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Queen Elizabeth II School
Zone 4
363 Kerby Street
Petrolia, NON 1R0
Phone: 519-882-2123 Fax: 519-882-2595
Principal: Mr.Todd Hayward
Newsletter #1
September 2013
From the Principal’s Desk
On behalf of the staff at Queen Elizabeth II, I’d like to welcome all of our students back to school after what we hope has
been a wonderful summer. We are committed to working together to ensure that our students achieve academic success.
Our desire is to promote a welcoming and safe school environment where students can strive to reach their full potential.
We are continuing our expansion project here at the school. Over the summer final touches have been completed in the new
gymnasium and Kindergarten rooms. You will notice that there are construction fences that have been erected in order to
keep students a safe distance from the work that is going on at the school. Also, three portables were removed off site. The
air conditioning in the portables is an added bonus in the early fall and late spring. During the summer, environmental
assessment carried on and revealed two oil wells on the site. Both wells were remediated following strict guidelines and
While there is a great deal happening on site, I can assure you that every precaution is being taken to keep students safe
and to provide a great learning environment. I would encourage you to contact me at the school should you have any
questions, I will be happy to talk about the project.
The new school year is a time of fresh starts where anything is possible for our students. They have the opportunity to make
this year their best yet and achieve new academic heights. As a staff, we will be striving to work with parents to further each
child’s academic and social growth. We look forward to a successful school year for all members of our school community.
New Staff
The new school year brings numerous changes to our staff. Our staff list is below.
Staff List
FDK– Ms. D. Virostek/Ms. A. Blackmore
FDK – Mrs L. Mailloux/ Mrs. N. Denomy
Grade 1 – Mrs. B. Toner
Grade 1 – Mrs. A. Rops
Grade 2 – Mrs. J. Helps
Grade 2/3 – Mrs. K. McKichan
Grade 3 – Mrs. A. Thompson
Grade 4 – Mrs. I. Stevens
Grade 3/4 – Mrs. M. Sanderson
Grade 5 – Mr. B. Jubenville
Grade 5/6 – Ms. L. Dezort
Grade 6 – Mrs. L. Moraal
Gr. 7/8 – Mrs. T. Core
Gr. 7/8 – Mrs. Dennis
Grade 7/8 – Mr. Harding
FSL/Resource (.5) – Ms. L. Beggs
FSL – Mme. T. Roesner
FSL (.2) – Ms. D. D’Ippolito
Library/Sysop/Prep.- Mrs. P. Pearson/ Ms. A. Brydges
Resource – Mrs. P. Holloway
Prep. Time – Ms. R. Babula
E.A. – Mrs. D. Primeau
E.A. – Mrs. S. Mason
E.A. – Mrs. S. Moore
E.A. – Ms. C. Forsythe
E.A. – Miss N. Williamson
Custodian – Ms. B. Manneke
Lunch Supervision – Mrs. K. Bradshaw
CYW - Miss M. Laughlin/Miss M. MacIntyre
Secretary – Mrs. D. Strydonck
Principal – Mr. T. Hayward
*We want to welcome Ms. A. Cadieux in the grade 3/4 class. She will be replacing Mrs. Sanderson until
Thanksgiving at which time Mrs. Sanderson will be returning from her maternity leave. We also want to welcome
Mr. Mark Nicholson who is replacing Mrs. Beggs while she is away.
Class Placements
Please note that our most of classrooms are full. As noted in the June newsletter, all student class placements are
tentative at this point. Any further primary registrations may unfortunately result in the need to move some
students into other classrooms as some classrooms may exceed their student limits. We will try to avoid this if at
all possible and we appreciate your understanding in the event that a reorganization is necessary. Also, due to the
number of students in all classes we will not be able to accommodate requests for reassignments of current
students. Thank you for your understanding.
School Hours
Our school schedule is as follows:
Classes Begin
Nutritional Break
Outdoor Activities
Nutritional Break
Outdoor Activities
Leaving the School Grounds at Lunch
Students who wish to leave the school at a nutritional break must have provided a note to the office or their
teacher. A permission form for lunch breaks will be sent home in the next newsletter but until this is completed,
notes will be accepted for lunchtime dismissal. A review of the permission procedure will take place this month.
For safety reasons, children without a note will not be able to leave the school grounds. Students who do leave are
expected to return to school on time for afternoon classes and conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion. This
includes respectful treatment of all people and property they come in contact with. In the unfortunate event that
inappropriate behaviour does occur while off the property for lunch, the Principal may choose to contact parents
or take other disciplinary action such as loss of “uptown” lunch privileges.
Student Safety and Attendance
Student safety is a priority for the staff at Queen Elizabeth II Public School. We want to ensure that each child
gets to and from school safely each day. As such, we ask that you help us ensure your child’s safety by following
the procedures below.
Regular, punctual attendance is necessary if students are to be successful. Please attempt to ensure that your
children are at school as often as possible and that they arrive on time. This includes attending on days when
buses are cancelled at the school if your child is not transported by a bus to school. Please call the school when
your child will be absent. To ensure the safety of all our students, you will be contacted if your child is absent
and we have not heard from you. Students arriving late should sign in at the office before proceeding to class.
This will allow us to confirm they have arrived at school.
Queen Elizabeth II Public School - Petrolia, LKDSB
Our office staff will be available from 8:00 a.m. to take your call. We also have an answering machine to handle
after-hours calls. Notes from home are needed to excuse a child early from class. Please do not leave a message
on the school answering machine regarding pickup or child care changes after 2:00 pm. We cannot
guarantee the message will be passed on in time due to the busy office environment.
Parents and students are reminded that there is no supervision available on the school grounds before 8:25 a.m.
and, accordingly, we ask that students not be present on the school property before this time. Thank you for your
cooperation in this matter.
When visiting the school, all parents are asked to please report to the office and sign in. This includes parents of
students who are in the portables on the school grounds. Please report to the office and we will gladly contact the
classroom and arrange for you to visit the portable or retrieve your child. Please do not proceed directly to the
portables. We appreciate your anticipated cooperation.
As part of a Board policy, all visitors are required to report to the office and record their name in the Visitor’s
Book. If you are going to stay for a longer period of time as a volunteer you will be asked to wear a visitor’s
badge. The badges are available at the office upon signing in. Please return the badge when leaving.
Open House
This year’s Open House is planned for Wednesday, September 18th from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. A flyer will be sent
home shortly with details.
School Council
School Council Committee elections will occur during our first meeting for the 2013-14 school year on Tuesday,
September 24, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. If you are interested in running for a council position, please fill out a selfnomination form on page 5 of the newsletter and return that section to the school. If you would like to nominate
an individual, please complete and return the School Council nomination form to the school. The Queen Elizabeth
School Council meets at different times throughout the year. The school council is made up of a group of parent,
teacher and community representatives, who wish to be involved with school related educational issues.
Terry Fox
A Terry Fox run event is currently being planned for our school. Details will follow in a subsequent newsletter.
Volunteers have been an integral part of the programs we have been able to offer at our school. We
certainly couldn’t do many of the things we do without our volunteers. If you have some time or a
special talent that you would like to share, please consider getting involved at the school.
School Pictures
School pictures have been scheduled for Thursday, October 1. Retakes will be taken on Friday,
November 1.
Student Planners
Students from grades 1-8 are going to be using a “Student Planner” to help them organize their time and
homework assignments. While each teacher chooses how to implement the planner in their classroom, we
Queen Elizabeth II Public School - Petrolia, LKDSB
feel that planners can be an effective tool to help students with their studies. This year, the planners have been
made and purchased for students by the school. There will be no cost to the students. Students in these grades are
expected to complete homework each night. This may include assigned homework, review of subjects, reading,
projects, test preparation and/or work completion.
School Holidays and Professional Development Days
School Opening
P.D. Day
P.D. Day
P.D. Day
Christmas Break
P.D. Day
Family Day
P.D. Day
March Break
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Victoria Day
P.D. Day
Last Day of Classes
Sept. 03
Oct. 11
Oct. 14
Nov. 22
Dec. 20
Dec. 23 – Jan. 03
Jan. 31
Feb. 17
Mar. 7
Mar. 10-14
Apr. 18
Apr. 21
May 19
June 9
June 27
Textbooks and library books are lent to students for use during the current school year. It is our
expectation that students will take care of these books and return them in the same condition as
when they were issued. Students are accountable for lost or damaged books and will be expected to
replace them.
Electronic Devices and Gum
Electronic devices, such as IPODS, MP3 players, and cell phones should not to be brought to school. These
items are very expensive and have tended, upon occasion, to disappear. The school and the school board are not
liable in the event of loss or theft. Therefore, these devices are to be left at home where they will be safe from
damage or loss. Students are asked not to bring gum to school. We thank you for your understanding.
Student Accident Insurance
You will receive information about Student Accident Insurance. You are under no obligation to purchase this
accident insurance, but it can be helpful if you are self-employed and are not under any other accident insurance
Queen Elizabeth II Public School - Petrolia, LKDSB
plan. Keep in mind that you are dealing with the Life Insurance Company and not Queen Elizabeth Public School
nor the Lambton Kent District School Board. The Board does not provide accident insurance for students. The
insurance provided covers accidental dental claims, out-of-province hospital coverage, private tuition, disability
and rehabilitation benefits, and much more. All money and forms should be sent to the company and not to the
School Bus Zone
For bussing and weather information, our school is located in Zone 4. Busing information can be located on the
website: Should we encounter any foggy days where buses are cancelled; students will
be picked up by their buses at the end of the day. Fog and snow days are not holidays, students who do not ride
the bus should attend school on these days. Teachers will continue with program if enough students are present on
these days.
Policy Reminder
Students who ride the bus to school are not allowed to leave the school for lunch unless they have written
permission from a parent or guardian dated and signed. The office requires a letter signed by a parent/guardian if
a child is not returning directly home at the end of the school day. Students who do not normally ride a bus
may not take a bus to another student’s house due to transportation and bus company policy. These
students will have to have alternate arrangements made by their parent/guardian.
Student Registration Verification Forms
We ask for your cooperation in verifying and changing this form as necessary. Student verification forms will be
sent home in a sealed envelope this week. Please sign and return it to the school as soon as possible. This form is
used as a way of updating our system with the most up-to-date personal information in the event that the school
needs to contact home in case of an absence, emergency or school related matter.
It is board policy to ask that students, staff and visitors not wear scented products to school. Our school is a nut
free school. Nuts and nut products are not permitted at school. We have several students in school that are highly
allergic to peanut and peanut products. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
Queen Elizabeth II Public School - Petrolia, LKDSB
School Council Parent Self-Nomination Form
I wish to declare my candidacy for an elected position as a parent/guardian representative on the school
Home Phone:
Business Phone:
I am the parent/guardian of ____________________________________, who is currently registered at
(name of student)
this school.
I am an employee of the board. YES
(Please circle)
Candidate’s signature:__________________________________ Date:____________________
Please include a brief autobiography on the back of this form.
You will be notified when your nomination has been received.
Queen Elizabeth II Public School - Petrolia, LKDSB