Leading the M vement for Change o

Leading the Movement for Change
Denver Children’s Home Annual Report
2006: a year in review
~ Established 1876 ~
2006 Board of Directors
Deborah Lamm, President
Leslie Strate, Vice President
Norman Benedict, Treasurer
Keirstin Beck-Spilde, Secretary
Bob Ostertag, Secretary
Board Members
Ann Smith Coggeshall
Juli Eckberg
Todd Fredrickson
Janet Friedland
Doug Hock
Gerard Leone
Carl Polhemus
John Robbins
Keith Schlaht
Rev. John Thompson
Gary Traver
Wayne Tucker
James Wall
Dr. Elliot Skip Wohlner
2006 Board of Trustees
Norman G. Benedict, President
Les Wells, Vice President
Kim Mosko, Secretary/
Pam Bansbach
Wayne Tucker
Denver Children’s Home
Executive Staff
Jerry Yager, Psy.D.
Executive Director
Rebecca A. Hea, Psy.D.
Associate Executive Director
Ann E. Thomas
Chief Financial Officer
Olga Vera-NeSmith, Ph.D.
Executive Clinical Director
Mark Stone, MD
Medical Director
Denver Children's Home provides a therapeutic,
safe place for emotionally distressed children,
adolescents and families to heal and grow.
2006: change
Dear Friends,
Many expectations are placed on the shoulders of the oldest child in a family to provide
leadership for their younger siblings. As the oldest non-profit in the state, Denver Children’s
Home has always embraced that responsibility. In times when resources are limited and
stress in the mental health care system increases, remaining focused on our mission to
improve the quality of life of Colorado’s children becomes progressively more important.
This past year Medicaid funding for residential treatment centers was greatly reduced and
the cost of care for these children shifted from the federal government to the state and
counties. Working collaboratively with other providers, as well as the state and counties
themselves, a redesign plan was generated to ensure Colorado’s children continue to receive
necessary treatment. The State legislature agreed to make up the deficit created by the loss of
federal dollars and agreed to hold the counties at their current contribution for two years. In
addition, the State Joint Budget Committee (JBC) charged the Department of Human
Services to work collaboratively with counties and providers to develop strategies that are
effective alternatives to high cost residential placements.
In response to the legislative charge, Denver Children’s Home invested in the development
of initiatives that serve as community-based programs. In 2006, we expanded our Day
Treatment and In-Home services, After-School programming and the Bansbach Academy
School Only program. In addition, to construct a more secure safety net for our children
and families, our staff reached out to the community and brought together over forty nonprofit agencies in East Denver as part of the Family to Family Initiative (F2F). F2F is a
partnership between the Denver Department of Human Services, the Annie E. Casey
Foundation and community providers to increase services to seven designated high risk
regions in Denver. Through this initiative, DCH served more than double the number of
children and families in the community than in recent years.
Building a more comprehensive continuum of care is important but not sufficient to achieve
successful outcomes. Teaming with the Daniel’s Fund, United Way, Denver Children’s
Advocacy Center, and The Child Trauma Academy, DCH is working to develop and
implement leading edge, evidence-based treatment models. These new models will allow
our staff to accurately assess a child and family’s social, emotional and educational strengths
and vulnerabilities to develop individualized comprehensive treatment plans.
Over one hundred years ago the Ladies’ Relief Society, solicited donations from the
founding fathers of Colorado to create a place where children could be cared for safely.
They then challenged the community to continue to support that mission. That safe place is
no longer only inside the walls of the Denver Children’s Home but in your communities,
families and schools. With the continuing support of our private donors, corporate sponsors
and funders, Denver Children’s Home continues to play the leadership role in advocating
for Colorado’s children. Thank you all for you’re on going support!
Jerry B. Yager, Psy.D.
Executive Director
Denver Children’s Home
Rebecca A. Hea, Psy.D.
Executive Director
Denver Children’s Home Foundation
Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. (K.I.D.S.)
Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. (K.I.D.S.), headquartered in New York
City, is a global charity of leading retailers, manufacturers, and licensors of
children and youth products. These products are donated to more than
1,000 non-profit agencies a year. In 2006, Denver Children's Home was
the grateful recipient of over one million dollars worth of children’s and
youth products ranging from young girls dresses to an overflowing
inventory of Nike® apparel.
At the time K.I.D.S. contacted Dr. Rebecca Hea, Associate Executive
Director of DCH, we had no idea the generosity about to be bestowed.
Once K.I.D.S. secured a grant from The Nord Family Foundation for
transportation of the donated goods, children and families across Colorado
felt the generosity indeed. 1,728 pairs of girls fuzzy Uggs® boots were the
first to arrive at the DCH home. We outfitted our residential and day
treatment girls with the fad fabulous boots and were thrilled by their
gratitude. Next, we contacted numerous non-profit collaboratives that
serve the Denver community. “Come and get it!” we said, and they did!
These popular boots were welcomed gifts to girls struggling to fit into their
peer groups. “I love them!” one teen proclaimed modeling her new boots.
“A perfectly timed donation,” according to mothers shoveling through
what turned out to be one of Denver’s worst snow storms.
The next donation was bigger than anyone could have dreamed. 31 pallets,
10 feet high, valued at over $500,000 in Nike® apparel lined the Volunteers
of America’s donated warehouse space. We called out again to our nonprofit collaboratives, “Come and get it!” Without hesitation, trucks, vans
and people poured into the warehouse space and were astounded by the
rows upon rows of clothing. Staff witnessed families and non-profits alike
humbled by the opportunity to give their kids brand new clothes, quite
often for the very first time. Stories of grateful families in need receiving
Nike® apparel were repeated over and over again throughout the day.
“We were honored to facilitate such a bountiful donation and impact our
community so dramatically!” acknowledged Dr. Hea. Kim Davis, DCH
Development staff, echoed her sentiments, “I experienced a satisfaction in
knowing one organization, with our help, can impact so many children, so
significantly, and so immediately.”
We thank K.I.D.S. and The Nord Family Foundation deeply for their
support and creativity in supporting children and families in need in our
Cover Up Total Furniture Rehabilitation
Over the years, John Robbins, President/CEO at Pear Commercial
Interiors and DCH Board Member, has partnered with J.D. Kesling,
owner of Cover Up, a furniture renovation company, to provide high
quality products to their corporate clients. After a detailed conversation,
John encouraged J.D. to tour Denver Children's Home to witness for
himself the desperate need for his expertise. J.D. was the first person to
walk through the home to say “I’ll do it! and he did!” exclaimed Dr.
Rebecca Hea. J.D. and right-hand-man, Lucky Capps, began coordinating
transportation of pieces out of the home to recover, refurbish, return and
repeat the cycle.
“The furniture dramatically enhances the look and feel of the dorms!”
declared staff members. During therapy sessions, kids enjoy getting cozy
on the beautifully recovered chairs and couches. “It makes them feel
special to have someone care enough to initiate such a seemingly minute
detail…a detail that is anything but minute to them,” indicated one DCH
145 pieces have been recovered totaling a donation of over $30,000! It is
the creativity, generosity and initiative of donors like Cover Up that gives
strength to our mission to provide a therapeutic and safe place for our
children. Thank you John, J.D. and Lucky!
Denver Children's Home has been continually blessed over the years with
successful and fun events. In 2006, the Krewe de Colorado threw their
traditional Mardi Gras festival in February, in April we were one of two
featured non-profits at the electrifying CoBiz Inc.’s BizBash. June
brought our annual Mike Betts Memorial Golf Tournament, and Festa
Cornucopia in September were, once again, soaring successes.
The community’s support of DCH through these entertaining
opportunities not only allows you to celebrate the work of DCH but
offers us an occasion to celebrate you! We cannot thank you enough for
your continued involvement! Whether we see you in golf cleats, a Mardi
Gras mask, jeans or a ball gown…we just look forward to seeing you again
in 2007!
Thank you to all of our sponsors!
2006 Festa Cornucopia:
1st Bank Holding Co
Dutch and Pam Bansbach
Norm and Linda Benedict
Brownstein Hyatt Farber
Eric and Juli Eckberg
Financial Designs
Gary and Jan Friedland
Debbie Lamm
Northwestern Mutual
Otten Johnson
Bob and Gay Warren
2006 Mike Betts Memorial Golf
Carl E. Polhemus
CoBiz Inc.
Engle Homes
Katherine J. Betts
Pear Commercial Inc.
“...because they are children and for no
other reason they have dignity and worth
simply because they are…”
~ Barbara Coloroso
A Family to Family Initiative
In June of 2005, the Denver Department of Human Services awarded Denver
Children's Home (DCH) funding for the Family to Family Initiative East Denver
Collaborative (EDC) serving all of East Denver residents. This national program was
started by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and adopted by the Denver Department of
Human Services with the purpose of promoting stronger families.
The East Denver Collaborative focused their efforts on proactive efforts to prevent
abuse and neglect, respect families and their culture, and to provide services in the least
intrusive manner possible. By collaborating with over 40 partner agencies, the EDC
spent the first year identifying needs, developing systems, and organizing and delivering
services to families in need in the East Denver area. Services include family and
individual therapy, food banks, substance abuse counseling, health evaluations, clothing
referrals, family advocacy, mentoring programs, family visitation, bilingual services,
college preparation, leadership development, employment services, tutoring, after
school programs, foster care support and more.
This effort has allowed Denver Children’s Home to have a broader and dramatic effect
on children and families in need. In 2006 we provided services to 635 children and
their families – a 241% increase from 2005! “We are proud to be a leader in the
movement for change for kids. Our services may change but our mission remains the
same – to provide what the community needs,” stated Dr. Jerry Yager, DCH’s
Executive Director.
Substance Abuse/Healthy Transition Program
The Substance Abuse/Healthy Transition Program was developed to provide the
children served at DCH the opportunity to openly and honestly address substance use
and abuse. Given the prevalence of substance use and its impact on children and their
families, it has become more critical to address these needs with all of our clients.
Discovery Home was essential to the development of this program. Offering
teenagers without families a safe place to live so they can develop responsible habits as
they enter adulthood, these residents can receive continued treatment and support for
substance abuse issues. Without a stable environment and follow up, the teens
affected by substance abuse might fall into the trappings of abuse once again if left to
their own devices.
With a generous grant from the Daniels Fund, Denver Children’s Home was able to
reach not only all 75 clients receiving services at the Bansbach Academy and Discovery
Home, but an additional 41 clients receiving other services from DCH for a total of
116 clients. This outcome more than doubled the amount of clients that were
originally anticipated to be served through this grant funding. Our next step in the
Substance Abuse/Healthy Transition Program is to build on the program’s first year of
successful work and expand its reach to help more victims of substance abuse.
Why give - For over 130 years, the Denver Children’s Home has been restoring
hope for Colorado’s neglected and abused children. It has provided a safe
haven for these children to help break the cycle of abuse…a place to restore
their childhood…a place for them to be kids again. But Denver Children’s
Home is just a part of the solution. Everyone can do something to help
children. When you help change a child’s life, you help change the world.
Your support to Denver Children’s Home can restore hope to those who
dared not even dream of a brighter tomorrow.
Ways to give – There are many ways to contribute to the Denver Children's
Home. All gifts are tax- deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Online - Visit our website at www.DenverChildrensHome.org and click on
the ‘Donate Online’ button to donate using your Visa, MasterCard or
American Express.
By Mail - Mail your donation check made payable to Denver Children’s
Home to 1501 Albion Street, Denver, CO 80220.
Securities - Make a gift of appreciated stock or mutual funds. Please
contact your broker for more information about this simple way to
support DCH.
Helpful Links:
For your financial recordsfind out about the Colorado
Child Care Contribution
To review current Colorado
Estate Tax information visit
the Department of Revenue
web site
To discuss your gift please
contact Rebecca A. Hea,
Psy.D., Associate Executive
Director at (303) 377-6256
[email protected]
Legacy Gifts
Enhance your personal philanthropic goals, with a planned gift to Denver
Children's Home. Your gift helps ensure that we'll continue to provide our
invaluable services and programs in the future. A planned gift can take many
forms and provide income tax benefits. Please consult a professional advisor
regarding the following types of planned gifts:
Bequest - Name the Denver Children's Home as a beneficiary in a will or
Retirement Assets and Life Insurance - Designate Denver Children's Home as a
beneficiary of an individual retirement account, qualified retirement plan,
IRA or life insurance policy
We would like the opportunity to acknowledge your generosity and invite you
to submit a signed Declaration of Intent to inform us of your plans. (You'll
need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free utility you can get from Adobe, to open
the Declaration.)
Matching Gifts
Increase your gift - ask your employer about a matching gift program.
The Denver Children's Home extends its sincere gratitude to our donors for their investment in our children and mission. The gifts listed
are for our most recently completed fiscal year from October 1, 2005 to September 30, 2006. We are strongly committed to maintaining
accurate donor lists. Please contact the Development Department at (303) 399-4890 with any errors or omissions. If we have inadvertently not listed your name please accept our sincerest apologies.
Pamela & Louis Bansbach III
Kaye & Bud Isaacs
Sandy & Barry Tenenbaum
Gwen Waller Estate
$5,000 - $19,999
Katherine Betts
Juli & Eric Eckberg
Nancy & Sam Gary
Mary Grimes
Debbie Lamm & Jonathan Wolman
Kathy & Carl Polhemus
Gay & Robert Warren
Anne & J. Martin Wolman
$1,000 - $4,999
Kellie & Scott Ansel
Deanna & H. Greg Austin
Robin Baumann & John Doerr
Linda & Norman Benedict
Patricia Bill & Kathy Johnson
Sylvia & Mackintosh Brown
Ann Coggeshall
Pat & Steven Corder
Bradley Doi
Cliff Dougal
Juli & Eric Eckberg
Chanita & George Foster
Jennifer & Todd Fredrickson
Janet & Gary Friedland
Ellen & Sheldon Friedman
Anne & Vance Gillespie
Diane & Richard Goldstein
Celeste & Jack Grynberg
Allen J. Heim
Millie & Delwin Hock
Jennifer & Douglas Hock
Kalani & Barton Johnson
Joanie & James Keesling
Marne Kellogg
Michelle & Jack D. Kesling
Margot & Jerry Ladd
Lizabeth Lynner & James Palenchar
Evan Makovsky
Evelyn & J. Neil McLagan
Kim & Steward Mosko
Carolyn Munro
Sissel & Robert Rhyme
Della & John Robbins
Karen & Tom Scholet
Robert Scott
Sarah Scott
Carole & George Shaw
Ann & David Steiner
Ann Thomas & Ed Kadonick
Deborah & Wayne Tucker
Gregory Uhing
Jana & Brian Wilkinson
Pamela & Robert Williamson
Eunice & Brad Witt
Angela & Phillip Wolf
David Zinger
$500 - $999
Gail & Scott Barr
Sheila & Richard Bugdanowitz
Amy & Jake Calabrese
Yvonne Camacho
Martha & Brown Cannon
Cammie & Daniel Cass
Mary & Myron Eckberg
W. Eppler
Sharon & Donald Ferlic
Thomas Finger
Jo Anne Friedman
Edwin Glickman
Barbara Goldburg
Laura & Jim Hahn
Melinda Harper
Deborah & Christopher Hoben
Norma Johnson
Carol & Harvey Karsh
Sue Kinnamon
Gene & Walter Koelbel
Barbara Kreisman
Carol & John Lay
Shannon Link
Debbie & M.J. Mastalir
Katherine & David Miller
Chris & Roger Peckinpaugh
Phyllis Pryor
Rhoda & Ronald Resnick
Ellen & Jay Rollins
Margaret Rosenberry
Brenda & David Schrier
Jon Seal
Leslie Strate & Timothy Moore
Andrzej Triebling & Donald Klumb
Elisabeth & Robert Vinton
Lauren & Jerry Yager
Barbara Yondorf
$100 - $499
Lynn & Edwin Alexander
Devra Altman & Robert Maulitz
Margaret & Mickey Anderson
Susan & Sanford Avner
Effie Bader
Brian Bagwell
Louis (Bart) Bansbach
Keirstin & Rich Beck-Spilde
Joan & Robert Bell
Barbara & Gil Berkovich
Gail & Martin Berliner
Terry & John Biddinger
Laverne Bintner
Patricia Bortz
Margaret & Trevor Brown
Kevin Buckner
Elizabeth & Rick Carman
Rosemary Carraher
Ann & John Chafee
Matthew Chafin
Alex Christianian
Carol & Dave Clark
Judy & Harvey Cohen
Toni & James Cohig
Arthur Cole
Lynda Collins
John Conger
Janice & Miles Cortez
Catherine & John Coughlin
Laurie Cover
Amy & L. James Craver
Lu Ann Curtis
Tim Dailey
Jennie & Rob Dawe
Jane Day
Dianne & Michael DeBerard
Meghan Deibel
Roberta & James Deutsch
Michael D'Innocente
D. Doran
Regina & John Dyer
Rebecca Elzi
Ginny & Charles Ennis
John Fernandez
Kristin Franklin
Karen & Joseph Frary
Paula & James Freeman
Nancy Fridstein & Rick Tallian
Ann & Thomas Fries
Leslie & Craig Garrison
Christopher Gates
Gerard Gilmore
Tristin Gleason
Elaine & Joel Goldstein
James Grazier
Chuck Greene
John Hamrick
Cathleen & Mark Hancock
Barbara & Curtis Harris
Jacqueline Hea
Rebecca & Roland Hea
Monique Hea
Theodore Henderson
Kelly & Monty Henninger
Michelle Herbert
Linda & Oliver Hickel
Cindy & David Higgins
Robert Holzfaster
Cheryl Hornbaker
Sandy & Eric Hozempa
Seth Hunt
Ann & Gregory Jenkins
Andrea & Jose Jimenez
Marna & David Jones
Colette & Kenneth Kinnard
Patricia Kuffler
Montjoy & Frank Kugeler
Linda & Thomas Kundert
Jennifer & Charles Kurtz
Linda Landes
$100 - $499 Con’t.
Karen & David Lansdowne
Kay & Dayl Larson
Lindy Eichenbaum-Lent & Jason
Gizane Indart & Gerard Leone
Carol & Lawrence Levin
Laura & Paul Lhevine
Ralph Lidge
Kelly Lind & Cleve Boudreaux
J. Marlene & Dennis Logan
Gregory Long
Elizabeth & Richard Matsch
Sabrina & Brian Mattson
Gainey McCoy
Sue McFarlane
John McGovern
Stacey & Merle McKittrick
Barbara & Lee Mendel
David Mendo
Lou Ann & Myron Miller
James Miller
Gary Missner
Karen & Joseph Monaghan
Robbie Montoya
Michelle More
Rebecca Morris
Susan & Charles Mueller
Manuelita & John Mullins
Maggie & Jorge Munoz
Mark Murphy
Jacqueline & Daniel Murphy
Julie & Chris Negri
Andrew Nielsen
Sheryl & Marvin Nipper
Susan Noble
Betty & Alfred O'Meara
Diane & William Paden
Kathryn J. Paden & Peter Friedauer
Cydney Payton
Carol & Gaspar Perricone
Rebecca Perry
Richelle & Robert Pfeiffer
Jason Pitre
Anthony Pranno
Lucie & Peter Pryor
Margo & Matthew Pullam
George Pulver
Sharlene Reynolds
Shirley & Charles Riggs
Nancy & John Riley
Connie Robertson
Corinne & Robert Rottman
Mario Ruiz
Jane & Bill Russell
Richard Sanders
Jan Satterfield
Cynthia Sauvage
Lois & Bernard Schaffner
Candace & Keith Schlaht
Carol & James Schmidt
Adam Schor
Tracy & Evan Schwartz
Amanda Scott
Judith Seal
Sharon & Leigh Severance
Gretchen & Dale Shaffer
Alison Shaya
Daniel Sheldon
Liz & Brian Shelton
Susan & Larry Siegel
Nina & Thomas Sisk
Kimberlee & A. Cam Smith
Maren Steinberg
Michelle & Mark Stone
Scott Theodore
Catherine Tierney
Ruth & Warren Toltz
Gary Traver
Terri & C.J. Tsamesfyros
Margie Underwood
Vicki & Virgil Urquhart
George Ann & Arthur Victor
Carol & Irwin Wagner
Arlene & Harvey Wagner
Paula & Ian Walker
Robbie Wallace
Nancy & Bruce Waring
Debra & Robert Warren
June & Sanford Watzman
Tom Waymire
Peggy Weiner
Rebecca Weisberg
Sharon Wilkinson
Susan & John Willson
Jerry Winterhalder
Nancy & Frederick Wolfe
Sally Coates & Asa Yancey
Arnnise & Richard Yurga
Up to $100
Tracy Aiello
Liz Alicea-Velez
Jack Armagost
Virginia & Wayne Arner
Tameeka Aviles
Matt Bennett
Adrienne Berrett
Craig Bird
Brian Blacker
Lara Bollweg
Micheala Bowen
Shirley & Thomas Bowman
Barbara & Tom Buck
Muriel & Joseph Carbone
Aaron Carlson
Scott Carter
Erica Castaneda
Jennifer & Angelo Chavez
Shyanne & Larry Ching
Lida Citroen & Scott Maiwald
Janet Clements
Patricia Clowdus
Noel Colmenero
Karen Crisp
Wendy Crotzer
Delores Curran
Dick Cutshan
Traci & Louis DeGasperis
Opal Desaire
Janet Doolin & Mark Kolber
David Duval
Chris Engen
Susan & Lawrence Fiduccia
Karen Flanagan
Virginia & Harley Fontaine
Susan Frederick & Mark Daily
Shirley Friend
Monique Fuqua & Robert Wagner
Toby & Stanley Ginsburg
J. Courtney & Reid Godbolt
George Gray
Werner Gros
Rayona Harvey
Douglas Hayes
Cecily Hemmingsen
Sherman Hodnett
Bruce Hoster
Hellen & Leonard Hurley
Terrence James
Douglas Jeavons
Barbara Basile & Darrell Johnson
Sandy Johnson
Saundra & Martin Jones
Cindy Jones
Jane Kadonick
Annette & David J. Keen
Kevin King
Melly & Ray Kinnard
Marie Kline
Emily Distler & Thomas Kraus
Katherine Kugel
Kim & Tim Laska
L. Dean Leedy
Rona & Gus Levin
Leslie Lewis
Lindsay Litrell & Brad Lidge
Lourdes & Gilberto Lucio
Rochelle & Steve Manhart
Lori Marks-Connors
Cathy & James Marquis
Leslie Martin
Lillian & Richard Marvin
Lara & David McClendon
Sarah & Anderw McLean
Don Merrell
Jane & Milton Merrick
Mark Misko
Mark Morgan
Suzanne Morris
Elaine & James Moses
Lyle Nelson
Nick Nosewicz
Steven Paris
Damradporn Peerasthien
Evangeline & Charles Pell
Terri & Mark Priday
Cicily Quedenfeld
Sandra & Michael Queen
Bobbie Lee Quist
William Regar
Carey Roach
Nate Rockitter
Jill & Richard Roper
Sharon & Glade Ross
Mickey Rovner
Gail & James Ryan
Shirley Sattler
Dennis Seabourn
Gretchen & Philip Seefried
Beverly Sena
Barbara Shaw
Carol & William Shepard
Michelle & Marvin Slusser
Edwin Small
Jennifer Smardo
Lee Smith
Libby Smith
Marilyn & Jerry Snyder
Jane & Lars Soderberg
John Spangler
Chad Stanley
Robert Stauch
Terry Stiven
Cheryl Stratten
Frank Sugar
Kimberly & Thomas Taylor
Jeff Thares
Michael Thompson
Katherine Timinski
Robert Tranchina
Glenn Underwood
Linda Wadellow
Roger Walker
Ann & W R Wallace
Susan & Earl Weihe
Shaun Wiekhorst
Diane & Donald Wieland
Lynne & Charles Williams
Frank Woertman
Myke & John Woods
Shigeko & Karl Yamaguchi
Suellyn & William Younkes
CoBiz, Inc.
Estelle Hunter Charitable Trust
$50,000 – $99,999
Daniels Fund
$20,000 – $49,999
Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson
Hyder Construction, Inc.
Stebbins Orphans Home Assoc.
$5,000 – $19,999
A.J. Markley Trust
Anschutz Family Foundation
Betsy Duffner Memorial Fund
Comprecare Foundation, Inc.
ECA Foundation
EnCana Oil and Gas, USA Inc.
Engle Homes of Colorado
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Hutton Foundation
Mabel Y. Hughes Charitable Trust
Mardi Gras Krewe De Colorado
Nord Family Foundation
Northwestern Mutual Life
Otten, Johnson, Robinson, Neff &
Ragonetti, P.C.
Paul & Mary Ann Greiveldinger
$5,000 – $19,999 Con’t
Ritchie Center for Sports and
Walter C. Fawcett Trust
WB2 Gives Fund
$1,000 - $4,999
American Family Insurance
Blair & Kristin Richardson Foundation
Bowman Construction Supply, Inc.
Centennial Rotary Foundation, Inc.
Coldwell Banker
Colorado PGA Foundation
Comcast Foundation
Denver Chop House & Brewery
Denver West High School
Education Commission of the State
First Bank Holding Company
Forest City Stapleton
Genesis Presbyterian Church
Genevieve D. Searle Fund
Greg Buckner Foundation
Herman Miller Workplace Resource
Immaculate Heart of Mary
Intrepid Mining LLC
J. E. Dunn Construction
J. K. Mullen Foundation
J. Michael and Renee L. Losh Fund
Jim Paris Tire City
Kullgren Family Charitable Trust
Laura A. Stuart Trust
Larry H. Miller Charities
Manual Leadership High School
Metro Denver Sports Commission, Inc.
Miller Global Properties, LLC
Northern Trust Bank of Colorado
Pear Commercial Interiors
Piper Jaffray Foundation
Prestige Imports, Inc.
Sheridan Ross, P.C.
Source One Management, Inc.
St. Anthony Health Foundation
Stanley British Primary School
The Anschutz Corporation
The Kenneth Kendal King Foundation
Vollbracht Family Foundation
Wal-Mart Store #01-3313
Wells Fargo Bank/Private Client Services
ZURI Boutique Salon and Spa
Up to $1,000
3rd Avenue Studio
Aegis Associates
Aisle of Style
Allstate Giving Campaign
Alpine Rose Bed & Breakfast
American Furniture Warehouse
Arapahoe Basin
Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities
Bandimere Speedway
Blue Sky Grill
Breakfast Inn
Buca Di Beppo
Buchanan & Stouffer
Build-A-Bear Workshop
Champps Entertainment, Inc
Cherokee Ranch & Castle
Cherry Creek Shopping Center
Christ the King Catholic Church
CIC Cancer Center UCHSC
Coal Creek Conoco, Inc.
Colorado 1200 Outlaws
Colorado Automobile Racing Club
Colorado Capital & Design LLC
Colorado Expression Magazine
Colorado State Bank Foundation
Colorado Symphony
Compass Bank Charities
Coram Healthcare
CybrCollect, Inc.
Dance Collective, The
Del Frisco's Steak House
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Center Theater Company
Denver Driver
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Expressly Yours
Fantasy Balloons
Federal Bureau of Prisions Management and
Trainings Center
Financial Designs Ltd.
Fortune Valley Hotel and Casino
Framed Image
Freedom Foundation
Fundraisers For Kids
G & E Contractors, Inc.
Gaiam, Inc.
Greenwood Athletic Club
Hamilton and Faatz, P.C.
Hammond's Candies
Happy Canyon Flowers
HealthOne Alliance
Homer Reed, Ltd.
Hotel Monaco Denver
Hyatt Regency Denver Colorado Convention
Inverness Hotel and Golf Course
Jackson National Life Insurance Company
Jay's Valet Parking Services
Jose Oshea's
Kate M. Rogers Trust
Maggiano's Little Italy
Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway Company
Marilyn A. Hellerstein Inc.
Mark Eddy Communications
McDonald's Corporation
MK Duffy Real Estate Services, LLC
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Molly Brown House Museum
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Newmont Mining Corporation
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Occasions By Sandy
Cover Up Total Furniture Rehabilitation
As of friend of Denver Children’s Home and
the communities she serves, Sandy
Tenenbaum of OCCASIONS BY SANDY has
contributed over $100,000 since 2002 in services and culinary mastery. With these efforts,
Sandy and her team of experts have thrilled the
senses of friends and guests at our Annual
Festa Cornucopia Gala.
Cover Up takes corporate pride in helping organizations in need. Denver Children’s Home
has been fortunate to be one of those recipients. With a donation of over $30,000, Cover
Up has provided great comfort to our children.
Sandy has received many awards in her years
of providing culinary perfection to the Denver
Metro area.
Cover Up has grown to become the Rocky
Mountain Region’s largest refurbishment service provider. Their team of service professionals will listen to your needs and match the
appropriate service level to your request. You
can expect prompt, professional response to
your inquiries and requests for information.
For all of your catering needs, go to the best!
1789 West Warren Avenue
Englewood, Colorado 80110
Phone: (303) 789-1867
Fax: (3030 871-8539
[email protected]
150 Rio Grande Blvd
Denver, CO 80223
Phone: (303) 534-6331
Fax: (303) 534-5660
Key Financial Data, Fiscal Year - October 1, 2005 - September 30, 2006
Cash and cash equivalents
Accounts receivable
Property and equipment (net)
Beneficial interest in perpetual trusts
Restricted net assets held by DCHF
Total Assets:
Liabilities and Net Assets:
Accounts payable
Accrued payroll and payroll liabilities
Other liabilities
Total liabilities
Net Assets:
Temporarily restricted
Permanently restricted
Total net assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
Total Support and Revenue
Net child care service revenue 51%, $3,252,310
Special events (net) 4%, $253,729
Education revenue 16%, $1,006,315
Other income 4%, $236,051
Contributions 15%, $934,567
Distributions from perpetual trusts and interest
income 4%, $229,295
Contributions from DCH Foundation 6%,
Key Financial Data, Fiscal Year - October 1, 2005 - September 30, 2006
Net child care service revenue
Education revenue
Other income
Total operating revenue
Non-Operating Revenue:
Contributions from DCH Foundation
Special events (net)
Distributions from perpetual trusts and interest income
Total non-operating revenue
Total Support and Revenue
Program Services
Residential care
Community-based services
Room and board
Total program services
Supporting Services:
Management and general
Total supporting services
Total Operating Expenses
Change in net assets before change in net assets held by DCH Foundation
Change in net assets held by DCH Foundation
Change in net assets
Residential care 36%, $2,060,045
Community-based services 12%, $711,631
Education 17%, $977,341
Education revenue 6%, $364,680
Room and board 15%, $836,231
Management and general 14%, $799,733
1501 Albion Street
Denver, Colorado 80220
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Denver Children’s Home!
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