Turning the Page Annual Report 2008 – 2009

Turning the Page
Annual Report 2008 – 2009
Linking D.C. public schools, families and our community so that
together, we can ensure that D.C. students receive valuable
educational resources and a high-quality public education.
ANNUAL REPORT 2008 – 2009
A Letter From Jason
Mission, Vision & Partners
Dear Friend,
Our Mission Turning the Page links D.C.
public schools, families and our
community so that, together, we
can ensure D.C. students receive
valuable educational resources and
a high-quality public education.
It is my great pleasure to introduce to you this year’s Turning the Page
annual report. Turning the Page enjoyed our most successful year to date
as we were able to serve more D.C. public school parents and students than
ever before. More importantly, we believe that the quality of our programs
and the impact we are having in the DC community, is now at its highest.
When we started our parent leadership program nearly five years ago, we
knew that parents were yearning to get more involved in their school. With
parent leaders from our program taking leadership positions across newly
revitalized parent-teacher organizations, we expect that the successes that we
share with you in this report will only grow and become more sustainable.
Our Vision
Turning the Page is confident that
with hard work and continued
cooperation, we as a community
can make sure D.C. public school
students receive every opportunity
to succeed in school and in life.
Turning the Page’s most important
belief is in D.C. public school students themselves: Every child has
the potential to achieve, if given the
resource-rich learning environment
that families, schools and community members can provide.
Our Community Night workshops continued to engage parents in new and
varied ways. We are particularly proud of the deeper parent-teacher connections that we have been able to foster at our partner schools. This year, nearly
sixty teachers from our partner schools co-facilitated workshops with us on
topics such as reading, special education and summer learning loss.
Our Community Visions and Literacy Through Photography programs
demonstrated once again the impact our city’s great museums, active parents,
dedicated teachers, and inspired students can have on student learning.
Thank you again for your interest in Turning the Page and in improving
educational outcomes for D.C. public school students.
Jason King
President, Turning the Page
Our Commitment
Since its founding, Turning the
Page has earned the trust of the
school community. We believe
in the importance of consistency,
having worked tirelessly over the
last decade to build supports and
programs that D.C. public school
parents, children and community
members can rely upon.
Teachers and Principals
Principals and teachers face many
challenges every day in their
schools. They often don’t have the
time or skills needed to connect
with parents and community
organizations on a regular basis.
Turning the Page enables teachers
and principals to build upon
their skills through extensive
training and support and to create
infrastructures within the school
for successfully integrating community talent and resources into
their instructional programs.
Family involvement is fundamental
to students’ success, and many D.C.
parents can benefit from additional
support, training and resources.
Turning the Page provides parents
with new skills and resources that
enable them to become more effective educators of their children at
home, advocates for their children
in school and leaders within their
school community.
ANNUAL REPORT 2008 – 2009
Families Learning Together
Mr. Phillip Frazier, a teacher at River
Terrace Elementary, commented that the
family and teacher interactions during
Community Night were, “a chance to
break bread with my students and their
parents and we represented a family.
I felt that our students could really get
the chance to see the exchange between
teacher and parent.”
Turning the Page’s Community Nights program
provides families, educators, and community
members with opportunities to come together
as a family, build and strengthen relationships,
and learn from those who share in supporting
the academic growth and wellbeing of children.
In 2008 – 2009, Turning the Page hosted 56 Community Nights across our seven partner schools,
serving 605 parents. We are especially proud of
the strong support demonstrated by community
partners and teachers; 59 teachers facilitated workshops with parents, or
worked with their students to plan class performances welcoming visiting
authors and illustrators to their schools. This deep investment demonstrated
the community’s commitment to the Community Night program.
2% of parents read with 8
their children at least once a week, with 40% reading three or more times.
It is the teacher involvement, the shared stories of parents, and
the true sense of family that empowers the school community during a
Community Night workshop. Parent workshops focused on giving parents
tools to use at home and at school to help them support their children’s
education. Covering topics from health and wellness to community
resources to summer learning opportunities, workshop facilitators
provided guidance even as parents added their own insights and advice.
The power of reciprocal education is inspirational, as demonstrated by
Ms. h’Enri Whitseyjohnson (5th grade teacher, Martin Luther King, Jr.
Elementary School), who believes that “This two-way communication
helps [parents] understand the education system....and [Community Nights]
help me understand their concerns about their child’s education…This
understanding helps me…by continuing to provide programs that enhance
the curriculum through ‘real world opportunities for student learning’,
and building and strengthening teacher-parent partnerships.”
1% of parents read more often
to their children as a result of attending Community Nights.
77% of parents believe that their children’s academic performance improved as a
result of Community Nights.
0% of parents felt that their 5
child benefitted socially from the
Community Nights programs.
ANNUAL REPORT 2008 – 2009
Kim Wayans and Kevin Knotts
Author Visits
In October 2008, Turning the Page welcomed children’s authors Kim
Wayans and Kevin Knotts to M.C. Terrell, Martin Luther King Jr., and Tyler
Elementary Schools as part of Turning the Page’s Author Visit series, hosted
twice yearly at each partner school. Kim and Kevin’s fame acting and writing
for shows such as In Living Color and My Wife and Kids preceded them,
drawing 159 parents and setting a one week attendance record.
Kim and Kevin delighted audiences with their book, Amy Hodgepodge
All Mixed Up! Families enjoyed Amy, a new student in school struggling to
find her place. Parents asked the authors questions about their childhood
and about what inspired them to write.
One Tyler student was so enamored with the visit that she quickly read
the book and then wrote a thank you card. She was thrilled when Kim
and Kevin responded and included a picture of themselves that she could
post on the “celebrity wall” in her bedroom. Other volunteer authors this
year included Kwame Alexander, Sheree Fitch, Robyn Ringgold and Zaccai
Free, Auntie Oye (Vera Oye Yaa-Ana), Eloise Greenfield and Fred Bowen.
Tom Dooley
Visiting author Eloise Greenfield
im and Kevin’s “visit generated positive K
discussions and interactions among our students.
The joy of reading demonstrated that evening
continues to be a ‘hot’ topic. This activity/event
has clearly had a positive effect on learning!”
“Meeting authors Kevin Knotts and Kim Wayans was a great experience for me and my family. My oldest daughter,
who is an avid reader and great writer, was inspired by the
creativity and concept of Amy Hodgepodge.”
Dr. Valoria Baylor, Principal, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
Ms. Renee Goss, parent , Tyler Elementary School
ANNUAL REPORT 2008 – 2009
Communities and Classrooms
More than 600 students were able to use their homes and their own
Washington, DC community as a powerful learning vehicle this year.
Literacy Through Photography reached students in 26 classrooms while the
Community Visions program was successfully piloted in nine classrooms.
Both programs empower children as documentarians of their community
through writing and visual art. The standards-driven curriculum allows
students to express themselves through the lens of the camera and with
a connected written piece. Before taking photos, students toured exhibits
at museums, studying community and photography themes. Throughout
the year, TTP conducted 60 museum tours at the Anacostia Community
Museum, National Building Museum, National Museum of the American
Indian, National Postal Museum, and The Phillips Collection.
More than 300 parents, grandparents, siblings and friends were excited
to see the photographs and writing on display at exhibits hosted at
each school and, for classrooms participating in the Community Visions
program, at The Phillips Collection. During the summer months, Turning
the Page continued to connect families with local museums, leading six field
trips for students and their parents to The Phillips Collection, the Corcoran
Gallery of Art, the Capitol Visitor’s Center, the Museum of American History,
the National Postal Museum and the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens.
“The parents enjoyed working with their children and taking pictures of family life.”
“[My students] learned about their individual, family and community life experiences. They enjoyed writing and interpreting life experiences through photography.”
Ms. Patricia Jones-Ferguson, teacher’s aide, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary
Ms. Claudette Carson, teacher, Garfield Elementary School
ANNUAL REPORT 2008 – 2009
Parent Leadership
During the 2008 –2009 school year,
TTP’s Parent Leadership program
helped parents reach their fullest
potential as leaders in their
communities. Eighty-two parents
participated in one of four Parent
Leadership Trainings offered,
devoting a Saturday to meeting
with fellow parents and discussing
important issues surrounding
public education in this city.
Meeting with education leaders
and city decision-makers was an
integral part of the Parent Leadership Program this year as parents
met DC Council Chairman Vincent
Gray and At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown. Both council members spoke with parents on issues
concerning DC public schools, parental rights and responsibilities, and the
potential of parents to influence and implement school change.
At each of the trainings, parents explored topics such as The No Child
Left Act, Adequate Yearly Progress, and the DCPS leadership structure and
budget. The conversations with council members introduced them to
ways to have their voices heard at DC City Council meetings. According
to one participating parent, “I‘ve learned that being more involved in
the school will strengthen our ability to maintain stability and improve
our school scores…”
Councilmember Kwame Browne
In scanning the packed room at the February 28th
training, Chairman Gray commented, “How come
there aren’t more events like this taking place
throughout the city?”
Vincent Gray, dc council chairman
ANNUAL REPORT 2008 – 2009
Aiton Parent Leadership
and PTA Initiatives
The PTA at Aiton Elementary School made tremendous progress and
introduced many exciting initiatives during the 2008 – 2009 school year.
Ms. Patrina Swinson, PTA president, dedicated countless hours to establish
and grow an active PTA at Aiton. She stated, “We tried to go beyond the
call of just the basic PTA; we did more outreach and provided job training,
health fairs, and more curriculum training beyond the school and with
the community.” In December, the PTA organized a “Motown Christmas”
event. A PTA Health Initiative consisted of wellness classes, exercise classes,
and Saturday runs. Additionally, Linda Stroman from Capital Area Asset
Builders conducted a financial literacy workshop where parents learned
about budgeting, saving and free tax services. An Everyday Math workshop,
led by teacher Ms. Angela Boudreaux, was held in May to help parents
support their children’s math lessons. Finally, parents surprised teachers
with a PTA-sponsored breakfast during Teacher Appreciation Week.
Each of these events demonstrated the deep impact that a PTA can have
under the dedicated leadership and commitment of committed public
school parents. The Aiton PTA is ready to build upon the great success of
these events, and introduce even more community-building opportunities
in the coming school year.
“The PTA walk/run was not just a walk; it was
about us connecting as one and socializing with
each other and making a bond.”
Ms. Gloria Lee, PTA Vice-President and parent, Aiton Elementary School
ANNUAL REPORT 2008 – 2009
Carpe Librum VIII
Carpe Librum VIII reached soaring
heights of success in the spring of
2009, outpacing the revenue earned
at last year’s sale by 20 percent.
Over five weeks, the sale netted
$53,000. Generous donors contributed 80,000 books, 5,000 VHS/
DVDs, and 2,000 CDs in support of
our programs. Approximately
100 individuals, college students
and community volunteers
provided 120 hours of support by
sorting books.
As we turn pages yearly we
recognize the powerful impact
reading has on a child’s future. Two
frequent customers this year each
purchased hundreds of children’s books to be sent overseas. Through these
generous customers, children in Africa and the Philippines will expand
their horizons (while reading wonderful books purchased for them at
Carpe Librum!)
Special thanks to friends, family, businesses, and local organizations
who hosted book drives. Special thanks to The Shops at 2000 Penn for
generously donating this year’s sale space. As always, we give thanks
to our customers for their support and look forward to seeing you again!
ANNUAL REPORT 2008 – 2009
Friends of Gabe Feldman, in honor of
his Bachelor Weekend
McBride Real Estate Services
Patrick & Jennifer Ballen Riccards
Thanks to our Supporters
The work of Turning the Page is dependent on the participation of
many groups and individuals, contributing both in-kind and financially.
We would like to thank everyone who contributed financially to our
organization from July 1, 2008 – October 31, 2009.
Office of the State Superintendent of
Gannett Foundation
NEA Foundation
The Phillips Collection
Reading is Fundamental
Silvian Foundation
Hattie M. Strong
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz
DC Children and
Youth Investment
Trust Corporation
Commonweal Foundation Fund
of the Community Foundation
for the National Capital Region
Corporation for National &
Community Service
District of Columbia Public Schools
The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott
The World Bank
DC Commission on the Arts and
The Herb Block Foundation
Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer
Weissberg Foundation*
Dimick Foundation
Anna McWane
Verizon Foundation
Macy’s/RIF Book a Brighter Future
John & Catherine Babel
Amy B. Connelly
Justin Dillon
Michelle E. Hynes &
Patrick Lemmon
Employees of Katten, Muchin,
Zavas, Roseman
Kenzo & Irene Kawanabe
Fred & Leslie King
David Lansing
Tola Life
L. Merritt
Cynthia Redick
Catherine Ribnick
Maria B. Salvadore
Jamie & Komal Bazaz Smith
The Smith Club of
Thomas A. Spiegel
Vasken & Marilyn Tenekjian
James van der Klok
Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation
William W. Flowers
Christine Hsu & Doran Flowers
Jason S. King
Rick & Eileen Rice
Gi-Hyun An
Andrew Bartlett
Fred Bowen & Peggy Jackson
Anthony & Teddie Brown
Patrick J. & Judy Clancy
Kent C. & Ann Cooper
Dennis & Donna Cryer
John & Lynn Dillon
Jeff & Kelly Edmondson
Kelley Ellsworth
Employees of Latham & Watkins LLP
Employees of Legal
Services Corporation
Employees of the DOL Office of
Civil Rights Labor Management
Arnold F. Fege
Martha Han
Eric Kaufer & Tracy Kritz
Dorota Lysienia
Michael E. & Hannah Mazer
Daniel & Marie McNamara
Julie Mikuta & Everett Harper
Michael Nesbitt
Northwestern Mutual Financial
Anita Segreti
Rebecca Ann Sibilia
Kathryn Speakman
Perry Steiner in honor of
Max Kanefield
Michael Steinig & Lara Flint
Susan Stockdale
Lisa M. Thamasett
William Thornton on behalf of
Tom & Leslie Thornton
Robert Wollin
The World Bank Community
Connections Fund
Anonymous (3)
David S. Barsky & Patricia Petroccione
Ellen Behrstock
Caryn Gach
Mai-Chi Hoang
David & Andrea Hoffman on behalf of
Heather Freyman
David & Andrea Hoffman
Kimberly Jessup
Deborah Kalb
Elaine Menotti & Nat Gillespie
Jim McCormack
ANNUAL REPORT 2008 – 2009
Sarah McPhie
Lindsay Muscato
Michael & Claudia Nagan
Rick & Lynn Otty on behalf of
Mary Edmondson
Rick & Lynn Otty on behalf of
Kelly Edmondson
Ed & Stephanie Porter
Ellen Rice
Laurent Ross
Larry & Suzanne
Richard & Joyce Schwartz
Craig Strent
William Thornton
on behalf of Liz and
Carlisle Bowling
John White
We would like to thank the following individuals who contributed
undisclosed amounts to Turning the
Page through the Combined Federal
Anonymous (8)
Deborah Brown
Diann Galtman
Kenneth Katz
Donn Scheeder
Taurica Wallace
First year of a three-year grant award.
S pecial thanks to the Corporation for
National and Community Service
for making our AmeriCorps*VISTA
program possible, and to George
Washington University and Howard
University DC Reads for supporting
our federal work-study program.
Madaket LLC T/A Surfside Resturant
Mandarin Oriental, New York
Mandarin Oriental, Washington, DC
NBC Universal
Niche Marketing and Sales
Bruce Novozinsky
Paolos Restaurant
Petree Press
Piaf Salon and Day Spa
[email protected] Partners
James Petersen
John & Jean Petersen
Joe Power
Ripken Baseball Inc
RMA Worldwide Chauffeured
Roxanne Rukowicz
Ken Rynne
Sarah Duke Biscoe
Deborah Schule
Anita Segreti
Susan Stockdale
Susan Stockman
Jennifer Vessio
Washington Capitals
Washington Redskins Charitable
Warner Theatre
Westend Bistro by
Eric Ripert
The Wine Specialist
In-Kind Silent Auction and Gala Support
ACKC Cocoa Bar
Alex Hotel
American Office
American Visionary Art Museum
Amanda Ballute
Baltimore Comedy Factory
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Terrell Braden
The Brewer’s Art
Cactus Cantina
Comcast SportsNet
Chris Dunne
Cristina Curcio
Georgetown Cupcake
Georgetown University
Geppetto Catering Inc
Eric Glantz
Grant Thornton
Denise Hart
Inn at Henderson’s Wharf
Jack’s Restaurant
Keith Mathis & Exclusive Report
Ali Kianersi
Lauriol Plaza Inc.
Stephanie Lipscomb
Lloyd Meurer Portrait Studio
In-Kind Program Support
The Adams National Bank
American Office
Children’s Book Guild of
Washington, D.C.
Costco Wholesale
Tom Dooley
Timothy Kovacs
Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP
Olympus Imaging America, Inc
O2 Collaborative, Inc.
Peachtree Publishers
Thurgood Marshall Academy Public
Charter School
The Shops at 2000 Penn
Jim Widmaier
The World Bank
ANNUAL REPORT 2008 – 2009
Turning the Page 10th Anniversary Gala
Yolanda Acree
Pelin Aylangan
Calvert Group
Colin M. Clark
Sophia Curcio
Denise Hart
Marion Hecht
Bill Hincher
Laneyse Hooks
Matthew Kelly
Maria Kessides
Tola Life
Frances Melson
Shayam Menon
Julie McMillan
The Turning the Page Third Annual Gala, held on Saturday September 12,
2009, was a huge success, thanks in large part to the support of our friends
and sponsors. Revenue generated from sponsorships, ticket sales, donations,
and silent auction sales raised more than $17,500 to support TTP programs.
Thank you to the following individuals and corporations for their monetary
support of this event.
The Adams National Bank
The George Washington University
Dawn A. Kum
John & Jean Petersen
Thomas J. & Kathy Raffa
Jeffrey Thompson
Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy &
Ecker, P.A.
Hilma Stanley
Terrell J. Braden
Andre Chreky
Dennis & Donna Cryer
Shervin Eftekhari
Michael & Melissa Fox
Alex S. Gordon & Samantha Mazo
Fred & Leslie King
Jason S. King
Edward Levin
Frederick & Christine L. Haggard
Brad & Conner Herman
Claudia Hinojosa
Christine P. Hsu & Doran Flowers
Pilar Laugel
Robert & Rhoda Morris
Samuel Ozeck & Karen Jupiter
Rick & Eileen Rice
Maria B. Salvadore
Rebecca Ann Sibilia
Andrew & Alicia Sokol
Sung Peng & Amy Hsu
Claudia Nagan
James Petersen
Nicholas A. Pirulli
Anita Segreti
Todd Sherbacow
Mark Tenekjian
Matthew Tobia
Wachovia Securities
Katherine Wallat
Erika Widmaier
Chris Brandaleone & Cristina Curcio
Amanda Dallo and Brad Carroll
James C. Dooley
Kelly Edmondson
Arnold F. Fege
Gabe Feldman
Bryana French
Ronald Long
Jillian Villars & Bryce Parent
Charlotte Walker & Maher Said
ANNUAL REPORT 2008 – 2009
Financial Statements
Statement of Activities for the Year Ended June 30, 2009
Contributions and grants
Consulting and contract income
Donated rental space
Investment income
Net assets released from restriction:
Satisfaction of program restrictions
Satisfaction of time restrictions
2009 Total
$ 178,648
$ 272,385
$ 451,033
Change in Net Assets
Terrell Braden
Vice President, The Adams
National Bank
Many thanks for the dedication
of our staff:
Kelly N. Edmondson
Adjunct English Instructor,
University of Cincinnati
Doran Flowers, Senior Advisor
Arnold F. Fege
Founder and President of
Public Advocacy for Kids;
Director of Public Engagement
and Advocacy for the Public
Education Network
Wanda Polite, Outreach Manager
Doran Lee Flowers (ex-oficio)
Program services
Management and general
Board of Directors
$ 814,777
$ 814,777
$ 65,595
$ 115,375
$ 180,970
Rhoda Morris
Creative Memories© consultant
Christine P. Hsu
Partner at Shulman, Rogers,
Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A.
Jason Scott King
President, Turning the Page
Maria Salvadore
Adjunct English Professor,
University of Maryland,
College Park
Rebecca Sibilia
Principal, RightSource, LLC
Jason King, President
Kathleen Rice, Development
Mark Tenekjian, Program Manager
Erika Widmaier, Program Manager
Dave Petersen, AmeriCorps*VISTA
Song Nguyen, AmeriCorps*VISTA
Carli Wulff, AmeriCorps*VISTA
Thank you to Mary Beth Kochman,
Senior Program Manager, and Katie
Wallat, Program Coordinator, for
their contributions to TTP’s programs
during the 2008-2009 school year.
Thank you to our 2008–2009
AmeriCorps*VISTA Fellows:
Bryant Gilchrist, Sarah Leinwand,
Audrey Lester, Song Nguyen,
Dave Petersen, Dan Schweickert,
and Carli Wulff
Welcome to our 2009–2010
AmeriCorps*VISTA Fellows:
Yolanda Acree, Sean Lorenz, Julie
McMillan, Carla Mike, Chelsea Paige,
Jason Shachner, and Garth Walker
Turning the Page
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