AUTHORS & ILLUSTRATORS NIGHT Friday, January 22 Workshop 1

"Enriching Our Children's Learning and Growth Through Fun and Discovery"
Friday, January 22
Must RSVP! Sold out last year!
5:15p.m. ~ 8:30p.m.
Coffee, water, and cookies provided.
Check-in, Book shopping & Signing: 5:15 – 6pm, Cafeteria
Workshops: 6 - 8:30pm
A FREE family event for all ages in which we write and draw with professional authors and illustrators of children’s fare. Guests
share a little about themselves, then we break into workshops for 90 minutes for you to make your own ‘’book.’’
WORKSHOPS: (rank in order of preference for each participant)
Workshop 1
YOUR FAMILY with Kathleen Krull.
The celebrated author has written
books on great women, artists,
scientists, presidents, and famous
athletes. She’ll help you tell a tale
with characters and plot.
Workshop 4
COMIC with Mike Wellman, coowner of Comic Bug in Manhattan
Beach, who writes for graphic novels
and video games. Mike, with help
from a comic illustrator, will guide
this session, ideal for those who can
keep up with writing and drawing.
Workshop 2
BOOK with Paul Brewer, an author
and illustrator. He has written joke
books, co-written with Krull “How to
Trick-or-Treat in Outer Space,” and
illustrated the “Robert” chapter book
Workshop 5
SCHOOL led by Kim Wayans and
Kevin Knotts, husband-wife authors
of a series starring Amy Hodgepodge,
who’s been homeschooled but is
struggling to fit into 4th grade at her
first real school.
Workshop 3
CRITTERS with Barbara Jean
Hicks, author of “Monsters Don’t
Eat Broccoli” and “The Secret Life of
Walter Kitty,” which feature zany
critters to carry the plots of her
Workshop 6
learners who need less structure, this
talented writer of “Skateboard Mom”,
“Smash! Mash! Crash! There Goes the
Trash!” and “A Crazy Day at Critter
Café” will read her books and those
of other guests. Kids can quietly
REGISTRATION: Email [email protected] or place the completed form below in the PTA lockbox in the workroom by
Wednesday, January 20. Register by Monday, January 18 and be eligible to win a week at CSULB’s Summer Young Writers Camp
($350 value). Parents: Only register if you are planning to actively participate in the workshops.
Questions and RSVPs, email [email protected]
A&I RSVP FORM - Place in the PTA lockbox by Wednesday, January 20.
Student participant(s): (name, age, workshops in order of preference)
Parent participant: (name, contact #, workshops)
Parents: Only register if you are planning to actively participate in the workshops.
Principal’s Message
Dear Parents,
Welcome back after what I hope was a happy, fun-filled holiday season. I
wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to everybody who contributed to our
many causes that we supported during the month of December. We were
able to fulfill the a request from a neighboring school for warm clothing by sending them four heaping carloads
of jackets, shoes, and sweaters. Roosevelt School was the recipient of many books donated through the book
fair. In addition, hundreds of canned food items were sent to the Salvation Army, and funds were collected for
On the Day You Were Born, which will provide a dozen children with birthday baskets over the coming year.
Many of our classrooms participated in outreach projects including bringing toys to the local fire station (Sparks
of Love), making lunches for the homeless shelters, and providing gifts for needy families.
Here at home, we are so thankful for the many people who work quietly behind the scenes doing a variety of
chores. I truly appreciate the helping hands of those parents who keep our lost and found organized, the garden
free of weeds, the storage areas cleaned and organized, vegetables delivered on a weekly basis, and the recycled
cans emptied on Friday afternoons. Also many thanks to our PTA board members who over see the numerous
activities that take place here at Lowell on a weekly basis. I wish to extend a special thanks to our PTA treasurer,
Mrs. Jennifer Crans and financial secretary, Mrs. Karin Jenkins who keep the PTA funds organized and the budget
on target. Also a special thank you to PTA president, Mrs. Debbie Naiman, who successfully manages all the
many, many aspects of the very busy Lowell PTA.
In closing, I encourage you to join Mrs. Parkin and myself at the next Coffee with the Principal on January 11,
2010 at 9:15am. Mrs. Parkin will be available to talk about the upcoming science fair, and I will gladly answer
any and all questions you may have about Lowell School.
Laurie Murrin
PTA President’s Message
Dear Lowell Families,
Looking over the fence to peer at our neighbor’s backyard is a human trait. We all do it. So it’s natural that
Lowell families peer into Fremont’s playground wanting to sneak a peek at their Jog A Thon, comparing notes on
how they raise dollars, or we’ll attend Kettering’s Carnival because we hear they have incredible rides and we
want to know more. Crazy thing is that our area elementary schools are not conducting clandestine operations or
competing with one another…so last month I invited the PTA leaders of our local schools to my home for an
open discussion. Lowell, Fremont, Gant, Kettering and Naples shared info on what we each do really well, could
do better, and we all asked a lot of questions.
Here are a few key learnings…
We learned that Fremont’s Jog A Thon pays for most of their entire year’s PTA programs, and their foundation
(the SOS campaign) pays for the balance of their programs, basically their Science and Technology Lab. Lowell
raises about the same amount of money as Fremont’s PTA and Foundation combined, but we only have the PTA
and we spread our efforts over four different key fundraisers (Membership, Jog A Thon, Auction, and Carnival).
Gant has a very successful Casino / Poker night that has inspired our upcoming Spring Auction event. Gant sets
up its PTA Budget with all fundraising occurring in the prior year. This takes great pressure off of the current
year—no worries about whether they will make enough money to fund the current year—they start each year
knowing exactly what they will pay for. Kettering positions its Carnival as simply a great day for kids, and does
not put pressure on it as a fundraiser. This frees their Carnival Committee to plan for fun, not for profit.
We all got so much information from each other, gave open feedback and pledged to keep the discussions going
—agreeing to meet at least two more times this semester. I will continue to share what I learn with you all. We all
have so much to share, so much to ask, and so much more to learn. What a great way to start the year—with a
shared commitment to be the best we can for our schools and for our children.
Warm Regards,
Debbie Naiman
School Uniform Update
The Lowell Cabinet added two items to the Lowell School Uniform
Policy. These two items are a navy shirt and navy collared dress.
The new policy went into effect Monday, January 4, 2010. For more
details, please refer to the flyer, The Lowell Look From Head to Toe,
which was sent home December 18, 2009. Copies are available in
the office. A few reminders about our dress code are: all outerwear
must be solid white or navy, socks and/or tights must be worn with
shoes, and no boots are allowed. Rain gear can be worn to school,
but must be removed while in class. This includes rain boots.
2010-2011 New Student
Registration Information
Packets for new student registration for
the 2010-2011 school year will be
available beginning January 19, 2010.
In addition, registration dates for new
families will be posted on the marquee.
Remember that if you move out of the
Lowell attendance area, you must plan
to enroll your student in the local
school. If you have any questions about
enrollment, please talk with Nancy Kull,
our attendance clerk.
Lowell Learning Garden News
The month of December was a quiet month in the Learning Garden, in happy contrast to the
many activities going on in the community around it. The 1st graders planted some Butterfly
Milkweed in the new Pollinator Corner, and we are sending our good vibrations over there in
hopes that the little seedlings all survive. The 4th grade lettuce crop enjoyed the rains and is
growing nicely, as are the winter veggies that the 3rd grade planted earlier this year. Should
be a good crop.
The most activity that took place was actually in the Dino Garden, next to the Kids’ Club bungalow, where we
pulled out the invading bamboo and transplanted a displaced Gingko tree, which was donated by a Lowell family
as a memorial. Next, we need to transplant that Magnolia next to the 5th grade door. If anybody has a stump
grinder/chipper that could be put into voluntary service, please contact one of the Garden people. We hope to put
the Magnolia in the place where the grand old Pepper tree was removed this year. Special thanks go out to Stacey
Timko, Sewite Negash, Esperanza Sperry, Sue Campbell, Joey Infante, Suzie Sherlock, and Kent Zelas for their
amazing effort in the Dino Garden!!
Thanks are also due to Jen Rose for her donation of some beautiful succulent plants for the garden and Stephanie
Mendoza for her contributions.
The first weeks of January will see the 1st graders beginning their vermiculture project (that's
worm farming to you!) and the 2nd graders will start their Farm-to-Table unit as well. So the New
Year brings many new beginnings in the garden. Look for notes from your classroom rep if you
are interested in helping out.
The next Garden Clean-up and Coffee will take place on Tuesday, January 12 right after
drop off. Then starting in February, we will move clean ups to every 3rd Thursday afternoon
so that maybe we can include more of you in the fun. We are hoping to host some activities
for kids at the same time. More info to follow.
Wishing you all a surprisingly wonderful New Year with many new beginnings and
continued healthy growth!
Learning Garden Co-Chairs,
Karen Taylor, Jacqui Viale, and Susan Bos
[email protected]
It’s the Motherlode of Meals !
Restaurant Night at Claim Jumper
New Year’s Diets? Who needs them! Instead, celebrate our first restaurant night of 2010 with a meal at Claim
Jumper in the Marketplace at 2nd & PCH. The grazing gets underway on January 7 from 11am to 10pm –
so moms can do lunch while the kids are at school, or the entire family can break bread together. Claim Jumper’s
menu is endless, the portions generous (if it’s an issue, consider sharing or taking half home), and there is plenty
of elbow room in both the restaurant and lounge. Add to the mix that Lowell PTA will receive 15% of the profits
when the attached flyer is presented to the server. That’s what we call a generous portion! Questions? Contact
Elizabeth Borsting at 433-3165 or [email protected]
The Staff of the Long Beach Claim Jumper will host a Community Support Night,
An Evening to Benefit Lowell Elementary!
Claim Jumper will proudly donate 15% of your Pre-Tax food and beverage purchase to
Lowell PTA!
We hope that you can join us for a night of great food, fun, and fundraising!
(All flyers must be distributed prior to the event date)
Claim Jumper
6501 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA
Thursday, January 7th 11am – 10pm
** Please Call for Reservations at (562) 431-1321 **
Lowell Greeting Card Catalogs
Our children’s artwork has been sent off to the printers at Artwork for Education. Grade level, full-color catalogs will
be sent home to parents by the end of January and then our greeting card sales will begin.
Once the catalogs come home, our online Lowell catalog will be available to view at
Orders may be placed online or in person at our campus sales tables by the ball shed and in the kindergarten area.
Look for signs posted around school. The website is a great way to look at all grade levels at once.
To access
Click on the green tab “schools”
Click on “Pacific” and choose California
Scroll down to Lowell and click
Volunteers are needed to work shifts at the sales tables. Please contact Kathy Bohn at [email protected] if
you would like to help.
Carnival Committee Meetings
Come support Lowell and be part of this year’s Carnival Committee! The first meeting will be held on Wednesday,
January 13 at 6:30pm at Aimee Duree's house. Carnival meetings are a great opportunity to share ideas with others.
We are looking for fresh new ideas, so please join us. For questions or directions to Aimee’s house, please contact us
at [email protected] or Barbara Bell directly at 252-5168.
See you there!
Barbara Bell, Carnival Chair
Jo Stephanie Francisco, Jacqui Viale, and Aimee Duree, Co-Chairs
Get Your Organic Carrots, Broccoli, and Apples Right Here at Lowell!
is taking sign ups for the third round.
Deliveries start Tuesday, January 19 for 6 weeks.
Sign up forms need to be dropped in the PTA drop box
by Thursday, January 14.
TANAKA now offers two WEEKLY BOX options:
1. The ALL-NEW FRUIT BOX contains 8-9 types of conventionally grown fruit (not organic). May
include grapefruit, mango, red grapes bananas, peaches, melons, kiwi etc….
2. The Organic Vegetable/Fruit Combo BOX contains ALL organically grown produce and varies with
seasonal offerings.
Too many fruits & veggies for your family?
Consider sharing a box with a friend!
Enjoy the convenience of picking up your kids and produce at the same time while SUPPORTING LOWELL
$5.00 of your purchase, per week, goes back to our Lowell PTA!
Everyone is welcome to participate:
Kids Clubs, graduated families of Lowell, and Lowell staff
Look for the sign-up flier with details in your child’s backpack or on the Lowell website in January.
Contact Stephanie Mendoza at [email protected] with questions.
Save the Date to
Meet Me
Monte Carlo
On Saturday, March 27, 2010, we will be holding our biggest fundraiser of
the year. Themed "Meet Me In Monte Carlo", our event features a casino night and
auction component. We're in need of many unique and interesting auction
items. Your donations would definitely make an impact!
Don't know what to do with all those left over holiday baskets? The Monte
Carlo committee could certainly use them for the auction baskets. Contact Lily
Coomans at 221-3283 or Deb Dobie at 480-2007.
Plan to join us at this exciting event and help support our school! The Art Theatre
Proudly Present…
Lowell Parents’ Night Out!
Escape to the movies and help support your Lowell PTA! Come out to the newlyrestored Art Theatre in Long Beach to see:
Now Playing
The Art Theatre is located at 2025 E.
St., between Junipero and Cherry.
Mention Lowell at the box office, and 10% of the ticket price will benefit Lowell PTA. Offer valid at any
showtimes. Visit to check movie listings and times.
Do you want to save money on your child's
uniforms? Come to the next Used Uniform
Sale and you will save a ton of $! There are
a lot of styles and sizes to choose from.
The sale is Thursday, January 21 from 2 4pm at the lunch benches. Contact Julie
Gregory at 930-0644 or Eileen Matos at
987-0404 with any questions. We’ll be “meeting” Faith Ringgold this
month, best known for her painted
story quilts. For this project, students
will focus on color, balance, pattern,
and texture. And they’ll become
storytellers as they work with oil
pastels, paper, and yarn. Be sure to
save the date January 25 for the 2:25
pm assembly, followed by the art
lesson in the library at 3:30 pm.
have already been attending our artist assemblies, but their
time to create master-inspired artwork is fast approaching!
That means if you’re a kinder parent interested in helping out
with this year’s program, we need your completed sign-up
sheet returned to your teacher or placed in the MTM folder in
the workroom. Sign-up flyers went home last month, but extra
copies can be found in the MTM folder in the workroom.
The Kindergarten MTM training with Pat Archbold will be held
****SAVE THE DATE February 1 from 3:30-5:30 pm in the
school library.*** Kindergarten MTM Training will be held
for all four artists.We encourage multiple volunteers from
each classroom to attend.
Please contact Meet The Masters Co-Chairs, Michelle Wells, at
c: 522-0595; or Nicole Cox, at c: 889-3871, if you have any
Box Tops For Education
Keep saving and sending in those Box Tops. New products are constantly being added – most
recently Avery products! Each Box Top is worth 10 cents to our school, so check those boxes and
other containers before you put them in the recycling bin. Cut out the Box Tops with the expiration
date intact, and send them in to your child’s teacher. Please check expiration dates before turning in the Box Tops – those
dates really do matter. Ask neighbors and relatives to save Box Tops for our school, too!
For more information, contact Anne Hughes at [email protected] or by phone at 856-1949.
Campbell’s Labels for Education
While supplies last, pick up a booklet of Campbell’s coupons from the workroom counter, and keep collecting those UPC codes
from all Campbell’s products. For all you veteran “clip and savers”, front panel product labels are no longer accepted! Also clip
and save the UPC code from all Pepperidge Farm products (e.g., goldfish crackers, cookies, etc.), Swanson canned broth and
chicken, Prego pasta sauces, and Franco-American products (e.g. SpaghettiO’s). From V8 products, save the lids! Send
everything in to your child’s teacher anytime throughout the school year.
Remember – it’s the UPC code that counts with this program, not the cute baby or other graphic!
(Editor’s Note: Come on everyone! Don’t be lame. This is basically
free money. This costs you nothing, and our kids benefit. These
places give Lowell PTA a percentage of purchases you probably
already make. All you have to do is register, and Alicia is more than
willing to help you do that.)
Sign up your grocery club cards and earn cash back for Lowell PTA
• Ralphs
• Albertsons
• Vons/Bristol Farms/Pavilions
Target Red Card holders can sign up their cards too! Target will give
a rebate back to Lowell school every time you shop.
Just go to, and you’ll receive
complete instructions on how to sign up.
For online shoppers:
Register as a Lowell supporter on or Then access your favorite online merchants’
websites via or the online mall. From the
Apple Store to Nordstrom to Toys R Us – all your favorites are there!
To ensure the designated funds go to our PTA, please make sure
you add “PTA” when you list Lowell as the recipient.
• Buy school uniforms from BC Outfitters, and they give 10%
back to Lowell. All you have to do is mention code “Lowell”
at checkout.
• Lands End gives 3% back to Lowell every time you buy
school uniforms. Just enter Lowell’s Preferred School
Number: 9000-2698-0.
• Buy shoes online at and 10%
of your purchase goes to Lowell PTA (plus you get free
shipping.) Use charity code GIVE18 at checkout.
For questions, or help signing up your cards, please contact Alicia
McKeown at [email protected] or 438-1499.
Lowell Science Fair
February 23rd & 24th, 2010
St. Bartholomew’s Church
**Thank you PTA for sponsoring the "Mad Science"
Assembly on January 8, 2010**
The Coolest Event of the Year
Winter Blast on Ice
Family Ice Skate Night
Friday, January 29, 7:15 – 9:15pm
The All New Westminster Ice
13071 Springdale in Westminster
(714) 248-9611
Pre-Sale Admission AND skate rental is
$7.00 per person ($8.00 at the door.)
Please place completed Pre-Sale order
form and fee in an unsealed envelope
marked “Winter Blast on Ice.” Be sure to
include student name, teacher, and room number on
the front. Return envelope to your child's teacher or
the box in the workroom by Wednesday, January 27.
Checks should be made payable to Lowell PTA.
Prizes awarded by a drawing
from the Pre-Sale tickets!
Questions? Contact Sandy
Lansdell at (714) 248-9611
ext 6203
Winter Blast on Ice
Pre-Sale Order Form
Student Name:
Room #_____________
Number of pre-sale tickets:____
@$7.00 each = Total amount enclosed:
Pre-Sale Order Deadline:
Wednesday, January 27
Dad's Donut Day and Mom's Muffin Morning are almost here...
Dads, please join us before school on Friday, February 5, from 8:00 to 9:00 am for Dad's
Donut Day in the cafeteria. Moms, your day will be Friday, February 26, from
8:00 to 9:00 am. We are asking participating parents to plan on donating a
few dollars (at least $2 per family) on the day of the event to help
offset costs. Please contact Michele Sullivan (714-315-8860) or Kari
Turigliatto (562-244-1510) with any questions, or if your business would like to sponsor or cosponsor either event. Recognition will be given in the Log and at the event.
This year’s Variety Show will take place on April 29 & 30, 2010, in the Lowell
Auditorium. Sign-ups will begin on February 9 and continue through February
12. Sign-up/Consent forms must be turned in by the performing student. Groups
(2 or more performers) must choose a leader to turn in all completed forms at
the same time. Performers, please bring forms to the parent at the Games Table
near the ball shed, anytime between 11:45 am & 1:15 pm. Kindergartners and
their parents will find a separate sign-up table near where the kindergartners line
up, from 11:45-12:00. Your child will be notified before the first rehearsal if their
act will be performing.
Rehearsal Dates: Monday from 3:10-5:30ish in the Lowell Auditorium, March 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29.
Costume Check: Please bring (not wear) your costume to rehearsal on March 8 or March 15.
Dress Rehearsal: The Show will be split into 2 Acts, with 2 dress rehearsals per Act, which are set for April 12, 16,
19, & 23. Students will be notified which two (only) dress rehearsals they will need to attend.
“The Show before the Show”: The 2nd week of dress rehearsals will be open to all school children for free
performances, and will be from 3:30-5:00ish on April 19 and/or April 23, depending on the number of acts.
Additional Information: Parents of participating kids will be asked to sign an agreement, acknowledging that they
understand the rules and will help their child(ren) take responsibility for abiding by those rules.
• Participants must be a Lowell student or teacher, and EACH participant must turn in a consent form (a group of 4
must turn in 4 consent forms) before going on stage.
• Time limit is 3 minutes, although we may shorten some acts depending on the number of acts.
• No lip-synching and no inappropriate music, attire, gestures, or language allowed.
• Because performers have approximately 2 months to prepare their act, a completed routine is expected at the
first rehearsal.
• Only 1 individual act per student, unless a student participates in a regularly-scheduled group activity.
Exceptions may be made, depending on the uniqueness of the act, as well as the number of acts.
• Children will be required to attend at least 4 of the 5 rehearsals, and attendance at the Dress Rehearsals is
mandatory. If your child has a standing appointment on rehearsal days, this may not be a good year for them to
participate. We will let you know in a timely manner which Friday your child will be at the Dress Rehearsal.
• Kids will sign themselves (or their act) in when they get to the auditorium, as follows:
AM kinder, and 1st-3rd graders have a sign-in sheet numbered 1-8 and 19-26.
PM kinder and 4th-5th graders sign in as numbers 9-18 and 27 until the last act.
Dress rehearsal will perform in the order found in the Program.
name, song # (if turning in a compilation CD), child’s name and room number.
If you have a question not addressed here, please call or email Debbie Baumel at 439-8342 or
[email protected]
Sign-up/Consent forms
My name is _________________________________________________________________________
(Print neatly as it will appear in the program)
Teacher ____________________________________Room number ___________ Grade ___________
Type of act ________________________ Name of Act/Song __________________________________
(Print neatly as it will appear in the program)
If group act of 2 or more performers, names of all performers
If group act, name & number of group leader _______________________________________________
Parents: We ask that you sign this consent form, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the 12th Annual
Lowell Variety Show:
I have read all of the information regarding the 12th Annual Lowell Variety Show. My child(ren) and I are
aware of all dates and deadlines, and we agree to follow all the guidelines.
Parent Name (print) __________________________________________________________________
Parent Signature ____________________________________________________________________
(Must be signed by performer’s parent only)
Parent Phone:
(Home) _______________________
(Cell) _________________________
(Work) ________________________
Email Address________________________________________________________
** The instructions and sign-up form will be found in the February Lowell Log again. We wanted to allow you ample
opportunity to receive this information **
Your Producers, Debbie Baumel and Naomi Star
Physical Education News (grades 1-3)
Here are some things to look forward to in physical education for January. First through third
grade will be working on basketball skills, which will include playing lead up games to
basketball, with third grade’s being the most complex. In addition, first and second
graders will be working on their kicking skills. All grades will also have fitness
integrated into some of their physical education lessons. If you would like to come
out and help (VIP) with PE, contact your teacher and ask him/her which day and
time they go out for PE with Coachie H. Once there, Coachie will give you a job
such as working on skills with small groups or even acting as a referee for a small
game. All physical education lessons are based on California model content
standards for physical education, which include fitness, motor skills, and
responsibility (teamwork) while playing. Please let Coachie H or your teacher
know if you have suggestions or questions about the physical education program.
PE News
Jump Over the Record!
California's largest physical education professional organization, California Association for Health, Physical Education,
Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD), is asking volunteers at schools to join in CAHPERD's attempt to break the World Record for
the “The Most People Jumping/Skipping Rope at the Same Time,” as identified by The Guinness Book of World’s
Records. Lowell will be joining many Long Beach Unified School district schools in an attempt to get the world record in most
people jump roping at one time! This event will take place on February 1 at the very beginning of the school day. All who are
interested in being an “official” part of this event will register for $1.00 donation for the American Heart Association. More
details will follow soon (as to how to register etc.) in your child’s folder. Students and adults will be able to register for the
event, and students can also log jump-roping hours before and after school and at recess. If you would like to know more
about this event, please check out: This is an optional event, and those who do not want to participate can cheer for their classmates
who do.
VIPS, Volunteers in Public Schools
This month the teachers will receive the list of approved VIPS. When volunteering
in the classrooms please wear your VIPS badge and remember to sign in at the
front office. If you have not applied yet or have lost your badge, it is not too late
to put in your application. Questions? Contact Jo Stephanie Francisco at
But Wait, There’s More…
In my haste to get a Jog-a-Thon entry in so soon after the event and a sleep-deprived state, I did not do any of our sponsors
justice. So here is a recap of all of our generous contributors:
Games2U - Mobile video game and laser tag company.
The Big Red Bus – Genuine double decker tour bus available for hire.
Beehive – Salon owned by Lowell mom Kris Wick. Located at 4th and Miramar. 433-1009
The Cofell Family - Shannon, Monte, Lily, and Harrison Cofell
Marathon Moms – Lowell mom and marathon trainer, Heidi Tavernetti. 714-287-2871
Pyramid Drywall – Residential and commercial drywall company owned by Lowell dad Dave Sherlock. 426-7143
Rethreads - Tee shirt printer with a focus on green materials.
Diane Lewis School of Softball and Baseball – Pitching school in Signal Hill for boys and girls. Owned by Lowell mom
Diane Lewis. 492-6066
Art Theatre of Long Beach – Art Theatre, wine bar, and coffee bar owned by a Lowell family. Located on 4th Street.
Curd, Galindo & Smith, L.L.P. - Local law firm, one of the partners is a Lowell dad.
Mark Vidor, DDS – Dentist and Lowell dad. Office located in Naples. 438-8802
John and Jamee Lindberg - Former Lowell parents and local real estate agents.
BC School Outfitters – Online school uniform company owned by a Lowell mom.
These sponsors made it possible for us to provide such wonderful incentives for the kids. Thanks again, Heidi Tavernetti, Jog-a-Thon Chair
Candy Grams are Coming!
Support Lowell’s 5th grade fundraising efforts
And wish your friends, classmates and teachers
On sale beginning February 4, only $.50 each
Buy one for your whole class instead of buying Valentines at the store!
For more information, contact Kelly Barnes at [email protected]
Save the Date for
this Golden Opportunity
A GOLD PARTY is coming Thursday, February 18, 6pm ~ 9pm. Get money for your gold! (This is a 5th
grade fundraiser, so 10% of your gold proceeds would go toward 5th grade activities, 90% would go to you!)
More info coming next month, stay tuned! Any questions, contact [email protected]
Mom’s Night Out
Thursday, January 21
Join other Lowell moms for a fun evening out at Designing Whims in Los Alamitos. Dinner and adult beverages
are provided, feel free to socialize, eat, drink, and shop. Designing Whims is a beautiful home décor and
furnishings store, located at 3782 Cerritos Avenue in Los Alamitos, and they are providing a 10% discount to
Lowell parents.
Only 50 tickets are available, so sign up right away! The cost is only $25. Please make your check out to
DESIGNING WHIMS, put your child’s name and room number on your check, and put in the PTA lockbox in the
workroom next to the office.
This is a fundraiser for 5th Grade Activities, and Designing Whims will be making a generous donation to help
fund the 5th grade yearbook, picnic, and other activities. Hope to see you there! If you have any questions,
please contact Nancy Smith at [email protected]
If anyone is interested in taking on 5th Grade Activities next year, now is the time to get involved! Come to our
meetings and learn about the traditions such as the yearbook, slide show, popsicles, and candy grams, then
take on the job for your 5th graders next year!! The next 5th Grade Activities Committee Meeting is Friday,
January 15 at 9 am in the Cafeteria. Come and check it out! Any questions, contact Joy Williams at
[email protected]
Pitch In
With the failure of the recent measure in Long Beach to
instate a parcel tax, and an estimated 100 million dollar
budget shortfall over the next 2 years, the LBUSD finds
itself in dire straights. One solution has been put in place
by the District with the establishment of a directed giving
campaign. For those who wish to give, there is now a link
set up on This link will allow you to
donate an amount directly to a school of your choice, or to
a general fund if that is your preference. Just click on the
piggy bank at the top of the home page, and it will lead
you through what you need to do to donate. Immediately
at the end of the process you will be provided with a
receipt for your tax records. An accurate picture of what
the cuts will look like next year will begin to emerge during
the first few months of the new year. Whatever the reality
is, you can be sure that the cuts will affect all children
across the board. This campaign provides a way to specify
how some of your tax dollars do their work and benefit
your children. Moneys contributed to the LBUSD foundation
piggy bank for Lowell will be spent as decided by the
school Cabinet.
Thanks for Another
Successful Book Fair
Thanks Lowell students, parents, teachers,
Lowell staff and coachies
for a successful Book Fair! Lowell donated a
total of $3,000 to our teachers, students in
need, and Roosevelt Elementary!
Thanks to the Book Fair Committee for all
their time and help putting
it together: BA Laris, Lori Reed, Tone
Grunwald, Kim Lowery, Ashley
Bradney, Cami Cassiano, Karin
Jenkins, Jeanine Skjonsby,
Mendoza, and Kim Erkman.
Keep reading!!!!
Got Charity? Well, Lowell does!
This past year, perhaps more than any in recent memory,
the need for charitable giving over the holidays was
extreme! Even the charities needed charity. At one point,
even the Salvation Army ran out of food for a short time.
Well, our Lowell staff, families, and friends responded to
that need in spades. The amount of goodwill that poured
out of our halls was a beautiful thing to behold! Lowell
families came together with donations for local elementary
schools, the Salvation Army, and “On the Day You Were
Born.” Pack 007 (the cub scout pack sponsored by Lowell)
collected over 700 pounds of food in their canned food
drive, and made over 100 Christmas and holiday cards to
send to the troops overseas. In addition, Performance Plus
tire store (local business owned by a Lowell-related family)
collected and packaged boxes of food for over 300
hundred families, double the number packaged in 2008.
These are just a few of the generous activities that went
on during December involving families, and groups
affiliated with our school. While not all efforts are
mentioned here, no efforts went unnoticed and certainly
not unappreciated. Thank you to each and every one of
you who silently, without ever expecting thanks, reached
out a helping hand. Well, expected or not, thank you!!
You made a difference this holiday season!
Kim Erkman…you did an amazing job chairing
the Book Fair! Thank you for your hard work
and dedication. (Oh, and the ice cream social
was a yummy touch.)
Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda Hiles
for your incredible clean up / organizational
efforts in the storage areas (aka black holes)
between the Cafeteria and Auditorium. We can
walk through there again! Many thanks to Elizabeth Borsting for her
continued efforts to get restaurants in our
community focused on
partnering with Lowell (double
Taco Surf nights!).
A special thank you to the
Vidor family and the Art
Theatre for sharing profits
with us--$100 in one week
for Mr. Fantastic Fox!
Thank You
Lowell Community
Cabinet Report
The following is a summary of the December
15, 2009 Lowell Cabinet meeting. Mrs. Reeder
called the meeting to order; both agenda and
November minutes were approved. Mrs. Murrin
reported that the school plan had been
submitted and had received positive feedback
from district officials. The Fall common pages
which identify how funding will be allocated,
were discussed and signed. Mrs. Murrin next
described the district’s Pitch-In campaign to
which the community can donate and direct
funding to support schools via the LBUSD
Education Foundation. Cabinet members then
reviewed the school uniform policy, providing
feedback and input by grade levels. Mrs. Wells
provided results from a playground poll of 103
parents on shirt color preference. Discussion
ensued. Ms. Steinberg made a motion to add a
collared navy blue shirt and collared navy blue
dress to the uniform policy. Mrs. Wride seconded
the motion. The motion passed unanimously.
Cabinet meetings are open to all members of the
Lowell community as observers. To schedule a
presentation, agenda items need to be submitted
to the office two working days prior to a
calendared meeting. The next meeting will take
place on Tuesday, February 16 at 8 am in the
Lowell library. The full meeting minutes may be
found in the Cabinet notebook, which is kept in
the school office.
“Unbelievable!!!” is all we can say when we saw all the
donations come in for the school in need. We can tell you that
the school was very appreciative of all the wonderful clothes,
socks, and shoes. Thank you for stepping up to help out. Your
generosity will be felt all season long.
Mrs. Wheels, Mrs. Murrin, and Staff
Meeting of the 2009 - 2010 Lowell PTA
January 26, 2010
6:30 p.m.
Lowell Auditorium
A Voting Meeting
President’s Report
Debbie Naiman
Principal’s Report
Officer Reports
Treasurer Report
Activities Update
Nominating Committee
for 2010 - 11 PTA Executive Board
VOTE: Budget Amendment Proposals
• Disaster Preparedness Kits
• Scrip Program: Debit Cards
New Business
Laurie Murrin
Jennifer Crans
Shannon Cofell
Nancy Schmitt
Stan Glickman
Jen Rose
Salvation Army Canned Food Drive
Thank you for the fabulous donations of cans.
Once again our community has been so generous
in helping others. Thank you again for thinking of
others in this busy and difficult season.
Lowell Student Council
Many Thanks To Mailboxes Etc.
Mailboxes Etc. very kindly copies the Lowell Log
each month, free of charge. We are very appreciative
of this, and if you have the opportunity, stop by and
tell them so, and see what great services they have
to offer the Lowell community. While you are there,
check out their selection of Japanese erasers!
5318 E. Second St.
(at Pomona) Municipal parking in rear.
Tel (562) 987-4777 FAX (562) 987-4778
M-F 8am-7pm, Sat. 9am-5pm,
Sun. 10am-5pm
E-Mail: [email protected].COM
Lowell Log Deadline
Just a reminder that the deadline for the
February Lowell Log is Monday, January 25.
Please make submissions to Communications
Chair, Heather Bracken at [email protected]
Lowell Log Editor:
May Hokari
Communications Chair:
Heather Bracken
[email protected]
This Lowell Log is approved by:
Laurie Murrin, Principal
and Debbie Naiman, PTA President
Long Beach Council PTA
Thirty-Third District PTA,
CA State PTA
The mention of any business or service in this newsletter
does not imply an endorsement by Lowell PTA
January 2010
Lowell PTA and School Calendar
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Ice Skate
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