam Kids in providing
opportunities that extend beyond the in-school learning environment.
MarbleJam Kids Inc. 954 Kinderkamack Road, Suite 1, River Edge, NJ 07661  P/201-497-6512 F/201-942-4450 
Joey Travolta Short Film Camp- Send A Kid To Camp! Support Form
Individual / Corporate Sponsorship
I /We would like to underwrite a portion of the costs of the camp. For sponsorship, I will receive signage at the
camp site and be in included in all press releases as well as noted sponsor in the film. Integrated presence at the site
with company promotional opportunities.
Please submit your logo via high resolution .jpg to [email protected]
Please accept this donation of
20,000.00 to underwrite all ancillary costs of the camp
½ of ancillary costs of the camp
,000.00 to underwrite ¼ of ancillary costs of the camp
Camper Sponsor
$2,000 per camper tuition. I/We would like to sponsor _____ number of campers. (Rolling credit in film credits
and signage at camp site) Please submit your logo via high resolution pdf to [email protected] Please
indicate what you would like printed on sign:
Camper Supplies
logo messenger bags,
Please submit your logo via high resolution .jpg to [email protected]
Shoot Site - Advertising Sponsor
$50.00 I/We would like to provide my business as a shoot site for the film
Please submit your logo via high resolution.jpg for signage if applicable to [email protected]
General Funds Donation
I would like to help in any way possible. Please accept my donation of ___________ to support your efforts.
Please Print
Donor Name:__________________________________________________________________________
Donor Contact (if donor is a business): ___________________________________________________
Payment:  Visa  MC AMEX
State:____________________ Zip:_____________________
Check(s) enclosed for $________________ Please make checks payable to:
MarbleJam Kids, Inc.
Credit Card No.:
Exp. Date: (Month/Year)____________
Name as it appears on card:___________________________________________ Signature (required):_________________________________________
Please return donation and form to:
MarbleJam Kids Inc. • 954 Kinderkamack Road • River Edge, NJ 07661
MarbleJam Kids, Inc. is a 501c3 charitable organization • Tax Id # - 26-0689618 • your donation is tax deductible
MarbleJam Kids Inc.  954 Kinderkamack Road, Suite 1, River Edge, NJ 07661  P/201-497-6512 F/201-942-4450 