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Bread dough, whole wheat (thaw and use as
pizza crust)
Rolls, Parkerhouse-type (thaw & use as mini
pizza crusts)
Most nutritious fresh fruits & 'veggies'
Grapefruit, pink
star fruit
green/red peppers
grape tomato
swt. potatoes
winter squash
These are convenient and nutritious:
Baby carrots
Precut vegetables (broccoli, etc.)
Salad mixes (choose those with Romaine lettuce
and/or other darkly colored greens)
Grape tomatoes (sweet, grape-sized tomatoes)
Broccoli slaw mix
To reduce pesticides:
Often wonder what to buy at the grocery
store? Use this list to guide you as you
choose nutritious foods, snacks and
Choose organic when possible. Buy USA-grown
produce, rather than imported. Wash fresh
fruits/vegetables in water with small amount of
detergent, baking soda or lemon; rinse well.
Frozen Vegetable & Stir Fry Meals
Fresh & frozen vegetables are similar in
nutrient content
Compare the 'per serving' cost of different
brands. Many grocery stores put this
information on the shelf label.
Cheaper brands often offer the same quality
as the name brands. Experiment with
different brands to be sure.
Don't shop while you are hungry. You'll end up
buying a lot more than you need!
These meals are also high in sodium
Choose those that have <700 mg. sodium/serving;
limit to 2 x week
Stir fry vegetable or pasta meals (you add chicken,
Vegetables (most nutritious: mashed squash,
Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, peas, carrots,
green beans)
Black-eyed peas, field peas, butter beans
Muffins (carrot, zucchini, pumpkin)
Whole or multi-grain breads, bagels
Pumpkin pie
Health Food
Soy protein powder, vanilla
Expeller/cold processed canola & olive oils
Nut butters (peanut, cashew or almond)
Soy milk, low fat (fortified, with >5 gms.
Whole grain baking mixes
Whole grain bread
Whole grain pastas
Whole grain breakfast cereals
Tempeh, tofu (light)
Soy hot dogs, burgers, luncheon 'meats'
Nutrition bars (Choose low-fat, low sugar)
Add your favorite foods to this list:
More Frozen Foods
Calcium-fortified orange juice
Unsweetened fruit (good for smoothies)
Black bean, garden and soy burgers
Waffles or pancakes, Nutri-grain®
Brown 'N Serve Veggie Breakfast Links
Bagels, pre-sliced, whole grain
Adapted from Apple Promotions, College Nutrition Handouts 1
Student Wellness Office, Purdue University Student Health Center (
(765) 494-WELL
Breakfast Cereals / Baking Mixes
Dairy Section
Eggs, egg substitutes
Milk, skim or 1 %
Reduced lactose milks
Acidolphilus/bifidus milks
Low-fat Yogurt (no sugar added)
Parmalat® milk, single serve cartons
Cheese, 2%, shredded
String cheese sticks (calcium fortified)
Ricotta cheese (part-skim)
Cottage cheese (1% or fat free)
Pizza dough, refrigerated (pop 'n serve)
Flour or corn tortillas
Rice or tapioca puddings
Crumpets, toaster muffins
Pam spray
Cream cheese, lite or fat-free
Canned Goods
Soups, bean or lentil, low sodium or Healthy
Dried soup/beans & rice in a cup, Health Valley®
Refried beans (made with vegetable oil, not lard)
Kidney or black beans, chick peas, etc.
Chicken or vegetable broth, low sodium
Canned tomatoes & sauces, low sodium
Baby corn
Vegetables, no salt added
Tuna fish, in water
Salmon, canned with bones
Fruits, in lite or natural syrup
Oils / Dressings / Condiments
Low-fat salad dressings, olive-oil based
Low-fat dips for fresh 'veggies' (in single cups)
Canola, olive, peanut oils, spray oils
Mayonnaise (light or fat-free), mustard, ketchup
Olives, sliced black
Cereals, <5 gms. sugars/serving and at least 5
gms. fiber/serving
Wheatena hot cereal
Oat meal, old-fashioned or unsweetened
Oat Bran hot cereal
Multi-grain hot cereals
Multi-grain pancake & waffle mix
Whole grain baking mix, Hodgson Mill
Light maple syrup or honey
International Foods
Ramen noodles, plain baked varieties
Reduced sodium Teryaki or soy sauce
Sesame oil
Water chestnuts, canned and sliced
Bamboo shoots, sliced
Pastas / Rice / Sauces
Instant brown rice
Tortellini, boxed
Pizza crusts, individual size
Pastas, regular, whole grain or spinach
Pasta/pizza sauces, lower sodium like L.E.
Bean Cuisine Pasta & Beans®
Cookies / Crackers
Look for varieties that have:
Less than 200 mg. sodium/serving
hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils listed at
least half-way down the ingredients list
less than 3 gms. fat/serving or baked (crackers)
2 grams fiber/serving (crackers)
Turkey or chicken breast, ham, roast beef
(choose low sodium varieties)
tortilla chips, baked
Sun Chips®
Terra® chips, any variety
Pretzels, bread sticks (unsalted)
Adapted from Apple Promotions, College Nutrition Handouts 1
Student Wellness Office, Purdue University Student Health Center (
Mini-popcorn or rice cakes
Cracker Jack®
Popcorn, lite microwave like Newman's®
Dried fruits (figs, raisins, apricots, cherries)
Nuts (peanuts, cashews, pistachios, etc.)
Peanut butter
Raisin bread (great for snacking)
Multi/whole grain varieties with >3 gms.
Bagels, whole/multigrain
English muffins
Seltzer water, unsweetened, flavored
Calorie free beverages
Herbal teas, caffeine free (make your own iced or
hot teas)
Orange or grapefruit juices (fairly high in calories,
limit to 6 ounces daily)
Bottled water (if you don't like the taste of your
local water)
Frozen Entrees
Note: these are usually high in sodium. Look for those
that have <700 mg. sodium/serving and limit to 2 x
week. Here are some lower fat and sodium ones:
Fish sticks, Healthy Choice®
Pasta, tortellini
Entrees, Healthy Choice®, Lean Cuisine®
Hearty Handfuls by Healthy Choice® (whole grain
breaded varieties are most nutritious)
Vegetable French Bread Pizza
Bean & Cheese Burrito by Patio®
Lean Pockets
Michelina's Lean Black Bean Chili & Rice®
Spinach and cheese burritos
Grilled chicken breast strips
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