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Exclusive Interview: Nicolas Cage·s Ex, Christina Fulton,
Talks Dreams and Painful Love in Her Album, ¶Uncaged·
Posted by Hilton Collins October 19th, 2011 | 0 Comments ª
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And if you know anything about her, you may think it¶s obvious when you hear her sing about
the ³bad behavior´and ³twisted ways´of the man she left in the lyrics of her latest dance single
³Thank You.´
Here¶s a hint: Fulton, the ex-girlfriend of Nicolas Cage and mother to their grown son Weston
Cage, made news recently for settling a $13 million lawsuit against the elder Cage she filed in
2009. What for, you ask? In the lawsuit, Fulton said Nicolas bought her a house in 2001 and
told her he¶d transfer her the title, but he never did. He served her an eviction notice in 2009
months before she received a foreclosure notice. Fulton also said he bought her a vehicle as a
gift but didn¶t tell her he bought it under her name. She claimed her credit was severely
damaged and that she suffered a truckload of financial losses because of his actions. And get
this, the title of her album where she disses the guy she¶s left? It¶s called ³Uncaged.´
In the lyrics to ³Thank You,´she thanks her ex for tearing her down so she can build herself
back up, but she never says his name. But when asked her if Nicolas had
heard the song and if she worried about creating tension with him, she wouldn¶t say he was the
track¶s subject specifically. ³I¶ve known Nicolas for over 20 years and we were romantic once
and we have a child together. I¶m just expressing my creative fire without referencing the people
who had a profound impact on my life,´she said.
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Nicolas is her most famous ex, so people are going to think she¶s talking about him
automatically. ³Nicolas is one of a few men I¶ve shared my life with, and this song is about my
experience with love. It¶s about my journey so far. I¶d like to have my music speak for itself and
public, I¶d still like this to be on my own terms,´Fulton said. ³Uncaged´drops in January 2012,
and between now and then, you can check out ³Thank You´on YouTube to get a taste.
Fulton partnered with Grammy Award-winning producer Jack Douglas and producer Brian
Pothier to make the album. Songwriter Kelly Fitzgerald assisted her with creating lyrics. On
September 29th, ³Thank You´played during an episode of MTV¶s ³Jersey Shore,´its premiere
to a mainstream audience and an interesting highlight in Fulton¶s career. In the 1990s, she
earned a part in Oliver Stone¶s ³The Doors´shortly after garnering a development deal with
A&M Records. She¶s appeared in many films and shows since then, and she¶s also founded the
Single Mom Foundation and FULCAGE, a clothing line. Both organizations raise money on
behalf of mothers.
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She divulged much more about her music and her personal journey last week when she spoke
with us. And if you were expecting her comments to be bitter and incendiary, you¶re out of luck.
Fulton was cool and relaxed, and some things she said were downright inspiring. Take a look at
her words below about her album and see for yourself!
Hilton Collins: What overall message do you want listeners to get or feelings to feel with
Christina Fulton: Well, the uncaged feeling for this album is a movement for me. It has a
meaning, not just to me, but for all women and men all over the world fighting to be free, to be
able to express themselves through being creative. I guess it¶s not just a title; it¶s a movement
of self-expression for me.
HC: What was the most difficult part of creating it for you?
CF: Just trying to convert all of my pain and adversity and challenges and emotions and my
personal journey into a relatable album and an artistic creation; just taking everything that had
a profound impact on my life, and how [I can] make that a relatable thing for everyone to listen
to. I hope I struck a chord with everyone.
HC: How many songs are on the album?
CF: Five with one bonus. It¶s an EP.
HC: What was the easiest part?
CF: Driving to the studio! (Laughs) Having a cup of tea! The rest of it was really hard.
HC: Have you or will you release videos for the album?
CF: Yes, we¶re in the process of putting a production together for ³Thank You,´as it was
chosen for ³Jersey Shore´so quickly.
HC: When will that video be out?
CF: I would think the video will be out in about 30 days. It¶s going to have a really cool feeling to
it, kind of like ³Kill Bill.´Very epic, very movie-like, which I really love. I¶m certainly an action girl.
I¶m definitely a kick-butt girl. There will be some martial arts in there.
HC: Do you know where it might air?
CF: We¶ll know probably in like three or four weeks what we¶re going to do. Definitely on
HC: Why did you decide to make ³Uncaged?´
CF: Well, I¶ve been waiting to put an album out, and I was looking for that place I could express
myself, and basically, I¶m singing for my life, is what I say. I guess my thoughts were that there¶s
no expiration on your dream, and talent doesn¶t die. People just give up. I wanted to show
people that if I can do this, you can too. No matter what you¶re faced with and no matter what
the challenges are, if you get knocked off your feet, you get up and you go. So this album
means a lot to me.
HC: How is your sound different with ³Uncaged´today than it has been in the past?
CF: Well, I¶ve gone through a pretty intense life so far and I think I really have a lot to share and
the experiences that I¶ve had have had a profound impact on my life, and it¶s definitely heard in
every single song. So it would be different than when I was just in the beginning of my music
HC: What has your journey in the music business been like?
CF: I was with A&M Records and then I got a role in ³The Doors,´and I started drifting over into
making movies, and then I became a mom, and I had to make a choice. I put my career on hold
to be the best mom I can be. I felt that, for my situation, I needed to be completely focused on
being a full-time mom, and a single mom at that. I needed to be the best I could be for my son. I
walked away from that career, and so now I¶ve kind of re-created myself and now I¶m going for
the experience, and so far, it¶s been great.
HC: Do you have any other songs or albums in the works?
CF: I have another song that we¶re going to release shortly after this, and after the video
comes out, and we have another single we¶re going to release. Eventually, I¶d like to go back to
acting. I made 16 movies and I really love acting and I think that that¶s something that will come
out for me on stage is that I¶m pretty fearless and I will definitely be theatrical.
HC: What or who were your musical influences for ³Uncaged?´
CF: Well, I learned from some other artists: try not to listen to too many other artists as you¶re
creating your own art. I¶ve always been attracted to very strong female vocalists. I love those
really strong, heartfelt vocalists that are really in pain, but I tried not to listen to too many artists
as I was creating because I¶m a bit of a chameleon. I do impressions of people and I can imitate
quickly anyone that¶s around me, so I have to be careful of listening. I want it to be the artist I
am and I tried not to listen to anyone during that time of making the album.
HC: What projects do you have coming up with the Single Mom Foundation?
CF: I just did an event last month where I collaborated with a salon called Boom-Boom and
Beyond in Beverly Hills. I helped raise money for moms in need and it¶s a big passion of mine.
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I¶d say 75 percent of the moms in America are single, so that means over half of our country is
raised by single moms, so we Americans need to support the single moms. I made this bumper
sticker called, ³Save America¶s Single Mom and We¶ll Save Our Children.´That¶s the crusade
I¶ve been on for a long time, and my son and I have made a clothing line that, when you sell the
item, a portion of the proceeds go to single moms.
HC: Anything you¶d like to add?
CF: There¶s no expiration on your dream, and I think that¶s the message I¶m trying to get out
there, and that talent doesn¶t die and people actually just give up. I just wanted to show people
that if I can do it, you can do it. Like Muhammed Ali said, it¶s ok to go down, just don¶t stay
down. I got knocked off my feet many times and I got up, and so this is my message: just to get
up and to go.
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