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Part #1
Welcome Patrick, I have been expecting You.
“Well, I knew this was coming, but it is Human nature to try and fight it. Life on Earth is too
short as it is, and I did not want to leave it prematurely. I wanted to stay with Lisa and try and
help her. She is taking this very hard as we have been together all of our lives.”
So, how are You doing now?
“A little surprised to find out it is like my movie “Ghost.” Dying was nothing like I had
expected. The consciousness that is Me is still very much alive. Only my body is gone. And you
know, it is hard to deal with getting sick when you have been healthy all of your life. I was
always so active, with the dancing and the stunt work. I really had a good time in my life. I
enjoyed living! Getting this illness was devastating to me. It kept me from doing all of the things
that I really loved to do. People take good health for granted and they should not. When you least
expect it, something will come along and knock you flat. That will change your whole
perspective on life and death.
How many people really think about death? No one wants to because there is no faith in what
happens to you. We are brought up to fear death, even if you are not a church person. Very few
gain the awareness of what life and death is really all about. It is such a shame that our society
cannot know this. I am sure that they would enjoy every day of their life more if they understood
what it was all about.
Lisa and I were good peoplesemi spiritualbut never really studied any mystical subjects. So,
consequentially it was a surprise to me as to where I am now. It's pretty awesome! Definitely
nothing to be afraid of, but to be welcomed at its proper time. I have learned so much in a few
short days and I understand I can take classes in the rest of the subjects.
I wish that I had lived longer to enjoy this beautiful Earth, but I wish I would have known then
what I know now. There really is a Beloved CREATOR with us all and there is order to this
universe! What a concept!”
Do you think that this early death was planned by you? There are no accidents.
“Ok, I do not know about these things. I will have to learn and remember. Right now I am a little
confused as to how things work. But, I feel good to be rid of the body, if a little remorseful about
it. It is hard to let go of things and I feel tied to the physical.”
I know someone that can help you and you can trust her completely. She helped Michael
Jackson not long ago. We work together. Her name is Dana and she is very good at what she
does in healing. You need to go to her.
“Ok, I will do that but how do I get to her?”
Vil-im will help you with an escort service. We will talk again soon. You can come to me
Patrick was with Dana by that evening and stayed with her all the next day.
Channeled by: Dianna Gutoski
Patrick, welcome back! So good to see you and see you smiling. Are you done working with
Dana and did she help you?
“We just finished yesterday. Thank you so much for sending me to her. It was a wonderful help
in releasing fears and letting go of the physical. She helped me to feel so much better about
myself and who I am and where I am. I wanted to come back here and talk with you. We did not
have much time before.”
I am so glad that you feel better. Let’s talk awhile. I read where you said that you were not
afraid to die. Why was that?
“Maybe I was at first. It was such a sudden shock and the conscious mind freaks out. I knew that
fighting it was a lost cause and that sooner or later the end result was that I would die. The
months went by and I enjoyed life as much as I physically could. Somehow, at some point, a
great peace came over me and everything within me seemed to be saying that everything was ok.
Just go with it and do not fear anything.
As I said, we were not religious folk, but trusted in an inner Faith. A faith that something was in
control of things and not to be feared. I wanted to enjoy my days as best as I could.”
Your movie Ghost. At the time, did you believe it and what do you think now?
“That movie was a real departure for me, and I felt compelled to do it. It just felt rightvery real
to me. I had never had any experiences with Spirits, but I did not disbelieve any of it. I guess it is
something that we all want to believe inthat our loved ones are really not totally gone from us.
Playing that part, I was able to sense the frustration of wanting the other person to see and hear
me as I could them. Now, I am playing that part for real.
I could be with Lisa and she would not know it. Little things, maybe, she could kind of sense it.
Not like You and Dana can. And that is what the part of Whoopi was about. Someone that can be
between the worlds and see and hear both sides. Now I understand it, as I am there.
InterestingI have a lot to learn.”
Being a celebrity never really consumed you like it does some. How did you do that?
“I was a performer my entire life, so was Lisa. She helped me to remain true to myself and keep
the Ego from becoming too large. Yes, I was in a lot of movies, but it was never on the level of
sayTom Cruise. I spaced things and took time for my own life with Lisa. We did not seek the
attention and the limelight. We preferred our own home away from things with our animals. This
keeps you sane and much more balanced.
A lot of the time, Lisa was with me on the set and I was not into chasing the girls. We kept it
real. Hollywood hype was not our style.”
You picked different roles for movies. Why did you choose the cross-dressing movie, to Wong
"Ah, so much fun we had on that movie! It was a riot! A challenge, to say the least, but so much
fun! I never wanted to get typecast for any role and chose stuff that I wanted to do. It was a great
story line too. About close minded people, abuse, and so many other issues that are real to so
many people. Sometimes, a place like that, closed off from the rest of the world, needs to be
shaken up a lot. Need to wake them up. That is what the story was about. And of course, to
accept who you are no matter what that is.”
And of course we have the classic that everyone loves, Dirty Dancing.
“We had so much fun with it and we never thought that it would be so successful. I have always
loved to dance, so did Lisa. I might have made it into a career if my knees had held up better. So
here was a chance to do a movie with dancing, a great storyline, and a wonderful cast to work
with. Lisa was with me and helped all of us.
I gotta give Lisa credit, as she never showed any jealousy of me and my costars. She knew where
my heart was. I never cheated on her, and in Hollywood, that is extremely rare. We really
enjoyed making that movie, and it is still being enjoyed by people. That is what I always wanted
with my work. To have it stand the test of time.”
All of your life, you were an active, physically fit, strong man. When you got sick, how did it
affect you?
“They talk about the stages that you go through when you find out you are dying, and you really
do experience that. The first one is probably asking Why ME? Anger, resentment, questioning
why, frustration, sadness. So many emotions rolling through you. Experiencing them in full
force. Anger, because you enjoy life and it will be taken away from you, especially at an early
age. When you are old, you feel you have lived a full life and accept the end to come.
It is a big difference from being cut down in the prime of your life. So many questions of Why?
Not really understanding the whole big picture of reality, so you never know why you were
chosen to die young. Not wanting to leave this physical lifeso many things that we put off and
never get around to doing. At that point, you start to wonder if you should go crazy trying to do
and see everything you wanted.
Even though I had the money to do all kinds of stuff, I did not go crazy trying to see the world
and sky dive, or anything else that I never got around to. I just wanted to make every day count
and enjoy my life. Surprisingly, I never really let myself sink into depression over it. What
would that accomplish? It would just upset Lisa more and no need to get us both upset about
something we had no control over. As I became weaker and knew it was getting worse, I could
no longer do all that I wanted and the pain was getting worse. We kept things as private as we
At this point, Husband Bob came into the room and I introduced Him to Patrick. Patrick
could see and hear both of us, as I could. I encouraged Bob to ask Patrick some questions and
here are the answers I received for Bob.
Bob asking--Is this your final incarnation in physical body?
“No way, I have too much to learn. I have to attend many more classes. Then I will be very
anxious to get back and try again. As this last life was cut too short, I feel cheated in
Do you have any idea what you would like to be in your next lifetime to further your
“An adventurer. In this lifetime I did not get to explore the world. I want to do that in all ways.
Sailing, climbing, hiking, traveling all over and experiencing different cultures. I want to attend
more schools and study languages, and physics, and be a real scholar. All about the learning.”
What do you wish that you had accomplished in the last life that you did not?
“We never had any children, not that we could have at this age. We should have adopted, we
were always busy or something. Time slipped away and I never got to understand children. Just
horses and dogs.”
We ended this session here.
Channeled by: Dianna Gutoski
Part #3
What happened after you died? How did You find Me?
“I really passed very peacefully. I felt in all of me that it would be soon and I was Ok with that at
this point. After leaving my body, I had lovely beings beside me and a great feeling of peace and
lightness. I stayed for a little while, but it was doing me no good to drag out long good-byes. I
was ready for what was to come next. I found myself resting quietly in some place, with other
beings coming and going. There was much peace and love all around. I was just hanging out
watching and wondering.
A friendly male being came in and asked me to come along with him, and shortly after that I was
here with You and your friends. Everyone welcomed Me, so I knew that it had to be Ok. Then
we started talking. How did You get this job? {I explained some things to Him} And then you
sent me to Dana for a different kind of help. What she did for me helped me tremendously in
getting peace and letting go. She worked with all of my energies and got me balanced.
So, now I am ready to move on to my new adventures. There is so much that I want to know
about. I finally feel the Love and the Joy, and the freedom.”
Do you have any real regrets from life?
“I had a really charmed life, and was quite fortunate. I do believe now that I got too wrapped up
in my own life to be aware of others less fortunate around the world. I would like to live like
Brad and Angie, helping so many people all over the world. They are a shining example to all of
us. We, as Humans, must help each other in some way. Hopefully, my next lifetime, I will
remember that.
We were a little too selfish with ourselves, hid away too much. We could have used our fame to
speak out on thingsto make people aware of issues. Such as Sean Penn does and many other
well known people. Celebrities should use their power to make the world a better place.”
Did you meet Jesus this morning? {Jesus was waiting for Me, to do scroll #28}
“Yes, I did, and now there is a true celebrity of the 1st kind! I was speechless and that does not
happen often. What an incredible opportunity for someone like me that knew about Him but did
not go to church and worship Him. To know that He was a real Being and have Him talk to me.
He knew who I was! I will never forget it. And you talk with Him regularly!”
Any parting thoughts for the people?
“Enjoy every day of your life, even if it is only a small part of the day. Stop and feel it, be aware,
listen to the world. Value your friends and family. Share yourself with other Humans in some
way, and I don't mean films. I mean your true Being, physical self.
Know that you are a Spiritual Being first off and a physical one second. Death is not to be
fearedit is a continuous process for us. You just change location. I AM ready to go now.
Thank You," and I got a big Hug from Him.”
An escort service was provided for Patrick to move on ahead.
The End
Channeled by: Dianna Gutoski