a ni oma land

Rhode Island
“…as my son told
me (from the
Spiderman movie),
with power comes
I am proud of their
(law enforcement)
commitment to
the everyday challenges their job
brings and their
commitment to the
responsibilities of
their position…”
Patrick Lynch,
RI Attorney General
Rhode Island
Protecting Our Children,
Everyone’s Concern
The daylong seminar, “Crimes Against Children”, held on June
7th at Roger Williams University was a grand success. This was,
in part, because the Roger Williams University, School of Justice
Studies has entered into a partnership with the New England
Association of Chiefs of Police. This partnership allows the delivery of quality training to law enforcement throughout the northeast. The results: participation at the seminar from law enforcement was not only from Rhode Island, but also from
Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine.
The topics presented at the 2nd annual seminar were communication with children, truancy, child exploitation and the Internet.
Also presented was a refresher training on A Child Is Missing
Alert program. Keynote speaker, RI Attorney General Patrick
Lynch spoke about his admiration for law enforcement and their
commitment to their chosen profession.
State Representative Robert Lowe, a longstanding supporter of
A Child Is Missing Alert program, spoke to Sherry Friedlander
during her visit to R.I. “Once again, ACIM program has proven to
be a tool that brings positive results. Thank you.”
Sheriff Gary Dias & Chief Anthony Silva,
Cumberland Police Dept.
Rep. Bob Lowe, Sherry Friedlander and Rhode
Island Speaker of the House William Murphy
North Kingston PD – Dan Ormand, Paula
Genereux, Doug Rogers
Det. John C. Ferreiga, Det. Robert S. DeFusco
Brockton PD, Mass –
Officer Al Gazerro, Lt. Wayne Sargo
Sgt. Michael Gates, Cranston PD,
Melissa Larsen, Rhode Island AG’s Office &
Gerald Tenney, Youth Officer Ansonia Conn.
Sandi Langlais, Newport PD &
Dean Robert McKenna, Roger Williams
Kathleen Mc Afee, York Maine; Jeff Petrwca, W.
Warwick , RI, Jamie Dodge, York, Maine
Patrolman Shane C. Mello, patrolman Patrick
Mooney, & Deputy Chief Robert Fontade
Lincoln PD - Officers Jason Bolduc, Gwen
Officer John M. Patton &
Det. Christopher Lyman
Hopkinton PD
Bristol County Sheriff’s Office & Nelson
DeGouveia, Steven Souza
Seekonk PD, Thomas Piquette & Gary Jones
Assistant Dean Robert McKenna, Paul Graf,
Senor Special U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative
Service, Newport RI
Capt. Len K. Edwards, Crimes Againts Children
seminar speaker & Assistant Dean Robert
McKenna Roger Williams University
Rep. Rob Lowe, Sherry Friedlander,
& Speaker of the House Murphy
Anthony Pesre, Dean of Justice System Training
& Institute, Sgt. Stephen Antonucci, Cranston
PD and Sgt. Alan Loiselle
Pam Kopplin, Director of Conferences
& Denise Owens, Roger Williams University
Chief Anthony Silva &
Attorney General Patrick Lynch
Assistant Dean Robert McKenna Roger Williams
University, Attorney General Patrick Lynch &
Dean Anthony Pesare
Rhode Island
“Once Again,
ACIM program
has proven
to be a tool
that buys
positive results”
New Bedford PD, Sgt. Amos Melo, Det.
Pam Alue & Det. Al Silva
State Rep.
Robert Lowe
Middleboro PD, Mass.
Sgt. Benjamin Mackiewioz
Sherriff Gary Dias; Corp. Doug Newberg; Paul Graf, NCIS.; Capt. Len K. Edwards,
Chief Anthony Silva, Cumberland PD; Sherry Friedlander, Founder ACIM;
Claudia Corrigan, VP of ACIM